Supergirl (2015) s05e12 Episode Script

Back From the Future - Part Two

1 Previously on Supergirl I helped Lex bring you back for the sake of the future.
Another Brainiac told me that it was absolutely critical that I help Lex in complete secrecy.
Yes, it may be too late for you, Father, but soon I will accomplish what you could not.
I will live forever.
Forty-two! What? They don't have these in the 30th century.
I can get out to make you up a bunch and you can take 'em with you if you like.
Or you can just keep eating until the kitchen runs out.
Then you'd be able to stay for one more song.
Once the Legion ship has power, I gotta go.
Speaking of which, you never told us what your Legion call sign is.
- I didn't? - No.
It's not a big deal.
Are you kidding? Uh, according to Brainy, before every Legion member puts on his vestments, he must have a call sign.
"Computer Lad.
" Huh.
- What? - You know, it's a hop, skip, and a jump from Cat Grant's IT guy.
- Wow.
- Why is "Computer Lad" your name? It's not "Martian Manhunter" or whatever, sure, but Legionnaires' names speak to who they are, right? So, Chemical King has power for chemicals, Lightning Lass controls electricity.
One day, my brother-in-law decides to call me "Computer Lad," and it kind of stuck.
And, I don't know, I kind of like it.
- Okay.
- It's nice.
- Kara.
- Yeah.
You invited William.
It It's nothing.
After game night, I couldn't not.
Karaoke's all night, so come on up, guys.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Kara, you didn't tell me it was karaoke night.
Is karaoke your thing? Clearly, you've never heard my rendition of "Africa" by Toto.
Oh! Kara has been threatening to do that one for a long time.
- I haven't.
- So, we're gonna do it together? He turned to me as if to say Hurry, boy It's waiting there for you It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you There's nothing that a hundred men or more Could ever do I bless the rains down in Africa I bless the rains Yeah, Kara! The things we never had Ooh, ooh Oh, that's right.
Yes! The wild dogs Act it out.
Cry out in the night As they grow restless Longing for some solitary I heard about Lex sneaking past the government security to probe the Legion ship.
He must be driving you crazy.
I mean, not even Winn could find anything unturned on the ship.
I know that he is up to something.
Which is why I uploaded some spyware onto my DEO Internet.
That way, whatever he does, I will see.
Alex, I'm proud of you for staying to fight the good fight, but I do worry.
Well, you don't have to because I can handle myself.
And, plus, Brainy's got my back.
I uploaded you the file on Gemma Cooper.
Now you're free to help with the Alex Danvers problem.
Problem? She's been spying on me.
She hasn't interfered with our work, but if she does, it might require more permanent actions.
Help her control herself.
Now, is everything quiet there? Of course.
No disruptions or technical difficulties? No.
Keep me posted.
I'm on my way.
911 at the DEO.
- I'll track it.
- Oh.
I I'll join you.
I thought you were leaving.
You guys bailed me out.
No, I'm not leaving this center without repaying you.
What don't you do well? Are you kidding me? With those harmonies? Where did that come from? With a partner like you, it's easy.
Would you, uh Would you like to go out sometime? Just us.
Like a date? A date.
What do you think? Hey, Super - Kara.
- Mmm-hmm? She is super.
- Sure.
- Um, Alex needs you at your grandmother's house.
You know, your D ear Old Gran Gran's house, like, immediately.
Is everything all right? Yeah.
She's just been feeling under the weather.
I should really go.
- Yeah.
- I'm so sorry.
How is that coming through our comms? I used to listen to this song in the shop when I was a kid with my dad.
Okay, wait, so you're saying I think Toyman's back.
What do you mean, not a bug from Toyman? What else could it be? Initially, I thought the drone outburst was just some bad code in our surveillance software, but this, this is in our whole system.
So, it's a virus? More like artificial intelligence.
Whoa, that's why he was playing the song.
This is my dad.
The last thing that he was working on was a version of this.
A way to put his whole mind into the digital space.
He He wanted to become hyper conscious.
If he could become immortal in the World Wide Web, he would be the ultimate player in the ultimate playground.
Once there, he could commit any act of violence.
Any time, any place, air traffic, hospitals, US Nuclear Command.
But you said your dad was still working on it, so And, plus, this Toyman isn't him, okay, so how could he be doing what your father was trying to do? Lenses.
This Toyman has the Obsidian Platinum lenses.
Storage vault.
Bring up item 906016.
I noted something on this video of our final meeting with Toyman.
See, Toyman uses the Obsidian lenses to download himself onto a laptop.
Didn't we confiscate the laptop and bring it back here? The hardware's clean but there's a compartmentalized drive.
That would make it appear to be off while still working.
Toyman found a way to leap into our Internet and bypass the DEO's firewall to the outside.
Okay, so do we have a fix for this? Yeah.
My dad's code.
I think I can reverse-engineer it into a kill code.
Don't you guys know it's rude to talk about someone behind their back? Toyman? Okay, tell me this is a video, guys.
Oh, no, I am everything I used to be, but electronic and immortal.
Now, lower the DEO's firewall to the World Wide Web or I will use all of your toys to kill you.
He's taking control of our laser defenses.
Did you kill it? No.
I just knocked him out of the command center.
So he can come back? Oh, he can, and will.
I want us to round up every item this thing can use against us, guns, comm links, anything with a Bluetooth that can connect to our Internet, and I want it evacuated.
As long as there's technology here this AI can access, we are sitting ducks.
I'll gather gear too.
Once we've got everything, I can fly it outside of Toyman's signal range.
Brainy, can you isolate the AI? I pushed him down from the command center to the server level under a virtual lid.
But he's still fighting to get back up here.
Well, what if he breaks through the lid? There is a 92.
6% chance he'll make his way onto the World Wide Web.
When he's there, he can attack everything.
Okay, well, what if Supergirl goes down to the server level and fries everything? The servers are located on top of the DEO's power core.
If they melt, so does the core.
It would vaporize all life within a three-mile radius.
Do you hear that? Is that an old-fashioned telephone? Um Okay.
Director Danvers, why is my DEO on lockdown tonight? It's Toyman, sir.
Toyman? I thought he was dead.
Yes, well, apparently, he has uploaded himself into our system.
It took us all completely by surprise.
Can you sequester the AI? The last thing this world needs is a rogue Toyman on the Web.
We're trying.
And in the meantime, just in case, I'm gathering all of our smart tech to have Supergirl fly it out immediately.
I know it's a risk, but if anyone can do the job, it's her.
But she can't.
In case you've forgotten, rogue Kryptonians have attacked our planet before.
The DEO has Kryptonite safeguards in place, and, no, they cannot be disabled.
Well, we have anti-Kryptonite technology to protect her.
I think you're remembering that from another time.
Another Earth, perhaps.
I have a split shift crew.
You want the 12 of us to go around the entire DEO to dismantle all of our tech and hope that Toyman doesn't regain control while we do it? National safety is our primary responsibility, and that is why you have to do everything in your power to neutralize that thing and not let it get out.
Are we understood? Yes, sir.
Keep me posted.
Agent Dox.
I was wondering when you'd call.
You knew Toyman would upload himself into the DEO.
I correctly theorized it, yes.
And you didn't tell me.
It was need-to-know.
And now that you do know, you need to know, I want you to get me Toyman's code.
What Toyman used to put himself into the computer.
Why? So we can beat Leviathan at their own game.
They are the greatest threat this planet faces.
And you want their immortality.
It's the one advantage they have over me.
With this code, I can level the playing field.
As soon as you can make sure no one is watching, access Toyman's code and copy it.
Once you are done, you'll have gotten us one step closer to saving the world.
What was that? I've never been allergic to lobster before.
The Bio-Link on the lenses still isn't working.
Look, eating virtually still provides the body with nutrients, but the interface is hyper-stimulating the body's sensor reaction into a kind of toxic shock.
Last week, we were this close to perfecting Obsidian Platinum.
We need to fix this.
Miss Rojas, Lena Luthor is waiting in your office.
Twice in one week.
It's getting to be like old times.
Well, I know you're gearing up for the Platinum launch and I was hoping I could get a preview.
I loved your first-generation lenses.
They were helpful to me in so many ways.
So maybe I could get a peek? Of course.
Except, we're not quite ready yet.
Is everything all right? Yes, nothing major.
Just, uh a small issue with the Bio-Link algorithm.
Oh, that doesn't sound good.
You know, maybe I can help.
Luthor Corp's been working with the Pentagon on a new neural interface.
We've just developed a special processor that regulates Bio-Linking across a wide spectrum.
It's completely eliminated the feedback loop, gotten most of the side effects.
Well, that's impressive, but we're not the Pentagon.
And that's a good thing.
The Pentagon just dropped out, leaving us with perhaps the perfect interface for you.
So what do you say? We help Obsidian North revolutionize virtual reality? I appreciate the offer, but our last attempt at collaboration almost ruined everything between us.
I don't wanna risk that.
You're right.
But let me know if you change your mind.
The offer still stands.
I will.
There is only one place I think the AI can be.
In a prime server tower down in the sub-basement corridor.
Now, the way that we find which server the Toyman is on, is to physically go down into the corridors and search for it.
Luckily, we had this in storage.
Van Eck radiation scanner.
It's delinked from our Internet and able to distinguish between normal server radiation and abnormal radiation, thereby allowing us to pinpoint Toyman.
Accordingly, I shall head into the corridors.
No, Brainy, we need you up here in case Toyman tries to get in the command center again.
I'll go.
Uh, not without me.
Are you sure you're up for this? This is my enemy.
It's my problem.
Plus, I'm the only one that knows the code.
Okay, fine.
Winn, Supergirl, go for the servers, Brainy, you keep him at bay digitally, and I will make sure that he doesn't get ahold of any of our tech.
You know, it's so funny because we have all these eyes and ears in there looking and listening all the time, but who is watching who? Brainy.
I need to know.
Is this another step in one of Lex's plans? Lex did help manipulate Toyman's digital reemergence but I had nothing to do with it.
Helping Lex is what I have to do for the sake of the future.
You know that.
Still, I promise I have everything under control.
I am trusting you.
Doppio espresso.
To cheer you up? What makes you think I need cheering up? Well, you're trying to advance your grand project.
The cue waves from the archive cube had helped, but the next step remains elusive.
A Lex who cares about the emotional state of others.
This really is a whole new world.
I care because your goals are my goals.
Ah, it does always come back to you, doesn't it? But, yes, with the exception of field testing, my Non Nocere algorithm is almost ready.
Just need a distribution device so I can get it to as many people as possible all at once.
I thought I'd come to an agreement with Andrea this evening, but She said no.
I have to say, Andrea was always a bit short-sighted.
Perhaps there's something I can do? I don't need anyone murdered, Lex.
I have other skill sets.
Plus, we're partners.
Let me help.
Wait, are you actually asking my permission? It's a whole new world.
Nice one.
Well, I try.
I just wish you didn't have to on account of my dad's global insanity nightmare It's not your fault.
Actually, it kinda is.
When I told you guys that I remembered my dad's code, I'm the one that came up with it.
Look, I thought it would be cool.
Why just play a video game, you know, when you can be inside of one? I'd stay up past midnight trying to think of different ways to express Premack's theory of the mind in this little blue notebook.
My dad finally caught me with it and asked me what it was.
I thought he was getting mad, but he seemed He seemed proud.
Of course, now I know it wasn't pride, it was greed.
The night the police finally came and took him away, I went to look for the notebook.
It was gone.
Turns out that he had taken it and left in its place a little toy monkey.
I'm sorry.
Ah, it It's fine.
Let's talk about something else.
You and William.
- What's with that? - What? I totally messed him asking you out.
- What? No, no.
That was not - I messed that up.
Well, he wasn't - There's There is nothing there.
- What? I'm sorry, but even in the 30th century, harmonizing that beautifully with someone is a definitive sign of something there.
Maybe I like him.
I don't I don't know.
The truth is, given who I am and the secrets I keep, I'm not sure I can even have a relationship.
My double life blew up my friendship with Lena.
So how am I supposed to date someone? Just because Lena reacted the way that she did does not mean that other people will.
Maybe so, but I refuse to start any relationship on a lie.
William asked you out on one date, Kara.
You don't even know if it's gonna go anywhere, but you won't find out unless you try.
And then if it does, you know, just take it one step at a time.
One step at a time, huh? That's right.
So we've got the command center cleared.
But if Toyman comes back, we cannot let him get his digital hands on any of this.
So, Squad 1, I want you to pop the chips out of every smart gun.
Squad 2, do the same with communication tech.
Squad 3, delink everything else.
We've really outsmarted ourselves here, haven't we? All right, get to work.
Everyone, keep working.
I'll check it out.
Breach! I think Toyman's this way.
Toyman? Winslow.
At last you're here.
This song, I knew it was you.
Winn, I had to get your attention.
Oh, you got my attention.
- No, no.
I'm here to help.
- No.
Explain yourself.
Winn knows.
Digitizing my consciousness was my dream.
A dream you stole.
But when that other Winn digitized himself, he used the underlying code that I'd written, plus my hardware.
Now, I managed to translate 80% of myself, but he must have paired it with some sort of future tech, because when he came online, I did too.
And now you wanna help us? Yes.
I'm trapped in a backup drive, and the only way I can do anything is if you release me.
I'm sorry.
Are you insane? Oh, wait, yes.
Clinically, you are.
If we let him go, he will do what he always does and wreak havoc everywhere.
That's not true! I mean, it was my original plan, but this other Winn is planning to do things that are beyond the pale.
I've seen it in his code.
Yeah, well, that's why I'm going to delete both of you.
But I wanna help.
And you can't beat him alone.
Supergirl, Winn, apparently, three of Toyman's sentries are headed for you as we speak.
What kind of sentries? It seems that before Toyman's AI got into our net, it got into some flying monkeys.
Supergirl, go this way.
You'll be safe.
No, no, you are not fooling us.
Not now, not ever.
There is a service corridor behind this wall.
Winslow, no! Forgive my boldness at this hour.
It's just I saw you across the room and knew I had to pounce.
Lex Luthor.
You should be careful where you pounce.
You never know what you might find.
Oh, but I do know who you are.
Gemma Cooper.
Board chair of Obsidian North, renowned computer scientist with excellent taste in wine, horses, and business opportunities.
What kind of opportunities? Mmm.
The kind that can satisfy both Obsidian North and Luthor Corp.
I don't think there is much we had in common.
I'd think a woman of your vision and insight would be able to see past the superficial.
You have an interface issue with the Obsidian Platinum Bio-Link.
Today, my sister offered to help fix it.
Your CEO rejected her offer because she let her feelings determine her business moves, and I think you're smarter than that.
You're suggesting that we get into bed with Luther Corp? Since when is that smart? Whenever it comes to doing business anywhere on this planet.
You have amazing technology At least you almost do.
We have allies and assets, government stooges and supporters in every corner of the globe.
That's the kind of reach you can't get with just a snap of your fingers.
So you have the potential, but we can help you realize it.
And what do you expect to get back in exchange for this "help"? The tech field can only hold so many players.
Sooner or later, there might not be room for the both of us.
Why be at each other's throats when we could be joined at the hip? Who knows, we might like it.
I can be an excellent friend when I want to be.
And I do want to be your friend for a long time.
Are you okay? I know the last time you saw your father was pretty horrible.
Trusting him never leads to anything good.
I get that, but "never" is a big word.
J'onn recently found himself in a blood feud with his brother where he said they would never make amends, and now they're brothers that support each other.
Yeah, well, good for J'onn, but I am not trusting Toyman No.
1 or 2 until they are both deleted.
Director Danvers, the rest of the tablets have been delinked.
Permission to delink yours? Um, no, I'll take care of that, thank you.
Who deleted my program that was spying on Lex? You son of a Brainy.
What the hell were you doing in my account? I trusted you with that spyware.
And you hacked into my tablet and you overrode my commands and you deleted it.
Just tell me I'm wrong! You're not wrong.
I did it.
I knew it.
You know what? Ever since those other Brainys got you to take off your inhibitors, you have been acting different, and it's not some personality different.
It's like you're hiding something.
Like you've got some secret plan.
I did it to protect you, Alex.
Come on.
Sooner or later, Lex would have found your spyware, he would have traced it back to your account I knew the risk.
It isn't a risk, it's a fact.
Look, if this Toyman fiasco's taught us anything, it's that technology, no matter how sophisticated, can be used against us.
It's just a matter of when.
I should have told you first.
But I refuse to let Lex come after you.
Is everything all right? Apparently not.
According to Lex Luthor, our interface isn't working, and it's generating catastrophic results.
Um, look, that's an overstatement.
And when you were given the opportunity to team up with them to fix this issue, you passed.
The Luthors may have a slight scientific edge, but Lena and I have not had the best relationship in the past.
This isn't about your friendship with Lena.
It's about staying focused on the business that your father spent his life building, that you yourself have brought to the precipice of one of the biggest tech advancements in history.
I know where we stand.
Then I don't need to remind you of all the other relationships you've abandoned to get this where it needs to be.
The Luthors can help us.
In college, when I agreed to be your mentor, it was because I believed you would never back down.
Maybe I was wrong.
Lena? It's Andrea.
I think I've changed my mind.
This is it.
Toyman's prime server.
So, what happens now? Full blitz, this will all be over.
Is everything okay? Code is not entering.
- Have you found the server? - Yeah, we did, but we're having a problem.
What is it? Every time I try to enter the kill code, it keeps getting bounced back.
It seems Toyman's AI is growing too strong for you to access it anywhere outside the server.
But how else do we access it? I have to go inside it.
I have this from the Legion ship.
It allows me to enter the digital space temporarily.
If you go inside it, can't you run into My dad, or Toyman, or both.
What was that? We have Lexosuits? Toyman's AI is inside of them.
Get out now.
They're breaking out.
Toyman's tech is trying to escape.
If it succeeds, there is a 100% chance that Toyman will be able to weaponize the entire Internet.
I can do this.
- But your father - It's only code, okay? And this is simple.
I go to it, I enter the kill code, and then I get out.
I can do this.
I mean, I have to do this.
Don't forget I'm Computer Lad.
Okay, what doesn't belong? Gotcha.
Winn! You You shouldn't be in here by yourself.
You won't be able to hold him back alone.
You need me! I do not need you! Tag! I knew it.
Open the door.
Give me the palm lock, son.
Just reach up and do it.
Trust me, I've I've changed! You can't trust him.
I did all of this for him, and look how he treats me.
That's because you're a psycho! I got you.
I got you.
Supergirl, you have to get away from here.
I'm not leaving this fight.
Don't be crazy.
This isn't some time to stick to some code.
Unless you're them.
Toyman may be controlling our technology, but that tech still keys on sound, motion, and brightness.
Accordingly, if I become the brightest and the loudest in the room, then I'll be the tech's only target.
And if it's focused on you, we can focus on it.
Moths to a flame.
Winn! Just Just let go! He's right.
Let go.
The fall will kill you.
Just let go because in here you can! Leeroy Jenkins! Winn, please, just let me out and we can stop him together! No way! Even this dummy knows you're lying, Dad.
He knows.
If I get deleted, so do you.
All right.
When I said I changed, I lied.
I haven't changed in here, but I have learned looking through the DEO's files here and all the good things you've done for your friends and for the world.
And it made me so proud, son.
I mean, I've always said that you and I are alike, but that that's not true.
We're almost nothing alike.
You're simply the best part of me.
If there was ever a time to to take a leap, it's now.
And like I said, in here, you can do anything.
Look out! Go on, son! Finish entering the code.
Game over.
Supergirl, he's trying to escape! Not today.
No! No, stop! Dad? Finish it, son! It's the only way! Winn? I'm here.
Are you okay? My dad saved me.
He was telling the truth.
Sometimes, people can surprise us.
Nice to see you back at work.
How did you access my phone? I have this room shielded.
Just a little bit of tech I've been working on.
But, really, I just wanted to see if you'd sorted things with Andrea.
Clearly you have.
You know the words you want to hear me say, "Thank you.
" Well, thank you.
You said you'd bring Andrea around, and you did.
It was my pleasure.
Though, it's still a mystery why Obsidian's tech malfunctioned in the first place.
I suppose it was just fortuitous that you were in the right place to make the right move.
Is it really? Oh, Lena.
I am impressed.
Sabotaging your friend to get what you want.
Not to get what I want.
For the good of humanity.
Ah, of course.
But that is exactly the kind of thinking we're going to need to defeat Leviathan.
Your big brother is proud of you.
I don't suppose my big brother wants to tell me what he did to bring Andrea around.
I just made friends with an Obsidian board chair, Gemma Cooper.
If you ask me, she'll be a friend to us both for a long time.
Please tell the Anointed One the Luthors are right where we want them.
She will be most pleased.
Here is all the Kryptonite from the DEO.
That's the Lexosuits and the lockdown shields.
Everything that we could grab.
I can still send all of it into the sun.
Speaking of space, Alex, I may have some Martian eavesdropping tech that Lex may find hard to uncover, if you're interested.
Well, you should give it to Brainy 'cause I'm quitting the DEO.
Alex, really? Lex is everywhere in there, and I can't keep showing up and smiling at him, and Even if it's just pretend.
Plus, now you can come and work with me.
National City may need the tower, but the tower needs leaders.
Could be fun.
Fun and logical.
Brainy, you should come too.
I mean, why not just work here? Ironically, the logic that dictates you must leave also dictates that I must stay to provide you all with eyes and ears around Lex.
Your friends are always gonna have your back, Brainy.
And you, Winn, how are you? Oh, you know.
Ready to go home.
Being here with you guys has, I mean It It's helped me a lot more than the future ever could have.
Just It's just helped me get over my dad and, you know, his crimes, just my past, all of it.
So Thank you.
Come on.
It's been good to see you.
All right.
Come here.
Come here.
Ah, we'll see you soon, Computer Lad.
No! Okay, okay.
It's not Computer Lad anymore, all right? From now on it's Toyman.
Winn, seriously? Yeah.
You guys, when I told you that I was okay being called Computer Lad, are you kidding me? No, I hated that.
"Computer Lad.
" No.
What? But "Toyman" You know, that name has always haunted me.
But now after having faced my father He told me that I was better than him.
And he was right.
So I'm gonna reclaim that name.
- Hmm.
- And make it stand for good.
Hey, it's like the Doctor said, "The future is whatever you want" "So make it a good one.
" Nice, "Doc" Brown.
Thank you.
All right, guys.
That's my ride.
Oh, hey.
I know that you can't do anything about Lena right now, but just give it time.
And with William, you don't have to start a relationship with a lie.
Just see where it goes.
One step at a time.
I'll miss you.
That's enough.
Hello, Kara.
So, uh, I was thinking, - um - Just one second.
I'm sorry.
It's for your Gran Gran.
The one who was sick.
Oh, right.
My grandma.
My grandmother swears a good puzzle is better than antibiotics.
You were saying? Yeah.
Uh I was thinking I'm sorry, William, I just don't feel that way about you.
Ah I understand.
I'm sorry for misreading the situation.
No, no, it's fine.
I'll see you later.
Toyman's immortality code.
I was able to pull the relevant sections while everyone else was distracted.
You are a very useful employee, Agent Dox.
Also, I should add Director Danvers no longer poses a threat to you or our operation.
Especially as I just received her resignation.
So, it would seem congratulations are in order.
To you DEO Director Dox.
So, how did it go? He asked about my sick grandmother.
And I had to go with it.
It was the first thing out of my mouth, and it was a lie.
And then I just left.
I can battle Kryptonite-powered Lexosuits, but I can't even take the first step in a relationship because it is doomed with deception.
You don't know that for sure.
Well, it happened with my friendship with Lena.
And I can't help thinking that if I had done things differently, maybe things would have turned out differently.
There is just There's no way of knowing.
Oh, that probably J'onn with the pizza, which is great.
Hi! Some say there's no way of knowing.
But I say, first, ask Mr.

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