Revenge s03e14 Episode Script


Previously on Revenge - You set me up! - I'm sorry.
I know it was you, Daniel.
I'm not going anywhere.
- We can build a future together.
- This is my future.
You're ending this with me? I thought I could avenge my father's death by myself, but I can't.
I need you to help me.
Conrad is suing Voulez for libel.
I'm willing to drop my suit just as soon as you fire my son.
- If you think we're going to cave to your threats-- - I'll do it.
Jimmy Brennan? Heard of him? If I'm to believe what's in this police report, he may also go by "Dad.
" - What did Jimmy Brennan do to you? - He kisses me.
When I try to pull away, he pushes my face into the concrete.
I was expecting to see the former governor's wife.
I'm the first Mrs.
- Are you okay? - Since my head injury, I'm getting a little dizzy sometimes.
You were marvelous last night, Mrs.
Of all the weapons we take into battle, there is none more powerful than the mind.
It holds our instincts and our training and allows us to distinguish friend from foe, love from hate.
Hold perfectly still, Mrs.
But if that weapon is unsound, it is by no means disarmed.
For the mind is all the more dangerous when damaged.
And there's no guarantee that it won't choose itself as its next victim.
Physically, you've recovered beyond expectation.
With regard to your head trauma, there are no permanent neurological problems evident.
However, there is a bit of swelling between the frontal and the left temporal lobes.
Would that explain the pounding in my ears, the blackouts? I'm not a neurologist, Emily.
But the lab forwarded the results to one.
He'll have a better analysis for you tomorrow.
And until then, what do I do? I I could be a risk to myself, to others.
Given your state of mind, maybe talking with someone would help.
At the least, it may help you remember what happened.
Because you still can't recall anything, right? I'm glad to see I am still welcome.
I thought you'd have changed the locks by now.
Well, I have more important things on my mind than your departure, Conrad.
As have I while I've been staying at the South Fork.
I can only imagine what you've been up to.
Aside from having our son fired for your amusement, I mean.
Actually I've come to care about my new venture.
And, so that I may approach it with a clear mind, I wanted to pop by in anticipation of convening our attorneys to cement our divorce tomorrow.
Oh, I assume, as always, my house will be the first thing you'll fight me over.
Why infringe on the beautiful memories of our first divorce by retreading the same duels during our second one? Mrs.
Grayson, there's been a fire at the gallery.
I still don't think we should have let ourselves in.
Ah, the realtor was late.
Besides, I needed to check for security issues.
Using break-in skills I was unaware of.
Oh, my account manager just quit.
That's the third person to leave since they heard of Conrad's maneuver.
Do not say "I told you so.
" I'm taking the wait-and-see approach.
That's what I did when Conrad bought into the bar last year.
This is just to hurt Daniel.
Not me.
All right, look.
No more Conrad talk.
I don't want to bring in bad mojo right off the bat, 'cause I think this might be the place.
But you've only seen two houses.
I know, but my dad said that when you're looking, the first one you like is the one you should buy.
Though Are you sure you'd want to live here? I know it's nowhere near what you're accustomed to.
I came here to start a new life and to leave the one I'd grown accustomed to in France far behind.
Since it's my birthday tomorrow and you probably forgot again, I decided I'd just tell you what to get me.
Okay, guilty as charged.
So you name it, and it's yours.
I was rejected from the design institute.
I thought I had a shot, but I guess they thought I lacked experience.
So I was hoping you could find something for me at Voulez.
You want my job? 'Cause it's available.
Seems there's no end to Dad's insecurity.
He got me fired and took my stake in the magazine.
I'm so sorry, Daniel.
At least use it to your advantage.
I guarantee he'll flex his sagging muscles to help you.
But you know what? I'd rather spend my time throwing you an epic birthday party.
You can't pull all that together in one day.
You deserve it, Sis.
After all, seems pretty clear it's me and you against the world.
What happened? I came here last night to work, try to deal with what you told me, and I, uh Well, I got so upset that I, uh This is my fault.
I'm sorry.
No, no, no.
It's my fault.
You should go, though, all right? Let me deal with this.
We're in this together.
Somebody really did a number on this place, huh? I'm Jimmy Brennan, the contractor you called.
I don't know how you heard about me.
It must've been good, right? Hey.
Are those Aiden's? Where's he going? Wherever he tells my jet to take him.
Is he here? Since I knew you were coming over, I told him to scram.
I didn't want to confuse an already confusing situation.
Did you want to say goodbye to him? No.
It's probably best this way, especially since I don't know what I'm doing half the time.
Which brings us to why you wanted twelve hours of South Fork security-cam footage.
Here you are on the phone.
Any idea who you were talking to? No.
Well, I bet Conrad does.
Picks up in the hallway.
You go in.
Conrad leaves.
At least he was a gentleman.
He didn't come back till 7:00.
When I woke up.
What is going on with you, Ems? Blackouts? Colluding with Conrad? My C.
scan showed swelling.
When that goes down, I'm sure whatever this is will stop.
Yeah, but is that what the doctor told you or what you wanted to hear? She's sending my results to a specialist.
Maybe you should talk to a therapist.
You know I can't risk telling a stranger the truth.
Yeah, but isn't that a risk you're already taking? I have survived on my own this long.
Trust me.
I can handle it.
You sure about that? Who do you know in Los Angeles? - Hello? - Emily? Stevie Grayson.
- It's nice to talk to you again.
- Yeah? I'm in town, and I'm ready to process your divorce.
I begged you to leave well enough alone.
Yeah, that was before you told me what happened -- Before you told me that you were forced to sacrifice me, move across the ocean to stay away from that guy.
And I spent my life building a world to escape what he did.
And now he is in our space.
- I should never have told you what happened.
- Why? So I wouldn't find out what a monster he was? Or that I'm a child of rape? - I'm gonna kill him.
- Patrick.
Please Don't do anything.
If I lost you because of that man You are the one good thing that came out of the worst time of my life.
It's why I hold you so dear.
Now, I want you to fire that man now.
- All right.
- All right.
Got it.
Charlotte loves his music.
You really think you can get him? For Daniel Grayson, I'll clone him if I have to.
Ah, there she is.
Larissa, this is my wife, Emily.
Daniel's told me everything you've been through.
You're lucky to have such a strong man by your side.
- You have no idea.
- Oh, I might.
He's pulling out all the stops for this birthday party.
For Charlotte? That's nice of you, Daniel.
I do all I can for the people I love.
I'm gonna go check out where the band should set up.
All right.
I heard you, uh -- you didn't come home last night.
I'm surprised you care, especially after you man-handled me.
Something I know you'll regret.
No, the only thing I'll regret is my marriage to you.
Because publishing my memoirs in serial form will only help to increase our circulation.
And with my pedigree, I can guarantee that Mr.
LeMarchal will see us as something far more than a curiosity which lies an ocean away.
Wouldn't you agree, Margaux? I need to speak to Conrad alone.
You have no right holding a creative meeting without me.
Oh, I can't help it if you're house hunting while I'm settling in.
I run things around here.
And not my father, as you seem to be implying.
You are absolutely correct.
He controls an international media empire.
Mm-hmm, which is why you're wasting your time hoping he'll care about this magazine.
Or maybe you just don't know how to get his attention.
- Emily? - Yes.
- Stevie Grayson.
- Nice to meet you.
I thought it best that we meet someplace out of the way.
- Let's take a booth.
- Yeah.
I always like hiding out in this Stowaway.
I knew we'd get along great.
I used to come here years ago.
- Well, thank you for coming again.
- You kidding? I've handled over a thousand divorces.
Nothing compares to a Grayson man.
Only they could get me to cross the country for a kindred spirit.
So, down to business.
Do you want to stick with the terms you suggested on the phone last night? Well, um, now that you've had the night to sleep on it, I, well -- I think I'd rather get your opinion.
Obviously, Daniel cheating in your residence is grounds for annulment -- slam dunk.
You know, I -- I don't know if I can go through with this.
Daniel and I -- yes, we've been having a hard time.
But Maybe I'm overreacting.
You know, I think we could work it out.
Really? Last night, you were convinced otherwise.
In fact, you went as far to say that you were also in love with someone else.
It's just Daniel.
You can tell me whatever you want.
That look in your eyes Is a look of love, and not for the man you married.
I can't lose you.
Not to my plan or to Niko.
No, Emily.
You can't do this now.
What is wrong with you? Let go! Look, I have to go.
If you want to have a sensible conversation I'll call you from London, but this isn't happening.
Have you been told where we're going? What the hell are you doing, Niko? Avenging my father, like I said I would.
You didn't think I'd find this under your bed? Speechless? That's funny, Aiden.
Because you knew exactly what to say when you showed up in Japan.
And when you tried to send me to Russia to kill someone for a crime you committed.
I can't believe I nursed my father's murderer back to health.
I didn't murder him.
We fought like warriors.
He attacked me, and I defended.
A death was inevitable.
I wanted to tell you, and one day, I would have.
But you had to help Emily first.
That was the code your father taught us.
- We go where we're needed.
- Oh, I'm counting on it.
I left her a clue just to see if she was really as good as he claimed.
And when she shows up here to save you, I'm gonna kill her.
What? You took someone I love on this spot.
You can watch while I do the same.
We'll tell him $5,000 a month in child support, another $5,000 in alimony, and -- Know what? Uh I am back tomorrow.
Just sit tight.
I should have known you were behind this, Conrad.
So I assume Emily's whole divorce story was a sham? Oh, no.
Quite the contrary.
Emily would be wise to rid herself of my son.
That said I am glad you've come, especially as we're neighbors.
You're living in a hotel? Yeah, while Emily's chosen to not follow through with her inevitable divorce, that hasn't stopped me from proceeding with my own.
And are you planning on treating Victoria as horribly as you did me? Actually, that's why I'm here.
You know, I regret the way I handled things back then and would like this chance to make my sincere amends.
You know, I want you to read this.
I believe it makes ample restitution for my misdeeds With the added benefit of giving Victoria - her overdue comeuppance.
- Hmm.
There was a period in my life when I would have wanted nothing more.
But there's one problem.
I'm happy now.
Oh, well Why don't you give that time? That always changes.
Yeah, most of my crew's on another job.
But I couldn't pass up the chance to slap Grayson on my client list.
Hey, you got the power cut? Uh There you go.
You're all safe.
So, you accidentally lit the blaze, huh? Yeah, thanks for reminding me.
Yeah, don't beat yourself up.
Life's a bitch if you live with regret.
Yeah, well, you seem like the kind of guy who can just move past stuff.
Are you kidding? There's a ton of crap I wish I'd done differently.
- Like what? - Well, being a better husband.
Being a better father to the boy I see two days a month.
You, uh Just got the one? Yeah.
Well, no, actually.
You want to talk regret -- back in the day when I lived in the Bronx, I found out I had another one.
Found out, huh? Must have been living the single life.
I wanted to be with his mother.
But she basically hid the pregnancy from me.
Just about killed me when I saw her pushing that stroller down Lexington.
Really? I mean, how would you feel if you suddenly realized that there's this part of you out there somewhere that you never got to know? It's a damn shame.
I know.
It is.
But you didn't hire me to hear my life story.
It's just my long-winded way of telling you that I can get this all fixed up and no one's worse for the wear.
Yeah, no.
I guess you're right.
You know, sometimes it's better just to move past stuff.
And if I do my job right, you'll forget anything bad ever happened.
Stevie Grayson? If that's what you still call yourself.
It is, Victoria.
How are you? Well, it seems I'm condemned to revisit the horrors of my past, if you must know.
I'm sorry you see me that way, especially since the last time we spoke, you were on my husband's arm.
I'm surprised you remember that at all, considering your level of inebriation.
But before I'm subjected to similar verbal assault, please excuse me -- It's my daughter's birthday.
Oh, the one fathered by David Clarke, right? You certainly have made paternity quite a hobby.
Why are you here, Stevie? For payback? Because you still seem as out of sorts as you were all those years ago.
You won, Victoria.
Isn't that enough? Though I guess you're still trying to take what I already have.
It happened again, didn't it? I got worried when I didn't hear from you.
It just never occurred to me that you'd come home, I guess.
The question is, where were you before this? I, um I remember being at the Stowaway.
With Conrad's first wife? Emily, that was yesterday.
Do you even remember what you talked about? Uh Apparently when I called her, not only did I ask for a divorce, but I almost told her about Aiden.
So, blackout Em speaks the truth? I'm aware of that, Nolan.
And are you aware that you are living with the enemy in a place where the truth could cost you your life? Maybe your mind just wants to throw in the towel, Ems.
Ems! Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday, dear Charlotte Happy Birthday to you! Make no mistake, these are animal urges Make no mistake, these are animal urges Make no mistake, make no mistake Nolan, call me as soon as you get this.
Well, Daniel threw a beautiful party.
I can't believe Charlotte's 19.
A birthday brings to mind many things.
For a parent, it stirs up memories of a day blessed by a miracle.
A joyful gift cherished for years to come.
Sadly, it's an experience you'll never have.
Which makes me wonder -- who were your parents? Where did you come from? And why are you still here? Oh, I would be honored to help you find an internship.
The magazine needs more can-do spirits.
Thanks, Dad.
I'll make you proud.
A job at Voulez? What a wonderful idea, Charlotte.
And one I told you, like, 30 minutes ago, when you got here.
Of course.
And at the risk of repeating myself, kudos to you for taking my recommendation to call my ex-wife.
Have you spoken to her? I'm just curious to hear how she reacted to your plan.
I remain optimistic.
You should know that if at any moment you feel unsafe around my son again, I've told them to keep that suite at the South Fork on reserve for you.
I'm fine.
But thank you, Conrad.
All right.
Really? Okay, that's good to know.
Thanks for the info.
Hear me out.
Why would I want to listen to someone who fired me? Your father forced my hand.
If he had moved forward with his lawsuit, the magazine would have folded.
I'm trying to save it - For both of us.
- Yeah, well, both of us are no longer there to fight for it, are we? That's why I wanted to see you.
What do you know of Conrad's relationship to my father? Probably the same as you.
A while back, your dad had some investments at Grayson Global.
But they haven't been in touch in years.
Then what would he want with Pascal's attention now? I don't know.
But he's certainly forming a lot of new partnerships.
One in particular I plan to get to the bottom of.
Keep in touch.
Very nice.
- I want to be, yeah.
- You gonna live there? Charlotte, your friends were asking for you on the veranda.
- Oh.
Nice meeting you, Mr.
- And a Happy Birthday to you.
You're the spitting image of your mom.
I didn't mean to crash your party.
I just need your approval on these paint chips your son selected.
Oh, well, I'm afraid that he and I are going to have to discuss his choices.
No problem.
It can wait.
I couldn't help but notice you staring at me just like that in the gallery.
I beg your pardon? It's time to open presents! Well, it took me till now to pick up on it.
Come on, everyone! I understand.
I mean, you're the ex-governor's wife.
You have to keep up appearances.
I respect that.
You're mistaken, Mr.
Maybe I am.
But I don't think so.
Excuse me.
I have guests to attend to.
Make your little girl's dreams come true.
Good night.
- Put it away.
- Calm down.
Talk to me.
Always hiding behind technology, afraid that everyone will find out what a freak you really are.
I said put it away! And that's when you hulked out on my cell.
I hope that's the only thing I broke.
Other than my ego? Look, thankfully, my phone bore the brunt of your wrath because you made it terrifyingly clear that you did not want to be followed when I tried to stop you from going back into the lion's den.
I'm so sorry, Nolan.
I can't believe I said those things to you.
I can handle it.
What I can't handle is you flying without a net.
I mean, do you even know what Conrad's master plan is? Not yet.
Oh, God, I wish I could just keep you locked up here until the full moon passes.
I do have my guest room back.
Aiden certainly left enough crap here.
You think he would've mastered the art of packing at this point.
Though my pilot said he never showed up, so I don't know.
You think maybe he's coming back for it? Was this in his room? Yeah.
Why? It goes with Takeda's sword.
I was the only one who had this.
You do things that aren't you during these blackouts.
What if you planted it for Niko to find? And if she did, she knows that Aiden killed her father.
I've got to go.
I'm gonna get you out of here.
I knew you'd come.
Let him go, Niko.
Not gonna happen.
He's guilty of too many things.
Like killing my father, lying to me about it, choosing a failure over me.
- You're out of your league.
- You're out of practice, even if we were both trained by the same great man.
But only one of us was his favorite.
Emily, no! She doesn't deserve to die.
You have every right to want to see me dead, but killing me or Emily won't give you the peace you're after.
I loved you And you betrayed me - and my father.
- No.
Your father died by his own code.
Don't let the same happen to you.
Please, Niko.
Can I get you anything else? Once upon a time, you all made the best sidecars.
- Which means you knew my father.
- Mm-hmm.
Well, those were his specialty.
So, I can't promise that I've got his skills, - but I'm happy to try for a loyal customer.
- I'm fine, thanks.
I just wanted to stop by for old times' sake before leaving town.
Is that your boy? Yeah.
It's Carl.
Named for my dad, actually.
Great smile.
Stevie Grayson.
Jack Porter, obviously.
So you're Conrad's first wife, huh? We all make mistakes, right? At least you were smart enough to leave him behind.
Spoken like someone who knows him.
I wish I didn't.
He's just caused a lot of problems for my family.
How so? It's long story.
I'll save it for next time you're in town.
Looks like it's time to get the little man to bed.
All right.
Come on.
- Bye, Carl! - Thanks so much.
No problem.
It was nice to meet you, Stevie.
You, too, Jack.
Rachel, it's me.
Cancel my flight back to L.
And get me Conrad Grayson's cell number.
You deliberately defied me! Continuing to employ that man, after I specifically asked you to fire him! I know what you told me, all right? I couldn't do it.
- You have to do it.
- No, actually, I don't have to.
And after listening to him, uh -- Maybe he's not a monster anymore, okay? He's got regrets.
He's got things in life he wishes he had done differently.
Why are you choosing to hurt me in this way? I'm not, Mom.
I'm -- I'm choosing to get to know him a little better.
There is nothing left to know.
He came to my home this evening -- my house.
He made advances toward me.
And I saw in him the same heinous man who drew me in all those years ago.
It is me who's suffering, Patrick.
Not him, like you wanted.
Like you wanted? Forgot my tool belt.
Look, Jimmy, we -- we should talk.
It's a little too late for that.
I can't believe I didn't figure it out sooner.
Vicky Harper.
Been a long time.
And you must be the kid that she stole from me.
Quite the happy family reunion, huh? Hey, kid.
Did your dear mom ever mention to you how she used me back then? How she took advantage of my help to get what she needed out of life.
And how did she thank me? By giving you away.
I was 15 years old, and I was looking for someone to trust, and you preyed on that.
You raped me.
You knocked on my door that night.
We had a drink.
We hung out.
You said you were feeling adventurous -- that you wanted me down in that basement.
Oh, you bastard! - Don't you dare walk away from me.
- No! Keep your hands off me! Get your hands off her! Oh, my God.
Oh, God.
We need to call an ambulance.
And he pushes my face into the cold concrete, and he whispers, "relax, honey.
" Relax, honey.
Help me.
Relax, honey.
I'm fine, Emily.
You can go.
- Aiden -- - I don't want to hear it.
I guess I should be thanking you for saving my life But I wouldn't have been in jeopardy if you hadn't have planted that sword.
- Do you hate me that much? - Of course I don't.
Then why do it? I don't know.
But what I did That wasn't me.
I've been blacking out.
Are you seriously gonna blame this on some kind of mental break? You think I wanted you dead? It's like whatever state I was in, I could see our reality.
I'm never gonna give up my plan.
I can't give you a family, a normal life.
So I don't know.
Maybe I was trying to push you away.
So why show up yesterday and throw yourself at me, looking for some kind of reconciliation? Or is that news to you, too? And just so you know, I never needed any of those things.
I just needed you.
But you never gave me a choice, Emily.
Get help Before you do something else you'll regret.
My party was a blast, Daniel.
Sadly, no potential boyfriends, but, still, thank you.
Stay single, Charlotte.
Life's far easier that way.
I think Emily's out to get me.
A bellhop at the South Fork told me that she and Dad are working together on something.
Why would she trust him when his mistress shot her? I'm not sure.
But, uh They got close when he thought he was dying.
And -- and you know he always wanted me to marry Emily.
Listen, I need you to help me with something.
What do you want me to do? Voulez is Dad's new base of operations.
Okay? Now that you're working there, find out all you can about what he's up to.
All right? Like I said, it's just you and me now.
The police called with an update.
The coroner said that Jimmy died from massive blood loss following a fall from his ladder.
He ruled it an accident.
Right, it's an accident.
We're not guilty of anything, Patrick.
What you did, you did to protect me.
But still Standing there tonight, watching my father die What is wrong with us? We're victims of our world.
Of men like Jimmy Brennan.
But this dark chapter in our lives is finally over, and we can move on.
I don't know if I can.
Please sign it as you agreed.
I've had a long night and would like some solitude in my home.
Well, there may be a slight wrinkle.
What game are you playing now? Sorry I'm late, Conrad.
How low you must have stooped to put this one on your legal team.
Oh, she's not joining my legal team.
She's merely here to impart some pertinent information.
Copies of the Grayson manor property deed.
It turns out that the land was actually purchased by Conrad before our divorce was final.
And while I may not have gotten much money in the split, I did get all undeveloped real-estate holdings.
This house belongs to me.
And I will fight you until my last breath.
Let's hope that's sooner rather than later.
But until then, I own this place.
And I want you out by the end of the week.
Homeless At your age, Victoria -- What a pity.
And you.
You're an idiot if you think this makes us partners.
You wreak havoc in the lives of others, and that is about to catch up to you.
Doctor's still out on your psychosis? She called.
The anomaly in my scan isn't causing the blackouts.
Well I've been worried sick about you.
And then, uh Something occurred to me about your past.
- Someone, actually.
- Nolan Look, you have to face the possibility.
I know.
My mother.
She was your age when she had her first break, wasn't she? When she tried to drown me.
If nothing ever worked for her What hope is there for me? Don't do that to yourself.
- There are people here to help.
- Who I'm driving away.
I lashed out at you.
I jeopardized Aiden's life.
I'm starting to go after the wrong people, Nolan.
What am I gonna do? Okay.
Great, thanks.
I just need the loan approved, and then I can make the offer on the house.
What? The guy says I should have it in a couple days.
Oh, but then I won't be here to celebrate with you.
I know.
I'll bring you something for the house back from Paris.
You sure you know what you're doing? I have to force my father to see me.
That's the only way he'll hear me about Conrad.
- All right.
- I'll call you when I land.
- Bye.
- Bye.
You can't get enough of the old place, can you? I'd actually like to hear the stories you alluded to last night.
About Conrad? Um It's not really any of your business.
Actually, it is.
Why? Because, Jack I'm your mother.