Revenge s04e07 Episode Script


Previously on Revenge Let's go through this again.
He shot up.
He collapsed, breaking his neck when he fell.
You've hit rock bottom.
Only you can pull yourself out.
I'm checking myself into rehab.
There's something I need to tell you about Emily.
The guy that Charlotte killed had this.
There's more to my father's story than he's admitting.
Hi, Daniel.
My partner didn't show, and your new client just joined the club.
Louise Ellis is mentally imbalanced.
I left the responsibility of my daughter's future in your hands.
And you stole her inheritance.
How could you believe I would do something like that? Aah! You're breaking into Mostrowski's garage? I spoke with some of the neighbors.
They told me that they saw someone coming and going over the last several months.
If you're not gonna give this up, I guess I'm just gonna have to join you.
I think my father went to great lengths to stage this place.
If he's lying about that, then he is lying about everything.
Hey, is everything okay? I thought I heard something.
It was probably just the wind.
Let's go back to bed.
- Emily? - Hey.
Sorry I called so late.
Couldn't sleep? Me neither.
In light of what your father did to me, I think my REM cycle is permanently screwed.
Look, I know this has been hard.
Thanks for picking up the phone.
What good is an insomniac bestie if not for midnight house calls? How can I be of service? I want you to hack into the police file on Conrad's murder.
Because you need some light reading? Because I need to know if this matches the description of the suspected murder weapon.
Where did you get that? I snuck into the beach house tonight.
It was in my old hiding spot.
I guess my father and I still have something in common.
You think your father is lying about the silo, and your first move is a B and E? Ems, what if he had caught you? Look, I had to do something, but you're missing the point.
You believe your father murdered Conrad Grayson? He had more motive than anyone.
And why else would he set up such an elaborate lie? The silo is his alibi.
Ems, Ems, if you're right, this is It's huge.
I know, and if my father came back six months ago to kill Conrad, then where was he the 12 years before that? Something had to have kept him away.
Well, maybe this will shed some light.
This key was beside the knife.
You think you could find the lock? It won't be easy.
Is it ever? Hey, good morning.
Uh, your office sent these over with a note of congratulations.
I knew the David Clarke story would be huge, but then to get this Nolan Ross angle? It's like digging for oil and finding gold on the way down.
And who knew he cheated Amanda out of all that money.
Yeah, go figure.
Are you okay? I didn't even hear you come to bed last night.
Yeah, just a busy day ahead, you know? Potential client meetings, that's all.
Well, at least you'll get a break from Louise.
She and I are playing tennis again this afternoon.
I'm not sure that's a good idea.
I mean, have you looked outside? The storm clouds are moving in.
Are you worried about me becoming friends with her? No, no, it's not that.
I mean, I'm actually I'm actually reconsidering working with Louise.
Yeah, she seems a little - A little unstable.
- Mmm.
But you know what else she is? Connected.
We're playing doubles with her lobbyist cousin and his friend from the FCC.
It might be good for business.
Daniel, don't be so worried.
I'm sure she's harmless.
Where did you see this? I was at a wake for the guy who happened to be the prison guard who beat Conrad up.
That was carved into a beam in his garage.
Now, I know it wasn't you.
And your father was locked up in that silo.
Right? Why were you looking in this guy's garage in the first place? It's Ben.
He's hell-bent on finding Conrad's killer, and he knows the case inside and out, which means I'm already playing catch-up.
Emily, what are you not telling me? The things you told me you didn't want to hear.
Hey, Porter, you have a visitor.
And if that's a personal call, we need to go over the difference between a station house and a clubhouse.
Emily, I got to go.
Miss Thorne? It's my duty to inform you you're contributing to Officer Porter's dereliction of duty.
Hello? David? What brings you around? I just wanted to apologize in case I offended you.
I don't know if you saw my television interview.
I think everyone did.
Yeah, well, I realized that I talked a lot about what Amanda didn't have and neglected to mention what she did.
You gave her a good life, Jack, and I'm grateful for it.
I'm sorry that I didn't acknowledge that last night.
I appreciate that, but I think you might be apologizing to the wrong person.
What do you mean? You humiliated Nolan Ross on live TV.
He deserved it.
Amanda should have had so much more, and she didn't.
The world needed to know that it was because of him.
All due respect, I wish you'd come to me.
'Cause I would have told you that Nolan was the one who opened his doors to Amanda when she first came to town.
Despite what you think, he was a great friend to her.
Yeah, well, he was probably trying to ease his guilt.
No, David, no.
He wasn't.
They really cared about each other.
That's why she asked him to officiate her wedding.
Nothing meant more to Amanda than her friends.
That shows how little I really know.
Who else was Amanda close to? Daniel! - Is everything okay? - Is David here? No, he's not.
Good, because a little birdie named Charlotte Clarke had quite a bit to say before leaving town.
Let's just start with the bombshell that Emily is her sister.
A fact that everyone seemed to know except for her dear old dad and me.
Now, why do you think that is? - I have my reasons.
- Right, of course, which I imagine have something to do with you waging a campaign to destroy David's opinion of Emily.
What? You think I'd mess that up? Quite frankly, yes.
But more importantly, I wanted to leave you out of this.
Now, only you could frame lying to me as a kindness.
Tell me, what's your plan when Emily comes forward to dispute everything you've said? The truth is not on her side.
The truth? No, the truth is you betrayed David Clarke.
Aren't you terrified he'll find out? Emily's unsupportable claims are that of a 9-year-old child.
After everything she's done to you, I would think you would applaud my efforts.
I'm telling you right now there is no way this ends well for you.
And I am not about to get caught in the crossfire.
I'm walking away.
And if you're smart, you'll do the same.
If you're worried about collateral damage, you're talking to the wrong side, because when your ex-wife finally goes down, she will find a way to drag you with her.
Not if I find her first.
Emily Thorne? I'm, uh, David Clarke.
I thought it was time we met.
I've been trying to learn about Amanda.
But the more I hear, the less familiar she feels.
So why come to me? Well, you're Carl's godmother.
Jack Porter said that you and Amanda were close.
We were best friends.
I would have done anything for her, despite what you may have heard from other people.
Amanda knew how much you cared about her.
I know for a fact that she never stopped thinking about you.
Wasn't a day in that silo that I didn't wish I could see her Even for a moment.
Being free now, it's like a miracle.
Well, I was just on my way out.
Was there anything specific you wanted to ask me? I'm not sure.
I didn't realize that my daughter had such good friends.
Victoria said that Amanda was a little lost.
I wouldn't consider her a credible witness.
I know you both have a history.
But she did spend time with Amanda, right? Oh, Victoria did host a baby shower for her, but But what? I don't know exactly what went on.
They were upstairs.
We heard shouting and Next thing we knew, Amanda was lying on the ground in a pool of blood.
What? What are you saying? - Did Victoria hurt her? - I'm just telling you what happened.
Well, I should, uh, let you go.
Thank you for speaking to me.
I saw everything.
He didn't even recognize me, Nolan.
How could he not know who I am? Because if I've learned anything in the last 24 hours, it's that this David Clarke is not the man we once knew.
I was this close to telling him who I am.
And he lied to my face.
I'm sorry.
All of this time I have spent honoring his memory, and he doesn't even have one of me? Who the hell is he, Nolan? It's time we find out.
And here is our first step.
I traced the key that you gave me to a safety-deposit box at First Federal in Manhattan.
This is the bank's master key, courtesy of your 3-D printer, my 5-D intellect.
I'm downloading their security protocols as we speak.
Are you sure you still want to do the other thing? I've fought for this long.
I'm not stopping now.
Wait, wait, wait.
Don't go out your front door.
Why not? My Twitter feed says there's a news van on the way, and a helicopter will be arriving in five, four, three, two Last night's debacle threw me into a media feeding frenzy.
I thought I was safe here, but it seems not, so time to find another bat cave.
You went to see Emily Thorne? Apparently, she and my daughter were close.
Did you know that? One friendship doesn't discount everything she tried to do to destroy my family.
We all felt for Amanda, given the difficult life she had, David.
You know, I may have been rash to blame Nolan for everything.
What do you mean? After my arrest, you had money.
Why didn't you help her? Conrad and his associates were watching my every move.
I can only imagine what they would have done to Amanda if I'd helped her.
David, my hands were tied, but you have to know that when she returned to the Hamptons, - I was there for her.
- Were you? At Amanda's baby shower, Emily said that you two had an argument.
What was the fight about? You, actually.
I learned that you had left her some journals, and I was hoping to read them.
It was a foolish attempt to feel closer to you.
But what about the fall? It was an accident, and a horrible one.
Anyone there could tell you the same, except Emily, of course.
Who else was there? My friends from the Hamptons, Amanda's from work.
I wonder what they might say.
David, if you go down that road, it'll only depress you.
You have to know I tried to do everything I could for Amanda.
You know, I think my cousin was kind of sweet on you.
He was just helping me with my backhand.
It's always good to have options.
Unless things are heating up with Danny.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Is that too personal? No.
No, we just like to keep our relationship quiet.
Well, I am the most discreet person I know.
So just between us chickens, is it serious? Well, time will tell.
But things are good.
Well, you know what they say? "Marry the man, marry his mama.
" Do you like Victoria? Well, she can be tough, but she has a love for her children that I really admire.
Sure, but will that love extend to you? I mean, it would be terrible if she saw you as an interloper.
She was the last woman my father ever loved.
So regardless of what happens with Daniel, she and I will be bonded forever.
Well, sounds like everything's perfect, then.
Oh, I just remembered I have an appointment.
- Oh.
- Ugh.
If my head wasn't attached, right? Bye.
You're just gonna walk away and let her win? Hmm? I did not raise a quitter.
I'm not quitting.
- I just need time to - Regroup? That is why I sent you to Claremont, but you got yourself out.
Now look at you.
Darling, I have always said you do not have the face to pull off an updo.
But that Margaux, She's smart, sophisticated, accomplished.
Everything you're not.
No wonder the Graysons prefer her to you.
You're right.
Giving up is for the best.
How's that? Are you happy, Mother? Are you? Hey! Hey, somebody let me out! Help! Just please let me out! Oh, my God! Are you okay? - What happened? - Somebody call a doctor! Right away.
Victoria, I'm so glad you came by.
It killed me to learn that my possessions had been auctioned off.
But when I came to learn that you bought the lion's share, well, it softened the blow.
You know, I've always envied your taste.
Did you buy my Kensington horse sculpture? I don't see it.
Right over there.
Full of life, as I always remember.
This lemon curd, it's simply delicious.
Would you mind if I had a touch more? Anything for you, Victoria.
Sir, I could have died in there.
Miss LeMarchal, I've owned this place for 11 years, and nothing like this has ever happened.
The door's never locked.
For obvious reasons.
This is gross negligence, and I'm fully prepared to file a lawsuit.
Bad day, Margaux? I am not in the mood.
You know what I wasn't in the mood for? Humiliation on live TV.
Watch out for this one.
She can be sneaky.
Nolan, I had no idea David was bringing you into it.
Well, looks like karma found you fast.
And she can be such a bitch.
On behalf of the club, my sincerest apologies.
Sir, I don't want your apology! I want an explanation! The lock isn't even active.
And the only way to reactivate it is a switch on the door frame, but then the hole is so tiny it would take a pin to engage it.
You're working out of the beach club? You hate that place.
I used to, but membership has its privileges.
No press, no TV, and I think I may have developed an interest in yachting.
You know the plan, right? Yes, I head into the bank, go up to the fourth-floor vault, find box 24559, take what I need, and get out.
Piece of cake.
Do you remember the dicey part? At exactly 4:30 p.
, I turn off the power to the entire floor, and with the power go the security cameras.
How is that dicey? Because it only buys you a seven-minute window of time before the backup system overrides me.
So when your watch says 4:30, your ass better be on the fourth floor.
I got it, Nolan.
Ems, good luck.
I really hope you find the answers we're looking for.
Oh, the fourth floor.
Me too.
You're not the only one who can track someone down in an elevator.
There's no way you tracked me down on your own.
Uh, I've got a guy.
And considering I'm standing here right now, you got to admit he's pretty good.
- I don't have time for this.
- I think you do.
Push that, I tell everyone your little secret.
And I'm guessing you don't want that, do you, Amanda? So, who told you? Your little sister, who's also my little sister, which makes this whole thing a little weird.
I don't have to explain anything to you.
I'm not asking you to.
Oh, you didn't see that coming, did you? Yeah, I thought about crushing you, but these days Not my style.
So why are you here? Because in this nuclear war you have with my mother, the blast zone keeps getting bigger and bigger, and I want no part of it.
So while you're both busy plotting to make each other's lives hell - You're wasting my time.
- One call to Margaux, and it's over.
- I will break you in half.
- No, you won't.
One, there's a security camera.
And two, you've come too far to throw it all away over me.
So what do you want? Your assurance that when this thing with your dad explodes, none of it lands on me.
And why should I do you any favors? 'Cause I'm trying to separate myself from my family's sins, and I would think that you of all people would understand what it means to be defined by them.
So keep you out of it, that's all you want? - That's all I want.
- Done.
You won't even cross my mind.
Well, that's wonderful.
That's wonderful.
Tell me something.
How are things with you and Emily? Last I heard, you were trying to un-complicate.
So what, are we on a sleepover? Are we gonna do each other's hair next? I'm just making conversation.
Unless you want me to give me highlights.
We're working on it.
My two cents, you should stop calling her during the day, or at night.
'Cause this last time, I'm pretty sure she hung up on you.
I think it's safe to say somebody's not doing so well in there.
Hello? Anybody home? Super's not answering.
Do the honors.
I'll call it in.
This is Unit 984.
We're on that Maple Street apartment call.
984, go ahead.
Yeah, yeah, we just found a body.
Possible OD.
Yeah, all right, copy that All right.
They're sending an M.
Over now.
This guy had the makings for the world's creepiest scrapbook.
Grayson's arrest was a big story.
Yet somehow we managed to move on.
That's a serrated clip-point knife with a five-inch blade.
Take a wild guess as to which type of knife is presumed to have killed Conrad Grayson.
I didn't know you were claustrophobic.
I'm not.
- Want some help? - Nope.
Okay, suit yourself.
If I knew you were that flexible, things might have worked out for us.
Would you stop talking? Come to think about it, there were multiple ways you could have infiltrated my family.
But you chose me.
Why? You were expedient.
Nah, there's more to it than that.
You went through great lying lengths to keep me around.
What lies? - Oh, that's funny you should ask.
- I didn't.
Let's see.
There was the biggest lie of all, your name.
Then there was the lie about you being pregnant.
I'd call that the runner-up.
And then there were a thousand little lies within that.
For instance, that wine auction where we had that really awful red.
What was your ulterior motive then? Hmm.
And here I thought you just wanted me drunk so you could have your way with me.
Was any of it real? Nothing comes to mind.
What about when I proposed to you? Can't tell me that you weren't with me in that moment.
That wasn't real.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
But then you had to go and dismantle my life.
No, I didn't do that.
You did that to yourself.
Maybe there was a time when the feelings were real, and we could have had a real relationship, but the moment that you aligned yourself with your father, it was all over.
Now, something real? That's what you were looking for? There.
That was real.
Margaux, hi.
No, no.
I'm just finishing up with a client.
What's up? Louise tried what? Excuse me.
I'm looking for Crystal.
That's her.
Amanda was the best.
It seemed like her life was really coming together when she We were all devastated.
And you were at Amanda's baby shower? Amanda had an argument with Victoria Grayson.
Do you know what that was about? It was just a misunderstanding.
They worked it out.
So Victoria didn't push her off the balcony? Oh, God, no.
Amanda slipped.
Doing what we do, you'd think she'd be better in heels.
You know Mrs.
Grayson always looked out for Amanda.
Always? Before Amanda moved to the Hamptons, Mrs.
Grayson came by a couple times to check on her, offer money, but Amanda refused to see her.
It's too bad because it was clear Mrs.
Grayson felt a responsibility to make sure your daughter was okay.
Thank you.
You've been really helpful.
Did he believe you? Bought every word.
Good girl.
- Hello.
- So, I just spoke to Margaux.
She said she got locked in the steam room.
Yes, I heard there was an incident.
Poor dear.
Is she all right? She's fine.
Do you have any idea how that could have happened? Oh, I don't know.
Uh You don't believe I had something to do with this, Danny? How could you think I'd be capable of such an atrocity? Well, you were the last one in there.
And why on earth would I want to harm you girlfriend? I could think of a couple ideas.
You don't think I'm jealous, do you? That I'd do something like this on the account of you? Well, we did sleep together.
Ah, yes.
Now that you remind me, we did.
I nearly forgot.
No offense.
You were much better than I imagined.
Pretty boys, they don't generally try very hard.
Listen, Louise, to be clear, I'm with Margaux.
So if you were trying to get her out of the way Okay, now who's being irrational? Danny, weren't you already with Margaux when we slept together? Yes.
The point is, I Listen, it was a one-time thing, all right? And it's gonna be kept between us.
Of course, silly.
As I say to everyone, I am the most discreet person I know.
Oh, got to run now.
Always thinking it's about them.
Ross, what can I get you? Gin martini with a twist.
You know, there's a place right down the road that makes a martini that will knock your socks off.
I'm pretty happy here, thanks.
Louise Ellis.
- I'm - Nolan Ross.
I know.
I saw you on TV.
- Of course you did.
- Here you go, sir.
You got dragged through the mud a bit, huh? That Margaux LeMarchal, she didn't do you any favors, did she? Are all these people tweeting about you? - Oh.
- I used to be happy when I was trending.
My brother is in politics, so he's always dealing with the press.
One day, he's on the front page.
The next, he's yesterday's news.
So don't you worry your pretty little highlighted head, huh, 'cause before you know it, people won't care one bit about you.
Thanks? Do you want to come out on my yacht? She loses cell service 100 yards out.
With this storm coming? Are you crazy? Or we can fly to the Bahamas.
I have a private jet on standby.
So do I.
Well, then buck up, huh, because at the end of the day, you can have something that all these other people can't.
And what's that? Anything you want.
Great work out there, guys.
- Hey, thanks, man.
- Thanks.
So, you think they're gonna bring us in on it? I don't know.
Dude, crack a smile, all right? We just caught the biggest break in this case to date.
I don't want to get ahead of ourselves.
It's a lead.
It's far from a slam dunk.
Yeah, well, it's the best lead that anyone's had yet so I will drink to that.
You coming? I'll be right there.
This is Emily.
Leave a message.
Hey, it's me.
So here's how my day went.
Ben and I got a call out to an OD where we found evidence that indicates that this might be the guy who killed Conrad Grayson.
I find the timing of this to be very disconcerting, especially since it involves a dead body.
We need to talk.
It's closing time.
I thought you were open till 11:00.
Well, normally we are, but this weather's turned ugly.
There are power lines down, so we have to close up.
God, I hate it when these storms come through, threatening everything in their path.
Yeah, seems like you had a rough day.
How much to take this club off your hands? Ha.
Are you for real? My last 24 hours have been remarkably awful.
And being here, it's the most I've felt at peace in a long time.
Now, I know you were trying to sell this place last year.
How about I offer a million above asking? What's the catch? Well, you have to let me keep drinking.
Why, you can stay as long as you like.
Just lock up when you leave.
Um, or don't.
It's your place now.
Where have you been? I was worried about you.
Uh I went to that place that Amanda used to work.
Why didn't you tell me that you tried reaching out to her? Because I failed.
And no matter what I tried, she refused to accept my help.
I couldn't save her in the end, so it doesn't matter.
It matters to me.
I'm so sorry I ever doubted your loyalty.
Daddy, what are you doing? - Right now it all looks really bad, right? - Yeah.
But you and I, we can fix any problem.
When this is done, it's gonna be a reminder that no mistake is ever gonna break us apart.
As long as you never forget I love you.
She denied it.
And how did she react to when you quit? Uh, well, for now, I think it's best to keep her as a client.
- The woman tried to kill me.
- We don't know that.
- Oh, I am sure that she - Let's just say it's true.
And if I drop Louise, it could provoke her.
That might put you at risk.
You don't want that.
So, what is it? What's what? The leverage Louise has over you.
There must be something.
What are you talking about? You slept with her.
Oh, don't be ridiculous.
Why would I sleep with her? Thank you.
- Are these the earrings I got you? - Mmm.
I love them.
I kept them all these years, unaware that one day I'd get to wear them for you.
I thought you lost everything.
I had faith that I would find the things that mattered most.
Victoria, get the hell out.
What are you doing? I'm not going anywhere.
Victoria, please.
It's okay.
You were right there.
What are you talking about? If you had come for her, I would have known.
I would have known! You could have come for me, but you didn't.
You taught me to be strong and brave, but you're a coward.
You could have come for me! Let go of me! Amanda.
It's you.