S.W.A.T. (2017) s01e20 Episode Script


1 Previously on SWAT We're targeting a huge fentanyl operation being run out of Koreatown.
DISTORTED VOICE: If you want your son back alive, you'll meet us alone.
(WOMAN GASPS) I knew you'd come.
The real top dog who kidnapped Walsh's son isn't even in custody Jae Kim.
Officer, there's obviously some sort of misunderstanding.
You went after a mother and son who are like family to me.
(INDISTINCT CONVERSATION) (ENGINE STARTS) He tried to do a full day back at school last week.
Wasn't ready.
Well, getting kidnapped, your life threatened, a knife held to your neck will mess you up a little bit.
It's just gonna take him a little time to bounce back.
He's doing fine; I'm the one that wasn't ready.
Haven't been able to let him out of my sight since then.
It's not healthy.
I got to let him start being a kid again, but Jae Kim turned our lives inside out.
Okay, listen to me.
We are very close to taking him down.
We just need that final piece.
We don't have one by now, maybe we never will.
We are close, K.
Kim buttoned up his fentanyl operation, but he's gonna have to dip back in sooner or later.
And when he does, we're gonna be there.
And who's the new guy he's meeting with? We don't have a name yet, but his car is registered to the county.
He doesn't look like a big shot.
Maybe it's not about him, but what he can access.
Either way, I aim to find out.
(SIGHS) You said there were three.
My fault, I guess there are four.
You need to learn to keep track.
- Kitchen knives need to stay together.
- KAREN: Oh.
I guess I'd better get rid of the shank I stashed in the bathroom.
Hey, listen.
You saw for yourself.
My weapons are all secure.
We got the gun safe.
We're following all the regulations.
We really need to go over cutlery? I just I got to get to work.
Oh, have your supervisor sign this while you're there.
I thought I could just loop 'em in verbally.
Skip the formality.
Uh, nothing about parole's a formality.
LAPD needs to know if there's an officer residing with a convicted felon.
Got it.
It's not a problem, ma'am.
It is until I get that signature.
The judge wanted me to be perfectly clear.
Don't expect favors because you're a cop.
I'm sorry.
Were you doing me some kind of favor that I missed? If your mother violates parole while living KAREN: It's clear.
Perfectly, ma'am.
No alcohol.
Same thing goes for contraband, obviously.
And if you're planning on leaving Los Angeles County, I need you to notify me at least Well, I know, after 18 years, I'm sure there's plenty to do here in this county.
That changes, notify me through the app three days prior to travel.
See you next week, Karen.
I'm sorry the fridge is so bare.
I did leave you some cash by your phone if you want to get a bite while you're out job hunting.
My pho I don't know where my phone is.
Ma, it's-it's charging by your bed.
No, Jimmy, it's your bed.
Okay? I still don't feel right about this.
I-I'm gonna sleep on the couch.
I mean, I-I know that I'm a burden to you.
- I can feel it.
- Ma.
This is a fresh start for both of us.
Have a great day, okay? - Hmm.
- Okay? Okay.
Here you go, man.
Go ahead.
Health Department? Property Assessment.
You're, um Forgive me, I'm blanking.
Uh, remind me.
- Ian Peck.
- Ah.
We meet before? No, no.
We have a mutual friend.
Jae Kim.
You're, uh in real estate, too? I have an unfinished project with Kim.
Sounds much more lucrative than my line of work.
Public sector.
Me, too.
You want to tell me what you got cooking with Kim? He owns property.
I assess its value, so we've crossed paths.
How often do you meet with developers on Sundays in deserted construction sites? 'Cause that seems pretty damn suspicious to me.
(CHUCKLING): It was just a simple meeting.
So if I was to dig into your bank statements, I wouldn't see any wire transfers from Kim to you? Any unexplained cash hitting your account? Loyal till the end, huh? All right, I get it, Kim's the money.
I'm a guy you just met in a men's bathroom.
I mean, what's he doing? Setting you up with his stable of a-thousand-dollar-an-hour lawyers? I mean, he's got to be.
I mean, why else would you be headed down this road? - I don't have any lawyers.
- You don't? Do you really think that some public defender's gonna keep you from doing hard time? Hard time? If anyone should be doing hard time, it's Listen.
Kim is not just some No, no.
It is impossible to tie him to anything.
He's too connected.
- Not for me, he's not.
- (CHUCKLES) Kim's gonna screw you the next time he needs to, and if he doesn't, I will.
So why not screw him first? His name's plastered on buildings.
He wins awards.
He-he cuts ribbons.
But no one knows how bad he really is.
Oh, I do.
Trust me, I do.
I just need proof.
WALSH: So what's Peck handing over? Forged deeds, permits, you name it, K.
That Pico-Corridor project was just Kim's latest scam, apparently.
Peck forged documents to overvalue his property? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Well, my guess is, when Kim put Pico-Corridor up as collateral, he needed to make sure it was enough to secure a $25 million loan.
He was hard up for cash after we made that fentanyl bust, but that loan, it comes due tomorrow.
So, what do we nail Kim on? Real estate fraud? He deserves to go away for far worse, but he's been sitting on the rest of his fentanyl supply since that bust.
So this might be our best chance to put that son of a bitch away for a decade or more.
When do you want to go public with this? LAPD might not be so thrilled we found something they couldn't.
Off the books doesn't mean illegal.
A smoking gun is still a smoking gun, K.
, and trust me, they'll be happy to have the bust.
Even if it's uncovered by a retired DEA agent - and an off-duty cop? - Even then.
Peck says to meet him at the diner in an hour.
Hondo, are you all right? Hondo! (GUNSHOTS RICOCHETING) (GRUNTS) (GRUNTS) (GROANS) - Thank God you're all right.
- You got cut up.
- I'm still standing.
- Attaboy.
- I'm Hondo.
- John Burrows, RHD.
You want to run me through what went down? A car pulled up over there by the stoplight.
I could tell something was off with these three before they opened fire, so I punched the gas and we ended up over there.
I got out and I dropped the first shooter with two rounds.
The driver took a bullet to the shoulder, but he kept his feet and he fled east with the second shooter.
Here's the shell casings.
- Kimber's on its way to evidence.
- Some kind of road rage thing? No, this was a planned hit and I know who was behind it.
Jae Kim.
- The mogul developer guy? - That's right.
I've been digging into Kim on my free time.
- We've been doing surveillance on him.
- Who's we? Me and K.
- Retired DEA Agent Walsh? - HICKS: I told you three months ago to leave the investigating - to Narcotics.
- And I did.
But when I checked back in, they hadn't moved the ball an inch.
What about you, sir? Did you follow up with them in any of this? No, you didn't.
I handed you and Narcotics Kim on a silver platter and nobody did nothing, so I decided to.
And how would your little hobby look if we were responding to an officer killed call here? I didn't let that happen.
Get cleaned up and head back to HQ.
HQ? No.
You're not pulling me off this right now, sir.
You're both our victim and our only witness, so you're not staying in the field.
- Hondo, you know the protocol.
- Waive it.
So you can keep playing cowboy? Denied.
Get whatever intel you have to Burrows and assist from HQ.
Glad you're okay, boss.
Yo, who did this? Do you remember the guy behind the kidnapping of K.
Walsh's son? What, Jae Kim? The-the rich developer dude? Fentanyl ring went down, Kim never did.
How do you know he did this? I kept digging into his businesses and clearly I hit a nerve.
He sent his goons after me.
Look, I need your help.
Did you hear anything on the way over here that we can use? Gun and vehicle are scrubbed.
No ID on the dead shooter.
- He got any ink? - Wolf head on his shoulder blade.
- Profetas.
- Yeah, definitely the Profetas.
- Are they still in Boyle Heights? - They got caught up in a turf war, moved to South Gate.
Well, wherever they are, the driver's got a bullet in his shoulder, so he ain't getting too far.
All right, look.
Hicks wants me anchored at HQ.
Street, there's a box in my den at my house.
You take Chris with you, you get it to Burrows.
- He's running point for RHD.
- All right.
These Profetas, how do you want us to go after 'em? The enemy of your enemy is never a bad place to start.
MAN: Know what I'm saying? - So it's not considered snitching.
- WOMAN: No? Hey, Roscoe.
I know you? Busted your brother last year.
What's that got to do with me? New girl? ROSCOE: Was about to find out.
I didn't do anything to deserve this parade, so why y'all bothering me, dawg? You know anything about an attempted hit on a cop about a mile that way? Nope.
I've been here all day, dawg.
You can ask anybody.
Well, we got reason to think Los Profetas were involved.
Now, do I look like a freaking Los Profetas to you? More like a One-Niner.
Profetas have been moving in on you and your crew, haven't they? There's been some encroachment, yeah.
TAN: So it wouldn't be the worst thing if they happened to get raided.
- Raided? - DEACON: By us.
You tell us where they might be posted up, you give us some good intel on what we might find that's good enough for a judge And we take 'em down.
Now hold on, let me get this straight.
Y'all came all the way down here just to give me the chance to make some Los Profetas miserable? (CHUCKLING): Hell.
Why didn't y'all just say so? BURROWS: Photos, dates.
Sergeant Harrelson documented a dozen afterhours meetings Kim had over the last two months.
It's so thorough.
Hondo doesn't do half-assed.
Is there enough here to charge Kim? Well, the time codes on these wire transfers match up with most of Hondo's meeting log, but there's nothing we could prosecute for, yet.
And there is no sign of this Ian Peck at that diner.
Hey, uh, think Hondo might've got too deep here? I think Kim has no clue who he's messed with.
(KAREN LAUGHS) Something wrong? Hey.
18 years really is a long time.
This place is really the future.
All you need is, like, flying cars.
(LAUGHS) What are you doing here? H-How did you get inside? Oh, the guy at the front is a bit of a talker so, guess what.
One of the jobs that I applied for, they called, and they want to meet me, today.
Your mama is still employable.
STREET: That is great, but you can't just show up here and scam your way inside the building, I mean, I could get in serious trouble for this.
I-I didn't think that visiting my son was a scam.
I-I just wanted to see where you work.
I mean, I didn't lie or anything.
You're just out on parole.
It's not really a good look for me right now, that's all.
Well, um I brought you this, because you need to have it signed, And you know, I mean, I don't want to cause any trouble for you.
STREET: Okay, thank you.
So - So should I leave that way? - Yeah.
That'd be great.
MAN: I put one of those stereos in my car, man.
It sounds great.
- LAPD! Get on the ground now! - LAPD! SWAT! - Don't move! Don't move! - A Code 4 here! Right side clear! - Give me a two! - Two! DEACON: Looks like stolen stereo equipment.
- Ride side clear! - Got a wounded suspect in here.
DEACON: I'll get an R/A rolling.
Let me see those pearly yellows.
Get that thing out of my face.
- Where's the other guy? - Don't know no other guy.
The shooter that got away, Gabriel.
It's time for you to talk.
GABRIEL: Go to hell.
Know the cop that you guys tried to kill this morning? The bad news is he's not dead.
Worse news is, he just ID'd you as the getaway driver.
One shooter's dead, and if you're the only guy on trial I didn't shoot at no cop.
The driver is just as responsible as the guys slinging the bullets, so unless you know where the missing shooter is (EXHALES) Diego Perez.
Big guy, gold teeth.
I picked him up last night.
He came in from Vegas to pull the job.
Contract killer? Kim's trying to keep clean.
Kim? Who's she? WALSH (OVER PHONE): So he tries to kill you, but we still don't have enough to make an arrest? We will, K.
That $25 million dollar loan Kim took out, there's something I can put into motion.
Loan? We need to find Peck.
He's the one with the Pico Corridor papers.
That's what's gonna put Kim away and keep Calvin safe.
Look, just hang tight, all right? I got the rest of my team working on this, let us do our thing.
APB's out on Diego Perez, haven't gotten a hit yet.
He's probably got an alias.
Maybe we can get Rocker to put some pressure on our driver once he's out of surgery.
I grounded you.
Where you going? CAPO unit needs me to sign a statement over in Legal.
Ah, right, right, right, okay.
Well, give Marty my best.
Then get back here.
Hey, there he is.
Thanks for coming.
Have a seat.
About that paperwork HONDO: Excuse me, ma'am.
- You Carolyn Shaw? - Mm-hmm.
VP of Corporate Loans? What's this about, Officer? It's, uh, "Sergeant," actually.
I just have a question about your clients, Jae Kim.
If your bank was to loan him 25 million, you'd be the one to sign off on it, right? Well, I don't discuss individual clients Look, I shouldn't tell you this, but before you get more wrapped up in the Jae Kim business, I think you should know he's under investigation.
Investigation for what? Money laundering, drug trafficking, attempted murder of a police officer, take your pick.
Now, I'm not supposed to do this favor for you.
I could really get in a lot of trouble warning you like this, but I'd hate to see his problems drag your bank down with him.
I can't believe it, I was just about to approve an extension on his loan payment.
Well, I'm no banker, but I'd think twice before you do that.
Kim's going down.
You didn't hear that from me.
Thank you.
Have a nice day.
Yeah, it's me.
You told me He looks really pissed.
STREET: Yeah, I'm guessing he's just found out he's gonna have to pay back that loan by tomorrow morning.
CHRIS: So what Hondo's next move? (SIREN CHIRPS) Roll the back window down, please.
You remember me? The officer who dropped in on one of my meetings a while back.
Sure, I remember.
I never did get your name.
It's Daniel Harrelson, SWAT.
Just wondering how your day is going so far.
You really shouldn't meddle in another person's private business.
Yeah, maybe you should've taken your own advice four months ago.
I just want you to know, the next time we see each other, you will be wearing cuffs.
I hope you enjoy the time you have left.
Peck's county car has a parking pass, and building's owned by one of Kim's LLCs.
The guy's on Kim's payroll.
Seems like Sergeant Harrelson was onto something.
DEACON: That him? Ian Peck.
Okay, that's not good.
Somebody's still here.
? No.
I-I found him like that.
Against the wall.
I was gonna call it in, I just hadn't had a chance to do Now.
Wait a second.
What? (HANDCUFFS CLICKING) (EXHALES) Did Peck come after you? Did you kill him in self-defense? You were found alone with the victim, you didn't call it in.
You were there illegally.
We found you searching the place.
How do you explain that? I got his address, I went there to get the papers he said would incriminate Jae Kim and I found him dead.
I was gonna call it in, but I wanted to see if the paperwork was still there first.
I shouldn't have done it, but (SIGHS) - She didn't kill him.
- I understand why you believe that, but that's not how it looks.
Kim made sure K.
came across Peck's address.
And I don't know how, but he set her up to get to me.
If that's true, traipsing around I.
with your moonlighting gal pal put her in that chair, and got us no closer to nailing Kim than we were in the first place.
You know what guilty looks like, and you know she didn't kill that guy.
I'm homicide.
On the scale of mysteries, this isn't much of one.
Walsh was in the room with the body.
Why would she want to kill Peck? He was our key to taking Kim down.
You want to prove it was someone else? Prove it was someone else.
I know you think this real estate guy is behind all this Real estate's his shell, man.
Kim oversees one of the biggest drug operations in the city.
Half the civic leaders in town send Kim Christmas cards.
Need more than your opinion to take on a guy that plugged in.
He's right.
I've never gotten calls like I have in the past few hours.
- Me, either.
- From who? People with pull at City Hall.
Oh, come on, that's just Kim calling in favors, trying to shut me down.
Or maybe he feels like you got a vendetta, and haven't exactly been following the rules.
If I give Marty in Legal a call, is he gonna confirm that you stopped by his office earlier? I know when I'm getting the runaround.
From you and Walsh.
So let me be clear: you're locked in the building till we get to the bottom of this.
I know how close you are to K.
, but she doesn't have a badge anymore, Hondo.
And that's why I needed to help her.
Kim being free is messing with her and her son he's my godson.
You sure no lines got crossed? Nothing Hicks can get you for? Are you asking me if I got my hands dirty? I think I kept them clean enough.
I thought we had trust.
Why didn't you tell me what you were doing? We do have trust.
Maybe I thought I was protecting you.
Rocker sure about this? Well, he said our getaway driver's amnesia lifted as soon he woke up handcuffed to the bed.
And our second shooter's traveling under a different name.
But still a big guy with a goatee? Big guy, goatee and a bus ticket to Vegas.
That our guy? - Hey.
- DEACON: Hey! (SHOUTING, GASPING) (SCREAMS) (GROWLS) Give me your hands! - Give me your hands.
- Puta.
Shut up.
Got him? How much do you think is in there? - Got to be 15 large.
- 20.
What's that, the going rate for killing cops? (GRUNTS) Here you go, kid.
(DOOR OPENS) What happened to your face? I just got in a little fender bender.
It's nothing.
Why'd the police come and pick me up? What's my mom doing back there? Well, since your grandmother's in Colorado, your mom asked me to send a couple guys to pick you up while she answers a few questions.
- Why can't I see her? - As soon as she's done helping us with our case, you can.
I thought she was retired.
She is.
But this particular case is really important to your mom, and we need her help.
Hey, how about you quit with the 20 Questions, you make me look good and start your grammar.
You know your mom's-a wring my neck if she thinks I'm letting you slack.
And eat.
You're a hell of a godfather.
(CHUCKLES) Kid makes it easy.
Is there anything we can do for him? Just keep it a regular day until we figure out how to get K.
out of this.
Speaking of that, come with me.
Hondo, I heard what happened.
I'm glad you're okay.
I appreciate that, Commissioner.
A few months ago, Michael got a call from Jae Kim.
He said a SWAT officer showed up at an investor meeting and stepped over the line.
Kim said he felt threatened, asked me to look into the situation.
I told Kim if he came after K.
Walsh or her son again, I was gonna pay him a visit.
Nothing more to the situation.
Are you sure? 'Cause when I checked in with Narcotics, they said you got pretty heated with them, too.
For not taking Jae Kim down.
So when I spoke to Kim again, he said Wait a minute.
Again? When? Hold up, are you the reason Kim knew I was looking into him for the past couple of months? The reason I got shot at today? That's not what I intended.
I never would've spoken to Kim if there was an actual investigation, but apparently this was you and an ex-federal agent looking into things on your own? I didn't know about it.
Why should you? You sit on an oversight board.
You don't work in the field.
Doesn't mean you get to walk into a boardroom - and threaten someone.
- I didn't threaten him.
I know a some people who were there.
Sounded like threats to them.
I know you're smart enough not to break the rules, but don't tell me you didn't bend them here.
Jae Kim was behind the kidnapping of a ten-year-old boy.
If you could prove that, he'd be behind bars.
Or maybe he just has too many friends like you covering his ass.
Come on, Commissioner.
Don't even try to play like you haven't heard the rumors of Kim being dirty.
We've had a few business dealings in the past, but we're hardly friends.
As for rumors, they're rumors.
You try working in construction without dealing with someone who's a little questionable.
You'd never build anything.
The only thing I'm trying to build here, sir Both of you need to stop.
Michael, Kim tried to have Hondo killed.
Hondo, Michael's not the enemy.
We need to get on the same page.
Yeah, and what page is that? You recognize him? Bag of cash came from somewhere.
Want to tell us who paid you? Nice profit for an unfinished job.
Who asked you to take me out? I recognize you.
You pulled a SIG P228.
Life gets real bad when you go at a cop, but lucky for you, I just want the guy who hired you.
I don't know him.
Never talked to the guy.
Well, that's not good enough, Diego.
Looks like you're gonna do time for everybody on this.
Let's go.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Look, listen, look.
You want the guy? All right, you got him.
Now you obviously got a name, so go ahead and tell me and I'll repeat it to whoever you want me to.
Whisper a name in my ear.
That's not how we do things here.
Heard Diego wouldn't give Kim up.
Kim put enough layers between 'em to keep him in the clear.
So why'd this hitman still get paid? 'Cause he changed his target to Ian Peck.
If Diego killed Peck, that means K.
's off the hook, right? They're getting him on the record now, but yeah, K.
should get released.
Hey, could we talk for a sec? Shoot.
So my mom's staying with me since she got out, and everything's great, but since I'm a cop, there's this form.
It's kind of a formality.
I just need approval.
To live with a felon.
It's not a formality.
Nice try.
So you're not gonna sign for me? Look, like Annie tells the kids, don't take three rights to make a left.
Your superior officer needs to sign it.
That's Hondo.
Have you heard of the Chandler Club? Yeah, that's that members-only lounge downtown.
Old money L.
New money, too.
Kim's a member.
He just booked a room at the club to pitch some high-end development on Alvarado to investors.
Oh, okay, so that $25 million loan's due tomorrow, and he's out shaking the tree trying to find some cash.
He's desperate.
Maybe we can turn that into a bust.
How? Michael Plank got an invitation.
Plank No, no.
Hell no.
I don't trust him.
Well, I do.
Looks like Kim rotates the same six properties among his LLCs every few years.
I still can't prove it in court, but he is laundering money for a cartel.
The real estate's just a way of hiding the drug profits.
These cash injections make no sense otherwise.
Company's built on sand.
It's built on fentanyl.
Appreciate you giving me the chance to show you I can help here.
You can thank Cortez.
Commissioner, you want to help? Could come with some real danger, though.
He went after a kid last time and me today.
When I got taken hostage in this armory, your gut instinct helped save my life.
If your gut's right about Kim, and I can help take him down, then that's what I want to do.
What do you need me to do? Without entrapping him, I need you to get Kim to admit that this development is just a sham for washing dirty money.
I'm a police commissioner.
Why do you think he'd admit that to me? He might not, but he trusted you before when it came to me.
You're gonna be one of the richest men in the room.
Kim needs $25 million quick.
Test the microphone.
I can't even feel it's there.
Don't touch your tie like that, it's unnatural.
Unnatural is how covers get blown.
Kim's gonna be more likely to say something incriminating if he's comfortable.
Let him come to you.
Commissioner Plank.
Glad you came.
Missed you in Napa over New Year's.
Jackson Hole for me.
The holidays just seem wrong without snow.
(CHUCKLES) Excuse me.
JESSICA: Our team will be nearby, ready to go if he slips or if things go sideways.
- Sideways? - It can happen.
So my team's gonna be right outside in the back alley.
JESSICA: We'll send Chris undercover for your protection.
MICHAEL: What if he figures out I'm wearing a wire? HONDO: He won't.
He's gonna want to believe you.
Just forget you're wearing one and you won't screw up.
Excuse me.
(CLEARS THROAT) He's about to start.
See if you can get closer.
KIM: Excuse me, folks.
(CLEARS THROAT) Thank you for coming on short notice.
I can assure you the property development on Alvarado is well worth your time.
- For those of you who haven't heard - Wine, sir? my investor in China ran into liquidity problems after a government crackdown.
The result is I have to replace his $25 million share by tomorrow.
- (CROWD MURMURS) - I realize it sounds aggressive.
I'll let you in on a secret.
This share is a $40 million value.
I'm in a delicate situation.
I'm offering a once in a lifetime deal to my friends.
So please, have a drink, check the specs.
I'll circle around.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Hey, good to see you.
You know that police officer we discussed? Paid me another uninvited visit today.
(SIGHS) He really does have quite the wrong impression of me.
I'm friendly with his commander.
I'll get her to make sure he leaves you alone.
Focuses on his real job.
KIM: Thank you.
I got to be honest.
Buying a stake in Alvarado I'm intrigued.
KIM: You should be intrigued.
It's an awful lot on short notice, but who wouldn't want to turn 25 into 40? Just one thing I'm not sure about.
KIM: I'd have no problem letting you invest anonymously, Michael.
MICHAEL: No, that's not a problem.
Are we gonna get this guy or what? He seems to think he has Michael on the hook.
If better terms are what you want The terms are fine.
It's your Chinese investor.
Something doesn't quite add up with that story.
I don't mind taking risks, but I just need to know the real deal.
You tell me that, I can get you the money.
Maybe we wouldn't be good partners in this.
I really should make the rounds.
Excuse me, Commissioner.
BURROWS: He had him.
What happened? He was too direct.
Or he blew it on purpose.
Got a civilian doing a cop's job, that's what happened.
We didn't have a choice.
We should get you out of here.
- I got to talk to him again.
- HONDO (OVER COMMS): No, Michael.
It's time to go.
Door's right behind you, Michael.
Just give me one more shot.
HQ wants you out, Commissioner.
You duck out first.
I'll be right behind you.
Excuse me, everyone.
If I can have your attention? HONDO: What is he doing? Love to offer a toast.
Jae you're one of the last true titans of I.
real estate.
You've made millions in this town.
Some would say you've given even more back.
They'd be wrong.
You know Alvarado won't turn a profit.
It can't.
It's worth less than half of its assessment.
You said this property fell into your lap last month, but you failed to mention who you bought it from.
Really? You're a con man.
(CHUCKLES) I don't know if you've had too much to drink My track record speaks for itself.
It's your word against mine.
Whoever invests with you is throwing away their money.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) Nice pivot, Commissioner.
(CHUCKLES) Thanks.
I knew I blew the sting, so I figured the least I could do was stop Kim from raising the money to pay that loan back.
After Kim stopped talking, - I thought it was over.
- Yeah, me, too.
I just couldn't let Kim sweet-talk someone else into handing him a check.
So, figured I'd poison the well for everyone there, cut off any financial escape route.
Can't bust him, - at least keep him desperate.
- (CHUCKLES) Target's on your back now, too.
Same as Hondo.
Counting on the pros to prove he's a criminal before it comes to that.
Well, Kim's gonna fight to the end.
The Profetas that let our getaway driver bleed all over their mattress where are they now? So, why'd you bring me back here? I told you I had no idea they shot a cop.
- Before you started lifting stereos - (SCOFFS) Profetas were the main distributors for a fentanyl operation.
Only business went south a few months ago.
Am I right? Supply dried up, man.
Jae Kim's supply.
I got a funny little feeling the spigot's about to open up again, so I need you to tell me when and where.
I do that, and I walk out of here a free man? Free as a bird.
Might have to make a few phone calls.
Well, let's get you a phone, then.
There's a shipping yard right next to the port.
Something's going down right now.
Big dealer named Grasso.
Armin Grasso.
Little Armenia.
That's the one.
I guess he's been trying to tap into the fentanyl market for a while.
Just got his chance tonight.
Kim's making his move.
He's unloading his entire supply he's been sitting on the past few months for fast cash.
That's got to be huge.
Like, $25 million worth of fentanyl? Probably more.
And there's no way Kim won't be there personally to oversee this exchange.
Let's move.
Hey, you can't come with us.
Like hell I can't.
Hicks has you grounded.
- I'll beg for forgiveness later.
- The goal is to bust Kim, not bust Kim and get you suspended.
Or worse.
I'm gonna be there when we take Kim down.
He went after my friend.
He went after our friend, too.
Look, we got this covered.
Let's not risk prosecution.
Come on, Hondo.
We got him.
We're gonna take Kim down.
All the way.
You'd do the same thing for any one of us.
Hear that? Anything from the two vehicles? - Not a peep.
- What about Kim? He show his face? - Not yet.
- DEACON: He's slippery.
If he doesn't show up to this, we got nothing on him.
Keep looking.
Three guys in the truck on the right, two in the car on the left.
We got 'em both covered.
Tan, how we doing on that line to HQ? Should be up in a minute.
We got movement.
CHRIS: Anyone see Jae Kim? LUCA: Nope.
Got him.
Go ahead.
Open it up.
JESSICA: Remember, we don't have anything on Kim until he makes a deal.
HONDO: The second he gives a nod, we pounce.
This place might explode, so be ready.
- We're all over it, boss.
- HONDO: I know you are.
Okay, here we go.
- What is this? They're calling it off? - Luca, you hear anything? LUCA: No, whispers are too low, and they didn't teach Armenian at my high school.
These guys are either about to make a deal, or this place is about to go off.
That's $25 million at least.
Here we go.
We can't move in unless there's a confirmation.
A handshake will do.
So, do we have a deal? Yeah, we got a deal.
HONDO: Go! Now! Move in! Move in! We got him! Go! - DEACON: LAPD! - (GRUNTING) - Freeze! - LAPD! - Hands up! - Get to the car! - Police! - Get on him! - LAPD! - (GUNFIRE) Drop your weapons now! On the ground! (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) I got Kim! (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) Out of the car! Now! (ENGINE REVVING) (GRUNTING) (HORN HONKING) (GRUNTS) (PANTING) (GUNSHOT) - (GUNSHOTS) - (GRUNTING) (PANTING) (GRUNTS) (GROANING) I got him, Hondo.
I got him.
Bring his ass in.
What's up, Tanner? Wait, what's going on? 633 Jackson Street.
Yeah, I know it.
All right, man.
I'll be right there.
Feels nice, doesn't it? Better than nice.
Don't send his kind away too often.
When we do, they don't usually stay there.
I have a feeling this one will stick.
Hey, man.
Neighbor saw a trespasser.
When I got here, I saw a figure climbing out the window.
Found her hiding in the bushes.
Thanks for calling me first, man.
We're really supposed to take anyone we find around here into the station.
You know this area.
No one's up to any good.
It's not gonna happen again.
We're really not supposed to cut corners anymore.
Don't let me get burned for this, man.
You won't.
You won't.
I promise.
All right.
(SIGHS) (CAR DOOR OPENS, SHUTS) (ENGINE STARTS) (CAR DEPARTING) (KEYS JANGLING) Why'd you come back here, Mom? I had to get something.
I've seen this before.
Only thing I ever got from my mother, except the temper.
When things got bad with your dad and me, I just I thought it would be smart to have an exit strategy.
So I hid it under the floorboards.
And Just I couldn't get back here until today, so I-I'm gonna pawn it, so that, you know, you don't have to cover all my expenses until I get a job.
A lot of memories in there.
You want to go inside? No.
I never, ever meant for you to have to grow up so fast, Jimmy.
I didn't.
I mean, your father was no good, but neither was I, sometimes.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Things are better now.
Hmm? (SIGHS) I answered every question right, but they didn't want me for that job.
I don't know how I'm gonna make it out here.
(CHUCKLES) Hey, champ.
- How you doing? You good? - Yeah.
Hey, listen.
I want to tell you something, and you got to promise you'll always remember.
There's a word that you're gonna hear that gets thrown around a lot in life.
" Now, it's been watered down over the years.
It's something we say when somebody gives a good speech or when somebody gets shot in the butt.
(CHUCKLES) But, listen, when a person sticks with something for months and doesn't care if they never get any credit for it or isn't afraid to take the heat even though it's not their fault, that's a real hero.
(CHUCKLES) And that's exactly what your mom is.
- You understand? - Yeah.
Go let her know.
Ride's waiting out front.
The hotel's all set up.
Double beds, continental breakfast, the works.
We'll have two officers posted at your door until things settle down.
You don't have to do this.
I didn't.
Hondo did.
- You good? - Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm just, uh I'm relieved.
(SIGHS) You guys did great out there.
(CHUCKLES) Hey, uh can I ask you a favor? Surprised you didn't ask Deac.
Oh, he didn't go for it, did he? Said not to take three rights to make a left.
Whatever that means.
(CHUCKLES) So can you sign it? Are you sure this is what's best for you? I'm sure it's what's best for her.
There they are.
Real quick, everyone.
Um I want to say something.
There's been times in my life when I didn't feel like people really had my back.
But what each one of you did for me out there tonight Look, I-I really don't know what to say except I'll never forget it.
Thank you.