Siren (2018) s01e01 Episode Script


1 Shine those lights! - Let's go! Lock it down! - I got it! Watch out! Brace! It's a big one! Man! Oh, no! We're getting hammered out here! Everything up! Nets coming up! - Bring it in! - Steady! Pull! What the hell? - Is there somethin' in there? It's big! It It's moving! - Chris! - No! It's right there! Chris! Let's take 'em out! Shark? That ain't no shark! Xander? You see it? It's over there! Come on, come on, where are you at? Show yourself.
- Oh! - Chris! Watch out! Comin' around! Goin' your way, Cal! Calvin, head it off! In the hold! Get it down there! Get it down there! What the hell is it? - Oh, Xander! - Chris.
- God, Xander! - Chris! Oh, God! Come on! He's lost a lot of blood, but Tamp it down.
Get in there good and tight.
This is the North Star, vessel number 53422N.
I have a crew member in need of immediate medical evacuation.
- Nature of injury? - Bite to the abdomen, severe blood loss.
What bit him? I I got no idea.
What is it? Secure.
Let's see what you caught tonight, Captain.
What I caught is none of your business! You're just here for my injured crewman.
Of course.
We'll be needing him as well.
Let's go! Now then, Captain I'm entitled to that catch! Let's go! Look what we found! Margaritas! Whoo! Do you want a pretzel?! It was more than 150 years ago when a local fishing captain, Charles H.
Pownall, fell in love with a mermaid in these very waters, enchanted by her beautiful Siren song.
I love you, fisherman.
I love you, mermaid.
But one day, he went to the bay, and his mermaid was gone back to her home in the sea, never to return.
And that is how, thanks to Charles H.
Pownall, Bristol Cove became the Mermaid Capital of the World.
Thank you.
That was my great-great-great- grandfather depicted there, so as you can see, our family goes back a long ways in Bristol Cove.
Now please allow me to introduce my beautiful wife Elaine and our two wonderful sons, Doug and Ben.
It seems, uh, Ben may have been caught up in the parade traffic, but I can assure you he is here in spirit.
So to all the good people of Bristol Cove, it is our great honor to bestow this monument to one of our town's founding fathers, Charles H.
Where the hell's Ben? Hmm? Hola! How'd it go? Rescued a Steller.
She's in pretty bad shape.
She's tagged.
She's one of ours.
- Where'd you find her? - Out by Scott's Point.
That's pretty far.
Yeah, about 30 miles outside her usual range.
Probably looking for food.
Don't worry, girl.
We're gonna take good care of you.
Come on.
She's starving out there.
It's a good thing we went out today.
Not sure your dad would agree with that.
Well, I'll add that to the list of things we don't agree on.
Like you and me being together? Hey.
Look, if I did everything my dad told me, well, I'd be my brother.
You want to come over later? I promised my dad I'd make him dinner.
Third time this week? - Lucky guy.
- He needs me.
He'd be at the drive-thru every night if I didn't cook.
Seriously, it's disturbing.
I could come by after for dessert.
Spend the night? If you want me to.
What do you think? Hey, man.
Thought you guys were out past Bowers Ridge.
- You're back early.
- Yeah.
I need to talk to you about something.
All right.
We said keep this between us.
Don't tell anybody.
Ben knows about this stuff, all right? He can help us.
- He's one of us.
- He wasn't on the boat with us.
He doesn't fish with us no more.
We caught somethin' out there.
I mean, it's just somethin' we we ain't never seen before.
It attacked Chris.
He had to get airlifted out, big-ass military commando helicopter.
Navy SEALs, the whole deal.
CG says they have no record of the evac, like it never happened.
He's just gone.
What do you mean he's gone? You really don't know what attacked him? A mermaid? It didn't look like that, okay? This this was a predator.
Okay, that was a good one.
Yeah, very, very well done.
You almost had me there.
Dude, this is real.
Hey, why else would they take it from us, huh? Wait.
Xander, man, this could be anything.
I don't know what you call it, but, trust me, it's not what you think it is.
We had a report six weeks ago.
Japanese fishermen claimed they saw a sea creature off the Kuril Islands.
Then some carcasses washed ashore in Alaska with strange bite marks all over them.
Then five days ago, our research vessel picked up unidentified frequencies coming from the Bering Strait.
We knew something was out there.
That's when I alerted your people.
And you're sure this is what you think it is? Well, Admiral why don't you judge for yourself? Good morning, dear.
Your father is terribly angry with you.
Good morning to you, too.
Anthony? I don't give a rat's ass if your father's angry.
A lot of things make him angry, like the fact that a woman who can't walk insists on buying $600 shoes.
You know what he called me the other day? - What? - Bitch on wheels.
- That's actually pretty funny.
- I thought so, too.
Do you know why it was okay? Because it was behind closed doors.
Family rule You can say whatever the hell awful thing you want in private, but in public This is a face that keeps Mommy in nice shoes.
- I get it.
- No, I don't think you do.
Because if you did, you'd show up.
You would flash that famous Pownall charm, and you wouldn't leave your father up on stage with his pants around his ankles.
You know what, Mom? If you guys want to put a show on for the whole town, that's your business, but I I don't want anything to do with it.
I got other things to worry about.
The spawning habits of a bunch of plankton are more important than family.
That's not what I'm saying.
And I really don't want to have this conversation again.
Ben, I need this family to keep working.
And I'm not willing to suffer for nothing.
Okay, I hear you.
Doug tells me that you're hot and heavy with Maddie Bishop.
Yeah, we're dating.
You always had a thing for the wild girls.
I gotta get some stuff done.
Always had a thing for the wild girls, huh? I'm sorry.
She didn't know you were in here.
So if it weren't for your brother, she wouldn't even know we were seeing each other? Believe me, with my family, nothing good ever comes from sharing.
You never know.
Your mom and I might actually hit it off.
Yeah, you might be right.
I mean, you're exactly the kind of girl she'd want me to be with.
Oh, yeah? What kind of girl is that? Beautiful.
And that smile that could power a small city.
Ah, yes.
Ah, that famous Pownall charm.
Mm! No, dude, Aberdeen.
The best weed is in Aberdeen.
Seriously gourmet Kush.
Even my mom likes it.
I don't remember him being such a burner in high school.
Yeah, that was more your crowd, right? Oh, all right, golden boy.
Hey, I'll be back in a minute.
I swear I'm gonna kill you if you go out too far! Hey.
You okay? You're not seriously pissed at me, are you? I shouldn't have told you.
- Should have known better.
- Think about what you're asking me to believe.
I get it.
You don't come out on the boat with us anymore.
You weren't there.
They took Chris.
They don't want people to know about this.
Look, I don't know what happened to Chris.
Maybe he's in a military hospital.
We're gonna find him, Xan.
This isn't part of some huge cover-up, and it's not because of some mythical creature that you guys think that you caught.
So you're telling me you know everything - there is to know about - No, of course not! Then look me in the eye and you tell me that maybe maybe there is something down there that we haven't seen before.
- Xan - Just Just do it.
95% of the oceans remain unexplored.
So it could happen? Xander, man, I love you.
You know that.
But as a friend, I'm telling you, you gotta stop talking like this.
What would it take? Hmm? For you to believe me? I'd have to see one.
That's it.
That's exactly right.
We gotta catch another one.
Lucas, get back here! Shark! Shark! Shark! Aah! Aah! Shark! Shark! What are you thinking? I can't even believe it.
It's disgusting.
This damage definitely wasn't inflicted by an orca.
The bite radius is way too small.
So what then? Well, it's not another shark.
There are a million explanations.
- Okay? - Caught in a boat prop, sea lion bit the carcass? What if there's a new predator out there? One that we haven't seen before? That can rip the head clean off a mako shark? Then I might have to cancel my scuba trip next weekend.
Hey! Are you okay? Do you need help? Is she having trouble breathing? No, no, no, her breathing's fine.
Uh, a little heavy.
Okay, I'll head out now.
Are you sure? I mean, I'm happy to drive her down to the hospital in Port Angeles.
It's okay, Ben.
I'll meet you at your place.
All right, I'll see you there.
Thanks, Dr.
Sorry, that's all I had.
Littleneck clam.
From Malakh Bay.
You gonna say something? Now, I can help you.
If you need to get back somewhere.
You don't have to talk.
That must be the the doctor.
Evening, Benjamin.
She's in here.
And kind of weird.
She was right here.
Slippery one, huh? - Give it to me? - Uh, I think I'll keep it.
Come inside! Have a look! The only real mermaid artifacts in town! Come inside! Have a look! Maybe buy something while you're Sorry, sorry, sorry.
There was a girl just here.
You saw her? Yeah, it looked like you were talking to her.
I I didn't see anyone.
Hey, Dad.
- Hey.
- Good day at the office? You know Chris Mueller? Crews on Sean McClure's boat.
Yeah, I know him.
Got a call from his parents.
Said he was medevaced by a military chopper off Sean's boat in the strait, and now they can't find him.
Got me calling every base from here to Alaska looking for him.
There's nothing.
- So far.
- What do you think happened? I don't know.
Creator, for this food and for You, we give thanks.
And for Susan, may she find peace on her journey and within herself and find her way back home.
It's been eight months since we've heard from her.
Might be time to start dropping her from the blessings.
I believe your mother is being guided.
Crash! I am Ryn And I live in the sea I am Ryn.
Hello, Ryn.
Hello, miss.
I see you there.
I am Ryn.
Not from around here, are you? What you got? Helicopter? So, uh, you need a ride, huh? I'm headin' down to Aberdeen.
Not much of a talker, huh? That's okay.
It's nice just to have the company.
Sometimes I'll pick up a hitcher, but, uh, they're mostly dudes.
Not a pretty little thing like you.
You like your little toy, huh? Hmm? You're like a little girl.
A pretty little girl who don't know how to talk.
Now, I bet your mama told you, "Don't get into cars with strangers.
" But you didn't listen.
You're a little rebel, huh? Yeah.
Your skin's all dry.
You ought to put some cream on that, make it nice and soft.
Isn't that what you're lookin' for? Huh? A little adventure? Little girl, runnin' away from home, huh? Gettin' in a big man's car.
Okay, guys, we're gonna go this way.
Stay together, please.
Watch your steps.
This is not a zoo.
This is a research and rescue center for the many marine mammals that inhabit our region.
We're able to offer veterinary care, perform surgical procedures, and administer medication.
What are all the TVs for? Those are so we can keep an eye on our animals and what they're doing, both in an out of the water.
Yeah? When you were a kid, did you know you wanted to work here? Actually, it was a couple of years ago.
I saw a video of a baby dolphin that had washed ashore.
Instead of helping it, the people on the beach passed it around taking their picture with it.
Even after it died, they kept taking selfies.
That video made me sad, and I wanted to do something, so I came here to volunteer.
Now it's my job.
You might be wondering what our animals like to eat.
Our fish shake A delicious blend of herring and cod, with various nutrients mixed in as well.
Would anyone like a taste? No! No way.
Okay, guys, we're gonna head outside.
Whoa! - Whoa! - Once our animals have received the medical care they need, they come out here to recover and prepare for their journey back to the wild.
This is Sitka and Hazy.
What's going on? I'm not sure.
Everyone, come with me.
It was her! She did it! Come on! We meet again.
It's okay.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I can help you.
My name is Ben.
I am Ryn.
It's nice to meet you.
Where are you from? Hey.
You're sick.
Now, can I see? We have medication here.
We can help you.
The night we met, you sang a song.
I can't get it out of my head.
Everywhere I go I hear it.
Oh, hey.
Um, everything's back to normal out there.
Not sure what that was all about.
This is Ryn.
I don't think she speaks English.
Is she okay? I'm not sure.
I was gonna call Doc Abbott.
Yeah, you should.
You okay? Yeah, I guess.
She's just She's a little strange.
You want me to stay? No.
You got your class.
It's okay.
No, I don't want you to miss it.
It's getting dark.
I'm gonna lock down the pens.
- I love you.
- Love you, too.
I'm gonna call a doctor for you.
Okay? Yeah, I'm pretty sure we've got some of that.
Thanks, Doc.
I'll see you in a bit.
Whoa, easy there.
What happened? Apparently one of the sea lions didn't like the herring you served him for dinner.
You should stay lying down, okay? Where is she? Ah, yes, your mystery date.
Ben, I've know you and your family a long time.
Is there something you're not telling me? Ms.
Hawkins! Hello! Ms.
That girl yesterday, I know you saw her.
You said you didn't, but I know you did.
You know something about her.
Come in.
What is it you think I know? That she's one of them.
I saw it, tonight.
What did you see? She changed in the water.
Just like this.
When we were kids, we'd come in here, and you'd tell us stories about the mermaids.
We were always told that they were just tall tales, not to believe you.
But they weren't made up, were they? They were true.
I don't get it.
You want people to know the truth.
Well, it's here! It's happening! What are you so afraid of all of a sudden? She do that to you? In their natural state in the water, they see you as prey.
Their instinct is to kill.
Humans never understood that.
It caused a lot of misery.
What do you mean? Your family's history in this town is bloodier than you know.
Your ancestor lost his mind, obsessed.
He and his shipmates slaughtered those beautiful creatures in cold blood.
That's your legacy.
Why don't you ask your family about that? What's wrong, Mads? Just been trying to get a hold of Ben.
He's not calling me back.
Well, I'm sure he's just busy.
See? There you go.
Hello? Yeah, he's here.
For you, it's Clarence.
Hey, Clarence, what's up? Okay.
All right.
I'll be there.
What's going on? They found a body.
Some guy attacked in his car.
Don't worry.
He's gonna call you.
What are you doing here? I'm coming with you.
- Dad? - Yeah? We got room for one more? It's just like old times.
Maybe Maybe we catch one, military comes looking for us, leads us to Chris.
Hey, we got somethin'.
Wow, it's big.
It's moving fast.
Port side.
Show yourself.
I know you're out there.