NCIS Los Angeles s08e03 Episode Script

The Queen's Gambit

1 Previously on NCIS: Los Angeles We're getting a visit from the Under Secretary of Defense Duggan.
We're replacing you and your staff.
Since when do you let anyone come in here and tell you what to do? HETTY: He's right.
I was at the helm when we were compromised.
It's Hetty.
It's just a bunch of numbers and letters.
GRANGER: They're chess moves.
It's called the Queen's Gambit.
Sacrificing a pawn to gain advantage.
You found your mole.
You're the mole? (alarm blaring) We've been hit! Hang on! SAM: She's got no radial pulse.
She lost about two liters of blood.
Get Kensi out of here.
(gunfire) Come on, baby.
(man singing call to prayer) (shouts) Oh! Oh! (grunts) Call an ambulance! Can you stand up? I don't I don't know.
I-I can't.
Okay, let me help you.
(groaning) I got you.
Come on.
Just sit right here.
(groans) What My leg, I think it's broken.
I need to go to a hospital.
(Taser crackles) (tires screeching) (car horn honking) NCIS: LA 8x03 The Queen's Gambit @elderman What's wrong with this picture? You think we made a mistake? Going to Syria after Asakeem? The guy was a high-value target.
It cost lives.
Put Kensi in a coma.
Kensi'll bounce back.
How many lives do you think we saved? I don't know.
Like Deeks said, was it worth it? Yes.
We all know the risks.
This is the path we've chosen.
Got something.
Where's Deeks? Ah, he's gonna stop by the hospital to see Kensi on his way in.
How's she doing? Still unconscious as of last night.
So (sighs) do we still have jobs? Yes.
I mean, I think so.
Don't we? We're asking you.
Well, as far as I know, part of Hetty's deal with the under secretary of defense is that we be allowed to keep working.
While she turns herself in as the mole? Which is too ridiculous to even consider.
Hey, Under Secretary Duggan bought it.
Then he's even dumber than he looks.
WOMAN (over P.
): Dr.
Paris to Cardiology.
Paris to Cardiology.
DEEKS: Julia.
Oh, so sorry.
I know.
How's she doing? She hasn't moved since I got here.
What are the, uh what are the doctors saying? No one's been in but a nurse.
Hey, baby, can you hear me? Hey.
Hey, uh, I'm here with your mom.
Can you hear me? Kens.
She was never even sick as a little girl.
But we were in and out of the E.
so many times, they knew her by name.
She was like having three boys.
Only this one wasn't afraid of anything.
Yeah, well, she's still fearless.
Lonely in here.
Where's Granger? Haven't seen him.
Any word on Hetty? Nothing.
What do we got? Not exactly sure, but this happened a few hours ago.
Security cam footage from a mosque in West L.
Did not see that coming.
SAM: Let me guess-- she didn't take him to the hospital.
If she did, it wasn't anywhere nearby.
Road rage and a capture.
You don't see that every day, even in L.
No, you don't.
Okay, so what's this have to do with us? Well, LAPD identified the driver as Jasmine Garcia.
She's a reserve Marine sergeant who returned from Afghanistan three months ago.
She's currently working at a nonprofit, but serving as a reservist.
And her reluctant passenger? ERIC: Witnesses at the scene I.
'd him as Gabriel Mir.
He owns a high-end rug store on Melrose.
SAM: Lover's quarrel? Didn't see a whole lot of love there.
Tough love? Garcia was a CS in Afghanistan, cultural support team and translator.
ERIC: Mir is originally from Afghanistan.
Could be a coincidence.
That hit wasn't.
She clipped him on purpose.
The question is: why? Quick incapacitation before kidnapping him.
Again, why? And in broad daylight? NELL: Marine Corps wants us to look into it, make sure it's not some sort of a hate crime related to her translator duties in country.
All right.
We're on it.
Have any news on Hetty? No, nobody's talking.
You know what she's up to? Do we ever? What's SECNAV saying? Nada.
You think they're working this thing together? Hetty's always got a plan.
Yeah, well, she better have a good one this time.
Tell me who you were working for.
We had a deal.
You also took an oath, swearing to support and defend our Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.
You should be ashamed.
I'm going to recommend no plea bargaining, regardless of what you have to offer in exchange.
On the contrary, you should be an example of how we deal with treachery.
In fact, if it were up to me, your trial would look like something straight out of Salem.
The only difference being those poor women were actually innocent.
Do you have anything to say for yourself? Ms.
Lange? Hetty? Hetty! Oh! Oh! (chuckles): I'm so sorry.
I must have nodded off.
She's in a deep coma from blood loss and a lack of oxygen to the brain, but the good news is her head CT showed no skull fracture or intracranial bleeding.
And her MRI was clear of any signs of a stroke.
Her EEG-- no evidence of seizure activity either.
So when is she gonna wake up? Unfortunately, it's hard to tell.
All we can do is wait and see.
And what about other injuries? She sustained a C5, C6 disc herniation with impingement on the spinal cord in her neck.
And that's what they did surgery in Landstuhl for that? Yes, the surgeons performed microscopic neurosurgery to remove the protruding disc and take pressure off the spinal cord.
And that went well? Yes.
All indications.
What's the worst-case scenario? There could be paralysis of her left hand and wrist and complete paralysis of her left leg, but we're not there yet.
Please feel free to ask me any questions as we move forward, okay? Sure.
Thank you, Doc.
(knock on door) Hello.
Federal Agents Hanna and Callen.
Is Jasmine in? No.
And you are? I'm Summer.
I just clean for her.
You know, the police were already here asking all kinds of questions about Jasmine.
They go inside? No.
Is she in trouble? We hope not.
Do you mind if we took a little look around? Of course not.
If it'll help.
SAM: So when's the last time you saw Ms.
Garcia? Probably last week.
Sweet girl.
I worked for previous renters and she just kept me on.
(chuckles): Even though I think she does more cleaning than I do.
She have any friends or family that you know about? Um I've seen her with girlfriends on occasions.
That's about it.
She hasn't been here long.
Well, think you can give us a call when you see her again? It's important that we speak with her.
I sure will Sam.
Eric, no sign of Jasmine Garcia at her house.
Her cleaning lady has not seen her.
See if you can find anything else in the neighborhood.
ERIC: Will do.
Oh, and, Eric, see if she has any other properties or vehicles in her name.
On it.
Any luck? Huh? No? Wha-- sorry.
What? Uh, did you find Jasmine Garcia's vehicle? Uh, no, but she has a storage locker.
Did you send the address to Cal and Sam? No but I will right now.
(sighs) You okay? Yeah.
Uh, I'm just thinking about Kensi.
She's gonna be okay.
I hope so.
No, she will be.
I just think of our guys as indestructible.
You know, I think about how cool it is to be a special agent, and then something like this happens, and suddenly you realize how quickly it can all come to an end.
Kind of makes you want to stay in Ops, huh? Yeah.
Deeks is on his way in.
Any news on Kensi? No, nothing new.
I am gonna need you out in the field with Deeks.
Is there a problem, Jones? No.
No, sir.
Okay, good.
You're gonna be fine.
I know.
I know.
(whispers): Be careful.
She's who kidnapped my brother? Looks that way.
You recognize her? No.
Who is she? CALLEN: That's what we're trying to find out.
Has anyone contacted you about Gabriel? The police and some of his friends from the mosque who saw it happen.
Was your brother in a relationship? No.
And he attends the mosque where this happened on a regular basis? Oh, yeah.
Were you with him this morning? No, I'm not as devout as Gabriel.
When's the last time your brother went back to Afghanistan? Never.
I mean, not since we came here as kids.
He's never been back.
What about to buy rugs? No.
We'll go to Turkey and Pakistan and Iran, now that the embargo's been lifted.
Your brother have any enemies? No, not that I can think of.
Any bad business deals? Absolutely not.
I mean, this makes no sense.
Just out of curiosity, what does a rug like this go for? That's 230,000.
Dollars? For a rug? It's probably 100 years old.
Oh, and it's used.
I could carpet my entire house for a couple grand.
And I'm talking about the walls and the ceiling, too.
Listen, if you hear anything else concerning your brother, please give us a call.
We'll do the same, all right? Okay, thank you, guys.
(door bells jingle) What do you think? What do I think? I think you're embarrassing.
If I'm gonna pay a quarter million dollars for a carpet, the damn thing better fly.
Okay, Aladdin.
Look, this does not feel like a ransom deal to me.
You? I don't know.
(phone vibrates) Something's not quite right.
You mean besides the prices? Well, according to Nell, Jasmine Garcia has a storage unit in Culver City.
Might be something there that can help us.
Unless you want to look around some more.
I'm never shopping there.
I'm sure they'll be really, really disappointed to hear that.
Well? She hasn't moved since you left.
Can't tell if she's meditating or sleeping.
She hasn't asked for a lawyer? No.
Only thing she requested was a cup of tea.
Or a single-malt scotch.
Get her some damn tea.
Make it strong.
Get her some scotch, too.
Really? I want her awake, and I want her talking.
(door closes) (sighs softly) C-8-17.
This is hers.
Can you open it? Not unless you have a warrant.
(sniffs) Smells like ether? (sniffs) And ammonia.
You, uh, using these units as meth labs? No.
That's why he's insisting on the warrant.
This whole place is probably an ice factory.
That's not true.
Come on, man, what's your part of the shabu? You should probably call your lawyer.
Look, I don't have a lawyer.
And I don't own the place or do the rentals; I just work the office a few days a week.
You want to look inside, be my guest.
(keys jangle, lock clacks) Just let me know when you're leaving so I can lock it back up.
Will do.
(sighs) I like him.
Reminds me of you at that age.
You didn't know me at that age.
But I bet you were a lot like that.
(muffled shouting) GABRIEL: I never seen her before in my life.
Her name's Jasmine Garcia.
She's a sergeant, Marine Corps Reserve.
Then I definitely don't know her.
Why do you say that? I don't know any Marines, female or otherwise.
What did she say to you? Nothing.
I-I thought she was gonna take me to the hospital.
Instead, she took me to a storage unit and basically held me captive.
She never said why she was doing it? At first, I thought she just panicked.
You know, like that woman that left the guy in her windshield until he died in her garage.
And I knew I wasn't dying, so I just assumed she kidnapped me for ransom.
She never contacted your family.
Maybe she was waiting 24 hours or something.
I don't know.
I'm just really glad you guys found me.
What if it wasn't for money? I mean, she could be a serial killer.
There's no indication of that.
And women are almost never serial killers.
Maybe I was gonna be her first.
You worked with Sir Richard Harris? We shot The Guns of Navarone in Rhodes.
Which provided us an operating base where we hatched a plan to rescue Gary Powers.
Who? The U-2 pilot shot down Love U2.
(chuckles) Uh-huh.
And Richard Harris was my favorite Dumbledore.
I'm a Hufflepuff.
(chuckles) You've lived such an amazing life.
(both chuckle) Tell me another story.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Your turn.
(laughs) My life's boring compared to yours.
(clears throat) Well then tell me about your boss.
Secretary Duggan? He is boring.
(laughs) I know you have a funny story or two.
(laughs) He'd kill me.
This is just girl talk.
(both chuckle) Have you ever heard of cosplay? Grown adults dressing up like superheroes and stuff? Hmm.
Duggan? (laughs) Yes.
(laughs): No! (laughs): Yes! He has his own Deadpool costume.
(laughing) So, looks like we're gonna be partners.
Oh, for the day, I mean.
Oh, right.
Yeah, cool.
So, how's she doing? Uh, kind of the same.
Well, everyone here's praying for her.
Yeah, me, too.
So what do we, uh what do we got going on? We are staking out a storage unit.
Well, that sounds like a party, huh? Yo, Deeks.
Got any good news for us? Not yet.
We'll try and swing by the hospital later.
Maybe we should, uh I don't know, maybe we should wait until she wakes up.
Okay, I'm gonna go gear up.
What's the update with Hetty? Still nothing.
Really? SAM: Hopefully she didn't fall on her own sword for us.
(Chen and Hetty laughing) CHEN: Thank you.
HETTY: Oh, come, come.
(camera clicks) Sir.
(groans, sniffles) What the hell are you doing? You told me you wanted me to get her talking.
About herself.
(sighs) Go get some coffee.
On second thought, go home.
And take a cab.
You think you're so clever.
Oh, I can do this all day.
Wasn't quite through with that.
Jasmine Garcia.
Model marine, excellent service record.
School life, civilian life, all exemplary.
No red flags.
Nothing to explain any of this.
PTSD? She was in some pretty rough places.
We both know how that can mess you up, no matter how tough or well put together you are.
Yeah, maybe.
But she seems smart enough to recognize if she was struggling to seek help.
There's nothing in her medical records to suggest that.
Maybe we're looking at this the wrong way.
Instead of asking why she did it, maybe we ought to be asking why this guy.
That mosque is nowhere near where she lives.
There's at least two others that are closer to her house.
So why Gabriel Mir? On paper, they have no commonalities.
Other than Afghanistan.
Mir's story checks out; he's never been back.
In fact, he's pretty boring.
(chuckles softly) What about the brother? Nothing special.
He sells carpets for a quarter million dollars.
That in itself ought to be a crime.
Don't start.
None of these people have any criminal inclinations.
And yet, one kidnapped the other.
So what are we missing? LAPD.
God! NCIS! On the ground! (grunting) DEEKS: Okay, all right, all right, all right, all right.
I got it Okay, okay.
It's a close one.
Gonna go to the judges.
And by unanimous decision, it's Give 'Em Hell Nell! (spits) You're hilarious.
I know.
So we got a a hit and run, uh, kidnapping, forcible confinement, assaulting a police officer and assaulting a federal agent.
You know what that is? That is the royal flush for a prosecuting attorney.
That little ginger bitch chipped my tooth.
Language, potty mouth.
That's my, uh, substitute partner you're talking about.
You're gonna want to explain to me why you abducted Gabriel Mir and you're holding him in a storage unit.
Was Tinder just too much work? You okay? Mm-hmm.
She say anything yet? Just that I chipped her tooth.
CALLEN: What is Deeks doing, having a staring contest? She hasn't been the most forthcoming.
JASMINE: I'm not saying another word without my lawyer present.
Okay, well, not to be a stickler for detail, but that's, uh, actually nine words.
(door closes) So she lawyered up.
That's no fun.
Well, I guess we call her lawyer.
In the meantime, finish executing the search warrant on the storage unit and the vehicle, see if you can find anything that helps us.
All right.
Will do.
You must be the intimidators.
No, we're more like the facilitators.
Then facilitate my lawyer.
Deeks is a lawyer.
Want me to get him back in here? Samantha Rogers.
Her card is in my purse, the one you confiscated.
CALLEN: She's already been called.
Course, this would be a whole lot easier if you just talked to us.
Do people really fall for that? SAM: We're just trying to help you.
Then let me go.
CALLEN: Now, you know we can't do that.
And you know you need to get me a lawyer.
So let's cut the crap and get on with it.
DEEKS: Call me if anything changes or there's any progress or Yeah, as soon as I'm as soon as I'm done with work.
Thank you, Julia.
(exhales) Everything okay with Kens? I don't know.
(sighs) Is there anything I can do? No.
And that's the problem, is there isn't anything that anybody can do.
We just have to wait.
All right.
(sighs) Um listen, by the way, you were you were great with Garcia today.
Kensi would be proud.
(chuckles) Yeah.
I, like, chipped her tooth.
Kensi would have knocked half her teeth out and probably broke her jaw.
This this is true.
She's pretty special.
Yeah, she is.
Between, uh, Hetty and Kensi, there's a lot to live up to.
I know I'll be happy when they're both back.
Yeah, me, too.
Although that doesn't mean that you're not amazing.
And a great partner.
And I'm glad you're here.
Thanks, man.
(chuckles) Whoa.
Check this out.
What do you got? Look.
Who do you think these women are? I don't know.
But I know somebody who can find out.
(gunfire) What are you doing? Oh just practicing my marksmanship.
Why? So I can qualify with my service weapon.
Well, technical operators don't require a service weapon.
Yeah, but special agents do.
Who taught you to shoot like that? Well, Sam's been helping me a little bit.
But I play a lot of Call of Duty.
I know deep down you believe in me, sir.
Oh, yeah, you'll be the first one I call when the zombie apocalypse hits.
You talkin' to me? You talkin' to me? Nobody else here.
You talkin' to me? NELL: Are you talkin' to me? Hi.
You're-you're back.
I am.
You're, uh blowing away the undead.
Well Hey, nice shootin', Tex.
Aw, shucks, ma'am.
(chuckles) Uh-huh.
Uh, so we found a bunch of files in Jasmine Garcia's storage unit.
Wondering if you can help up sift through.
That is, if you're done saving the farm.
I will join you up in Ops.
(door closes) (gun clicks) Don't even think about it.
NELL: Beale! Yeah, uh, I-I'm com I'm coming.
SAMANTHA: Anything from her property is inadmissible, on account of your illegal search and seizure.
We were granted access on both occasions.
My client is no longer beholden to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
She's a civilian now, which means you're in my house.
You served as a translator.
But, as a woman, you were probably tasked with speaking to the women of the village, since they couldn't talk to any of the male Marines.
So what? So we found these files of American women who were victims of human trafficking and wound up in Afghanistan.
Women you helped get back home.
We're on the same team, Jasmine.
Just tell us what's going on.
Look if you don't want to help us, at least allow us to help the women you know are in trouble.
You can't help them now, but we can.
SAMANTHA: We expect any cooperation taken into consideration in regards to her charges.
Now tell us what's going on.
You're right.
I was the one in my platoon who talked to the females in the villages.
I saw firsthand women and young girls-- in some cases not even teenagers yet-- who had been sold or stolen for the insurgents.
ISIS brides.
They're called brides, but they're treated worse than dogs.
Basically, they're meat.
SAM: And you couldn't do anything about it because we're fighting a war over there, and we don't have the resources or the time to help them.
Even if we did, most are too scared or too damaged to even try to get out.
But a few still have fight left in them.
Those are the ones I started to rescue.
Took a while, but we now have a network of locals, aid workers and even contractors who help them escape and help them get to safety.
Okay, so what does Gabriel Mir have to do with all of this? In August, we rescued three young women.
Two were local Yazidi girls.
The third was from Lebanon Nebraska.
Population 80.
One of the women from your files? How did she get from Nebraska to Afghanistan? She came to Hollywood with dreams of fame and fortune, like millions of others.
Of course, that didn't work out quite as she planned.
Until she met a guy named David Allen, who hired her to be in a movie he was producing in Greece.
Only she didn't end up in Greece.
She ended up being sold in a alley in Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan.
So who is this David Allen? I believe his real name is Bryson Khan, and I think he's Gabriel Mir's cousin.
She rescued two other young American women, both of whom told similar stories.
And Bryson Khan is Gabriel Mir's cousin.
Garcia grabbed Mir to try to get to Khan.
Although we don't think the two of them have any connection.
But everything else she said checked out.
These young women moved here to be actors, and they wound up flying to various countries with tickets they bought themselves, even though at the time they didn't have enough money to Uber across the street.
Why the hell didn't Garcia go to the authorities? She did.
But she's a Marine, so she's used to taking the initiative.
So where's Bryson Khan? CALLEN: Still looking for him.
And his alias David Allen, who appears to move around quite a bit.
NELL: Okay, I think I found him.
Just so you know, I've answered almost 60 casting calls today, and in addition to the information I found on David Allen, I now have an audition for a toothpaste commercial, as well as the opportunity to be a featured background artist in the next Star Trek film.
And the Oscar goes to Thank you very much.
This was posted on several casting Web sites.
The same ad pops up every month, but with a different name and phone number.
This is how several of the trafficked women met David Allen, aka Bryson Khan.
Are you ready for your close-up, Miss Jones? Oh.
Nelly Jones? Oh.
It's just Nell.
Well (door closes) You've mostly done theater.
Uh, it's my jimmy-jam.
(chuckles) That's a yes.
How old are you? Can you ask me that? What? I'm 20.
(chuckles) In Hollywood years maybe.
Well, um, I love to travel, so I'm willing to go anywhere for the work.
Well, thanks for coming in.
We'll keep your head shot on file.
That's it? That's it.
I'm with NCIS.
I don't want to see another audition.
Naval Criminal Investigative Service.
What'd I just say? (gasps) (grunts) CALLEN: Really, Nell? Two fights in one day? What are they feeding you? We maybe need an intervention.
Look, I identified myself, I showed him my badge.
He chose to ignore me.
(Khan groans) Well, little piece of advice for you.
Never ignore the Nellverine.
Well, the good news is you have options.
One, Guantanamo Bay.
It's beachfront.
It's a little crowded.
Number two, since you like terrorists so much, we send you back to them.
I'm an American citizen.
Citizenship can be revoked if you join a subversive group.
You broke your oath of allegiance.
That's only true in the first five years of naturalization.
He doesn't know that.
How's your paw? Fine.
CALLEN: And three, you cooperate.
You get to stay here in the U.
Course if you don't cooperate, we put you in general population Mm.
after we tell everyone you've been human-trafficking American girls to be enslaved by our enemies.
Even the gangs that hate each other will unite to get a crack at you.
It'll be your turn to be a bride.
They wanted more and more young women, and it was getting too expensive from my end, so now I-I just find them.
I don't ship them.
He just said “ship them,” not “send them.
” Yeah, this just got a whole lot worse.
You have to give me immunity and a new identity.
Immunity? (laughs) We're gonna put you back on the street with a bell around your neck if you don't level with us.
These guys don't fool around.
And you think we do? (sighs) The main guy's name is Lucky.
Lucky? I think he's Israeli, maybe Saudi.
Possibly Dutch? I met the guy once, okay? He didn't talk much.
How does it work? I find the girls, I show them their head shots, they pick the ones that they want, and I send them to an audition.
Where? Different places.
And when is the next audition? I don't know.
When was the last one? Yesterday.
Where? Long Beach.
(whistling a tune) I got two bogies with automatic weapons.
(door clicks) (car engine revving) Federal agents! Stay on the ground! Hands behind your back.
Get your hand behind your back.
Say it.
Got to say it.
Come on.
It's stupid.
Nellosaurus, say it for Kens.
Special delivery.
Ah, look at that! It's special delivery.
Ugh! Don't let him be a bad influence on you, Nell.
It's too late.
Oh, my God, are they dead? No.
Drugged maybe.
We're gonna need an ambulance.
Nice work.
Women are gonna be fine, physically.
Psychologically, they're gonna have some trauma to deal with.
At least they're alive, and you shut those guys down.
NELL: Now, what's gonna happen to Jasmine Garcia? It's hard to say.
She did the wrong thing for the right reason.
SAM: Wouldn't surprise me if Gabriel Mir wants this thing to go away quietly, so he can distance himself from his, uh, cousin's human trafficking for terrorists.
Well, drinks are on me.
Ah, I'll take a rain check.
Gonna try to see my kid before she goes to bed.
See you tomorrow.
See you tomorrow.
I appreciate it, too.
I'm gonna head to the hospital, check on Kensi.
Thank you for the offer, sir.
Yeah, and I'd love to, but Eric got tickets to this escape room.
It's a live-action puzzle game experience.
Well, looks like I'm your wingman, boss.
Let's do it.
Any word on Hetty? No.
You worried? Hell no.
She'll probably be doing this long after we're both gone.
(door opens) (door closes) Mr.
(sighs) Henrietta.
What's going on? Why did you send Duggan? I didn't.
He asked to go.
He operates with a certain degree of discretionary freedom.
When does the discretion kick in? Admittedly, he is young and ambitious.
I'm sure we both remember what that was like.
But let's be honest.
Your unit has had its problems.
He brought me here because I told him I was the mole.
Yes, he did tell me that.
Clearly, his ambition is greater than his common sense.
Well, like I said, he's also young.
I remember us both being young.
I don't remember us being stupid.
What do you want? I want my unit back, and I want you to keep Duggan on this side of the Mississippi.
But that doesn't solve your security issues.
(sighs): Ah.
That's my resignation.
It's signed and dated 90 days from now.
If we haven't resolved this to your satisfaction by then you won't even have to ask me to leave.
Where's she going? What, you're letting her go? Are you kidding me? I can't believe you let her play you.
She didn't.
You played yourself.
So I got you something.
I kind of was waiting for the right time to do it.
Really wanted to find, uh that sunset that we talked about on a beach, bottle of champagne.
But sometimes life doesn't work the way that you plan it.
So we adapt.
Kensi Marie Blye will you please wake up and marry me? I'm just gonna put it on to see if it fits.
(whistles) Wow.
That is spectacular, if I do say so myself.
Baby, your arm just moved.
Kens? Can you hear me? Baby, you just moved.
Can you hear me? If you can hear me, squeeze my hand.
Baby, squeeze my hand if you can hear me.
Kens? What's wrong? Uh, nothing nothing's wrong.
She just, um she just uh, she moved her hand.
Blye, can you hear me? There, look at that.
All of her toes just moved.
She's showing what's called a “positive Babinski” on the left side.
It's a sign of an upper motor neuron injury.
What-what does that mean exactly? Means that we don't know if this is something she'll recover from.
Her hand.
You just, you saw that.
Her hand just moved.
Yes, but it's not purposeful movement.
We just have to wait and see if her brain can recover.
I'm working all night if you need anything, or if you have any more questions.
Thank you, Doc.
(sighs) @elderman