Sons of Anarchy s04e12 Episode Script

Burnt and Purged Away

Previously on Sons of Anarchy: When we take down the Irish at this meet we'll prosecute the club members present, but that's where it stops.
I will not use RICO to dismantle the Sons.
You took money out of that safe.
Hours later, somebody goes after Tara.
Ah! Jax! You didn't know Jax was gonna be with her.
Enough! You stay away from my family.
What's going on? Holy shit, Gemma.
Clay did this? What are you doing here? I wanna see my son.
I'm the one who raised him when you walked away.
I know.
But, legally, I am still his mother.
I'll need you to document Robert Munson's involvement in selling guns.
I'll give you a dozen crimes.
You know why you're losing this club? It's because you shut those doors and you lock all of us out.
This was Clay.
You're right, this ain't the way it works.
Oh, God.
Dad? Oh, my God.
What are you doing here? Clay killed your old man.
Gemma confronted Clay about Piney.
He almost killed her.
Go see Gemma's face.
Clay's got to go, son.
It's Ope.
Morning, sweetheart.
I'm sure you heard all about it.
I'm okay.
You want some coffee? No, thanks.
You looking for Clay? Yeah, I am.
He's staying at the clubhouse.
Why did he hurt you? I'm tired, Ope.
It just happened.
I wanna know why.
Heat with the club.
When that hits a boiling point same time as family shit it's just a bad combination.
What family shit? Do not take this on, Ope.
What happened between me and Clay, that's historic shit.
Been building a long time.
So, what happens now? You, Clay? I do what I always do.
I take care of my family.
Here we go.
The Kings.
Shall we say hello, Bobby? Welcome, gentlemen.
Galen, good to see you.
Good to see you too, Clay.
Clay, how are you? Brother.
- Good to see you.
- Yeah.
This is quaint.
Nice and private.
Owner's a friend.
Dummy corps protects everybody.
Even from the cartel? My guys are here 24/7.
Guns are safe.
Sorry I'm late.
Guess you had more pressing business.
Mother of my son in the hospital.
Aye, we heard.
Sorry about your girl.
Unfortunate events such as yours, reason why this cartel deal worries us.
We understood your need to shed the Russians.
Funneling our small arms to the Mexicans was a reasonable risk.
But everything that's happened since, not very reasonable at all.
The bloodshed was an internal cartel beef.
It's been handled.
Handled by the guns we specifically told you not to use.
Those RPGs saved my life.
Jax doesn't make that call we're not standing here right now.
If we weren't in bed with those dirty wetbacks, we wouldn't be here either.
I'd be at home resting comfortably.
So would your girl.
Look, you trust me, I trust Galindo.
We're talking about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity here.
Romeo understands the need for discretion.
Hard to be discreet with RPGs, .
50-cals and sniper rifles.
Look, all these big guns will be used south of the border.
None of this shite will blow back on the cause.
I need assurances.
We're gonna meet with Romeo tomorrow.
He's gonna answer all your questions, address all your concerns, I promise.
Meet needs to be on neutral ground.
Bring them a sample of the weapons.
If it works out, bring them back here, do the exchange.
There's an Indian reservation - Three o'clock.
- Good.
Hitting a wall getting Lenny Janowitz his privileges.
We may have to deal directly with the Department of Corrections.
Only way it happens quickly.
That's a risk.
Warden knows guards find out, soon inmates are passing that from block to block.
Just got this text.
We'll have to take the risk.
Juan Carlos just locked down our Irish-cartel gun meet.
Yo, we're heading out, Juicy.
Maybe we can get out of this in one piece.
Shit's in the rearview now, boys.
Riding through this world All alone God takes your soul You're on your own The crow flies straight A perfect line On the devil's path Until you die Gotta look this life In the eye What happened to you? Fell down some stairs.
Christ, Gemma.
How you feeling? Like I want more morphine.
Yeah, speaking of junkies Let's not.
What'd she say? Required sedation, baby.
Had to be bad.
About Abel? She wants to get to know her son.
That's not gonna happen.
I set her straight.
It's not your business.
Yes, it is.
You got enough on your plate right now, sweetheart.
I'm just trying to help.
Yeah, of course you are.
And look what it's done to you.
Jax doesn't need another problem.
You keep him clear of it.
Why? You afraid it'll give us another reason to run from Charming? I'm afraid it's another thing that will break his heart.
I can take care of his heart.
Hey, baby.
You connect with Ope? He came by the house this morning.
Was Piney with him? No.
Why? He went to the cabin last night to bring him home.
No, he was alone.
I'll see you in a bit.
Find Opie for me.
Yes, ma'am.
Any word on when you're getting out? I have an exit interview with the shrink.
If he thinks I'm stable enough, they'll release me this afternoon.
You wanna tell me what happened? Wendy.
What are you talking about? Your ex-wife came by pushing to get back to Abel.
Jesus Christ.
I lost it.
I didn't know she was here.
I'm sorry.
Those are my boys.
I know.
I promise, she will not get near Abel.
Gemma didn't want me to tell you.
She's afraid it'll push us further away.
I will deal with my ex-wife and my mother.
Okay? Call Rat.
Get him down here to watch Tara.
I need you to track down my ex-wife.
Gemma wanted me to find I don't give a shit what Gemma wanted.
Her name is Wendy Case.
I want a 20 on her by the end of the day.
Yes, sir.
You just gonna drag him? What, you wanna lift him? Three-hundred pounds of dead weight.
Tell Ope I'll burn him after-hours.
Crematorium closes at 6.
He can come by anytime after that.
Yeah, okay.
Be back tomorrow.
Where you going? Weed shop.
You need anything? No, I'm good.
Don't carry I know.
I'll see you later.
See you later.
How's Tara? Better.
When's she getting out? Not sure.
Let's talk.
After this deal goes down tomorrow, we put a ticking clock on the blow.
Tell Romeo we'll still run his guns, but he's gotta find someone else to mule.
Blame it on the Irish.
Tell Galindo they're gonna bail if we keep trucking powder.
It's too soon to push for that.
No, it's too late.
We're gonna make more in the next two shipments than we normally make in two years.
I'm taking my piece and I'm out.
You were right.
Ope ain't ready to lead.
When you step down, gavel should go to Bobby.
Chibs is your VP.
If Tig ain't gonna carry it I think the sergeant's patch should go to Happy.
You really gonna do this? I love this club, Bobby, but I love my family more.
I gotta put some distance between the two.
Look, we gotta close this deal before I tell the rest of the club.
I don't want my exit pulling focus.
What's going on? Just sorting out the day.
Otto reached out.
I'm gonna head up to Stockton.
Let him know we cleaned up Georgie.
Put Luann to rest.
I'm sure he'll be glad to know it's done.
All right, we'll be there.
Galen needs some backup.
I gotta connect with Romeo.
All right, I got it.
I'll take Chibs with me.
Translate the Catholic.
Take Tig and Happy with you, just in case.
New investors are in place, geologicals have been approved.
We present to city council tomorrow night.
I know how important Charming Heights is to you.
It could not have happened without your help.
I'd like you to be there.
The council will have questions about law enforcement how they can handle policing a larger community.
You look engaged.
I'll be there.
Thank you.
Big doings? City council meeting is tomorrow night.
Pushes through the construction of Charming Heights.
Really? Hale found his investors.
I guess he did.
So, what do you need? Cooperation.
The RICO sting is happening tomorrow afternoon.
Wahewa Reservation.
I've already secured state police but I could use some local backup as well.
Yeah, so Juice came through? Yes.
You seem disappointed.
We'll be there.
I couldn't have done this without your help, you know.
Yeah, well, you know, I'm all about the help.
Where might I find the city clerk's office? Would like to get the details on Mayor Quimby's housing proposal.
Town hall.
Why? I'm the most curious of fellows.
Irish have concerns, man.
They're afraid that blood in the headlines are gonna stain their cause.
I find that big stacks of cash have a very tranquil effect on people.
Yeah, well, gonna need a little diplomacy too.
We're very persuasive.
Yeah, I noticed.
Where are we with the doctor problem? Irish got wind of that too.
I mean, we gotta be careful here, man.
This can't look like more Mexican retaliation.
You should let me handle this.
You're too close.
Let us know when she's released.
We'll finish it.
Make it look like an accident.
No mistakes this time.
I'll let you know.
Where the hell is he? Turns out he wasn't dead.
Got up and walked away.
I'm not laughing, Wayne.
What happened with Ope? I knew he was coming here.
I followed him.
Why? Wasn't really sure until I got here.
Saw the pain in the boy's face.
What'd you tell him? Clay killed his old man.
What? I mean, I didn't I didn't tell him why.
There's enough bad blood for motive.
After Donna, he'll kill Clay.
My intent, Gemma.
Where's Ope now? I'm not sure.
Skeeter's burning Piney's body after the crematorium closes.
Ope will be there to say goodbye.
You go to Ope, you tell him you made a mistake.
Stop him from killing Clay.
You understand me? What are you doing, Gemma? I am protecting what it took me That's what I'm doing.
What the hell is this? We need some bud advice.
Get in.
Here? Why am I here? Otto's supposed to be here.
Where's he? Sit down.
Anything we need to know here? Our American colleagues have put profit before protocol.
We're just here to enforce decency.
And we're the enforcement? Stay close and look tough.
Should be all we need.
Understand? Wait here.
Good to see you.
- Nice to see you.
- Nice to see you.
This way.
We're gonna set you down upstairs.
What the hell is this place? I'm gonna look around.
Hey, what are you doing here? I'm with Galen.
Are you okay? Get downstairs now.
I'm not talking to you.
That ain't good.
Jesus Christ.
What the hell is this, Jack? - It's another goddamn baby factory.
- What? Hey, who the hell are you? No.
No guns, bro.
Too many kids.
Come on.
Back here.
[Me SHOUTING] Mother of Christ.
You didn't tell us we'd be strong-arming the U.
half of your black-market baby ring.
Catholic placement for unwanted children.
Call it whatever the hell you want.
You're selling babies for cash.
This ain't our business.
Jax, it's Phil.
Says it's important.
Sorry this went down.
He almost lost his son to your Belfast house.
Long story.
Kellan keeping some twisted promise to JT.
I didn't know.
You can understand why this pushes his buttons.
Aye, but that boy's got too many buttons, Clay.
Fistfights, RPGs.
He's hotheaded and unstable.
Throw him into the mix with Mexicans, I have no faith it doesn't turn bloody.
Yeah, I hear that.
I'll keep him off this cartel thing.
You'll only deal with me.
I promise.
Anything I can do for you here? American-Irish, greedy bastards.
Offering children to the highest bidder.
Some of them to Protestant families.
Brawl scared the piss out of them.
We're on the same page now.
You see what I did here? I made it all work, huh? Heh.
Don't push it, Clay.
See you at the meet tomorrow.
They should have told us.
You're right.
Just stay clear of these guys.
Not a problem.
You going to see Tara? Later.
I gotta bounce someone's head off 12 steps.
Lenny gets full visitation, two more yard days a week.
Warden signed off.
Need your signature verifying everything you told us about your illegal activities with the Sons of Anarchy is accurate and true.
Thank you, Otto.
When do I talk to Bobby? He's waiting patiently.
Let me process these, then you'll get your face-to-face.
Hopefully, this will give you a little closure, as well.
I'm completely at peace.
You have my phone number.
If you need me, call me anytime.
- I will.
Thank you so much.
- You're doing great.
What are you doing here? Shouldn't I be asking you that? I don't want any trouble, Jax.
I went to see Tara first out of respect for everything that she's done for Abel.
You have no idea what she has done for Abel.
What we've been through.
I don't.
You have no right to come back now, Wendy.
Abel doesn't even know who you are.
Telling him, it just confuses shit.
It's not my fault that you didn't tell him the truth, Jax.
What was I supposed to tell him? That his mom was a meth addict that bailed on him? Well, yeah.
It's the truth.
He should know it.
Secrets ruin kids, Jax.
Stay away.
Okay? From Tara.
From my kid.
Or what? What, are you going to break my arm, punch my face in? I had nothing to do with that.
Oh, really? Nothing? You are a felon on release.
And as frightening as this notion may be I'm probably the most stable adult in Abel's life.
Block me out, and I will pursue custody.
And you really think they're gonna hand him over to a junkie? Ex-junkie, who turned her life around.
Judges love a good comeback story.
I ain't going anywhere.
It's okay.
I am.
Go grab a snack.
You look famished.
I'll stay with Tara.
Cool, man.
You need anything? I'm good.
Where you going? Grab a soda.
Clay's with Tara.
He's alone with her? Yeah.
Where's Jax? He's finishing up some things.
He wanted me to come by.
Check up on you.
We gotta get you better.
Ready to go.
You and Jax got yourself a plan.
Put all this violence behind.
It's a smart move.
I'd hate to see something get in the way of that.
Really? You know, I could make sure this plan happens.
Push the doors wide open.
See that nobody gets in your way.
Even Gemma? I'll stop her.
She won't run at you.
Yeah, I saw how you slowed her down.
There's only one thing that could get in the way of that escape dream.
Those letters.
How do you know about them? Gemma? She thought you were gonna show them to Jax.
Create a shit storm.
But you're a smart girl, Tara.
You know what happens if Jax reads those letters.
It's the reason why he doesn't have them already.
Complicates your departure.
You need to give me the letters, Tara.
If you're so sure I'm not gonna give them to Jax why do you need them? Peace of mind.
I wanna be able to sleep at night.
You can understand that.
You give me the letters, I destroy them you and Jax leave with the boys everybody's happy And safe.
And if I don't give them to you? I'm not sure you and Jax ever make it out of Charming.
She's fine.
Opie found Piney.
He's certain you're the one who killed him.
How? Doesn't matter.
The cold-bloodedness of how Piney went.
History of you killing Donna.
I'd watch your back.
Opie will want a settled score.
I love you, Clay.
I got it.
Doc said you could go? Yep Well, that's good.
What did Clay want? He wants the letters.
You didn't tell me he knew.
Is that why this happened? Found that cover note.
I panicked.
Had to tell someone.
They release you? Yeah.
I'll let you get dressed.
You need to hear this.
I talked to Wendy.
Did you really think I wasn't gonna find out? The last thing you need to worry about is what that ex-junkie wants.
I don't give a shit what anybody wants.
Including you.
We're going.
Tara has an offer from a hospital in Oregon.
Day after tomorrow, we're packing up our boys and we're getting out of Charming.
I'll take you home.
Okay? You can split.
Sorry You have no idea what I've done to protect you and Jax.
Protect us from what? I just wanted him to know the truth.
Is that what you want, sweetheart? Truth? Because I got buckets of it.
I can drown you in truth.
Jax had to split.
Told me to take Tara home.
Where did he go? Where'd he go? Didn't say.
Oh, shit.
Yeah, that's good.
- Yeah, work it out, baby.
- Right there.
Right there, right in the middle.
Where is everybody? How's that right there? Chibs and Hap went home.
Haven't seen Bobby or Juice.
I think Jax finally tracked down Ope.
And Miles and Kozik are dead.
Thanks for the update.
- You hanging out? - Till I'm done with the massage.
Why? I got a vibe, meeting with the Mexicans.
Felt wrong.
Wrong how? Wrong like, uh, I may need another guy with a gun.
Rat's in the garage.
I'm sure Jax will be back soon.
He will.
What's going on, Otto? Read it.
Out loud.
"March, 1997.
Broke Giordano's collarbone, two ribs.
Month in the hole.
Five months added.
August, 1999.
Shivved Winter Holder for being a rat.
Two years added.
" What? Keep reading.
"December, 2001.
Tried to broker a deal with GN, went south, left eye slashed.
" Why am I reading this, Otto? It's my list, brother.
It's all the things I've done for the club inside.
Including the thing that got me life.
The thing that got me death.
And I only asked for one thing from Samcro: Take care of Luann.
I know.
And we did, Otto.
I promise.
No, you didn't.
And now you're gonna feel that.
What are you talking about? - Otto, what did you do? - Come on, let's go.
- Otto.
- No, no.
Come on, let's go.
What did you do? You ratted? You ratted? You ratted, you stupid little rat! You're gonna burn! Son of a bitch! You You son of a bitch.
You Argh! Time for you to start a list, Bobby.
Thanks for handling this.
Sure, no problem.
I need to talk to you about something.
I'm not really in the mood to talk right now.
Oh, my God.
What happened? I found him at the cabin.
Shotgun to the chest.
Jesus Christ.
I'm so sorry, Ope.
You think it was the Mexicans? I'll fill you in.
I just wanted to say goodbye.
I know that he'd want you here.
Yeah, okay.
You wanna tell me what happened to Piney? You should know.
You're Clay's boy.
What are you talking about? Clay killed my old man.
No, Ope.
Yes! He killed my wife now my father.
Did you know? Did You know?! No, Ope! Of course not! Bro, if Clay did this, it is a club issue.
Let's take it to the table, let everyone know.
What table? You're out.
Remember? Shit.
Keys! The starter's kind of shot.
- Jesus Christ.
- What happened? Was that a gunshot? Hey! Is that yours? Yeah.
I need it.
For what? Now! Give him the goddamn keys before we both end up in the back of it! I keep kicking at the curb With my worn-out shoe And I keep running into strangers That say, "I know you" I don't wanna be a proud man Just wanna be a man A little less like my father And more like my dad Shit! I wanna kill me a giant man Hey! I need your help, bro.
I wanna slay my demons But I've got lots of them I've got lots of them I wanna hunt like David I wanna kill me a giant man I wanna slay my demons But I've got lots of them I I I I I wanna hunt like David I wanna kill me a giant man I wanna slay my demons But I've got lots of them I've got lots of them I I I I I I've got lots of them Argh! Don't.
You're gonna die at the gavel.
I get to say anything here? My old man get to say anything before you blew a hole in his chest? Sit down! Somebody's been lying to you, Ope.
Having Donna killed, that a lie?! Jesus Christ, that's history, man.
Stahl bending the truth.
That score is settled! No, it's not! You sit down! Sit down.
Ope! Put it down.
Please, Ope.
Don't make me kill you.