Revenge s01e07 Episode Script


Previously on "revenge" Daddy! (Emily) when I was a child, My father was framed for a crime he didn't commit.
You're making a mistake! Amanda! Amanda Clarke no longer exists.
Before he died, he left a road map for revenge That led me to the people who destroyed our lives.
Lydia's in a coma.
(Conrad) Frank was trying to kill her, Victoria.
(Lydia) aah! Whose idea was it to make the video? Tell me I'm alone in this, and I won't bother you again.
I'm seeing Daniel.
I'm so sorry, Jack.
Get off me! Uhh! I think we're all being set up.
(Emily) as Hamlet said to Ophelia, "God has given you one face, And you make yourself another.
" The battle between these two halves of identity Who we are and who we pretend to be, is unwinnable.
Conrad, could you please take Victoria's hand In this next shot? And, Victoria, can you please show us the ring? Beautiful.
Thank you.
So if you had to sum up your quarter century of marriage, What exactly would you say is your secret? What keeps you two together? Love and respect.
If you keep that in mind, It's impossible not to go through 25 years Without experiencing certain things That bond you And make you stronger.
What's the one thing that has bonded you two forever? I would say the birth of our son Daniel.
Oh, and Charlotte, of course.
And you'll be very happy to hear that my editor Has promised me the front page of the life & leisure section, Above the fold.
The 25th year in the marriage Of the Hamptons' most perfect couple.
Would you mind giving Ms.
Andetson A tour of the garden before brunch? Of course.
I'll be along in just a minute.
Thank you.
Let's wrap it up.
Let's go.
The Hamptons' most perfect couple.
I don't know how much more of this I can stomach.
The timing is Less than ideal, But the best thing we can do is go about our lives As though nothing's happened.
Something has happened.
Lydia was almost killed, And we don't know where Frank is or what he's up to.
What we do know is that Frank cashed his severance check.
Hopefully, that means that's the last we've heard of him.
And what about Lydia? Well, I stationed a guard at her bedside.
And when she wakes up, We'll be the first to know.
May I see some identification? It's okay, Big Ed.
She's just a former friend.
Oh, you can take five, Just don't go too far.
You hired a bodyguard? You would, too, if Frank had almost blown your kneecaps off.
But as peculiar as it may sound, I happen to like my life.
Oh, and so did my father, Until the Graysons stole it.
Where's your loyalty to him? Perhaps I could step back Into more of a consulting role.
I need you to hack into the hospital's computer files.
Lydia's out of critical condition, But she's still comatose.
I couldn't help myself.
That buys us some time to get back on track.
And what horrible fate do you have in store For young Daniel? Daniel's not a target.
You know that.
You know how much easier your life would be If you just dropped all this And went to go live happily ever after With Jack? Unless Of course You're actually falling for Daniel? You're just a consultant, remember? So which parent spoils you the most? Easy.
My dad.
That's an understatement.
And what about your brother? Is there any sibling rivalry there? My brother gets away with murder.
Notice his absence this morning? Mm.
He really should've been here by now.
I can't imagine what's keeping him.
Daniel's been doing some charity work Down at the docks in Montauk.
Tyler Barrol, Daniel's Harvard friend.
Melissa Andetson.
With the "Times.
" Tyler's been staying with us for the summer.
In fact, he's practically a member of the family.
You should really come To the anniversary dinner tomorrow night.
Of course.
So you're going to be having an intimate dinner Rather than one of your legendary soirees? Oh, well, it's become kind of a tradition on its own, Just close friends and family.
Not to overstep, but may I bring Ashley as my date? Oh, tyler, I'm sure the Graysons Already have enough people.
It's a lovely idea.
Then I'll bring a date, too.
Last I heard, you and Adam had broken up.
Let's keep it to tradition.
Hey, bud.
Well, look what the cat dragged in.
Your mother is ready to kill you.
She's not alone, by the way.
I know.
I know.
I got this stupid interview, Which I Hold on.
Why are you mad at me? You honestly don't remember? Oh, my god.
Did I do that? You slammed my head into a wall, Danny.
Are you serious? T-ty, I-I don't remember a thing from last night.
What what happened? Well, apparently, I can't mention Emily's name Without you going ballistic on me.
What about me? Nothing.
Rough night.
So I heard.
Is that why you've been ignoring my calls? I'm sorry.
The night kind of got away from me, And I ended up crashing at work.
Could we get a little privacy, Tyler? Yeah, of course.
Ah, perfect timing.
Hey, mom.
How's Rio? I'm sorry.
The "Times" is doing a profile of my mom and dad, And I gotta sit down with the reporter.
Hey, why don't you join me? Mm.
I hate these things.
No more than I do.
I've never trusted reporters.
They can Twist your words to sell any story they want.
Call you when it's over.
If it's okay, I'd rather you not mention me.
No problem.
You looking for this? This is some serious firepower, ms.
Seems unnecessary.
Well, that depends on what I'm up against.
You work for the Graysons, don't you? No, not anymore.
Lost my job Due to some strange events.
There's been a lot of that going around Since you came to town You and your pal Nolan Ross.
You should leave before I call the police.
Go ahead.
Though I suspect That you don't want 'em nosing around, do you? Two years at Allenwood juvenile detention, Conviction for assault with a deadly weapon.
Those files were sealed.
At great expense, no doubt.
I was just a kid.
I'm not that girl anymore.
Well, you know what? You can clean yourself up, But zebras don't change their stripes.
How much do you want? Yeah, it's always about money with you people, isn't it? At first, I thought Victoria was just paranoid about you, But not anymore.
There's more to your story, little lady.
And I'm gonna find out what it is.
Warden, I have Amanda Clarke on the line.
I was hoping never to have to take this call.
I was hoping I'd never have to make it.
But I have a feeling I'm gonna need your help Again.
Revenge S01E07 Charade And funnily enough, I'm actually enjoying it.
Bartending? Really? Yeah, it's been really humbling.
The family that owns the stowaway Have poured their hearts and souls into the business.
I've got nothing but respect for them.
You know, Daniel, I was rereading the interview That we did last summer.
You were quite the party boy then.
You know, people change.
I've changed, And just in time.
In time for what? I What's her name? Uh, I'm sorry.
She values her privacy, and I respect that, so Oh, come on.
Just a hint? Is it serious? Hopefully.
Now if there's nothing else? Always a pleasure.
Thank you.
Did you get everything you need? Actually, he was a little cagey.
Don't tell me he gave you The whole "Emily's a very private person" thing.
Actually, he didn't mention any names at all.
Emily who? Off the record? I'll never eat oysters again.
Hey, sorry.
That's how we do it on the docks.
Trying to single-handedly restart the economy? Ah, I find shopping therapeutic.
My parents are making me come To their stupid anniversary dinner tonight, so I figured the least they could do is treat me to a new dress.
Besides, You'll need something to wear.
To your parents' anniversary dinner? Please don't say no.
To you? No way.
But I can dress myself.
Even better.
Why, exactly, do you need a bodyguard? Uh, two words, my friend Net worth.
Can I ask you a question? Friends don't have to ask if they can ask, so ask.
Well, the friends I keep wouldn't have pushed me Towards a girl that they knew was unavailable.
Why'd you do that? I never believed that Emily was serious about Grayson.
Jack, I still don't.
Well, maybe you guys aren't as tight as you think.
No, you're right.
We're like Thick.
You and I are tight.
Not anymore.
I think it's about time You found another place to hang out.
Are you Emily Thorne? Who are you? Melissa Andetson with the "Times.
" I'm doing a story on your neighbor, the Graysons, And I understand you're dating their son.
Did he tell you that? No, but it's my job to dig a little.
You know, I'm I'm really not interested In participating.
Oh, come on.
My sources tell me that you're secretly anxious To let the whole world know that Daniel Grayson's yours.
Tyler? Well, a good reporter never reveals her sources.
What can I say? You got me.
Please, sit down.
Thank you.
Your friend is a bit of a miracle.
I've seen people fall 10 feet and not make it.
What's the prognosis? Well, her vitals are strong And her fractures are healing nicely.
If the swelling continues to recede, She could regain consciousness at anytime.
Anything to expect when she does? Oh, I'd hate to speculate.
How is she? Get a guard, quickly.
Victoria, it's me.
Forgive me if I don't find that All that reassuring.
Well, you stopped taking my calls.
I'm going upstate for a few days.
If I were you, I'd go a lot farther than that.
He's right in here.
Escort this man out of the building.
If he returns, call the police.
Won't be necessary.
I'm gonna redeem myself with you, Victoria.
Or I'm gonna die trying.
All right.
The moment I laid eyes on her, I knew Emily Thorne didn't belong in here.
You don't think that Stabbing her foster father with a pair of scissors Justified incarceration? The man was convicted of aggravated child battery Long after Emily's release, So it was self-defense.
If that's true, I'd like to cross-check my intel With your records.
Then get a court order.
In the meantime, How would you like a tour of the new library? It's built entirely On Emily's donations.
We took good care of Emily back in the day.
Now she's returning the favor.
You'll see.
Hey, Jack.
The Stowaway's in the "Times.
" What? Yeah.
You're kidding.
I'm serious.
It's this crazy article about the Graysons.
Well, okay, listen to this.
Uh, "In an effort to become a more well-rounded person "And experience the life of the other half, "Daniel Grayson has even taken a job tending bar At local tavern the Stowaway.
" What else does it say? Uh It's garbage.
Hey, I forgot to tell you, I'm taking the night off.
Oh, are you? Thanks, brother.
How was your swim? Rough.
This one's part dolphin.
What you got there? Oh, a little gift for you two, Hot off the presses.
I thought you weren't doing the interview.
Yeah, well, the reporter showed up at my house, So I didn't have much choice.
Well, how did she even know about you? Apparently, somebody told her That I was anxious to participate.
Ty, is this true? I wanted to do something nice for you.
Things have been bumpy with Emily and me, And I thought it would be a good peace offering.
Sure you did.
Excuse me.
Danny, come on.
I didn't mean any harm.
Hello? It's getting harder and harder to believe.
If you can't start respecting what I got going on with Emily, Then maybe you shouldn't be here.
Did you get rid of him? For now, but this never should've happened.
What's the first thing I taught you? Never underestimate your enemy.
And never let your guard down.
This one seems determined.
Won't happen again.
Thanks, ms.
So how do you like your article? "With a strength to withstand the passage of time "And a sparkling polish that won't quit, "Silver is the perfect fit For the Graysons' own brand of marital bliss.
" I'd be happier if this couple bore any resemblance to us.
I just hope our children have better luck.
I thought you didn't believe in luck.
I don't believe in good luck.
I'm sure Lydia would agree if she were able.
Oh, speaking of, I find it curious You took it upon yourself to pay her hospital bills.
Why the 180? Well, it's easy to blame Lydia for what's happened between us.
The truth is, we're not all that different.
When I met you 25 years ago, You were married, And I was lonely and insecure, just like Lydia.
That's funny.
I don't recall you ever Being either of those things.
And for the record, I really never have loved any woman The way I've loved you.
Just my luck.
I thought you might come here.
Stop following me, Frank.
You stop giving me a reason to.
The feds are coming for David tomorrow night.
What's done is done.
Now you made your decision, Victoria.
The sooner you start living with it, the better.
What, no bodyguard? I'm right here, ma'am.
We came over to do a Security check on your place.
Ed found at least seven points of entry For potential intruders.
You really should let him install a security system.
We also do panic rooms.
I don't panic.
Ed, would you give us a minute? I need to speak to the young lady.
What happened to flying under the radar, princess? Tyler sicced that reporter on me.
I had to spin it to my advantage.
You were so effusive about Daniel, Even I swooned.
Jack, on the other hand, Not so much.
Now he's taking it out on me.
Okay, you know what? I don't have time to deal with your problems, Nolan.
I have too many of my own.
What? Shark in the water a little too close to shore? Not Frank.
He is doing everything he can to come between Daniel and me.
I need you To find something for me to use To discredit him with the Graysons.
My first solo takedown? I'm on it.
All right, two Mojitos, one Cosmo, One sugar-free Margarita.
Could I talk to you for a second? Sure.
Unless you're planning on ordering a shaved ice Appletini.
I've noticed.
The clientele's shifted a bit since the last time I was here.
Yeah, yeah.
Thanks, again, Daniel Grayson.
Not that I'm complaining.
Business has been good.
Well, I wanted to bring you this.
What is it? It's an old mariner's compass.
You didn't have to do that.
Well, I wanted to, to say thank you For fixing the swing.
And about the other night Can we pretend that didn't happen? I'm still pretty embarrassed about that.
Don't be.
Friends? Friends.
I'll see you later.
Thank you.
Thanks again for inviting me to be your date tonight.
Finally, I get to be on the guest list Instead of checking it at the door.
Of course.
You earned it.
I've earned a new pair of shoes, too, Don't you think? Go.
I'll wait out here.
Well, well.
Don't you two make a cute couple? You should probably get outta here.
My girl can't stand you.
Well, if Ashley doesn't want to see me, She should take out a restraining order.
You have some experience with that, right? What are you talking about? Oh, right.
The restraining order was against you.
My mistake.
Perhaps Leslie Montgomery Could shed some light on the matter.
What do you want, Nolan? I'll explain it to you tonight.
My place, Yeah, well, uh, I won't be there.
You will and you'll be prompt.
I can be a very impatient person.
Hello, Emily Thorne.
Our wedding invitation.
How nice.
I tracked down the printer who did the original And had one made for you.
With Daniel's help, of course.
Ah, don't look at me.
This was all Emily.
How extraordinarily crafty of you.
I'm glad you like it.
Well, as long as we're giving gifts, Happy anniversary, mrs.
I'm Declan.
Charlotte invited me.
Oh, she did, did she? Ah, Rose.
How lovely.
Mom, you remember Declan.
He's my plus one.
Well, I'll just have mrs.
Johnson Set another place at the table.
You didn't tell her I was coming? Must have slipped her mind.
Tyler's not here.
Declan can have his seat.
Oh, he's just running a bit late.
Well, we'll just hold the first course for him, then.
Let's start without him.
He can catch up.
Yeah, you wouldn't want your food To get cold, mrs.
I'm sure you slaved in the kitchen all day.
You're funny.
Scotch okay? Just tell me what the hell you want.
I like that in my negotiations.
Well, upon some research, I noticed that all your bills last summer Were paid by one Leslie Montgomery, Kept-boy style.
I get it.
Older women can be so hot.
Then I discovered that Leslie had filed a restraining order against you.
Seems you made Leslie, uh A very nervous man.
Tell me, What's a gay hustler doing posing as a Harvard student? Gay? Eh.
A hustler? Maybe.
Ambiguous sexual identity.
I get it.
I'm about a Still doesn't explain what you're up to.
Although, it's no surprise you ended up best buds With Daniel Grayson.
A couple of years ago, my family lost everything.
The Barrols went from the penthouse to the street Overnight.
I was forced to drop out of school, And now I'm here, Edging my way into an entry-level job With Conrad Grayson.
And I imagine your chances for landing that job Would take a nosedive if Conrad knew about your past.
All right, Nolan.
You got me.
But tell me Who gets you? Excuse me? Well, you you'd think There'd be people crawling all over you.
But here you are, All alone.
Now then, I can't have you sharing all this.
You did say this was a negotiation, so Let's make a deal.
Still no answer from Tyler.
I'm sorry.
I'll just see myself out.
Oh, Ashley, don't be silly.
That doesn't sound like the Tyler I know.
I'm sure there's an explanation.
The "Times" Piece on your marriage Was really inspiring.
What you two have is Truly worth the attention.
I thought it was chock-full of embellishments.
Surely what they wrote about you and Daniel Was equally overblown.
Oh, I couldn't bring myself to read that part about us.
That's funny.
Neither could my brother.
Emily's trying to get over a case of publicity shyness.
Well, when she's ready, she can take my spot.
After all this, I'll be happy if I never see my name in print again.
I'll believe that when I see it.
Or rather, when I don't see it.
How about a toast? To the Hamptons' very own William and Kate.
We're not exactly royalty.
No kidding.
The duke of cambridge wouldn't be caught dead Working at a dive bar.
It's not a dive bar, sir.
Declan's right, mr.
The Stowaway is more of a local treasure.
Oh, I didn't know you frequented such places, Emily.
Oh, yeah.
In fact, she was there this afternoon.
She even gave him a present.
What's he talking about? I was thanking him for fixing the porch swing.
It was nothing.
Yeah, it wasn't nothing to him.
You don't know what it took for Jack To put himself out there for you on the 4th.
You let him think he had a shot, but he never did, Because in your mind, He will never be good enough for you people.
Now I know the feeling.
Sorry, Charlotte.
Excuse me.
I think I'll try Tyler again.
Excuse me.
Congratulations, mom, And happy anniversary.
It's $50 for the lap dance.
Hands to yourself, or I use the cuffs.
Or not.
Actually, um, I just want to talk.
Ah, you're one of those.
It's your money.
What do you want to talk about? I want to talk about Amanda Clarke for starters.
Another reporter.
Do I look like a reporter? You look like a cop.
So do you.
Okay, you caught me.
"Time" Magazine's daughter of the devil, in the flesh.
And if this is your going rate for talking, I'll tell you anything you want to hear.
I want to hear the truth.
Your name's not really Amanda Clarke, is it? It's Emily Thorne.
One minute you're gushing about me to the "Times," The next you're having a romantic night Under the fireworks with Jack? It wasn't like that, Daniel.
Well, it sure sounds like that.
And why wouldn't you tell me you went to see him again today? Because I didn't think it mattered.
Jack and I are just friends.
You know that.
A while ago, I promised you, I'd be honest with you no matter what.
I thought we both did.
You're right.
I'm sorry.
I'm just scared.
Scared? Scared of what? I'm falling in love with you.
I need to take a walk.
We're drowning in lies, all of us.
Not even our children can escape The wreckage from this arrangement.
Arrangement? What do you you mean our marriage? This isn't a marriage.
And I'm not sure it ever was.
Clearly not for you, ever.
I remember the way you used to look at David Clarke.
You have never, not once, looked at me like that Not before and certainly not after.
You have never given me reason to! Well, perhaps I should count myself as lucky.
I mean, look what happened to him.
Get out! With pleasure.
Excuse me.
Yeah, excuse me.
Yeah, yeah.
I can't stand these people.
Dinner didn't go as planned? Well, that depends on whose plan, you know.
Look, I'm clearly not an expert, But I do know that you can't be certain How someone feels about you Until they tell you themselves.
You should talk to her.
Well, I can't go back there.
Looks like you won't have to.
So here's the way that I see it The girl passing herself off as Emily Thorne Needed a new identity.
And who better than her orphan cell mate, Straight outta juvie? I'm sure she gave you What seemed like a lot of money at the time, But money runs out, And then you end up in a place like this.
Am I close? Something like that.
So here's what I don't understand Why keep the name? Why prolong the charade? When I became Amanda, I became somebody.
You're not the first one to come in Looking for Amanda Clarke.
Though most of them were perverts.
When was the last time you had contact with her? Years.
I've tried to find her at least a dozen times.
Where is she? Who's Daniel Grayson? Heir to multibillion-dollar fortune And my employer's son.
Does anyone else know you found me? Not yet.
My shift's over in an hour.
Meet me in the parking lot? I thought maybe you could use this.
Enjoy this fleeting moment, Daniel.
It'll be the only time I'll admit Your tending bar isn't a complete waste.
Not exactly the anniversary dinner We had planned.
Well, things didn't go exactly as planned For either of us, did they? True.
Things with Emily haven't been easy.
I just I can't stop thinking about her, mom.
Why don't you like her? I just don't want to see you get hurt.
Allowing yourself to fall for someone Comes at the risk of a painful price.
I guess it's true what they say.
You can't really choose who you fall in love with.
I love you, mom.
I love you, too, baby.
David Clarke knew exactly what he was doing.
On numerous occasions, He told me he was working on something big.
And th-that he wanted me to run away with him.
David Clarke has to be completely dead to you, Or the jury will see right through you.
Victoria We're gonna lose everything This house, Daniel I mean, everything.
David Clarke threatened my life.
If I didn't do what he wanted, He swore he would hurt my family as well.
I did what I had to do to protect them.
I only wish I could've done the same For the people who died in that plane.
Victoria, I'm so glad you answered.
Where are you, Frank? I'm on my way back to you.
Your suspicions were right all along.
Emily Thorne is not who she claims to Frank? Frank, are you there? Frank? Frank? Frank? One bloody rose? Pathetic.
It was just a dinner.
Not to me.
Ever since I've got here, All I've wanted is to be a player in the scenes, Not lurking behind them.
So the Whole loyal employee thing is just an act? My loyalties lie with Ashley.
I have to make a name for myself.
I don't get to sit on my ass and watch my inheritance grow Like every other spoiled Yourself included.
Ash, you've got me all wrong.
My father's company is bankrupt, And my family's been dealing with massive debt.
I'm their only hope of rebuilding.
Why didn't you just tell me that? Because I was afraid you'd tell them.
Well, you see how these people are.
They smell blood in the water, and you're as good as dead.
That still doesn't explain why you stood me up.
I went to Conrad's office in the city tonight, And I made copies of his confidential database.
This time next year, He won't make a single decision without consulting me.
I'll be indispensible.
We're more alike than I thought.
Tell me the truth, You invited me tonight just to piss off your mother.
Part of me did, yeah.
But the only reason tonight was bearable Was because you were sitting next to me.
Is that so? You're just gonna have to accept that I like you.
You're funny and you're cute And you voice your opinion.
Well, that's not gonna change.
You're probably the first person under that roof To ever be completely honest.
I thought it was hot.
Oh, yeah? Tyler never showed up for dinner.
I'm impressed.
How'd you do it? Well, I can't take all the credit.
I took a page from the angel of revenge herself, Dug up some dirt, Used it for leverage.
What's the dirt? Suffice it to say, Our boy is a bit of a con man.
What he doesn't know is, you can't con a con.
Emily? Whatever you're doing, keep it up.
Oh I plan to.
Sleep tight.
Remember how we met? How could I forget? I spilled a drink all over your jacket.
Yes, you did.
I never had that jacket cleaned.
Yeah, I, uh I hung it in my closet to remind me That unpredictable moments can change your life If you're ready for them.
I'm ready.
I'm falling in love with you, too.
Just as there are two sides to every story, There are two sides to every person.
One that we reveal to the world, And another we keep hidden inside.
A duality governed By the balance of light and darkness.
Within each of us is the capacity For both good and evil.
But those who are able to blur the moral dividing line Hold the true power.
Oh, god.
It's really you.
Amanda Clarke? The way they've been talking about you, I expected someone Bigger.
Not afraid of me? You should be.
You obviously know who I am.
Who are you? Emily.
Emily what? Emily Thorne.
We've got a problem.
Some guy named Frank figured out we switched names.
Where is he? Don't worry.
I took care of him.
This is his phone.
Victoria Grayson keeps calling.
You've reached Frank.
Leave a message.
Frank, it's Victoria.
You officially have me worried.
Please call me back as soon as you get this.
What do you mean Emily Thorne is not who she claims to be? Revenge S01E07 Charade