Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu (2011) s03e06 Episode Script

Codename: Arcturus

NARRATOR: Previously on Ninjago: The Overlord has started the transference.
POSTMAN: They're coming up! CYRUS: Protect the ninja! Let's hack this thing.
[CYRUS SCREAMS] ZANE: We'll find him.
Get down there! LLOYD: I can't do this alone anymore.
As long as I have all this power they'll never stop coming for me.
From here on out, we can't let anything separate us again.
- He's right! - Absolutely! Let's do this.
Haah! Uhn! The elemental power, it's inside us.
Fire! JAY: Anyone shocked to see me do this, huh? COLE: No dirt off my shoulder.
ZANE: Chill out.
This decision puts everyone in jeopardy.
But it was your son's decision to make.
GARMADON: The young take too many risks.
They should listen to their fathers.
WU: Without risk, they'll never know how far they'll truly go.
Have faith, brother.
We will catch Pythor and find Borg.
Maybe then you'll rest easier.
As the protectors of this land we don't have the luxury of taking a rest.
Pythor, my drones are starting to ask questions.
You say this is the Overlord's plan yet we have not seen him.
He's consumed at the moment.
This is an ambitious undertaking.
If we find out you are pretending he is alive only to use us you will pay dearly.
The Overlord will reveal himself when he chooses to.
May I remind you, you can always be reprogrammed.
[GAGGING] The nindroids are impatient.
They doubt your existence.
OVERLORD: They mustn't see me in my weakened state.
If the ninja hadn't interrupted the transference I wouldn't look like this.
Not Not to worry.
Soon I will be strong.
And soon, we will finish Project Arcturus! Forgive my ambivalence.
It's just that this plan.
It's It's It's the only way I can become the Golden Master! With news of Lloyd giving away his Golden Power there's no use hunting him anymore.
Any update on the search? Our cameras haven't picked up any trace of Pythor or Borg but the ninja are in the field, where we don't have eyes.
No sign of nindroids in the Toxic Bogs.
Lloyd, while you're out there do you have time to search the Glacier Barrens? I may not be able to move mountains anymore but I can still cover ground.
Over and out.
Project Arcturus? Two days ago, Zane and Pixal intercepted a coded message.
Something with the code name: Project Arcturus.
I think I may have made a discovery! - "Carrot.
" - What's a "juster"? I don't know.
Keep looking, I don't think that's it.
Long ago, didn't we face a Serpentine general by that name? Indeed we did, brother.
They even named a celestial zodiac after him.
We're not sure how they are related.
[ALARM BLARING] What in Ninjago's name is that?! Our facial recognition software picked up someone.
WU: Cryptor.
My analysis can only presume they're using Borg to build something.
- But what? - We need to know where those trucks are headed.
Find me the nearest ninja.
"Fear"? Fear isn't a word where I come from.
I love Fritz Donnegan movies.
Samurai in space? - Really? Who writes this baloney? - Could you please be quiet? [COLE AND JAY YELL] Shh! Hey, it wasn't my idea to go on a double date to decide between you.
The least you could do is be on your best behavior.
- We're trying to watch the movie.
- Could you please be quiet? Please turn off all phones and devices.
Oh, right.
They're not picking up.
Kai is the nearest in proximity.
And he should be able to get there quickly in the Prototype X1.
Good, but tell him not to engage.
We can't let them know they're being followed.
So these are the hottest snacks you got? Hotter than this? [GIGGLES] RADIO ANNOUNCER: Ninety-nine point nine, New Ninjago Radio.
Next up is the latest hits for lunch [GIGGLES] That your ride out there? Pretty hot.
Oh, that old thing? That's just the Prototype X1 Roadster.
I'm kind of a secret agent Oops, guess it's not a secret anymore.
You want to go for a spin? I know spinjitzu.
I need you.
- Not now, Pixal.
- Who's Pixal? Uh [YELLS THEN SIGHS] Did I catch you at a bad time? This better be good.
[SCOFFS] There's a nindroid convoy heading west, and General Cryptor is on it.
- Cryptor.
- We need you to follow, but not be spotted.
I'm a ninja.
That's part of the job.
We mean it, Kai.
It's imperative your carelessness does not jeopardize the Relax.
When have I ever been careless? Kai! Can you hear me? [BEEPING] What's happening? Oh.
Wha? PIXAL: I've taken control of the X1 remotely.
You can't get rid of me that easily.
Fine, have it your way.
How close are we? Approaching convoy in three minutes.
Let's see if we can make it in two.
- You can't control your team.
- Have faith, brother.
- He's ascending the mountain pass now.
- Kai, you'd better take over again.
Okay! PIXAL: Remember, keep your distance.
We only need to find out where they're headed.
Boring! What I want to know is, what are they hiding? Careful! Keep your eyes on the road, Kai.
I was just getting the feel of it.
You know every car handles differently.
Yet this car is worth far more than you.
I would not advise returning it with a scratch.
Let's see if we can find some killer tunes.
What's that? Hmm? - We're being followed.
Speed up! - Yes, master.
You've done enough.
From here on out, I'm in control.
Hey, I was driving! Not anymore.
What are you doing? The plan's foiled, so our only hope is to get you aboard that semi-truck to see what they are transporting.
I love it when a plan comes together.
Shoot the mountain! [GASPS] That was close.
I thought close was the objective.
I can't get past him.
Get ready and hold on.
- For what? - This.
What's happening? [SCREAMING] Keep your sunglasses close.
They're also a receiver so we can communicate.
All right, time to heat things up! [GRUNTING] [CACKLING] You're fired! And you're fired! Uh-oh.
Ninja, go! Pixal? I'm sitting on a tanker of jet fuel.
And I think I just lit the match.
Jet fuel? He needs to get off that tanker before it explodes! Pixal, get him out of there.
Kai, there's a series of one-lane tunnels up ahead.
We must time it right to get you off there.
[GRUNTS] Hurry! Jump! Now! [CACKLING] [GRUNTS] Kai, now is no time to fight.
[HUMMING] Huh? Aah! [HORN HONKING] Getting kind of hot up here! Where are you? Tied up at the moment.
[GRUNTS] [GRUNTS] Hah! You like that, sparky? Hah.
Pixal, I gotta go! Like, now! I can't get to you! There's no time! Kai.
Kai! Can you hear me?! Loud and clear.
Well, maybe not so clear on the back of this truck.
- Thank goodness.
- He's alive.
[LAUGHS] We lost him.
We might've lost one payload but we still have the other.
OVERLORD: Excellent.
Head to the launch site.
- On my way.
- Listen up.
The Overlord's alive.
What? Do you know where they're heading? Wait.
They're stopping.
This might be it.
I have to be quiet so they don't find my perfect hiding spot - You! - Huh? Me? Gather everyone.
We have to find out where they're going before it's too late.
Oh! Greatest movie ever! Ha-ha.
Yeah, it was pretty good.
You said you'd pick between us after the date, so who will it be? Right Ha-ha.
Uh Yeah, this has been going on long enough.
- Just decide already.
- Uh My decision is Joel! - Joel? - Joel? Yeah.
He's the best parts of you put together.
Part Jay.
Part Cole.
Joel! But my name is ROBO-USHER 3000.
Like all boys, you can be reprogrammed.
They need us back at headquarters.
[ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] We got here as fast as we could.
But my name is ROBO-USHER 3000.
[SIGHS] The Overlord is back, and he has Kai.
[IN UNISON] The Overlord? WU: We know they plan to launch Project Arcturus tonight but we need to figure out what it is in order to save him.
The answer must be right in front of us.
The Overlord's dire wish is to become the Golden Master.
Maybe that has something to do with it.
Good Lloyd, but what sense does all of this make? What is Project Arcturus? I've run every combination of clues through my database to see how they're connected, but there is no correlation.
Maybe there's a reason why it's not in your database.
But everything in Ninjago history has been recorded inside me.
Not everything.
Do you remember when we followed Garmadon back in time? - Uh We did? - You don't remember, Lloyd because when we returned it had been altered by what we had done.
I remember because I was there.
You used the Golden Weapons to destroy my Mega Weapon.
But when they collided they were shot into WU: Space.
Since Lloyd gave away his power the Overlord's going after the only thing that can turn him into the Golden Master the Golden Weapons.
Quick, where do the Serpentine study the stars? The ancient city of Ouroboros.
We must go there at once.
How do you know nindroids will be there? Faith.
[MUFFLED GRUNTING] Hope you like barbecues we're about to have one! One barbecued ninja.
Well done, please.
Prepare lunch! Oh, sorry.
I mean launch.
I don't get it.
Where are they? He said they would be here! JAY: Well, your dad was wrong! We should have never listened to him! [RUMBLING] I sense you are mistaken.
COLE: Everyone, run! [ALL SCREAMING] [ALL GRUNT AND GROAN] Arcturus.
It's Kai! We need to save him! No, we need that launch key to stop the launch command.
If the Overlord gets the Golden Weapons he'll be too powerful.
Where do you think you're going? [GRUNTS] It won't budge! LLOYD: Everyone, I need your help! PYTHOR: Poor little Lloyd, needing help.
Shouldn't have given up all that power! Hm? COMPUTER: T-minus 30.
[GRUNTS THEN SCREAMS] LLOYD: I need to get back up there! - Forget them, we need to get outta here! LLOYD: But what about the Golden Weapons? There's more pressing problems like an entire rocket ship pressing on us! We need to do everything in our power to make sure they don't reach those weapons! You nuts?! Ninja don't belong in space! I'm with Cole.
This is even beyond me.
We have to try.
You said nothing was ever gonna separate us again.
Well, I'm going.
Are you with me or not? They're too late.
I'm reading Zane's signal aboard that rocket ship along with four other life-forms.
By the grace of the First Spinjitzu Master.
GARMADON: You wanted them to take risks.
To see how far they'd go.
Is this what you had in mind? How far? How far must they go?! Come back safe to us, ninja.
Come back safe.
[English - US - SDH]