Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (Your Lie in April) (2014) s01e23 Episode Script


1 Jump! We're here! Let's go, Kousei! R-Right! We'll head in first while you find parking, Takahiko-san.
Sure thing, I'll be in soon.
Let's go, Tsubaki-chan.
Sumiya piano recitals It's been a while since we've come here as guests, hasn't it? It sure has.
It's nice not having to be nervous.
You're so cute! That dress looks really good on you! Thanks! Hey, let's get a photo taken together! Secchan's daddy! Can you take a photo of me and Secchan? Sure thing.
Alright, stand there next to each other.
Here I go.
Say "Cheese!" The rainbow after a storm And the flowers blooming by the wayside Burst into color that day When I saw you gazing at the crimson sky And fell in love Every dramatic frame We painted on that film roll Will stay forever etched In my memories It was you, my special one It was you who opened my eyes The stars in the night sky show us There can be light in darkness Stop hiding your sorrow Behind that dazzling smile For all the stars in the night sky Shine brightly on you The hopes and fears we cling to Will be the guiding lights that lead us into brilliance You always get a soda ice block, don't you Emi? Is it tasty, Emi? Yup.
Mako-chan's going up 7th, apparently.
I can't wait to hear her play! She looked really nervous.
Is she going to be alright? I wanted to go and play dodgeball with Yuuichi and everyone.
Hurry up Watari, it's this way! Hey, wait up will you? There was a really pretty lady— Shut up! Number 5, Arima Kousei-kun.
What's he doing? He looks really nervous.
I did it! What on Earth happened, Emi? You ran out of there before even listening to Mako-chan play! Number 5, Arima Kousei-kun.
Arima Kousei Emi! What are you trying to—Woah, hey, that's dangerous! If you want to climb, do it on the slide! I'm gonna become a pianist! Primary schoolers' piano competition Sumiya district But you play the violin, Kao-chan! I used to play when I was little.
We can go shopping after we watch for a little bit! Fine, but just for a bit.
Thanks! Arima Kousei-kun's gonna win again, don't you think? With Arima-kun here, I feel bad for the children competing in this area.
Does it bother you? It doesn't! Because he isn't Arima Kousei! Arima? Why's he alone? Doesn't he have anyone with him? This is my chance to get close to him! I think I'll have an ice block! Wow, this is the kind that splits in two! I don't think I can eat both! What should I do? He's ignoring me! It's been a while, Ochiai-Sensei.
My, what a surprise it is to see you here, Takayanagi-Sensei.
There's a child I'm teaching right now.
You are? This power-hungry snob is teaching a primary schooler? His name is Aiza Takeshi.
He has a very promising future ahead of him.
Nice to meet you.
Yes, indeed.
I hear you're teaching a piano class now— —Oh, but I suppose it is more your area of expertise to be coaching young children Children can be very difficult to handle.
You'll be drained dry if you don't know what you're doing.
By the children.
Your advice sure pains me so.
Why, I'm simply giving you a friendly warning.
Ha I get a Transformation Belt just for competing! And if I win, I'll get the Super Mech! Piano's a breeze! Wait up! Wait up, Onii-chan! Onii-chan! Incredible! He's incredible! He plays the sheet music perfectly! Everyone's so on edge, but he doesn't even raise an eyebrow! He's just like one of those Western cowboys! A heart of steel, and unmatched skill! He leaves the stage without smiling or saying a word! He's like a Super Mech Robot! He's super strong, and super cool! Arima is a hero! Dammit! I made another mistake! Why can't I play like he does? Just what kind of practice does he do? Has he been rebuilt on the inside? Takayanagi-Sensei just makes me play the same song over and over again.
Let's see what his secret is! Huh? That's strange It should be around here somewhere Umm, excuse me! Do you know where Hibari Primary School is? Oh, sure.
Go straight that way, and then down the second alleyway on your left.
Thank you! There are a lot of alleyways around here, so it's easy to get lost.
Is this a cakery? Yeah.
We're planning on opening next month.
Ma-Ma Ma Fille.
It means "my daughter" in French.
Well, thanks a bunch! Sure thing.
Stop by once we're open! I will! See ya! Bye-bye! My school doesn't have classes today because of an event so I've gotta make the most of this chance! There's Arima! Hey, turn around.
Arima Hey, listen to me.
You're not small, and you're not weak.
In fact, I think you've grown a little.
Sawabe See? You can do it.
See? Just like that.
Embrace that shining light of yours.
Alright! Let's hear you practice! There are days when I can't seem to catch up to you.
He's been going for a whole hour.
But I know that it's going to be alright.
How is he able to keep playing for so long without making any mistakes? He has incredible concentration.
I'm not doing this for anyone else.
I'm just doing this so that I can keep smiling.
I'll do everything I can.
Come on, now He's been doing repetitive practice this whole time! The sun's gonna go down! I desperately clung to your back because I longed to be like you.
I tried to pretend that I was fine He plays the same song over and over again for hours.
It must be so tiring.
but in the end, my heart still pains a little.
Burning the music into his body, repeating the same movements over and over again, in order to play a perfect manifestation of the score.
#2 Aiza Takeshi #3 Igawa Emi #1 Arima Kousei Preliminary round placings Wow! He's 1st place again! Dammit.
It's not enough! It's nowhere near enough! Ueuchi Competition Final round I woke up really early, and practiced for at least 5 hours every single day so that I perfectly replicated the score! It's alright.
I'm a Super Mech too! "Start off slow and melancholic, and invoke unease.
At this point, play wistfully, like a warm Springtime sunset.
" What's she doing? Number 5, Igawa-san, please make your preparations.
What? Nothing— Got something to say? No, I'm just What was with that performance? She completely ignored the score! So why is everyone cheering? How do you like that, Fake Arima? Final round placings Arima Kousei Igawa Emi Aiza Takeshi You managed to secure a placing.
Well done.
Final round placings #1 Arima Kousei #4 Igawa Emi #10 Aiza Takeshi Arima's a monster known as the Tempest of the Competition.
One day, you'll also be That's not it! Takeshi It's her.
She's the one.
She's throwing me off! Igawa Emi Bye-bye.
Hey, Takeshi! We need one more person.
Wanna play? Okay! Sorry, I forgot I have piano practice.
Next time, then.
Dammit! I even gave up soccer! I'm waking up early and practicing for 5 hours! I'm even practicing during the holidays! I don't need any new toys.
I won't even hang out with my friends! I want to become an invincible hero too! I want to hear Arima's disciplined music! I know that I don't have an unwavering resolve like him.
I know that I need to put in more effort! He's doing a lot more than I am! Even right now, he's probably tuned to his piano, alone, with his heart of steel—! Go on, Kousei! Go on, Kousei! Jump! Arima?! Do a summersault this time! You said you wanted to jump again! Be a man! He did it! That was awesome, Kousei! I'm next! This is awesome! I'm gonna jump too! So that's what he looks like when he smiles.
Alright! I'm gonna play soccer tomorrow! Preliminary round Saiki Piano Competition Saiki Piano Competition Preliminary round placings Arima Kousei Aiza Takeshi Igawa Emi Of course Arima still wins again.
Perfect playing, as always.
I didn't even come close.
Aren't you frustrated? Of course I am! But I decided that I'm gonna take him out in the second round when there are more people watching.
And what about you? I don't really care.
I was off.
Huh? I always choose a piece that Arima's likely to play, but my prediction was off again.
So I don't really care, since we're not gonna be playing the same piece.
So you want to go up against Arima with the same piece? Wow! That's great sportsmanship! And really manly! I'm a girl! Don't hurt me! It's not about winning or losing.
I just want him to come back.
Ow! Why don't you take a break? You've been practicing a little too hard lately.
I'm fine.
You said, before, that if I wish strongly enough, the music will speak to me.
That the piano will begin to play on its own.
Did I? I got it! Beethoven: Piano sonata No.
23 in F minor 3rd movement Arima Kousei (Age 10) Beethoven's 23rd sonata, "Appassionata," 3rd movement.
That's why I want to let the piano play! Just following the score like always.
The invincible Arima Kousei.
But today, I'll show him.
I'll make him remember, with my own hands: Who he really is.
Arima Kousei Good work.
You did alright today.
Isn't your baby gonna be born yet, Hiro-chan? Well soon.
I felt a kick! The baby kicks you? That's right.
I wonder if the baby's a boy.
It might be.
Please take her to see a doctor tomorrow.
We will.
I'm sorry about this, Sensei.
As am I.
I apologise for not noticing sooner.
Why didn't you say anything if your hands were hurting? Are they building something? Kaori! Coming! Qualifiers Moriwaki Piano Competition Hey.
I heard you had tendonitis.
Are you all better? I'll have you know I can still play just as well! Huh? That's not what I was asking about.
You're still eating that same ice block even though you're in grade 6 now? You're not one to talk.
You were eating that when I first saw you.
Was I? Hey, Emi.
Are we gonna keep playing the piano all through middle school and even through high school? I wonder.
But After having to stop playing the piano for a while, I learned something.
I learned that I really love playing the piano! Is that the way Arima feels too? Huh?! How would I know that? Why are you getting mad at me? Just you watch, Arima! I'll make you cry "Uncle!" with the power I've stored up while not being able to play! Uncle! Arima! Today Your Lie in April Mum's coming to watch me play! Even when I'm down You always put a smile on my face When we're together It breathes life into this world It's a miracle that we spent days And shared moments together I want it to last forever So I'll look you in the eye and tell you It was your voice that I wanted to hear Your words gently fill my ears And embrace my body It can't be anyone else It has to be you You're the one I want to be with Forever