Revenge s03e06 Episode Script


My father was an innocent man, destroyed by powerful people.
The Graysons are behind this.
They're gonna pay.
I've dedicated my life to avenging his death.
Eventually, someone's gonna find you out.
And I won't stop until they've all paid the price.
Bent my car around a utility pole, and I broke Sara's spine.
I haven't spoken to her since that night.
Your husband had me investigate the cause of the wreck.
It was one of your children.
So it was Patrick.
Victoria will cover it up.
It was me, I swear! I'll confess.
You're my girl, and that's all that matters.
You came back here to help.
You're everything to me.
I can't marry you, Emily.
The only way to win Daniel back is share a piece of yourself.
I want nothing more than to stand beside you on our wedding day.
And I want that, too.
Love built on lies is an arduous endeavor.
For wherever passion and treachery meet, dissolution begins.
Hey, come back to bed.
Uh, after my swim.
Watch out for sharks, okay? Still, we fight to hold our ground in the emptiness Always.
Ignoring the fact that every relationship Even the ones we cherish Inevitably dies.
Nolan? Nolan! Nolan? - Nolan? - Aah! - You're okay.
- The hell are you doing barging in here? Didn't you hear me screaming for you? I was doing my morning hydrotherapy.
I just saw Patrick leaving.
I thought you were in trouble.
No, that couldn't be further from the truth.
Last night was our first night together.
That's good that it just started, 'cause it has to end.
Because he tried to rid the world of Conrad Grayson? Visions of that guy's demise dance in your head 24/7.
An innocent man died instead.
- Patrick is a criminal.
- Yeah, not the Patrick I know.
- You don't know him well enough to say that.
- Wait, wait.
I'm sorry.
Are you telling me how to feel? I am telling you to be rational.
What do you even see in this guy? Someone who wants to fit in here but doesn't.
Em, someone like me.
We kept "us" a secret for a reason.
Patrick and I didn't wanna get caught up in the crossfire between you and Victoria.
So what happens now? Is he your next takedown? I haven't decided.
I wish things were different, Nolan.
You have the handwriting of a mail bomber.
We can go back to paper menus.
Those worked just fine for 35 years.
Don't you want a hip and happening spot where a certain Parisian magazine editor will feel at home? I think Margaux already does.
You did a really great job with the remodel.
Yeah, there's just one thing missing-- A bald little man who's prone to spit-up and diaper rash.
Well I miss Carl, too, and so does my grandma in Jersey.
When's he coming back? After Daniel and Emily's wedding.
It's the last distraction before the season dies down, and my life starts again.
If I had my wish, that distraction would be over with now.
Anyway, I'm out.
My mother has summoned the entire family to breakfast to discuss the impending nuptials.
I am so looking forward to seeing my father.
You're not serious.
Actually, while I detest him more than ever, he and I have had a reconciliation of sorts.
- It's for a good reason.
- There's no good reason.
- How did he manipulate you? - He didn't.
I manipulated him, and I did it to protect you.
You know that Charlotte lied to Conrad and confessed to sabotaging his brakes? That is a new low for Victoria.
Jack, Patrick did it.
If that's the case, then what's to stop him from getting rid of her to keep the truth from ever coming out? I'll be watching him.
I would never let anything happen to Charlotte.
You know that.
- I want him gone! - Jack, just stay out of it.
The last time you didn't loop me in, I had to send my son away 'cause I thought he might be in danger.
Hustle up! We're late! You're forcing people to stumble around in the dark, Emily.
That's how people get hurt.
You're good with a knife.
Yeah, well, I've slaved away in enough restaurants.
Well, then you're invited to one that'll treat you like a king.
The spruced up Stowaway premieres tomorrow, and drinks are on me.
Well, thank you, Charlotte.
I appreciate that.
I have to see how I feel, though.
I'm coming off a pretty late night.
So late, you didn't come home.
May I have a word? Yeah, sure.
Excuse me.
Yeah? We have pressing matters to discuss.
Go to the gallery, and I'll arrive shortly.
- All right? - Okay.
We have the windows in the foreground here.
Um, so Uh You can see the tone Thank you-- of the architecture, and the thing I wanna show you most of all Perverse as that display may be, we're here to discuss the sacred bond of marriage.
Call it motherly concern, but I couldn't help but notice the tension between the future bride and groom.
So before things progress to the point of no return, let me assure you, there is no shame in hitting pause while you sort things out.
Well, that won't be necessary, Victoria.
As a matter of fact, Daniel and I have decided on our honeymoon-- a weekend cruise to Nantucket for immediate family.
Yeah, it's full steam ahead.
We talked last night, and We couldn't be more on the same page.
A family honeymoon.
I thought it would be nice way to decompress after the insanity of the wedding.
Won't it just? The yacht leaves from here right after the reception.
- Honey, you have a little something.
- Hmm? What? What? Let me get it.
Daniel, could you carve out some time for me today? Mm.
It's gonna be tough.
I'm covering for Margaux 'cause she's in L.
Please? I need your business savvy.
I wanna do my part to boost the bottom line of the Stowaway.
I didn't know you had such an entrepreneurial spirit.
I'll move some meetings.
Good morning, kitten.
It's lovely to have you back in the litter.
Lovely to be here, Daddy.
Won't your mistress be joining us, Conrad? I'm sure we could rustle up a pop-tart.
She's not my mistress.
Morgan is a real estate specialist.
And what will you be purchasing? A place in hell? Why, I'm sorry to disappoint, but I'm actually on the other side of that transaction.
Grayson Manor has been sold.
Most of our other assets have been liquidated to keep us afloat, but this estate is still driving us into the red.
Morgan produced an all-cash buyer-- A Saudi prince, no less, with an offer that I-- I just couldn't refuse.
Stop gloating, you spiteful beast.
You know this home is my haven.
Oh, well, here I thought your haven was your illegitimate son and that adorable little gallery you share.
At the risk of sounding like a neurotic bride, wasn't this house supposed to be command central for the wedding? Oh, it's okay, babe.
We'll figure something else out.
Or maybe we could buy it.
It would be an honor to keep Grayson Manor in the family.
Magnanimous offer, but I'm afraid the deal's done.
- How long do we have? - Escrow closes in three weeks.
Well, the wedding's in five.
My plan depends on them staying here, and I need you here, too.
Having a man on the inside has been invaluable.
What? Well, we share one kiss last night, and now you're doling out compliments.
Not here, Aiden.
Fine, but we're continuing this later.
So who do we take out of the equation first? - The real estate agent? - She already closed the deal.
- Is the buyer vulnerable? - He's a Saudi royal paying cash, so no.
Our only option Is to take down the house itself.
And, uh, Nolan, that is call number three.
If it gets to four, I'm calling the cops.
What is it? Conrad sold my Hamptons estate.
Did it just to hurt you, I bet.
For the last time.
From now on, I vow to be free of him.
And how can I help? Allow me to put the gallery and its contents in your name.
That way, he can never profit from our hard work.
You trust me with this? My entire future is now in your reliable hands.
And I'll do everything I can to protect it.
I know you will, Patrick.
Just as I know what you've done.
You tried to take Conrad's life.
You don't need to deny it.
That bastard humiliates you every chance he gets.
He treats you with nothing but hate.
I couldn't stand by and let him get away with it.
I'm not gonna apologize for wanting him dead.
But you gotta believe me.
I I never meant for an innocent man to die.
Conrad put Father Paul in that car, not you.
You tried to spare me from a monster.
It was an act of pure selflessness, and one I will always cherish.
So what now? Does Conrad know? No.
He never will.
I made sure of that.
You're safe.
I love you, Mom.
You never called me that before.
Well, I didn't know I'd be giving out business advice while you tried on shoes all morning.
I'm a multi-tasker.
Yeah? And what's your task here? I'm surprising Jack with a cake to celebrate the bar's makeover.
Actually, could you pop in and grab it while I run across the street and get a card? The order's under "Stowaway.
" All right, well, hurry up, okay? Hi.
Picking up something for the Stowaway? Sara.
- I didn't expect to see you-- - Walking? Yeah, the, uh, random time you dropped into the rehab facility, I hadn't quite mastered it yet.
Well, you've made, uh, you've made so much progress.
No help from you.
Listen, I wanted to be there, okay? You weren't interested.
I'm not talking about moral support.
I'm talking about being able to pay for the medical treatment I still need.
Everything's covered by the settlement.
Not quite.
Your mommy and daddy screwed me in the fine print, so now I gotta work to afford a crappy H.
I didn't know that.
Yeah, well, you've been busy.
I saw your, uh, your publisher's profile in your magazine.
I love how I am the problem you had to overcome on your road to greatness.
Sara? Come on, Charlotte.
Let's go.
You know, maybe you fooled your readers into thinking you've grown up, Danny, but you will always be the clueless frat boy who was "all good to drive" after five drinks, and you crashed your car, you crushed my spine, and you never looked back! Come on, let's go.
You didn't return any of my calls.
Got a little worried.
Sweet to check on me.
You didn't need to.
Well, the truth is, I'm-- I'm selfish.
I just didn't wanna be alone.
Truth is neither do I.
What's going on? Let's just say I did something impulsive and - So stupid.
- Patrick We started something great.
Something that's moving faster than anything I've ever experienced with A-anyone else.
But life has gotten suddenly complicated.
Look, if we had met in another place, in another summer, or-- or had different friends, different mothers Nolan, we talked about this, right? We agreed we weren't gonna let Victoria and Emily come between us.
Turns out it's not that easy.
That's not an answer Nolan.
It's not good enough for me, at least.
I wanna be with you.
I don't know why they get a vote.
They shouldn't.
Then what's standing in our way? Well, at least it's still in one piece.
- Are you? - I guess.
One thing's certain.
She hates me.
Daniel, that was a shock to both of you.
Emotions were running high.
Sara was angry.
Ah, she was right.
I am clueless.
I created a new life for myself with Emily and put her out of my mind completely.
That's not true.
If you didn't care about her, you wouldn't have tried to reach out to her two years ago.
I should've tried harder.
Charlotte, she's working in a bakery to pay for medical bills that are my responsibility.
Dad keeps our legal papers in the city.
I'm gonna dig up that settlement and do what I should've done a long time ago-- Read it.
Mill's Family Bakery.
Hello? May I speak to the manager, please? - Speaking.
- Oh, great.
I need to report an employee who was inexcusably rude at your bakery today.
- Do you happen to know their name? - Her name? Sara Munello.
Prince Mishari signed off on the inspection report.
That's great.
His final request is for additional pictures of your private beach.
Well, given the king's ransom he's paying, you and your photographer will have unfettered access to immortalize every magnificent acre.
You know, this deal went down so quickly.
There are rooms here I still haven't seen.
- Oh? - The walk-in humidor.
The billiards hall.
Your bedroom suite.
I love a good master.
And I love the attention of a beautiful woman.
However I'm not in the market for one.
I thought I heard the chatter of rats, and here you both are.
Morgan, might I suggest a renovation project to the prince? He should tear down the conservatory.
It's a useless room.
Mathis I suspect that my husband and his real estate broker are colluding.
To what end? To hide the profits of the sale of my house.
Well, I'll have my contacts in banking look into the transaction and report any suspicious activity.
- Thank you.
- In the meantime, I suppose I should make new living arrangements.
Oh, don't be silly.
As long as you keep what Patrick did a secret, you'll always have a place with me.
Well, then consider it done.
Now if I were you, I would spend less time reading about tourist destinations and more time exploring ways we can send Emily Thorne packing.
Hey, sorry, I got swamped here in the city.
Uh, I'm coming home soon.
Don't bother.
A random crack opened up in the living room, so I called the contractor, and guess what we have? Foundation issues.
What, you get a second opinion? Just got a third.
They start work early tomorrow, so you should probably just stay at the penthouse.
- You sure you don't need my help? - No, I got it covered.
I'll call you when it's safe to come home, okay? Daniel? - Everything okay? - Yeah.
Just preoccupied with some work.
Um I'm sorry I can't be there to help.
Trust me, I'm fine.
Good night.
Do it.
To my ultimate revenge.
May it unfold as we've planned.
It will.
I always thought I'd handle this alone, and I didn't need anybody's help.
That's because that's how we were trained.
I can't imagine doing this without you, Aiden.
Not anymore.
Look, our future's so close.
We play this right, it's just me you And a beach in the Maldives.
- Sounds like a dream.
- Oh, it's real.
Damn Stowaway.
Oh, you clean up nice.
The only thing I hate about this sexy little minx is that, uh, she's closed today.
This seat's, uh, always open for friends.
Something the matter? Yeah Emily.
She's kinda screwing with my life, and I want it to stop.
Call her on it.
Don't back down.
Well, you do speak from experience, or At least, I imagine you do, or I don't know, or not.
Forget it.
Ignore me.
Just-- Just talk, Nolan.
She's not completely off-base.
Still, I had to make a choice.
So I made the one that's right for me.
I'm I'm seeing Patrick Osbourne.
Victoria Grayson's Patrick? See, Emily thinks he's shady.
But I think he's the one.
Yeah, no, I mean, I know it's fast.
It is, Nolan.
It is.
Look, I've heard things about him.
He's messed up.
He tried to kill Conrad.
Instead he killed that priest.
Did she tell you that? "She" who? Emily.
Yeah, the only way that you would have known about Patrick is if she discussed it with you.
You know I'm done talking around what's real when we shouldn't have to.
I can't sit in a chair reserved for friends and lie to your face anymore.
Emily Thorne Is Amanda Clarke.
You know it.
I know it.
And now we both know the truth about each other.
Make it look like they own half the Hamptons.
How's that? Yeah.
- Be right back.
- Okay.
I-I'm Morgan Holt-- - the agent for the property next door.
- Of course, Miss Holt.
I'm Emily, Daniel Grayson's fiancée.
Congratulations on what's sure to be the biggest sale of the year.
Try decade.
Emily, you've got such a ruckus going on over here.
I trust this project will be ending soon? Well, hopefully tomorrow, but then I'll have to do it all over again in a couple of years.
That's how long my contractor says I can stave off mother nature.
What on earth do you mean? My foundation's shifting again.
Again? Can't you shore it up? The problem is the ground under the foundation.
Environmental engineers call it "dramatic beach erosion.
" It's a big problem on this side of the island.
Well, there must be something you can do.
Sadly, no.
And if global warming continues to spawn more super-storms, the beach is gonna disappear in half that time.
Still, how can you resist a view like that? For now, I'm just gonna fight the useless fight until I run out of money Or sand.
Excuse me.
Nolan? You left this at the Stowaway.
Yeah, I realized that after you threw me out of the bar.
So wait, are we speaking again? Or It-- It's been eating away at me.
How long have you known? I've never not known.
Before he died, her father made me promise that I would look out for her.
A simple request from a man that I idolized.
I just never realized it would blow up into this.
I should have just come out and asked you.
It's not like I didn't suspect that you knew, but the chance that you didn't always stopped me.
I hate that my first instinct is to protect her after everything she's done! You're not alone.
Why do we do it? Because we see the broken and betrayed little girl inside.
I understand if our relationship is finished.
If it is At least it ended in truth.
I'm your friend, Nolan.
Unfortunately, friends can't always tell each other what they want to hear.
I get what you're going through.
I married someone with secrets, but the difference is I never really knew who Amanda was.
You know full well about Patrick.
- Patrick's not evil.
- That's not what I'm saying.
I'm saying that right now Patrick doesn't know that Charlotte took the rap for him.
Yes, taking her out would be one way of ensuring that the blame stays with her, but, uh If you can tell me with 100% certainty that he won't be driven to hurt anyone else I'll drop this.
Then I have to let him go.
But how? I'll take care of it.
You want to say good-bye to him? I don't think I can.
Will you promise me That he won't be hurt? What are you doing here? I stopped by your work to apologize for what happened yesterday.
Your boss gave me your address.
I was fired.
I'm so sorry.
It's not on you to apologize.
For the record, it was Daniel's fiancée Emily who gave the details of the car accident to the magazine.
He's not the same spoiled frat boy, Sara.
He's changed.
Yeah, well, it seems he still has other people cleaning up his messes, so He'd kill me if he knew I was here.
I know you're probably gonna be angry at him forever-- Angry? I hate him But not as much as I hate myself.
You know, after all the hell that Danny's put me through My heart still skipped a beat when I saw him yesterday.
Is that pathetic or what? - Not at all.
- Whatever.
Look, I've got stuff to do.
A new job's not just gonna coming knocking.
So Or maybe it just did.
I am not accustomed to rushing home for cryptic texts, Mr.
Mathis, especially when I'm in the middle of a sale of a Brancusi bronze.
What could possibly be so urgent? A time-sensitive transaction about to take place in Conrad's office, which I thought you might enjoy.
Thank you.
You'll have to pour another one for your property prostitute.
I assume that's who you'll be fêting? Indeed, Morgan is on her way with the closing documents.
And I expect to see every line item of that deal To the cent.
Ahh, the steady thrum of your persecution complex.
Fear not, Victoria.
There'll be enough profit to go around.
Not anymore.
When were you planning to disclose the 30 feet of beach-front you lost in the last 20 years? That's absurd.
Our beach is as big as it's always been.
Is it? Here's the coastal commission's most recent survey.
What do you know, Conrad? We're slipping into the sea.
The shoreline erosion is indisputable.
Keeping it from the buyer is fraud and makes me liable.
Oh, well, not if you're fired.
You think you can just hire someone else? No one is coming near your toxic property when I tell every broker in New York how you tried to screw me.
You did this.
You're so desperate to keep this home in your feeble grasp, that you just ruined an extraordinary chance for me to keep this family solvent and intact.
Oh, Conrad, my hands are clean.
And this pile hasn't been a home for years.
Which is why I'm doing what I never thought I could-- Letting go of Grayson Manor.
I've been putting my affairs in order, and I am leaving it and you permanently.
Well If it's a divorce you want, you better brace yourself for a fight.
Well, that's the beauty of what's before us.
With a worthless estate, there's nothing to fight for.
I'll be out by week's end.
She has to stay.
Well, unfortunately, there's no way to keep Victoria inside the house or the marriage.
Everything she cares about now lies outside the Grayson empire.
The Graysons have taken everything from me.
I'm not gonna let them take away my future with you.
So what do you suggest? Trap her with the one thing she can't resist.
Well, the fact is you're my real estate attorney, Edward.
You're supposed to know about the erosion issue.
Well, instead Look, you've cost me millions! All right? I'll see you in court.
I never understood why rich people don't lock their doors.
You know, if we can't sell this place, perhaps we'll just turn it into a home for wayward boys.
I mean, there's Victoria's bastard, her Brit You.
I'm not staying after our chat.
Well, what could we possibly have to discuss? The only concern that we share-- Charlotte's safety.
My information isn't free.
You are much too late for a handout.
I don't want money.
First-- I want your word that you will handle this without bloodshed.
And second-- You and I will never be good, but once I tell you this The two of us declare a cease-fire.
Agreed? Well, don't just stand there.
Hi! Now I remember when I let you sneak into my parties.
Now I'm lining up to get into yours.
Yeah, well, open up a Voulez tab And I can guarantee you a booth anytime you want.
Just make sure those fashionistas order food, even if they don't eat it.
I see you took my advice about boosting profit margins.
I'm proud of you.
You might not be after you see what I've done.
She lost her job.
Helping her get another was the least I could do.
Our family lawyers took her to the cleaners.
The settlement language specified only Sara's hospital expenses were to be covered.
That was a disgusting way to get out of paying for the years of rehab and physical therapy she needed.
So are you gonna talk to her? I was planning to.
I I don't know what to say.
Just be honest.
The words will come.
Smells good.
Yeah, a mafia don I did time with gave me his nonna's lasagna recipe.
Jack's coming over for, um boys' night.
How'd it go with Patrick? It's over.
Yeah, Jack went to, uh, Conrad, and told him that Patrick tampered with his brakes.
He's probably being chased out of town as we speak.
Jack went rogue, and you didn't tell me about it? Actually, I gave him my blessing.
This had nothing to do with you, Emily.
Victoria took a huge risk covering that up.
Patrick is precious to her, which makes him invaluable to me.
You had no right eliminating someone who was an asset to my plan! Well, buckle up for what's next.
I told Jack that I'm in the inner circle.
What?! He was never supposed to know that.
Do you realize how out of touch you sound? Besides, Aiden, Jack, and I are the only moons circling planet Emily.
I know you've tried to keep us in separate orbits, but we were bound to collide.
And you know what? I'm glad we did, because there are no more lies between us about you or anything else.
- That's a huge mistake.
- Not for me, it wasn't.
Your need to control everything and everyone has kept me isolated when I didn't need to be.
I've had no one else to talk to about the crap that I'm going through.
I talked to you about Patrick! All you did was tell me to be rational.
I can't turn off my emotions.
I'm not a robot.
I'm a human being.
I thought we were on the same page.
You wanted to be a part of this.
But, Ems, all I have ever really wanted was friendship.
What are we doing in this bay shore dump? My contacts provided me with Conrad's financials.
I did some digging, connected the dots, and you're right.
He does have a problem with sharing.
- What's in here? - Don't be scared, Victoria.
Heaven awaits.
Now isn't that a sight for sore eyes? - Is it truly ours? - Yes.
It's the missing Grayson fortune.
You scam artist! You've been hiding everything from me! What are you talking about? This family's entire estate is locked in a warehouse in gold.
I saw it with my own eyes.
Well, if that's the truth, I'd like the coordinates of that location.
Do not feign ignorance.
To think I almost walked away from this marriage with nothing.
Well, I am not going to leave quite so easily now.
You know, curious as I am as to the cause of this windfall, you know, I've been awaiting your return to discuss one of my own, although mine's a little less financial and a little more forensic in nature.
This knife that I was told belonged to Declan Porter-- the one that Charlotte said she used to sabotage my car in order to kill me-- Well, it turns out it comes from the Patrick Osbourne collection.
Were you aware of that? And do not feign ignorance.
Where did you learn of this? Oh, from the same detective who covered up the details of the car wreck in the first place.
Remarkable-- Convincing your daughter to confess to murder just to save your mongrel son.
Please, Conrad Would you have me beg for his life? Oh, Victoria, I'm not gonna kill him.
No, no.
I'm just gonna pluck him away from you forever.
My associates are already handling it.
You know, I still root for the Mets because of you.
My father will never forgive me for it.
Yeah, well, Yankee fans are spoiled and used to getting their way.
You know, some of my favorite memories are watching those games at your house.
Beers on the couch, barbecues that didn't call for coats and ties.
I took a look at the settlement last night.
I never had before.
I always thought you'd be better taken care of than you were.
- My mom and dad, they led-- - Oh, would you grow a pair - and stop hiding behind your parents? - I'm not hiding behind my parents.
- And if you think that I'm looking for a handout-- - Will you let me finish? I thought you were set for life, Sara.
And now I know what really happened.
You were cheated, it wasn't right, and I am sorry.
I'm sorry, okay? Why are you doing this, Daniel? To earn your forgiveness.
I know I have a long, long way to go, but I want to try, okay? You gonna let me try? Victoria and Conrad are reunited with their money.
Considering the trust between them is at an all-time low, they're going to want to account for every last bit.
Which will keep them busy and bound together until my wedding day.
We should have given it to them in pennies.
What's wrong? I had a fight with Nolan.
His priorities are different now.
Everything's off-balance.
That's because you're caught between two worlds, Emily.
And this life we've chosen it's a It's a selfish one.
You know, we're lucky that we found each other.
Just remember, in five weeks' time, this will all be over, we'll be together, the Hamptons will just be a distant memory, and we'll never see any of these people ever again.
Conrad had men waiting for me in front of the gallery and by my car.
I slipped out the back.
- Thank God.
- Yeah, I-I don't understand this.
I thought you said he wouldn't find out.
There isn't time for an explanation.
All right? You must go now.
Go? Go where? To the Philadelphia airport.
What? This is your bag.
Inside are your tickets, some cash, and contact information for someone who owes me a favor.
- No.
- Please, Patrick.
Conrad is a ruthless man.
You are not safe.
He's a ruthless man.
I'm not leaving you here - alone with him.
- I will take care of him.
It's too soon.
I-I have questions.
I'm just getting to know you.
I will bring you back when the time is right, I swear, and I will give you the answers-- All of them.
Take it.
Why? - Go.
- I can't.
Go! Obey your mother.
I should have taken you up on that good-bye.
Yeah, that's why I offered it.
No closure sucks.
What's wrong? Look, I'm I know I'm not very good at expressing myself.
The thing is, y-- You're two of the most important people in my life.
The wedding is in five weeks, and-- And this-- This last bit of time we have-- I don't want either of you to feel alone or in the dark or at risk Because of me.
I want nothing left unsaid.
Uh, why? You're leaving Long Island, not the planet.
In order for me to do this properly, I have to disappear without a trace.
I'll be gone for good.
You'll never see me again.
Is that all you have to say? No.
Like I said, I want to tell you everything Including my plan for August 8th The day Victoria Grayson goes down for the murder of Emily Thorne.