Pretty Little Liars s05e17 Episode Script

The Bin of Sin

Previously on Pretty Little Liars Mona placed some kind of LoJack on her laptop before she died.
Looks like it's a storage place off of the turnpike.
Talmadge recently hired Jackie Molina as an admissions officer.
I regret that I squandered my high school career getting involved with an older guy.
Tell me you didn't send this.
Jackie read it.
What are you gonna tell Ezra? Jason and I, it was nothing.
You love Ted, right? Because he really loves you.
Will you marry me? I need a minute.
Is this you outside of work? Casual looks good on you.
Alison DiLaurentis, you are under arrest for the murder of Mona Vanderwaal.
Don't touch anything.
Everything's bagged.
It looks like evidence.
What did you and Caleb find? I can't tell you.
Hanna, that storage unit is rented in your name.
And I'm pretty sure that Mona's body is hidden inside of it.
You guys seriously think Mona's body is in that barrel? Yes.
We knew Alison was crazy, but to do something like that? Makes her even sicker than we thought.
And now that psychopath is targeting me.
Hanna, this has to be payback from when you confronted her in jail.
Whoa, slow down.
When did you see Ali? And how does Aria know about that, and we're just finding out? Guys, that has nothing to do with this.
Okay? That storage unit was rented in Hanna's name The day before Mona was murdered.
So it was Ali's plan all along to frame you.
And that bloody knife that Toby found I probably have my prints all over it.
I think it was a good choice to get rid of it.
We should do the same thing with the stuff in the bin.
Mona's body could seriously be in that barrel.
Do you want to burn that, too? No.
Of course not.
But we can put it somewhere.
If we touch anything, that's tampering with the evidence.
Evidence that could convict Ali.
And me.
And I don't have a good alibi.
Yes, you do.
You were with me at your house, prepping the Thanksgiving turkey.
Caleb, we were alone.
The cops will just think that you're protecting me.
What about your mom? Where was she? She was at the soup kitchen with Ted.
Well, we do have one thing going for us.
We're a step ahead of Holbrook.
He doesn't know that we traced Mona's laptop back to the storage unit.
How do we even know that Holbrook's behind this? It could be any one of Ali's little minions.
Yesterday, we thought.
Holbrook was reaching out to Aria.
Yeah, but he wasn't.
He sent me on a wild goose chase for no reason.
My point is, we have some time to play a little offense.
I will corrupt their data files and make sure that Hanna's name is no longer connected to that bin.
Then we can tell Tanner that we traced Mona's laptop there.
Yeah, and she'll eventually put the pieces together that Holbrook's behind this.
Yeah, and if she doesn't? It will just boomerang back onto me.
That's not gonna happen.
How are you so sure? Hanna, this is the safest plan we've got.
Yes, safe for you guys.
Not for me.
Got a secret, can you keep it? Swear this one you'll save Better lock it in your pocket Taking this one to the grave If I show you then I know You won't tell what I said 'Cause two can keep a secret If one of them is dead Thinking about Mona in that barrel gave me nightmares.
I know.
I barely slept.
And when I did, I dreamt that Holbrook wallpapered Ezra's entire apartment with my letter to Jackie.
I mean, I need to tell him that I wrote it.
Is he back there? No, not yet.
He has meetings with vendors all morning.
Okay, I'm gonna call him.
See if I can catch him between meetings.
Did you make that for Ezra? Yeah.
I heard pecan's his favorite.
Look, um, Talia, I'm getting the feeling that you think he's available.
But he's not.
It's just a thank you for hiring me.
Not a marriage proposal.
But I'm sorry if I stepped on your turf.
Oh, no.
No, I'm not interested in Ezra.
Or any guys.
So your ex is a girl? Yeah.
By the way, he's dating one of my good friends.
So you might want to back off.
Good to know.
I heard you on the phone earlier.
Was that Ted? Yeah.
How'd it go? He was understanding.
I explained to him after you've failed at marriage once, it's not as easy saying yes again.
Did you tell him about Jason? No.
And I've decided not to.
Mom, last night you said he deserves to know the truth.
And I thought about it some more.
And I realized it would just cause him unnecessary pain.
Yeah, well, it's gonna be worse if he finds out from someone else.
The only people who know about it are you and Jason.
And I trust that both of you will keep it quiet.
I just feel like if you do marry Ted, I can see it being the kind of thing that might gnaw at you over the years.
Enough, Hanna! If you really want to help, forget it ever happened.
Okay? That's what I'm trying to do.
I have errands to run.
I'll see you at dinner.
I need to speak to you.
Can we please go somewhere private? Are you okay? I'm fine.
It's Hanna.
Does this have to do with what you and Caleb were texting about last night? Yes.
I thought we'd agreed that you'd stop whatever it was you were doing.
It's not that simple, okay? You know that I wouldn't be here if it wasn't important.
I'm really afraid that Hanna's gonna do something stupid.
And I need your help.
Okay? Spencer.
Shouldn't you be at school? Uh, I was just on my lunch break.
But it's almost over, so I should probably get going.
Please call me soon.
Oh, what's that? Alison DiLaurentis' case file.
Oh, brushing up on the facts before the trial starts? Yeah.
But the facts aren't so clear.
They rarely are in murder investigations.
I think somebody might have manipulated Alison's polygraph.
Why would someone do that? To make it look like she passed.
Toby, for somebody to change the results, they would have had to have been there when she took the test.
That's the only way they would know what she missed.
And the only people there were Tom Higgins, who administered the polygraph, two Rosewood cops and Detective Holbrook.
Don't make accusations you can't back up.
I'm not making accusations.
I'm just saying it's a possibility.
Why would Holbrook help Alison? People saw them kissing at the Ice Ball dance.
People? You mean your high school girlfriend? I looked into Holbrook.
He's not taking care of his father.
His father isn't even sick.
You have been a cop for all of 6 minutes, and you have the nerve to investigate your superior? If you want to keep your job, your little research project ends here.
I came as soon as I heard.
Is everything okay? Yeah, everything's fine.
I just wanted to I just wanted to tell you that I got into Talmadge.
That's fantastic news.
I guess Jackie doesn't review every single application.
Aria, Talmadge is a very good school, and it's a big one.
It's unlikely you would ever run into Jackie.
Don't let her ruin this for you.
No, she won't.
Look, I'm so happy you told me.
And I'm sorry, but I have to get back to work.
But, um, we can celebrate tonight.
Okay? - Okay.
- Okay, great.
- Ezra.
- Yeah.
Um, that's not the only thing that I wanted to talk to you about.
Jackie did review my application.
How do you know that? Well, I wrote a letter to the admission's board hoping that it would land on her desk.
And it did.
What letter? Hey.
Mission accomplished.
You erased the files? Not erased, but corrupted.
Do you want me to tell the girls? Not yet.
What is all this? Hanna, you can't move everything on your own.
You will get caught.
I know.
That's why you're gonna help me.
No, I'm not.
We agreed we weren't gonna touch anything.
No, you guys agreed.
And since I could spend the rest of my life in an orange jumpsuit, I think that I have the final say here.
We're never gonna pull this off.
Yes, we will.
Look, I found a drill bit that can break that lock.
And I already rented a van and a dolly.
What are you gonna do with everything inside the bin? We'll burn the clothes and personal items.
And the barrel? We'll roll it into the woods somewhere, and then we'll call the police with a burner phone.
They'll trace your tire tracks.
I won't drive on any dirt roads.
Hanna, you're not a forensic expert.
Okay? You cannot possibly know everything that you need to do to avoid leaving a trace.
Look, Alison has gone through a lot of trouble to pin this on me.
For all I know she could have stuck a wad of my gum on one of Mona's shoes.
My DNA could be anywhere in there.
I have no choice but to do this.
Just like you didn't when you found that knife.
This has to work.
You forgot one thing.
What's that? The cameras.
No wonder you got in.
I don't blame you for being furious.
It was a really stupid thing to do.
And I realized that after I did it.
I mean, I tried to get the letter back from Jackie, but she'd already read it.
It was too late.
I Aria, stop.
I'm not angry.
You're not? It's a brilliant move.
Jackie must have lapped it up.
Oh, yeah, she definitely did.
Ezra, I'm I'm sorry.
You did what you had to do to get in.
There was no harm done.
Yes, there was.
I actually made Jackie believe that I feel this way about you.
Well, I don't care what Jackie thinks.
Only what you do.
And that is all that matters.
Yeah, but I didn't have to do it.
Write that letter.
And I don't even want to go to Talmadge.
I was just scared that if I didn't get in, I'd be stuck here.
Well, now you don't have to worry.
I reviewed the tenant contracts, made some notes.
And I organized the contractor bills.
They tend to overcharge for labor, so you got to watch out for that.
You don't have to do this.
Do what? Quit because of what happened the other night.
Yes, I do.
Look, I admit it was unexpected.
But I think unexpected is a good thing in my life right now.
Jason, I'm seeing someone.
And it's serious.
How serious? Serious enough that he proposed to me last night.
That is serious.
He was gone for 3 months.
And our relationship had been a lot of phone calls and emails.
And I was lonely.
I know what that's like.
It wouldn't be right for me to keep working for you.
I wasn't gonna stay past the end of the month anyway.
Yeah, I get it.
Feel free to swing by the office this afternoon to pick up the rest of your stuff.
I'll be out most of the day.
Thank you.
Wait, you don't think anyone will check the cameras? Nobody was watching the monitors when we walked by the office.
And if they do? We'll deal with it then.
Okay? It's better to take that chance than to have any of this recorded.
All right, let's get the dolly.
Where you going? I want to see what we're dealing with first.
I can't believe you told Ezra and lived to talk about it.
I know.
I mean, I wasted so much energy worrying about how he was gonna react when I could have been worrying about all the other things that I have to worry about.
Like Hanna.
She isn't taking mine or Spencer's calls.
Have you talked to her? No.
I haven't.
But hopefully, I can lure her out of the house with a hot fudge brownie.
Uh, I don't think that's an actual parking spot, Spence.
The laptop's moving.
What? Mona's laptop.
Somebody's taken it out of the storage unit.
- Holbrook? - My money's on Hanna.
She wasn't in school today.
Okay, Hanna might be scared, but she wouldn't do something like that.
Are you sure? There's only one way to find out.
Come on.
Oh, sorry.
I thought you'd be gone by now.
I had some things to do before I could get over here.
I'll go.
Let you finish up.
That's right.
I'm almost done.
An engagement but no ring? Yeah.
I haven't given him an answer yet.
He's a pastor.
And there are certain responsibilities that go along with marrying him.
I'm not sure I'm cut out for that life.
I bet those church socials can be pretty brutal.
I wish it was that simple.
I haven't always made the best choices.
I just wouldn't want anything I've done to hurt him or all that he's worked for.
Can I ask you something? Sure.
Did Saturday night happen so that you'd have an excuse to say no? Because I've done stuff like that before.
Screwed up a good thing because I was afraid my past was gonna get in the way.
That's not what it was, Jason.
Maybe not, but I wouldn't be offended if it had been.
It wasn't.
Take this left.
How much further? The GPS says that we're about a mile away.
Why would Caleb help Hanna do this? We don't know that he is.
They're not at Hanna's house, they're not calling us back.
He's got to be helping her.
It's up ahead on the right.
Hurry up.
I'm going as fast as I can.
So much for being a step ahead of Holbrook.
Why would he leave the barrel? I don't know.
Maybe he thought it was too heavy to carry it himself.
We need to open it.
No, I can't look.
Look, Mona's body might actually be in there.
It's bad enough that she's gone, but if she went like this Okay.
But if Mona's body is in there, we have to get it out of here.
Let's get the dolly.
What is this place? Looks like it's an old ice cream factory.
Why would Hanna and Caleb come all the way out here? Because they knew no one else would.
Hanna? Caleb? That's got to be the wind moving stuff around.
Where does the tracker say the laptop is? I completely lost service.
Right, well, this place is huge.
We should probably split up.
Yeah, I'll go check out the second floor.
Which way is the exit? I think it's around that corner.
So you're here to rent a storage unit? Yeah, just wanted to see what sizes they have available.
You're a little young to have accumulated so much stuff.
Well, I just moved back to town.
And the place that I'm staying at doesn't really have enough room for all my things, so I see.
Did you know your friend was looking to rent a unit here? No, I didn't.
Nervous about something? Yeah.
If I can make it to the bathroom in time.
I really have to pee.
Oh, well, then you better get going.
Do we need to wait for the manager to show him the search warrant? He's on his way over now.
Looks like someone's camera shy.
We're not gonna need that.
What are you gonna do with all the stuff in the bin? We'll burn the clothes and personal items.
And the barrel? We'll roll it into the woods, and then we'll call the police with a burner phone.
We'll never pull this off.
Yes, we will.
I found a drill bit that can break the lock.
And I already rented a van and a dolly.
What are you gonna do with all the stuff in the bin? We'll burn the clothes and personal items.
And the barrel? We'll roll it into the woods, and then we'll call the police with a burner phone.
We'll never pull this off.
Yes, we will.
I found a drill bit that can break the lock.
And I already rented a van and a dolly.
What are you gonna do with all the stuff in the bin? We'll burn the clothes and personal items.
And the barrel? We'll roll it into the woods Hey, sorry.
Come, look at this.
We'll never pull this off.
Yes, we will.
I found a drill bit that can break the lock.
And I already rented a van and a dolly.
What are you gonna do with all the stuff in the bin? Somebody knows we're here.
It's not Hanna and Caleb.
Let's go find Emily.
Come on.
And then we'll call the police Whoa, whoa.
No! Wait, what's happening? I thought this place was shut down.
Hey! Emily! Oh, my God, this is really cold.
That's liquid nitrogen.
What does that mean? It means that the temperature's gonna drop below zero.
And if we don't get out of here really soon, we're gonna freeze to death.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, it's very cold.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
What are we gonna do? What do we do? Emily! Oh, my God.
It won't budge! Emily! Help me please! Emily! Oh, God.
Okay, hang on.
Oh, my God.
Hang on.
Are you guys okay? Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
What's that smell? I'm not sure.
Go call the station and tell them that we need a HazMat team.
Thanks for helping me with the boxes.
What's this? It's a list of headhunters in the area.
It shouldn't be too hard to find someone to replace me.
Thank you.
And I'm sorry about what I said earlier.
I hope I didn't cross a line.
You didn't.
Honestly, there's probably some truth to it.
So do you think you'll stick with the business? Well, it's not gonna be easy working with my father.
We're not talking much right now.
And when we do, usually it just consists of him reminding me of all the ways that I've disappointed him.
Maybe you shouldn't work with him.
You can't move forward if you're stuck in the past.
Good advice.
I hope it works out for you.
You, too.
I'm sorry.
This can't happen again.
Hanna, it's me, again.
Where are you? Call me as soon as you get this.
Oh, hi.
I didn't think anyone else was back here.
Just me and my apples.
Are you okay? Yeah, yeah, I'm good.
Ezra just asked me to close up.
So I'll just wait outside.
You want to take over? And I'll finish cleaning up.
We both know I'm not much of a cook.
Oh, come on, you'll be doing me a favor.
So grab and stir.
Yeah, that's all there's to it.
You have something in your hair.
What? What were you doing? Running through the woods? Oh, I just I've no idea how that got in there.
All right, well, I'm gonna put some things away.
Oh, my God! Hey, don't worry.
It happens sometimes.
I'm so sorry.
I No, it's nothing, trust me.
The last place I worked at, I almost burned the whole kitchen down.
On second thought, why don't you go read out in the front.
- And I'll finish up here.
- Okay.
You didn't eat that much.
Yeah, I'm not that hungry.
What is this? Something to celebrate your getting into Talmadge.
It's It's beautiful.
Thank you so much.
I remember how excited I was when I got accepted to Hollis.
There are so many amazing adventures ahead of you.
And I don't want you to miss out on a single one, the way that you missed out on so much of high school because of me.
Ezra, I don't actually feel that way.
I read the letter again.
Yeah, but you know I only wrote what I thought Jackie wanted to hear.
I think it rang true to her for a reason.
Because I'm a good writer.
I don't understand.
This morning you were practically laughing when you read it.
Then I had a chance to think about it.
And I don't think you could've written what you did if there wasn't some small part of you that thought that way about us.
I don't regret being with you, Ezra, at all.
Maybe not now, but if we stay together If? What are you What are you saying? I'm saying I want what's best for you.
You're approaching a very exciting time in your life.
You're going to be meeting new people.
You're going to be discovering yourself.
I can do all of that and still be with you.
If we stay together, you might grow to resent me.
But if you take this time for yourself there will be no regrets.
Promise me you'll at least think about it.
Yeah, I will.
How could you tell Toby about the storage unit? - I didn't.
- Well, I don't believe you.
I wanted to tell him.
Okay? I almost told him.
But I didn't.
Well, then how come he and Tanner showed up there today? Because Holbrook broke into your computer, Hanna.
He recorded the conversation that you and Caleb had.
He knew that you were going to the storage unit.
And he probably just tipped them off.
Why wouldn't he just leave everything in there if he and Ali want to pin this on me? I don't know.
And why didn't Toby warn us? I don't know.
Toby knew about the knife, Spencer.
Okay? He knew one of us was being set up.
Well, he didn't see it that way.
Since when did his job become more important than his friends? You know, you can't blame this on Toby.
We told you not to move that stuff.
You didn't listen to us.
You screwed yourself by going in there.
And you screwed over Caleb, too.
We need to talk about what happened tonight.
We know one or more people helped Alison kill Mona and move her body.
I don't know if what we found are Mona's remains.
But I do know if those drops of blood match her DNA, your friends will be the first people I bring in for questioning.
Let me remind you, you took an oath when you became a police officer.
Withholding information is not an option.
So if there is anything that I should know, now is the time to tell me.
I'm not even sure that this is Holbrook anymore.
I mean, why would he be willing to kill for Alison? Spencer and Aria almost froze to death tonight.
And I Hanna, I got to go.
I'll call you when I get home.
I'm almost done.
I just need to wipe down the counters.
And about your dish You didn't ruin it, Emily.
My apple pie is now apple flambe.
I'm sorry, I'm just I'm not really myself today.
Do you want to talk about it? Um, not really.
I just need some sleep.
You know, recharge.
Have you eaten? Not much.
Well, you can't recharge on an empty stomach.
You made that for me? Mashed potatoes always make me feel better, so maybe they'll do the same for you.
Thank you.
I can't imagine what you must think of me.
Ever since you got here I've been a mess.
You know, first I tried to kick you out of the kitchen, then I broke down about my ex, and now this.
You know, I wouldn't say I'm the smoothest person, but generally I'm a little less Neurotic? That's probably better than coming across like a total control freak, which is how I imagine you probably see me.
So the other day when I made that comment about Ezra being cute Yeah.
I didn't say it because I was interested in him.
I said it because I'm interested in you.
I was trying to figure out if you were into guys or girls by your reaction.
I should go finish cleaning up the kitchen.
Holbrook recorded our conversation, Caleb.
He knew that we're going to the storage unit.
He set us up.
He probably already sent that video to Tanner.
No, if he did, we wouldn't be standing here.
Well, then it's only a matter of time before he does.
Okay, then we'll deal with that if it happens.
Oh, God, you told me not to touch that stuff and I didn't listen.
I pulled you into this mess.
I'm not gonna drag you down any further.
Meaning? If Holbrook shows Tanner the video, I'll just say that I forced you to go with me.
And that you lied for me.
And that it was my idea.
She's not gonna see it like that.
Well, then you should stay away from me for a while.
That's not gonna happen.
Caleb, don't you get it? I'm dangerous to be around right now.
If this little plan of Ali's doesn't work out, then she's gonna think of something else.
She's not gonna give up.
Then we'll both be behind bars.
Maybe not at the same facility.
I'm serious, Caleb.
Me too.
Where have you been? I've been calling you for hours.
I'm still at work.
I'm buried in paperwork.
What were you doing at that storage unit? Tanner got an anonymous call that Mona's body was in there.
Okay, well, why didn't you call and tell me? You knew that I was worried about Hanna.
I found out on the drive over.
I couldn't exactly call you with Tanner sitting next to me.
What was in the barrel? Toby? I can't talk about it.
What do you mean, you can't talk about it? Hanna and Caleb need to know if Mona's body was in there.
I got to go.
Tanner's calling me.
Okay, well, just come over after work then.
I'll be here late.
I don't really care what time you get off.
I really need to see you.
I can't, Spencer, okay.
I'll call you tomorrow.