Stargate SG-1 s04e01 Episode Script

Small Victories

Previously on Stargate SG-1: They are the enemy of the Asgard.
They plan to land the ship|and infest Earth.
Can you transport us up? Anybody who comes up|is not gettin' down.
Can this ship withstand|an uncontrolled re-entry? No.
We must destroy it|by whatever means necessary.
They're gonna use it to escape.
Carter! And now the conclusion.
(beeping) (speak Russian) (rattling) (tapping) (whirring and tapping) Agh! I hear it took longer than they thought|to set up the second gate.
They finally got it running yesterday.
|Technical difficulties or something.
You needed Sam's help, huh? Yes.
It's, uh It's ironic that she's not here|to save herself.
Well you are fine.
|There's no signs of residual infection.
- You were very lucky.
|- So you keep saying.
I still want you to take it easy for (PA) Offworld activation.
|Repeat, we have an offworld activation.
another week.
OK! Agh! Excuse me! Sorry! Ow! Hold that! - Receiving SG-1's IDC, sir.
|- Open the iris.
Well, it's about time! We've been dialling home|for over a week.
It's great to see you guys, too.
- I am pleased to see you well.
|- Thank you, Teal'c.
You've got a (whispers) Don't touch it.
- Glad you made it, SG-1 .
|- Where's the fanfare, General? - We did kind of save the planet, sir.
|- Again.
It should not get old, General.
- Job well done.
|- Thank you, sir.
It was nothing.
- What happened to Thor?|- We got him out in a stasis pod.
It was retrieved when we went|through the Stargate on P4X-234.
It had a locating beacon.
- They left you behind?|- We were fine, sir.
I'd be happy to debrief you all after I've|debriefed myself for a nice hot shower.
Permission to shower granted.
|In fact, I insist on it, Colonel.
- Bad?|- I wasn't gonna say anything.
What you doin'? They salvaged a couple of replicator|pieces from the ocean.
I'm having a look.
Is that wise? There's no discernible energy being|emitted.
It's safe to say they're dead.
Besides, it's only a couple of little blocks.
Well, I'm off.
- Still going fishing?|- Yep.
- Still stayin' here?|- Yeah.
Think I've had enough|relaxation for a while, sir.
- OK.
|- Have fun.
Yah sure, you betcha.
(phone) Carter.
Yes, sir.
Sir! Wait.
Deja vu.
General Hammond just called.
Major|Davis is on his way in from the Pentagon.
- Not goin' fishin'?|- No, sir.
Doh! The navy intercepted a Mayday|from the Foxtrot-class attack submarine.
- That's Russian.
|- Yes.
Code name: Blackbird.
The crew was being attacked|by a large mechanical spider.
- Just one?|- We thought it was a joke.
Then the transmission cut out.
Approximately 1700 hours, the sub|was spotted by aircraft off the Nimitz.
It had surfaced and none of the attempts|to communicate were returned.
It was boarded.
The crew was found dead.
All of them? They got the bodies off before|they discovered how they died.
That's them.
Sir, if this started with one bug,|it's already replicating.
The man that took the pictures|made it out.
The Pentagon advised the navy|to tow the sub in.
- Do the Russians know we have it?|- No.
We're denying any knowledge,|but, uh this is gonna get sticky.
None of the replicators|must get out of that sub.
It's under tight supervision.
The harbour|has been entirely cordoned off.
- Our cover story is a chemical spill.
|- Blow it up.
The Pentagon has requested that we|preserve some specimens for study.
The Asgard tried that, and these buggers|have almost wiped out their entire race.
That's why I'm here.
You people are|the closest thing to experts we've got.
- As an expert, I'm saying blow it up.
|- Sir, conventional weapons may not do it.
At least one survived|the destruction of Thor's ship.
Tow it back out to sea and nuke it.
We've considered that.
We're in a political mess|right now, Colonel.
The Russians picked up the Asgard ship's|entry into the atmosphere.
- So?|- So, they're not buying our story.
They already think we're responsible.
A nuclear explosion in international|waters would be hard to cover up.
You don't realise|how dangerous these things are.
Is there any other way|to neutralise these things? Maybe alien technologies|you've come across? The replicators are impervious|to Goa'uld technology.
They are, however, susceptible|to human projectile-weaponry.
Sir, if there are still a small enough|number of the replicators, - .
a properly equipped team could|- Save the world? Getting old for you, sir? I'd better inform the Pentagon.
- Unscheduled offworld activation.
|- We have no teams currently off world.
- Why isn't the iris closing?|- I'm trying, sir.
It's not responding.
- We have a loss of power in the base.
|- What? That's Thor! Stand down.
- Thor, buddy!|- Greetings, O'Neill.
It's good to see you up and around.
I owe you and your team a great|debt of gratitude for saving my life.
Well, here's timing.
Not all of the replicators were destroyed|when your ship exploded upon entry.
Maybe you could help us out.
- I cannot.
|- Why? I have come by Stargate|because there are no ships to spare.
My home world is being|threatened by the replicators.
Thus far, all attempts|to stop them have failed.
I have come here to seek your help.
- We're back online, sir.
|- Good.
How can we help you? Your projectile weapons proved effective|in fatally damaging the replicators.
Your strategy for destroying|the Bilisknerwas successful.
Yeah, but you guys The Asgard have tried to stop them.
You showed their weakness may be found|through a less sophisticated approach.
We are no longer capable|of such thinking.
Wait a minute.
You're actually saying that|you need someone dumber than you are? You may have come to the right place.
Thor, with all due respect,|we need SG-1 here.
I could go, sir.
I don't know, Carter.
|You may not be dumb enough.
- I think I can handle it, sir.
|- Permission granted.
We must leave immediately.
- Have fun.
|- Yah sure, you betcha.
Simple recon, gentlemen.
|Do not fire unless absolutely necessary.
The replicators will not attack|unless threatened.
Let's move.
Video feed's up and online.
Jack, can you hear me? Would it be necessary forme to mention|my insane aversion to bugs at this time? Wow! That's an impressive-looking ship.
The O'Neill was supposed to be|our last great hope.
The O'Neill? Yes.
It is the most advanced|technological Asgard creation yet.
It is the first Asgard vessel designed|solely to fight against the replicators.
So why aren't we taking that? It is not ready.
Uh Where are we going exactly? Five Asgard ships are currently engaging|three ships controlled by the replicators, .
which are on their way here.
We are going to join the battle|and, with your help, stop them.
For the sake of the Asgard,|we must not fail.
No pressure(!) (whirring and tapping) Whoa! They're a different colour.
Some sort of camouflage? We're movin' on.
(tapping) What is that? That's a big one.
If that's some sort of queen,|the other bugs may try to protect it.
Queen? Agh! - Teal'c and Stevens are in trouble!|- Battery room.
- Stevens?|- Dead.
Let's move.
(Thor) Each individual building block|is capable of exerting .
a reactive, modulating, monopolar|energy field on other blocks, .
allowing the replicators|to assemble themselves into many forms.
To our knowledge, the interior|of each block contains the following: two million isolated kiron pathways Whoa, whoa, whoa What's a kiron? In simplest terms, it is an energy particle.
- I I've never even heard of it.
|- Yes, I am aware.
How am I supposed to help figure out|how to defeat a kiron-based technology .
if I don't know what a kiron is? We wouldn't invent a weapon that propels|small weights of iron and carbon alloys .
by igniting a powder of|potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulphur.
- OK.
I get your point.
|- We cannot think like you.
Let's forget about the kirons and try|to put this in terms that I can understand.
Each block is like an individual computer,|able to communicate with other blocks.
Multiple blocks come together|to form bugs and other things .
in order to perform various tasks,|ultimately for the purpose of replicating.
I guess you don't keep|any replicators around for study.
It is too dangerous.
Of course.
That would be stupid.
|Just out of curiosity, .
could, say oh, I don't know|two of the individual blocks replicate? It requires several blocks|working together to make new blocks.
It's good to know.
It's virtual? Wow, it looks real.
Wow! It will simulate any behaviour|we have observed.
It's outta control.
|Nobody's goin' back down in there.
We have to blow up the sub and hope to|contain any bugs that survive.
- I think it's the only way.
|- I'll talk to the Pentagon.
Colonel! There is definitely something in here.
I think you brought back a souvenir.
What is your current thinking process? Sorry.
My mind was wandering|for a second there.
You were thinking about|the humans on your planet.
- Colonel O'Neill is a very capable human.
|- Yes, I know, but these things are If we are able to stop|the invasion of my world, .
l promise we will do|all we can to help yours.
That's a pretty big if.
Would you like sustenance? Yes.
Thank you.
I'm starving.
I like the yellow ones.
Oh, my God! Sorry.
(speaks Asgard language) What is it? We have lost contact with the rest of the|Asgard ships engaging the replicators.
Well, could it be|a communication problem? No.
The Asgard ships|are not being detected.
- So what are those?|- The replicators.
We're too late.
- The Dallas is standing by in the harbour.
|- Dallas? Los Angeles-class attack submarine.
|It'll torpedo the Blackbird.
You should probably put a hold on that.
This new block is corroded.
And the significance of that is? OK, look.
The way|Sam explained this to me, .
the bugs use whatever raw materials|are around to replicate.
These are eating the Russian submarine,|so they're basically made of steel.
That is why they are a different colour.
It may also explain why|they haven't tried to get off the sub.
It does? They can't.
They're only as resilient|as the raw materials they're made of.
These aren't like the ones on Thor's ship.
|They'll rust in the water.
They're less sophisticated,|and vulnerable.
Then blowing up the sub|would easily destroy them.
- If so, why don't we do it right now?|- Because there's one that could survive.
- The one that survived Thor's ship.
|- God! Right.
It's the one that killed|the entire crew of that sub.
We have to be sure|this won't happen again.
Mother bug.
It's a little dark.
It's incorporated itself|into the mother bug.
- I will return with you, O'Neill.
|- You sure? Look, every other bug on that sub is|gonna be pretty upset when you kill Mom.
That'd be a fair reaction.
Could we not create a diversion? Replicators are attracted to|bursts of energy, are they not? Small charge on the upper level,|draw 'em away from Mom.
They're in a containable situation.
|Now's our shot.
Sub's diesel engines just started.
The replicators are tryin' to move? They're anchored for now, but you better|get out there before they decide to dive.
So how long before|they reach your planet? Two hours.
Your ships can go faster than light speed.
|I've seen you cross the galaxy in no time.
So why are the bug ships|travelling so slow? In order to generate the subspace field|required to travel at hyperspeed, .
the full power of the generators|is required.
Presently they are using|that power to replicate.
So if they did go to hyperspeed, it would|also mean no shields or weapons.
But remember, the replicators|do not care about time as we do.
They're not in a hurry.
How did they get control of your ships? They are capable of modifying our own|technology beyond our understanding.
I thought they learned|everything from you.
It is possible they have gained knowledge|from sources other than the Asgard.
The bottom line is we can't touch them,|but they could easily take this ship - .
or blow it up if they wanted.
|- Yes.
- So why don't they?|- We have shown no signs of aggression.
And this ship's technology is less|advanced than the ships they occupy.
I'm not really helping, am l? - Charge is set.
|- They're submerging.
- Yes, sir.
|- Jack, the sub is diving.
We got that.
|Headin' to the battery deck.
We're losing their signal.
The sub can't dive below periscope depth|on diesel engines.
Radio-transmission boosters launched.
- How do they get out underwater?|- Escape hatch Yes, sir.
(Thor) You are tired.
It is another advantage|the replicators have over us.
They do not require rest.
But they do have to eat.
In order to replicate.
And they are what they eat, right? What's the strongest material|you know of? We have just developed a new alloy|of naqahdah, trinium and carbon.
It was used to create|the hull of the O'Neill.
- Can that ship reach hyperspeed yet?|- Yes.
Can it be flown using autopilot|or some sort of remote control? - Why?|- To get the replicators to chase after it.
It is possible.
However That ship is everything they want.
|It'll look like an all-you-can-eat buffet.
But it is not completed.
They will|capture it and consume its technology.
Not if you rig it to self-destruct.
I do not understand.
You said that the bugs can't use|shields or weapons in hyperspeed.
If the O'Neill enters hyperspeed,|the bugs will have to in order to follow.
When they do, you blow the O'Neill|and take the bugs with it.
Major Carter, you are suggesting .
that we destroy the most advanced|Asgard attack vessel ever created - .
before it is even finished.
|- I know.
The O'Neill is our last hope|of successfully attacking infested ships.
It won't attack anything if the bugs|get to your planet before it's finished.
You said you didn't think the answer|had to do with your technology any more.
- If they do not follow the O'Neill|- We have to believe that they will.
If the replicators are able to infest|the O'Neill and disable the self-destruct They consume the ship|and its technology, .
and we will have created|the most advanced bugs yet.
- I know.
It's a risk.
|- A risk we cannot take.
(explosion) (scuttling) The reason I am here is because|you want me to suggest a strategy .
that you would never think of.
You keep trying to defeat them|with better technology .
and they absorb it|and become more advanced.
You have to use that against them.
We know that they'll go after the O'Neill|because it's your most advanced ship.
They'll think you want|to keep it from them.
They won't expect you to blow it up.
|It's a tactic they've never seen.
- It's a tactic we would never consider.
|- Exactly! Otherwise we just stand here|and watch them invade your world.
I'm sorry.
Maybe it's a really stupid idea,|but isn't that why I'm here? Then we should try it.
Son of a bitch! - I believe you got it, O'Neill.
|- Yeah, I think I got it.
What the hell? O'Neill! Ah, crap! Colonel O'Neill, is there any way|you can make it to the escape hatch? - The anchor line just snapped.
|- Is there anything we can do? Best thing is to chase them into|shallow water and hope they surface.
No, there's not enough time for that.
Teal'c! Let's try this! Ok, forget that.
- You better go ahead and blow this thing.
|- That's not a positive attitude, Jack.
Listen to me!|We are not gettin' outta here! Mission accomplished.
Blow it! - Jack!|- Daniel, please! Nuke my ass before I get eaten alive|by these damn bugs! Davis! Give the order! (gunfiire) The O'Neill has been launched.
They're chasing it.
The O'Neill will now enter hyperspeed.
It worked.
Yes! Ooh! I'm sorry! I didn't hurt you, did l? I am fine.
- We did it.
|- It was your stupid idea, Major Carter.
OK OK Fire on target.
Dallas is firing torpedoes.
Eight seconds to impact.
|Blackbird attempting evasive manoeuvre.
Torpedoes still on target.
Two seconds.
Direct hit.
They're OK.
- What?|- The The The The They're OK! - Now, that's timing!|- We came as soon as we could, sir.
Teal'c, you all right? I am, O'Neill.
- I take it things weren't going well.
|- We had things handled pretty good.
- The bugs are taken care of down there?|- Pretty much.
You? We kicked their asses.
They had asses? The Asgard had this big new ship.
|The O'Neill.
Oh, yeah? But we had to blow it up.
- Oh.
|- The Asgard are most grateful.
One day we shall repay you|by helping to fight the Goa'uld.
One day? Saving one Asgard planet|is a small victory.
The conflict with the replicators|stretches across my galaxy.
Major Carter's strategy|worked this time, .
but the replicators are very intelligent.
- It may not work again.
|- I get it.
However, now there is hope|where once there was none.
Well, if you ever need any more dumb|ideas, you know where to find me.
- Until we meet again.
|- Yeah.
Hey, listen! Stop by any time.
In fact I'll take you fishin'.
|I'd love to do that.
There's this lake in northern Minnesota|where the bass grow that big.