Star Wars REBELS (2014) s03e02 Episode Script

The Holocrons of Fate

You're not gonna tell me what you did with the Sith holocron, are you? I told you it was safe.
But what if there are secrets we can learn from it that'll help us destroy the Sith? Ezra, the secrets in that thing almost destroyed you.
I know.
But if not to get the Sith holocron, why did Master Yoda send us to Malachor? We asked for a chance to defeat the Sith, and we failed.
Coming up on the rendezvous point, Commander, but the transport's not responding.
It looks like it was attacked.
There must have been one heck of a fight.
KANAN: I can smell the carbon scoring.
(GROANING) Hang on, all right? We'll get you help.
What happened here? Red Red blade.
After you Made me tell The Ghost is in danger.
(GROANS) Another Inquisitor? We've gotta warn Hera.
Got the Ghost for you now, sir.
Hera! Am I glad to see you're all right.
- Kanan.
- There's another Inquisitor after us.
He knows where the Ghost is.
Kanan, it's not an Inquisitor.
- Oh, no.
- What? Who is it? Just an old friend, Master Jedi.
Maul? You betrayed me! No, I betrayed your friends.
But I would have remained loyal to you.
What do you want? The Sith holocron that our apprentice and I acquired on Malachor.
We don't have it.
How unfortunate, because if that's true, - then your friends have no future.
- Okay, we have it.
Just not with us.
We'll give it to you, as long as our friends remain safe.
Oh, and one more thing, your Jedi holocron, give that to me as well.
Kanan, no.
I shall be in touch with coordinates for our rendezvous.
Don't disappoint me.
I can't believe you told Maul I have a holocron.
At the time, he was on our side.
Is it still on the Ghost? Where else would I keep it? Well, what about the Sith holocron? Yeah, that's not gonna be easy.
I thought you said it was safe.
It is safe.
That may be the problem.
I assumed that this ship was merely a transport, but I realize it is much more than that.
This is your home.
You looking to move in? Captain, would it be rude of me to request a tour of your ship? Well, the airlock is down there, if you want to see yourself out.
Show me around.
I insist.
- No! (GROWLS) - Hera, don't.
(ZEB GROWLS) Mandalorian, you of all should trust me.
For did I not once rule your people? - Is that true? - Unfortunately.
Where does one who hides his identity hide his legacy? (SNIFFS) That is a curious smell.
How colorful.
Ah, yes.
This is it.
A dull and dour chamber.
These are the quarters of a Jedi.
- Show me where he keeps the holocron.
- I don't know anything about him.
That's not true.
You know all about Kanan Jarrus.
Or should I use his real name? Caleb Dume.
(GRUNTS) Yes, it was your idea to recruit the apprentice.
And it was from here that the boy found No, he stole the holocron.
(LAUGHING) That wasn't so difficult, was it? So, you hid the holocron down there? - More like I left it with someone.
- Someone? Who? (DEVICE BEEPING) Bendu? Bendu, are you here? "Bendu"? Who's Bendu? There's nothing here.
He was here.
Maybe you're just hearing things that aren't there.
Bendu! I need the holocron! Bendu! Mmm, Kanan, I don't see your friend.
(GASPS) Oh! Oh, but I do see crawlers! Lots of 'em! Hey, where's our thumper? If you stay calm, they won't attack.
Stay behind me! Ezra, you're making it worse! It's possible to get along with them.
Mmm, I tried that, remember? They almost ripped my face off.
- He's here.
- What? (LOW GROANING) (GROANING) The Jedi returns, and with his student.
Perhaps for a talk? (LAUGHING) I don't believe it.
Unfortunately, we don't have time to chat, Bendu.
We've come for the holocron.
Ah, yes, the keeper of the shadow lore.
Why do you want it? Tell him, Ezra.
Uh Okay.
We need it to save our friends.
A Sith, Darth Maul, has them.
He wants it.
I do not know this darksider, but I know his kind.
Why does he want it? I don't know.
But he also wants my Jedi holocron.
He would bring them together? Such a vergence carries grave danger.
Why? I thought the holocrons were just libraries of information.
They are that and more.
If two such powerful sources of knowledge are united, they will grant a clarity of vision beyond your kind.
KANAN: What does that mean? When joined, any secret, wisdom or destiny can be seen through the Force.
One could bring much chaos with such hidden truths.
I have seen it before.
Well, we can't control what Maul will do.
That's his point, Ezra.
Well, we still need it to save our friends, Kanan.
So, are you gonna give it back, or not? Hmm.
The object you seek is a source of imbalance between you and your teacher.
If you want it, you must seek it out with him.
Where is it? BENDU: Somewhere safe.
All right, I'll go, but I'm going alone.
The cave runs deep, with many twists and turns.
How can you be sure where it is now? Huh? I hear something.
If you listen, you can hear it.
I'll hold on to this.
- Kanan! The spiders - Will attack as soon as you turn it on.
Use your comlink instead.
I'll try to guide you from here.
(SIGHS) I'd rather have my lightsaber.
Why take his weapon? He's gotta learn how to solve problems without it.
You will yield to my power.
Someone's not happy.
Yeah, let's make his day worse.
Ready? (CHOPPER GRUNTING) (GRUNTING) Get to the engine room.
He makes an awful lot of clanking.
He is part droid.
We can use that against him.
- He's in the hold.
- Chopper, magnetize! (GRUNTING) (GRUNTS) You will remain alive only so long as you're of use to me! Ezra, keep to the left.
Left? You sure about that? KANAN: Trust me.
(GASPS) Ezra? What's happening? (STATIC FEEDBACK) Ezra? Ezra! Keep an eye on those, will ya? Perhaps master and apprentice will rediscover their balance.
Or perhaps they'll be eaten.
Such is the way of things.
(GRUNTS) KANAN: Ezra, jump! - What are you doing in here? - Getting you back on track.
How did you do that? I can't even do that.
Well, I've been forced to see things differently since Malachor.
About what happened I'm sorry for it.
For everything, Kanan.
It wasn't your fault.
I never blamed you, Ezra.
It's time for you to forgive yourself.
Yes, Master.
There it is.
Stay calm.
- Kanan! - Don't be a threat.
Go in peace.
Your conflict has ended.
Perhaps balance is restored.
Thanks, Bendu.
Your true struggle has only begun.
Be warned.
The darksider will not be able to open your Jedi holocron.
That task will fall to one of you.
So that means we'll have the power of both holocrons too.
Do what you must, but such power comes with a price.
Once a secret is known, it cannot be unknown.
KANAN: You wanted it, now you got it.
If you really think it'll help us against Maul, open it up.
I'd rather hear what you have to say.
What's our plan? I think we oughta play it by ear.
How can you take this lightly? The greatest power Maul has is our fear that he'll hurt our friends.
We have to control that fear.
Stay relaxed.
Okay, relaxed it is.
- You don't sound relaxed.
- Yeah, well, I look relaxed.
MAUL: Over here, Master Jedi.
Just follow the sound of my voice.
Welcome, my young apprentice.
I trust you found the Sith holocron illuminating? I don't see our friends.
They will remain my guests until we conclude our business.
I will take you to them now.
(DROIDS GRUNTING) Escort my apprentice to the command center.
Uh, if you attempt to escape, or if the droids are deactivated, your friends will die.
Good to know.
This way, Master Jedi.
Truthfully, I was never trying to blind you.
Oh, no.
You were just trying to kill me.
Well, if at first you don't succeed - Hey! - Try, try again.
(SHOUTING) No! (GRUNTS) (GASPING) (PANTING) (GRUNTS) (WHISPERS) Terminate the prisoners.
I lived up to my end of the bargain.
Your friends are safe.
Come, apprentice, sit.
The holocron, if you please.
I doubt that you comprehend the power that is within your grasp.
I know if we open these holocrons together, any question we ask will be answered.
So you do understand.
Well, my apprentice, what is your question? You know what I want.
I want to destroy the Sith.
You are as ambitious as ever.
As for me, I seek something much simpler, yet equally elusive.
What's that? Hope.
Now, let us begin.
(DROIDS GRUNTING) (GRUNTS) - Where's Ezra? - With Maul.
Let's go.
(GRUNTING) I see nothing.
Only oblivion.
- I must go deeper.
Go deeper! - Wait.
I see something.
What do you see? (SHOUTS) What is it? - I see - Tell me.
Tell me what you see! - I see - HERA: Ezra! It's too bright.
Where is he? Ezra.
I see him! Maul's close.
I'm going to get Ezra out.
- Be ready.
- Wait.
You see him? Kanan! KANAN: Ezra.
Ezra, listen to me! - Look away! - Kanan? No! Stay focused, apprentice.
Gain the knowledge you desire.
Remember Bendu's warning.
Turn away before it's too late! But it's so close The key to destroying the Sith.
Just a little farther.
I see him! EZRA: Twin suns.
It's not worth it, Ezra.
Trust me.
(SHOUTS) (GROANS) Where's Maul? He lives.
Find your way out, Ezra.
Come back to us.
(GROANS) Oh! You okay, kid? I think so.
Kanan, you You can see again? You can see me? I could, but only through the light of the holocrons.
Do you know what happened? I saw images, pieces of something, but I I can't make sense of 'em.
I don't know if it's what I wanted to see or what Maul was trying to see.
What were they? Places, mostly.
Some familiar, some not.
I'm not sure what they mean.
I'm sure we'll find out together.