Suits s04e02 Episode Script

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

What I want is to work at Pearson Specter and to keep seeing you.
Those two things are not both going to happen.
You've been here for three months.
All you've done is hit singles and I need a goddamn home run.
Jonathan, listen I don't want to hear it.
Start making us some real money.
A man like Walter Gillis isn't gonna listen to a guy like you, offering to save him with sunshine and rainbows.
Walter, I can't guarantee you we'll win, but I can guarantee you that I will never sell you out.
All right, I'm in.
You're talking hostile takeover.
Gillis Industries Logan, we have a conflict.
You're either with me or against me.
And that includes all $1 billion of my business.
Get moving on drawing up a tender offer for Logan Sanders.
Do you remember when I told you that I once had an affair with a married man? It was him.
You're up early.
So are you.
Well, I have to be.
You don't.
I was already awake.
About last night? Look, Mike, I It's okay.
I'm good.
You're good with me working on the takeover with Logan? Why do you not seem to believe me? Because you weren't good last night.
Which was before this morning when I realized that that's work.
This isn't.
So, as long as we don't let that affect this We won't.
In that case, let's set some in-home ground rules.
Obviously, the first Uh, respecting each other's privacy.
The left-hand side of the desk belongs to the United Nation of Ross.
You're not a nation.
I have a flag.
Fine, as long as we agree that any perusal of my phone is considered a breach of my borders.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I thought you liked it when I breached your borders.
Mmm, well, those are different kind of borders.
In that case, a breach is allowed.
Allowed? Encouraged.
Let's go make you late for work.
Jessica, I am telling you.
The SEC is gonna send Jeff Malone after us, and nobody is better suited to beat him down than You guessed it, because we all know that this is better than this, which will result in this, which will also result in this, and this, and this.
And what do I want in return? Oh, you know what I want.
You've always known.
And after I win, you'll not only be willing to give it to me, you're gonna be begging to give it to me.
Ha! Louis.
B Not now.
Louis, I have to talk to you.
Not now.
How many times have I told you? Unless you have photoshopped my head onto a dragon, do not interrupt me while I'm perfecting my pitch.
Your pitch doesn't need to be perfect.
It needs to be now.
Why? Malone is here.
He's here? In the lobby.
And Jessica just asked to see you.
Okay, out of my way.
Aren't Aren't you going to bring your easel? Oh, I don't need an easel to kick this sucker's ass.
Jessica, I got your message, and I just wanted to Louis, this is Jeff Malone.
Yeah, I know who he is.
He's with the SEC.
He was until this morning.
We brought him over because we have reason to believe they'll be coming after us.
Wait, what? Jeff is our newest senior partner.
He's going to be taking on the SEC.
Because you suck.
And I wanted to introduce him to you first because you're a loser.
Who can get him up to speed on Felton Securities.
Because you're never going to be a name partner.
And you're both experts in finance.
Louis, I'm really looking forward to working with you on Felton Securities.
Yeah, me too.
You suck.
You're a loser.
Louis? Is there something else? No.
How long have you been working on that? Two hours.
You know it's called a brief, right? You know his name's Harvey, right? You make a compelling argument.
So, I got your note.
What do you wanna talk about? Um Logan Sanders.
What about him? We sort of dated a few years ago.
Wait, hang on.
Define "sort of.
" Definitely.
Define "dated.
" We had an affair while he was married.
Holy shit.
I know.
And I Yes, you have to tell Harvey.
Because, Rachel, if there's two things that Harvey hates, it's things being kept from him and things being kept from him.
I know.
Then what am I doing here? I don't know how to tell him.
Quickly, because Logan's gonna be here in an hour.
What? And, Rach, it's less important how you tell Harvey than that you tell Harvey.
These are nice.
See the money, wanna stay for your meal Get another piece of pie for your wife Everybody wanna know how it feel Everybody wanna see what it's like I'll even eat a bean pie I don't mind Me and missy is so early Busy, busy making money All right! All step back I'm 'bout to dance The greenback boogie I was wondering all day if you would be here.
I can't do this.
What? Rachel It's wrong.
Wrong? You're the one who kissed me.
And I was wrong.
No, you weren't.
My whole life I've done everything that I was supposed to do, and all it did was make me miserable.
Ever since I met you I can't stop thinking about you, and all I want to do Logan Logan, if we do this, someone's gonna find out at some point and then what? I don't care.
Harvey, I need to tell you Rachel? Logan.
Where's Harvey? I don't know.
I'm early.
He doesn't like it when people What are you doing here? I'm Harvey's associate.
You did it, you went to law school.
Not exactly.
I'm in law school.
Rachel, that's great.
I'm really proud of you.
I'm just gonna come back.
You came in here to tell him about us, didn't you? How'd you know? It's all over your face.
Logan Please don't tell him.
I have to tell him.
Rachel Do you know what people think when a son takes over his father's company? That his father's proud of him? That he didn't earn it.
Which is why I'm not looking to advertise the fact that I once had an affair.
You're not advertising it.
You're disclosing it to counsel.
Okay, look, you want the truth? I'm not proud of the way I was back then.
The way I treated Allison, the way I treated you.
But I'm not that person anymore, and I don't want people to think that I am.
And I understand that, but I work for Harvey, and I can't keep things from him that he needs to know.
He doesn't need to know this.
Yes, he does.
Why is that? Because I happen to live with the man on the other side of the takeover battle.
Oh, no.
You need some "me time" already? It's not "me time.
" It's "I'm gonna kick your ass time.
" I think we both know you only kick ass after eating a hot dog.
I could be drinking a juice box and still kick your ass.
I don't think so, because I have this.
Just read it to me.
"Harvey Specter, you are summoned to appear" You gotta be kidding me.
You're subpoenaing me? Oh, yeah.
I filed a TRO.
I'm gonna block your tender offer.
Bullshit, you are.
Well, we'll see what the judge has to say.
Oh, right.
You got your hands full.
Here, let me get that for you.
There you go.
Hearing's at 2:00.
I'll see you then.
Oh, Harvey, the suit It's a little dated for court, don't you think? Did you get everything settled with HR? Yeah.
Corner office.
You really must like me.
Don't get too excited.
You know, the last two partners that had this office didn't survive the year.
Then it's a good thing I'm much better than they were.
You don't even know who they were.
That doesn't matter, Jessica.
I know who I am.
Me too.
Cocky lawyer in a corner office who hasn't done a thing for me yet.
By the way, I understand it's tradition for the name partner to welcome a new partner with lunch.
Jeff, when I told you that our relationship is now purely professional, I was serious.
Jessica, what's not purely professional about lunch? Unless you mean the sex that will be following lunch? Oh, you're not hearing me.
Oh, I'm hearing you.
I'm just ignoring you.
But I promise I won't be ignoring you at lunch.
Harvey, can I talk to you for a minute? Yeah, sure, come on in.
I was actually hoping that we could talk in my office.
What's the You're early.
Did you Oh, you two haven't met.
Rachel, Logan.
Logan, Rachel.
I guess you didn't.
Didn't what? We actually have met before.
That's why I was trying to find you.
To tell me you met our client? No.
To tell you that we used to be in a relationship together.
You looking to get back together? No.
Then I don't give a shit.
Then we can move on to why you didn't tell me that the guy on the other side of this fight used to be your associate.
I was going to.
When? In 20 minutes, when you were scheduled to be here.
Unfortunately, I have to reschedule.
Why? I have court.
Mike's alleging I broke privilege.
Did you? Yes, technically, when I told you to move up our timeline.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
Wait a minute.
If you If you broke privilege, what are you gonna tell the judge? I don't know, but until I think of something, I'm going to confuse the shit out of everyone I can.
That doesn't make any sense.
It makes total sense.
No, it doesn't, Your Honor.
Hold on.
Let me get this straight.
You work for him? Worked.
I was his associate.
Not the best associate, Your Honor.
Is that relevant? No, but I'd like it on the record.
Well, it's on there now whether we want it there or not.
And all I'm saying is, there's no attorney-attorney privilege.
Finally, a fact.
An irrelevant fact, because at the time of the conflict, I was his client.
Not the best client either.
Specter, shut up.
Now you're his client? No, I was his client Okay.
I was an associate at Pearson Specter, and then I left to become an investment banker.
It's very confusing.
I'd dismiss the whole motion, Your Honor.
I said, "Shut up.
" Are you an attorney or an investment banker? I'm an investment banker.
Then what the hell are you doing in my chambers? Acting as my own attorney.
And no matter how much he tries to confuse the issue, he can't.
I told him I was going after the same company he was and he used that knowledge to move up his tender offer.
He waived conflict.
That doesn't apply to privilege.
Bottom line is, he doesn't have proof of anything.
I don't, but he does.
Unfortunately, he can't force me to testify.
There's no precedent.
Fortunately, there is.
So go ahead, ask him if he did what I'm saying.
Specter, do I need to swear you in? Give him the TRO.
You know, I'll do more than that.
Not only can't your client make a tender offer for 60 days, they can't purchase any more stock until then either.
I'm telling you, we need to negotiate with him.
You mean pay him off? Yes, that's exactly what I mean.
Every day this drags on, it's millions out of your pocket.
Well, from where I'm sitting, all I can see is a lawyer trying to distract me from the fact that this whole thing is his fault.
If I didn't break privilege, he might have locked this whole thing up before you knew what hit you.
We'll negotiate.
No, I'll negotiate.
No, not without me.
Do I need to draw you a picture? You, Mike, Rachel.
Harvey, I appreciate your concern, but this is my first deal, so unless you're gonna pay him off with your money, I'm gonna be at that meeting.
What are you doing? I'm writing in my diary.
Isn't that what your dictaphone is for? No, my dictaphone is for my singular triumphs, like when Harvey told me I was the man, and my diary is for my most agonizing defeats, such as when Jessica just told me I'll never make name partner.
Louis, she didn't say that.
Well, she might as well have.
She just gave Malone the corner office.
Oh, my God.
And what's more is I think I agreed to give him Felton Securities.
Well, un-agree to it.
No, I can't.
I shook his hand.
The die is cast.
God damn it, Louis.
You know how this works.
First it's a case.
Then it's a client.
Before you know it, you're on the 38th floor with Ted.
Who's Ted? Exactly.
Holy shit.
What did I just do? I'll tell you what you're gonna do.
You're gonna stop writing in that pussy diary, and you're gonna show Jessica you're the one who should be sitting in that corner office.
All right.
Ready the dictaphone.
We're gonna need it.
How are things going with Logan Sanders? You have no idea.
Do I want to have an idea? Not unless you wanna hear about how Mike Ross is still causing us trouble.
You don't care about Logan Sanders at all, do you? No.
This isn't a coincidental encounter, is it? No, it is not.
You are having lunch with Jeff Malone today.
Come on, Jessica.
You banged him.
The least you could do is take him to lunch.
That is not funny.
Wait a second, you want me to take him to lunch because you banged him.
Harvey I want you to go ahead and say "banged" to my face one more time.
I'm not going to but not because I'm scared of you.
Whatever lets you sleep at night, white boy.
Donna, tell Paul Porter he's meeting me for lunch.
When he gets there, tell them to seat him with Jeff Malone.
Who's he not having lunch with? Jessica.
Oh, done.
Aren't you gonna ask me why? She asked you to go because she didn't want to.
You're sending Porter because you don't want to, but you didn't have the balls to say no to her face.
Is that it? The balls are debatable.
Balls are never debatable.
Ah, hey there.
Louis, listen, I just, um I just wanted to say one more time how much I'm really looking forward to working with you.
Aw, well, I would just like to say for the first time that you will not be working with me, because I will not be giving you my jock, let alone my case.
Okay, I get it.
So, you're the guy? Yeah, I am the guy.
No, not that guy, Louis.
Definitely not that guy.
You're the guy in every office who wants to piss on the new guy, you know, to mark your territory.
So why don't I just walk you on down to my office? I'm gonna let you get your little piss on in my corner, and then we can move on.
Oh, I've moved on.
I've set the deposition for Todd Smith tomorrow.
You don't think I know about that? I don't give a shit whether you know it or not.
It's my job to determine whether Todd Smith is guilty.
And who do you actually think is better at determining whether a guy is guilty of insider trading, Louis? A career prosecutor for the SEC, or a monkey in some Italian suit? A monkey? Monkey.
Well, you're nothing but a crowing cock.
And the last cock that walked into my office learned what all the other cocks learned, that I eat cock for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Louis, you're gonna let me in that deposition tomorrow whether you like it or not.
Why, because you're gonna run to Jessica? No, simply because I'm gonna tell everyone here in the office that you said you eat cock for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Yeah, that's right.
It's goddamn delicious.
Mmm! Mmm, mmm.
So what, you think you can handle Todd Smith better than me? Well, let's just see.
Let's just see what you got.
Saw you scheduled a meeting with Mike.
I assume that means you're going to offer him a deal.
It could mean I'm going to offer him a trip to Disneyland.
But it doesn't.
Of course not, he'd probably want to wear mouse ears, and then nobody wins.
You're welcome.
I didn't thank you.
Since you scheduled the meeting when I'm at law school, which you did to cut me out.
Did you get your name on the wall since lunch? No.
Then let's get something straight.
I didn't set that meeting.
Donna did.
And if I didn't want you there, I'd just tell you to your face.
So, let me tell you now.
You're not going to that meeting.
Because you think I can't handle it? Because I'm not throwing gasoline on a pile of matches just to see what happens.
Now, if you're done wasting my time, you just gave me an idea.
You're welcome.
Harvey, what are you doing here? You said it yourself.
I never brought you a gift when you moved in.
Still don't see an orchid.
Flowers die.
I thought I'd bring something better.
Across the table from you.
Where's your client? He doesn't need to be here.
This fight started with you and me.
So let's you and me settle it right now.
You mean you don't want him here because you don't think Logan Sanders and I can be in the same room.
I don't think.
I know.
Harvey, I'm a grown man.
I can sit across the table from somebody who had a history with Rachel.
Maybe, but you both have a brain and a dick, and if you get in that room together, the brains aren't gonna be leading that conversation.
Fine, you tell me that you have the authority to negotiate a deal, and I'll negotiate.
But you can't.
'Cause you don't.
And I'm not gonna agree to something here today just to have Logan reject it tomorrow.
So, go home, get some sleep, and then the three of us will do this again in the morning.
Look, here's the thing Todd, you're not actually our client.
Felton Securities is.
And it's my job to find out if you're telling the truth.
It's my job.
Louis, I'm handling this.
No, you're not.
If he doesn't stop lying to me, I'm gonna cut him looser than Jared's pants after a Subway diet.
I'm not lying to you.
You took a tip.
All right, Todd.
You took a tip, used it for your client, and Yes, and now you're trying God damn it, Louis! Listen, if you don't back the hell off my interrogation, I'm gonna pick his scrawny ass up and use him to beat the shit out of you! Stop it! You think I don't know what you're doing? You're trying to rattle me.
What? Uh, your vein.
Here? It's bulging.
Just like mine did, right before my heart attack.
Louis, he's not gonna What? Have a heart attack? That was exactly my thought ten seconds before I was slumped on the courtroom floor.
Oh, wow, it's just like Jenkins.
Jenkins? No shit, Jenkins too? No, he was sitting right next to me, hand to God.
And, Louis, you should have seen his wife and kids at the funeral.
Funeral? Yeah, you have kids, Todd? Yeah, I have two kids.
Yeah, well whether it's a heart attack or prison time, if you do not stop lying to us, they're never going to see their father again.
Do you understand what I just said? You are never going to play soccer with them Okay.
Okay, I am lying to you.
But please, you gotta help me.
Well, we want to.
But, T-dog, you gotta be straight up with your homies if you want us to have your back.
The truth is, I'm germaphobic.
I have to wash my hands throughout the day.
And they get dry.
I mean really dry.
So, I have to put on a lot of lotion.
And I know this sounds ridiculous, but my finger must have slipped on the keyboard, and I I hit the wrong stock.
You're saying that you didn't even mean to buy that stock? Nope, but then it skyrocketed, and I wasn't gonna tell everybody that I only bought it because I suffer from dry skin.
Please, you can't cut me loose.
I mean, I I can't go to prison.
Not that it's any of my business, but it was straight before.
I know.
Oh, I get it.
Look less together.
Get underestimated.
You gotta wave your hand slower.
No problem.
If you want soap, you just click your heels together three times.
How do you think I'm planning to get that dryer to work? You know, you think you wouldn't have these problems, considering what you guys charge.
Oh, no, I don't work here.
But you, uh I used to.
You're Mike Ross.
And you're Logan Sanders.
Paper towel? Don't mind if I do.
After you.
Don't mind if I do.
I see you two have met.
We have.
And don't underestimate him because of his tie.
I have always estimated that tie correctly.
Now, can we talk about business? Depends on what you're proposing.
That you walk away.
That doesn't sound like much of a deal.
Well, he forgot to add the part where you walk away $20 million richer.
Pure profit.
No risk.
Sounds good.
Guess I just have one question.
What exactly are you going to do with this company? All due respect, I don't see how that's any of your concern.
All due respect, you're the one coming to me with an offer.
So if I say it's my concern, it is.
Mike, you're asking about a competitor's business plan.
And if he wants to not be competitors, then he needs to answer my question.
Okay, I'll tell you.
I'm gonna do what anyone would and sell it for parts.
No deal.
Okay, Mike.
You win.
Let's, uh, make it 30 million.
You could make it a billion, Logan, and the answer is still gonna be the same, 'cause I made a promise to Walter Gillis that I would fight to keep his company alive.
And I don't think he's gonna believe that cutting a deal to sell his workers out is keeping that promise.
I thought you said he was smart.
I am, which I why I know what's going on here.
What exactly is that? No one ever tells you no.
You're used to getting what you want.
But that's gonna stop right now.
You're right.
I do always get what I want.
I don't see how this time's gonna be any different.
I'll tell you how it's gonna be different.
This time you're talking about something that I care about.
So, if you think I'm gonna step aside Yeah, I don't care if you step aside or not.
When I see something I want, I take it, and then I do whatever the hell I want with it.
And what I wanna do with this company is strip it down, flip it over Okay, that's enough.
No, no, no, let him talk.
I wanna hear this.
Keep going, Sanders.
No, I don't need to because you know how this ends.
Yeah, I do, with me and Walter Gillis on one side and you crying to your daddy on the other.
We're done.
You're right.
We are.
Listen, the next time I say "Don't come to a meeting," don't come to a meeting.
Hey, he came at me just as hard as I don't give a shit what he did.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
Where are you going? To get you this company.
What are you talking about? Weren't you listening? He just gave up his weak spot.
Was that true about Jenkins? I don't even know a Jenkins.
But I do know Todd's vein wasn't bulging.
And, Louis, you were actually pretty good in there.
Yeah, I was.
And so were you.
So, we're in agreement.
Yeah, you don't completely suck.
I just meant that we should stick by Todd Smith.
That story was so ridiculous, it just might be true.
Great, I'll call Felton and make the recommendation.
Well, hold up.
You're gonna do what now? Call my client? Louis.
It may be your client, but it's still my case.
Like hell it is, Jeff.
Okay, you call.
Oh, I plan to.
And when I do I'll be telling them that Mr.
Slippery Fingers is no longer our problem.
Just one second ago you said you believed him.
Yeah, I also told you that his story was so ridiculous and nobody would believe it.
Well, then it's our job to make them believe it, Louis, or this guy could wind up in prison.
He is not my concern, Jeff.
Felton Securities is.
Walter Gillis knows what he's doing.
Yeah, so do I.
He's letting your pension go unfunded, so he can hoard a billion dollars.
No, that money is earmarked for expansion into Asia, and I believe in Walter's vision.
You might, but do the workers you represent? You're acting as if our fund is empty.
I'm acting as if it's 40% full.
And let me guess, you're gonna fill up the rest.
Someone else wants to acquire Gillis' company before we can make an offer.
If you vote to block it, we will fully fund your pension the day we take over.
You're talking about me selling out my friend.
I'm talking about $500 million.
And why can you fund it and they can't? Well, they can with half that billion, but they won't.
Because like I said, he's hoarding it for that pipe dream.
You're gonna take that billion for yourselves.
The other half goes to you and your union, the men Walter Gillis supposedly cares about.
Pete, this is gonna happen whether it's me or someone else.
And someone else may not give you the chance to do what you were elected to do.
Protect your people.
How'd your meeting with Harvey go today? I thought talking about work was against the rules.
Mmm, talking about work is.
Talking about our day isn't.
I mean, if we can't do that, then we're letting the case come between us, right? My meeting with Harvey went fine.
But you didn't take the deal.
Because it wasn't a good deal.
Okay, what's the matter with you? What's the matter is that I heard what happened.
From him? No, from Donna.
But it could have been from any of the 50 people who saw the two of you going at it.
Rachel Just tell me this.
Did you refuse the deal because it wasn't good enough or because it came from Logan? You think I didn't take this deal because of your history with this asshole? Well, you did just call him an asshole.
He's an asshole because he's willing to decimate a company just to put some money in his pocket.
Look, I gave my word to Walter Gillis.
That's what I told Harvey and what I told Logan and what I didn't think I'd have to tell you.
I'm just saying, all of this could have been over today.
You think I don't want this to be over? I do.
But I can't take that deal.
And we said we wouldn't let this come between us.
So don't.
- Hi, Donna.
- Hey, Louis.
What can I do for you? Oh, well, I just came in to bring you this and this and all of these.
Those are the last seven Todd Smiths you evaluated.
Donna Seven.
And you didn't cut one of them loose.
You heard me and Malone.
I did.
And you're cutting this guy loose just to spite him.
That's ridiculous.
Okay, so this has nothing to do with Malone? Nothing.
Where'd you get that? Come on.
You know where I got it.
Louis I know he took your dream.
I mean, she didn't even consider me.
Just brings him in, have me train him, and gives him the corner office.
Hey, did I ever tell you about the time that I auditioned for Hamlet in college? Obviously, you played Ophelia.
No, Christy Kiff did.
I was her understudy, and I was so jealous.
I found myself wishing that something would happen to her, that she would get sick or she would twist an ankle.
And then, the day before we closed Her father died.
Donna, that wasn't your fault.
But I still felt horrible and ashamed 'cause my jealousy had brought out something really ugly in me.
And as you can tell, I still regret that.
You know you've never told me a story about yourself like that before.
I've never told anyone that story before.
Louis, I know how badly you wanted this.
But this is a man's life.
We won't cut him loose.
I'll tell Malone.
I'm proud of you, Louis.
Did you get an offer to walk away from your takeover? I did.
What was the offer? Thirty million.
And you turned it down? What the hell is wrong with you? They're gonna rip the company apart.
I don't care if they wanna use Walter Gillis' head as a paperweight.
You said you wanted a grand slam.
That offer is a double.
Well, I'd rather have a double than nothing.
Look, I know what I am doing here.
Do you? Because they just flipped the head of the union.
And without his vote, we don't have shit.
What? These guys play to win.
They just promised a half billion dollar donation to their pension fund.
And unless Walter Gillis is gonna match it, we're done.
That's what I thought.
You get that $30 million, or you find yourself another job.
Did you need something? No, but Louis does.
He was planning to pitch you that he take on Jeff Malone before you and Harvey even met him.
He saw Woodall coming before we did? And if he won, he was hoping that that would mean name partner.
I empathize with that, Donna.
I do.
But I have to make decisions based on what's best for the firm.
And I'm not here to change your mind, but maybe if you did something else for Louis.
Such as? Giving him the corner office.
You mean Jeff Malone's office? He could move to Louis'.
I appreciate you letting me know about Louis, but I'm not going to do that.
Well, why not? Jeff Malone just got here.
Because I said so.
Now if you'll excuse me You're sleeping with him.
What? Of course.
That glow, the morning meetings, you had Harvey take your lunch.
How could I miss it? I'm losing my edge.
Donna, there is nothing going on between You're not losing your edge.
But I ended my relationship with Jeff Malone the day that I hired him.
And I respect that.
But you said you make decisions based on what's best for the firm.
Isn't giving Louis his dignity back good for the firm? Hey, I got your message.
Usually when someone wants to talk business I want to take your offer.
Mike, that offer's gone.
And what if I told you I'd take less? I'd say I can't give you less.
Come on, you're the guy who settles.
I'm telling you I wanna settle.
You're telling me you have to settle.
And I know that you can get that offer back.
It's not my job to get it back.
And even if it was, you think he's gonna give you a nickel after what you said to him? What I said to him? What about what he said to me? I don't care what he said to you.
I gave you a way out, and you insisted on going to that meeting.
You didn't do that for me.
You did that for your client.
What difference does it make? It was a win-goddamn-win.
And you shit all over it.
Now I'm saying, I'll take it.
Yeah, well, it doesn't work that way.
I'm here as a courtesy.
You're only here because you lost.
Harvey, I'm Enough.
That company's fate is sealed.
It always has been.
And the next time you walk away from the table, be prepared to walk away from the table.
Wanna pour me one of those? Help yourself.
So what's going on with Mike Ross? How do you know I'm thinking about Mike Ross? Who else would it be? He got you on the ropes? No, I got him.
And he's about to go down.
How do you know? 'Cause the only way to stay in the game is to get Walter Gillis to give up his dream.
And you don't think he has the stomach to rip off the arm to save the body.
No, he doesn't.
You don't seem to feel good about that.
No, I don't.
Do you remember when I gave you the Collins case? Yeah.
It was brutal, what we had to do.
It was my first taste of that kind of thing.
And you loved it.
What's your point? Some people love the taste of blood.
Other people, hmm.
Better to find out who you are sooner than later.
You saying I'm doing him a favor? I'm saying, you're being who you are and letting him be who he is.
What are you doing? I'm just thinking about how much I'm going to miss having my own office.
Put your pride away, okay? You can still go back to Harvey.
I went back to Harvey.
The money's off the table.
Then you have to flip that vote.
The only way to do that is to get Walter Gillis to put $500 million into that pension fund.
And if he does that, he loses his expansion.
Mike, then do it.
Amy, when his son died, this company became his family.
If he doesn't expand, then his company's gonna die too.
I ask him to do that, then I'm no better than Logan.
No, you are better, because after you do this, you're still gonna fight to keep them alive.
Gillis is not gonna see it that way.
He's just gonna see some slick banker who sold him a bill of goods just to end up doing what everybody else was at least up front about.
Then why don't you just pack up your shit and crawl out of here with your tail between your legs? Because if you don't have the stomach to handle this, then you don't belong here.
Hey, uh, got your message.
Is there something wrong with Felton Securities? Not at all.
Oh, thank God.
I just assumed since you wanted to meet here in Malone's office.
Oh, this isn't his office anymore.
Oh, did he get fired? No, but he is moving.
Louis, I know it hasn't always been easy for you to embrace new partners, but you've made a great effort with Jeff.
All in a day's work.
And your day's work has benefited this firm for years.
So we thought it was time to show you a little overdue appreciation.
This office? I gave this office to Jeff because I wanted him to feel valued here.
But the truth is, I I should have given it to you.
I don't know what to say.
All right, let it out.
No way.
Pete Kreeling would never side with them.
He would, and he has, because they offered what you couldn't, security for his workers.
They're my goddamn workers.
Then show them that you care about them.
Fund the pension, and fund it now.
You told me you'd fight to keep this from happening.
I told you I would fight to protect your company.
And right now, this is the best way of doing that.
You're talking about using my expansion money.
If you don't use it now, there's gonna be nothing to expand.
You son of a bitch, you manipulated me.
No, I told you a war was coming and that you needed a war chest.
Well, now is the time to crack it open.
You told me what I wanted to hear to get me on your side.
You're the same as them.
You're wrong.
I looked you in the eye, and I told you that I wanted to save your company.
They looked me in the eye and told me they wanted to rip it apart.
You're the same as them! And you're an naive old man having a tantrum because he's not getting his way! That expansion was my dream.
I know.
But now it's time to wake up.
Fund the pension, Walter.
Pete Kreeling's vote stays in our favor, and We live to fight another day.
I just wanted to thank you, you know, for the new office.
It's a downgrade.
Not to me.
I also wanted to thank you for lunch.
I didn't show up for lunch.
I know.
You thought you were sending me a message.
I was sending you a message.
Not the one you wanted, Jessica.
You see, because what I heard is that you don't trust yourself around me.
If I didn't, I wouldn't have put you right next door.
Jessica, say what you will, but we both know where this is headed, you and me watching these.
You think you know me that well? Well, if I don't, I'm about to.
Thank you.
Happy corner office.
Open it.
Is this Me.
As Ophelia.
But I thought you Yeah, well Sometimes bitter memories Become bittersweet When you share them with a friend.
You here to pick up Rachel? No.
No, I just came by to say thanks.
For what? For not giving me a way out.
You funded the pension.
Hundred percent.
You just got rid of half your war chest.
Maybe, but I also did what you thought I couldn't do.
I got the vote back.
Maybe now you'll realize that I'm willing to go the distance.
All you did was make it to round two.
Oh, so you thought this was gonna be like one of those early Tyson fights, the ones that only lasted 45 seconds.
Remember what happened the first time someone made it out of round one? And whatever did happen to Buster Douglas? I don't know, but wherever he is, they can't take that title away from him.
What you working on? You know what I'm working on.
You wanna go home? Harvey.
Guess that means you're gonna be working late, huh? Um Thanks to the guy we're up against.
He is proving to be much tougher than everyone expected.
Everyone? Not everyone.
He sounds like a real douchebag.
You know, he's not that tough.
I can work on this tomorrow.
Let's get out of here.
You really gonna work on that tomorrow? No, I'm going to work on it later tonight, but at least I'll be home.
Think I can take a look at it when you're done? I think not.
Just a proofread? Ah, still no.