Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987) s09e04 Episode Script

9062-9504 - The New Mutation

[ Rock ] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power They're the world's most fearsome fighting team They're heroes in a half shell and they're green When the evil Shredder attacks Turtles fight back Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Turtle power [ Ends ] [ Carter ] Okay, turn left.
[ Device Beeping ] Now stop up ahead.
I think our new techno-tracker is onto something, Carter.
I'll say it is.
That building's crawling with Techno-Gangsters.
Hey, I know this place.
It's HyperDyne Chemical.
Don't they make that new superconcentrated fuel X-fire? Uh, guys, could we please save the guided tour until after we've dealt with the techno-goons? Be careful.
The slightest jolt could set it off.
We'll give you a jolt, Hi-Tech.
The Turtles! Destroy! [ Groans ] They're stealing the X-fire fuel.
We've gotta be careful.
That's stuff's as volatile as nitroglycerin.
Yeah, and it's explosive enough to orbit this entire building.
Be careful, everyone.
[ Grunting ] All right, you bug-heads.
We're here to fumigate the place! All right! Picked up the spare! Hyah! Hyah! You will pay for your interference, earthling.
No! No! [ Roaring ] Uh-oh.
Carter's gotten in touch with his inner mutant again.
[ Sirens Wailing ] We can't let him near the X-fire.
[ Grunting ] Easy, Carter! Calm down! [ Roaring ] Carter! They're on our side! Arrest those alien-type dudes! They're stealing the X-fire fuel.
They are authorized to take the X-fire to Dregg's installation at Killdeer Mountain.
And you creatures are trespassing.
Arrest them! Correction.
They aren't on our side.
Carter! No! [ Roaring ] All right, Carter! Slick work! Halt! Whoa.
This mutating's rough.
Now Dregg's got the law on his side.
That really makes my day.
Why would those guys listen to a freakazola like the Hi-Tech? Isn't it obvious? Dregg's got everybody suckered.
People really believe he's some kind of alien benefactor.
And they think we're the bad guys.
[ Scoffs ] What a bunch of ingrates.
I mean, every day Dregg gets stronger while we just get into more trouble.
Well, hey, it's not all bad news.
We just learned Dregg has an installation in the Killdeer Mountains.
You call that good news? And I've learned how to control my mutation.
Well, sort of.
We just gotta start evening the odds against Dregg.
But how? Well, how about some weapons? Why can't you two geniuses whip us up some sci-fi blaster-type thingamabobs? We're ninjas.
We don't use blasters.
Oh, come on.
Who wrote that rule? Dregg's playing hardball.
So should we.
Why should he get all the cool toys? What do you say, Donny T? Time we finished the wrist ray? What wrist ray? - This wrist ray.
- [ Whistles ] Ooh, I can see the forces of evil quaking with terror.
Hey, this baby'll stun the Techno-Gang right through their armor.
Well, why didn't you say so? This is the kind of stuff we can really use.
If I might point out, the first principle of ninjutsu is that virtue assures victory, not weapons and strength.
Your courage and valor will defeat Dregg, not brute force.
His evil will be his own undoing.
Splinter's right.
We should be trying to expose Dregg's evil, not building weapons.
[ Communicator Chirps ] [ April ] Guys, it's me.
I just uncovered something major.
Did you know Dregg's been given access to Biotech? - The genetics lab? - Man, what's ol' space face cooking up now? We're on our way, April, and we need you to alert the media-- TV, newspapers, the works.
I'm on it, guys.
We're gonna find out what Dregg is up to and reveal it to the world! The outlaw mutant Turtles claim they have proof that our friend from the stars, Dregg, is evil.
Man, what is this place? Some kind of incubator, I'd say.
Boy, I'd hate to meet the chicken that laid that egg.
What's with the vat? Why is it made of this weird metal? It's zantronium.
See the blue veins? Hey, isn't that a rare alloy that blocks energy waves? Yeah.
We're talking some pretty weird metallurgy here.
Intruders! Annihilate! Okay, techno-jerks, have a taste of your own firepower! Whoa! Whoa! Hey, watch it with that thing! Sorry.
I was only trying to help.
Who? The Techno-Gangsters? They're getting away! Come on! [ Growling ] They went this way.
Good call, dude! Should we jump? And become sidewalk art? No way.
Then we're cooked, compadres.
What are we gonna do? I'd say we're gonna-- mutate again! Oh, man, this is wack.
The guys' mutations have destabilized.
[ TV: Male Reporter ] The Turtles have turned into horrible monsters.
This proves they're as evil as Dregg told us! We've gone into our second-stage mutations! So, are we weaker or stronger or what? I don't know, but there's no way we can use our weapons.
Well, this is a big, fat drag-ola.
Hey, now there's a neat trick.
Come on.
Let's take 'em! [ Groans ] Man, these new bodies take a little getting used to.
Hyah! Guys, this way! [ All Yelling ] [ All Groaning ] Whoa.
- Mutating sure takes it out of ya.
- You guys okay? Well, considering we just turned into horrifying supermutants on national TV and got our tails whipped by the Techno-Gang, I'd say no.
Your plan to expose Dregg was a bust, Leonardo.
We've gotta take direct action against that space creep.
Now! And how do you suggest we do that? Well, the Hi-Tech said they were taking that superfuel to Killdeer Mountain, so I say we go there and make some trouble.
Now you're talkin', dude! Carter, we need that wrist ray.
You think you can get it working? No sweat.
I'm on it.
And, Leonardo, don't alert the media this time.
The Turtles invaded Biotech? Did they do much damage? We were able to drive them off, Lord Dregg, but the Slorr escaped from its incubator and hatched.
I intended to release the Slorr after I conquered this planet to terrorize the earthlings and keep them under control.
No matter.
Tonight, this citadel will be complete and my war of conquest will begin.
The X-fire fuel is here.
The laser cannon will be on line in two hours.
And then I'll start destroying the major cities of the world one by one until humanity surrenders to me.
- [ Alarm Beeping ] - [ Alien On P.
] Alert! Intruders approaching! The Turtles! No doubt they'll break into the citadel, my lord.
Let them.
They'll never get out alive.
This looks like Dregg's kind of place, all right.
Geez, who's this guy's architect? Count Dracula? I don't like the looks of that cannon.
All the more reason why we gotta shut this place down.
[ Sizzling ] Do you get the feeling we're not welcome here? Uh, dudes? There's nowhere to run! Oh, man, not again.
Now what? We gotta shut down that ray.
[ Grunts ] Nice work, Leonardo.
Maybe we're finally getting the hang of these new bods.
Let's knock Dregg for a loop.
Man, I need a manicure somethin' fierce.
Raphael, this is wrong.
We can't defeat Dregg by brute force.
We've got to use our wits.
Oh, yeah? Try outwitting this! [ Communicator Chirps ] Carter here.
[ April ] Carter, where are the guys? Off taking care of business, April.
What's up? There's some kind of giant slug creature attacking the Northside Mall.
A slug creature? You sure you're feeling okay? I'm not kidding.
Someone's gotta stop it! All right, April.
I'll check it out.
[ Sensor Beeping ] I found the main controls! [ Grunts ] All right! Our new mutations may be good for something after all! [ Whirring ] Well done, Turtles.
I must say, your new powers are most impressive.
Unfortunately, there's something heading your way which even you will be unable to stop.
I'd like you to meet an invention of mine called the Replicon.
Rest assured you won't be leaving my citadel in one piece.
Come on.
We'll take this overblown tin can apart bolt by bolt.
[ All Groaning ] Or did I speak too soon? - Hit the deck! - [ All Yelling ] - Whoa! - [ All Yelling ] Come on! We don't stand a chance against that thing! We've got to find a way out of here.
[ All Screaming ] Something's going down.
That's for sure.
What's up with that? [ Snarling ] [ Grunts ] Okay, sluggo.
You and me are going for a little ride.
Looks like you need to learn to chill out! Whoa! It's official! Now I've seen everything.
[ Roaring ] I could take on that thing if I could mutate.
Come on, Carter.
You can do it.
Mutate! Mutate! Man, I have got to work on my timing.
[ Snarling, Screeching ] When it is ready, we will start loading the X-fire fuel.
I think this is the power supply for that laser cannon.
You mean, that little box of fuel could run a laser big enough to destroy a city? That X-fire is so powerful they'll only need a few pellets.
So what would happen if we loaded all the fuel into the generator? Well, the generator would overload.
The fuel would blow.
And you said that stuff has enough kick to orbit a building.
Come on.
Let's find where they're keeping that fuel.
[ Panting ] We got away from it, dude.
You have a rich fantasy life, Michelangelo.
[ Crackling ] There's the X-fire fuel.
Be careful.
The slightest bump could set it off.
There's no way we could do this if we mutated again.
Put it down.
Put it down! Aw, great.
Now what do we do? We can't give up.
We'll just have to be extra careful.
Dude, I think we're about to become the Teenage Mutant Crispy Turtles! Or maybe not! All right! Let's annihilate that stinkin' sack of bolts! So much for Dregg's ultimate weapon.
Big deal.
We can trash two just as easily as one.
Okay, how about four? [ Both Yelling ] Dude, this is not gonna be as easy as we thought! [ Snarling ] Guys, come in.
We got big trouble.
No Turtles.
Now what? [ Beeping ] The wrist ray! We designed this to stun the Techno-Gangsters.
- [ Beeping ] - But maybe it'll slow down that overblown gecko.
[ Tires Screeching ] All right! It's working! Oh, no.
At the rate he's going, he'll devour the whole city in no time.
- [ Hissing ] - Man! It just keeps getting bigger! [ Roaring ] Suddenly I feel like a midnight snack! My mom didn't raise me to be a hot lunch! [ Roaring ] [ Grunting, Shrieking ] [ Roaring ] [ Groans ] Oh, man! What hit me? Time to call in the cavalry.
[ Tires Screeching ] [ Grunting ] I wonder if Carter's having a better night than we are.
Every time we trash one of these things, two more appear! Yeah.
They're worse than rabbits.
[ Gasping ] Don't you see? We can't fight 'em like this.
[ Both Grunting ] We can't fight 'em like this either.
Run for it! What are we waiting for? If we drop these pellets, they'll explode.
And these mutated hands are too big and clumsy.
We got to get back to normal.
Whew! Whoa! - Finally! - Come on.
Let's get to work.
[ Laughing ] The Turtles are finished.
The power supply for the laser cannon should be operational in half an hour, Lord Dregg.
Then I can blast the human race into submission.
[ Motorcycle Revs ] Whoa! Looks like the guys have been having a serious party.
At least we can use our weapons again.
Remember how Leonardo and Donatello fell through the floor? Why, yes.
It's one of my fondest memories.
Follow me, dude, and get ready to swing for it! Come on, you metal maniacs! Here we are! Michelangelo, I think you've finally gone out of your mind.
No way, dude! Watch this! Cowabunga! Now how do we get out of here? Stand back, guys! Come on! We've gotta go! Are you kiddin'? We've made it through all of Dregg's defenses.
Now we can finish that maniac.
Splinter said brute force wasn't the answer.
Yeah, dude.
It sure didn't work against those repli-creeps.
Well, I am not gonna run away just when we've got Dregg cornered.
- Uh, guys? - Carter! - What are you doing here? - Well, I couldn't raise you on the Turtle-com.
This place is probably jamming the frequency.
And while you've been fooling around here, a monster the size of a Mack truck has been tearing up the city.
What? What? What? Why didn't you say so? Come on! So-- [ Chuckles ] my defenses were too much for them.
No matter.
In 20 minutes, my laser cannon will be on line.
And then it will be too late for the entire world! There's only one place this monster could have come from-- Dregg's genetics lab.
From the egg that fell out of the incubator.
And you say every time the thing eats something metal it grows? Yeah, that's right.
Maybe there's a connection to the fact that the incubator was made of zantronium.
Well, yeah, b-but what-- A-And why did the egg hatch after it was out of the incubator? Maybe it wasn't an incubator at all, dude.
Michelangelo, that's brilliant! Zantronium blocks energy waves.
The vat actually prevented the egg from hatching.
Zantronium inhibits the monster's growth.
Yeah, so we've got to find a whole lot of it.
Fast! No sweat.
You know the Goulding Tower? Yeah! Oh, I read somewhere that Goulding was a rare metals freak.
And he made the top of the building out of pure zantronium.
[ Donatello ] Now all we've got to do is get that monster up there.
[ Carter ] There it is! [ Roaring ] [ Donatello ] I think that got its attention.
[ Carter ] There's the Goulding Tower.
Okay, Michelangelo, keep that thing busy! [ Michelangelo ] You got it, compadre.
Cowabunga! Let's hope this dump has an express elevator! Come and get me, fish face! Yeah! Come on! Yeah! Slorry! - Over here! - Slorr, Slorr! - [ Snarling ] Get ready to jump, guys.
Now! This may not be the best time to ask, but is your plan really gonna work? In theory, yes.
You're not instilling me with a lot of confidence, Donatello.
No? Look! [ Grunting ] Get it into that storage room! [ Slorr Wheezing ] And for the finishing touch-- "Dregg was here.
" That oughta give the world a message! Yeah, but Dregg still has his fortress and that laser cannon.
- Not for long he doesn't.
- What do you mean, dude? Donatello and I loaded all of that superfuel into the laser's power supply.
[ Chuckles ] When he tries to use that cannon, he's gonna get a big surprise! The laser cannon is on line, Lord Dregg.
You may fire when ready.
I've targeted the city.
Now to strike the first blow.
[ Rumbling ] [ Alarm Blaring ] - What's going on? - The generators-- they're overloaded.
- They're going to blow! - No! It can't be! Someone tampered with the power supply.
Those wretched Turtles! They must have done this! I'll destroy them if it's the last thing I do! Are you beginning to understand, Raphael? Like Splinter said, strength and weapons are no match for-- All right, all right.
I get the moral of the story already.
You know, all this uncontrolled mutating of ours is a real pain in the shell.
Yeah, and so is trying to pinpoint the mutagen's instability.
[ Laughs ] Maybe you guys could pinpoint the mutagen's ugly gene.
Now, w-wait a minute here.
Are you saying our mutations don't look cool? [ Laughs ] You four look like something only a mama turtle could love.
Now, my mutated self is cool.
Ha! Are you kiddin'? With that Mohawk? Come on.
You're the first person in history to mutate into a bad hair day.