NCIS: Hawai'i (2021) s01e03 Episode Script


1 I been waiting, elevating Hanging on a line Come on, Neal.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Push! It's the end, you're there, you're there.
- Come on, kid.
- (CRIES OUT) (PANTING) Hey, you okay? I I can't.
What does this tell you? - I'm a failure? - No.
It means you're improving.
Hey, look at me.
The difference between being stuck and being a SEAL is this.
I can give you the tools, Neal.
Only you can use 'em.
But I promise you I will be there every step of the way helping you out.
- On one condition.
- I don't give up? No, you quit tripping over the damn steps.
(BOTH LAUGH) (GROANS) - (GUNSHOTS) - (GROANS) (GUNSHOT) Alex, Jules, we're leaving in five.
Eat now or forever hold your peace.
Gear check.
Toothbrush, floss, hairbrush, backup toothbrush.
- Anyone seen my, um - Phone charger.
You lost it.
Keep it at your dad's, and tell me you didn't just start packing.
He also didn't finish his history paper.
- Traitor.
- Hey, what did I say about accusing your sister of treason? And why didn't you finish that paper? Because I can't find my history book.
Check between your bed and the wall.
- And your shoes are in the back.
- (PHONE BUZZING) Tennant.
See you soon.
Alex! Got everything.
Let's go.
- Everything? - What? TENNANT AND JULIE: Shoes! (INDISTINCT CHATTER) - Thanks, Jesse.
- Yeah.
What alchemy is this? Red-eye with a Bullet.
Figured hand-off day you could use a little something-something.
You'd think after three years of shared-custody hustle I'd be past needing a caffeine fix.
I think as long as we have kids, we'll never be past needing a caffeine fix.
Who's our victim? Petty Officer First Class Miles Hayward.
He's a Navy recruiter.
HPD was first on the scene, but they called us in when they saw his ID.
So not a robbery.
I mean, the trunk's cleared out, but they left his wallet and watch.
I count three bullet entry wounds.
Yeah, that matches what forensics found.
Casing here, point-blank, and then two right here.
You know what this walk tells me? The killer took the shot before he knew there was anything valuable in the car.
Maybe it wasn't about what was in the car, but who.
He was targeted.
Yeah, they just wanted it to look like a theft.
Shouldn't have taken the coup De grâce.
This was a hit.
LUCY: Went through HPD incident reports from the area last night.
Nothing of note near the crime scene.
Well, Aloha Stadium ceased all fan-attended operations after it was condemned.
That makes it the perfect spot for tweakers and drug dealers these days.
Don't forget swap meets and flea markets.
I didn't peg you for an antiquer.
Advantage of being the new guy.
I'm a man of mystery.
Okay, we can learn all about Kai later.
What do we know about Hayward? Grew up in Montgomery, Alabama.
Joined the Navy at 18 and never looked back.
Multiple deployments at sea before transitioning to shore duty as a recruiter here on the islands.
Where he's extended three times.
- Found his calling, I guess.
- On the force, we gave those assignments to the desk jockeys.
Well, in the service, we have a higher standard for who represents us to the public.
In this room, do we have a list of who he was recruiting? Mm-hmm.
Right here.
Thank you, Lucy.
Friends? Coworkers? Hitting the bricks now.
- Last known person to see him.
- One of his recruits.
Kekoa Neal.
Teenager from Nanakuli.
Let's go pay him a visit.
KEKOA: We were training until sundown.
I was supposed to meet my friends at Ala Moana, but I was late.
He got me one Uber.
Always looking out like that.
Did you see anybody else before you left? He said he had to meet another recruit, but nah.
No one else was there.
How'd you get to know Petty Officer Hayward? He came to my school, talking about the Navy gives opportunities.
Said if I put in the work, he puts in the work.
Most of my friends thought it was just talk, you know? But Hayward was true.
He backed it up.
Only one who ever did.
Seemed like a great guy.
How well did you know him? We talked sports.
He loved the Crimson Tide.
But other stuff, too, you know? Life stuff.
He knew how to listen.
How about personally? Anything different in his life recently? Past couple of weeks, he changed things up.
How so? He rescheduled some of our training sessions last-minute.
Never did that before.
I think he got injured.
Why do you say that? He used to run those steps with me every single time.
Never had me do something he wasn't doing, too.
But he stopped the other week for some reason.
- You ask him about it? - Yeah.
But he shut me down.
Something was wrong.
Uber driver confirms Kekoa went to Ala Moana around 8:00 p.
Hayward put him in the car.
And what about the recruit he was supposed to meet? Nothing.
Could have misheard, been mistaken.
Something was definitely up with Hayward, though.
He rescheduled on a few other kids, - and even called in sick a couple days.
- (PANEL BEEPS) Tell me you have some answers, Ernie.
We talking Lao Tzu, Socrates? Gear profile tolerances in the Ford GT40? Uh, you lost me on the first two, - but let's talk about that third one later.
- All right, brother.
Uh, any useable footage from around Aloha Stadium? - Zilch.
- No prints on Hayward's car, but Forensics did find some on his body.
- Any matches? - See for yourself.
I'm just missing the hieroglyphics.
Short answer is not yet.
Uh, what about ballistics on the slugs? Looking at nine millimeter.
Yeah, it's the pumpkin spice latte of bullets.
We need a match to another crime, which we do not have.
(PHONE CHIMES) Ah, the autopsy results just came in.
Hey, guys.
Hayward was recovering from significant muscle and organ trauma not related to the shooting.
- Kekoa mentioned he seemed hurt.
- Guys.
There was only superficial bruising.
If there was internal damage, there should be contusions, abrasions Guys! You want to see it on the big screen? JESSE: Oh.
- That's - (LUCY SCOFFS) This is what happens when the body is impacted with a soft object at force.
A tactic used to send a message without leaving a mark.
So Hayward gets worked over and says nothing about it.
I got a warrant and keys to his apartment.
Let's go see what he was hiding.
Ordered at work and ordered at home.
A little too ordered, if you ask me.
I mean, I don't want to be cynical, but But you're gonna be.
This guy just seems a little too good to be true.
Spent every waking hour with his recruits.
Dude loved his job.
Volunteered at homeless shelters on the weekends.
That's nice.
When his CO talked about his compassion, I mean, he ranked Hayward first, Mother Teresa, like, - a distant second.
- What's wrong with that? You're always so positive.
And you're never this cynical.
If anybody felt simpatico to Hayward, I thought it'd be Mr.
Conservation Weekend.
I just wanted to know what he had buried deep down, that's all.
Why can't he just be what he seems? All of us are hiding something, Luce.
Nobody's what they seem.
What? I'm just saying Can you say it after you help me move this? Well, what do we have here? A hundred percent a secret compartment.
Everybody's hiding something.
Tell me about the gun you found at Petty Officer Hayward's place.
No prints, but ballistics match it to a shooting at the Paradise Shore Tourist Shop in Kahuku last month.
Owner got shot twice, survived somehow, but couldn't ID the shooter.
Gonna have a hard time convincing me that Hayward was involved in an armed robbery.
He couldn't have been.
He was off the island the night of the crime.
And for what it's worth, it wasn't an armed robbery.
HPD puts it in the intimidation-extortion space.
Prime suspects, the Oania Boys.
Gang operating in the North Shore.
- Like a surf gang? - That's what they say, but they're posers.
People call the older generation "gangs", but they were tough for a cause.
All about kia'i Kai.
Protecting the beach, connecting to the water.
Yeah, but these new guys are straight-up criminals.
Armed robbery, extortion, assault.
Currently led by Lee Oania, after his father Sunny was locked up two years ago.
Got him for conspiracy and attempted murder.
Recruiter's the perfect cover.
You go all over Oahu, handful of pamphlets.
- No one asks any questions.
- KAI: I don't see it.
These dudes run and gun, right? They're-they're not organized enough to seduce someone like Hayward to join.
He had the gun hidden in a wall.
You can't eliminate the possibility because you think he's a good guy.
Hayward also got his ass kicked.
Maybe he was protecting someone from the gang.
We need to go right to the source.
Find out what the Oania Boys know.
Let's go talk to 'em.
They'll clam up the moment you badge 'em.
Look, I'll check 'em out.
Jesse goes with you.
It kind of defeats the "solo" part.
But covers the not losing one of my agents to a violent gang part.
Any haole shows up is gonna stick out like a sore thumb.
Then use it to your advantage.
So what's the big plan here? We just announce ourselves and see who they hate more? Former cop, former Marine or current NCIS.
Let's hit the waves.
(SCOFFS) New guy gets a chance to call the shots, and he wants to go surfing? I've only been here a month, and all I've heard is how much you love to get barreled.
And besides, new guy has an idea.
Well, does it include me talking to the kupuna first? - Nope.
I got that covered.
- So you'll be fine.
But if this haole drops in without paying the proper respects, that gang'll be waiting for me the second I step out of the water.
See? Now we're in perfect synch.
We're like Siegfried and Roy.
You remember what happened to Roy, right? Right? I don't want to be just another face in the crowd Keeping quiet when this voice inside Is meant to be loud Sick and tired of these people Trying to push us around Stay out of my way Not here to play Not today Sound the alarm.
What? Like scrap, haole? Hey, man, I'm just trying to catch some waves.
It's all good, man.
What the hell, bro? KAI: This ain't your beach.
Beaches are public, no? - Oh, yeah? - Stop! Not here.
We got too many eyeballs.
Hey, sorry.
Just don't like what they're doing to our beaches.
Why don't you grab a green bottle with us, yeah? Get to know each other.
I appreciate you scaring off the haole, but HPD's looking for any reason to move in on us.
KAI: Oh, yeah? Something go down? (MUSIC PLAYING OVER RADIO) Where you from? Hanalei.
Long way from Kaua'i.
Mokulele'd over here because of a job.
How's that going? Looking for other opportunities.
LEE: Like what? KAI: Something out by the water.
Heard the break out here is pretty consistent.
I also heard it's dangerous.
Ain't that the truth.
You know, you're the first guy to talk to us in a minute like a man? I like that.
How about the haoles? Must come by here all the time, yeah? The small ones, they see us, they walk the other way.
Even the Marines and lifeguards pull out of Waimea? No one ever accused them of being smart.
Tell him about the brown uniform.
Navy buggah come around here, yeah? Give you that "forged by the sea" speech? - Those recruiters, they're hard head, yeah? - No joke, bro.
We had to teach this one guy a lesson.
Make sure he stop coming back around, you know? - Guessing nobody took the bait.
- I don't know.
Brad, you bite? No.
ERNIE: Got matches and rap sheets on half these guys; rest coming soon.
They love their oranges, by the way.
No scurvy for the Oania Boys.
Explains the bruises on Hayward's body.
It does? In Kiev, there was a politician who wanted to root out corruption, so the Russian FSB beat him with three oranges in a sock.
Caused minor bruises on the outside, but ruptured his spleen.
Something tells me you're the primary source for this story.
What happened to the politician, huh? Secret's safe with me.
I turned him, and took down the Russians who did it.
Yes! (CHUCKLES) - I'm reading a lot of spy books lately.
- Okay.
So Hayward was trying to recruit the Oania Boys? At least one of them: Brad Pacheco.
Misdemeanors for petty larceny, sale of controlled substances.
His mom works at a malasada shop, dad out of the picture; it's ripe for a life of crime.
He wasn't on Hayward's list.
'Cause he was rejected.
He lied on his application about his record.
So Brad took a risk stepping out on the Oania Boys.
ERNIE: Maybe he blamed Hayward for being rejected? It's worth finding out.
Heard you wiped out, and Kai beat you up.
We were undercover.
Doing a bit.
A bit where you wiped out and Kai beat you up? Brad's over there.
LUCY: I mean, you gotta admit, Hayward's looking pretty innocent.
Just trying to do right by one of his recruits.
Well, if we ignore the hot gun he was hiding and the major beatdown he took, then sure.
LUCY: I think I know who can be the tiebreaker here.
JESSE: Brad Pacheco? Federal agents! Stop! (PEOPLE EXCLAIMING) (GRUNTS) What part of "stop" didn't you understand? JESSE: In case you're thirsty.
As a minor, you legally can have your parents or another adult present if you want.
I don't even know why I'm here.
Then why'd you run? I don't like cops.
Miles Hayward.
Navy recruiter.
- What about him? - You tell me.
He spent the last six months recruiting you.
Yeah, he came around sometimes.
So? Come on, you're selling it short, Brad.
He had internal injuries from the beatdown he took from your boys, and he still didn't quit on you.
You're hassling me over a fight? You're on a secure Navy base in a federal interrogation room.
More than hassling.
(SIGHS) What about the Paradise Shore shooting? You have anything to do with that? No.
Then explain why we found the gun at Hayward's house.
Ask Hayward.
Hayward found it on you, didn't he? Yeah.
Was he gonna turn you in? Is that what he said? Maybe that's why you got rejected from the Navy.
Hayward couldn't really believe in you anymore, - but you blamed him.
- No.
When was the last time you saw Hayward? A couple weeks, maybe.
Why? Where were you Sunday, 8:30 p.
? At The Point with friends.
Now, we both know that's not true.
Now, start talking to me about Sunday night.
Whatever Hayward told you is a lie.
Hayward didn't tell me anything because he was murdered.
Sunday at 8:30 p.
We need to stop the interview.
My son's not talking.
Are you okay? He ran from us.
- If he's hurt at all - He's fine.
I'll walk you out.
Come on, baby.
A word please.
I'll meet you outside, baby.
Hmm? What do you want? Just to tell you that the next few days - are gonna be hard.
- Hard for you.
The moment I get home, I'm calling a lawyer.
Well, that's your right.
But I meant for you.
Your son might be involved in a murder.
He wouldn't do that.
- Who? - Miles Hayward.
His recruiter.
- You've got it all wrong.
- Maybe.
But it doesn't look that way.
I just want to make sure you make the right choices for him.
I know what you see when you look at him.
Oania Boy.
Common crook.
I see a scared kid.
You have children? What would you do if one of them was in this position? I'd hold him tight.
I'd tell him I love him.
And I would convince him to do the right thing.
And the right thing would be talking to you.
- If Brad's innocent - He is.
Then yes, talking to me is what needs to happen.
All my boy wanted was to serve his country.
It crushed him when he was rejected.
But he didn't hurt nobody.
Because he's a good kid.
(EXHALES) Can we get a secret fridge where we keep meat? Your sister would sniff that out in five minutes flat.
A growing boy's gotta have protein.
Aren't you supposed to be at your father's? No way I could finish the paper with the dogs and Julie and her nine toothbrushes.
Dad's cool with me staying here a couple of days.
- Unless you want me to go back.
- No.
You can stay.
You seem stressed, though.
- You're doing the mom thing.
- Oh, you mean the thing where I want to make sure my son's okay? Yeah, that.
I'd be better if I had a burger.
Well, there are some veggie patties in the freezer.
How are you scared of a nine-year-old? The same way you are.
KAI: You should put a cold compress on that lip.
Looks swollen is all.
(JESSE LAUGHS) You don't hit that hard.
(LAUGHS) Hey, you were good.
In interrogation? 10,000 hour rule.
- Those 10,000 hours tell you who did it? - He's lying.
That I know.
How much he's lying, we'll find out.
Shouldn't you be, like, heading back - to your sad bachelor pad or something? - No.
Sticking around here waiting on callbacks from Brad's alibi.
Oh, well, his friends will back him up, but that doesn't mean much.
Maybe, maybe not.
(SIGHS) You think he's some kid that just got mixed up with the wrong crowd.
But he had a dream to leave, do more with his life.
Are we talking about Brad or you? You left.
Joined the Marines, did more with your life.
We having a heart-to-heart? (LAUGHS) Hey, just an observation.
Hey, you want to know what I've observed? You are convinced that Hayward's into something shady, and maybe that's personal experience.
Hey, I hope his alibi checks out.
Okay, thank you.
Brad's prints from the soda can are a match for the ones on Hayward's body.
TENNANT: Prints don't stay on a body long.
Brad must have been the recruit that Hayward saw after Kekoa left the stadium.
TENNANT: Where are we with the warrant? Waiting for the judge to sign off.
KAI: Hey, you might want to put a pause on that warrant.
Someone just confessed to the murder.
I got connections outside these walls.
My boys don't make a move without me knowing.
- Why go after a Navy recruiter? - I got word he wen come to my beach, trying to fill the boys' heads with all sorts of nonsense.
Not a reason to kill someone.
He was warned first.
Didn't heed.
The oranges.
SUNNY: Cheaper than a bat.
More effective, too.
I don't buy it.
- Excuse me? - LUCY: The Oania Boys fight turf wars all the time, but it doesn't spill out beyond the gang.
Right after 8:00 p.
, outside Aloha Stadium.
Two in the chest, one up close to make sure the guy's dead.
Those details are not in the public report.
Who pulled the trigger? You throw a stone on this island, you find a meth-head willing to do whatever.
Buyer's market.
I'm willing to sign the confession right now.
Let's do it.
Let's wait a beat.
(DOOR BUZZES) (LATCH CLICKS, DOOR OPENS) Got to admit, Sunny's story's compelling.
Has motive, too.
Yeah, but it still doesn't explain why Hayward had the gun or Brad's prints on him.
Is that why you didn't take the confession? - (PHONE BUZZING) - (CLICKS PHONE OFF) Look, someone in the gang wanted Hayward dead.
But killing a sailor just to send a message? Nah.
(PHONE BUZZING) Look, can we talk later? I'm in the middle of something.
Wait, what? No, he said that you Okay, look, wires got crossed Uh, pineapple.
Pineapple! Okay.
I'll take care of it.
My ex.
Yeah, I figured.
- Pineapple? - Yeah, we had a couples counselor once that told us to think of a safe word in case things ever got heated.
- Maybe I should try that.
- Well, he is my ex-husband.
Yeah, maybe not.
What's going on? Alex convinced me that his dad said it was okay for him to come back home, and then told his dad that it was my idea.
You got to give it to him.
But he forgot that you and his dad still talk.
You want me to book him, haul him in, - scare him straight? - (KNOCKING AT DOOR) Found something you should see.
I was wondering why Sunny Oania was adamant on confessing, so we did a deep dive on his financials.
This is Sunny's bank statements for the last year.
Had some good investments.
Conservative but smart.
Money market.
LUCY: And every month, there's a recurring payment to Andrea Pacheco.
Brad's mother, but it's not alimony.
- It's child support.
- ERNIE: I went through his school records no father listed.
DMV nothing.
- (TAPS KEYS) - Then I got a scan of his birth certificate.
- KAI: Sunny is Brad's father.
- Means the leader of the Oania Boys, Lee, is Brad's half brother.
Yeah, that explains the confession.
Sunny wasn't protecting his crew He was protecting his son.
It all goes back to Brad.
Do we go at him again? KAI: No, Jesse already took a run.
He won't talk if we bring him in.
We go to him.
Yeah? Got an idea? Brad may be surrounded by his crew, but he's alone.
He's gonna need someone who understands what he's going through.
KAI: Waves died down, ya? Mo bettah earlier.
(SIGHS) You know, I never got into bodyboarding, but must be something about your heart being close to the waves.
When you're out there, the whole world just disappears.
Is that why you considered the Navy? Stay close to the water? Staff Sergeant Eric Rodriguez.
Came to my pop's restaurant wearing that uniform, and he was only a few years older than me, but he was so confident, you know? Gave me a path to the future.
You served? Changed my life.
Made me who I am.
Well, my life's right in front of me.
You get rejected? 'Cause I lied about running with the crew.
Future over.
That's rough.
Recruiter just cut you off, huh, like you don't exist? Nah, brah.
He said he'd work it out.
Told me and my ma he could get some kind of waiver.
That won't happen now.
'Cause he was murdered.
You're a cop now, huh? Trying to trick me into confessing? I don't think you killed Hayward.
But look, you can call your boys at any time, end this conversation.
But I want to help you.
I just need you to talk.
What do you want to know? Tell me about the gun Hayward was hiding for you.
It was Lee's.
He told me to get rid of it.
I was freaked out.
I went to Hayward.
He was gonna turn it in after I went to boot camp.
When was the last time you saw Miles Hayward? Aloha Stadium.
He had this whole plan to get me off the island.
He gave me a hug, said he'd reach out the next day once it was all set.
When I didn't hear nothin', I just thought he changed his mind.
Anyone else know about the gun? No way.
If Lee found out Hayward had it He'd kill him.
Brad's story makes sense.
Lee does the shooting at the tourist shop.
He tells Brad to toss the gun.
Lee must have found out somehow that Hayward had it.
TENNANT: And murdered him before he could do anything with it.
What was Brad doing with Hayward the night he was shot? They were planning a way for Brad to get out.
Lee probably followed him there without him knowing.
That explains why Brad was so guarded when Hayward didn't reach out.
All right, so where's Brad now? I told him to go back to his house and lay low.
The rest of the crew is at a house on the mauka side of Farrington Highway.
We need to roll Lee up right away.
How many we got? KAI: I count Lee, maybe five others, all external.
Rear stack with me.
How pissed do you think Lee's gonna be when he finds out you're a federal agent? We're about to find out.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) NCIS! Everyone on the ground! Bottles down.
Interlace your fingers behind your head.
Turn around! (GRUNTING) AGENT: Turn around for me! Runner down.
(OVER RADIO): No sign of Lee.
One more down.
It's not Lee.
Lee's on the staircase! (GUNSHOTS) Yeah, he's pretty pissed.
(BULLET RICOCHETS) Barricaded shooter in an elevated position.
They teach you to talk like that in the Marines? Oh, I'm sorry, I'll use cop words.
Guy up there.
All right, smart-ass, what would the Marines do? Call in an airstrike.
There's a lanai in the back.
Jesse, you good? (BULLETS RICOCHETING) Peachy.
You're gonna give me a boost.
It's okay.
I was a flyer.
- I don't - I I'll explain later.
- Just come - Okay.
- That was fast.
- She was something called a flyer.
Cheerleader who gets thrown in the air.
Have a daughter, you'll understand.
KAI: Give yourself up! No one needs to get hurt! (GUNSHOTS) (GUN CLICKING) Don't move! Got him.
ANDREA: Lee killed the recruiter? We believe Hayward could connect Lee to another unsolved crime.
He's just like his father.
Brad's father, too.
I paid Sunny a visit.
Not many people know.
We both thought it best to keep it that way.
But Brad's a blessing.
Well, he's safe now to pursue whatever future he wants.
Future's what's caused all this.
Brad never should have gotten involved with that recruiter.
It's been nothing but trouble.
Do you mind if I speak to Brad? He'll be out soon.
I'm making some tea if you want.
That'd be great.
You're a traitor to your people.
JESSE: 'Cause he doesn't spend his days beating up tourists and extorting local businesses? Oh, you left out, uh, betraying his own family.
Not much of an older brother.
What are you talking about? KAI: Murder.
Talking about murder, Lee.
I didn't kill that guy at the tourist shop.
I seen him.
He's fine.
We're not talking about the tourist shop.
We're talking about Petty Officer Hayward, the one person who actually cared about giving Brad a chance.
The Navy dude? You're not pinning that on me.
I roughed him up, but that's it.
Hey, you're already down for the count here.
The tourist shop; shooting at federal agents.
Might as well cop to Hayward's murder.
Sunny put you up to it, right? No.
Sunny wanted Brad as far away from this life as possible.
He told us to back off of Hayward after we tuned him up.
He's not the one trying to keep Brad in the fold.
Then who is? - (TEAKETTLE WHISTLING) - (BUZZING) How did you find out about Lee? We had a source.
Someone in the gang? You thought it was honorable, Brad wanting to be in the Navy.
I was so proud of him.
And devastated when he was rejected.
Well, I'm sure it was a relief when Hayward offered a waiver to get Brad back in.
He did? Hayward came by to tell you both.
That's what Brad said, anyways.
I'm sure it's a misunderstanding we can clarify.
- Let's ask your son.
- Stop.
Brad's tired.
He's been through a lot.
Let's do this another time.
I don't blame you for not wanting Brad to go.
He was about to join a new family.
I'm his only family.
(PHONE BUZZING) - Even when Brad was rejected, - Hayward persisted.
You knew he wouldn't stop.
And Brad would leave you, and with Sunny gone, you would be all alone.
He was going to take my boy! But you killed him before he could.
(ANDREA GRUNTS) (GUNSHOT) Give it to me.
You took everything away.
ANDREA: Don't believe her lies! I would never do It was the only thing I had.
Brad listen.
If you do this, there's no going back.
This is not who you are.
You are not like them.
You're just a good kid who has a bright future.
Hayward was trying to show you that.
Don't prove him wrong.
KAI: Lee may have been in charge, but Brad's mom has been involved ever since Sunny went away.
Now they're both going away, too.
The Oania Boys are basically done.
Still, it was never about the gang.
Andrea just couldn't let Brad go.
Supposed to help them make the right choices in life.
Instead, she took them away.
Well, Hayward's getting the justice he deserves, and Brad has a chance at a future.
Thanks to you connecting with him.
Just doing my job.
It's more than that to you.
It's hard being back, right? Facing what might be easier to forget.
It's all right.
I mean, I can't change the past.
But I can help Brad with his next step.
I followed up on the waiver Hayward started, and the good word from an island-boy-turned-Marine - didn't hurt.
- See? Nice job.
Now, get out of here.
Burgers? Julie finds out, we're both in deep trouble.
Well, you're gonna help me destroy the evidence when we're done.
But first Your dad called.
I just, I don't want to be there.
Look, I know this hasn't been easy They already made a nursery, and the baby's not even here.
I'm sleeping on a couch.
Your dad's dealing with a new situation, okay? I know you are, too.
I get it.
So it's cool I'm here? Absolutely not.
You lied to me and your father.
You hurt his feelings, and you put me in the middle of it.
You're not a child anymore.
Your choices matter.
What choice do I have now? To take responsibility for your actions.
Or not.
I'll call Dad.
And go back.
Can I at least have a burger first? After you call your father.
Um, so, about yesterday, Mom didn't really say that I could KAI: In life there are people who show up for you.
No matter what the cost, no matter how hard it gets, they're always there.
That's the best of us.
What we can all aspire to.
The model for what it means to serve.
Petty Officer Miles Hayward believed in each and every one of you.
You're beginning the next chapter of becoming fine young men and women.
What you doing here? Reminding myself that there are people who are just good.
NAVY OFFICER: Raise your right hands for the Oath of Enlistment.
I, state your name - (OTHERS RECITING) - I, Brad Pacheco do solemnly swear do solemnly swear that I will support and defend that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States the Constitution of the United States against all enemies against all enemies - foreign and domestic - foreign and domestic
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