Sons of Anarchy s04e11 Episode Script

Call of Duty

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: Regarding the murder of your wife, Luann Delaney traces of semen were found in your wife's undergarments.
Robert Munson.
Otto would never turn.
If anything could do it, it'd be Luann.
I got no excuse.
You find him? Georgie Caruso.
He's the one who killed her.
You finish it? Yeah, we took him out.
- Get Munson for murder.
- Georgie's alive and well.
Turned Otto against Munson.
Your daddy.
What would the club do if they found out that you're black? If you're lucky, you'll walk out alive.
What the hell is this? The inside of a RICO operation.
The Irish Kings are planning a trip Stateside.
If you give me the information, I will extract the Sons from the RICO equation.
Some days we ask our guys to do shit very few men could do.
I'm proud of you.
You earned this.
We need your advice, brother.
Sons don't kill themselves.
Club's gonna vote him out.
- Let me watch him for a while.
- Where are the letters? Tara still got them? Just leave her out of it, huh? Too late.
This had to be Clay.
I'm calling this in.
I know I can bring him close again.
I know I can.
Clay made an attempt to point this at the cartel shit.
I can help make sure it doesn't blow back on him.
Got more room in there? I'm coming with you.
We have an internal threat.
The doctor? Your VP's old lady.
We'll clean it up.
Oh! Oh, my God! Jax! Jax! I have a dead hand.
I'll never save another life, I'll never fix a tiny heart.
Hey, baby Go! You took money out of that safe.
Hours later, somebody goes after Tara.
You didn't know Jax would be with her? Enough! You stay away from my family.
What's going on? Holy shit, Gemma.
Clay did this? Goddamn him.
I'll point Piney's murder at him.
No, he's gonna die by the hand of a Son.
I kind of lost it yesterday.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
You love me, Tara.
That's where it takes you.
It's not just you, Jax.
I'm here because I'm here.
I just don't know what to do now.
We stick to the plan.
There is no plan anymore.
No hospital wants me.
You're still a doctor.
I have to establish myself before I set up a practice.
That takes a lot of time.
We're gonna have plenty of time.
And I'm gonna have enough cash to keep us afloat until you get on your feet.
Tara, babe, listen to me.
Your hand is gonna get better.
We're getting out of Charming and I am leaving Samcro.
I need you to believe I can do this.
I do.
I do believe you, Jax.
How was the couch? Uh Fine.
Comfortable actually.
Yeah, please.
Thanks for staying.
Hey, of course.
I remember you What should I do here, Gemma? I remember you We were Bonnie and Clyde Finish what you started with Piney.
Point it at the cartel.
It's about the club now.
This landing on Clay is the last thing they need.
Wait a few days before you call it in.
I remember you That body's getting ripe.
It's gonna crush Ope.
Jax too.
He's got a lot on his plate right now.
Yeah, I know.
I gotta borrow a few things from the garage, tie it up.
What are we gonna do about Clay? I'll handle it.
I get it.
You think you know Clay better than anyone.
And maybe you don't think he's capable of doing anything worse, but I'll tell you Uh No.
I do.
Clay would kill me.
I got no doubt about that.
But don't worry, sweetheart.
I'm not gonna let that happen.
I remember you Kozik got there with the guns.
I talked to Jax, he's gonna meet us at the warehouse.
You get into it with Gemma? You don't need to know.
What do I need to know, Clay? I ain't gonna talk to you about my old lady.
You don't wanna talk about nothing no more.
Ever since we got out, man.
I mean, you cut me off.
I got no idea what's going on with you.
Jesus Christ.
You and fat Elvis couple of chicks.
I marry you too? Yeah.
Sort of.
You did.
Because I'm the guy at your side, steps between you and the shit that tries to kill you.
I'm your right hand, Clay.
What do you want, a pat on the back every time you climb on your Dyna? It don't work like that around here, pal.
You know why you're losing this club? Do you? Ain't because of the drugs.
It's because you crawl in there and you shut those doors and you lock all of us out.
What in God's name happened? Flew my broomstick into a brick wall.
Who did this to you? Don't dismiss this.
This is why Tara has to get out.
Do you understand that? My son would never do this.
I'm sure Clay's mother said the same thing.
I love Tara.
You have no idea how much.
Then don't stop them from leaving.
Where are they going? I spoke with Providence Hospital.
They wanna make Tara an offer.
But her hand.
They're willing to wait out her recuperation.
They want her on staff.
She's on staff here.
I can't cover her downtime.
We're too small.
This offer in Oregon may be her only chance of staying in Neonatal.
If you really love her you will let her take this job, Gemma.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye Holy shit, Mom.
Come here.
Was this Clay? It's complicated, Jackson.
What happened? It's been building up.
Shit with the drugs and the cartel.
I crossed the line.
This is more than crossing a line, Mom.
I can't let this slide.
I'm gonna handle this, Jackson.
You gotta let me settle it.
I'm so sorry.
Honey, this isn't your fault.
I thought we could pull this off.
Cash out.
But I was an idiot.
I am as delusional as he is.
You are a better man.
Are you planning on leaving? Charming? I can't take any more lies, Jackson.
Does Clay know? Yeah.
Don't take this to Tara, Mom.
Please, not now.
Oh, no.
I won't.
Us leaving it's about my sons.
It always is.
With the thoracic cavity open, the heart is now fully accessible.
Tara? She said she was family.
It's okay.
He's a big one.
Um Thank you.
Sorry to barge in.
I wasn't sure if you were gonna be awake.
What are you doing here? Oh, I'm running a program in your HR department.
I was looking for you in Neonatal and they said you were up here.
Here I am.
I thought you were in Seattle.
I was.
Sober living.
I just moved back two weeks ago.
And I got a job at a recovery center in Lathrop.
We do a lot of hospital and corporate stuff so Oh.
Good for you.
Can I ask what happened to you? I slammed my hand in a car door.
Oh, shit.
I heard about your son.
That's really great.
I'm happy for you and Jax.
I'm really not quite sure what to say here.
I don't know what to say either.
I've just been waiting for the right time to reach out.
And you thought now would be that time? I don't wanna cause any trouble.
What is it you do want, Wendy? I wanna see my son.
I'm his mother.
I'm the one who raised him when you walked away.
I know.
And I am grateful you were here to do that, but legally, I am still his mother.
You gave up your rights.
Custody, yes.
Not the right for him to know the truth.
My number's on the card.
Just tell Jax I'll be in touch.
I'm gonna get to know my son.
Come on.
Any trouble getting through customs? No.
Our guy pushed them through same as the others.
Thanks for loaning us the guys.
Tacoma's been a big help.
No problem.
Need the work, brother.
We heard from the Irish Kings? Talked to Seamus.
They're all coming.
The west table: Rourke, Galen and Leary.
They're worried about the cartel, Clay.
This rival beef.
Good to see you.
You too, man.
How's Tara doing? She's getting through it, thanks.
Give me a minute? What is it? I just saw my mom.
And? What do you think? She wouldn't tell me what happened.
So I'm asking you.
That's between me and my old lady.
No, you don't get off that easy.
You beat the shit out of my mother.
You wanna pull off this exit strategy of yours stop focusing on my domestic life and start focusing on the issue at hand.
Now I spoke to Romeo.
He's got intel on the Lobos.
They find the guys who jumped Tara? I'm not sure.
But I need your head in this game on all fronts.
You understand? Oh, I'm focused.
And this ain't finished.
Everything cool? Fine.
Let's check the merchandise.
Kings don't want anyone touching these.
We got long-range sniper rifle, rocket-propelled grenade-launcher.
- My God.
- Real deal.
Only seen guns like this in my war games.
"Call of Duty" shit.
Oh, shit.
What happened? Smashed her cast.
Gonna have to take her back into surgery.
I don't know what happened, I swear.
Some chick came with flowers.
Tara said it was cool.
She left a few minutes later.
Then I heard Tara screaming.
What chick? She just said she was family.
Oh, my God.
Who was she? Junkie whore.
These are the men who attacked your family yesterday.
There were three of them.
Yeah, we're into finding the others.
They gave us the intel on the remaining Lobos.
We'll get the other guy end the threat here in Northern California.
I wanna be there.
If we help shut it down, it gives the Irish some peace of mind.
Makes us look like one big happy family.
Fair enough.
I'll give you the details.
This Galindo deal it's already spilled too much blood.
I don't expect you guys to take that risk.
Going after these Lobos is about Tara.
It's my shit.
I'm gonna handle it.
This ain't just about Tara, brother.
This is about hurting those assholes that shot up our clubhouse and killed Armando.
Jax is right.
This cartel run's turned into one bloody ride.
Nobody saw it coming, including me.
But we're in the homestretch now, bro.
I say we close this door, we get back to business as usual.
I'm not letting you go in to do this alone.
Me, either.
I'm in.
Yeah, me too.
All right, let's do it.
I'm there.
What about you, Ope? You in? Yeah, I'm in.
How you doing, mayor? I wouldn't go counting votes yet.
Hale's investors came together.
Asian money.
When it goes back to city council next week he'll have the funds to begin construction.
It'll pass, Clay.
Charming Heights is a go.
When did this happen? Hale called this morning.
He's getting his ducks in a row.
Let me guess.
You're one of his ducks.
I gotta roll with this.
It's the only way I come close to getting even, Clay.
I'm sorry, 91-IVS Yeah.
Georgie shit all over his promise.
He was supposed to dangle the investment in front of the Asians.
Maybe it's time you go remind him, huh? Yeah.
We got the Mexicans covered.
You and me, Tiggy.
Georgie might be in the wind.
I'll track down Lyla, see if she can help.
If Georgie has reneged on his promise, he's of no more use to us.
Copy that.
Yeah, he's down in three.
Right there.
I appreciate you reaching out to me, Mr.
Trust you were able to confirm Georgie Stop talking.
Answer my questions, and if I think you're lying conversation ends.
Who are you? I'm Lincoln Potter, federal prosecutor, Assistant U.
Attorney Northern California district.
And what do you want from me? I'm building a case against the Real IRA and the Galindo cartel.
Sons of Anarchy is my way in.
And you need Bobby Munson to establish history.
That's correct.
Your brothers have clearly blasphemed Stop talking.
This is what I want.
You should write this shit down.
I got money in three bank accounts.
It's not a lot, but I want it to go to Luann's sister.
I wanna see an eye doctor.
Get some new glasses so I can read better.
I want Lenny Janowitz to To get some privileges back, like visitation or yard.
That might prove difficult.
This isn't a negotiation.
And I want you to move up my execution date.
I'll waive my appeals.
I wanna go as soon as I can.
Write it down.
Last thing.
I gotta be the one that tells Bobby I gave him up.
Me, face-to-face.
May I speak? I'll need you to document Robert Munson's involvement in selling guns.
I'll give you a dozen crimes.
Him, Clay, whoever the hell you want.
Fair enough.
I'll also need to put you in protective custody.
I can't take a risk of you communicating with any other prisoners.
You know too much.
Fine with me.
Better food.
You don't get shit until I see those all in writing.
Large print, please.
You should go.
- Knees.
- Check the trailers.
Where the hell is the rest of them? This is the first line.
Main camp is in the woods.
Luis will take a unit into the woods.
We'll grab the rest of your guys, take position behind those rocks cover their entry.
- All right, I'm going with them.
- Aye.
Me too.
And three.
Let's go.
Hey, back up Clay.
Stop! Mines! Get in the dirt! Get down! Oh, you gotta be shitting me.
Down! They're sitting ducks in that minefield.
They ain't making it out of there.
What the hell do we do now? I don't know.
It'll take a few hours for me to get reinforcements.
So, what about your guys? I ain't bringing any more of my guys here to get killed.
No service.
Middle of goddamn nowhere.
You guys come prepared.
Who you calling? I'm ordering a pizza.
Big Irish pizza.
Georgie's got a photo shoot with a couple of Dondo's girls.
Money Shot Studios.
Should be there now.
You guys give us a minute? Yeah.
I didn't know what to do, Ope.
My default is to split.
I know you're pissed.
That's it? "Yeah"? We gotta talk about this shit.
There's nothing else to say.
I don't blame you for leaving.
Never thought it would really work anyways.
- Then why did you marry me? - Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I was looking for something, I guess.
Something or someone? I wanted it to work.
I really did.
Nothing's gonna work, Ope.
Not until she's dead.
Sorry, brother.
Hey, come on, Ope.
Let her go.
Come on.
Great, beautiful.
There you go, Georgie, big smile, big smile.
Turn just a little bit.
Come on, get close to him.
Good, beautiful.
Hey, guys.
- Here to see me? - No.
We're here to get some tasteful shots of our genitals.
Stop grinning, idiot.
Your slant investor cut Hale a check.
No, no, we met with him.
We faked interest, like you said, but I didn't tell anyone to go forward.
- No.
- Somebody did.
You're gonna fix it before that money hits Hale's account.
I'll dig into it as soon as I'm done here.
You're done.
Yeah? Yeah.
Ladies, I'll be back in a minute.
Keep going.
You all right? I'm terrified.
But I'm totally erect.
Let's go.
Your pizza's here.
Jax, come here.
What's up? You know using these bad boys is really gonna piss off the Irish.
At this point, bro, it's a risk I'm willing to take.
I can't wait to blow the shit out of these greasy bastards.
Let's do it.
Yeah, we got them.
We're coming in.
Copy that.
They got the firepower.
They'll flush them out.
We'll cover their exit.
Wait until we're in position.
That was the last of them.
We're all clear.
Can you retrace your steps? Yeah, I think so.
One at a time.
Juice, fall in behind me.
I got it.
What are you doing? - Juice! - Juice! Hey.
Easy! Clear.
Those guys met with Hale two more times behind my back.
The Natsuki family's all in.
That's really bad.
I swear, I had no idea.
They're scumbags.
I mean, who else gets in business with me? Then jumping on some suburban land deal, who could've seen that coming? Yeah.
A clean, quiet place to funnel their dirty money.
- Kind of makes sense to me.
- Well, I didn't know.
Listen, let me talk to Clay so I can fix this.
Yeah, that's a good idea.
- Get in.
- No.
- I did everything you guys asked me to.
- Get in! There's only one way I'm not gonna kill you.
You're gonna tell me the truth about Luann.
I don't know anything.
You know nothing? Okay, I'll tell you the truth.
I'll tell you the truth, but you can't kill me.
You guys live by your word and shit, right? You gotta honor this.
All right, I promise.
I'm not gonna kill you.
I sent a few guys up there to rough her up, just to scare her.
To get her to let loose some of her girls.
- Scare her with baseball bats? - She fought back.
It got out of control.
They weren't supposed to kill her.
I swear to God, I would never do that.
That's it.
I told you the truth.
I know.
I know.
No, no.
Please, I'm begging you.
Bobby, please.
Don't kill me, please.
Bob Come on.
Get Kozik's cut.
We'll give it to Lee.
He was on his way back to Tacoma.
- Kozik have any family? - A brother.
San Diego, I think.
Call his brother.
We'll have a memorial after we finish this thing with the Irish.
He almost made it out.
Yeah, talk to Juice, would you? That shit today was crazy.
He is making me very nervous.
What are you doing here? Just returning some tools.
Where is she? I know she called you.
Prospects saw your truck at my house last night.
Yeah, she called.
It's a natural reaction to reach out to a friend when someone tries to kill you.
Man, you must love this shit.
You get to swoop in, rescue her.
A dream come true.
My dream don't include her beaten to a pulp.
My wife, my club not your concern.
Keep your secrets, I'll keep mine, all right? I know you killed Piney.
I know you tried to kill Tara.
My telling Jax what I know only hurts him.
But I'm warning you, Clay And may whatever shit god I still believe in be witness to this.
You ever hurt Gemma again, I'll kill you.
I guess cancer gives a man a certain resolve, huh? Benefit of an end date.
Nothing more dangerous than a guy who already knows he's dead.
Hey, are you the guy who called? Yes.
I'm the manny.
My son here? Yeah.
Tara said it's okay.
You can see Abel.
He's in the back bedroom.
Oh, shit.
Why am I not surprised? Because drugs dull the senses? Not anymore.
Boys are at my house.
The room looks great.
She's a real good mom.
I can tell.
Should I even ask what happened to you? No.
I'm the one doing the asking.
Well, I am clean and sober for over two years.
I finished my B.
I am now a certified substance abuse counselor.
I have a two-bedroom outside of Altamont.
I have a French bulldog named Ramone.
I had my tubes tied and I recently decided that I like women.
What's new with you? Absolutely nothing.
Gemma, I did not come here to stir shit up.
Abel is my son.
I gave up the right to raise him, but I did not give up the right to know him.
I get that.
I kind of figured you'd resurface at some point.
Or turn up dead.
Honestly, I was hoping for the latter.
I'm sorry to disappoint you.
I'll help you to get to know your son.
But it's by my rules, on my schedule.
And what the hell is that supposed to mean'? Tara is under psych observation.
She didn't take your visit very well.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
It's a bad time.
That's all you need to know.
When is it ever a good time? I'll tell you when.
Until then, no contact.
Not with Jax or Tara.
You understand me? If you try to box me out, Gemma, I swear to God I'll get a lawyer and make this shit loud and messy.
There's that junkie whore I remember.
If you thought I was dangerous loaded, wait till you see me sober, baby.
What the hell was that today? Was that another attempt to swing from a tree? You told me you were okay.
I am.
I was just trying to make sure that they were Kozik, man.
Jesus Christ.
What's going on with you, boy? Huh? Tell me.
The The sheriff found out some shit when he was digging into my profile and he's threatening me with it.
Threatening you how? He says that he'll He says he'll tell the club unless I start giving him intel.
Tell the club what? What does he have on you? My dad.
He's black.
So? The rules.
He tells the club, I'm out.
What does your paperwork say? Your birth certificate.
Under race, which box is checked? It's Hispanic.
Then that's what you are.
Half of us don't know who the hell our fathers are.
The paperwork is the only thing that counts.
This is why you tried offing yourself? Jesus Christ, boy.
You're an idiot.
All this is gonna be okay.
Listen to me.
You tell that sheriff, next time you see him he can go and suck your daddy's big, black cock.
There's not a goddamn thing he can do to you.
Yeah? Yeah.
Uh I gotta take my antibiotics.
It's time you heal this.
You understand? No more.
No more, Juicy.
I love you, my brother.
I love you.
Thanks, brother.
Couple of guys hugging in a bathroom.
It's me.
Checking in.
Did he go fast? Yeah.
He was dead before he felt it.
Everyone else whole? Yeah.
Lobos are finished.
Cartel feud is squashed.
Where we at with Georgie? What? Oswald was right.
The Asians, they're on board with Charming Heights.
Georgie can't stop it.
Georgie confessed to Luann.
It's done.
You should go see Otto tomorrow.
Give the poor guy some closure.
For Kozik.
I don't see the stuff about Lenny.
That'll take a few more phone calls.
You knew I couldn't make that happen this fast.
Everything else you wanted is there.
Yeah, it is.
So sign it.
Now it's your turn.
Officer Dunn will gladly transcribe everything and anything you'd like to share.
Yeah, I'll tell the stories, but I'm not signing off on any transcripts until Lenny gets his privileges.
I have to ask.
If you're turning over the rest of your club why the concern for Mr.
Janowitz? You wouldn't get it.
I wish that wasn't true.
How's Tara? I don't know.
Headed there now.
She freaked out at me yesterday.
It's crazy shit, man.
It's all coming to a head.
So you talked to Lyla? Yep Ain't gonna happen.
I'm sorry.
Why? Because I want you to be happy.
Oh, is that what you are? Look, if you got something to say, just say it.
When Donna wanted me out I didn't stay because of what you said.
I stayed because I knew that trying to be anything else would be a lie and that's the worst thing a guy can do to his family.
I didn't plan this, Ope.
It just played out this way.
I'm sorry, I never meant to lie to you.
Yeah, and I'm sorry I believed you.
Hey, grab me the tow keys.
Little late for a pickup.
Pick up Piney.
Got a feeling he's in no condition to ride.
Probably not.
You doing okay? Yeah.
You see Tara? No.
I'm going now.
She had a bad day, Jax.
I don't know what happened but she smashed up her hand.
What do you mean? Self-inflicted.
They reset her hand.
They got her sedated.
Okay, I love you.
I love you.
This was Clay.
Not now, Tiggy.
What? Here.
You're right.
This ain't the way it works.
Uh Hey, Pop? Oh, God.
Hey, Pop? Dad? Dad? Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
Dad? Oh, my God.
Oh, Pop.
What the hell are you doing here? Whoa, whoa! Easy, Ope.
What are you doing here? I followed you up.
- You knew about this? - Wa Yes.
Who did it? Why didn't you tell me? That's why I'm here now.
Was it the Mexicans? Who the? No.
Talk to me.
Clay killed your old man.
What? Clay killed him.
That's bullshit.
I wish it were.
Piney had some kind of leverage on Clay was using it to get the club out of the cartel deal.
Clay came up here to change his mind.
Things went south.
He killed him.
How do you know this? Gemma found out.
She asked me to come up here and fix the scene make it look like the cartel.
I swear.
And why are you telling me this? Gemma confronted Clay about Piney.
He almost killed her.
Beat her bloody.
Clay's out of control.
You're no stranger to that.
He tried to kill you, and killed your wife.
Now he killed your father too.
If you don't believe me go see Gemma's face.
Ask her who did it.
Clay's got to go, son before he kills someone else you love.