NYPD Blue s02e19 Episode Script

Boxer Rebellion

NARRATOR: Previously on NYPD Blue: So you're representing the precinct in the boxing tournament.
I boxed intramural in school and thought I'd give it a shot.
- I boxed a little Golden Gloves.
- Is that right? - Hello! - John, how's it going? I'm temping until your Miss Abandando returns.
Will you look at this? Your own office.
FANCY: I thought you were in Florida Witness Protection.
Well, relocation wasn't for me, lieutenant.
I left the program.
So did you miss me, or are you here on business? MARTINEZ: Hey, lieu.
FANCY: Let's go.
[GRUNTING] FANCY: Yeah, here we go.
MARTINEZ: You all right, lieu? FANCY: Fine.
Let's go.
MARTINEZ: You sure? FANCY: I said I'm fine.
Let's go.
[YELLS] MARTINEZ: Go again? [GRUNTING] You all right? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm getting used to it.
FANCY: Let's go.
Boxer Rebellion MARTINEZ: Hey, Bobby.
SIMONE: How's it going, James? - That fire last week on 7th Street.
- Yeah, fireman died.
Yesterday afternoon the fire marshal declared it an arson.
- The ME made his death a homicide.
- So it's our case? Yeah.
The marshal who's investigating has an informant who can get to the torch through a bartender who's a low-end drug dealer.
Fire marshal asked the chief of detectives for an undercover to get the bartender.
They're sending someone over from OCCB.
- Vinnie Greco's the informant? - Who says that? Bogies at 3:00, lieu.
- Who we getting on undercover? FANCY: I don't know.
- Chief of D's put it together.
- Gentlemen! - I'm Jerry Hauser.
Fire marshal's office.
FANCY: Arthur Fancy.
Bobby Simone.
- How's it going? - He says you two know each other.
GRECO: You bet we do.
- How's it going, Vinnie? Lt.
Fancy and me are like childhood chums.
Fancy and me are like childhood chums.
So he says he's got a way to the torch? No.
I can get you to the bartender who got the torch burn medicine.
You want the torch, you gotta close that deal yourself.
Bartender's name is Curtis Cangelosi.
A skell, a smalltime dealer.
Got big.
So day after the fire, I'm in a bar, Rosanno's where Cangelosi's mixing drinks.
I'm making a deposit in the lavatory when the door opens.
I always lift my feet up so incoming parties aren't aware that I'm dumping.
In walks Cangelosi with this fellow, Tony.
And Tony's thanking Curtis for some burn medicine Curtis got him.
Schmoozing around in the subsequent back-and-forth I can't move this bartender for more specifics on Tony.
But I hear inklings from other acquaintances that this guy sets fires.
Which strikes me a credible explanation how his fingers got burnt.
Which strikes me a credible explanation how his fingers got burnt.
And how my path crossed here with Marshal - Hauser.
- You want us to buy into the bartender and pop him.
- Buy into him for some coke to leverage him on ID'ing the torch.
It's our homicide now.
We'll back up your undercover then conduct the interviews.
- Who's the undercover? - She's supposed to be here.
FANCY: Soon as she gets here, you can move.
GRECO: It's a pleasure, Arthur.
SIMONE: James.
MARTINEZ: Yeah? - So - You fellows want some refreshment? - Where you going? - What? No on the refreshments.
Very big of you to offer, though.
I always look.
If there's a coin cup or something, I'm happy to contribute.
You get the license of that truck that hit you? - We were just talking to the wheel man.
- No! Lieu gave you that shiner? I'm telling you, we're supposed to work on footwork, timing.
We get in the ring it's like World War III.
- I'm boxing Dr.
Jekyll and Mr.
- Did you talk to him? I'm afraid if I complain he'll hit me again.
SIPOWICZ: Morning, sarge.
And Mrs.
It's a little early.
But I guess we can head over.
JOSE: I want my wife to talk to you about the trial.
SIPOWICZ: Remember, I explained.
This isn't a trial today.
This is what we call the Wade hearing on how you ID'd the suspects.
- My wife is afraid.
- What are you afraid of, Mrs.
Delgado? If these robbers will kill our dog just to frighten us, what will he do to me if I say in court they're the robbers? See, we couldn't prove that Burke and Gallagher murdered the dog.
It was them telling me not to testify that they had robbed us.
I believe you.
I'm just saying that we couldn't prove it.
- But I went and talked to these guys.
- And we moved away.
And I understand that they haven't been in touch with you since.
I'm afraid now they will come to harm us.
I reminded her what you said about doing the right thing as citizens.
But she is worried.
She doesn't want these men to find us.
After the hearing, after you've told them how you made the IDs in a week this case goes to trial.
If it makes you feel better I'll put you in a hotel until it's over.
- No.
No hotel.
Delgado, this hearing's part of what will put them in jail.
Afterwards, if you want me to ride you home - No.
We have a car.
It's a good thing you're doing here.
You should be proud of yourself.
You should be real proud of your wife.
You ready to go over there? - Okay? - VĂ¡monos.
[SNIFFS] - What's your name? - John.
You wearing fruit juice? I do use a scented soap by Karl Lagerfeld, if you know who that is.
No, I don't know him.
But now I know what Langerfeld smells like.
JOHN: Can I help you? Detective Russell from OCCB.
I'm here to see Fire Marshal Hauser or Lt.
The meeting's over.
I'll tell them you're in.
Bobby Simone.
I'm working with you.
- Diane Russell.
SIMONE: Good to meet you.
- Where can I change? - Locker room's over there.
RUSSELL: Thanks.
SIMONE: Mm-hm.
[KNOCKS] - I gotta use the bathroom.
- Hold it.
When I turn around, blink your lights if you can hear me.
GRECO: I'm dreaming about where that mike is on you tonight.
Shut up.
I don't wanna hear you until we're inside.
GRECO: Roger, 10-4, no problem.
GRECO: Hey! Booth one available? - Hey, Vinnie.
Curtis, this is my friend, Diane.
She's down from Stamford.
- Pleased to meet you.
- You too.
I'll have a Bloody Maria.
Make it with Gold.
Curtis, no.
You got that Herradura stuff, make it with that.
So, what you think of my friend? I'm very large in Connecticut.
I'd say your friend deserves better than to be here.
Yeah, I know.
But I wanted her to sample the flavor of the neighborhood.
I have a family function later on over on Helston Street.
GRECO: Hey, Diane.
RUSSELL: Mm? Maybe Curtis can help you out with that quandary you got.
You got a quandary, I'm the guy you should talk to.
I help a lot of people.
- Bartenders take an oath.
Like lifeguards.
- Vinnie, I don't even know Curtis.
Well, he's a standup guy.
- Aren't you a standup guy? - Oh, yeah.
All the way.
- You ask him.
- Me? Diane's looking to score some blow.
You know, maybe half a lid.
It's not all for me.
I told my girlfriends I could get some because Vinnie here Come on.
Come on.
Yesterday my guy, he zigs when he should've zagged.
- He left us high and dry.
- I don't know.
Well, if you can't, that's fine.
I don't wanna jam you up.
You make a decent Bloody Maria, Curtis.
I'll have another one.
I guess I can make a couple of calls.
I guess I can make a couple of calls.
There you go, Curtis.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
See? - Number two.
- Great.
RUSSELL: You sample it? - No.
I don't use.
And here's your change.
- It's only 400.
- Ain't gonna get rich that way.
Well, this was just a favor.
I'm off at 8.
How long do you think your family reunion's gonna go? RUSSELL: I'm not sure.
GRECO: What am I? Upholstery? I was thinking I could buy you a drink.
If I get done there then I'll stop in.
I think you made an impression.
- This is my number at the bar and home.
- Okay, thanks.
CURTIS: If it doesn't work out for tonight, I could drive up to Stamford.
I know a place with good Bloody Marias.
- All right.
Thanks, Curtis.
- The man's in love! - Curtis, be good! - Yeah.
I'll see you, Vinnie.
- Here we go.
SIMONE: Let's take him in.
SIMONE: Curtis, police officers.
You're under arrest.
Don't move.
- What for? SIMONE: Put your hands up here.
- We'll talk about it at the station house.
- What did I do? SIMONE: Here.
CURTIS: What did I do? SIMONE: Come on, let's go.
DA's agreed not to charge him on the sale if Cangelosi cooperates.
- He'll deal.
- Yeah, he should.
He's no hard-ass.
How do we know Cangelosi's the wrong guy? - That's what I got from the informant.
- I checked with BCI.
He's got no record.
- Maybe he beat us a few times.
- No arrests.
Not even a speeding ticket.
Record or no record, we got a homicide to clear.
If Cangelosi's clean, like you say, I'm sure he'll cooperate.
What if he doesn't? Then we've put a felony on a legitimate guy.
- Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
- I'm not.
I don't like turning innocent people into criminals.
How many model citizens can get half an ounce of coke in 20 minutes? If he cooperates, fine.
But if he doesn't give the other guy up I won't testify against him at a trial.
- Now that we know your future plans how about you and Detective Simone flip him so we don't end up in that box.
Right in here.
I don't think I'm gonna give you too many lines at this interview.
That's a good idea.
SIMONE: Because, well, you might pull your piece and try to break this guy out.
You okay? So like I told you before, you can have an attorney here if you want.
But before you decide, I'll tell you what we got and how you can help yourself.
I told you, I've never sold drugs in my life.
I don't even use.
- Yeah, well you sold today.
- I did you a favor! I can't believe this.
- I get picked up for doing a favor? - You call it a favor.
We call it one to three in penitentiary.
I don't believe this.
Why'd you do this to me? You wanna know what happened? I'll tell you what happened.
She walked into the bar, her and that Vinnie.
Was he part of setting me up? SIMONE: Vinnie's in custody.
Anyways, she gives me a sob story.
She needs some cocaine for her girlfriends.
And I guess Vinnie was doing her a favor.
So I tried to do her a favor.
I make a phone call.
Then she wants me to go with her because she's scared.
Then she wants me to take the money to give to the guy.
I do everything she asks.
I don't take a cent.
I give her 100 change because I'm such a big dealer.
And I walked away.
That's how it happened.
That's a felony.
All right.
You help us out and maybe we're in a position to help you.
Maybe you're looking at a suspended sentence.
Come on, sit down.
CURTIS: Help you out how? SIMONE: There's a guy who committed a crime that resulted in a death.
You can help us make our case.
- What guy? - Tony, who burned his hand last week.
Tony Medici? He sells miniblinds.
When he came in with his hands burned that night, when you brought him burn medicine, he burned his hands torching a building.
Now, a fireman died.
That's murder, Curtis.
That's what your friend, Tony, did.
He said it was a hot water heater.
We want you to get Tony talking on tape about the fires he set.
That's your way out of this.
I'm not gonna set up a friend of mine.
- That's what you do, not me.
- Now, you're in a situation here.
Your way out is to cooperate.
Now if it turns out that Tony didn't do it and you cooperated so that we could find that out, I think you'd still be looking at a walk.
I'm gonna give you a little time to think about this.
You want something to eat? We'll get you something.
- Going over to Ray's.
Want something? - Yeah, I want their entire menu.
The answer's no.
I gotta lose a couple pounds for this wedding.
JOHN: Detective, line two.
SIPOWICZ: Sipowicz.
All right.
All right, take it easy.
Take it easy, Mr.
I'll be right there.
James, those sons of bitches grabbed that woman.
JOSE: Consuelo! Consuelo! [CRYING] SIMONE: Here you go.
Come on.
You gonna tell if I have another wine cooler? Hey, I didn't see anything.
- I don't mean to put you in a position.
- You're not.
How long you been doing this? Three years.
I used to work undercover on a couple of cases.
It was just for a couple of days at a time.
I know it's different when you have a permanent assignment.
- It grinds being under all the time.
- Yeah.
I didn't mind taking down bad guys, even the ones I liked.
I took them down too.
But then after a while you just start asking yourself how much of what these guys have done is my doing? I mean, would they even be here if I didn't put them here? And I don't know.
And then something like this.
A totally legitimate guy.
See, look.
I think this guy's not gonna go down.
- Seriously.
I think he's gonna help us.
- Well If he does, he's gonna help me, because I'll go on suspension before I go on the witness stand against this guy.
Enough's enough.
We should get back.
Have a seat.
- Have a slice.
- No, I can't eat.
So you and this Tony go way back? We were kids in the same neighborhood.
When you were talking about him, it reminded me of a buddy of mine.
This guy from the neighborhood.
We were tight when we were kids.
About a couple of months back, he gets all jammed up.
So I help him out.
A week later, he's in another jam.
Curtis, I had to realize that he was not the kid I knew anymore.
I'm not gonna wear a wire.
- We understand that.
- You're trying to do the right thing.
- We all wanna do that.
- How's what you did to me right? SIMONE: We can all disagree about what happened to you.
But let me tell you right now.
You don't have to end up in jail.
Now, we're doing what we can to see that doesn't happen.
But I want you to think about something.
An innocent man was killed in this fire.
He died for doing his job.
Now this buddy of yours, Tony.
He told you what? He burned his hands on a hot water heater? - Right? You believe that? - Yeah, I do.
If you went and you talked to him and you felt differently about how he got those burns, then I'd expect you to feel different about talking.
You don't have to get wired or give him up.
All I'm saying is that you might think differently about giving up an address.
On the other hand, you walk out that door there and happen to see Tony.
And you're convinced that he has nothing to do with this then I won't expect to see you again.
What do you mean when I walk out that door? - Are you letting me go? - There's no charges filed against you.
I'm not saying there won't be.
They might decide to file later on.
But for right now, yeah.
You're free to go.
I don't know what exactly you want.
I want you to do what your conscience tells you to do.
You don't want that pizza, you're free to go.
- That took guts.
SIMONE: I took a shot, right? HAUSER: How do you let that guy walk? What? You want this guy in the joint or his buddy? - We had leverage.
- No, we had squat.
That's a legitimate guy.
Back him against the wall, I guarantee he'd do time before giving up his friend.
I know that you lost one of your own here.
I'm trying to make it work and this is how we do it.
If he doesn't come back you wanna reinstate charges, that's still a way we can go.
- You let me know what breaks.
SIMONE: Absolutely.
Why don't we go get a beer? Then I can decide how I feel about you saving my career here.
- Bobby, give me a hand with something? - Yeah.
Excuse me.
What's up? Martinez and me found the Delgado woman's body all burned up.
Her teeth were all snapped out and her fingertips were cut off.
Burke and Gallagher, those bastards she was testifying against grabbed her up.
- You wanna go sit on their houses? SIPOWICZ: Yeah.
- Another time? - No problem.
- Nice working with you.
- Give me a second.
I'm gonna piss.
- All right.
I had her husband make her testify.
That was her duty as a citizen.
- Thanks for going out there.
- Hey, no problem.
Do you need any help on these interviews? No.
I know these guys from working up the original case.
- Morning, marshal.
- Lf we can't get to the torch through the bartender, I say we set up a circumstantial arson for profit case against the building owner.
- Don't quit on the torch.
- And don't quit on the bartender.
- I'm not relying on him.
- I've found my own way to the torch.
- Oh, yeah? Building owner's name is Martin Lasky.
I ran a TRW check on the case documenting all fire losses claimed by him and other fires in the past 10 years.
I rechecked last night, and one of the other buildings is a joint ownership with a guy named Leo Medici.
This Tony's his nephew.
We're sitting on a couple spots trying to pick him up.
See, I ran a BCI check on Tony last night and he's got no record.
What're you telling me? - You don't think he's the torch? - I'm just giving you information.
- Come on, let's get a cup of coffee.
- No, it's okay.
I know where it's at.
- Good morning, John.
- Hey.
Can you? - Can you get me that OCCB number? - Sure.
One second.
- Can you get me that OCCB number? - Sure.
One second.
- Hey.
How's it going? - All right.
SIMONE: I thought you'd be working on something else.
Well, my boss thought you might want me to make another buy.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
That's what I told him.
Have a seat.
Looks like we have another way of getting to this torch.
What? If Curtis doesn't come back? - Detective, you want the OCCB number? - No, John.
You know someone else at OCCB? No.
Just you.
That female undercover's got some moxie.
I'd be happy to pick her up if they'd let her out of her detail.
Checked with her command.
She's had a 57 in for the last couple of months trying to get out of undercover.
- I'll check with the chief of D's.
See if it's gotta be a one for one.
I got him if you wanna go change.
MEDAVO Y: Yeah, all right.
- Thanks, Greg.
MEDAVO Y: Yeah, no problem.
Stand up.
How'd you get that mud on your clothes? BURKE: This? I don't know.
- Get your clothes off.
Get your clothes off and put them on that chair.
Pants too.
Police labs are gonna analyze that dirt.
They'll pinpoint exactly where it comes from.
If it comes from where that woman got burned No.
Did Gallagher kill that woman's dog? That's a separate matter.
There's no charges on that.
Just tell me the truth.
- No.
No, he didn't.
- Did Gallagher kill that dog to frighten the Delgados so Mrs.
Delgado wouldn't testify on seeing you guys rob her house? - No.
I'm giving you a chance to help yourself! Did Gallagher kill that woman like he killed that dog to stop her from testifying against him in the trial? - No, no.
He didn't do it.
It wasn't him.
- And we wasn't scared of no trial.
- Who told you not to be scared? It wasn't Gallagher.
It was him! And you believe everything he tells you to believe.
And you would do everything that he tells you to do! - I don't always do what he tells me.
- Yeah? When was the last time you said no? Never mind.
Let me tell you something, Burke.
You and I both know Gallagher is smart.
We both know before anything happens to him, it's gonna happen to you.
Now, he'll set you up to be the patsy on this.
Before that happens you had better get some smarts of your own.
[DOOR OPENS] You know what this is about, right? I'm not saying nothing because I haven't done nothing.
It's not about what you've done.
It's about what Burke did.
- I don't know nothing about that.
- I'm opening the door for you, Gallagher.
Your friend's got half a brain.
You strike me like you're smart enough to step through the door I'm opening for you.
And what door's that? Burke had dirt from the lot where that woman got burned all over his clothes.
We know what he did to that woman and we know that you were with him.
I haven't seen him.
I got evidence that puts you at the scene where Mrs.
Delgado got murdered.
I got a witness that saw you and Burke shove her in a car.
Didn't see me.
I wasn't there.
I haven't seen Burke! Listen to me.
I look at you, and I look at Burke.
Burke's got that dirt all over his clothes and on his hands.
You got no dirt at all.
Who do you think I think did this crime? If you know he did it, what do you need me for? I need a witness.
And that'd be me? You want me to be a witness to what Burke did.
Did you see him kill her, Gallagher? I'm trying to save your life on this.
You think I'm a moron like him? You think I'm gonna put myself at the scene? As a witness.
I'm asking for a witness statement.
Not a confession.
A witness statement.
Like I don't know what acting in concert means.
Like I don't know just being there puts me away too.
I'm dealing with a real first-rate mind, aren't I? Good enough for you.
- Hey, James? MARTINEZ: Yeah? FANCY: Can I talk to you a minute? MARTINEZ: Sure, lieu.
I think I'm gonna take a pass on sparring tonight.
- Oh, yeah? - Yeah.
In fact, James, my schedule's getting pretty crowded.
We better pass on working out together.
- All right.
If that's what you want.
- Yeah.
- Thanks for working out with me.
- I'm sorry it got rough a few times.
We're different weight classes.
You probably don't know your strength.
To tell you the truth, lieu, I sometimes felt like you got a little carried away.
Well, I don't disagree.
I don't think we should keep sparring.
That's no problem.
Hey, James.
You need a manager? Oh, detective, there's a Curtis Cangelosi downstairs.
He wants to talk to you.
[PHONE RINGS] JOHN: 15th Detective Squad.
Can I help you? Hey, where were you? Cangelosi.
- How's it going, Curtis? - Yeah, I'm back.
- And I talked with my friend.
- Come on upstairs and we'll talk.
Am I under arrest? No.
We just wanted to hear what you got to say, that's all.
You know how wrong you guys are? All the grief you gave me was for nothing.
What did Tony tell you? CURTIS: He was at that fire.
You know why? He was yelling for people in the apartment next door to get out.
So why'd he tell you he got burned by a water heater? He didn't tell me how he got burned.
He just said he had an accident.
I made it up before about the hot water heater.
Why'd he lie to you about those burns? Unless he didn't wanna put himself at the crime at all because maybe he didn't just happen by there.
Maybe he was there with his trusty gasoline can like uncle asked him to be.
That's not what happened.
This guy's my friend.
And he explained what he was doing there.
What'd he say when you told him we were talking to you? That's when he explained.
And I'll tell you, after the ride you people gave me I understand why he didn't go near you.
Now, are you filing charges against me? No.
No one's filed charges against you yet, Curtis.
Thanks for your cooperation.
I'm out of here.
- You back here again? - Yeah.
I told them, Tony.
I told them why you were there.
All right, thanks, guys.
I'm Detective Simone.
Tony, this is Fire Marshal Hauser, Detective Russell.
Your name was brought up in an investigation into a fire last week on 7th Street.
- In what regard? Your uncle, Leo he's the owner of that building? - No.
He's partners with Martin Lasky on some other buildings Lasky owns.
TONY: So what? We got you at the scene leaving that building at the time the fires broke out.
You guys brought back Curtis Cangelosi again? - You the girl he tried to help out? - Listen to me, here, Tony.
What are you trying to do to this poor mutt? I wouldn't call him a mutt.
- He stood up for you.
- He explain what I was doing? You were walking by your uncle's building when it just happened to catch on fire.
And you burned your hands knocking on doors warning people.
- That makes me a bad guy? No, it just makes you a bad arsonist.
That fire must've gone up before you were ready.
All right.
Here's what happened.
One time.
I'm standing out front of my house which was downwind that night.
I smell smoke.
I see flames.
I go over as quick as I can, see if I can get some people out.
Being there like that, you could have helped out on that investigation.
I'm sorry.
I didn't see nothing.
When I get there the place is half gone.
How is it that you got your hands burned then, Tony? Exactly.
I fell after kicking down a door.
I don't know what I hit.
You didn't get them dropping a match into a pool of gasoline? I came down here with those guys.
I thought maybe I could be of some help.
But I can see that's not gonna be the case.
- Wait a minute.
Where you going? - What? Am I under arrest? No.
Get out of here.
You want something to eat now, Burke? They get you down there, it might be a while before you're near any food.
- Get down where? - Come on, Burke.
Gallagher did just what we knew he was gonna do.
He gave you to us all the way.
I'll tell you, he's got a nice eye for detail.
How you cut off the dog's head and put it on the porch with him asking you not to.
Chopping off that woman's fingers while she was still alive.
Knocking her teeth out while she's screaming all the time for mercy.
- That's headline stuff, Burke! - No, no, no.
That's gonna earn you an injection courtesy of my hero, Governor Pataki.
He's lying! SIPOWICZ: You know they do it by injection? - Just like at the vet.
- He's lying.
He's lying! Wait, wait, wait.
If I knocked her teeth out, you should go ask Gallagher why he's got that lady's gold teeth in his apartment! Where in his apartment? He knocked her teeth out and he has them in a coffee can.
SIPOWICZ: Lieutenant.
That half-wit, Burke, says Mrs.
Delgado's teeth are over at Gallagher's apartment.
That would give us enough corroboration to arrest.
I'm gonna get a search warrant authorization.
I understand.
All right.
Whatever you can do to help me out on this.
I gotta get back to you.
Hey, what's going on, Curtis? - I wanna tell you something.
- Sure, sit down.
I'm gonna tell you something.
I want you to tell Tony Medici something.
- Ask him a question.
- What's that? - What? - What do you want me to ask him? - You ask him this.
You ask - Come on.
You ask him Maybe I am a loser.
Maybe I'll never be anything more than a bartender.
What difference does it make where a loser like me makes drinks, right? But you ask him this.
A, I never threatened a friend or called him a moron, or told him that his life was garbage.
- Did Tony come to see you, Curtis? - Because I don't have to think that my life is a waste, is number one.
I mean, it's pretty obvious that I don't always see every angle, right? I didn't know your pretty lady friend was a cop, and I tried to help her out.
And I got hung up for that.
And now I get called a 5-dollar-an-hour loser and told I gotta leave town because I did someone a favor.
And he thinks I'm trying to jam him up.
Screw him! And screw New York! What happened, Curtis? Did he threaten you? I'll tell you something.
I've been in several cities that I like as good as New York with better weather.
And you tell him You tell him if I'm such a loser how come I'm gonna be tending bar someplace where he can't find me and he is where he is because of what him and his uncle did.
Curtis, what did he say? Let's just say that I don't really believe that he was there by accident.
His uncle wasn't out of town.
This time he said his uncle nearly died in that fire.
He saved his uncle's life.
This time he said his uncle nearly died in that fire.
He saved his uncle's life.
- That's gonna help us, Curtis.
- I don't wanna help anybody.
That's how I get in trouble.
What was that? The torch's uncle was supposedly out of town.
It's hearsay, but our bartender got him in town, at the fire, with his hands burned.
- You got an address on the uncle? - Yeah.
- Then let's pick him up.
- Let's go.
I read about people like you in books.
Evil geniuses.
I'll tell you the truth.
I walked out of here before, I went to the lavatory and wept.
That's how confused you had me.
I'd be trying to move you.
I'd come around the corner and there you were, seven steps ahead of me.
- When am I gonna get out of here? - No, you don't get out.
You don't get out, Gallagher.
- Then I want a lawyer.
- Absolutely.
I'm gonna get you one of our top legal aid guys with gravy stains on his shirt.
And I don't want you to say a word or jeopardize your constitutional rights.
Because a fellow like you that'll murder and burn a woman, cut the head off her dog knock her teeth out, cut her fingers off so she won't say how you broke into her house where her and her husband are trying to live a decent life! A great man like you, Gallagher! A huge genius! To only be tripped up because besides being a scumbag psycho you're a cheap piece of crap! And you keep this poor woman's gold teeth in an old coffee can! I want you to take full advantage of our legal resource! Now, you utter no word until your lawyer gets here! All I want you to do is stare at this tooth that you gouged out of this woman's mouth.
Are you looking at this, Gallagher? Gallagher, are you looking at this? Do not say one word.
You just nod your head.
Are you looking at it, Gallagher? I'm gonna get a migraine tonight because I didn't beat you.
Hey, Bobby.
You need any help with the online booking report? SIMONE: No.
I'm almost done.
- Taking off? - Yeah.
I think so.
I'm gonna take off as soon as I finish here.
Well, if you can wait 10 minutes, maybe we could grab some dinner together? - Sure.
I got 10 minutes.
- Great.
Why am I sitting here? I go so far back with the lieutenant.
You realize how far back I go with this guy? He said you wait.
Since before you got your tushy pinched, that's how far back I go.
- Do I have you thrown out? - I'm sorry.
FANCY: Vinnie? In the hall.
GRECO: Lieutenant, please.
You do me the courtesy here? I hear there's been a break in the case.
Tony and his uncle are being questioned? Yeah.
It looks good.
It'll take a few days to develop.
That's good.
Maybe you could talk to the relevant parties, put in a good word? - You got yours.
- I got for my initial impetus.
Not for my specific contribution in light of the happy ending.
- I'll try to get you another taste.
- Okay, maybe today? - When it wraps, Vinnie.
- Thanks, lieu.
Good, good.
Very grateful.
Good, James.
Now cross.
Now set up your right with your second jab.
Come on! That's what I'm trying to do.
- There you go! - I just did that! - Except this time you were pissed off.
- I'm sorry.
James, you gotta be pissed off.
This is the one place it's okay.
- I know that.
- But you don't do it.
You're not gonna believe it, but I signed up for the tournament to have fun.
If I have to get mad, maybe I should be off riding my bike.
The guy that's smacking the crap out of you won't be thinking of riding no bike.
He'll be thinking of that trophy on his squad room's wall while you're on the canvass.
You wanna do this? - Yeah.
- Otherwise, get on your Schwinn.
I said I wanna do it! Then show me something! Double up and cross.
All right.
All right, better.
Come on.
That's more like it.
He probably would've left town anyway.
The bartender.
Yeah, I think he probably would.
It's late.
Does that matter? Because it doesn't matter to me.
And if it doesn't matter to me either? And if it doesn't matter to me either? Then what? I don't live that far from here.
Isn't this one of those things we swear to ourselves we're going to avoid? Yeah.
But let's do it anyway.
Let's get the check.
You're not married, are you? Hm? You're not married, are you? Hm? You think I'd do that? No.
So now that you know that I'm free and clear does that mean we're? Well, you gonna see me again? You might not be married but something about you doesn't strike me as free and clear.
I didn't mean that you have a girlfriend necessarily.
I don't know what I meant.
That wasn't what you asked me anyway, was it? Yes, I'd like to see you again.
I like seeing you now.
First time's always the worst, you know.