The 100 (2014) s05e11 Episode Script

The Dark Year

Previously on "The 100" One of the abscesses broke apart.
It was the sound waves.
- Fix me and get your fix.
- No.
Your disease versus mine.
Something tells me you'll break before I die.
The hydrofarm is barely feeding us.
So, if this is the last living valley on earth, then it should be ours.
50% of our people won't march.
It's Madi.
The fact that there's a Commander out there has complicated things.
The hydrofarm is working again.
Go to war if you want to, but at least tell them that they have a choice.
- What did you do? - Took away their choice.
I know what it's like to need something.
Hey, what was that? Mom, wake up! Mom, can you hear me? I need you to swallow this tube, OK? Please let me do this.
Give me the saline.
I need you to hold the funnel up high, OK? Good.
Stand back.
Doc, we ready to get back to work? How the hell did you get here? Stop just before midnight.
As close as you can get.
Play it forward.
A 24-hour loop.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to see my How long do we have? Assuming they left this morning, 6 days, maybe 7.
Override the loop.
I want to know where the hell they are.
Brother, it took me 10 minutes to find rewind.
What if You're all sick.
That's why you took my mom with you from Polis, why you helped us open the bunker.
Yes, and now that you're back, she might actually do her job.
Take these to the doc.
If she's still out, force a few of them down her throat.
Let's get our functional junkie functioning again.
Junkie? Oh, I'm sorry to break it to you.
She just overdosed.
If you give her more now, she could die.
Well, then we have a problem.
I tell you what.
You pumped her stomach, so, obviously, you have some skills.
I'll give you 24 hours to get her operating again.
Once she's back on her feet, if she still won't cure us Well, I guess you both get to watch your daughters die.
What? Is there anything you can't fix? Except my leg? Nope.
I mean, it did take her 6 years to get us back down to the ground.
Yet here we are.
He hates when I'm that good.
Cave's not big enough to fit your head.
See? OK, well, then what about Eligius Three? Ah, she has the look of failure right there.
When we were on the mothership, I hacked the Eligius files.
I just couldn't crack that one.
All right.
We're all set.
The antenna's aimed at Polis.
Fire it up.
It's not connected yet.
So, connect it.
What's wrong? You got spotted? Worse.
They're not looking for us anymore.
What do you mean? OK you want to be useful? What does it mean that from the antenna position, we saw your people moving weapons and supplies to the northern perimeter? If McCreary's moving his troops north, then Wonkru's on the march again.
So much for blinding the Eye.
Quiet, Murphy.
Look, we can't be helpful unless we know all the facts.
The facts are I got played.
They hacked the Eye in the sky.
I'm impressed.
Don't be.
If McCreary knows they're coming, then we've failed.
Without the element of surprise, it'll be a massacre.
We have to tell them to go back.
Let's get this thing on top.
- Echo - Wait.
She's speaking trig for a reason.
They know we're coming.
- Clarke? - It had to be.
Bellamy, if Clarke's on their side, she speaks Trig, too.
Clarke's on their side? What does that mean? It means we have to make this fast.
We're on it.
Be safe.
Over and out.
Clarke and McCreary? If it's true, I'll deal with her later.
Take your people and scout south.
Stay out of sight and don't engage.
We need details on troop count and weapons.
Spacekru, you're with me.
I'm going with you.
The hell you are.
Trust has to be earned.
Isn't that right, Colonel? Let's roll.
Man, I never get the gun.
You're staying here.
Raven, you need my help.
What we need is for McCreary to not be able to launch missiles into our friends again.
You'd think I'd do that if I got caught? I think torture has a way of changing people's minds.
I won't be long.
She's awake.
Mom? Clarke? - Hi.
- How Mom, no.
I don't want you to see me like this.
Mom, I need you.
We're in trouble.
Octavia's army will be here in 5 days.
Unless you treat McCreary's people - Clarke, no.
- Madi, this is not up for discussion.
I saw her picture.
Who is she? It's a long story.
Right now, we have to focus on getting you on your feet so you can operate.
Those people.
McCreary Is a murder and a sociopath who happens to need the same thing we do.
To stop Octavia.
He threatened to kill us, didn't he? Yes.
I don't like this any more than you do.
But if we help him, we live.
His people win the war.
We worry about the rest later.
Mom, your heart rate's weak and you're not retaining fluid.
I'm worried if you take any more of these to function You're right.
My system's too compromised.
Then how do we do this? A detox takes too long.
You have to be operating in 24 hours.
First, you get rid of the pills.
Then I want you to get my bag.
It's under the bed.
There's a opiate blocker in the bag.
I used to give them in the bunker.
That'll put me into rapid detox.
If my heart stops, there's adrenaline in there, too.
Mom It didn't happen the last time.
Last time? How long has this been going on? Too long.
Administer with the IV.
20 ccs to start.
You need to tie me down first.
Why? Because I don't want to hurt you.
What happened to you, Mom? You said we had 5 years.
We've only been down here for two.
I've done everything I could think of, short of eradicating the infected plants.
For now, the fungus is contained to the soybean crop, but it won't be for long.
I've salvaged a few of the healthy plants to use for seeds How long? One year.
Less with some luck.
One year.
Without a protein source.
We all know what the answer is.
Abby If we don't get at least 10% of our calories from protein, over that amount of time, we'll starve to death.
I'm sorry, Marcus, but that's a fact.
There is only one potential source.
The fighting pits.
Will it be enough? To last a year? It should be once the crime rate starts to rise.
And it will.
Are we seriously talking about this? What else are we supposed to do? Kane.
Give us another solution.
There is no other solution.
Bellamy and Indra want to talk.
I don't know what it's about, but we disarmed them.
You're marching us into a massacre.
We'll see.
Echo radioed.
Your enemy knows you're coming.
We don't need to worry about the missiles, but they're moving their weapons into position.
It's safe to assume that since there's only 3 realistic ways into the valley, that all 3 will be heavily defended.
Echo's scouting now, looking for the best way in.
But since we can't go back because you burned the farm, and since we can't stop because we'll starve, we thought we should let you know that you've killed your people.
Bellamy Enjoy your walk.
Drop the other boards right there.
What? What is it? Pillbox.
Gunner position.
They're building them on both sides of the ravine.
You don't have to be a spy to know this isn't the best way in.
It's too high up, it's too freaking cold, and they'll see them coming for miles.
Come on.
Let's go.
Hold on.
Not so fast.
Murphy, we're scouting, not stealing.
That's easy for you to say.
You already have a gun.
Well, hello, beautiful.
The box next to it is ammunition.
Well, I mean, they can't shoot us with what they don't have.
Follow me.
Drop the gun.
Right now.
Look, you shoot me, she shoots you.
Why don't we just go ahead and pretend this thing never happened? I got a better idea.
She drops her weapon, or we turn your pretty friends into pink mist.
Radio McCreary.
Tell him we got the people who took Shaw.
Now, that would be a big win.
Shaw, what the hell are you doing? I tell you what.
Let them go, take me, McCreary gets his pilot, fires his missiles, you guys get to be heroes.
I'll tie him up.
Kill the others.
Nice throw.
You're welcome.
Hey, John, you still want a gun? Oh, hell, yeah.
You can stay.
I told you to lie down.
The baby's fine.
We don't know that.
He needs a real doctor.
So do you.
I'm worried about Abby, too.
When McCreary came for us, she put herself between a bullet and my child without even blinking.
She's a brave woman.
Opiates are a bitch.
Back in the service a million years ago, I lost more men to pills than war.
So, what about this war? Are we on the right side? How does it play out? High casualties.
Both sides.
Wonkru will suffer losses at the border, but once they get in, with their numbers advantage and training The Red Queen will reign over the Green Valley.
The only question is how much of it's left when the shooting stops.
I mean, who knows, Kane? Maybe she'll forgive you and Abby for defection and treason instead of slaughtering us all, and we can all live happily ever after.
Octavia lost her way to happily ever after a long time ago.
How do you choose between a monster and the Devil? Just stop.
It's too much.
It's too much.
No, please, please.
My body can't handle this.
- Yes, it can.
- Oh.
Hey, leave her out of this.
Please trust me.
I know what I'm talking about.
It doesn't matter what you say.
- We're gonna get you through this.
- Oh, God.
Do you see what she's doing? She's acting like she can make the decision for you.
She decides who lives and who dies.
Don't you let her decide for me.
Not for me.
If I die, you're never gonna forgive yourself.
You chose this.
Not Clarke.
She told me her mother was kind, loving.
What happened to you? No, Mom.
What's going on? What did I do? It wasn't you.
What's happening to her? Her heart stopped.
Please work.
They need to see us do this.
We all know the situation.
What we do here now, we do to survive.
Some of you think it's a sin.
But the sin would be letting ourselves starve to death when we know we're all that's left of the human race.
Wash it down with the vegetable broth.
It'll make it easier.
One year.
I don't know if I can do this.
I keep thinking about the fighting pits.
Their faces.
They died so we can live.
Honor them.
Don't let their sacrifice go to waste.
I can't.
I know it's hard, but we have to do I said no.
We all need to make this choice for ourselves.
There is no choice.
If you don't eat, you starve.
There's always a choice, Abby.
You know that.
Mom? Mom.
Mom? You saved her life.
Are you really gonna save theirs? I'm tired, Madi.
Let's talk about this later.
I love you, Clarke, but we're on the wrong side of this war.
But you get to live.
Living with ourselves is another story.
They're digging in at all 3 northern entry points.
Dry tributaries here, here, and here.
Each position has two pillboxes on either side of the entry point with gunners evenly divided.
Son of a bitch.
He's using my playbook.
Two gunner positions at each entry point.
My battle plan called for the use of Eligius blast shelters.
I dropped my notebook at the gas station.
McCreary must have found it.
How detailed? Deployment formations.
Weapons distributions.
First strike options.
Everything I could think of.
And I think of everything.
So, is there a safe way to get in or not? We're gonna take heavy fire, but as long as we stay together, we can still do this.
Does everybody understand? We need to see her now.
Let him in! You don't need that.
The spy found us a way in? Yes.
Everybody out.
Before I tell you this, we need to set some things straight.
I'm listening.
This war that you're so anxious for is about to be fought on the last survivable land on earth.
That is monumentally stupid.
But it's here, and in 4 days, when we march on that valley, we are gonna fight this the right way.
Does the right way end up with us winning? It ends with us accepting the other side's surrender.
Once they lay down their arms, we share the valley with them.
No executions.
No fighting pits.
Real peace.
Believe it or not, I want that, too.
I wish I believed it.
I accept your terms.
Now, tell me how to win this war.
Indra has the details.
Bellamy This is how it was meant to be.
You and me.
Fighting side by side.
I'm not fighting for you.
I'm fighting to get back to my family.
I thought I'd lost you.
I started taking the pills after A.
Raven's ice bath worked on my brain.
Mom you don't need to explain.
Yes, I do.
We did things to survive.
Things no human being should ever have to do.
No way.
I won't take away their choice.
When they're hungry enough, they'll eat.
Listen to me.
Nobody wants to do this.
But we can't let them starve.
If they die from malnutrition, their muscles will atrophy, and there won't be enough meat on their bones.
- I can't hear this.
- You have to hear this.
On the Ark, the Blight generation, they had a choice, and they never recovered from it.
The people who ate had to watch the people who didn't eat die slowly, and their guilt nearly destroyed them.
What do you want me to do? Make it a crime not to be a cannibal? Ohh That's one way to fill the freezer.
First we get full compliance.
And then we deal with supply.
These are my people you're talking about.
I know that.
They're mine, too.
Then I suppose you want me to make an exception for Kane.
Marcus is the key.
You convince him and the rest will follow.
What's with the guns? We honor those who died so we could live.
I give all of myself to you.
You know that.
And so did they.
MAN, WHISPERING: I can't do this at all.
I just can't.
I'm sorry.
I can't.
Maybe I wasn't being clear.
This isn't a choice.
For me it is.
One of the men in the arena yesterday was my brother.
And he gave his life so you could live.
So we all could.
All of him for all of us.
I mean no disrespect But I would rather die with my brother than Octavia what are you doing? You are Wonkru or you are an enemy of Wonkru.
Octavia Put the gun down.
You eat, or you die.
Please don't do this.
Octavia, this isn't you.
Please, put down the gun.
Just take a bite.
Do it.
You eat, or you die.
Octavia, please.
- Eat or die.
- No, stop, she'll eat.
Enough! Enough.
I'll eat.
It was me.
It's OK.
It was me.
It's OK.
Are you out of your mind? Are you? One death and this war is over.
We've been through this.
Like it or not, we're on his side.
How can you still be against Octavia after what your mom said went on down there? She murdered her own people to break their will.
I know that.
As awful as it was, taking away their choice, putting it all on her, she bore it so that they didn't have to, just like you at Mount Weather.
I never told you that story.
You never told me a lot of things.
Bellamy, Raven, Octavia, even Murphy.
They were always the heroes.
When all along, it was you.
Until now.
I'm ashamed of you.
You listen here.
The things I did, I did for my people.
Well, guess what? Now you're my people.
Clarke I need your help.
I'll be right there.
I never said I was a hero, Madi because I'm not one.
Last of the rations.
Look if you want us with you at the front No.
We got this.
You stay.
They're leaving the tents here.
Once the fight is over tomorrow, you'll come and join us.
I told Octavia we're taking 80 acres, on the eastern edge of the valley.
Grow something other than algae.
OK? Everybody ammo up.
- Will that work? - Yeah, that works for me.
Once the shooting starts, it'll take 10 minutes for McCreary's reinforcements to arrive, so, don't use all your bullets before then.
It's been 4 days.
We're about to go to war, and maybe you should forgive me for saving your life.
I'm not mad at you for saving my life.
I'm mad at you for making me care about yours.
Understand? You'll be together soon.
It's almost dawn.
Let's go over this again.
When I give the signal, we open fire on pillbox one, in position A here.
According to Diyoza, - at the first sign of attack - At the first sign of attack, McCreary's forces at point B and C will converge to reinforce A, thinking that's where we're coming through.
Leaving the other two doors wide open.
We'll come through here.
Point C.
Now, if we time it right and we move fast, there won't be any resistance.
Once we're in the woods, we take the village.
Once we're in the woods, we win.
I'll tell my people.
Your people? Save it for the enemy.
Spread the word.
We go at first light.
Tell Echo I said well done.
You can tell her yourself in two hours.
It'll all be worth it.
Once we're in the valley, everything we had to do to get there it'll make sense.
You'll see.
I hope you're right.
I have to be.
- The baby? - Fine.
- Good.
- How's your neck? Fine.
You have two seconds to tell me why you're turning yourselves in.
That's all I need.
Wonkru know you have my battle plans.
They know every move you're gonna make before you make it.
In other words, you're gonna lose this war.
Or you can get those guns off us and we'll tell you how to win it.
And why would you tell me that? Because I won't let the Devil in this garden.