The 100 (2014) s06e05 Episode Script

The Gospel of Josephine

1 Previously on "The 100" I think we deserve a fresh start.
- Does that mean I can go to school? - No, Madi.
No one's gonna find out I'm a Nightblood.
Today we mark the return of our beloved Priya Delilah Janice Workman, - do you accept this honor? - I do.
It is my great honor to present Priya.
Their leader is some old man.
If I kill him The Primes will honor the deal, and the king will let your child be raised in Sanctum.
Then consider it done.
I miss my daughter.
We can get her back tonight.
I'll prep for insertion.
I'm sorry, Clarke.
Josephine, can you hear me? You're safe.
Dad? It's late.
What's the emergency? Rose was killed, but Jade returned with your family.
Oh, thank God.
First Tell us the truth.
There's a rumor that you and your family were running away when you went up to the Earth ship.
That's ridiculous.
Why would we run away? - Who told you this? - I did.
You would take the word of a stranger over me? What's the matter, Lee-Lee? You don't recognize your best friend? Josephine? Surprise.
I heard that you were the one to find my last body after my tragic fall.
English, please.
She killed someone I cared for.
I was protecting Sanctum From you.
So am I.
- No! - Josephine! Yours was the last face I saw before I fell.
Now, we're even.
I know we have a lot to discuss, but right now, I want to have a shower, get out of this hideous dress.
Alors on danse Alors on danse Alors on danse Alors on danse Alors on danse Alors on danse Alors on danse Alors on danse Hey.
Too loud? No.
Come here.
You didn't sleep, did you? I never do my first night back.
We have to talk about Kaylee.
Ah, no, we don't.
Her family was afraid that you'd find out she killed me.
That's why they ran.
A couple of decades on ice, it'll teach them a lesson.
It may be considerably less than that.
The people from Earth? How many of them are hosts? - We don't know.
- That's what you're going to find out.
Oh, no, no, no.
No way.
- Josie.
- Did you ask them nicely? They know Gabriel targets hosts, so, of course they said they had none.
Maybe they were telling the truth.
All 13 of us had the blood when we landed.
Odds are there are more like Clarke.
In the 6 years that I was on ice, not one single host was born.
No one.
If you'd just let me run the breeding program, we wouldn't be facing extinction right now.
We're not talking about oblation again.
Those are our people Human beings Not a herd of cattle to be culled.
That's right.
Peace and love for the grace and glory of Sanctum.
Consent is key.
Tell me something, did this Ferrari I'm wearing consent to giving up her body? We brought you back because we love you.
It was now or maybe never.
Do not make us regret that decision.
These people are dangerous, Josie.
If they find out we killed Clarke, they will burn this world down just like their last one.
Blessed is Josephine.
Blessed are The Primes.
Jade will be there to protect you.
You can tell them we insisted because of The Children of Gabriel.
This is your last chance.
Redeem yourself for losing Rose.
Protect your Prime as if all our lives depend on it, because they do.
Start with with her mother Abby.
She's a doctor.
She'll know how many of their people have the blood.
They don't know what we are, Josie.
And for now, we have to keep it that way.
Why? What we are is spectacular.
They won't understand.
They'll run.
And we can't let that happen, not when they could be the thing that saves us.
Thank you for examining me.
I know today is difficult for you.
Rose would have made a beautiful Jasmine.
Don't worry about me.
He's one of the people from Earth, a friend of Delilah's.
I mean, Priya.
It isn't the time, Jordan.
I just want to give her this.
You said the daisy was your favorite flower.
It is.
Thank you.
Yesterday she told me her favorite flowers were the calla lilies.
Calla lilies are nice.
I'm serious.
Something happened in that reliquary.
It's like she doesn't even know me.
Just play it cool.
She'll come around.
Yeah, that and, like, maybe don't get flowers for a one-night stand.
Bellamy Blake, John Murphy, Jordan Green.
Yes, good.
Mother isn't here.
Maybe we should Relax.
I played Vladimir in "Godot" twice.
How hard can Clarke be? Clarke.
Oh! Madi.
Good morning.
Can I please go to school today? I don't see why not.
Clarke! We talked about this.
Oh, apparently, people with blood like mine are a target.
The Primes insisted.
Uh Everything ok? Yeah.
Where are the others? One of The Primes is showing Raven and Emori how to build a radiation shield.
- Ryker? - Yeah.
I sent Echo and Miller to watch their backs.
And my mother? Still in the library.
Jackson said he found her sleeping with her head on a book.
Speaking of books, let's get you to school.
- Clarke.
- Chill out.
She'll be fine.
"Chill out"? - What? - Huh.
Happiness looks good on you.
I take it you had fun with the doctor.
Cillian? Yeah.
Let's just say it'll be a while until he recovers.
Here you go.
Let's go.
Thank you for changing your mind.
Why did you change your mind? Maybe I should reconsider.
Uh, nope.
All good here.
Interesting language.
English lexical source.
Maybe a creole via a pidgin stage.
Come on.
I know where the mother is.
Gaia Hey, slow down.
Madi will be fine.
Fine? They gave Clarke a bodyguard for being a Nightblood, and she just sends Madi to school? Can I get you guys anything else? Ma'am, can I ask you something? Only if you call me B.
What happened to Delilah last night? Our little girl became one with The Primes.
You were there.
What's wrong? Ah, nothing's wrong.
She's acting like she doesn't even know me.
That's what's wrong.
Oh, child, I miss her, too.
Priya's return blesses us all.
"Priya's return blesses us all"? What does that even mean? It means that they believe in something.
That faith should be respected.
Jordan, we're guests here, and we need their help.
I'm sure whatever happened between you and Priya Delilah.
It happened between me and Delilah.
I know you think you need to protect us all because you couldn't protect Octavia, but I can take care of myself.
- I had him! - Did you? He led us here so we'd have to go on foot.
So we're doing what he wants? It's that or he gets away, and I don't get his leader, and my baby doesn't get into Sanctum.
Yes, for now, we're doing what he wants.
What the hell is this stuff? Call it your crucible.
The harder you fight, the faster you die.
Son of a bitch.
Extract pulls excess creatine from the blood.
We can use that.
Abby, Kane's kidneys have failed.
He'll need full hemodialysis for starters.
You know that.
We're gonna use peritoneal dialysis instead.
He's got abdominal bleeding.
How are you gonna do that? I don't know! Clarke.
She hasn't slept in two days.
I'm worried that she might relapse.
I don't want drugs.
I want to save Marcus.
Is there something wrong with that? You go.
I'll talk to her.
It's better late than never.
I heard what you guys were talking about.
This might help.
How? You said he needs hemodialysis.
This is about Nightblood.
It's worthless.
I actually read a book by that same author.
Propaganda on a eugenics project Purifying of the blood line.
And you thought what we did in Becca's lab was bad? I mean, that woman was a monster.
Or a visionary.
Ok, can you take some notes for me, please? The fiber of this leaf can double as a surgical mesh.
And the stomata is large enough that the wound would be able to breathe What? Why are you writing with your right hand? Clarke, are you feeling okay? Here.
The Lan Hudie rhopalocera.
What? Well, if you can't do dialysis, this guy metabolizes urea and creatine.
Look, it says so right there.
That's really good! That's good.
Go get Jackson, please.
200 years, this is all they mapped.
Why leave when you're safe, right? Oh, come on, Murphy.
Where's your sense of adventure? We're pioneers.
Oh, I don't want to be pioneers.
Pioneers find the red zone and wind up dead or get caught in randomly-occurring, psychosis-inducing eclipses.
You really want to go through that again? I've been asking around.
Apparently, this whole thing's built on top of cave systems.
The bugs start to freak out, the party goes underground.
So we find our own cave system, Raven builds us a radiation shield.
Murphy, we can't stay here forever.
And even if we could, what about the other 400 of us? Please join us in the offering grounds to say good-bye to our beloved Rose Rose is being offered to the woods.
All of you are welcome.
Thank you.
Don't even think about asking me to go to that funeral.
Take Jordan.
It'll get his mind off of being dumped.
Where is Jordan anyway? I think I know where he is.
Come on.
Hey, suit yourself.
But if he gets us kicked out, you're a pioneer.
Just so sad, really.
Okay, just go inside, Josie.
That Murphy is kind of cute.
Like father, like son.
Got to be kidding me.
Which part of "I hate dead people" did you not understand? Quiet, Murphy.
Jordan, we know you're in here.
What the hell are you doing? What you would've done, the you before Praimfaya anyway.
Heart over head.
That was my favorite Bellamy.
- You, too? - They worship Nightbloods.
I'd like to understand why that is.
I'd like to leave.
There's no way I'm getting thrown out of the one safe place on this Moon because you got dumped.
This is Sanctum's holiest place.
You shouldn't be here.
I'm sorry.
I just, uh, I saw you on the steps.
Does that mean your bodyguard could, too? Good point.
Let's take this outside.
Not yet.
Mark of the flame? They're all Commanders.
That's why the symbol was on the flag.
Well, it's all coming together, isn't it? Now can we please go? The ones in the front row must be the original Eligius team.
There's 12 of them.
Oh, and they take kids.
Familial love is a powerful motivator.
People will do anything to ensure the survival of the ones they love.
Now let's ensure our survival and get the hell out of here.
Open Sesame.
Operating room attached to a crypt.
Really? She was here.
This was Delilah's.
I'm sure of it.
Still think I'm overreacting? Ok, let's think this through.
Becca created the flame after apocalypse one.
She obviously provided the tech to Eligius Three before that.
That means that - They're not commanders.
- Right.
So what the hell are they? Let's find out.
Monty taught him how to hack, too.
That's my kind of parenting.
No hacking needed.
The Eligius systems all use the same access code.
" Try that.
Here we go again.
Today's subject is Brooke, Earth embryo 47.
Presents with black blood.
21 Earth years old, 22 doing time in the Incubator.
You can do this, Gabriel.
25 years of work, the failures.
This is the one.
If I'm right, the reason all previous metempsychosis trials have failed is because the host's neuroanatomy was not developed enough to support the file size of a mature human mind.
Gabriel, let's go.
I'll hold her down.
Do it.
Do do what? What are they doing? For God's sake, give her a sedative! We can't.
Full consciousness is crucial.
You know that.
If this works, I'll find a better way, an easier way, okay? I promise.
Rostral dorsolateral pontine tegmentum's now fully dormant.
We have to wait for the serum to reach the claustrum.
And dormant.
Did they just kill that girl? Did we just watch someone die? Heart rate and breathing normal.
Lower brain function is still intact.
The body's ready.
Something's happening.
She's waking up.
- Josephine, can you hear me? - Mom! Sanctum Is mine.
Please stop! Josephine, shh.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Josephine, no.
It's okay.
You're safe.
You're safe now.
It's me.
Just breathe.
Listen to me.
Gabriel? Is it real, this time? This is real.
What happened to your face? I got old.
I've spent the last 25 years trying to bring you back.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
It wasn't his fault.
It was the red sun.
The eclipse.
I was right.
Yes, you were.
It turns out it affects more than just insects.
Our memory drives.
You reverse-engineered them to upload our entire minds.
That's brilliant! You look like Grandpa.
Congratulations, Dr.
You've conquered death.
The key is a fully developed brain.
Once the adult host's consciousness is gone, the mind stored in the drive uploads with ease.
Now, we still have loads of tests to run, but so far, Josie's consciousness, herself, appears to be whole.
In other words, Eureka.
More soon.
They're immortal.
They're murderers.
They murdered Delilah.
It's not murder if they go willingly.
Did that girl look willing to you?! That's how they made it better, easier, by manipulating people into believing they were sacrificing themselves to some false Gods.
"Becoming one with The Primes," like Delilah's mother said.
Well, so much for respecting their faith.
I mean, no offense.
We let a bunch of kids fight to the death to become your God.
Murphy, that's enough.
Clarke, you're okay with this? Well, I didn't say that.
I just don't think they pose a threat to us, that's all.
They pose a threat to you.
You're a Nightblood.
And based on what we just saw, I'm thinking that's the only reason they let us stay.
I have to get her before they find out what she is.
I'll go with you.
Bring her back to the tavern so we can decide what to do.
These are all her.
Hey, Jordan I'm sorry I doubted you.
Log out of the system.
We need to cover our tracks.
I hate to say it, but I agree with Clarke.
This isn't our fight.
You still want to stay.
I want to live, only these people know how to do that forever, as it turns out.
That wouldn't suck either.
Reattach the keypad outside the tunnel.
We're right behind you.
Would you like to know why your brother left you out here to die? Oh, shut up.
You're a hurricane leaving a path of destruction in your wake.
I said, shut up.
So you hate people.
Who cares? Suck up and get over it.
Whatever you think you know about me, you don't.
You're wrong.
I used to be you.
You know that the more you struggle, the deeper you sink, and you can't help it.
At least I'm trying.
Your baby's ticket into Sanctum is getting away, and what are you doing about it? Nothing.
He's not getting away.
He's studying us from the trees.
That's why he told us not to struggle.
I don't see anything.
You will as soon as I give up this gun.
Before I do that, though, I need to know Do you want to die? Just say the word, and I can put you out of our misery.
You think you can scare me? Do it.
I've been there Self-inflicted.
I see you failed at that, too.
You're trying my patience, so I'm only going to say this once.
As long as you draw breath, you can turn it around.
Everybody hates you right now.
So what? Talk to me when your face is in the history books next to the worst people that have ever lived.
Like the gray.
Toss us the rope, and we'll tell you what you want to know.
Tell me what I want to know, and I'll toss you the rope.
What do you want to know? Some of your people had blood alteration.
How many? Did they have mind drives as well? Don't tell him anything.
The minute you do, he'll leave us here to die.
Suit yourself.
But I can guarantee you ahh I can wait longer than you.
It's a risk meeting like this.
What's wrong? They got into the lab.
They know everything.
Do they know about you? Not yet, but that doesn't matter now, because my host wasn't the only Nightblood.
Nightblood? That's what they call it.
It's pretty cool, huh? Anyway, they have more.
How many more? I don't know.
At least one.
But there are bound to be others.
If not down here, then up on their ship.
So what do you say we skip the hand wringing and do what we all know needs to be done before they can leave? Because that is what they're about to do.
So convince them not to.
I will not lower myself to their level.
You already have.
Dad, I'm tired.
I want to sleep in my own bed, wear my own clothes.
And you will right after you find out exactly how many of these so-called Nightbloods they have.
If you're right, then we can resurrect the others.
And it won't matter that we jumped the line for you.
Or that you killed Kaylee.
After she killed me.
But I hope you know this doesn't end well.
Either they find out who I am and kill me before burning Sanctum to the ground, or we body-snatch more of them and kill the rest so they don't burn Sanctum to the ground.
This is what happens when you try making an omelet without breaking any eggs.
Clarke, you realize staying says we're ok with what they're doing.
Yeah, and what's the alternative? Go back to space? Sleep for another hundred years on our way to a planet even less likely to support life? Build our own compound.
We'll not last out there on our own.
Emori, Echo, and Raven will be back in the morning.
They'll know everything we need to build a radiation shield.
After that, it's just hard work.
Over how many lifetimes? No, seriously, how many eclipses? How many swarms? How many terrorist attacks? I agree with John.
I don't like who they are either, but we need them to survive.
They're murderers, raising people to give up their bodies, brainwashing them into believing they're gods.
He's right.
It's a perversion of everything Bekka Pramheda believed.
The flame was about passing wisdom on to the next line, not keeping it all to yourself.
Yeah, well, no offense, but Becca wasn't a god either.
She was a scientist who made herself a Nightblood in the lab the same way Abby did to Clarke.
So much for doing better.
- Hey.
Hey, hey! - I know what you did.
Bad idea.
Take it easy.
Is everything okay here? How can you be okay? She was your child.
I know.
You miss Delilah.
Hallowed be her name.
Hallowed be her name.
But she's happy, Jordan.
She wants you to know that.
Follow me.
Everything okay? Give us a minute.
We'll go in here.
Where were you going? To see my mother.
What's wrong? How are we on different sides of this? I know how they survive seems harsh.
But what from what I've seen, these people are happy.
Their world works.
We destroyed ours.
This isn't about us.
So we can judge them but not ourselves? You know I judge myself every day.
I want to know the difference between us and them.
I'm sorry.
Can you repeat that last phrase? It sounds like "flashpa" means "flashback.
" So was it "dream"? Who are you? Josephine Lightbourne.
Nice to meet you.
Okay, fun's over.
Let's talk.
Don't you dare say a word.
It's fine.
We can wait till she goes under.
I only need one of you.
Okay, here's the deal.
I'm gonna talk after you die to save myself.
So what are you really accomplishing? She gets a hero's death.
But if your silence helps the wrong side, are you still a hero? You see, by my count, you've killed 12 of my people, and we've killed none of yours.
So who's the villain? I'm gonna say you since you kidnap little kids.
But feel free to prove me wrong and toss me that rope.
How many people have blood alteration? Oh, for God's sakes! Tell him.
What the hell is that?! A temporal flare.
Get out and run! I can't move.
Save your baby! I'll be back for you.
Hold on! Hold on! Uh! Octavia? Octavia! You went under.
I guess you want to live after all.
He's getting away.
Abby You need to eat something.
Clarke solved the kidney problem.
Let's say you're right.
We use the ship's hemosep.
Kane's blood pressure goes down.
Risk of emboli.
Once he normalizes, we open him up again, and we use these leaves against the new hemorrhaging we find.
Yeah, that's right.
It's gonna work.
Even if the O.
was fully stocked, Abby, we're talking about a 15-hour procedure.
Once a pod is open, Marcus has 10 minutes, tops.
- No, you're wrong.
- No, I'm right.
I'm right, and you don't want to face this because you've replaced pills with this.
What the hell are you doing? I am trying to get you to see the truth.
You really don't think that I know the truth? You want to know why I want to save Marcus? It's not because of pills.
It's because he's good And true, and he deserves to live, and we don't.
You and me we stood by Blodreina during the dark years, and Marcus was the only one who tried to stop it.
Did you? I was just doing my job.
Said by every war criminal ever.
W-where are you going? I thought you said the mother is the key.
Oh, she's the whole ball game, the super bowl, if you will.
And if we're gonna win, I need a better coach.
Would you like another drink? Ah, why not? Thanks.
Penny for your thoughts? What's a penny? Something from my time.
Let me guess.
Bellamy convinced you that we should leave paradise and take our chances in hell? Why I would leave my home? That's it.
Fill in the blanks, John.
That's the second time you've called me Okay, before you freak out and raise your voice, I have a question for you.
You're not Clarke.
I'm gonna be honest with you.
Clarke's dead.
My parents killed her and brought me back.
My question is, how would you like to be immortal, too? I'm listening.