Sons of Anarchy s02e09 Episode Script

Fa Guan

You okay? Something that brutal had to be payback or a message? We don't know.
It could've been the scumbag producer.
We roughed up Caruso a couple times.
When? Yesterday.
You should go, Jax.
I'm sorry, man.
All right.
Thanks, man.
- Rosen.
- Where's he at with the charges? The quality of the security video is shit.
He's gonna push to have it tossed.
And most of the families at the Christian Center don't wanna get involved.
Well, that should slow down the DA.
- Yeah.
Gentlemen? So I couldn't come through on your guns.
ATF's got eyes on my supplier.
- Not what I wanted to hear.
- I'm hoping to make it up to you.
You mentioned that your gun source has INS issues? Maybe we can help.
It's no secret you're losing your slice of the H pie.
You need guns to guard your corners, I need a new pipeline.
Work together.
Got my guy detained in Oakland.
New level of security at Customs flagged his passport and visa as bogus.
- He's claiming it's a technical error.
- And if INS starts digging? They find the truth, Mahmoud Zakairi, ex-PLO gun feed heads straight back to Hamas.
Hearing's tomorrow morning.
And your crew couldn't persuade the judge? Too risky.
My guys show up, the judge doesn't spook they'll start digging into Mahmoud's Asian contacts.
But a bunch of white guys twist the judge's arm You all look the same.
We do this you make sure Mahmoud opens up his pipeline to the Sons.
We'll both be in your debt.
Room 208.
Have a good time.
Son of a bitch.
Let's get out of here.
Oh, shit! Date's over, kids.
Come on, get your clothes on.
Five girls, four johns.
Couple of them in possession.
- Pussy and a bump.
Has to be Darby.
Excuse me, Chief.
Skinny blonde says she's gotta talk to you.
This is a mistake, okay? We were set up.
Call our boss.
He'll tell you.
You're willing to give up Darby? We don't work for that scumbag.
Well, who's your boss? Jax Teller.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye Get in here.
I made banana bread.
- Want a piece? Still warm.
Shut the door.
Unser picked up two of your cum divas in a low-rent hooker sting.
- Shit.
- I knew getting into porn was a bad call.
I want us out.
Losing Luann was awful.
But we have other directors.
And Caracara is in full swing.
- It's a solid moneymaker.
- It's dirty.
And I'm done with it.
You sell off whatever you can.
- Porn is Jax's deal.
We all voted yes.
- Close it down! I'll handle the little prince.
Oh, jeez.
- What do we got? - The INS judge is small time, man.
Close to retirement.
He lives alone, cushy little suburb just outside of Oakland.
- Widower, one kid.
Son at Berkeley.
- That's our emotional leverage.
He's local, he's exposed.
We threaten that.
I told Lin we were gonna have to see the guns we're risking our ass for.
So I arranged to have a little hardware test.
That's you.
What? - Who's gonna press the judge? Bobby and Ope.
Take Happy with you.
He'll know how to persuade.
This is bullshit.
The woman that I'm loving Give us a minute.
She's gone, no trace What the hell is this? Testing hardware? What am I? A goddamn prospect.
This ain't about you.
It's about Ope.
It's important we bring him closer.
The deeper in he gets, the more we're protected.
Yeah, and the more you'll hurt Jax.
I don't give a shit about Jax.
How did Otto take it? The same way any of us would.
Do we know who? - Not yet.
Georgie and his crew left for Thailand this morning.
It's a buying trip.
Fleeing the scene.
That's where my money lands.
Luann is not your fault.
Take a lap, kid.
All right.
Fiona was here.
- When? - Yesterday.
Apparently, my kid got wind of the accident.
Fi came to make sure I was okay.
Jimmy O with her? I didn't see him but he'd never let her travel on her own.
So he must be here.
When we were inside, Stahl had photos of Zobelle with Cameron trying to get us to sell out the IRA.
Cameron's selling to Zobelle? Confirmed it yesterday.
We lost the Irish pipeline.
Jimmy will be going mad.
Hey, it wasn't our choice, man.
It doesn't matter.
He'll still find a way of blaming me.
- Hey, Doc.
- Hey.
Just checking up.
Chief Unser is looking for you.
Look, we'll handle it.
You just get better.
- You okay? - Yeah.
I talked to Dr.
We're taking you off the critical list.
You should be able to go home in about a week or so.
Well, that's good news.
I appreciate you looking after me, Tara.
- You're a good girl.
- You're welcome.
- You do know your insurance has lapsed? - Yeah.
My last birthday.
Seems that I aged into the unaffordable bracket.
You're gonna have to finish your recuperation at Stockton Memorial.
Come on, doc.
Give me a few more days.
There's nothing I can do.
It's out of my hands.
It's hospital policy.
Then I'll do the rest of my mending at home.
- Stockton has a good cranial expert - I don't give a shit about my head.
You think I'm gonna be lying on my goddamn back somewhere unprotected? Ran a sting this morning, prostitution.
Logger Point Motel.
- Hookers in Charming? - Yeah.
Hookers and movie stars.
Two of them were your Caracara girls.
Wanna talk to their boss.
You okay? Yeah.
Anything on Luann? Crime scene is clean.
Right now we got nothing.
Gemma, can you give me a few minutes? Yeah.
You need anything? Oh, honey, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
All right.
I'll catch up with you at the station.
I wanted to make sure this Luann thing doesn't get you overreacting.
You think it was Zobelle? Do you? No.
Zobelle didn't kill me.
He's not gonna risk murder on someone like Luann.
Doesn't cut deep enough.
Yeah, makes sense.
Ah, shit.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
I keep forgetting to take that stupid pill that helps my equilibrium.
Well, Della's helping you monitor the meds, yeah? She went to be with her mother for a while.
It's been three months.
Jesus Christ, Wayne.
You been going through this shit all alone? I'm a prick, Gemma.
Treatments make me miserable.
It's the best thing for now.
Well, if you need anything just let me know.
Folks in my support group been going to this revival service.
Was gonna check it out.
Use a ride tomorrow morning.
I'll clear my calendar.
You know this thing with Luann, maybe you should take a few days off.
We're all logging extra time on the sex cams trying to help Jax.
I'm just saying.
If you want to take some down time, I'll help you out.
I'm not looking to be taken care of, Ope.
- This is what I do.
- I know.
- I better be getting back.
- Ope.
- Will I see you later? - It's gonna be a pretty late one.
- Bobby's sister's watching the kids.
- Well, I don't mind watching them.
I'll bring Piper by, rent a movie or something.
That's okay.
I can't keep doing this to you.
I like going to your place.
It feels like a home.
See you in the morning.
And my eyes And my arms And my legs are intact And my mind, askew Lost and unpacked If something looks familiar Looks familiar - Is that okay? - Yeah.
Hey keep an eye on Lyla.
- Anything happens, give us a call.
- I accept that.
Let's go, Legs.
You got a visitor.
- What the hell were you thinking? - Got a call.
Wouldn't give his name.
Offered us 10 grand to help out Darby.
What do you mean "help out?" He wanted his johns thinking they had some high-end pussy.
- Two days of work, that was the deal.
- And day one, the cops show up? Look, it had to be Georgie.
Psycho killed Luann, got us busted.
- When did you get the call? - Day before yesterday.
That's before we hassled Georgie.
Set up's not on him.
Then who is it? I don't know.
Aren't you gonna bail us out? Yeah.
Let me just get an advance on my trust fund.
- Deputy Chief.
- Your tip panned out.
Well, to be honest, I'm surprised you acted on it.
Where else is Darby dealing crank and pussy? I'm not quite certain you and I are on the same page yet, David.
I thought by now we'd be working together.
That security footage of me and Darby's bullshit.
It's nothing.
Nothing criminal.
But I think it would raise enough eyebrows on city council to throw your appointment as chief into question.
Darby's got a cooker in an old motor home.
Scrap metal yard off Manion.
Also, another low-rent brothel at the Red Oak Suites.
That's all of it.
This is your last chance.
Do your job.
- How'd it go with the Chinese? Okay.
- What? - Clay heard what happened to the girls.
That and Luann, he wants me to kill Caracara.
- It's club action.
He can't shut it down.
- Well, he don't give a shit.
Someone paid our girls to be on Darby's roster today.
Wanted them to get busted.
You think Clay needed an excuse to shut me down? I'm not sure I know what either one of you would do anymore.
We need Caracara.
It's our only club income.
Gun biz is back online.
New 20, new source.
We're done with pussy.
Just for a minute try to think past this bullshit between you and me.
- Porn is a legitimate business, Clay.
- So is auto repair.
And that don't make my skin crawl.
Look at your run with guns over the last few years.
We've lost more than we've earned, money and blood.
- Well, that's gonna change.
- With the Chinese? We don't even know if this pipeline is real or where the guns are coming from.
- Hamas.
Jesus Christ.
That's where you're putting the future of our club? Samcro deals guns.
You had your little romp as porn king.
You tied us to prostitution.
You got one of our member's old lady killed.
You are really gonna stand there and lay the guilt of a dead wife on me? You remember that promise I made? Hey, hey, hey.
Let me make it easy for you.
You need a majority vote to shut down Caracara.
We put it out at church, tomorrow night.
Oh, brother.
Wanna tell me what that "dead wife" shit was about? Otto knew, man.
I got Luann killed.
No, you thought you were doing the right thing.
I was tapping Luann.
You serious? Ever since I took over her books.
How was that? A little scary.
Well, you're covered I guess.
- Prison clause.
- Yeah, I know, but it still feels shitty.
Sorry, man.
Yeah, well, we move on.
You know, Clay, he's not gonna get a majority vote.
The guys, they love porn.
They practically live at the studio.
That's why he hates it.
Cum equals cash, brother.
We all know it.
Caracara ain't going nowhere.
- We gotta talk, you and me, alone.
I'm done with alone.
Anything you gotta say, Bobby can hear.
All right.
It's about Opie.
Clay's got him on point working this judge.
Nothing I can do.
If this thing goes bad when Opie has to go down that road there's no way he's coming back.
You're worried about losing your right-hand seat? We both know why shit's upside down.
Keep Ope light.
I'll show up after I check those guns and work this judge.
The way me and Ope are going I try and talk him down, might be the very thing pushes him to it.
Maybe you should tag along anyhow.
- Okay.
- Okay.
I'll meet you at that judge's house.
Zobelle is putting down roots.
He's backing my brother for mayor.
And he wants me on his team once I'm chief.
Why are you telling me this? Aren't the Hales on board for the brave new day? I know the greater devil when I see it.
Zobelle is flooding this town with Darby's crank and pussy.
And he wants me to shut it down to prove to Charming they don't need the Sons.
You have till the end of the day to be heroes.
You had to swallow a lot to hand this over.
It's not about humility.
My biggest priority will be shutting you down.
But I'm gonna do it the right way.
Where's Happy? I'm taking Clay's lead, getting back into guns.
Clay's cool with it.
Nobody home Hey.
- Why aren't you with Bobby and Ope? - Jax said he was handling it.
Call your Nomads.
We need bodies.
We've been deputized.
Come on, come on, come on.
You get that door right there! Oh.
Too much brown sugar.
Pack up the hams, baby.
Get out.
Okay, all right.
All right.
Stop pushing.
Move it.
- Yeah.
- Right, yeah.
I'll catch up with you.
- Okay.
I wanted to say I was sorry.
I shouldn't have interfered with things around here.
I told Chibs I was transferring him to Stockton Memorial.
He freaked out.
Said he would be unprotected.
Someone just blew him up.
He's a little twitchy.
But you do what you gotta do and we'll figure out a way to keep him safe.
Safe from what? Jesus, Gemma.
When does this settle? When does it stop? I don't know, baby.
Aw, shit.
You white boys never learn.
You and P.
Keep whacking the mole, we keep popping up someplace else.
Whacking days are done.
Zobelle sold you out.
No more money, no more Aryan muscle.
I smell the stink of your crank or your pussy anywhere near Charming I'll put three bullets in your neck compliments of Charming P.
Light it up.
Oh, shit.
Move! Come, on, get out of the way! Move.
- Move, move! Clear! Go! Judge is in the gate.
You take him down, I'll cover the yard.
Don't make a sound.
Shut up.
Shut up.
Take what you want, get the hell out.
There's no money, just what's in the wallet.
We're not here to rob you.
We need your help with a problem.
What problem? Got it.
- Easy, easy, Junior.
Holy shit.
Get in there.
- Okay, okay, okay.
You son of a bitch.
Is this you, Alex? Are you the problem? He owe you drug money? What the hell are you talking about? You lowlife junkie piece of shit.
Your mother would be disgusted.
Hey! Hey! Down! Damn it.
Okay, okay.
Stay down.
Jesus Christ.
So much for our emotional leverage.
I don't care how pissed he is he's not gonna let us hurt his kid.
Junkie or not, we stick to the plan.
Mahmoud Zakairi, he's got a deportation hearing tomorrow morning.
It's a simple misunderstanding.
Dismiss it, everyone walks away from this whole.
This is about throwing out a case? Twenty three years on the bench, I've never been swayed by anyone or anything.
I'm not gonna start now.
Let me be clear.
You throw out the case or I cut your family in half.
No, you won't.
I'll beat him.
I'll break off his fingers.
And then I'll kill him.
Jesus Christ! Just give him what he wants.
- Dad, they're gonna kill me.
- He is not going to kill you.
Come on! Hey.
Back him up.
Get off me.
Get off of me.
You cannot blow holes in this kid.
Barely winged his toe.
The old man is gonna break.
I don't give a shit how bad the blood is, no father is gonna let his son die in front of him.
Get out of the way.
Just take it easy.
Shut up.
The toe stung.
The knee, it's gonna make him wanna kill himself.
If you're gonna kill him, just do it.
I'm not gonna give you what you want.
So torturing him is just a waste of time.
You might as well shoot him.
This what you want? No, Dad.
This how you protect your family? Dad! No, no, no! No.
You're gonna let me kill your kid, huh? That's how you protect your blood? Open your eyes, you piece of shit! Open your eyes! You see it! You look at what you've done! You see what you've caused! Look at what you've done to your family! Open your mouth.
Open your mouth! Come on, brother.
It's done.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Your turn.
I can't.
I can't do it, man.
I can't do it.
Shit, God.
No way.
Hey, go look for something.
Anything that'll help.
Okay, relax.
I'm all right.
I know.
What happened? Severe head pain.
He can't see out of his right eye.
Gallagher ordered an MRI.
Thanks, doc.
- He should be put back on critical.
Gallagher already did.
You bankroll me, back me with muscle, and then you yank it out from under me? Navigating around law enforcement is a game of give and take.
It wasn't P.
It was Clay.
You sold me out.
Seeing how all three of my interests have been crushed today, I tend to believe him.
Do you want recompense against Samcro? - It means payback.
- Yeah.
I know what it means, asshole.
Yeah, I wanna hurt him.
All right, I'm gonna hit outside.
Storage shed.
- They'll see the flames from the highway.
Alarms are cut.
Keep it contained to the inside, thing will cook all night before flames are visible.
All right.
Let's go.
Break this shit up.
Yeah! Douse it! Douse it all! Hey! Hey, Weston! What do you think? You think I got a future in this business? Huh? All right, that should do it.
- What the hell? - Your need had a short lifespan.
We got something.
Please, no.
You can't, please.
Throw out the case.
Love letters.
Found a room upstairs.
Goddamn shrine to his dead wife.
You don't throw out the case tomorrow morning you tell anyone about us, we trash wifey's room.
Burn every memory you have.
We made it work.
And we waited at the house for a call.
It's done.
The judge dismissed the case.
It's all good.
I checked out Lin's guns.
Really good hardware, man.
- Where they going? - Home.
How long you gonna be? - Aren't you coming in? - No, I can't.
- I've got some errands to run.
- All right.
About an hour.
I'll call you.
I know you? Everyone knows me.
Glory, glory Hallelujah Since I lay my burden down - Glory, glory, hallelujah Glory, glory Since I lay my burden down All my sickness will be over When I lay my burden down All my sickness will be over When I lay my burden down Lord, I'm feeling so much better Since I lay my burden down Lord, I'm feeling so much better Since I lay my burden down Glory, glory, glory, hallelujah Hallelujah Since I lay Since I lay My burden down My burden down Glory, glory, hallelujah Glory, glory, hallelujah Since I lay Since I lay My burden down My burden down How about some orange juice? Hallelujah Hallelujah Since I lay Since I lay Morning.
Glory, glory, hallelujah Glory, glory, hallelujah Since I lay Since I lay My burden down My burden down Glory, glory, hallelujah Glory, glory, hallelujah Since I lay Since I lay My burden down My burden down Come on now, everybody! That's right! Since I lay my burden down My burden down Yes, Lord! Hallelujah Hallelujah Since I lay Since I lay My burden down My burden down That was Hale.
He just tried you on the cell.
What? Unbelievable.
Glory, glory Glory, glory This was Clay.
Glory, glory, hallelujah Hallelujah He couldn't let me have it.
Talk to Quinn.
Tell him I want a transfer.
I'm going Nomad.
Since I lay my burden down