NCIS s05e16 Episode Script


Be right there.
- Hi, gorgeous.
- Hi.
NCIS Season 5 Episode 16 Thanks to Bruno and Magic Turle.
Elvis has left the building.
Yeah, we got it.
Get in there, DiNozzo.
On my way, boss.
So where are we going on this mystery date? Well, it wouldn't be a mystery if I told you, Gina.
Should I have brought my toothbrush? Going right on Connecticut.
- You left the bar early last night.
- Yes.
My husband was calling from Fallujah.
- What did you do when I left? - Nothing.
Went home, went to bed.
Should I get on the expressway? Nope.
I like a man who keeps secrets.
- What's the gap? - Almost two blocks.
- Boss - You done? Don't need the bugs, boss, got Hoffman's latest victim.
Number five.
Female Caucasian, mid to late twenties.
Dead on the living room floor.
What about the finger? Yep, missing a finger.
Call Ziva give her the distress code.
Tell her we're taking Hoffman down now.
Bernard? No, you've got the wrong number.
If you're not going to tell me where we are going, I'm gonna need a ladies' room.
- What are you doing? - Who's Gibbs? Wrong number.
His name's number two on your speed dial.
He was an ex-boyfriend, okay? Can I have my phone back, please? Drive.
They just turned west.
All right, the car is stopped two blocks ahead.
You're a cop, aren't you? Why did you kill those women, Andy? For their husbands.
Save them the humiliation of finding out that their wives were screwing around on them while they were serving their country.
Is that what happened to you? You don't need to know what happened to me.
Get in there.
Ziva! Ziva.
Come on.
You all right? Sorry.
She should go for X-ray.
I am fine.
You don't look fine.
Well, don't stand there, Mr.
Palmer, get the gurney.
- Yes, doctor.
- He did not hurt me.
Need your clothes.
Get changed, get an X-ray, go home.
I don't need to see you again today.
Where the hell are you, McTardy? I'm still here alone with the dead body.
We're still processing our own, Tony.
We'll be there soon as we can.
How's Ziva? Pretty shaken up.
- Keep me updated.
- I will.
Finally got the dirtbag.
His name's Andrew Hoffman.
You heard of him? No.
But I hear you've got another body.
Victim number five.
Military wife? Don't know yet.
- How'd you get on to Hoffman? - Officer David was working undercover in the bar where two of the victims were last seen.
Planning to do the same thing ourselves if you guys hadn't taken over the case.
You know, Rosetti, I don't think Hoffman is your type.
Nice work, David.
I'll get someone to take you to the hospital.
I can give you a lift.
No, I'm fine, Detective.
I'm fine, really, thank you.
I told you to go home.
My statement is on your desk.
Have you identified the last victim? No.
I thought I would go back to the bar where I met Hoffman, show the victim's photo.
Do you have a face shot? Yeah, I'll print one.
You stay with her, DiNozzo.
What? You don't look so bad.
McGee said you were a wreck.
I was just gonna tussle your hair.
Sometimes it makes you smile.
A fifth, still unidentified victim was found this afternoon inside Hoffman's home.
His shooting death by an undercover NCIS agent ends the series of brutal murders of military wives found in war memorials around DC.
The murders have been taking place over the last two months - I'll take the bartender.
- Her name is Heidi.
Gina, you hear about Andy Hoffman, - guy that sits at the end of the bar? - Yes.
You were just talking to him the other night.
- Can you believe he would - Michael.
My name is, not Gina.
My name is Ziva.
You're an undercover cop? That that was you? I'm a federal agent, actually.
Holy crap You never So when you were chatting me up, you were I mean, you thought I might be - Michael, I was doing my job.
- Sure, just doing your job.
Have you ever seen this woman before? She's dead? She was never in here on my shift.
She's the one they found at Hoffman's house? Yes, she is.
- Did you ever talk to him? - All the time.
Actually gives me the creeps thinking about it.
There's a couple of guys in here I would've suspected before him.
He ever mentioned his ex-wife? - I didn't know he was married.
- Interesting You know who that guy is over there in the corner? With Gina? His name is Michael.
What's his story? Michael used to come in here all the time with his girlfriend.
She walked out on him a few weeks ago, and he hasn't been able to find her.
This girl's name is Julie.
I don't know her surname.
I talked to her once or twice.
I thought maybe she knew Devon, my girlfriend ex.
I still haven't found her it's been three weeks.
You don't think Hoffman I mean, you think they're gonna find more bodies? I hope not.
I'm worried.
She used to be married to a Navy SEAL it fits the profile.
Did he do that? Name's Julie Ann Smight.
Employer filed a missing person with the Chevy Chase PD this morning.
- She married? - Yeah, to Petty Officer First Class Donald Smight.
He's aboard the U.
She was last seen two nights ago, leaving a lounge on U Street alone.
Petty Officer Massey's here to pick up his wife's personal belongings.
How you holding up? I'm all right, I guess.
Hope you don't mind, ma'am, but I asked Special Agent DiNozzo to bring me up here.
I wanted to thank you personally for killing that bastard.
I hope you made him suffer for what he did.
DiNozzo, take Petty Officer Massey down to the evidence locker.
Will do.
This way.
- What do you want, Duck? - Jethro.
I've reviewed the autopsies of the first four victims, and I'm currently examining the fifth.
All four were stabbed in the same manner with the same knife.
In all five, tox screens show large amounts of Rohypnol and alcohol.
But in regard to the fingers, or lack thereof I found a curious inconsistency.
Four of the five were severed postmortem.
Based on lividity and blood flow, I'd estimate several hours after death.
But the finger of fourth victim was cut off almost immediately.
Maybe someone interrupted him so he had to rush to finish it.
Abby, what are you doing? Efficiency, Gibbs.
I took off 14 and a half seconds from what it usually takes me to get here.
So, I estimate that I could gain That would be 85 minutes in a week.
So, in a year Abs.
Yes, Gibbs? Is that knife gonna tell me something? Yes and no.
I mean, it definitely is the serrated knife that severed the victims' fingers.
But? But, I found a partial print in blood on the handle.
It doesn't match Hoffman or the other victims.
I don't think Hoffman was working alone.
Die, you stupid machine! She seems unfazed.
Those are standard Mossad style copy machine assault tactics, McGee.
She's fine.
Hey, McGee thinks you're raging against the machine 'cause you had to take down your serial killer boyfriend.
Thanks for that.
Ziva, I was just concerned - I am fine.
- See? McGee? She's a steely-eyed killer.
Sheket bevakasha! I don't know him.
Borscht-belt comedian? It is Hebrew.
For shut up.
Really did affect you? Have you had your mandatory session with the shrink? Yes.
Still crazy, then? Getting off your case.
Well, you can stay on this one.
Abby found a partial print on the murder weapon that does not match our killer.
Hoffman had an accomplice? - That's one explanation.
- Could be a copycat killer.
Copycats copy.
They don't use the same weapon.
Re-examine the crime scene, canvass Hoffman's neighborhood, take another look at the surveillance video.
Go home.
Been a long day.
Get some rest.
I do not need to see you here tomorrow.
Anyone want to, get a drink? Drink? Not tonight, Tony.
I wasn't trying to make light of what you went through.
Just trying to snap you out of your head space, you know? I have perfectly good space in my head.
Then let's get a drink.
You talk, I'll listen.
I don't want a drink.
One drink.
I'll talk, you listen.
Let me buy you the next one.
- You working? - No.
No, really.
I'm not working.
Just drinking.
Heidi! Uno más, s'il vous plaît.
- Coming up! - You're mixing your languages.
And my liquors.
Not exactly the place to come if you're not on the case.
There's a thousand bars in this town.
I like the atmosphere.
And Heidi makes one killer mojito.
I thought maybe you took a shine to one of the patrons.
And you? You are here, no doubt, in search of Debbie? Devon.
Potato, potahto.
Yeah, well, not searching.
Just drinking.
So, tell me about Debbie.
Just kidding.
Very pretty.
And smart.
Terrible sense of direction.
Drive you insane with her incessant movie references.
Worries about others more than herself.
Generous to a fault.
No wonder you're looking for her.
She sounds amazing.
Other than the fact that we were totally incompatible, Devon was perfect for me.
You miss her? I'm not looking to get back with her.
I just want to know she's okay.
I'm going to help you.
You already have.
How so? By killing Hoffman.
One less nightmare.
You okay? Never better.
- Thought you were taking the day.
- Gibbs' idea.
Not mine.
That Hoffman? Yeah, I'm reviewing the tapes.
Victim number three? Monica Bishop, judging by the dress.
Look at this guy here.
He's watching 'em.
If Hoffman had an accomplice, he could very well be him.
Or he could just be a passerby.
There he goes.
Look, he's heading in the same direction Hoffman took the girl.
Or he could be going to a bar.
Or he was checking to make sure no one was following them, before joining Hoffman and killing the woman.
That's got to be Hoffman's accomplice.
Man without a face.
Spoke to the neighbors.
They barely knew Hoffman.
- Guy was an enigma.
- Well, he still is.
Found a stack of photos, too.
Not a woman in any of them.
Just Hoffman and his Marine buddies.
Any one of 'em a potential accomplice.
Good a place to start as any.
Gibbs, I thought we closed the case on this one.
Yeah, found a partial print on Hoffman's knife that doesn't belong to him.
Most serial killers work alone.
Wouldn't be the first time a killer worked with a partner.
You got the Cook brothers, Eric and Lyle Menendez I wouldn't get too excited about a partial print on a knife it could be anything.
I need to review all the evidence you have.
I already given you everything I think is relevant.
Well, then give me everything you think isn't.
Gibbs, you've got your killer, you've got all your bodies Five of the fingers that he cut off the victims are missing.
Doesn't mean that there's a second killer.
Well, maybe Hoffman kept the bodies as a prize, and his accomplice got to keep the fingers.
You were a cop.
Tell your boss what it's like to have You know what, Rosetti? I don't care if you've got a hundred.
There could still be a killer out there.
Well, I hope you weren't looking for me.
Is that really what you are hoping? Not even close.
You know, I could, buy you a drink, or Or what? You could come home with me.
Why would I do that? Because you feel guilty about lying to me.
Or because you just killed somebody and need someone to hug.
Why do I have the feeling that you are angling for more than just a hug? Angling? No.
Hoping? Have you been telling me the truth about your girlfriend? Or are you just taking advantage of my raw emotional state? Yes.
And yes.
No, easy.
Just reaching for my glasses.
You should not do that to me.
Look I don't usually do this kind of thing.
Neither do I.
Is that the gun you shot Hoffman with? No.
We struggled and then I No, it's not the gun.
So, what's it like to shoot someone? It is what it is.
It is what you have to do.
These are not things I dwell upon.
Were you scared? No.
That's a That's a dumb question.
I guess you wouldn't be an NCIS agent if you had a problem with it.
I'm not an NCIS agent.
I am Israeli Mossad.
Guessing Hoffman's not the first guy you've Why does everyone think all Mossad agents are assassins? Are you? You know, I've never handled a gun before.
Well, you're not going to handle one now.
Well, I guess I'll just have to handle something else.
I've re-sampled the image as many times as I can, McGee.
Try removing compression artifacts.
It's too pixelated.
Did you try detecting edges? I am detecting an edge.
I'm good, McGee, but I can't work miracles.
This is impossible.
I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times There is no substitute for quality source imagery.
I know.
Where are you going? I am going back to work.
Well, you think I'm going to give up that easily? You think I'm a quitter? You, of all people should know that I thrive in the face of adversity.
You're making the face of adversity.
I found each of the victim's blood on the murder weapon.
Hoffman didn't clean the knife after each murder? No, he did meticulously.
But I found trace evidence where the blade goes into the handle.
Okay, look, four of the victims have blood type O-positive.
The fifth victim has blood type A- positive.
That's not that strange.
Most killers don't chose their victims by blood type.
No, no, that's not what's strange.
I also found traces of a B-positive.
Then it must be Hoffman's blood.
He's O-negative.
Not a match.
There's a sixth victim, McGee.
Whose body hasn't been found yet.
Did she leave any forwarding number or address? - No, I'm afraid she didn't.
- Okay.
Well, if she makes contact, will you please notify me? - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
What are you doing? Checking into Locke's missing girlfriend.
You? Same.
What? Why? Devon Linden Katz.
Yeah, not like the musical.
Starts with a K, ends with a Z.
All right.
Checking her medical records.
What, you think she's been lying in some hospital, unable to communicate? No.
I think she's been lying in a shallow grave, unable to communicate.
Medical records are privileged information.
You need a subpoena.
Not if you have an IOU.
from a county clerk with a very expressive poker face.
There it is.
Thanks, Laramie.
I owe you.
Well, not as much as you owe me, of course.
Guess what Locke's girlfriend's blood type is? The same blood type Abby found on the knife B-positive.
Although it's hard to be positive when the news is so negative.
Millions have that blood type.
Only ten percent of Americans have that blood type.
So you have narrowed it down to what, millions? Narrows it down a lot further when you consider that she was a regular at the bar frequented by two other victims.
She could easily be victim number six.
And your pal Locke could be her killer.
- He is not a killer.
- Okay.
Co-killer, assistant killer, killer's apprentice.
Michael was not involved in the murders.
Michael? That is his name.
That is his first name.
You didn't.
Don't tell me.
- Okay, tell me.
- What I did or did not do is none of your business.
Detective Rosetti, morning.
Here are the case files your boss wanted.
- Hoffman's car.
- Yep.
All 786 square feet of dustable surface.
You find anything? $3.
50 in change.
An impressive gum wrapper collection.
All right.
Thanks for the files, Detective.
You want the rest? You guys wanted everything.
Here's everything.
You didn't happen to make a digital catalogue of all the evidence, did you? Digital catalogue? - That's a good one.
- Okay.
Four boxes, four bags of evidence, four bags of personal effects.
I am going to be here forever.
This one has your name written all over it.
Thank you.
Got an address book.
That's great.
So far, all of the prints from the car they match Hoffman.
There's just no sign of an accomplice.
What about the video still? I have tried everything.
I just I can't get an ID.
You're admitting defeat? No.
I have a new tactical plan.
By triangulating the heights of the landmarks.
Like the street lights and cars and stuff.
I think I can figure out an approximate height and weight of Hoffman's alleged accomplice.
It's great.
There's a page missing.
Torn out.
That's why the pages fell.
Someone tore out the binding.
Why would someone tear out a page? How tall is your buddy Locke? About six-one, six-two.
How much do you think he weighs? Why do you ask? Why don't you answer? Abby calculated the height and the weight of the mystery man on the surveillance video.
Six-one, 180, just like Locke.
Well, the only thing that proves is that you are jealous.
I'm concerned.
Slim build, just like Locke.
Of course, with your hands-on experience last night, maybe you could elaborate.
Saw you two leaving the bar together.
- You followed me? - Don't flatter yourself.
You do look good on the surveillance video, though.
Adds about ten pounds.
Come with me My love Address book belonged to Monica Bishop, victim number three.
Missing page is from the Rs.
Pull up her phone records.
I want to tell you.
Just how much I "Sea of Love", boss.
Remember that movie? Al Pacino plays a cop, sleeps with a serial killer played by Ellen Barkin? But the zany twist here is, Ziva's Pacino, and Locke is Barkin.
- Might even be biting.
- Shut your trap, DiNozzo! Am I missing something here? Boss, I got it.
Matching calls Bishop sent or received over the past year against the letter R.
Reeves, Rexon, Richards.
Over a two-week period last year, Rosetti called Bishop five times.
Rosetti never said boo about knowing the third victim.
He's covering for something.
Bring him in.
You know the ramifications of tampering with evidence? - What are you talking about? - Belonged to Monica Bishop.
Victim number three.
You forget? Nobody knows this case better than me, Gibbs.
Well, I'm guessing you knew Monica more than a little bit.
That why you tore the page out of this with your name and address on it? How did it go down, Chris? Did you meet Hoffman in the same bar where you met Monica Bishop? What was your beef? Rejection? Jealousy? Impotency? I had an affair with Monica Bishop.
End of story.
Feels more like the middle, actually.
Did you help Hoffman, or you just watch? Go to hell, Gibbs.
You got the wrong story.
Put me straight.
I met her at that bar six months ago.
She was a fixture there.
You could drag a dozen guys in here who slept with her.
She had it coming? It was just an affair.
No big deal.
Yeah? Then why'd you hide it? She was married, I was married.
You don't tamper with evidence because your afraid your wife's gonna see it.
If my captain found out I slept with her, - he would have taken me off the case.
- Well, he should have.
I wanted to catch this guy.
You were getting laid.
- You wanted to protect your ass.
- No.
I wanted the scumbag dead! I was investigating the first two murders before she turned up as the third victim.
If you guys hadn't taken over this case, I would have caught Hoffman, and I would have popped him.
Gibbs doesn't think Rosetti's the killer.
Neither do I.
Guess that just leaves your boyfriend.
You got to stop staring at this one, Ziva.
Put it behind you.
- You seeing Locke? - You have a problem with that? I do if he's a suspect.
- Is he? - You tell me.
Look, if you're going to give me a lecture on my bad judgment, I don't need to hear it.
Is that what this is about? You doubting your judgment? I should've moved earlier.
You would've if you could've.
- I left it too late.
- You still took him out.
I almost died.
But you didn't.
You've got to trust your judgment, Ziva.
Moment you don't it won't be "almost".
Devon, it's me.
Did you tell Michael about us yet? 'Cause if you meant what you said last night, it's over between you two.
You've got to tell him about us.
'Cause if you don't, I will.
- Who is he? - Don't know yet.
It's a deleted message from Devon Katz's phone.
Locke's missing girlfriend.
Mystery voice was obviously begging her to dump Locke.
- How did we get the recording? - Tell him, McSneaky.
Accessed the phone provider's mainframe.
What we got on him? He's been hanging out at the bar where two of the victims were last seen.
We can tie him to Hoffman.
Bartender says they were friendly.
Locke reported Devon Katz missing two weeks ago.
- Covering his tracks.
- No trace of her.
Her blood type was B-positive.
Same as the blood type Abby found on the knife.
Victim six? My guess is Locke found out she was bouncy-bouncy - with some other guy and he killed her.
- You're wrong.
You've got to look at this objectively, Ziva.
Evidence says he's guilty.
All circumcised.
I think she knows what she's talking about.
His print is on the barrel.
- What are you doing? - Trusting my judgment.
Come on, you big band of belted butyl.
I could use some help here.
Not tired of those things yet? Hold this, carefully.
Locke's fingerprint's on it.
Roll aside.
Man's work.
Thank you.
Oh my What? You brought me here for a reason.
I need some answers.
I thought you said you wanted to put this behind you.
- How long is this gonna take? - Just a few minutes.
You match the fingers to the victims yet? I'm working on it, Gibbs.
Did you call Ziva? Not answering, boss.
So this one No-brainer, easy to match.
I've always really liked this color.
It's called Arctic Blue.
And the rest? Well, I'll give you a hand, Abby.
It shouldn't take us long.
So what went wrong? Waited too long.
I should have moved faster.
Right about here There was nowhere left to go.
And we fell onto the floor.
We struggled, and then I pushed him off.
Jethro, based on blood type, skin tone, angle of cut, I am 95% certain that these belong to victims one, two, three and five.
As you recall, victim number four's finger, unlike the others, was severed immediately after death.
Copycat theory sounding pretty good, boss.
Whoever killed number four knew to cut off the finger, but didn't know Hoffman was keeping them as souvenirs.
Or where he stashed them.
I crawled.
I grabbed the gun.
I rolled over and there he was.
And you shot him.
I shot him.
I don't understand.
- Why didn't you shoot him earlier? - I was undercover.
I didn't have my gun.
Just like now.
Locke was all whorls.
Bad guy, loops and arches.
Locke is not the killer.
You owe Ziva an apology.
Yes, but we still have to account for victim number four's finger, cut off right after death.
Patricia Massey, military wife.
Copycat hides her murder among Hoffman's victims.
Husband? Always suspect the spouse.
Speaking from personal experience, Jethro? That's why I'm never getting married.
Petty Officer Massey's build does match the guy following Hoffman on the surveillance video.
Call her.
- Yes, Gibbs? - Lose the wheels.
- What do you want, Tony? - Locke print doesn't match the partial.
- His print is not a match? - Right.
Well, next time we should both listen to my instincts.
Was that about me? Was this about me, still a suspect? I never believed it.
How'd you get my print? You touched my gun.
So you took my fingerprint, ran it.
I didn't match up, and now you're telling me you never believed it was me? Look I tried to stop this, okay? I'm sorry, Michael.
I wish I could believe you, Ziva, Gina whatever.
Something wrong? Like to talk to you.
Need you to come with us.
Yeah, we're a man short today.
Can it wait? - No.
- What's the problem? Got some theories on your wife's murder.
Yeah, you got the guy, he's dead.
We don't think Andy Hoffman killed her.
Sure you want to do this here, Massey? I got nothing to hide.
Hoffman was killing women who were cheating on their husbands.
You saying my wife was cheating on me? Probably why you were drinking at your favorite bar.
Same bar Hoffman frequented.
Same bar where he picked up two of his victims.
You noticed him, heard about the killings in the news.
Put two and two together.
The night Hoffman picked up his third victim at the bar, you watched them leave.
Not me.
You followed them back to Hoffman's house.
When he left and she didn't, you broke in.
It's pretty neat.
Copycat killing using the same knife and MO as the original killer.
You guys got a wild imagination.
Yeah, well, the mistake you made, the thing you didn't know, is that Hoffman kept the fingers, except your wife's.
Well, that looks deep.
Working on the engine.
I think it's from cutting off your wife's finger.
We found a partial print and traces of blood on the murder weapon that don't match Hoffman or the victims.
DNA's going to narrow it down to you.
What do you want? Telephone number.
I found Devon.
I thought I owed you that much.
She wants to talk to you.