Pretty Little Liars s06e16 Episode Script

Where Somebody Waits For Me

1 (female narrator) Previously on "Pretty Little Liars" Toby's fiancee kind of left this and I kinda, sort of didn't give it back.
I wouldn't want people to think you stole somebody's phone.
Somebody whose mother is running against your mother.
That would be awkward.
(Emily) 'I'm broke.
I'm donating my eggs.
' This isn't going to hurt a bit.
You've been my rock.
Thank you.
You're here to tell me if you'd feel safe 'should Charlotte DiLaurentis leave the hospital.
' There's a line of girls just waiting to take your place.
- What do you wanna do? - Can we just keep driving? Where did you go that night after you left Aria? (Aria) I've gotta get in there and get that golf club before Sara tries to frame my dad.
(Spencer) I haven't broken into a place since my dorm room.
Aria, Sara's staying here because this was Charlotte's old room when she was a patient at Radley.
Aria? I'm not used to having an audience.
Well, if you were experiencing performance anxiety I was completely unaware of it.
[chuckles] [sighs] I thought places like this only existed in old movies.
How'd you find it? Well, I searched for "Romantic" and, then "Tacky.
" [chuckles] You feeling better? Much better.
Would you like some more budget champagne? Not now.
Let's give these cupids something to remember.
[pop music] [intense music] Look at this.
Now I know where Charlotte learned all those special little skills she had.
[music continues] All this dust and the doorknob's clean.
(Aria) 'Spencer, stay close.
' 'Why is this hallway so narrow?' (Spencer) 'Cause it's not a real hallway.
It's been walled off.
And this whole section of the sanitarium sealed like something in a Poe story.
(Aria) 'So what, you-you think they put the wall up' 'when they turned this place into a hotel?' Well, the sanitarium must have done it.
Why? Well, to avoid having to explain things like that little motivational experiment back there.
Buildings can have secrets, too, just like people.
(Aria) 'So the hotel doesn't know this exists?' (Spencer) I bet it's not on any of the blueprints.
- But Sara knew.
- Yeah.
How do you suppose that happened? Long, quiet chats with Charlotte? Mm-hm.
[sighs] [music continues] Come on.
Let's go back the way we came.
Spencer, the file cabinet.
What about it? No dust.
[clattering] [music continues] Are we still in Pennsylvania? Yeah, we're behind the Radley someplace.
Well, this explains how Sara got in and out of her hotel room to mess with us.
Why go to so much trouble just to sneak out of a hotel room? Maybe the sneaking's only part of it.
You're still really good at this.
I've had a lot of practice.
Got a secret can you keep it Swear this one you'll save Better lock it in your pocket Taking this one to the grave If I show you then I know you Won't tell what I said 'Cause two can keep a secret If one of them is dead [door opens] We found a hole in the hotel.
What, you what? A hole, in the wall in Sara's closet, in her room at The Radley.
That's how she's been coming and going all this time without walking in front of those pesky cameras in the lobby.
Hold on, hold on.
Okay? I've been working with the data from Yvonne's cell phone.
You found something? It was buried deep in the server.
I looked but I didn't touch.
What is it? It's the opposition research file on your mom.
These are my mom's medical records.
How do they have these? (Caleb) 'Look at the corners, the folds.
' This isn't a scan, somebody photographed this with a phone.
This is not research.
This is an invasion of privacy.
Uh, this is exactly what's wrong with American politics.
This is completely illegal Spencer.
[instrumental music] Did you know your mom was sick? Yeah.
Um She was.
She was a long time ago.
You better look.
(Spencer) '"Breast-conserving surgery.
' "Blood panels clear.
Prognosis, cautiously optimistic.
" This report is dated eight months ago.
My guess is that the Phillips campaign is gonna leak this.
They're gonna make it seem like your mom's been keeping it a secret, and that she's not healthy enough to serve.
S-she never told me anything about this.
[music continues] I don't understand why the state police are getting involved.
There's a history here, Dr.
Several jurisdictions were involved.
They said that, Charlotte's death she struggled.
Her wounds indicate that she fought back.
What exactly were those wounds? Anything that you have to say to me you can say in front of Dr.
Before her body was thrown from the bell tower she was struck along the cervical spine with some kind of metal rod.
Rectangular at the end and hollow.
How do you know the shape? It made an impression.
A cut in the skin of her neck.
Alison have you ever heard of a restaurant called The Two Crows? I don't think so.
What about it? The night Charlotte came home, the night she was murdered someone used the landline from The Two Crows to call this house.
Nobody called here.
The call went through.
It lasted more than three minutes.
There weren't any calls.
Were you here all night? No.
Then it could have come after you left.
There's only one landline and that rings down here.
If you didn't answer it and Dr.
Rollins was gone then it must have been Charlotte who picked up the phone and talked to someone for three minutes.
[dramatic music] - A hole in the closet? - 'Yeah.
' (Spencer) It led to all of this space underneath.
Whole parts of Radley that had been sealed off.
Parts from when Charlotte was there.
- Should we tell Hanna's mom? - No.
If we tell Mrs.
Marin, she'll throw Sara out lock, stock and ladder.
This way we know about her escape hatch but she doesn't know that we know.
Maybe I really did see her in the clinic.
Have you checked in with them to make sure that everything's okay? Yeah.
I, I'm gonna go over there as soon as they open.
Guys, we need to tell Ali.
- Tell Alison what? - She was with me at the clinic.
And she needs to know about that.
She needs to know about Sara.
Okay, if we do tell Alison we have to be ready for her to turn right around and go talk to the police about it.
Maybe that should happen.
Maybe this is a new problem and we're getting stuck in old thinking.
'Secrets are getting toxic again.
' I don't know, just keep on trying to get in touch with Hanna.
I have to go meet my mom at headquarters.
Do you want me to come with you? Honestly, no.
I wanna do this myself.
Are you absolutely sure? Yeah.
I'll be alright.
Or I will be as soon as I know.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Oh, my God.
What are you doing here? - That was it for the welcome? - No, no, no.
- Is something wrong? - No, no.
All is good.
I wouldn't come all this way with bad news.
- 'Hey.
' - Em.
- This is Liam.
- Yeah.
I know, we met.
Sort of.
On the computer.
Nice to meet you in person.
Um, I'll give you a call as soon as I know.
So, what's up? You and I need to talk about Ezra Fitz.
And the book.
[indistinct chattering] - Morning, Spencer.
- Hey.
Uh I was hoping I could talk to my mom for a second.
Sure, I'll look the other way if you can get her after she finishes the phone call.
Oh, and, uh, tell Melissa I can't reimburse her without a flight number.
If she can't find the boarding pass tell her to look for the luggage tag.
- Sure.
- Thanks.
You're welcome.
You were just gone this morning.
I know.
Yeah, I looked at my phone and added up the events and realized I was heading towards a 27-hour day.
- You were talking to Gill? - Yeah.
- Tell him not to worry.
- Worry about what? About the poll numbers coming out today.
He thinks they're gonna be soft.
Well, are you worried? Uh, it's not on my schedule, so I guess I'm not.
I know this is the hard part but after the election comes the fun, right? - Right.
- 'Alright.
' Family bonding time is over we have our radio interview in two minutes.
- Best of luck! - Thanks, honey.
- Later.
- Later.
- Bye.
- So, explain this to me.
Yes, these are the main talking points.
(Veronica) 'Uh-huh' (male 1) 'I did a little pre-screening.
' - 'He's not gonna ask that.
' - 'No, no, no!' [sighs] [instrumental music] [knocking] - Emily.
- Hey.
You're closed? We had an accident last night, a malfunction.
What kind of a malfunction? Our one of the freezer units failed.
We lost everything in the unit.
I'm sorry but it was the unit with your donated eggs.
It wasn't just me, was it? We're cross-checking but there are something like 30 clients involved.
Thirty people? There are backups.
And the backups have backups but everything failed.
The power was cut, the alarms Everything.
I have to get back.
We're still making calls.
[music continues] [clattering] [instrumental music] Jordan? Jordan? [knock on door] Hey, did you order breakfast? Someone left this tray outside.
Where were you? Just went down stairs to make some calls and use the Wi-Fi without waking you.
Sorry, I should've left a note.
Well, don't do that, don't leave without telling me where you're going.
Hanna, are you okay? Yes, I'm fine, we just We have to go.
Where would we be going? Back to Rosewood.
Okay, I-I'll call the driver we'll get out of here.
Uh, have some breakfast.
I didn't order any.
Oh, it's must be on the house then.
[intense music] (Alison) 'When did it start again?' (Spencer) After Charlotte's funeral.
After Sara came back.
Look, Ali, whoever this person is they think we know who killed your sister.
'Do you have any idea who could have done it?' I know that Charlotte hurt a lot of people but for someone to kill her No, Ali, whoever's threatening us now, who Whoever's stealing Emily's eggs and sending us pictures of golf clubs 'that person didn't kill Charlotte' they want revenge for what happened to her.
What golf club? The murder weapon was a golf club.
No, it wasn't.
What Detective Tanner described was a hollow piece of metal cut with a rectangle at the end.
Are we getting punked? 'The picture, the golf club' maybe this is some kinda of joke? I don't think it could be a joke.
I mean, Sara doesn't have any sense of humor left.
Guys have either of you heard of a restaurant called The Two Crows? [intense music] But you are in touch with them? Yeah, it's a one way communication.
The point is our boss is excited and it would be a good thing for us to keep her that way.
Has he sent you more pages? - Yeah.
- Can I see them? I thought if I came here I could read them without you having to put them on the Internet.
- I'll show you the pages.
- Great.
Jillian had some notes about Tom.
I wanted to head off any problems.
What kind of notes? (Emily) 'I was just actually' looking forward to it.
I'm sorry, Em.
I didn't know you weren't gonna keep them anyway but I'm so sorry.
I keep thinking about all those other women and couples.
You know, someone would do that just to steal my eggs.
Well, first off, I think that you should stay here.
You have enough to deal with, without having to keep up the shields with your mother.
Yeah, I think, that's an excellent idea.
When I was driving back into town, I past that "Welcome to Rosewood" sign and I kept thinking why did we come back and why can't we stay away from here? What does this creep want from us? They want us to lead them to Charlotte's killer.
Why us? Because we wanted Charlotte dead.
[dramatic music] I mean, think about it.
All the people who could've killed Charlotte they might have done it because they thought that's what we wanted.
What kind of nut would think that? The kind who would hold my eggs for ransom and destroy a freezer full of potential babies just to get them.
[music continues] We're done playing nice Nice So don't be a martyr We've got to be harder [door opens] We came here to fight Hello, Spencer.
And that's just a part of life And that's just a part of life What happens if I just ask you something straight out? Try it and see.
Did you tell Yvonne to leave her phone at lunch? Yes.
To prove to her that she shouldn't trust me.
That's what I told her.
Yeah, but then you never told her that I took it.
Because that's not really why you set it up.
You wanted me to have it, you wanted me to find something.
[sighs] That sounds very elaborate.
Yes, but this way it wouldn't look like you're passing me campaign information? You could have plausible deniability if I ever actually found something.
I'm sorry about your mother, Spencer.
I'm praying that she'll be alright.
Why did you go through all this trouble? Because it's wrong what they wanna do.
The campaign's gonna leak the report.
It'll look like your mother is unworthy of the public trust.
Does Yvonne know? I'm sure she doesn't.
I doubt her mother knows plausible deniability.
[scoffs] Oh, my God, Spence, are you You didn't know your mother was sick? I'm so sorry, I-I thought that you must Thank you, Mona.
What the clinic tell about the accident? - Mechanical failure.
- And she believes that? What do you mean does she believe it? Well, the way we rushed back here, I wondered if maybe she thought it was more than that.
Because she's a woman pumped with hormones? Because of the things she's been through with you and your friends in the past.
Okay, so she's not hormonal she's paranoid, is that what you mean? I don't think I'm doing very well in this conversation.
You started it.
Because I'm worried about you.
Look, I've had a rough couple of days, okay? Hanna, I've never seen you wound so tight.
I buried someone who made my life hell for years.
I'm now being questioned in her murder.
I lost my job Bad things happen all the time.
Conspiracies are harder to come by.
Someone tried to hurt you and they went to amazingly complex lengths to do that.
That person is dead.
If you keep looking for things in the shadows I guarantee you you're gonna start seeing them.
Come back to New York with me.
I can't.
Emily needs me.
Yeah? What does Hanna need? [birds chirping] [clock ticking] [sighs] What do you think? What's that Dr.
O quote? Good writing doesn't tell you it's raining it lets you feel what it's like to be rained upon.
You like it? [chuckles] Yeah, it's beautiful.
Wait, you said that Julian had notes.
Well, nothing that can't be addressed.
Sometimes there's a shift in language.
Conflicting voices.
You're former teacher's a terrific writer.
Gives me a rush reading his stuff in manuscript.
Same sort of rush I get when I read your writing.
Well, he was my teacher.
You wrote this.
Not all of it, but big parts of it.
I-I might have cleaned up the syntax.
You put in the man with the straw hat.
The one we saw at Logan.
God, you were with me.
- Mm-hmm.
I got a funny feeling after I read the second chapter.
I thought I'd better take a look.
This is even more you.
Is Ezra Fitz here in Rosewood? Maybe a little incapacitated? No.
He's not here.
Does he know what you're doing? And what exactly do you think you're doing? Do you believe her? I think it's the truth.
It might be the truth, but you believe Mona? You believe why she did this? I don't think anybody knows why Mona does anything including Mona.
But there's the file, that's the reality.
What did your mom say? I don't know, I couldn't I couldn't even talk to her.
Look, you are already in the Phillips computer.
Can't you just corrupt the file? Can you erase the report? They can't say anything because they shouldn't have it in the first place! Spencer, right now, I'm a fly on the wall the minute that I do anything, like, delete a file 'red lights go off everywhere.
' I am breaking the law just by being in there.
You know what she has to do, right? Your mom has to go public with this.
She has to get in front of the story before the other side leaks it.
It's her secret, not mine.
Well, one way or another it's not gonna be a secret much longer.
[cell phone beeps] [sighs] I never intended to actually start writing it.
I just wanted to keep Julian interested.
Well, you did that.
[sighs] Is Ezra gonna be in big trouble over this? How come you're not asking if you're gonna be in trouble? Well, I just took that for granted.
There's a fine line between trouble and high adventure.
I think you should finish the chapter.
If he's not back by then, we'll figure something out.
He'll be back.
I think you're right he'll probably be back.
But when he does, you'll have to explain all this creative writing you've been doing and why.
How do you think he's gonna feel about that? I poked the bear and the bear stole Emily's eggs.
We poked the bear together.
So, it is our fault.
What happened to Emily? No.
Bullies don't need an excuse.
They're just bullies.
I bet that A was planning this as soon as they found out what Emily was up to.
You said "A.
" I mean, what do you want me to call it, Waldo? No, it's not A.
It's not the same person.
It's-it's just a letter, a symbol.
You know, it's like an algebra problem.
Solve this equation for A.
I can't tell you how much algebra comes up in my everyday life.
It's not the same person, but they want the same thing.
They wanna make you miserable.
But this time, you are smarter and you're stronger.
And you know that you can beat this because you have done it before.
So, when did you go all micro-brew? [clears throat] Couple of years ago.
Mostly because of Toby.
We kept threatening to open a brewery.
Well, maybe you will.
Things have changed though.
Personal dynamics are different.
Yeah, I guess so.
If you have to go Yeah, actually there are some things I need to take care of, so Oh, no, no, no.
It's good.
Next time.
Next time.
Your eyes light up and start to sing Makes it hard for me to breathe I am weak at the seams I'm helpless [upbeat music] (Hanna) Who's your friend? Uh, this is Harvey.
He really likes your hors d'oeuvres.
Well, he better, they cost enough.
I don't think Sybil likes me very much.
Who's Sybil? Your new boss.
[chuckles] Her name is Celeste.
Ah I called her Sybil.
Probably why she doesn't like me.
She looks like a Sybil, though.
All these designers that you work for look like Sybil's.
I can't keep track.
I thought that you wanted to come here.
[sighs] I've been buried in work for three weeks.
I wanted to be with you.
Then come back inside.
So, um do you wanna go to the Hamptons next weekend? The Hamptons are just another part of Manhattan except it takes three hours to get there.
What do you want? What do you want? I want to be in a place where we don't have to ask each other what we want.
I wanna go back to just sort of knowing what the other person wanted.
Where was that place exactly? (man on PA) 'Ladies and gentlemen, the mind behind the collection.
' 'Your hostess, Celeste!' [people cheering] It's fine.
Go ahead.
I got stuff I need to finish, anyway.
[clears throat] - Are you sure? - Yeah.
I'm sure.
Will I see you at the apartment? Where else would I go? Don't turn into a Sybil.
You can drink coffee this late and it won't keep you awake? [clears throat] It's tea.
Can I talk to you for a minute? I wanna thank you and the others for staying in town helping with the investigation.
We didn't have much choice.
I know you've all got your own lives, things to do and staying in Rosewood has got to be a sacrifice.
It certainly is for me.
It's not like we're strangers here.
Hm, no, it's not.
So, what do you think of the old town? Has it changed much? In some ways, yes.
In other ways, not so much.
I'll tell you one way it's different.
What happened to Charlotte DiLaurentis that is the first homicide we have had here in five years.
All that time you and your friends weren't here no murders.
But when everybody gets together I just think that's a very interesting statistic don't you? I don't know about statistics.
I just know that Alison deserves some answers.
I'm glad you feel that way.
So, if I have to take steps to keep all interested parties here in Rosewood till this is resolved I know you'll understand.
Don't let your tea get cold.
[intense music] [elevator bell dings] Going down? I have a message for you and all of those little Monas running around inside your head.
If I find out that you're messing with Spencer in any way shape or form I will personally take you apart.
Just out of curiosity who kisses better? Hanna, Spencer or me? [elevator dings] Watch your step.
[music continues] And I turned around and it was just Charlotte and me.
My dad didn't want anything to do with us.
Jason was at the Carissimi Group.
We were alone until Elliot started taking care of Charlotte.
Rollins saved Charlotte's soul and you fell in love with him.
At first, I thought it was gratitude but it wasn't.
And then I realized it was mutual.
And it was also inappropriate because he was your sister's doctor.
In one way Charlotte and I are alike.
We put a lot of energy into being people no one could love.
Like we were trying to prove something.
And then someone looks at you and sees you, and it's alright.
I don't wanna keep it a secret anymore.
I'm tired of secrets.
Ali there's no time.
It's late, I'm sorry.
No, no! I mean there's never enough time.
[cell phone ringing] Hi.
Yes, Gil.
Uh, I'm here.
Give me the numbers.
Yeah, that could've been better.
Uh-huh? What does it look like county-by-county? Okay.
When am I doing drive time Scranton? Who is driving in Scranton at 5 a.
? No, just, uh, give me a call ten minutes before.
The numbers haven't moved in a week.
I swear it's gonna come down to the 15 remaining undecided voters.
Well, I will hunt them down for you one at a time.
Will you take them to the polling place? I will carry them on my back if necessary.
[chuckles] - Mom.
- Hmm.
I'm worried about you.
Don't be.
We're gonna win this thing.
I know.
I'm not worried about the election.
I'm worried about you.
It's gonna be fine.
I hope so.
- You know what I wish? - What? What do you wish? I wish I would have done this 20 years ago.
Ten even.
[chuckles] All that time I wasted suing people getting property easements [chuckles] Well, you're doing it now.
Yes, I am doing it right now.
And you're gonna win.
Yes, I am.
And now you need to go to sleep.
Well, pretty soon.
I love you.
I love you too.
Oh, honey, uh, Gil wants the the flight number off of Melissa's bag.
- It's in the barn.
- Okay, goodnight.
I should have you that I was gonna talk to Spencer.
I was just afraid that you would try and stop me.
How did it feel, telling her about us? It helped.
Helped? It helped me make up my mind about us.
[sighs] Things are moving very quickly.
I think there's an argument to be made for keeping it the way it is.
For now.
I guess we could do that.
But then we're gonna be having this conversation in a month or a year.
And I don't think I can take that.
I know it's been difficult, but I wanna protect you.
You don't have to protect me from rumors.
They can't hurt me.
Not anymore.
But if you're afraid for yourself well, that's that's something else.
What do you want, Alison? I want something very complicated.
I want you to take me to a movie.
I want you to hold my hand in a restaurant.
[instrumental music] [leaves rustling] We should've waited for Spencer.
No, we have to get there before Sara has a chance to take Emily's eggs out of the mini-bar.
I don't think she shoved them in there with those $7 orange juice.
God, my mom thought she got rid of all the Radley ghosts.
Wait till she finds out about this.
She'll be down here with a jackhammer.
[thudding] (Aria) What was that? Do you think that's Sara? Maybe she needs a hand.
[intense music] [grunting] [panting] I wanted to see for myself, and I thought maybe there was an old freezer or something down there.
There's nothing.
No electricity, no nothing.
Why didn't you tell us? We could've gone with you.
I wanted to go alone, in case I found them.
The desk clerk said nobody's seen Sara Harvey since she left the hotel last night.
Where is she? I don't know, probably in some other hole somewhere.
I'm sorry about grabbing your boob, Em.
Don't worry about it.
I just have to face it.
One way or another, my eggs are gone.
Look, Emily, you have the money.
Use it.
Finish school.
That's what you wanted.
That's why you put yourself through this.
Yeah, Hanna's right.
What happened was terrible but you're not responsible.
Bullies don't need excuses.
You can always donate them again.
Just remember to keep some for yourself.
Yeah, I just wanna be with someone when that happens.
And so far my relationships have all been challenging.
Well, you will have kids you will have kids, Spencer will have kids I will have kids, and we will all have beautiful babies.
- More visualizations? - Absolutely.
Just wait till you see what I've planned for our playdates.
[fire crackling] [door opens] [door closes] Hey.
You know I was thinking maybe the other side won't use it.
Maybe they'll have an attack of conscience and, uh take the high road.
Well, there's never any traffic up there.
How's your mom? She's tired.
But she's happy.
She's really happy.
And how about you? 'You need anything?' What a thing to do-o-o I need you to go get a glass 'cause your girlfriend's drinking all by herself and it's real sad.
[chuckling] That I can do.
And now I can't sleep Knowing that you got to me This is just a Ga-a-ame You played me like a fool You played me like a fool I'm sorry.
No, I should be honored that you thought I would kill someone for you.
Ezra, I was afraid.
Alright? I-I felt all of this just starting over again.
It was terrible.
Look the night Charlotte was killed after I left you, I I wanted to tell you where I went but I was asked not to.
- 'By who?' - By your dad.
And your mom.
I saw them in town and they didn't want you to know that they were getting close to getting back together so they asked me not to tell you.
And it all seemed very innocent at the time.
So I went to the House of Pies and I ended up having a three-hour conversation about politics with a trucker named Earl and then I went home afterwards.
Why did you not tell me all of this when we showed up here like a bunch of vigilantes accusing you of murder? Because I was so angry at you.
I just got in the car and drove away.
And I was about 20 miles outside of town when I started to think about all the lies that I've told you.
Everything that I've talked you into everything that I've talked myself into and it was always for a good cause.
Of course, you thought I would do it.
I made sure of that myself.
So I What I'm trying to say is that I I'm the one that should say sorry.
Well, my parents are getting remarried.
Well, I guess it was worth keeping that secret.
Ezra, where were you? Albany.
(Aria) 'Albany?' The state university there.
Buddy in the English Department and he let me crash.
What's this? The new book.
The next three chapters.
I would like you to read it before I send it to the publisher.
[instrumental music] Alright.
- We should go to bed.
- Yeah.
No, one more thing.
[sighs] [intense music] What's wrong? Melissa's suitcase is broken.
And there's a part missing that's metal 'hollow and cut with a rectangle on the end.
' [whistling] Just whistle while you work [whistling continues] And cheerfully together We can tidy up the place So hum a merry tune Hmm hm hm hm hm It won't take long and there's a song To help you set the pace When hearts are high The time will fly So whistle while you work [whistling] [humming]