S.W.A.T. (2017) s02e03 Episode Script

Fire and Smoke

1 Previously on SWAT I need to trim $200 million off LAPD's budget.
Things change, and you need to change with them by 15%.
15% is gonna be impossible without seriously reducing personnel.
- Nia Wells.
- You're a prosecutor, huh? Deputy D.
Now it's back to business on my bribery case.
My key witness just testified for two hours.
Brave lady.
When are you gonna learn how to check that ego? Getting kicked off of SWAT wasn't enough? I think Street's lost without SWAT.
But if he wants his job back, he's gonna have to prove it to me using more than just words.
The door is still open for now, but you got to show him how far you've come.
I don't know What you had in mind But here we stand on opposing sides Let's go to war Let's go to war The trial hasn't gone well.
Time to be proactive.
War, war, war Screaming at the ones we love Like we forgot who we can trust Screaming at the top of our lungs Do we feel safe? Do we feel safe? Do you feel safe? MAN: Andrea, you almost home? ANDREA: Turning on our street.
Kids all down? MAN: No problems.
- You hungry? - ANDREA: Not really.
Just pour me a glass.
- (ANDREA SCREAMING) - Andrea? Andrea! Andrea! (CAR ALARM BLARING) (PANTING) (GRUNTS) Andrea! Hey! (GRUNTS) Hey! Hey! Freeze! DISPATCHER: Any available unit, P/R reports shots fired.
North 1900 block of Birch Way.
- UNI: Adam 24, show us responding.
- Hey, whoa.
MAN: Whoa.
What are you doing, man? That's outside our zone.
- 50 bucks we beat them.
- No.
Adam 13, show us backing.
But no bet.
No way.
(SIREN WAILING) Officer, he-he ran down the next driveway on the left.
- He's got a gun.
- What's he wearing? A black top with white stripes.
It's the third firebomb tonight.
First fatal.
Different parts of town.
But the targets were all hit - around the same time.
- So multiple suspects.
The night is still young.
That's got to be an awful way to go.
Two blocks out.
Airship 17 to 20-David.
No visual of the suspect.
Scanning the perimeter, orbiting right.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) All right, stay back, people.
You thought being first on the scene would keep us up front? Uh-uh.
Just until we got outranked.
You're not SWAT anymore, man.
We're the ones who trapped the suspect.
(HORN HONKS) Oh, here come the heroes.
- Yeah, they are.
- I was actually being sincere.
Oh, you're touchy tonight.
- Where is he, Sergeant? - We believe in the garage there.
- Hold on.
You don't know? - All right.
We need a bigger safety zone.
Luca, Chris, move that world back.
- Roger.
- Okay.
Let's go, you guys.
- First cops boxed the guy in.
- CHRIS: Guys.
Ordered them to disengage until you got here.
- Back, guys! House alarm wasn't tripped.
Airship didn't see nothing, - so yeah, that leaves the garage.
- CHRIS: Keep going.
- You did a callout? - Yes, sir.
No response.
House unoccupied? Family's on vacation, according to security.
We get an I.
on the victim yet? Andrea Melkonian.
- Wait a minute.
She's the star witness in that city hall bribery trial.
I know the D.
working it.
Three fire bombings, a dead witness.
This is big.
All right, Tan.
Let's put a peep inside, see what the hell we're dealing with.
- Roger that.
Tan, go.
Garage is clear.
Tan, move.
Hey, Street.
Tough night.
Wish I was doing more than perimeter control.
CHRIS: Oh, great.
Melkonian? I am so sorry for your loss.
Irene Fuller.
Go away.
- Your wife, Andrea What is wrong with you? Her body hasn't even been moved.
- Hondo.
- I have three little kids inside who don't know their mother's dead.
Go, go.
Did she receive any threats before this? I need you to transport that victim immediately.
- Any other threats at all? - Hey.
You two need to back off.
Let him answer the question, Sergeant.
Show the man some decency.
Have you located the suspect yet? I need you to move back, or I will detain you for interfering.
The guy got past you, didn't he? - Wait, what? - He got away? We're working to locate him right now.
That's our story.
Five to live, Irene.
(GRUNTS) - Don't move.
Don't you move.
I'm not resisting.
Go, go, go.
Get up.
Get up.
Steve and Gina, we are seeing right now the live capture of the suspect in tonight's fiery murder of the key witness in the Joseph Petrosian sensational bribery trial Sargeant Harrelson.
I was wondering when you were gonna show up, counselor.
Listen, we've been here all night trying to I.
the other firebombing suspects.
You know it's about the trial.
My primary witness gets burned alive.
Both alternate jurors lose their homes.
They were lucky they kept their lives.
And now they're too scared to serve if I need them.
One more juror drops out for any reason, it's an automatic mistrial, and I can't win at retrial without my best witness.
But she already testified.
It's all on record.
Every word.
But minus Andrea's passion on the stand, it won't have the same impact.
And now the other side knows our game plan.
They'll put on a better defense next time.
This is my only chance to nail this guy and the politicians in bed with him.
But murder to get away with bribery? That doesn't make any sense, Nia.
I mean, bribery's what? It's a five-year max.
He's not the play.
I couldn't prove it in court, but Petrosian's a front for the Armenian mob.
If I can convict him for payoffs, I can charge the city councilors he paid off.
Plus him doing any real jail time might soften up his loyalty quick and get him to give up his Armenian bosses.
The jury's with me, Hondo.
They just have to bring in the guilty verdict.
I spent days with Andrea prepping her testimony.
Bravest witness I've ever had.
Come with me.
Tell me what you need.
Deliberations start this morning.
I need to make sure none of the jurors or their families get hurt or threatened.
It's too early for court.
- Where are they right now? - Still at the hotel.
They were sequestered during the trial.
They're with the sheriffs.
They're safe.
I was worried they'd get bribed, not killed.
I was thinking too small.
Why weren't the alternates staying - with the rest of the jury? - They were.
Until the judge let them go home when the case was submitted as a courtesy.
No good deed goes unpunished.
The jurors still have no idea what happened last night.
No TV, no Internet, no newspapers, no private visits, no private calls.
The only exception is a family emergency.
So if something happens to any of their loved ones We lose the case.
Over and out.
I'll park squad cars outside every home.
Patrol cops aren't trained like SWAT.
I can have my teams oversee the units.
Any sign of threat, we're nearby and ready to respond.
Just until the verdict.
Thank you.
Names and addresses? The guy you grabbed last night - was lawyered up in less than an hour.
- I know.
He's got help on speed dial.
He's connected hard-core.
He's never going to fold.
But Petrosian's just a white-collar crook playing with the big boys.
He might spit out names - if we can apply more pressure.
- Like a search warrant on his house.
Let's go see the judge together.
I'll brief the team.
I've been thinking about how to get you back on the team.
Good morning.
Ground zero's still a real apology to Hondo.
I get it.
- Your move.
You're not gonna be getting an invite from him.
Look, there's a lot of ways to apologize.
I'm working on a plan.
Don't wait too long, okay? You made your point.
I got to go and finish up this paperwork from last night.
(SIGHS) I seriously don't understand male pride.
- (LAUGHS) Just gets in the way.
It's definitely a disease that afflicts some men more than others.
So, what do you think Street should be doing to make it right with Hondo? He needs to grow up.
Boy, that's kind of harsh.
- No.
He blamed Hondo, he blamed you.
He hasn't blamed himself for his mistakes.
Rule number one: own it.
Hard for him.
Well, then he's not ready to be part of the team.
I know what makes us good for him, but what makes him good for us? Street's changed since Hondo cut him.
- He seriously has.
- All right, well if you're right, might take a while, but you won't be the only one to see it.
What about in the meantime? That's my best free advice.
Brie, maybe he just forgot where he parked it.
Come on, we both know he's got memory issues.
No, no, don't do that, don't do that.
Look, if it's missing, he's got to file a report.
What are you talking about? That's a terrible idea.
Look, just don't let him head out on his own.
Okay, okay, fine, fine.
I get it, I get it.
Brie, it's not your fault.
I'll take care of it.
Brie, I said I'll handle it, okay? (SIGHS) Black-and-whites got their assignments? Yeah.
Every juror's house has a protection detail.
We'll, uh, make the rounds, fill in where needed.
You want to head to Petrosian's house, wait for that search warrant to come down? Cortez says it might take an hour or two.
I got to make a pit stop.
There's a chance my pops might have gotten his car stolen.
We gonna go talk to him? (CHUCKLES) If I can find him.
You telling me I finally get to meet Papa Harrelson? (CHUCKLES) This could be that magical day, Deac.
Well, I'll try not to embarrass you.
Trust me, you're not the problem.
Well, this ain't no coincidence.
So Brie called you, huh? Now I got two cops in the family.
Way she watches me just don't make no sense.
Pop, let me introduce you to Sergeant Kay.
Deac, my old man.
Daniel Harrelson.
- David Kay.
It's a pleasure to meet you, sir.
- Mm.
Hondo hasn't told us much about you, so great to put a face to the name.
HONDO: We're just waiting on a warrant.
What's up with you, man? You're the one that's rolling up on your old man.
- What's up with you? - Where's your car? I'm on my way to get it back right now.
Brianna told me it got stolen.
You know who's got it? Bail bondsman snatched it out of my garage.
That's private property, right? Sounds like.
- Okay, hold up, hold up.
What bail bondsman? Why don't we go together and we bust him? As a matter of fact, let's take your car.
Hey, slow down.
Slow down.
Pop, you got arrested? - No.
Remember Miss Williams? No, but knowing you, I'm sure she's a looker.
Yeah, well, she got a grandson.
His name is Andre.
Now, he's the one that got arrested.
It was some bogus, nothing charge.
He was afraid he was gonna lose his job if he didn't show up at work 'cause he was in the lock-up, so I bailed him out.
And you put your car up as collateral? - What was the charge? - Being black and poor.
What else? Oh, here we go.
Do you realize that 70% of the people in this country that are in jail have never been convicted of a crime? They just couldn't make bail.
Seven-oh percent! - Pop, you love that car.
- The boy was 19 years old, Hondo.
And he was gonna take a guilty plea for something that he didn't do, just so that he would not lose his job.
I mean, that's just wrong.
I'm pretty sure there was a code violation in there somewhere.
Nobody should go to jail for jaywalking.
No, it's just a ticket.
Something else had to go down, man.
- Okay, so maybe he mouthed off at one of the cops, and then that turns into resisting arrest.
Imagine that.
So, what, the kid didn't make it to his court day? The court date is a month away.
But the bondsman he wanted to make sure that nothing happened with his collateral, that it didn't get damaged, so he snatched my car.
He's the one that committed the crime.
All right, look, we're gonna take you home, all right? You think I can't handle him by myself? I ain't never too old for justice.
Easy, tough guy.
Just give me a name.
Y'all gonna roll up on him? No, Pop.
I'm gonna talk to someone I know at the D.
's office.
That's the belly of the beast, son.
It makes them people happy to ruin people's entire lives just to make themselves look good.
Well, this one doesn't believe in overcharging just because she can.
Come on.
Well, if that's the case, she's playing for the wrong side.
Watch your head, Mr.
I know how to do that.
Thank you very much.
NIA: These are new crimes.
Judge, we're looking for any evidence of contact between Mr.
Petrosian and the suspect in custody.
I understand that, but speculation doesn't qualify as probable cause.
What's your basis? Imminent danger, Your Honor.
Two arsonists Hit men.
- are still out there and active.
While we're sitting on our asses.
You have the jurors' families under protection, correct? Yes, but that doesn't guarantee their safety 100%, sir.
This all looks more like reasonable suspicion than probable cause.
I'm worried about admissibility, whatever you find.
How about the risk of bodily harm, Your Honor? I'm trying to save lives.
You know last night's victims, Judge.
And you know the next victims.
If we don't stop this.
The rule of common sense applies.
Supported by your training and personal field experience, Captain? Absolutely.
Should've never released the alternates.
Good luck.
Thank you.
PETROSIAN: My attorney advised me to cooperate.
Then you got your money's worth.
- Not really.
He should be here.
How are you allowed to raid my house during the trial? - Because this is - about your next trial.
- DEACON: Murder for hire, arson murder, multiple attempted murders Busy night last night.
- It wasn't my fault what happened.
- Okay, then there won't be any evidence against you, so what are you so worried about? Because I look guilty as hell! Three people from my trial? I never understood why Andrea would lie about me like she did.
I thought I was a pretty good boss.
But to die like that, in front of her husband DEACON: We were there.
I sat with him myself, waiting for the coroner to move his wife's body.
- What was left of it.
- Coordinated attacks in different parts of town.
That's pro, not personal.
Somebody is trying to fix that jury for you, and don't you front like you don't know who.
I don't.
- The D.
says she can charge you with five separate - special circumstances.
- Only takes one for life without parole.
And like is a long time in San Quentin.
You should really try to help yourself.
I am.
Nice teamwork last night.
Is the guy we grabbed willing to roll over about who threw the other firebombs, who paid them? Not yet.
Got a minute, Cap? Sure.
A lot of chatter around here about these budget cuts.
Possible cuts.
It's all gossip at this point.
I'm hearing there's a list of names already, to move off SWAT, back to patrol, put more faces on the street where the taxpayers can see them? - No, that's not true.
I'm hearing my name's on the list.
There's no list.
You'd tell me if there was, right? I promise, there's no list.
How'd the budget meeting go? At least we looked good on the 11:00 news.
Always helps negotiations with City Hall.
Would've been a disaster if that suspect had escaped.
Status? RHD's going through evidence from the search this morning.
The jury's been transported from the hotel.
Unis are protecting the families, - and we're protecting the unis.
- Watch the overtime.
I didn't have a choice last night, sir.
I know.
It wasn't a criticism.
We already have a morale problem.
Officers think they're gonna get bumped off SWA and sent down to patrol.
I even heard a crazy rumor that there's a list of names for reassignment.
Which there isn't, right? There's a list.
Nothing's final.
When were you gonna tell me? You got enough hate from pushing those proposals through last year.
I could've given you better support, I know that.
So now I was just trying to insulate you as long as I could.
I thought we'd be able to negotiate our way out of it.
They want more cops on the streets, from wherever they harvest them, including us.
Deputy chief's rolling over.
So this is real? I hate politics.
So the juror's wife went to stay with her mom? You blame her? I wouldn't hang around waiting to get burned out.
She packed her bag as soon as she heard why we're here.
On your six.
Failure to yield.
Two males on board.
California plate three, John, Robert, Queen, one, five, eight.
- Running it.
25-David to Dispatch.
Be advised suspicious vehicle comes back Code 37.
Now northbound on Rollins at Ventura.
Crossed Ventura at high speed.
Carrying possible incendiary devices.
Oh, no! (SCREAMING, YELLING) (TIRES SCREECH) - Whoa! - Move! Out of the way! - Out of the way! Out of the way! (TIRES SQUEALING) - (WOMAN SHRIEKS) - Get out of the car! - Get out of the car! - (WOMAN GRUNTS) (SIREN BLARING, TIRES SQUEAK) WOMAN: Somebody help her! Plates! Two-nine-four-Paul That's all I got.
24-David to Command, send an R.
Code 3.
- One victim carjacked.
- WOMAN: Help! Two male suspects are rolling - in a Nissan Altima - Somebody's hurt back there! with partial plates two-nine-four-Paul.
Got to help her! - Tan! - (GRUNTS) - (WOMAN WHIMPERS) - Hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
- (GROANING) Ah, you're gonna be all right, okay? Just breathe.
Keep breathing, all right? Paramedics are on their way.
Air 21 to command, suspect vehicle is turned out on to Glendale Boulevard, eastbound, in Echo Park.
Command to all D-teams.
Suspects seen at gas station, northeast corner of Glendale and Salazar.
LUCA: Roger that.
En route.
(QUIET, INDISTINCT CHATTER) Go this way, ma'am.
This way.
What are you doing? There's cops.
HONDO: This is the Los Angeles Police Department.
Everyone in that garage, come outside, - hands where we can see them.
- Get ready.
At least the box will keep us from torching the place while they're still inside.
- Nicer than they've been.
- True that.
(GRUNTS) (COUGHING) HONDO: Come out with your hands all the way in the air.
No reason to go through that pain.
Same outcome.
(COUGHING) No! - (YELLS IN PAIN) We're driving out of here.
We're not just giving up.
HONDO: I don't see a lot of options left for you in there.
Let's just get this over with.
Where are the keys? Where are the keys?! - (COUGHING) - (YELLS) DEACON (OVER RADIO): Opening bay doors.
(COUGHING CONTINUES) - I'm unarmed! - Roll over to me.
- HONDO: Keep coming.
Keep coming.
- CHRIS: Roll to me.
Come on, man.
Step out of the car.
Get up.
Hands behind your back.
- Hands behind your back.
- Walk towards my voice.
Do it now.
- (TOMAS GRUNTING) - Get out of the car.
- Let's go.
Turn around, keep your hands in the air.
TAN: Walk towards my voice.
Hands behind your head.
Interlock your fingers.
This is 20-David to Command and all D-team units.
Code Four.
Suspects in custody.
(BEEPING, WHIRRING) Most of the block with the gas station belongs to a holding company, which also happens to own the land under Joseph Petrosian's building.
Well, what a coincidence.
So who's the top dog? Best guess, George Terzian.
He's the only name registered for the LLC that owns the holding company.
So he's pulling the strings? He's still flagged as a boss in the Armenian mob, although he's managed to stay out of the system ever since he beat fed charges ten years ago.
Mug shot? Next up.
(PHONE VIBRATING) Go ahead, take it.
The jury's ready.
You can get there.
Lawyers always say a quick verdict's a guilty verdict.
HONDO: But all the justice in the world won't bring his wife back.
I keep thinking about Annie, if the surgery had failed.
Our kids are all about the same age.
Maybe I'll go sit with him.
- Sure.
He could probably use the company.
Back even faster than you thought, huh? Personal record.
Jury done by lunch on the first day.
- Andrea should be here for it.
I liked her so much.
Seeing her husband like this makes me want to cry.
Well, it's easy to get personally involved.
Be easier if we didn't.
No, it wouldn't.
No, it wouldn't.
But at least you brought in the doers.
Weight like this someone should flip on the boss, whoever he is.
You didn't pull any evidence from the search? Nada.
I like my criminals stupid.
- (CHUCKLES) These guys are real.
Not for long.
They're in your crosshairs now.
You want to celebrate the verdict later? City's paying for my hotel room through next week.
I thought we were one-and-done.
We are.
Same as last time.
And the time before that.
All righty, then.
(GAVEL POUNDS) Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, have you reached a verdict? Uh, no, Your Honor, we have not.
We're at an impasse.
JUDGE SHELTON: Sir, you just sent me a note saying the jury had a decision.
Yes, Your Honor, but not a verdict.
Uh, we, uh we decided we're hopelessly deadlocked.
You haven't deliberated long enough to tell me that.
FOREPERSON: We could deliberate until the cows come home, and we still wouldn't have a verdict.
It was all for nothing.
JUDGE SHELTON: Jurors, I'm going to ask you one by one if you believe you can reach a verdict with further deliberation.
This is a yes or no answer only.
You are not to state your determination as to guilt or innocence.
- Juror Number Two.
- No, Your Honor.
JUDGE SHELTON: Juror Number Three.
- JUROR THREE: No, Your Honor.
- JUDGE SHELTON: Juror Number Four.
JUROR FOUR: No, Your Honor.
JUDGE SHELTON: Juror Number Five.
Guy in the leather jacket.
JUDGE SHELTON: Juror Number Six.
JUROR SIX: No, Your Honor.
Petrosian definitely made eyes with him.
So who is he? - PETER: Our kids lost their mom.
I lost my wife so her rich boss could buy some pull in City Hall and get even richer? - Public servants for sale.
- (ELEVATOR BELL DINGS) There he is.
Let's use the stairs.
(CHATTER IN ARMENIAN) There's George Terzian right there.
Stay by the door.
Roger that.
HONDO: Oh, hey, man.
Didn't I just see you at the courthouse at Joe Petrosian's trial? You were the only one there who didn't look shocked.
Be sure to get the baklava for both of you.
's Finest eat free here.
Appreciate that, but there's no need.
I'm good.
You the owner? Uh, no, I'm the owner.
If you're not here on police business, can you please not bother my customers? Am I bothering either one of you? Have a good day, Hondo.
And how do you know my name, George? I'd say we both know the value of information.
(SCOFFS) I'm really looking forward to your next mug shot.
BAILIFF: This was in the jury room.
I don't know how this got in there, counselor.
I double-checked that room myself before the jury arrived.
I even unlocked the door for them.
What is it, Bob? They all knew.
The jury knew? That's why they didn't come in with a verdict.
Playing like he's stone cold.
Terzian's sure we can't touch him.
Yeah, well, he's wrong about that.
You think they'd age out of the business.
Or get smart enough to make less of a mess.
Old doesn't make you smart.
You just can't tell the difference anymore.
So I just spoke with Andrea's mother.
Peter asked her to stay with the kids.
Now, she thinks he took his gun to use on himself, and he's not answering his cell phone.
HONDO: You ping it? Location should be coming up now.
LUCA: If he's got a gun, is he looking to hurt himself or someone else? DEACON: I don't know.
Where is he? That's not far from Petrosian's house.
- Oh, no.
- He's going after him.
He doesn't know we're on these guys.
Go stop him.
Captain Cortez? Street.
I heard you were first on the scene last night.
Yeah, we couldn't save the victim.
At least you cornered the suspect.
What can I do for you? Well, I was just talking with Harold.
In the armory? - Yeah.
And, uh, with the hiring freeze and the hold on overtime, he's stretched really thin.
And I know it's affecting SWA readiness, so I was thinking, maybe I could help out in there.
On my own time.
Just strictly volunteer.
Then I don't even have to know about it.
It's good to see you again.
You, too.
What do you think you're doing? - Let's go.
- (GRUNTS) (PANTING RAPIDLY) Stop hyperventilating, Joe.
I don't want any more bodies.
All of this is your fault.
The idiot came looking for you, not me.
Zero problems until you decided to branch out into bribery.
Who even gets caught for that? - I made us a fortune.
- Not if you had to forfeit the whole damn building with a guilty verdict.
My building.
You're just a name on a piece of paper.
I'd have never flipped on you, and you know that.
PETROSIAN: Don't make me a part of this.
TERZIAN: Look what you caused.
- And it's not over yet.
(SIGHS) - Not in here.
The man came here with a gun, which needs to go off in his hand.
(MUFFLED SIGH) TERZIAN: Some other place, because now there's no choice.
TERZIAN: Take him.
(GRUNTS) (INDISTINCT CHATTER) (GRUNTING AND GROANING) - Put your hands up! Put your hands up! - Don't move! On the ground! Stay right there! Turn around! (GROANING) No! Deac, don't.
You ready for that mug shot, George? (GROANS, PANTING) Did you kill them? No but we got 'em.
(PANTING) Where's your attorney? I'm changing counsel.
- NIA: He fired you.
- PETROSIAN: He specializes in white collar.
He's out of his depth.
Me, too.
This was just supposed to be a business deal, right? I didn't know what was gonna happen.
I just thought some money might change hands.
It's good for everybody.
- Not this.
- Then make it right.
Agree to testify, and I'll recommend leniency.
Terzian's never gonna trust you again.
Means you got a short shelf life.
Joe, I'm your best friend right now.
I may even be your only friend.
I don't want to be your last friend.
Petrosian's ready to make a sworn statement.
We need a stenographer.
It's on the way, counselor.
(SIGHS) You handled your business in there.
Not all of it.
I can't touch the guys he bribed yet.
He's a tainted witness working a deal.
Gives them deniability.
You just drove a truck through the Armenian mob.
- (SIGHS) George Terzian's never gonna get out.
That is huge.
Why can't you just take a moment and appreciate that? I'm hard to please.
(CHUCKLES) I hadn't noticed.
I talked to my colleague about the case you mentioned.
He's kicking the charges.
- Just like that? - Once the kid was out on bail, the leverage went away.
When they're locked up, 90% plead, whether they're guilty or not.
Keeps the win-loss stats good for the office.
But no points for justice? The case wasn't making the docket anyway.
Too big a time suck without enough upside.
This D.
a friend of yours? He's a type.
Not my type.
There shouldn't be two systems one for the rich and one for the poor.
Go get your dad's car.
I'll be at the hotel if you happen to get there eventually.
Oh, I know the way.
This way.
Street came to see me today.
He wants to help out in the armory.
Strictly volunteer.
Why? Think he's trying to make amends.
All right, thanks.
That's good to know.
Night, Captain.
See you tomorrow.
Tan? - Yeah.
I need to tell you I was wrong.
I'm sorry, but there is a list, and you're on it.
It's not official, it hasn't been finalized, and I'm gonna fight for every name on it, but reassignment's looking like a real thing.
We've all worked too hard to make SWAT as good as it is with officers as good as you are.
It's not a done deal.
Forget the politics and focus on the job, same as always.
Thanks, Captain.
(SIGHS) (SIGHS) Do you not remember which car you stole last night? When I hold the pink slip, I own the car, sir.
I moved my car out of your garage.
That's not theft.
- In whose world? - HONDO: All right, listen here.
I'm gonna give you my credit card for your fee.
Then you give my father his car and his pink slip.
- It's not that simple.
- Why not? Car wasn't worth as much as I thought.
'64 Chevy Impala in cherry condition.
With how many times around the odometer? At least one more than you swore and signed.
- Okay, hold up, hold up, Pop.
- You hear what he's trying to do, son.
He trying to keep my car.
I don't have your car! I sold it to cover my fee.
You owed me the money, sir.
I am gonna refund you the difference.
That's what I was checking on the computer.
You didn't call me and tell me you were selling my car.
Blue Book's $700.
I ain't done with you! Have a good evening.
Pops, stop.
You're a hothead.
Yeah, well, it used to run in the family.
Look, the new owners have had your car for less than a day.
- We're gonna buy it back.
- How we gonna find it? I installed a tracker.
When? So that you and Brie could spy on me? That's just shameful, son.
It means we can find your car, Pop.
(DOOR OPENS, BELLS JINGLE) (SIGHS) You ready? Don't say, "One day at a time.
" (SIGHS) It wasn't all for nothing.
Just wasn't worth it.
Peter? I'll call you tomorrow.
You don't have to.
I know.
(SIGHS) You think it's in there? Signal don't lie, Pop.
When I first got that car, I showed it to your Mom.
Man, she was red hot.
Yeah, she was because you broke her budget.
We could drive that car anywhere.
Any part of town, and we were always in style.
We could even drive it to the Westside, which we sometimes called "the white side.
" (CHUCKLES) But people would look at you like like you were somebody, you know what I mean? - Mm-hmm.
And your mom she loved it.
What are you talking about? She hated that car.
Really? - Yeah.
Did she ever mention to you that your life started in the back seat of that car? Okay, whoa, whoa.
What?! - (CHUCKLES) Yeah.
Well, when we got married, we were still living with her folks, and sometimes that car was the only privacy that we had.
Okay, I'm really not trying to hear this right now.
A lot of good memories in the back seat.
Oh, come on, Pops.
Stop, man.
What I'm trying to tell you, son, is, it's more than just a car to me.
Okay, and I got that, but are we done? (BOTH CHUCKLING) HONDO: Hey.
Hmm? - Here comes your seller.
What if he refuses? He kept the car for himself.
You gentlemen know stalking's a crime, don't you? How about fraud? Why didn't you tell me you were a cop before? Because I was off-duty, and I don't use my badge to ask for any favors.
Now might be a good time for you to start to repent for your actions, partner.
See my boy here he's a SWAT team leader.
There's been a misunderstanding here.
So, why don't we rectify that? I think you said a fair price for my father's car was $700 over your fee.
That's $700.
You want to count it? No need.
- Where's the pink slip? - Glove compartment.
- You better not have damaged my starter when you hotwired my car.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) My father will take his car now.
Thank you, son.
- I'll follow you home, Pop.
- No, won't be no need for that.
It's just a waste of gas.
Besides, ain't you got nothing better to do? Don't worry about it.
It's still early.
No rolling stops, you hear me? I have no idea what you talking about.