Psych s03e12 Episode Script

Earth, Wind and... Wait for It

Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Slow down.
Slow down.
You'll never believe it.
I know what I want to be when I grow up.
A fireman.
I never would have guessed.
And what exactly brought this on? Fireman Paul.
He came to our school.
He is so totally rad.
Fireman Paul? Did he happen to be sober? Shawn, come here.
Listen to me.
You do not want to be a fireman.
What? Why not? Because you want to be a cop.
What do you think I've been teaching you all these years? But being a fireman is the coolest.
Being a fireman is not cooler than being a cop.
But they have cooler uniforms, cooler trucks and cooler sirens.
They even get to carry axes.
Axes? I get to carry a gun.
A real gun with real bullets.
I get to shoot bad guys.
I'm like Dirty Harry.
Can you even name a famous fireman? Smokey the Bear? First of all Smokey the Bear is not a fireman.
Number two, he's not real.
Number three, he's a bear.
He takes his poops in the woods.
Is that what you want? Fireman Paul said you'd say that.
Hey, what is going on in there? She never closes her blinds.
You know I don't like being out of the loop.
Shawn, what are you doing? Jules.
How about an update on this blinds situation? Oh, it's just some case with the fire department or something.
Fire department.
Did you hear that? Of course, I did.
I'm standing two and a half feet away from her.
So what's the scoop? Well, apparently, some building burned down last week on Benedetto under suspicious circumstances and they're looking for back up.
Sorry, guys, got to go.
Dude, that's us.
We're back up.
What? I strongly believe Excuse us.
We're looking for the fireman.
He's probably wearing a yellow or red hard hat, maybe carrying an axe, possibly a large bucket of sand.
And a Dalmatian.
Discounting your interruption to a closed-door meeting, Ms.
Conrad is the city's arson inspector.
Arson? Hello.
That's fire? Yes.
Shawn Spencer.
Head psychic, SBPD.
I'm available.
For cases as well.
Um, I'm not going to do that.
I understand.
Obsessive compulsive.
If you're finished, Mr.
Spencer, we'd like to proceed with our meeting, so Ah.
How rude of me.
I'd like to look at the criminal activity for that area.
I believe her.
What? I am sensing that Lassy is skeptical that this is arson.
Of course, I'm skeptical.
She's an arson investigator.
They always want it to be arson.
Keeps their jobs viable.
Can I go now? All I need is access to some of your files for the last few years.
I can do that for you.
What? Come on, Chief, I know where the file room is.
Besides, when you get down there, things can get tricky.
Some of those drawers stick.
Who gave you access to the file room? Irrelevant.
And immaterial.
Chief, you're not going to let him do that thing where he only uses courtroom jargon, are you? Mr.
He is making a mockery of these proceedings.
All I'm saying is that she's making a very compelling argument.
You're an idiot.
That's less compelling.
Move to strike.
Please remove him.
Sidebar, Ms.
I think I can help you.
You have no idea why I'm here.
I am sensing something happened on Benedetto Street.
You're not getting the support you want from your department.
You're looking for a little outside assistance.
That's actually spot on.
Yes, I know.
Chief, I believe we have a match made in heaven.
Holy crap.
This place is like completely burned.
It's called a fire, Shawn.
And it's all evidence, so don't touch anything.
All right, I'll try to speak slowly.
Let's review.
I believe the fire started in this general area and spread in this direction.
Conrad, what are you doing here? Thought you were done with this site.
And this is? Army Johnson, Fire Prevention Bureau.
And your supervisor, in case you forgot.
Well, if this is arson, then Look, at the Bureau, we have a policy of supporting our rookies.
Rookies? So I gave you a lot of latitude on this case.
I read your report and I surveyed the scene myself.
Looks like an accidental fire to me, not malicious arson.
I respectfully disagree.
Honey, the last time this city had an arsonist was so long ago, I was still on the big red truck.
Besides, this building had no fire insurance, so no one profits.
A firebug doesn't need motive.
Yeah, enough.
Just finish your report.
Ah, now I'm late for my hot yoga class.
I'm teaching this year.
An accident? Is there something we're missing here? Well, we did find some empty liquor bottles and cigarette butts around the fire's point of origin, but And we've had several reports of teenagers looking for places to party.
I think Lassy's on to something.
Have we ruled out teenagers who meet in abandoned buildings and make bananas foster? It is not teenagers.
One of the firemen remembers smelling a distinct sweet odor while putting out the fire, and that is a sign of a stronger accelerant than alcohol.
And if this is a firebug, he is just getting started.
Dude, that wall over there doesn't have any insulation.
I think that's an external wall.
Look, if no one from your department is on board.
I'm on board.
Gus, what's happening to me? What the hell are you doing? There's something up with this wall right here.
I can feel it.
Oh, my God! What the Did not see that coming.
Miss Conrad, this wasn't just arson.
It was murder.
In between the lines there's a lot of obscurity I'm not inclined to resign to maturity If it's all right then you're all wrong But why bounce around to the same damn song? You'd rather run when you can't crawl I know, you know That I'm not telling the truth I know, you know They just don't have any proof Embrace the deception Learn how to bend Your worst inhibitions tend to psych you out in the end I am sensing that this man Is it a man? I don't know.
I don't know what it is.
Based on the pelvic girdle.
Burned to death.
Hell of a way to go.
He didn't burn to death.
ME pulled a.
22 slug out of his sternum.
He was shot, then burned? It's sad.
But that's what they do to guys who wear girdles.
This man is the reason the fire was set.
According to the ME's preliminary report, "The bullet entered the body "at a downward trajectory based on bone fragments containing lead residue.
" Let's see, from behind and downward, means our shooter got the victim on his knees, popped him execution-style.
Bang! Would you trim that fingernail, Ming the Merciless? Then the killer torched the building to make the body unidentifiable.
Or to remove any trace of his own fingerprints or DNA.
We couldn't even pull a print off the bullet.
Smart move.
In case you missed it, Detective.
This is my I-told-you-so face.
Which is kind of hard to distinguish from your "I thought this was going to be a new episode of Law and Order "but it turns out it's a repeat" face.
A dead body changes things.
That's his email signature.
So we're on board.
And because it's a homicide, it's our investigation.
No, it's arson.
And I've already briefed Army on all of this.
He says it's my case, I'm on point, you report to me.
Look, when we find our murderer, you'll find your arsonist.
When I find my arsonist, I'll find your murderer.
Guys, please.
Can't we come up with a term that covers both killer and arsonist? How about "arsasin"? The skeleton had trace amounts of methylbenzene, the primary component of TNT.
You can get it at any hardware store and it has a sweet odor.
All right, fine, but no one outside this room can know we recovered a skeleton.
And make sure the city treats the site like an accident.
All right, I want our killer Arsasin! Or karsinist.
I want the killer to feel safe.
I want him to think that his plan worked.
Secondly, the key to solving this case is to figure out who this guy was.
Come here often? Wow.
You know, you could afford to slow down a little.
If you walk any faster you're gonna travel through time.
So what's our next move? Well, I assume we're going to team up, right? Travel cross-country solving mysteries, maybe set up shop on the side of the road, form a bluegrass trio.
Look, I appreciate you guys getting the cops to take this seriously but you don't have a lot of experience with this, so I prefer to handle point alone.
You know, Sun Tzu says that teamwork can be very sensual if you I'll email you the rest.
I'd go after her if she wasn't walking at cougar speeds.
So what are we doing? Are we really done? Gus, don't be William Zabka from Back to School.
We need to get in with the firemen who put out the fire.
Shotgun on fire pole.
You can't call shotgun on a fire pole.
And why them? I think we're looking for a fireman, someone who knows fires, someone who knows the system.
He started the fires somewhere else then moved the flames towards the victim because the first thing an arson inspector looks for is a point of origin.
Okay, how in the world do you know all that? I rode the Backdraft ride at Universal Studios like 74 times.
Shawn, you can't base a whole theory on a movie.
There's a movie? Now, when we get in here, don't do that thing you used to do when we were kids.
Hi, fireman! Help you? Shawn Spencer, hunting an arsonist.
Step Anthony Wally Ali, cat stuck in a tree.
Oh, Conrad told me about you.
The psycho.
But before we get down to business is Fireman Paul around? We heard he used to work out of here back in the day.
We just want to say hello.
He came to our school when we were kids.
No, we're sure he'd remember us.
Gus accidentally peed on him and I gave him impetigo.
Over here.
Died fighting the Renkel fires of '98, set by a bunch of vandals.
So you think it's arson, too? You've been canoodling with Conrad? Is Conrad a canoodler? Did she say anything about me? Can I get her a note through you? I'm not sure I like random people interrogating my men, especially based on psychic hokum.
Hokum? Well, that hokum found traces of methylbenzene at the scene.
Really? Yeah, so my colleague would like to try and glean more hokum from your men.
Listen, it's been a long day.
My shift is over.
Manetti? Manetti's my right hand man.
These guys are here about the fire.
Deal with it, would you? So, you were the guys who put out the fire a week ago? Yeah, it was us.
Thanks to Manetti, here.
Well, that's a given, you don't look old enough to operate a hose.
We doused that fire in 33 minutes.
Really? You know, Dominos can still get you a pizza in under 30.
That might be more impressive.
Yeah? Well, you should have seen how fast I booked the perps, back in my cop days.
Well, we're police-affiliated, too.
So can we ask you a few questions? We don't have time.
Starting training drills.
We're supposed to do them with you.
Really? Who told you that? Yeah, it sounded weird to us, too, but it's imperative that we get this information as soon as possible.
It's a headquarters thing.
Look, between you and me, there's nothing we'd rather do less, so why don't you just grab us a couple of these costumes and we'll get it over with.
You mean uniforms.
I've heard it both ways.
Can I ring the bell? Go, go, go, go, go! Get those stairs.
Come on, come on! Get moving downhill! This way, you're going downhill! Move it, move it! So, how many people did you pull out of the fire? None, building was empty.
Keep moving.
Move it, move it, move it, go, go, go! Did you notice anything weird about the fire besides the smell? Lot of open spaces.
No furniture cluttering up the joint.
Hey! There's been a freaking bomb! Go, go, go, go! No, I didn't see anyone suspicious in the crowd.
I questioned him already, Shawn.
Dude, he was doing the pole.
Did anyone miss their shift that night? No.
No one wants to lose out on the OT.
Anybody here with a criminal record? Shh.
No talking.
It kills the illusion.
How much more of this do I have to take? Man, in order for him to stay certified in CPR he has to practice on a live person.
He's going to use a tongue guard when he gives you mouth-to-mouth.
So it's not even really like kissing.
What? If you find yourself becoming aroused, don't beat yourself up.
You must be out of your damn mind.
Everybody move it! This isn't part of the drill! Let's go! No, Shawn.
The arsonist might still be there.
And we're already geared up.
They won't even know I'm driving the truck.
We should stay here, get some gelato and read the fire department's report from the comfort of our not-on-fire office.
Dude, if we go, you can drive behind a speeding fire truck.
All right, repeat after me, we are not going into a burning building.
We are not not going into a burning building.
Bet! Hey, I thought your shift was over.
I heard about it on my scanner.
What is this, Halloween? Why, you got candy? We'll take some Good & Plenty or Good & Fruity.
How bad is it in there? I haven't been inside.
I'm patrolling the scene from out here.
So just try to stay out of the way, all right? This is command.
First floor is secure.
I'm sending more men to the second floor.
Alpha, side.
No, Shawn.
We're not going into a burning building.
You promised.
Actually I didn't.
Yes, you did.
The first floor is secure.
Those things flare back up all the time.
And you know how fire's attracted to me.
Can you blame it? Man, look at you.
Blair Underwood can't touch you right now.
Blair Underwood never played a fireman, either.
Come on.
I need the super sniffer.
This is not a good idea, Shawn! Shawn! Damn it! I don't know.
Maybe we should try, uh Gus, where are you? Down here.
The key is to stay underneath the smoke.
Would you get up? Start sniffing.
There's something sweet in the air.
I need to see what the ceiling looked like before it was scorched.
Anything else? Nope.
We're good.
In all the years of fighting fires, that was the dumbest thing I have ever seen.
If I were still a cop, I'd put you both in jail! I definitely smelled something.
This fire was not an accident.
I'll do you one better.
The Chief had flakes of the unburned ceiling in his hair.
He was in there before the fire started.
We have found our "arson-urderer.
" What? Fire arsman.
Your psychic hunch was right, Shawn.
This body was found in a wall space at the site of the fire.
I could sense that the fires were related and since the first one was set to cover up a murder There might be a body at the second fire, too.
I'm sorry? It was either "nice work" or "ice fork," but I couldn't tell which.
According to the ME's report, there's a unique purple rubber melted in between the victim's toes.
Unique how? It has real specks of gold in it.
They think it came from the victim's sneakers.
Purple with gold specks.
That's Jet Jaguars.
Gus owned them.
They're the ugliest and most uncomfortable sneakers known to man.
I had a pair.
They weren't that bad.
They were proven to cause polio.
I have elongated metatarsals and inverted phalanges, Spencer.
I have to wear whatever fits.
Well, then you know they were only sold in '98 and then discontinued immediately.
The victim was wearing ten year old sneakers? Who holds onto tennis shoes for that long? Especially painful purple and gold ones.
If this man was wearing them at the time of his death, then he was definitely killed in '98, possibly by the fashion mafia.
Ten years ago? That makes no sense.
Why would someone hang onto a body for a decade and then burn it to a crisp? Unless, the body's been there the whole time.
Just rotting for ten years? That's your theory.
Actually come to think of it, both buildings were built in '98.
An empty construction site is a good place to kill someone and it'd be easy to slip a body behind the dry wall.
What? You sure you're not a germaphobe? All right, let's just confirm the sneaker thing.
And if Spencer's right, let's get a list of all the buildings that were built ten years ago.
What? You can just get a list of that kind of stuff? I'd like a list of all available Zoltar machines.
For a little 14-year-old friend of mine.
Thanks, Jules.
So, Ms.
Conrad, anything else I should know about the second fire? Just that the fire fighters caught a break because there wasn't sufficient ventilation in the top floor.
Without the oxygen, the men had no trouble putting out the fire.
Yeah, that was us.
Thanks to Manetti, here.
We doused that fire in 33 minutes.
So both fires went out relatively easily.
I guess.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? I will bet every penny I have that I'm not.
The arsonist made the fires easy to put out.
Have you at all considered that this is an inside job? Well, this building wasn't insured either.
The owners don't get anything.
Inside your department.
A fire fighter? What are you doing? Do you see a bruise on my chest from all that CPR? All I see is chocolate with hair on it.
You know the rules, Shawn.
No sliding down a pole while I'm not here.
But you are here.
You're right here.
You know what I mean.
Especially when I'm stuck tailing Fire Chief Dan all day.
And they don't even have a Dalmatian here, Shawn.
Could you stop with the Dalmatians already? I'm just saying.
It would be nice to see one in its natural habitat.
They're not indigenous to fire houses, Gus.
Did you find anything out or not? Well, I hid in a corner while he got a picture framed of him and John Denver, and the Muppets.
Muppets? Gonzo was a shock, boy.
What? Sounds productive.
Then I just had to stand around while he spent an hour figuring out what type of roto-tiller to buy.
Well, it's not an easy decision, Gus.
After all, it's harvest season, Pa.
And Jeb can't work the plow.
You know he ain't been right since he come down with the consumption.
Will you stop, Shawn? It did get interesting.
He's our guy and I know it.
He was on his cell phone constantly.
And I think I heard him ask about the accelerant.
After that, he came rushing back here in a panic.
Dude, it's sabotage.
He's making it harder for the men to put out the fires.
We got to stop him.
He's heading to the all purpose room.
There's only one exit to that room.
Here's the plan.
We corner, we confront, he confesses, we get samosas.
Bet! Dude, is that really necessary? I don't play with killers, Shawn.
Hello, children.
Yes! Field trip to ye old fire station.
What are you two doing? We are here to help with the lesson.
So, uh, kiddies, always remember to put out your cigarettes when you're finished smoking them.
Excuse me? Uh, I mean, uh, don't smoke, uh, in bed.
Or in restaurants.
Or in caves? No smoking.
Absolutely no smoking.
And don't listen to anyone who says that a pipe is cool because I'm telling it is not.
Get out.
Get out.
Get out.
Well, that was a waste of time.
Or was it? What is that? I accidentally mixed up Fire Chief Dan's phone with mine.
They're similar shapes and my hand was in his jacket pocket.
You stole his phone? He was throwing us out.
Gus, I plead the third.
The third amendment is no soldier can live in your house against your will.
You mean the fifth.
Yeah, I've heard it both ways.
What other ways have you heard it? Just look at this.
Five calls in a row to hardware stores all over the city.
Where one might go to buy methylbenzene.
That's what I'm talking about.
Fire Chief Dan? Honestly? That's why you brought me down to this death trap? Death trap? This office is in violation of almost every fire safety code on the books.
Not to contradict, but we are 100% up to code.
I don't walk into a building unless it's safe, much less work in one.
Your smoke detector is a paper bowl with an M&M stuck to it.
Shawn, where's the Ryerson smoke detector I bought for the office? Oh, that thing? It kept beeping during séance week.
Where is it now? Charleston Chew? Charleston Chew? You also have an overloaded socket and a hot plate on the ground.
I like soup.
I won't apologize for that.
It's next to a stack of old newspapers.
I also like to read while I eat.
Can you please just tell me why you think it's Dan? Well, it's not like I stole his cell phone or anything, 'cause, I mean, I don't do that sort of thing.
Although I am sensing someone did.
I'll solve that later.
No this is just deeply rooted psychic vibage.
I know it's hard to believe.
No, actually it's not.
It kind of makes sense.
He never thought it was arson and he hated it when I questioned his men.
What did the cops say? We haven't told them.
We thought you'd like to make the bust.
After all, this is your case.
Oh, well, that I mean, to say that I mean, that you would think of me, that you would do that This seems like a great opportunity for a hug.
Come here.
No? Ah, rotator cuff.
There's been another fire.
With another body? Forensics is on the way.
Another body.
You were right.
As a courtesy, I want to let you know my office is going to be bringing in Dan Trombly for questioning.
The Fire Chief? Correct.
That could be a problem.
Why? Because that skeleton wasn't the only body we found.
Lift that please.
It says here that the Fire Chief died of asphyxiation.
Smoke inhalation.
Oh, I'm getting something.
How much more of this do I have to endure? Do you see the bruise on my chest from all that CPR? There was someone else there.
They tried to give him CPR before he died.
Maybe someone who knew him.
Of course they knew him.
It's like practically kissing.
What the hell was the Fire Chief doing there in the first place? I mean, I don't think he started the fire.
He wasn't wearing any protective gear, there weren't any traces of accelerants on him.
We got a break.
The latest skeleton is still too burned to get an ID, but our killer didn't know that our victim had ICD in his body.
Ew, they make those for men? It's like a pace maker.
Tracked the serial number back to Central Coast Components who sold it to Saint Mary's who implanted it into our victim 12 years ago.
O'Hara, what do we know about our victim? Wait, our skeleton was a criminal? That's right.
His name is Steven J.
As in the kid from Family Matters.
As in the Renkel fires of '98.
Guys, bring it in.
So our victim was a fire-starter himself? Yeah, they were a bunch of vandals who liked going around and starting fires.
These are Renkel's only known accomplices.
Whoa! Whoa! Oh, I'm getting something.
The second victim is in one of those pictures.
What? How do you know that? He's telling me he was murdered.
He saying it poorly, because he speaks with a whistle.
A whistle, like he speaks like this.
Which would be endearing on an 8-year-old, maybe Terry-Thomas or the original supermodel, Lauren Hutton.
But this This just screams for adult braces.
Any form of simple orthodontia really.
It's not that expensive.
You're saying it's the guy who has the gap in his teeth? Don't say gap.
He prefers tooth alley, but yes, it is.
I remember these guys.
They all disappeared around the same time.
We figured they just skipped town.
That's it.
The third victim is up there as well.
He's not speaking because he's afraid you'll criticize his appearance, just like you did with tooth-gap boy.
Look, now you got me doing it.
Someone must have hunted them down and killed them ten years ago.
And now they're burning off the evidence.
That's a long time to wait to clean up a mess.
You should see how long it takes Gus to clean his cereal bowl.
Only one guy in the crew has been a suspect in other arsons since the Renkel fire.
And that's Bodie Lambert.
All right.
So why is Bodie the only one we're still hearing from? Maybe he turned on his partners.
It happens all the time.
This could be our killer.
What? Fire murderer.
Put a BOLO on him ASAP.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're going to issue these guys bolo ties? It stands for "be on the lookout.
" Oh.
What are you doing? Army will kill you if he sees you messing with this stuff.
Now why are we here? The cops are following the bodies.
I thought we'd take a different avenue.
What do we know? They're all commercial and industrial, and they were all built in the same year.
After the Renkel fire.
Lot of open spaces.
No furniture cluttering up the joint! Also they seem to be abandoned, yet none of them are for sale.
Why would three different owners leave valuable real estate like that sitting around empty? What can I do for you guys? We need to see your files on the three burned buildings.
Just fill out requisition form ID 88.
You can get them upstairs.
That will take forever.
We really need Paperwork is paperwork.
It's the basis for civilization.
Just fill out the forms.
I'll give you everything you need.
Fire alarm? We better evacuate.
All right, everybody out of here.
I got to go deal with this.
Good thing we had a plan B ready.
You smell like a peach meadow.
That's the incense I used to set off the smoke detector.
You didn't just pull the fire alarm? It's right there on the wall.
Uh, that's a crime, Shawn.
I remain not culpable.
I didn't set off the detector.
The smoke did.
Who burned the incense? I plead the fifth.
Element? Dimension? Beatle? You can't plead Billy Preston.
All right, what are we doing? Bring up the burned buildings.
Here we are.
Dude, all these buildings have SR next to them.
That stands for seismic retrofit.
It applies to any building built in '98.
It looks like all the safety codes were just changed last week.
Right before the first fire.
That's why they're all empty.
They're no longer considered earthquake safe.
They're going to open up the walls to bring them up to code.
Dude, that's it.
That's what started this whole thing.
The killer realized that the bodies he stashed in those buildings ten years ago are going to be discovered and now he's torching the evidence.
There's like 20 buildings scheduled to be retrofitted.
Let me print out the list.
Yeah, snap it up.
We still have a few minutes before they let anybody back in the building.
Dude, trust me, you want to hurry.
You could have pulled me out of there.
Dude, I gave you two full warnings.
My underwear's soaked.
Just like old times.
Kiss my Guys! One of those buildings is going to be targeted next by the arsonist.
Are you sure? I'm Al B.
Sure! Watching Diane Schuur apply Sure Roll-On while viewing The Sure Thing.
That's pretty sure.
That's all-day sure.
You are a strange person but extremely effective.
See? Teamwork isn't the worst thing.
Psychically I could sense that there was information in that office that we needed so, uh, I'll go check with the cops while you scope those out.
Boom! Carpel tunnel.
That's fair.
Hey, we got a hit on that BOLO.
A sheriff in Barstow found Bodie Lambert holed up in a Motel 6 under one of his aliases.
Excellent! Dobson! Yes, sir.
Get a hold of Barstow PD.
Tell them not to make a move without us.
Will do.
He is mine.
Police! Clear! Okay, you got anything? Nothing here.
All clear.
Do these things come in different sizes? Because my movement is very constricted.
I feel like it's creating all the wrong lines.
Maybe if there were V- necks or lapels.
Or epaulets.
What are they doing here? I may have given them a heads-up.
It wasn't exactly an invitation.
He must have bolted out the window.
He's not going to get far.
Aerial 2, you got a 20 on our perp? You called in air support for this? Of course I did.
Excuse me! If I may.
What are you doing? Uh, you might want to stand back.
Put your hands behind your back.
He's not talking.
I sense that he's superstitious.
He might talk to someone from a higher ethereal plane.
May I have a shot? Knock yourself out.
Give me a second.
I have to go outside and get something off the ground.
Shawn Spencer, psychic interrogator.
Maybe you remember me from when I apprehended you.
Remember back then? No? That's okay.
I got everything I need.
Have fun in prison.
Word to the wise.
Don't drop the bar of soap.
Oh, please.
Don't try that routine on me.
No, literally, man, don't drop the soap.
There's so much bacteria on those floors.
I'm pretty sure they only issue one bar a month, so.
Why are you eating that? Raw leaves is what the Earth Mother allows me to eat.
It banishes all negative entities.
What, are you a fairy? Hardly.
I've seen Little Darlings like 11 times.
But I am a male Wiccan.
You're not Wiccan.
I'm level eight, Jack.
I'd be level nine if it wasn't for my seasonal pollen allergies.
What's your coven? Say what? What's your pass phrase.
I don't know you, man.
Same time, one, two, three.
Knight Rider.
Wait, what? Gardener rerarian.
Exactly what you said, man.
Oh, it is so dope to connect with other weirdos.
But right here, man, you and me, we understand each other.
All that fairy stuff aside, I dig you, Bodie.
I dig you, Bodie.
Now, I only got a minute before the cops come in here and haul you out.
So I'm going to level with you.
The Earth Force Mother is pretty POed at you, man.
Me? You're crazy.
I didn't do anything.
She sent me here to stop you.
How do you think I found you in that ceiling, bro? Luck? No.
I got a message.
Why is the Earth Spirit after me? She knows you lit those fires, bro.
We found the crew mates you murdered in the buildings.
I didn't kill nobody, brother.
It must have been that guy.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait, wait, what guy? Ten years ago, somebody started hunting us down.
Someone grabbed me out of my car, took me to some construction site, made me get on my knees, told me I had to pay for killing those two firemen.
Then he pulls the trigger.
Nothing happens.
I got the hell out of there.
I haven't been to Santa Barbara since that night.
I found Wicca and reformed.
Where did this mystery man take you, bro? Like an address or something? I had a bag over my head most of the time.
But that night is burned in my mind.
I was about to die.
And all I remember hearing is birds.
Lots of them.
Sounded like hundreds.
Birds? Yeah.
Wicca out brother.
Shawn, I still can't believe the police thought your bird chirping clue was too vague.
Well, they're still trying to figure out what building Bodie was taken to.
Well, at least Bodie told us the killer's motive.
Someone is avenging the deaths of the firemen killed in the Renkel fires.
Maybe it is a firefighter.
I warned you, Shawn, firefighters are trouble.
I did everything in my power to keep you off the pole.
And you succeeded, Dad, in every conceivable way.
But since our bad guy was targeting criminals, rogue cop is now added to the list.
We have all the potential arson targets.
Since our killer scouted one out for Bodie, he may have still used them for other victims.
And all you got going is your bird chirping? Wait a minute.
What about Miss Mugglesworth? My cockatoo when I was eight? Yeah.
I haven't thought about her in years.
Remember when she died, your parents fed you some story about taking her somewhere? The bird sanctuary.
But she's not dead.
She's still there.
Living amongst other relinquished avians.
Gus, have you seen her since your parents took her there? Of course not.
She had a rare bird disease, where she would lose her feathers if anyone ever looked at her.
So she has to be kept in a special mirrored cage.
What? Gus, your parents lied to you.
We do it sometimes to protect our kids.
Your bird bit the big one.
Sorry, pal.
Not all pets can go live on a special wheat farm like my rabbits.
That's right, son.
Where is this bird sanctuary? Third Street and D.
Third and D? Yeah.
Really? Dude, hundreds of birds chirping.
That never occurred to you until now? Leaving Mrs.
Mugglesworth was a painful memory, Shawn.
I blocked it out until Guys, guys, guys, the Daedalus Building.
It's right there.
Right in that area.
When is it schedded to be retrofitted? Tomorrow.
Well, that means your pyromaniac is going to get to work today.
Shawn, we told Morgan to check all these buildings.
I gotta call her and tell her not to go in without backup! Damn it.
I still can't get a hold of Morgan.
I got a bad feeling about this.
Did you call Lassiter and the fire department? They're on their way.
Morgan! Army Johnson? Stay where you are.
Don't make a move.
Dude, start talking.
Stall him until everybody gets here.
Don't let him toss that flame.
I know you killed those criminals.
But I know why.
Honey, the last time this city had an arsonist was so long ago I was still on the big red truck.
Because, back in the day you were a fireman.
And those vandals set fires that took the lives of two of your colleagues.
Died fighting the Renkel fires of '98, set by a bunch of vandals.
I served side by side with those firemen for years.
They had families.
You're right.
They did.
So you left the department and took a job inspecting buildings for code violations and you discovered those are pretty good places to hide a body.
So you stalked and killed your victims, you covered them with lye and you plugged them into walls.
But your old buddy, the Fire Chief, figured you out.
He made a few calls.
Five calls in a row to hardware stores all over the city.
Confirmed that it was you that bought the accelerant.
And finally he caught you in the act.
Army, what are you doing? Don't do it! Don't do it! It was too late, wasn't it? Always the fireman, he tried to put it out.
You even tried to save his life.
Come on, Danny! It was my fault.
Danny wasn't supposed to be there.
What about us? Huh? What about your arson inspector? We didn't do anything.
Do we deserve to die? I don't I don't No.
But But I can't live with this anymore.
No! Gus! Get Morgan! Get Morgan! This is a mess.
Where's Shawn? His car's over there.
I can see somebody coming out.
Are you guys okay? What the hell happened? What is Army Johnson doing here? He's He's He's the bad guy.
Really? Well, look at that.
Got you doing the grunt work, huh? Well, all the new volunteers have to do it.
How's it going so far? I'm pretty much a hero to the newbies.
I mean I've already been in two fires, carried a man out, stopped an arsonist.
Yes, you have.
Well, I just wanted to drop something by before I visit Morgan in the hospital.
What's that? Meet your new fire dog.
Lady Godiva.
That's a boy, Shawn.
Oh, yeah.
Look at that.
I've already cleared it with the new Fire Chief.
You just got to walk him, feed him, clean up after him and what not.
He needs eye drops at two, ear drops at three, and he may or may not have mange.
You're not leaving that thing here.
I'm not taking care of him.
Gus, if you don't take him, Cruella will turn him into ear muffs.
Goodbye, Lady G.
Shawn, Shawn! Did you paint these spots on? In between the lines there's a lot of obscurity I'm not inclined to resign to maturity If it's all right then you're all wrong But why bounce around to the same damn song? You'd rather run when you can't crawl I know, you know That I'm not telling the truth I know, you know They just don't have any proof Embrace the deception Learn how to bend Your worst inhibitions tend to psych you out in the end I know, you know I know, you know