Once Upon a Time s05e14 Episode Script

Devil's Due

Previously on "Once Upon a Time" Killian, we're here to help you.
We just can't find you.
Where are you? - Meg: In an underground prison.
- [Gasps] - The Underworld.
- I'll only be gone for a day.
- Come back to me.
- I always do.
And those people you came down with maybe one of them doesn't make the trip back, but your dear old dad does.
Not interested.
Not yet.
For every soul your friends free, one of them is going to have to stay.
You get to decide who.
[Sighs] Oh, come on.
All you need to do is choose three of your friends to stay here.
Carve their name.
W-what's the problem? Is it the chisel? So unwieldy for the one-handed.
Or writer's block? I'm not doing it.
I must say I'm not angry.
I'm disappointed.
And on second thought I'm angry.
I guess it's off to solitary.
[Screaming] Now, listen carefully.
This is the River of Lost Souls.
Touch it and it will make you lost.
Reducing you to a mindless, tormented husk.
So please, keep all arms and hand inside the boat.
[Door opens, bell jingles] Father? [Door closes] Malcolm: "My son this shop is yours to do with as you wish.
And my offer still stands.
Use what's in the case when you want to accept it, and we can be a family again.
Your father.
" [Bubbling] Show me show me who I seek.
Oh, no! Oh, Belle.
Oh, Belle.
Found more arrows.
[Sighs] You do not want to see what that hell dog did upstairs.
So, we think we're ready? What are you doing? We're gonna get Hook.
What's it look like? We know Hades will have him in some sort of isolation.
Meg told us there's an entrance nearby.
So all 45 of you are gonna slip down into the deepest level of detention in the Underworld.
Hades knows you're here.
He'll have put up barriers to keep the living out of all the places he doesn't want us going.
You walk into his domain, you'll all be puffs of dust.
- So we get a new plan.
- Correct.
Five of you occupy yourselves as you will.
Perhaps cleaning? You and I will go in with the assistance of a helpful dead person.
I can extend their aura, if you will, so that two living souls can get through Hades' barrier.
Wait a minute.
Yesterday, you hid in your shop.
Today, you're gonna lead the charge to find a man that you hate? Yeah, because I-I realized that if I don't step in, we are never gonna get home, and I want very much to get home to my wife.
So how do we get a helpful dead person to loan their aura so we can confront the god of the Underworld himself? You leave that to me.
I've got someone in mind.
Someone I've known a long time.
Milah! You don't have to be doing this yourself.
I said I would help.
You said that.
And somehow, it still didn't get done.
Well, I was chasing dragonflies with the boy.
Did he protect you from the big ones? [Birds chirping] [Snake rattling] I know my leg slows me down around here, but I-I can do better.
I can change.
You're never going to change, Rumple.
I can.
I can be whatever you want me to be.
[Snake rattling] [Hisses] Just go play with the boy.
That's one thing you can do, at least.
[Bae screaming] Bae! Bae? Bae, what's wrong, son? What's wrong? [Breathing heavily] [Hissing] Morning, Dearie.
Don't worry, I'm not dead.
Just visiting.
How'd you find me? You are standing in the middle of Main Street, so, you know I must say, I do love the irony of your job.
You watching children, keeping them safe, keeping them close.
What do you want? I have an opportunity for you.
A romantic adventure to save the man you once loved.
You? I'm talking about Killian Jones.
Killian is here? He's receiving some, uh, special attention from Hades.
I need to retrieve him.
I'm supposed to watch the kids.
Well, they're dead anyway.
It's quite simple, really.
Can you stand helping me if it lets you save him? [Chain clanking] Now, I want you to think about why you're here.
You tried to escape.
You freed another prisoner.
You refuse to do what I ask, and do you know the most important reason? [Strained] I couldn't begin to guess.
You and your colleagues brought contraband, hope, into my world, and that is strictly forbidden.
And despite some creative beatings, I still see hope in your eyes.
Now, I would like that to be gone before you reach the water.
You have interfered with my carefully cultivated existence, so I am going to hurt you.
[Groaning] Then I'm going to collect your friends and hurt them.
So there's going to be no one left to save you.
Her? Yes, her.
Let me introduce you.
Miss Swan? There's someone I'd like you to meet.
This is Milah, my ex-wife.
And Hook's ex, also.
She's also Baelfire's mother, of course.
Emma knew him as Neal.
They had a torrid affair, which resulted in a scandalous teenage pregnancy.
In prison.
Yeah, well So, you've been with my former lover and my son? Is that right? Huh.
I'm sure we're gonna laugh ourselves sick about all this one day.
I suggest you follow me before this gets even more awkward.
Hey, where's your boss? No, not some deity your boss here The blind witch? Never mind.
[Sighs] Hello, Darling.
- You can help.
- I can? I mean, of course I can.
Tell me about the graveyard.
I need to find someone.
Oh, it's just a chat you want.
Well, if you're looking for someone, simply use your magic.
Having trouble, are we? Magic's a little tricky down here, isn't it, darling? Let's sit down and be civilized.
The way in is here? So, what, the gates of hell are in my house? As was the stone of Excalibur.
The pirate has a knack for targeting real estate with hidden value.
[Door closes] [Sighs] Basement door? Basement door.
[Doorknob rattling] [Whoosh] It's a barrier, all right.
So what is she gonna do? Joining hands will be fine.
It worked.
One step closer to Hell.
Ex-excuse us.
Fendrake the Healer? S-Sorry to bother you, sir.
I-It's our son.
Oh, my We we we left him at home, thinking it might be too dangerous to move him.
We need the antidote to this.
Atlantean rat snake.
It's a 24-hour poison.
Your boy will die tomorrow.
No! No.
Unless you're willing to use magic.
Magic! We we'll pay anything! What magic? There is a potion to cure your child.
It's very rare.
How much? 100 gold pieces.
100 gold! We won't see that in our lives.
No, but we'll get our cure anyway.
How? You'll go back and take it.
Take it?! He'd kill me for sure.
Oh, now, there's a puzzle you'll have to figure out.
He can't kill you if you get him first.
The spell's gone.
We'll be able to pass through on our own now.
Thank you, Milah.
You can run back to protecting the dead children.
Hang on.
Milah thank you so much.
And there's something you should know.
Your son, Neal, Baelfire when I was on my way down here on the River, I had sort of a vision of him.
I think he talked to me.
What did he say? He said that he moved on.
And that he was happy.
[Chuckles] Whatever he had to resolve he did it.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
I hear water this way.
That would be the River of Lost Souls.
We can take it to where Hades will have Killian.
I'm sorry, uh, "we" can take it? If you think you can get the pirate back, I doubt he's gonna swap the blonde for the dead woman.
You might be dark, but sometimes you're still an idiot, Rumple.
I have my reasons.
Let me come with you.
I see you're admiring my fur.
Doe skin, of all things.
I'm not saying it's Bambi's iconic dead mother.
And I'm not saying it's not.
Just tell me about the graveyard.
If I find a headstone, does that mean that person's here in "Underbrooke"? Underbrooke.
[Laughs] Oh, you are clever.
No, it just means they're passing through, that's all.
Who are you looking for? Well, never mind who.
I just I want to know where they are.
[Chuckles] I have a map here.
Now that I've been made mayor.
Oh, thanks to your recently departed mother.
It's got a list of cemetery plots, and you have to know how to interpret the headstones.
You see, there's three what would you call them? Settings? If the headstone is upright, it means the person is still here in town.
If it's tipped over, it means their soul has gone on to a better place, okay? - Happy person, tippy stone.
- And the third setting? If it's cracked Well, that's bad.
Bad? They got pulled under to wherever is worse than this place? Yes.
But no one who's anyone goes there anymore.
[Chuckles] I hope this boat you found doesn't spring a leak.
This boat is the best thing we could have hoped to find.
After we pick up the pirate, it will take us all the way home.
This is it.
He's down there.
I feel it.
I'm not leaving the boat.
It's too valuable.
You're capable of getting the pirate on your own, I'm sure.
And don't even think about using magic.
Hades would notice anything this close to his home base.
If he's not moving, I'm not, either.
If he tries to steal this thing, I'll give a shout.
Milah: For God's sake, Rumple, it's a dagger, not a dragon.
Don't be scared of it.
I'm scared because our son is dying.
He should be with us, not some village nursemaid.
I didn't spend our last gold coin on a knife to slice the roast at his wake.
Bae only has a couple of hours left.
Let's spend that time doing something to help him, something something brave.
For once.
Now go.
All right.
- Yeah? - All right.
[Sighs] [Man laughing] [Man laughs] Oh! Oh, did I make you do that? Oh, that's a nice dress and a pretty girl.
- Stop it.
I don't need that.
- No, I got it.
I got it.
- I'm fine.
- Leave the lady alone.
Or what? Well [Chuckles] Thank you, sir.
Captain Killian Jones.
At your service, ma'am.
That doesn't look to be the uniform of any navy I've Oh.
You're Well, they call us pirates.
We sail where we will and answer to no crown.
I've not seen the ocean much beyond our small port.
Is it wonderful to travel so much? Aye.
Do you know there are cities where the air smells of spices and women are carried on jeweled chairs? Would you like to see that? W-Well I would love that, but I have responsibilities here.
An ailing child.
Ah, a husband.
Well it would appear a better man than I has won.
But I am in port quite often should that ever change.
It it won't.
But thank you.
Killian! [Breathing heavily] Killian.
Hang on! I'm coming for you! [Breathing heavily] I got you! [Groaning] Oh Killian.
I told you to let me go.
You shouldn't be here.
Nobody should.
I never listen.
You're impossible.
And you love me for it.
[Chuckles] So you're married now.
That's real.
Look, about your, uh, unfinished business if it is love for the pirate, then it's definitely off the table.
My unfinished business was never Killian.
Then why It's Baelfire.
Our son.
I should have been there for him.
Not punished him because I'd grown to hate his father.
I was selfish.
I thought if I could change that, do something generous maybe I could finish what I need to.
So you want to move on.
So I can see him, and I can say to him, "Son, I'm I'm sorry for everything.
" He'll forgive you.
I betrayed him, as well.
As a grown man, he re-entered my life, and he forgave me.
He'll do the same for you.
That's a nice thought.
It's just I really want to see him again.
You will.
And when you do tell him hello from his papa.
[Crickets chirping] [Door creaks] [Bottles clanking] [Inhales deeply] Who's here? You.
I can kill you with a single spell.
Oh, I-I don't need a spell.
I've got a knife! Then do it.
I can't.
I just can't.
Of course not.
Thank you.
How much does your son mean to you? Everything.
Then you can leave here with the cure.
But I-I-I-I don't have any gold.
I've just got a knife.
There will be a terrible price to pay, but not in gold.
If you're interested we can make a deal.
I don't know much about deals, but if I can save my son's life, I will trade anything.
They should be back by now.
[Wailing] They all look so lost.
Yes, they do.
Get your hand off that squiggly little thing.
I'm not here to fight.
Yeah, well, perhaps I am.
Oh, even when I'm here to talk about a deal.
A deal? Let's chat.
Regina: Thank you for coming.
Of course.
I couldn't let you do this alone.
Two I found him.
It's okay, you can look.
It's tipped.
He's not here.
He's moved on.
He's happy.
[Sighs] Daniel I'm so glad you're somewhere better.
But I'm also sorry I missed the chance to see you.
You were my first love, Daniel, and you will always live in my heart.
I just needed to know you were okay.
You knew we were there the whole time.
[Laughs] Yes.
You betcha.
You know, I'm a fan of yours.
I mean, there are Dark Ones, and then there is you.
You're quite the worthy rival to my hot throne.
So is this how you treat rivals? Did I say "rival"? I meant "supplier.
" You've sent so many lovely dead people my way.
I mean, Regina does okay, but you've been at it longer, and she's gotten, you know, ugh lately.
[Chuckles] So what I really need is you back up there doing your thing, and your friends I want them down here, not doing their thing, because frankly, they piss me off.
So I need you to sink that boat you found because it's their way out of here.
Well, I was gonna use that boat, too.
No problem.
I'll just wave my manicured hand, and boom, you'll be in bed with Mrs.
Dark One by 10:00.
You in? Well, you can destroy that boat yourself, I have no doubt.
I could do it myself, yes, but I want you to do it.
So, are you a man I can do business with, or do I simply have to kill all of you? But my ex-wife saw you just now.
She'll tell everyone.
I'm sure that's a puzzle you can solve.
Now, just how eager are you to get home? [Crickets chirping] [Door opens] Rumplestiltskin: Milah! I got it! You got it?! Bae, drink it up.
[Chuckles] [Sighs] [Sighs] You did it.
I just thought about what mattered.
Well, the healer do we have to go back and hide his body? How did you leave him? No, alive and well.
Milah, this worked out better than we thought.
I didn't even have to steal it.
- Tell me more.
- Well, I had him.
He was half asleep, I had the knife at his throat, a-and then it came to me in a flash.
I thought, i-if I kill to save my son, then my son grows up with a murderer, a monster as a father.
Well, I-I couldn't do that.
What are you talking about, Rumple? He gave me the cure because we made a deal.
He wanted something else instead of gold.
What did you give him? I signed a paper promising him my second-born child.
You you sold our child? No.
No, no, no.
Th-That's it.
I mean, I didn't.
W-We don't have a second-born child.
We just have to make sure we never do.
Because you sold them! You sold our future.
Our family.
Rumple Baelfire: Papa? Bae! - Oh, Bae! - Bae.
- Oh! - Bae, you're all right.
[Laughing] You're all right.
You're all right.
You go back to sleep.
Everything's gonna be fine.
Oh, Milah.
Bae can be all the future we need.
Well thank you very much for deciding the rest of my narrow, little life for me.
I'm going to the tavern, Rumple.
[Gasps] What the hell?! Hades was just here.
What's going on, Rumple? Congratulations, Dearie.
I've finally become the man you always wanted me to be.
The one who takes what he needs.
Emma! Milah! [Screams] [Wailing] [Inhales deeply] Hades! Hades! I tried to stop him.
He blew my magic right back at me.
Milah I couldn't stop it.
She's gone.
Milah was here? Milah? She helped us get to you.
Hades has much to answer for.
Indeed he does.
[Horse whinnies] What was that? A horse? Here? [Sighs] What's wrong with it? It's hurt.
It can't stand.
[Whinnying] [Whoosh] [Whinnying] Regina, your magic.
You did it.
I did.
[Whinnies] Regina, what are you doing? Just checking.
I'm back.
Killian! Good job, Mom.
Oh, look at you.
I'll be all right.
How did you do it? Gold got us in.
He got us help.
He poofed us back here.
He even had a boat to get us all back home.
But it's gone.
What happened? Hades attacked.
We lost the boat and we lost a friend.
I hear you took away my sacrifice.
Everything I did to save my friends all went to give you back your power.
I should kill you.
But you helped get me out of there, so I should say Thank you.
No need.
Stay of execution.
We're even for now.
I just wanted to get home.
And yes, you're welcome, Captain.
Well, we're sorry you lost her.
She made me who I am.
Regina: Okay, we don't have a way out, but we didn't have one before anyway.
My magic's working now.
So let's do this heart split.
That way, when we find an exit, we can get through it.
- Heart split? - It's a good plan.
It'll work.
Trust me.
[Sighs] [Clears throat] Do it.
Oh! What was that? Interesting.
What the hell? What is this? Why didn't it work? Hades told me to pick three names and chisel them onto the headstones.
He said whoever I picked would remain in the Underworld.
I refused.
Well, it looks like he did the picking himself.
What does this mean? It means we're stuck here, and now we can't use your heart to save Hook.
Well [Sighs] I got the pirate out in a day.
But you lots managed to find a whole new way to fail.
I'll be in the shop.
[Wind whistling] [Crickets chirping] [Knock on door] Rumplestiltskin: Peekaboo! Some places never change, even after all these years.
Wouldn't hurt to dust the chickens.
I know who you are, Dark One.
Well, I imagine you do.
You weren't like this before.
That's right.
I was a mortal man then, and a moral one.
A man in a desperate situation.
And you took advantage, and I admire that a great deal.
Full points.
But I don't like carrying debt.
Unfortunately, Dark One, the contract is binding.
Even if I wanted to change it, I couldn't.
You owe me.
[Giggles] I owe you! That's right, but I can't owe a debt to a dead man.
[Groans] [Coughs] Now, I don't like debts.
But I do love a loophole.
[Heart shatters] [Gasps] Oh, there you are.
I destroyed the boat.
Now send me home.
Thank you very much for that.
It means so much to me that you took care of it.
It shows passion.
Was it terrible to do? I think you liked it.
Stop fishing.
I won't tell you that I liked it, because I didn't.
Not in any way that matters.
And I'll never do anything like that again.
Wow, you really mean that.
I-I'm blown away.
Well, I suppose you're ready to go home now.
- I am.
- Good.
Glad to hear it.
[Sighs] Except things have changed.
No, no.
A gentleman always keeps his deals.
You have to keep Hey, I didn't say I wasn't keeping my deal.
Sure, I'll send you home, just not today.
Why, you ask? Because you tried to hide something from me.
Let's take a look at your Belle.
So pretty.
I mean, I've been watching her for hours, and she is simply darling.
You put this crystal ball together so well.
Using the eyeball inspired.
And then, Butterfingers, you dropped it.
Insane, after all that work.
And I couldn't figure out why an image of your wife would affect you so strongly.
So I did a little digging and a little thinking, and I realized you weren't trying to conjure an image of her, were you? You were trying to figure out where your son went.
You asked the crystal ball to show you your child, didn't you? - So - No, no.
This is an image of your child Your next child.
Belle doesn't know it yet, but she's pregnant.
[Laughs] And guess what.
Remember him? You two had a contract.
You tried to void it by killing him during a certain potentially baby-making liaison with your protégé, the Evil Queen's mother, Cora.
You rascal! [Chuckles] Which seemed smart at the time, but it turns out death doesn't actually nullify a contract.
Not down here.
Because here he is.
And here's the contract.
Which he just signed over to me.
So, just to be super extra clear, at any time, I can cash in the debt and take your baby.
All magic comes with a price and now, Dark One, the price is you work for me.
And there's something I need you to do that only you can do.