Psych s07e08 Episode Script

Right Turn or Left for Dead

- Hey.
- Huh? What are you doing? I am enjoying this cake.
You know I love cake.
I deserve this, damn it.
Well, at least have the common decency to wash it down with a fresh flute of-- what is that? - Prosecco.
- Or three.
I accept.
And I'm freezing.
Oh, baby.
You gotta put your arms in here, you won't be able to use them.
- Say "cheese" or something.
- Oh.
Cheese or something.
Back in a jiff.
Shawn, I need to ask you something.
Lassiter said you had a vision of her with Michael Damian.
But you had this receipt.
So you knew Herb would be there.
Right? Please don't make me answer that.
Are you telling me this is all a lie? Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, I feel so stupid.
No, sweetheart.
No, this is all me.
And I'm freezing.
What is this? Oh, that's the chief's pashmina.
Well, I'm sure she would not want you to be cold.
Thank you.
- Oop-- - Hmm? Say "cheese" or something.
Cheese or something.
I love you.
What? I said I love you.
I'm--I'm sorry.
One more time.
I said I love you! - Oh.
I know.
- Huh.
I just wanted to hear you shout it above Animotion.
- Guess what.
- Hmm? I love you more than Sid loved Nancy.
Oh, well, I love you more than Joanie loved Chachi, kids love Trix, and Bert loved Ernie, allegedly.
- So suck on that.
- I will not.
- You will.
- You're right.
- You win.
- Mm-hmm.
Your love reigns supreme over all the land.
Yeah, it does.
Now pucker up, buttercup.
What just happened? In between the lines there's a lot of obscurity I'm not inclined to resign to maturity if it's all right then you're all wrong but why bounce around to the same damn song? Ooh You'd rather run when you can't crawl I know you know that I'm not telling the truth I know you know they just don't have any proof embrace the deception learn how to bend your worst inhibitions tend to psych you out in the end Never mix vodka, gin, tequila, and rum.
Pray for me.
Dude, what happened? She knows.
- You told her? - Ha.
It's worse.
I didn't.
She found out? My heart feels like wet toilet paper, Gus.
That's disgusting, Shawn.
So fragile, man.
It's like not even two-ply it's like one-ply.
It's like school toilet paper.
- I can go with you.
- No.
No, you stay here and have a good time, man.
Come on.
They're gonna play Y.
- at some point.
- I don't mind missing that.
No, you're not.
I'm just gonna take a cab.
You can crash at my place if you need to.
True or false-- you were expecting Erasure's cover of Take A Chance On Me to be on the playlist.
- True.
- Get out of here.
Never mix vodka, tequila, and rum.
That's an Long Island iced tea.
They're supposed to go together.
That is a party in your liver, man.
And everyone is invited.
- Except the pancreas.
- He doesn't know how to party.
He does not know how to party, so it'll be our secret.
Oh, how about that Marlowe? My God, she is baby-crazy.
Carlton's not ready for that.
Yeah, I think I have a plan to cog up this mama maniac-- Dog.
I've already picked out the breed, I found a shelter, we pick it up in the morning, we surprise them at work.
Oh, my God.
You are so thoughtful.
I agree.
It's like my third best quality behind awesomeness and humility.
- Oh, yeah.
- Here I come.
- Oh.
- Make a right.
Make a left.
Hey, uh, Daryush.
I'm thinking about getting my friend a live animal as a wedding gift.
How do you feel about that? Is that cool or are salad forks more appropriate? You don't have an opinion about that.
You're a wheelman.
Hey, stop the cab! Ow! Ow.
Gosh Daryush, what, did you use both feet on the brakes? Lock the door.
Oh, God.
What are you doing? No, no, no! Don't get out of the cab.
- Hey, are you all right? - Don't be a hero now.
You're not all right.
She's not all right, Daryush! Look at her! She's clearly on drugs.
- Come with me, okay? - No, no, no.
Don't bring her this way.
Don't bring her over here.
Look at her.
She's bleeding! Don't bring her in my cab! - Watch your head.
- Come on now.
All right, we can lay down.
What happened? Who did this to you? Biflod.
She do many drugs.
Listen, man, you are seriously toying with your gratuity here.
I don't know understand.
Oh, no.
Get us to a hospital now! Now! Sleep tight sweet Jules It's off to bed we go to have at one another like that show I saw about those Randy authors Let's hold hands and scratch each other's bellies.
I'm in.
Hey, there.
Oh, this--this is her stuff? Ah, great.
Thank you.
Are you kidding me? Kjellins? Hey, can I get online with these machines? I'd like to go to zappos.
No? No, I can't get online, or no, you're-- you're not sure? - What's in the box? - Remember when you told us that you weren't quite ready to have kids? Oh, no.
Lassiter, I want you to meet Lassiter Jr.
Lassie for short.
Happy wedding.
For the record, I had nothing to do with this.
Okay, first of all, I don't want a dog.
And if I did, I'd want a man's dog, like a Shepherd or a Rottweiler.
You know, the kind of dog whose silhouette is used on beware-of-dogs signs.
I'd want hooch, not this sad sack that's gonna step on its own ears.
Well, don't think of him as a dog.
Think of him as your child.
A child who may very well have diarrhea - because he certainly has gas.
- No.
Take it.
- Happy wedding, no returns.
- Take-- you sons of bitches.
How you doing? Well, they say I might have a mild concussion.
And I wasn't able to go pick up Lassie's new dog from the rescue this morning.
Oh, and get this.
I might have a mild concussion.
- Do you know who she is? - No.
She had no I.
when I brought her in.
Spoke to Juliet yet? She must--she must have her phone turned off, man.
But you know, after a good night's sleep, I'm sure she's gonna be over this whole breaking-up-with-me-thing.
I know I am.
I was thinking that I would go Costanza on her.
Just pretend like it never happened.
That didn't even work for George Costanza.
Come on, son.
You know Georgie doesn't have what I've got.
A mild concussion? Hey, how did you hear about that? Dude, when I left the wedding last night, these were all gone.
Do you mind? Get up in there.
What? Yeah, it was funny.
The only thing I had to read last night was that silly biscotti wrapper.
Yeah, those things are made with edible gold dust.
Dude, you know I'm allergic to gold dust.
Remember in grammar school I had to sit at the gold dust-free table? I don't really remember grammar school, Gus.
My head hurts for some reason.
Hey! You all right? What do you think? Would you like some biscotti with real pieces of gold in it? Shawn, how can you not think this is a big deal? Um, I-I-I think maybe you're making too much of this.
Our entire relationship is based on lies.
And laughter, and laser tag, and love.
But you know me well enough to know how I feel.
Especially after everything I went through with my dad.
Honesty is everything to me, Shawn.
It's the only thing.
You're--you're not gonna tell anyone about the-- Don't worry.
Is that all care about? So can you give us an update on this girl.
Sure, chief.
This is a Jane Doe.
And the doctor stitched up some knife wounds at they said were asymmetrical.
Bowie knife will do that.
We recovered the body of an Erik Palma the other day.
He'd been shot, but he also had those telltale Bowie markings.
Love that knife.
Could be a link.
Do you get any feelings about this girl other than the place you found her? Uh she--she seemed nice.
Her shoes are super dope.
I mean, are you getting any psychic sensations? Of course.
Um Um Biflod.
Uh, yes, as a matter of fact.
I believe we're looking for a beef log, or, uh, a bratwurst.
Possibly a salami chub.
He has a mild concussion.
Maybe I should just take you all to where I found her.
So I said, "It's raining men? Hey, let's open the roof and stay in bed.
" That is a great story.
And look who finally shows up.
With a dog, no less.
- This is new Lassie.
- Don't name it.
Just as we were connecting.
Well, back to work.
This body came in last night.
Basic Jane Doe.
Death caused by blood loss due to lacerations.
That is some classic bowie knife action for you right there.
Honey of a weapon.
It built the west.
There was a body found the other day with similar knife injuries who'd also been shot.
An Erik Palma.
I don't know.
Maybe there's a link.
Said my little super cop.
What are you doing? Stop--stop it! Lassie, no.
Don't name it! Carlton, curb your dog.
Likes dead bodies.
Maybe he'll turn out to be a cadaver dog.
Is that the reason there were no gift bags left for me? Damn it, strode, it was one per guest.
Well, there were no signs.
Biscotti? Technically, these are mine.
Hey, that's the same China pattern that Marlowe and I registered for.
Really? That--that is what we call a coinky-dink.
Look, why don't the four of you-- okay, the five of you go back to where we found this girl's body and investigate? Sounds great, chief.
Come on, sweetheart.
You know, Lassie, I think I'm allergic to your dog.
- I'm starting to itch.
- It's not my dog.
What's the matter, Spencer? Your third eye blind? Let's all remember he has a slight concussion.
Look, I know she was here, okay? Right here on this road.
I just can't sense what direction she came from.
I'm blocked for some reason.
All right, well, you don't have to be psychic to know she probably came from one of these houses.
This neighborhood's a cesspool.
Come on, O'Hara.
Who did this to you? Wha--wait.
She came from the woods.
I'm sure of it.
Fine, let's go to the woods.
You know, it may not have been what you thought it was, but it's still pretty effective.
This is where the girl's body was found.
She must have been fleeing one of these shacks into the woods.
This neighborhood is the east St.
Louis of Santa Barbara.
Actually, um, I'm sensing that she came from the woods.
- Nice work, Shawn.
- Thanks, babe.
It's definitely the dog.
It's definitely the dog making me itch.
Come on, Spencer.
Anything? What are you doing? Are you online shopping? I'm trying to order those shoes the girl was wearing.
You're looking for ladies' shoes.
They're unisex.
Look, man, you have been sneaker-blocked for five years.
And I'm helling for Kjellins.
That makes no sense, Shawn.
You can only find them on this Swedish website, but it's in this strange language that I can't understand.
It's Swedish, Shawn.
But I thought Swedish was just like English but with an accent.
You know, like the British or Ire-lish? Biflod.
All right, fine.
What isbeef log? A beef log is any type of cured or fermented beef, salami, chorizo.
Siri, Siri.
Shh, shh.
Pretend like we're in a library, okay? Now Siri, please translate Beeflod.
Beeflod from Swedish to English.
Your results.
Creek: One--a stream smaller than a river.
The creek! The--the creek! Come on, Spencer.
Anything? Uh-- I think he's trying to tell us something.
What is it? What is it, Lassie Jr.
? Maybe he got a scent off the girl's body.
I think you might be right.
Nice work, dog.
Hey-- Lassie, come back! Come here, Lassie! Oh, man.
This dog's one hell of a cop.
Nice work, Spencer.
Who's a good doggie? Who's a good puppy? Driver's license says he's Cory Wolf.
Has the same knife wounds as the body we found the other day.
Well, I'm guessing whoever killed Palma and Wolf also attacked Spencer's Jane Doe.
Hello? Thank you.
Jane Doe just woke up.
So you got three bodies, and the only thing linking them together is the nature of their injuries.
I hate when it's vague.
Don't you, buddy? Don't you hate when it's vague? - Shawn, you sensing something? - I'm seeing something.
I'm sorry, Gus, were you bitten by a chimp back there? It looks like you have a touch of rage going on.
It's Lassie's dog.
- He's killing me.
- Come on, son.
You know you've never been allergic to dogs.
You can develop allergies later in life, Shawn.
My cousin became allergic to animal fur late in his 30s.
It was tragic.
Those ferrets were like family.
I don't even want to talk about it.
Hey, guys.
I got something.
There's a name in it.
"Mason Pasternak.
" It's a kid's jacket.
We may be looking at a fourth victim.
I liked it better when it was vague.
You think--I think Jules is starting to thaw.
Yeah, I mean, I-I know one thing about women, and that's that they don't hold grudges.
I mean, they're very easy-breezy this way.
I think your concussion just got upgraded to severe.
Hi, there.
My name is Shawn Spencer.
I am the very heroic man that brought you here last night.
What's your name? It's okay.
They're--they're both with me.
The blonde and I are actually very much in love.
I am sensing that you are from Sweden.
How did you know? We're with the Santa Barbara police department.
We want to find who did this to you.
Can you tell us your name? My name is Elin.
Her name is Elin.
What can you tell us about last night? Lassie.
I think I should probably do the talking, considering that we have a very special rapport.
What can you tell us about last night, Elin? My boyfriend and I were attacked by a man with black mask.
Boyfriend? I'm afraid this may be difficult, but can you identify this man? That's Cory, my boyfriend.
Is he I'm afraid so.
Interestingly, we found a body with similar injuries the other day.
We have reason to believe you may have been attacked by the same person, so I wanted to show you another picture.
Oh, no! No, that's Erik.
We dated once, several months ago.
It's Anders.
It's Anders.
He did this.
I know it's him.
- Who's Anders? - He was a boyfriend in Sweden.
Whoa, somebody is a very popular girl.
Am I right? Because of the boyfriends? And why shouldn't you be popular? You're young and you're fertile.
International you're open-minded.
I mean, you've probably been with girls.
I'm sorry.
Please continue.
When I broke off with Anders, he took it badly.
He threatened me, my family.
He's why I left Sweden.
And now he's found me.
He's found me.
It's okay.
Why don't we check with Immigration? See if this Anders has entered the country.
In the meantime, let's have her describe him to a sketch artist.
I want you to stay with her.
I'll miss you.
Well, here's the good news, Elin.
You're safe now.
I'm just so glad that I was able to be there for you.
And I couldn't help noticing that you have a relatively large foot for a woman.
Do you mind if I make a little size comparison? Shawn.
Not even close.
What was I thinking? Must have been a forced perspective from where I was standing.
You sure this is the right address? It's the only Pasternak in Santa Barbara.
How you feeling, Quasimodo? My eyes itch, my nose, my neck, my tongue.
My tongue, Shawn.
Yeah, I'm only getting, like, every other word though.
Now if our theory's correct, we're about to deliver some difficult news.
Let's try and act like professionals.
Upsy-daisy, baby.
Good afternoon.
Let me guess.
You're off to see the wizard? Is this the Pasternak residence? Very good, scarecrow.
You must be the leader of the gang.
I'm detective Carlton Lassiter.
How did you get my son's jacket? Is that blood? Perhaps we should speak inside.
Put your coat in the hamper.
Don't touch the blood.
We'd like to ask you some questions about your au pair.
Elin? What happened? She was from Sweden.
Working here, taking classes.
I warned her.
She was too trusting, like a child almost.
Do you recognize this gentleman? That's the boyfriend.
Cory something.
Is he dead too? I'm afraid so.
Oh, my God.
When was the last time you saw Elin? I sent her to Mason's preschool to pick up his jacket.
Would you say she was good at her job? Well, she spoke more English than the last girl.
Couldn't you just get another au pair? My husband and I are working through trust issues.
Hiring the sexy Swede was my way of saying, "I trust you to not to diddle the help.
" Like, I'm over the first time.
But women don't get over being lied to.
This one knows what I'm talking about.
Thank you very much.
We'll be in touch.
I'm sorry I made your friend wait outside.
The only dog allowed in this house is my husband.
Well, Immigration's confirmed that Anders Lindstrom entered the U.
, though, naturally, they have no contact info.
- Who's Anders again? - Elin's wacko ex-boyfriend.
So why we at a bar? 'Cause Gus, to catch a fish, one goes to sea.
But if you want to catch a crazy Swedish psychopath, you come to the King Carl, watering hole for Swedish expats.
Seriously, do your best to blend in.
What is this? Women's wiffle hockey? It's the ladies' floorball championship between Sweden and Finland.
All right, even if that's something that actually exists, how in the name of Max Von Sydow's eyebrows do you know about it? I play fantasy floorball.
Not for money, just for bragging rights.
Where do you play fantasy-- Lina Magnussson is a beast with the stick.
What! Stop it.
You stop it.
Come on, son! Hejsan.
Well, "heyson" right back at you.
- Are you Swedish? - Oh.
- You're a-tutin', hey? - What about him? This here is my associate, Jonas Gustavsson.
From the Toronto Maple Leafs? Sure.
Why not? Welcome.
Aquavit? - Skal! - Skulls.
Ahh! Aaaahhhhh! Ohho ho! Me Swedish eyes be waterin' tears of joy, they be.
So tell me, Oskar.
Do you know recognize this fellow Swede? Yeah.
That's Anders.
He gave me big-time creeps.
I told Torsten not to bring him back here.
- Who's Torsten? - Everybody knows Torsten.
Everybody knows the, uh, toaster.
Man, I can't keep these Nordic dudes straight.
- Who's Jonas again? - That's you, man.
Of course.
Torsten's is aquavit drinking champion.
Anders stayed at his apartment.
Anders stayed with Torsten? - Mm-hmm.
- Oskar.
Could you remind me of Torsten's address? Between just the three of us, Anders may be on a wee murder spree.
EeeEeeEee I'll write down the address for you.
Victim one: Palma.
He was in Santa Barbara finishing his tenth novel.
Victim two: Wolf.
He's a well-known author who taught at SBCC.
Both of have been described as successful and extremely self-involved.
I think we might have the start of a profile here.
So we're looking for a killer who's targeting pompous pencil jockeys.
Elin was probably at the wrong at the wrong time.
Well, but let's check to see if Palma and Wolf could've come into contact with the same person, like a disturbed student, a jealous writer-- - Gesundheit.
- Bless you.
- A little cold? - Yes.
Someone stole my pashmina from Lassiter's wedding, and I have been freezing ever since.
I need a new tissue.
- Oh, for heaven's sake.
- Hang on.
Oh, it's the wifey.
Hello, Mrs.
Oh, hang on.
Want to say hi? Say hi to mommy.
There you go.
Say hello.
Marriage really suits Carlton.
It sure does.
I wish them exactly 7.
2 years of happiness.
What do you think a Spencer-O'Hara wedding - would look like? - Seriously? Yeah.
I think it would look something like the November Rain video.
Up to but not including the part where it becomes a funeral.
How bad? How bad is what? Oh, your eyes.
Hadn't noticed, to be honest.
You know what I think will cover that though? - Burlap.
- Mm.
- A sack - Mm-hmm.
Made entirely of burlap with no holes.
Damn dog.
- Mother of God.
- Wow.
Let's go back to the Erik Palma crime scene.
I'm, uh, getting very strong sensations that Anders is staying at this address.
Really? How strong are those sensations? Tell us, Shawn.
Well, Spencer might be right.
There was an aborted 911 call.
SBPD! Torsten? That's right, Jonas.
I need your help with a case.
Hey, there's my future son-in-law.
Stepson-in-law, Lloyd.
Either way, rights of inheritance only apply to blood relatives.
This will give them one less thing to fight over.
What happened to you? Shawn, what happened to your head? Are you all right? Oh, uh-- Things got a little crazy after you left last night.
The gazpacho fountain got turned over, and the chicken dance turned into more of a chicken scrum.
Seriously, I'm fine.
Lloyd, you're here.
- Yup.
- In the house.
You know, I thought that the Mexico trip sort of put this relationship to bed.
Well, inauspicious beginnings often yield surprising results.
You should have seen your dad today on that boat.
He's just raking in the sea bass.
I wasn't raking.
See? You're doing that thing again.
You're so modest.
I'm trying to get him to accept his brilliance.
Are you even aware of what your father has just bubbling up inside? Unfortunately, I am, Lloyd.
I've shared a bathroom with him.
And I've seen his navel.
You think I can get one of those beers? Absolutely.
Frosted, unfrosted? Surprise me, you big boob.
Shawn, you all right? Yeah.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
So what do you got? Well, I got a suspect.
Killed two guys that his ex was dating in a jealous rage.
And then I discovered that he also killed his male roommate, right? I'm just--I'm looking for motive here.
- Well, any pertinent details? - Yeah.
A 911 call from the roommate minutes before his death.
Well, my guess is the roommate found out, he attempted to call the cops, - and the ex-boyfriend killed him.
- Mm-hmm.
Bet that's it.
- That's it.
- Mm-hmm.
You came over here for that? Shawn, you could've figured that out for yourself.
You want to tell me what's really going on here? Yeah, but I gotta warn you.
I'm especially fragile right now.
I'm gonna need you to put on the kid gloves.
Here it is--there's one.
That's funny.
Beer's coming soon.
I'm washing a glass.
So Jules found out.
And now she thinks that our whole relationship is a big lie.
You idiot! - What? - I knew this would happen.
I think maybe you need to lace those gloves a little tighter.
Do you understand that I'm going to be implicated in your little charade? Did you ever stop and think for one second how this might affect me? Yeah, it was the first thought I had after she ended our relationship.
Ah, sorry, guys.
Lime? No lime? Lloyd, give us a minute here, would you? Well, all charades aside, Juliet is obviously very hurt by all of this, and I have no idea what to do about it.
Well, did you consider going Costanza? It was my first move.
She's gotta cool off, Shawn.
Nobody stays mad forever.
- Who you calling? - Hospital.
Yeah, this is Shawn Spencer.
Again, has the police detail arrived for Elin's room? That's 1502.
I see.
And--and when did this happen? Uh-huh.
Thank you.
She was discharged eight hours ago to a woman named Mary Pasternak? Borrowing your truck.
Why do you hurt me? Buddy.
It's so beautiful here.
Yeah, it photographs beautifully.
Why would someone shoot and stab the first victim and then just stab the second one? You know, this is the kind of place a girl wouldn't hate being proposed to.
Well, aside from the foul stench of death, I'd say it's just about ideal.
But don't worry, sweetheart.
I will find us a sweet spot just like this.
Are you Mary Pasternak? Like I'd tell you.
My name is Shawn Spencer.
And I need to see Elin.
Oh, you're the guy that found her.
She's resting in the guest house.
They said it was okay to bring her home.
Okay, well, I-I think she's in serious danger.
Her--her ex-boyfriend is in town, and I think he's potentially psychotic.
How do you know? Because I am a psychic with the SBPD.
Psychic? Can you tell me where my kid left his jacket? All right, look.
Your acerbic manner may be amusing under the right circumstances, but this is an emergency.
It's Anders.
He has her.
Uh, all right, I'm sensing that Elin was your son's au pair? No, she was his wife.
Some psychic.
- Can you be helpful? - Her phone! I got her a cell phone so I could keep track of her when she had Mason.
I kept tabs on my husband that way too.
- That's true love.
- Here.
Take mine.
You'll be able to find Elin.
And don't be too careful with it.
I wanted to get a new phone anyway.
Siri, find Elin.
You're sure this is the address registered to that gun you found? Absolutely.
Where's Lassie Jr.
? He's in for the old snip-and-fix.
He's a Lassiter now.
He's gotta stay frosty.
Gus, Jules and I are thinking about making it official.
SBPD! - You're my best man, right? - Okay.
Assuming of course that this whole thing clears up.
That's not going to be nearly enough.
You're right.
- Is your name Torsten? - Yeah.
Can you and your stupid hair let us in? You have arrived at your destination.
Oh, no.
Three men are dead one was killed with your gun.
My gun is here where it always is.
I never take it out.
That's impossible.
It's-- - Anders.
- Excuse me? I know who took the gun.
Anders was a friend from university, a psychiatrist.
He was tracking an unstable patient.
The patient had a super abusive stepfather back in Sweden.
Once attacked a man that resembled him.
Ho-- Dios mios! What was his stepfather like? Oh, he was very famous author back in Sweden, but maybe not too much of a family guy.
Apparently, he really gave her a complex.
Her? The patient was female.
It was Elin.
What just happened? What just happened? There you are.
I've been calling.
What time is it? What were you doing in the dark? Uh, just wondering what things might've been like if I hadn't given Jules my stupid jacket.
Apparently it involves your lips falling off.
What? No.
Gus, don't--don't eat the biscotti.
I didn't.
I'm allergic, remember? - Oh, right.
- Look.
Lassie followed up on your hunch and called the hospital in Stockholm.
Turns out our girl escaped.
And she has seriously step-daddy issues.
We need to find her, like, now.
Dude, are you okay? Hospital in Stockholm sent over Elin's psychological history.
Apparently, her stepfather did a real number on her.
That's an understatement.
Elin was out there finding guys that fit her stepfather's profile and taking them out.
She killed Anders because he wanted to take her back to Sweden.
And she stole the gun that Anders took from Torsten, used it on the first victim, Palma.
Lost it in the struggle.
Second victim, Wolf, actually got in a few decent licks before he died.
And that's when she ran out of the woods in front of my cab.
When she got out of the hospital, she panicked.
Tried to make it look like she was abducted.
And then she killed Torsten in case he knew too much and was in the process of moving Anders's body when I tracked her down.
Is everybody clear? I think I just blew my own mind.
Well, let's put an APB out on Miss Elin.
I want all transport hubs covered.
And how are you holding up? I have a slight headache.
I will make you some tea.
Elin's dad left her when she was a little girl.
And her mother moved to Santa Barbara and died in a car accident that was ruled a suicide? This is some bleak stuff.
Where did the mother die? On the 192 off Mission Ridge Road.
That's where Elin dumped Anders.
Elin? We're approaching.
It's okay.
When my mother left Sweden for America, she promised she'd get us a place and send for me.
I'm sorry about what happened to your mother.
If I had been a better girl, my real daddy wouldn't have gone away.
And my mom would still be alive.
We'd all be together.
We know what your stepfather did to you.
It was my fault.
No, no, no.
It was not your fault.
Look, I helped you before.
You remember? If I hadn't given Jules my jacket, we would have found you in the morgue.
And Gus's eyes would've swollen up like grapefruits.
At least that's how it all played out in my head.
- I'm pretty sure it tracks.
- Eh.
Let us help you again, because you need help, Elin.
And maybe a cheeseburger.
And maybe a hospital dedicated just to you.
Probably a prison hospital.
Or maybe an island prison hospital.
- Ooh.
- Like Alcatraz.
- Yeah.
- But with a loving staff.
Large, compassionate, matronly women.
Help me.
Man, that's how we do it.
What the-- - My beautiful brain! - Gus! This is some crazy monkey-like strength, Gus! Gus! I'm going to lose! Drop it, Elin! Now! You heard her! Ah Come on, Looney Tunes.
This is crazy.
I'm out of here.
You okay? Yeah, it's--it's very difficult - to hurt solid steel.
- Hmm.
You rescued me.
I'm a cop, Shawn.
Don't say anything until I'm finished.
If I hadn't found that piece of paper, we would've gone on like we'd always been.
But at some point, I'd have to find out.
Don't deny it.
And please don't say that I misunderstood because that just makes it worse.
I trusted you.
The one thing I always knew in my heart was that I could trust you.
And then I found that stupid piece of paper.
But I understand why you had to keep it a secret.
What choice did you have? Maybe you were protecting me.
And if you're not psychic, then you are a really good cop.
Like, maybe one of the best.
Next to me.
Sweetheart, I'm so sorry.
I'm so-- I'm so sorry.
But I have never lied about the way I feel for you, not ever.
Gus on the other hand, I lie to daily.
And freely.
Because he can't handle the truth about anything really.
I love you.
Yeah, you do.
Shawn, what are you doing? Shawn.
Shawn! I must have nodded off.
Look, before you say anything, I am have been obsessively replaying Lassiter's wedding in my head.
And if I just hadn't given you my jacket, right? Everything would still be okay.
Sweetheart, I am so sorry.
But you did give me your jacket.
And I know you don't think it's a big deal, but then the more I think about it, the angrier I get.
I think-- No.
I know I need some space.
So wh--what does that mean exactly? I think you should move out.