Siren (2018) s02e15 Episode Script


1 Previously on Siren [RYN.]
It is time to make baby.
- Mating season? - Important.
We found out why you and the others aren't getting pregnant.
- There are substances.
- Causing fertility problems.
We're interested in the fertility research you've been doing.
It's important work.
There are cameras in the houseboat.
There's nothing that goes on in my lab I don't know about.
- So it's authentic? - Who are you? I know something bigger's happening here.
Something with the military and whatever creature you guys caught? That's what I'm really after.
This is Ryn, our other intern.
Why Ben's mother hurt? She tried to get some medicine.
It hurt her.
I help Ben.
Stem cells from a deepwater marine creature? This new treatment has re-energized me.
I feel better than I did before.
My family has had a burial plot.
I believe the military raided that graveyard.
If they analyze those bones, they could find us.
I'm worried about Nicole.
I've been trying to reach her.
There's nothing, just cricket.
I'll find her.
Chris? It's me, Ben.
From Bristol Cove.
You've got the wrong guy.
All right.
That's me.
That's you.
And Xander and Calvin at The Anchor.
Ben? You're not authorized to be in this area.
What the hell is going on? Ben, you really need to leave.
He says he knows me.
It's okay.
I'll take care of it.
What did you do to him? Bristol Cove? I am from Bristol Cove.
Ryn? Are you all right? No baby.
You can feel it? Yes.
This happens to humans, too.
It can be hard for us to get pregnant.
Donna had a baby.
Did you ever have one? No.
Sister was older.
Maybe when I was ready for baby, water was already bad.
You try? To have baby with Ben? Well, no, not yet.
Why not? It's complicated.
A big decision.
Ryn, you can't give up.
My aunt tried for many years.
Eventually, it happened.
How? Something called IVF, a medical procedure.
They take an egg from you and fertilize it.
Basically, they make a baby outside your body with science.
Then they place it inside you to grow.
After we got you out of jail, Chris was in bad shape.
You guys just let him walk away.
We found him, brought him here.
His EEG showed disturbing changes from that song.
It was devouring his frontal cortex.
He needed help, Ben, and we've been treating him.
With what? The recording that you captured from the echo chamber.
We've been exposing him to it consistently over these past few weeks, and his recovery has been remarkable.
I'd like to see his brain scans.
The damage has largely receded.
It's a huge improvement.
Except he can't remember anything.
We're hopeful that'll improve over time.
Maddie and I were exposed to the echo chamber.
We've had no memory loss.
Chris's damage was much more extensive.
We've given him many more treatments at higher intensity.
Ben, it saved his life.
Look, how much longer you gonna keep him here? We're not keeping him anywhere.
He's free to come and go as he pleases.
He's chosen to stay.
So I I can take him with me right now? If he wants to go, yes, of course.
Might be good for him, help jog his memory.
I'm so sorry we've been put in danger.
We've prepared ourselves for the worst, as we live in fear of being discovered.
Persecuted for being different.
So you've created a safe haven for yourself.
For all of us.
We have a plan in place.
We'd go into hiding if necessary.
We're well supplied.
Even our medical needs could be handled from here.
We have our own doctor, one of us.
We could never risk the traditional medical establishment.
Oh, I've been self-diagnosing and self-treating ever since I can remember.
All of our babies have been born right here.
Even my own.
It's good to know you're prepared.
What am I looking at? This is footage taken the night of the Klesco Oil attack.
That's over 2,500 feet down.
- This isn't real.
- I had it authenticated.
So what does that mean? I don't know.
I can't explain it.
Looks like there's something on her face.
Some kind of scales.
It's weird, right? Ian, what's going on here? I have a theory.
It's gonna sound crazy.
I think that this girl, or whatever she is, works for the military and spearheaded the attack on Klesco.
I think that she's some kind of government experiment.
Like she's been, uh, altered or something.
Altered? Something not natural.
This is all the evidence you have? For now.
This isn't proof of anything.
You want to know what real evidence would be? Her.
To do Ivy-Eff, you say we need him? Just to be a donor.
We'd need doctors, too, like at the military lab.
It could get complicated having them involved.
Stop! He stays.
You go back.
Ryn, I'm not sure Now.
Hey, did you, uh Did you find Nicole? No.
But I found someone else.
What the hell? - Chris! - Hey.
Chris, this is Xander.
It's nice to meet you.
Go on.
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, it's nice to meet you, too.
All right, come on.
I'll explain later.
So this is your place? Yeah.
Go ahead.
Check it out.
You think being with us is gonna help him get his memory back? It might.
We don't know.
But you and Maddie listened to the same underwater noise.
How come your memory isn't shot? He had more treatments, higher intensity.
What if you and Maddie need those treatments again? How are you sure that this isn't how you two are gonna end up? Honestly, we don't know exactly what the military did to him.
There was no sign of Nicole in there? No.
You text her again? Yeah, like, 20 times.
We, uh Used to fish together.
Oh, yeah.
Aw, shit.
This is my dad.
He had a boat.
The North Star.
Looks like a cool guy.
I'd like to meet him.
He died.
I'm I'm sorry.
When we were, uh, out on the boat, we came under attack.
These things came out of the water.
It was all around us.
I got here as fast as I could.
How's he doing? He's not great.
Chris? This is Calvin.
Hey, man, I know you don't remember me, but I, uh I brought you some stuff.
I know the memory's been foggy, so I thought that these things could help.
Cap'n Crunch? Really? Yeah.
They say taste and smell triggers the memory.
You loved this stuff, hmm? [CELL PHONE CHIMES.]
Got you your favorite candy, some snacks.
- - You used to love all this.
All your favorites.
Check this out.
What is this? It's your favorite beer.
- - [CHIMES.]
Hey, I gotta go see Maddie and Ryn.
Um, we're gonna take Chris to The Anchor.
Hopefully, it'll jog his memory.
We got this.
Keep me posted, all right? - Let me know how he's doing.
- All right.
It's good to see you, man.
We can't do this with the military.
Even if it was successful, they'd never let us transfer the embryo back to Ryn.
- They'd want to control it.
- But it is mine.
They would grow the baby in the lab without you.
Maybe Nicole? She can help? I don't know where Nicole is.
There's no one you trust there? No, especially now.
What do you mean? When I went back there, I saw some things.
They did it.
The graveyard.
As we suspected.
We'll do it without them with our own doctors.
We can't just take Ryn to a fertility clinic.
Her people.
They have their own doctors.
Hi, it's Helen.
A question.
Can you tell me more about the doctors at the ranch? Ryn.
I'm so sorry about your sister.
That is not my sister.
Only her bones.
Not - Her.
- Yeah.
They took Chris, too.
What? They grabbed him before he went back to Iowa.
They said he was losing it.
They've been treating him with the recording we took down there.
- How is he doing? - Not great.
It's pretty much wiped his memory.
Ben! - I know.
I know.
We gotta make it clear to them that they're not in control of us.
I pulled out the cameras, all of them.
I'll let you know.
What did she say? They could implant the fertilized egg.
But extracting the egg, then fertilizing the egg, requires special equipment and expertise they don't have.
Okay, so let's have the military do that part, then we'll get Beth's doctors to transfer it to Ryn.
You just said the military isn't gonna hand that embryo over.
They won't.
We'd have to take it.
Ted, I thought you left already.
You're still here.
Uh, just heading out.
Back for dinner? Oh, well, I'll do my best, sweetie.
You okay? You touched my leg.
Ted, I felt it.
Here? I definitely feel something.
What do you think? Get him some food? Yeah.
I think Janine's working.
Maybe seeing her will help.
Chris? [ECHOING.]
Chris! Chris? You all right, man? Yeah.
The equipment will be set up right away, then our doctors can retrieve the eggs from Ryn.
And as for the male sample? We'll have that.
Look, at this point, we should probably all put our cards on the table, don't you think? Is this when you tell us about the cameras you hid in my house? It's my job to gather information about these creatures, how they behave, if they pose a threat.
You crossed a line.
But sometimes that's the cost of gaining knowledge.
How's Chris doing? Getting out of here has been good for him.
So that recording that you got down there might just be the treatment that he needed after all.
You see? Good things happen when we collaborate.
Our doctor will be prepared - as soon as we receive the embryo.
- Good.
And, Helen, this is what I wanted to share with you.
There's a cleansing ritual we have.
It's something we've done for many years in our community to help us overcome our fertility issues.
We want to give Ryn the best chance at a successful pregnancy.
That's very kind of you, but it's completely Ryn's decision.
Of course.
Would all members of the community be attending? Bryan won't be here.
Fertility rituals are female only.
I'm sure Ryn would want Ben to be here.
Ryn can have anything she wants.
Excuse me.
Hey! Hey.
Uh, hi.
Um I'm sorry.
I'm Ian? I'm a friend of Ben's? We met the other day.
You're Ryn, right? Yes.
Would you believe it? I was actually on my way to Ben's right now to try and find you.
- Must be fate.
- Okay.
Is, uh, something wrong? I can't find the service.
Yeah, that's frustrating.
You know, Ryn, I'd like to talk with you.
You are talking with me.
No, I'm I'm interested in you.
I'd like to learn more about you.
Hey, I can I can help.
- I can help.
It's It's just your alarm.
I'll just turn it off.
Okay, yes.
There you go.
All set.
- So, uh, if you have the time.
- I go.
You might feel it as a warm or a kind of mild electrical sensation.
Moving down my leg just a little.
What does this mean? Seems some amount of nerve function has been restored.
But it's been weeks since the treatment.
Tissue repair can be a slow process.
So what do we do next? I recommend you come in for a full neurological exam.
And we'll discuss starting you on another round of stem cell treatments.
Is this really happening? Let's not get ahead of ourselves, okay? Let's take it one step at a time.
All these years, I've tried to push it away.
Life before the accident, life after.
Do you think about it? Every day.
What is this? It's for him, for the Donation.
You know, for him to I think you're gonna need to show him how to do it.
I'm gonna show him? You want me to do it? No.
Oh, for God sakes.
I'll do it.
Wait, you're gonna do it with him? I'm gonna teach him how to do it.
The rest is up to him.
Helen is a good teacher.
You, uh, remember this place? Kinda.
Spent a lot of time here? [LAUGHS.]
More than I'd like to admit.
That ship, the North Star? So what are you, the captain now? - I'm, uh - [CALVIN.]
Now, Calvin buying is definitely not something that you would remember.
Ha ha, very funny.
To Chris and good memories.
- May they come back.
- Sure.
That's a shitty toast.
It was not.
- Watch out! - Aaah! [MUSIC ECHOING.]
- Chris! [GROANING.]
Chris? You okay? Uh Yeah.
Yeah, I'm I'm fine.
We got what we need from him.
My turn now.
- What happened? - You should lie down.
It's good.
They extracted two eggs from you.
That means two chances for success.
They're already ready.
In humans, it takes a lot longer for fertilization.
My eggs are fast.
They're about to start the process.
I will go to see this.
- No, you need to rest.
And They're in.
Both eggs are fertilized.
We are already seeing cell division, which confirms success.
A baby.
Your baby.
I'm so happy for you, Ryn.
- [GASP.]
- Ryn, are you okay? [GASP.]
Pain! - Hey, hey, hey.
There's nothing unusual in the ultrasound that I can see, other than it all being a little bit unusual.
Now, on a scale of one to ten How much pain? No more pain.
I feel better.
Some cramping is completely normal after extraction, at least in humans, so that's probably all that it was.
Now, having said that, we don't know how your body will react, so I would feel better if you spent the night and you let us observe you.
I will go.
There could be complications.
We'd like to keep a close watch on her.
We'll keep a close watch, - call you if anything happens.
- You got what you wanted.
Let her go home.
Ben, when Ryn is feeling better, we need to collect some more stem cells from her.
Why? Your mother didn't tell you? She's made significant progress, and very soon, she'll need another infusion.
You must be so relieved.
Do you think about the accident? - [SPLASH.]
- Aaah! - Ryn! Ryn! I am good at pretending.
Got me that time.
- You have? - It's in the bag.
I hold.
Both eggs are in there.
Thank you.
What was Kyle saying about your mother? Uh, that she was doing better.
As soon as he finds out what we did, that'll be the end of our relationship with him.
This is what matters right now.
For Ryn and her species.
All the rest, we'll just have to figure out.
Stop it.
Stop it! Hey, you all right, man? [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING IN THE ANCHOR.]
I'm, uh I'm feeling pretty tired.
Well, let's take off.
We'll head back to Ben's.
Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system.
- [BEEP.]
- Nicole.
What's goin' on? I want to talk to you just to make sure you're okay.
So just call me back.
Ben, you made this plan for me.
We all did.
Thank you.
We're so glad you're here.
- How are you feeling, Ryn? - Good.
This is Leena, our doctor.
It's an honor to meet you, Ryn.
To meet all of you.
I'm Maddie.
This is Ben.
I'll take good care of Ryn.
I promise.
We've had many births, many fertility treatments right here at this ranch.
Are you ready? Yes.
Hello, Susan.
Can I come in? [OMINOUS MUSIC.]
Would you mind if I sit down for a sec? No.
Not at all.
Can I get you anything? Uh, water.
Water would be nice.
Been a while.
Are the kids all right? Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, this this is maybe gonna sound a little strange, but, uh, do you remember the night of Elaine's accident? Of course.
I was sitting in the E.
They just rushed Elaine into surgery, then you and Dale showed up.
Yeah, that's right.
We were out to dinner, and Dale got a call from the station, and we, um, took off for the hospital right after.
You sat with me, waited with me.
You were pretty messed up, probably in shock, a little drunk maybe.
Do you remember specifically what I said? Ted, it was ten years ago.
I need to know.
Did I say anything about what happened? It's important.
You said you two had been drinking, got into an argument.
Then you lost control of the boat.
Elaine fell over, you dove in after her, and then you said you You saw someone.
A woman under the water.
And not Elaine.
A-another woman.
You said she attacked you.
Doesn't make sense, right? Under the water at night, how could I see anything? We're miles out to sea, and there aren't any other boats around.
Trauma sometimes, twisting things in our brains.
Woman under the water doesn't make any sense.
Thank you, Susan.
How are you doing? I'm okay.
Good days, bad days.
Getting any work? Mmm.
Not for a lack of trying.
Roberta in our office is going down to part-time.
I might have something for you.
- [BEN.]
So this ritual, what's it for? It's called shedding.
Ryn's lower half will be submerged in seawater.
Wait, you want her to transform? Helen, you didn't say this.
It's too dangerous.
I was hesitant, too, but just hear them out.
When our people are exposed to seawater, our epidermis begins to shed.
A very thin layer of skin, almost a film, simply releases into the water and is immediately replaced by a new layer, a healthier one.
That's not at all the same as an actual transformation.
When I change, I am stronger.
If I am hurt, I get better.
We want Ryn's body to be as strong as possible for the implantation.
Then she should transform in the ocean.
You've never done this before.
Only half your body, we don't know what might happen.
I will be okay.
You want me to trust you.
Now you must trust me.
I want to do this for the baby.
We're sorry.
You have reached a number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service.
- If you - [BEEPS.]
Ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh Ooh-ooh-ooh Beneath the surface Something is hiding Within Helen? The darkness Our fears colliding Ahh ah-ah ah-ah ah-oh It's time.
It's only just begun Bless and praise these cleansing waters and that life may be created.
- It's only just begun - [BONES CRUNCHING.]
Aaaah! Aaaah! Aaah! Aaah! Aaah! [PANTING.]
It's only just begun Excuse me.
The girl that was staying in here, did she did she check out? I don't know.
They tell me to clean the room, I clean the room.
If it means anything, I did see her.
- Yeah? - Yeah, a few days ago.
I was cleaning the room next door, and I heard voices.
Kinda loud That girl and a man, arguing, you know.
And then she left with him.
Didn't seem thrilled about going.
What, um What'd he look like? Uh, had on a uniform, like in the Army or something.
I could get in trouble for saying it, you know, so if anyone asks.
Yeah, uh You know what, hey, thank you.
Hope your friend's okay.
Thank you.
Chris, you're back.
I can't be out there.
I can't do it.
It's okay.
I understand.
We'll take good care of you.
Are you doing okay? Fine.
To see you transform like that, it was magnificent.
How are you doing? Everything okay? Yes.
I am ready for baby.
What is that? That's just a mild tranquilizer.
Help her relax, stay still for the implantation.
It'll take a moment or two to work.
I'll be back.
You'll feel drowsy for a little while.
Try to stay as still as possible.
The procedure went exceptionally well.
And Ryn? Not yet.
I implanted the first embryo in you.
She'll receive the second.
I'll pray for us both.
What are you doing here? This is a female ritual.
And you include him? [BETH.]
We needed his help.
How did you know about this? - I'm in charge here.
- Are you? This is supposed to be a safe place for us, and you welcome him here, a Pownall.
She's choosing the family that killed our people.
We can't keep living in the past, worrying about threats that don't exist.
It happened once.
It'll happen again.
Nothing good comes from that family.
That's not true.
I've sacrificed everything for us, to protect us.
And I'm one of them.
What do you mean? I am a Pownall.
And so am I.
How long have you known this for? I only told her the last time I was here.
She's kept you safe all these years.
She deserves your trust.
Not anymore.
I'm going.
Who's with me? [BRYAN.]
You'll regret this.
- [LEENA.]
Ryn! - She's gone! - Come on! [FEMALE SINGER.]
'Cause everybody talks [BEN.]
No! No! - Tell me your sin - Ryn! Ryn! Nobody forgives Hey! Ian! Ian, stop! - Stop! Hey! Hey! - [MADDIE.]
Ryn! Everybody fights 'Cause everyone is scared But nobody cries Nobody dares Speak to you [WARREN.]
Ian, a call this late better be good.
You wanted evidence, right? I got it.