Smallville s10e11 Episode Script


I'm sorry.
I was on a call with the mayor, then Tess pushed my deadline.
I know we said 8, so I'm Right on time for you.
I bet even you couldn't run faster in these heels.
I wouldn't look nearly as good.
What do you say we take your shoes and my sport coat and get a nice dinner? Smallville, you're not wearing a sport coat.
- Show-off.
- Listen why don't we get something to eat at the new place? The place that requires reservations six months in advance? Nice thought, Romeo, but we'll never get a table.
Never know unless we ask.
I hope the answer is yes.
If we're lucky enough to snag a cancellation with the VRA's latest no-fun policy, we'll have to leave before dessert.
Listen, we We can't let a curfew prevent us from having fun with the time we do have.
Even if I have to run to Madrid, I'll get you churros and hot chocolate.
Why don't we just go home, skip right to the delicious doughnuts and we can pretend for one night that the world hasn't gone totally crazy? The government has taken a tougher stance since they upgraded our status from vigilante to terrorist.
The VRA's not just raining on the heroes' parade anymore.
We are gonna need an ark to survive this hate-filled flood.
But unlike the rest of Metropolis, I haven't forgotten the real heroes.
And there is one in particular that I would love to snuggle up with away from the searchlights.
Yeah, we should probably, uh, just go home.
But wait a second.
I think I hear a situation that needs saving.
I'll be right back.
Did you save the day? I don't know yet.
Look up.
You don't make it easy to ask a simple question.
But that's what makes you you.
The woman I wanna spend my life with.
The woman that I love.
Lois Lane, will you marry me? Yes.
Hey, Ollie, it's Lois.
I don't know if you've talked with Clark yet, but we have a big update.
You'd be one of the first to know if you'd pick up the phone which nobody is doing.
Oh, hey, Gestapo's on the other line.
Gotta go.
Keys, coins, phone.
Oops, I forgot to give you this.
I hope it doesn't set off any alarms.
- Next.
- Really? Nothing? Huh.
Keys, coins, phone.
Go ahead.
Miss Lane? Dr.
Livingstone, I presume.
What, the safari got sidetracked? I haven't exactly left for Africa yet.
Question, coz.
You and Oliver.
You're busy with work and he's really busy with work.
And then there's well, all his other responsibilities.
As a rich playboy? Very time-consuming.
So I'm guessing that between the two of you, things must get complicated? Lois, what exactly are we talking about? Chloe, what really happened between Clark and Lana? She couldn't make the sacrifices he needed, could she? Let's just say Lana wasn't the one fated to be in Clark's life.
I don't know how you do it, Chlo.
It's like you can see the future.
Honestly, I don't know why you people are grumbling.
Security's for our own good.
Oh, my God.
Lois Lane.
Are you expecting? Spread that rumor and you can expect my fist in your face.
When I got engaged, I thought my happily-ever-after was all set.
But every storybook romance doesn't have a fairy-tale ending.
So now I'm married to my work, which is fine.
- Cat - With the VRA cleaning up our streets you don't have any heroes to write about.
That's okay, you can use the extra time to work on your domestic side.
Snickerdoodle? Am I interrupting something? Just a little girl talk with the future Mrs.
Clark Kent.
I hope your new responsibilities at home don't interfere with your ones here.
Neither of which concern you.
Oh, sorry.
The VRA's not the only one increasing security.
I'm reprogramming Watchtower's retina scan tonight and you're up at 9.
Don't be late.
- Retina scan? - Yeah.
You know, she should be better at crossing her T's, not her wires.
Congratulations, you two.
- Ha, ha.
- You should see the look on your Congratulations.
So I think anyone who commits themselves to a lifetime of Lois deserves all the moral support they can get.
There's nothing more that I would like than to be courtside at the event of the decade but now that the government's confirmed I blew up their facilities - Not everyone believes propaganda.
- The whole world thinks I'm a terrorist.
It's not exactly something you want on your Fortune 500 bio or at your wedding, so That's too bad, because I was just about to invite you to be my best man.
You're the guy who stands next to me on the worst days.
And I want you there for the best one too.
Hey, you kidding? Absolutely.
Thank you.
All I can say is, when it comes to planning the wedding, just nod.
- Ha, ha.
- A lot.
You would know.
You married Shayera, what, a hundred times now? I've heard of relationships that withstand the test of time.
That's remarkable.
Or not, I suppose, for you.
- Aw.
- Are those prescription? That sounds like a proposal only Clark could pull off.
Soon to be.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Even though I married Shayera a hundred times I had to lose her that many as well.
Now, I know I don't usually get all warm and fuzzy but I am sorry.
About Chloe.
- Not gonna hug me, are you? - No.
I'm just saying, I understand that it's at times like these you miss them most.
Well, let's hope they never have to feel that kind of loss.
No relationship can avoid that possibility but if I've learned anything in the last, oh, 3000 years it's that fear should never decide love.
Well said.
All right.
So while there is still plenty of champagne, I'd like to propose a toast.
To the happy couple, who finally figured out what we've all known for a very long time now.
- You are destined to be together.
- True.
- Hear, hear.
- Cheers.
- You're gonna be so happy.
- Congrats.
To Lois and Clark.
Aah! Help! Help! Help! - Now I got you, huh? - Hey, that's Oliver Queen, the outlaw.
Hold on a second here.
I'm not the bad guy.
He's lying.
He came at me out of nowhere.
Hey, that's not how it works in our city.
Not anymore! Back off! Hey.
We gotta get out of here.
Blue team, take the front.
Red squad, flank them in.
- Yeah.
- Go.
Watching the sunrise from the Daily Planet globe.
Talk about making a girl feel on top of the world.
Just because our party was over didn't mean our night had to be.
Did you realize that was the first party where we didn't have to hide anything? I wish that us being married meant we could always be that open.
Part of a superhero marriage is having two lives.
I signed up for that when I said yes.
Which is why I'm fine if our relationship has to take a backseat to your responsibilities.
Lois, those responsibilities have controlled my life way too long.
And I We can handle both as long as we stay together.
And I promise, we will.
Well, then nothing can stop Mr.
and Mrs.
I don't know.
We'll figure it out.
Hey, I signed up for a double life, you signed up for news with ice cream.
I'm a journalism junkie.
What are you gonna do? I get my own spoon.
The fight broke out after Queen tackled an innocent man.
According to witnesses - Oh, my God.
- Queen was only deterred - when citizens came to the man's aid.
- Clark.
Witnesses claim Oliver Queen and other vigilantes led an unprovoked attack against people attempting a citizen's arrest.
Queen's disappearance has sparked a citywide manhunt.
A spokeswoman for the VRA Guess the honeymoon's officially over.
We should have run that photo.
We would have, if you hadn't played judge, jury and executioner.
Not executioner.
Your facts weren't verified, your writing is juvenile.
And you're losing subscriptions while The Daily Star sells out.
Face it, Tess, if you don't get with the majority agenda soon someone's going to notice.
- Tess Mercer.
- Yes.
We need a few words.
Then I suggest you call my office and make an appointment.
We've already cleared your schedule.
Moving right.
He's not here.
Let's move.
You gonna stitch that up yourself, or call Emil? - You should see the other guys.
- I did.
On television.
Why didn't you call me? It's my fault.
I figured you could use some time alone with Lois.
I told the human speed bag you'd wanna know he got his bell rung.
Wait a minute.
I thought you said that Slade died in the explosion.
Like so many of you, I am a victim of a vigilante attack.
And while I was lucky enough to survive the explosion caused by Oliver Queen it came at a cost.
Too many civilians have been left feeling unsafe in their own homes.
Too many people have suffered while too few vigilantes have been brought to justice.
It's time these terrorists paid for their crimes.
It's time he pay for his.
Yeah, well, there's only one problem.
It's not just the government against us, the people have turned on us too.
With Slade alive, we can't exist.
He knows too much about us.
So until Slade's been dealt with, it's gotta be radio silence between us.
We have to go underground.
Our lives as we knew them are over.
Courtney Whitmore, studying abroad.
- Carter Hall, on sabbatical.
- And Clark Kent? Gone.
Now we're all card-carrying members of the fugitive club.
We have to protect the secrets we still have.
So until it's safe I'm shutting down Watchtower.
Keys, coins, phone.
What a beautiful ring.
- Military's not big on accessories, huh? - Only if they're medals.
But a brat like you should know that, Lois.
Now, let's talk about the extraordinary man who won your heart.
Listen, you camo cop-out, my father's a four-star general Sam Lane's not the only general who can lead an army, Lois.
This is bad.
Heightened security, threat-level red bad.
Lois, like I said, if you broke your phone during that interview, just expense it.
Fine, I will.
Hope you got your stories straight.
An unusually erratic schedule, surprisingly short hours.
How is it that you're afforded such enviable flexibility? Well, I'm a very valued member of the staff and my work's not confined to the emergency room.
Or the hospital.
So where else do you work? Well, I'm sure that you've driven through our lower-income neighborhoods.
Or been made aware of the number of households that lack health care? Are you trying to tell me those missing hours were spent at free clinics helping the poor? I made an oath to help those in need no matter who they are.
Be they penniless or rich as Oliver Queen.
According to financial records, you've been on his payroll for years.
If you're trying to imply that I'm involved with terrorist activities because of Oliver Queen's funding Hey, you're a man of science, Dr.
You value truth, so I'm gonna be truthful.
Oliver Queen is relatively unimportant.
The only assets of his that we're interested in are his friends.
What are their names? Their real ones.
You've been making a name for yourself in the news world, Lois.
Women's lib got me pants and a fair wage, I figured I'd make the most of it.
Well, I hope your fiancé's not the jealous type considering your close relationship with the Blur.
I wouldn't call the relationship between people who never speak close.
I'd call it nonexistent.
Those articles have your name in the byline, they're all about the Blur and they all have quotes.
You wanna revise your claim that you never speak? Or maybe we should just consider all of that chat pillow talk.
I want the Blur, Lois.
You're not leaving this room until I have Clark Kent.
So much for going off the grid.
What are you doing here? Probably the same thing as you, looking for answers.
Besides, I've adopted a rule over the centuries: Don't go underground until you're dead.
We may not have a choice unless I can fix this.
I promised Lois she and I would be together.
But what if we can't? I mean, literally.
If her only relationship is with the Blur and not Clark Kent I'm not sure what kind of marriage that'll be.
Don't tell me you're canceling the wedding because I already started working on a speech and it's looking good.
You're not supposed to be here.
You're not supposed to be here either, so I guess that makes three of us.
We're supposed to be heroes, setting an example for the kids.
We can't even follow orders.
Even if we gave them.
I was thinking about Slade and that mega-mark-of-darkness thing.
- Omega.
- Oh, whatever.
Anyway, the darkness has to be driving everything somehow, right? Because I've seen hatred before, and I've never seen anything like this.
Well, live long enough and you will.
I've seen this level of hatred before, in humanity's darkest hours.
The Spanish Inquisition, the Third Reich.
- The darkness has been here before? - Several times.
Every time it looked like the world would be consumed by hatred another force arose, a much brighter one to send the darkness back.
And you had something to do with that? Well, this time it's us.
And we need to start by stopping Slade.
Well, that's easier said than done.
Justice isn't only blind right now, it's broken.
There's no way the authorities will keep that dog in a cage.
They won't, but I might have a place to put him until we make things right.
A place where he can't hurt anybody.
If you know the Blur and the other vigilantes then why aren't their faces all over the news? A general's daughter and she doesn't know the first thing about strategy.
Right now, public opinion's in our favor, Lois.
Yes, but if you start targeting civilians without proof then you're not gonna be seen as the good guys.
I think what the public needs is some truth.
Front-page style.
If you don't cooperate, you won't have the chance to write that or any other article ever again.
You couldn't stare at me in my office? I realize this room's a little cozy.
You're trying to make me uncomfortable.
Why don't we just cut to the chase? Yes, I share letterhead with Oliver Queen.
No, I don't know where he is.
You see, I work and he plays.
And once upon a time he played with you.
Former lovers, now business partners.
I'm willing to bet you share more than a portfolio.
I'm so sorry to disappoint you, but for years our conversations have been limited to matters that affect our investors.
You're a good liar.
But I've been watching.
And I've issued enough "no comments" to know when one really means: "I'm not telling.
" So where are the vigilantes? Come on, Tess, have something useful.
An untapped phone.
Some kind of ninja smoke bomb.
I have got to get the name of her custom-closet guy.
It's just a slide.
You love slides, Lois.
I hate slides.
Lois? I thought you were still Being questioned by Trotter and her goose-stepping goons? Nope.
Cleared of all charges.
So I thought I'd get back to work.
Tess and her inquisition is no reason to give up on the deadline rule.
That's not in the employee handbook.
And I've read it cover to cover.
You escaped.
And you totally ratted us out to Trotter, didn't you? Doing my civic duty.
Just like marching you back to the authorities.
No, you are not.
I need to find Tess and Emil and then get out of here.
Please, Cat.
We have to put this fire out, not fuel it.
The people that the government is targeting, they are not villains.
They're heroes and they're putting their lives on the line to protect us.
Look, I know I don't say this ever but you are a good reporter, that means your instincts are solid My instincts are telling me to turn you in.
No, Cat.
This isn't about me or even you.
Think about your son.
What kind of hero do you want him to believe in? The kind that destroys others in the name of good or the kind that saves them and lives up to the name? You're asking me to change everything I believe about the world.
Or rethink who you call a hero.
What if I told you the Blur has saved you at least twice without you knowing it? I know you love your son.
And the only reason that he still has a mother is because the man she says is a bad guy actually saved her life.
Lois Lane.
Have you seen her? No, Sergeant Garcia.
But if I do, I'll let you know right away.
Thank you for that.
Maybe everything's not as black and white as I thought.
I overheard Trotter say Slade's found a new way to take care of the vigi The heroes.
Now that Oliver Queen's been found guilty They're gonna use him to track down the others.
Who knows what they'll find if they dig even deeper? If you're gonna make your move, Clark you might wanna make it quick, because Slade already has.
Operation Icarus? The Icarus myth is about fallen heroes who reached too far.
It's the only file flagged for encryption.
It's a blacklist of known and suspected vigilantes and vigilante supporters to be brought in for questioning.
- Tess, Lois and Emil are Slade's top draft choices for this season of interrogation.
They're uploading video files every two hours.
Clark, you're not gonna like the latest ones.
Come here.
It's the Daily Planet.
They're using our own security systems against us.
- Really? - I miss my typewriter.
You miss the telegraph.
Just get away, 8-track.
If Slade got access to Daily Planet cameras he's using other cameras across the city.
Look at this.
Try all the cameras across the city.
And Big Brother Slade's hitting a little too close to home for me.
That's my office.
Sheppard, why don't I see Lane back in your custody? Ma'am, we're still searching the building and the surrounding areas.
Take them to the secured location.
Yes, ma'am.
You don't wanna parade us through the lobby? Or does kidnapping make for bad press? Shut up.
Where's Lois? Where is she? - Oh, my God.
- When you do the final on a building you never know what you're gonna find.
Lois Lane, where's Clark Kent? I don't know.
Besides, you're way off target if you think he - Try again.
- GI Joe, when are you going to accept that you can't beat the real American heroes? Last time you tried, you went down with the ship.
But I failed to take out my target.
Luckily, fate and Uncle Sam's advanced military tech gave me a second chance to do it.
Family takes care of itself.
And for better or for worse, I am standing by the Blur.
But he's not here to stand between you and a bullet.
No, wait.
You win.
That's my girl.
I'm not your girl.
I'm his.
Wrong answer.
No! Get him on the radio, seal that exit.
I was wondering how long you'd hide and let your friends take the fall.
I heard the explosion.
- You were in it.
How did you? - Survive? Let's just say the reaper can swing his sickle at me but I'm beyond death's stroke now.
Where's Lois? Your problem is you think other people define your life but the truth is, they just get in the way.
You don't believe that.
I know you had a family before.
A soldier can fight for others, but he cannot afford to love them.
You and I don't need to fight, Clark.
Let them go.
Come and join me.
We can put all this to an end.
You know, when I named this operation Icarus it was because I believed that your fall would ultimately come from your faith in your own invincibility.
But then to actually see a man with burning wings plummet from the sky God, I do enjoy the irony.
What did you do? - Where are they? - Dead.
- You're lying.
- You know I'm not.
Because a true soldier does whatever it takes to finish the mission.
Then consider this finished.
You're here.
I have something for you.
What happened? You okay? He saved me.
He saved me.
I'll get you help, okay? No, it's too late.
I'm a pro at dying, remember? I should have been there, Carter.
I'm sorry.
Can't always be you, Clark.
This is all of our fight.
This is what we do.
And my passing means I'll be with Shayera again.
I owe you so much, I don't know how to begin to thank you.
You just did.
You hold on to her.
Because there has to be a balance, Clark.
We can't do what we have to do if there's an emptiness in our heart.
You remember that.
I will, I promise.
Oh, I am sorry I won't be there to help you fight the darkness.
But you have all the help you need.