Teen Titans Go! (2013) s04e40 Episode Script

Costume Contest

"Costume Contest" [OPENING THEME PLAYING.]
I'm a bat, bat, biggity-bat.
- Oh! In your face.
- Hey! [CHUCKLES.]
Sorry, Momma.
- I just loves me some Halloweenie.
- We all love Halloween.
Oh, yeah! The best party of the year.
The candy.
The spooky decorations.
The costumes.
And, speaking of costumes, we need to prepare for this year's Halloween costume contest.
- ALL: All right! - Oh, yes! To win, we are going to need to go all out.
I have come up with several options.
RAVEN: These are strong.
- Ooh.
- Real strong.
Hang on a second.
Titans Tower, Robin speaking.
Let me guess, you guys are gonna be scaredy-cats for Halloween.
What do you want, Gizmo? Eh, we figured since we are going to win the costume contest, again this year.
We wanted to start rubbing it in your faces early.
You'll rub our faces in nothing! Oh, your faces will be rubbed in it all right.
We've got our best costume ever this year.
There's no way you're going to beat us.
Later, losers.
- I hate those guys.
- They're the worst.
They do come up with sick costumes, though.
Remembers that one years when they dressed up like a hamburger? And the time they dressed up like those cool skateboarding turtle-dudes.
Or, when they dressed as the many-legged insect.
- We'll never beat them.
- Not with these boring costumes.
We might as well rub our own faces in it.
Stop that! The only faces that will be rubbed in it tonight - are the H.
- But this endeavor is the use of the less! No, we just need to up our costume game.
Do something even better than we planned, so, let's just stay calm and try to come up with some great ideas.
Hmm Oh, I knows.
What if we be some ghosts? Ghosts? That's the best you can come up with?! - [YELLS.]
Are you even trying?! - Whoa, it's not his fault.
The only people clever enough to come up with a costume to beat the H.
are the H.
That's it, we are going to beat the H.
, - by being the H.
! - Oh! You wish for us, to don not the costumes of our own villainous rivals? Good guys dressing up like bad guys? Bro, you some kind of special genius.
That trophy is as good as ours.
Titans, sew! [MUSIC.]
Uh, we're never going to win wearing this trash.
- Ugh, I didn't know sewing was so hard! - I must now take back all of the terrible, terrible things I have said about the Betsy Ross.
Well, you know what this means.
Time to start rubbing our own faces in it.
Stop it, stop! Forget the face-rubbing Titans.
I say we break into the H.
Tower and borrow their actual costumes.
- You mean steal.
- Of course, I mean steal.
That's why I said "borrow," like that.
- ALL: Awesome.
- Okay.
Titans, steal! [HOWLING.]
Uh, never seen the H.
's tower with the lights off.
- Uh, its giving me the willies.
- Regardless of willies, screaming me-mes, jitters, shakes, and or shivers [THUNDERCLAP.]
we need to get those costumes.
Follow me.
- Oh, it is the indoor cloud.
- What? Ah! Clouds are supposed to be outside.
What is this? Strange weather is freaking me out! [ALL SCREAMING.]
Ho-Hold up.
Hold up.
- It's just a fog machine, yo.
- Right.
Phew! Let's keep moving.
It's probably just the wind.
I'm really not liking this indoor weather.
Poltergeist! [ALL SCREAMING.]
Hold up.
Hold up.
It's just sheet on a rope and a recording of some spooky voice.
WOMAN: I'm gonna eat your face.
Oh, uh of course.
Let's keep moving.
Not this time.
Spooky Halloween decoration.
Wow, you gotta give to the H.
, they really do Halloween right.
Fog machine, spooky ghost, and the sweet, animatronic prisoners arm.
These decorations is legit.
It is not the wonder they always win the costume contest.
They won't this year.
Everyone, grab a costume.
Hey, I can't wear this.
It's too small.
I'm concerned that it may be too large.
Titans, suit up.
Hey, check me out! [GROANS.]
I'm Mammoth.
I don't really talk on the show.
I'm Gizmo, yo.
I sees you, Billy Numerous.
Who, me? Or me, me, me? Or me? Ah, so many mamas.
Whoo, I am the Jinx.
The bad luck.
The broken mirror.
The black cat.
The walking under the the ladder.
Uh, something is wrong with this costume.
You are a tiny dude, aren't you? I'm a man of every tight! Uh, things I go through to win a trophy What's going on here?! We're winning the costume contest, that's what.
Hmm, hero's dressing up like villains.
Not bad.
But it's not enough to beat us.
Check it.
ALL: Oh, wow.
BEAST BOY: Now, that's just sick! It's the ultimate costume.
STARFIRE: I did not know that such heights were the attainable with the costume of hallowed-ween.
I've never seen anything like it.
Titans in the face of a costume so brilliant and undeniable.
There's only one thing to do.
- Concede to us.
- Destroy the H.
's costume! That's not fair.
Oh, "that's not fair.
" Titans, cheat! Oh, no.
Your costume's all ruined.
Looks like the Teen Titans are sure to win this year.
See ya.
Oh, wait till I get my hands on them.
Hold on! I have an idea.
Boo! Attention! Attention, everyone.
Peep this.
Welcome to the third annual costume contest.
Woot, woot! We have got some sick competition this year.
Let's see what our judges think.
The third place award goes to, The Brain.
The second place award goes to, Batman and Commissioner Gordon.
And, now, the moment you have been waiting for.
This is it, this is it! This year first place blue r-r-r-r-ribbon for coming correct on best costume goes to Not so fast, Titans! And boom goes the dynamite, fellas.
My mind is blown.
Seems we have some new contestants.
These villains stole our suits! [CROWD GASPING.]
Only after you stole ours first.
And ruined our original costumes! Dang, Titans, straight up gank move.
Say it ain't so.
Every body knows that don't count, on account of us being the good guys, and those fools being the bad guys.
Hold up heroes, y'all needs to stay woke.
To wrongs do not make a riggity-right.
Birdarang is right.
Maybe we took our passion to win a little too far.
There's only one way to make this right.
, go! Titans, go! Azarath Metrion Zinthos! [WHISTLING.]
Time out, yo.
The judges have made their decision.
So, without further ado, this prize goes to The H.
, and The Titans.
- We won! - And we won too? That's riggity-right.
Now, lets turn this party out.