Power Rangers s01e60 Episode Script

An Oyster Stew

Let's go, man! 3 more.
Good going.
Take it, Bulky! You guys have got to be kidding me.
We happen to have a very important audition today that is going to make us both very big stars.
- Yeah.
- Right! Listen, Angela's birthday is coming up.
I've got to do something more phenominal for her.
Why don't you send her some flowers or something? Flowers are tired.
I'm thinking something real special, like a pair of pearl earrings.
Come on, Zack.
That's a bit out of your budget, isn't it? Why don't you get her a singing telegram? A singing telegram? Yeah.
Yeah, a singing telegram at the restaurant before I give her the pearl earrings.
Zack, maybe you shouldn't try to impress her so hard.
You guys trust me on this one, okay? You guys want to double date, if Angela agrees? - Sure.
- Why not? So, Zack's in love and wants to buy pearls.
What do you say, Goldar? Gold on the other side, pearl to unleash Oysteriser.
That's great! We'll polute the city and take over the world.
Come on, Zyla.
You can do it.
Hey Angela.
Rumour has it that you're going to be celebrating a birthday sometime in the near future.
So? Well, I was thinking, that maybe.
I could, take you out for your birthday.
I promise it would be really special.
I've got a big surprise planned.
I don't know about you and your surprises, Zack.
Ah, come on.
It's going to be big Kimberly and Tommy are going to come too.
What do you say? Well, I don't know.
Ah, come on, Angela.
Give Zack man another chance.
I guess it might be fun.
Where exactly are we going? Just a little french cafe.
I know.
I'm impressed.
Well, I'll see you later.
Yes, Yes! Mission accomplished! And now I've just got to find a set of pearl earrings.
I believe it's time to awaken my monster.
Careful, my Queen.
Too late.
I shall bring you the pearls of stillness.
What a lovely gift for Zack to give Angela.
That'll quick freeze them.
That's the idea.
Man! I never knew pearls could be so expensive.
What am I going to do? Young man over here.
Can I help you, sir? No, but I think I can help you with your dilemma.
I happen to have a pair of pearl earrings of joy you can afford.
Those are beautiful.
They're not stolen are they? No, no.
Far from it.
These used to belong to my dear departed wife.
When I gave these to her, she fell in love with me.
I always thought of them as love charms.
I can really use a lot charm.
Will this do? Thank you, my son! No, thank you.
I can't wait to show these to my friends.
This is awesome.
Thanks again.
After you, ladies.
- Sweet hah.
- Yeah.
It's all in french.
Don't worry.
I've got it covered.
Oui Messier.
You are ready to order? Oui.
Why don't I talk the liberty of ordering for all us? I'll even order it in french.
I wonder how Zack's date is going? Look out! The clod squad.
I'm ready.
Rita has summoned the echoside pearl and awakened the Oysteriser.
Pinpoint his present location, Alpha.
Not only can he destroy all ocean life, he is the keeper of Rita's pearls of stillness.
They can render anyone near enough to them, as still as Statues.
Oh, no! You must warn the other Rangers, Alpha.
Angela, don't you like it? About as much as you like your frog's legs.
I'm just waiting for it to cool.
A little.
Zordon, we read you.
Rita has called forth the echoside pearl and started her Oysteriser monster on a path of destruction.
Oh, no! We've got to stop her.
Your greatest danger come's from Rita's Pearls of Stillness.
Wait a minute.
Didn't Zack buy a pair of pearls for Angela.
He showed them to us after he bought them.
Right! Those pearls will render all lifeforms motionless, you must tell Zack and the others.
We're on our way! Is there an Angela at the table? That's me.
- No way! - No, wait! Skull, let's show them what real music is all about.
Oh, no! Well, I guess the audition paid off.
Hey, guys.
Hit it! Some surprise, Zack.
Angela, here just open this.
I suppose this explodes or worms jump out at me? Just open it.
Zack, they're beautiful! You like them? I love them.
Look, what you've done.
Hey, frogs legs.
I think we better go clean up.
We'll be right back! Ladies, don't go away.
I wouldn't dream of it.
Alright, try your earrings.
Oh, they're so beautiful.
Okay, try on the other one.
There they are.
- Angela! - No! - Oh, man! - Oh, man! This is weird.
Oh, no! Angela! They still have all their vital signs.
We better teleport to the Command Center.
Right! And so Rita intends to destroy the sea, which in turn will destroy the planet.
The Oysteriser and the ecosize pearl must be stopped.
What about the others? How do we break the stillness.
Tommy, it won't be easy.
Observe the Viewing Globe.
To break the spell, lure the Oysteriser out of the sea and destroy his pearl, caution, he may try to return to the sea and lure you into an underwater battle.
That may be dangerous, your Zords may have to launch in deep water.
Man, that'd be a first.
Remember, Tommy, your powers are still temporary, are you certain you want to take this risk? I have to.
I say let's make oyster soup out of this guy.
It's Morphin Time! - Dragonzord! - Mastodon! Alright, let's go kick some prawn.
I'm right be you guys.
While your checking out this part of the beach, I'll head south.
Okay, time for a clambake.
Oh, you want to play like that, huh? I'm not playing with a puny little particle like you, you couldn't whip a brine ship with the flu? You're out of your league here, you won't be able to take what I'm doing to you.
Yeah! I can take it, and I can take you too.
Me? No way! Man, acid gel, Zordon didn't say anything about this.
- Tommy, help! - Gotcha.
Bye, bye, Power Ranger.
Your end is near, victory is mine.
Zack, are you okay? I came as soon as I heard you call me.
Tommy, don't touch me.
He's spraying me with some kind of acid gel, and he'll get you too.
Zack, here take my shield, the power in it will heal you and give you energy.
Thanks, Tommy.
What about you? I'll be okay.
Your going to pay for that, Green Ranger.
Look out, Zack! Tommy, no! Sit tight, buddy.
I'll take care of this guy.
Yes, that should break the spell.
No more.
Angela, your earrings.
What about them? They're disintigrating! Wait until I get my hands on that Zack.
Oh, Angela, look.
I'm sorry! Do me a favour, don't do me any favours, understand.
Guys, we've got a big problem.
We know.
The Oysteriser.
Where's Tommy? He's okay.
I left him at the beach.
We have to go after the Oysterisers and ecosize pearls underwater.
This will definately be a new experience for the Megazord.
Let's jam! It's Morphin Time! - Mastodon! - Pterodactyl! - Triceratops! - Sabretooth Tiger! Tyrannosaurus! Yeah, we made it! Yeah, let's do it! It's the ecosize pearls, we found it.
Let's get rid of the pearl while we have the chance? No, you fools, your destroying my beautiful pearl.
You bunch of seasnails, talk this.
I'll turn you into flounder bait.
We can't take much more of this we need help.
Right! Megazord wasn't meant to work underwater, but Dragonzord is.
Fows all our communication signals to the beach, got it.
Got it! Send a distress signal now! Tommy, do you read us, we need help? They're in trouble.
Time for Dragonzord Power! Huh.
Well, what do we have here, another Zord for me to destroy.
So you think your through, try this on for size.
Feeling a bit tied up.
Ha ha.
Well, let me help you unwind a little.
Want a little more? How about this? Now your through, finished, dust, over yesterday's news.
- Yes! - Alright.
Dragonzord's covered in acid gel.
You two are becoming a real pain in the shell.
Let's do it! Alright, Rangers.
Let's finish this! Megazord, full power! I'm glad the Oysteriser didn't have time to do any real damage.
Yeah, what a relief.
Here's to teamwork, guys.
- Teamwork! - Teamwork! I should have learned a lesson.
What's that? Never try to impress anyone with money because you can't buy love.
You know that's a very good motto to live by.
Always be yourself.
Besides I'm broke.
These flowers are all I could afford.
Good luck! Where have you guys been? We had wash the dishes at the cafe.
Yeah, but we did get all the frogs legs we could eat.
Remember, no singing this time.
Are you ready? I'm sorry! I'm sorry too, Zack.
I guess I should be more realistic about things.
Happy Birthday, Angela.
Captioned by Grantman Brown