The Avengers (1961) s05e24 Episode Script

Mission: Highly Improbable

That's Gerald Bancroft, treasury, I'll handle this.
Morning sir Gerald.
-Good morning.
I'm Gibbon, security.
Can I see you pass, sir? Oh yes.
-Sorry, but I have to check everyone.
Here you are.
Yes thank you.
The testing area is two miles further on, I'll escort you to the gate, sir.
-Right, fine.
Where's the Rolls? -He was in front of you, sir.
-How very extraordinary! -You found something? Watch it.
Nest of the lesser throated warbler.
That's usually found in the higher Branches of an oak tree.
Quite a find.
But no sign of Sir Gerald or the Rolls.
-He was at the wheel? -I was right behind him.
Was barely out of my sight.
-Couldn't have passed your chaps up front.
-No tire marks.
There's a coincidence.
The one we're after is a bit bigger than that.
A full-size Rolls can't just vanish into thin air.
But it did.
If Sir Gerald was in the driving seat he can't be far away.
Who's that? That's Dr.
Works in the testing area.
Runs the Metal Fatigue Division.
Didn't know he collected butterflies! Help! He seems to have found something even if we haven't.
Lucky fellow! Let me out! What do you think? Fresh.
But not from the Rolls.
The axle width is too narrow.
That offside tire is badly worn.
-Strange, parking here.
-It overlooks the lane.
From the Treasury, wasn't he? What brought him here? I will shortly.
I've got someone working on it.
Those tracks were found close by.
One tire is worn smooth but Hexagonal multi-tread.
I've checked.
They belong to an MT4 military truck.
Help! Let me out! Morning, Professor Rushton.
Has Sir Gerald arrived? I'm late.
I don't want to start off on the wrong foot.
Sir Gerald's been delayed.
Weighed down with a load of rubbish.
-Rubbish? -Bureaucratic rubbish.
Ministerial red tape.
That kind of thing.
I'm very glad.
I wanted to have a talk with you.
I can't wait to tell Sir Gerald.
To see his face! That's what I want to talk to you about.
-I really don't think the time is right.
-Why not? -You said yourself, this is only a prototype! -But it works.
You've seen it! But you've developed this project without ministry consent.
That wasn't my idea.
We're in testing, not a research department! When I suggested you work in secret, I was only thinking of you.
You know these civil servants.
I've suffered from them.
They block you.
You won't get a penny.
This invention is going to put you among the greats.
Do you really think so? Once it's perfected.
We don't even know how it works! We must test it and test again! Without a word to anyone.
-Not even your daughter.
-Susan hasn't the faintest idea.
She has been questioning me about my expenditure.
Any problems with her, just refer her to me.
That's good of you.
I should hate you to risk your job.
The benefits could be enormous.
It's worth taking a few risks.
-What was that about "taking risks"? -Nothing for you to worry about.
Here's something for you to worry about.
Been overspending.
-When Sir Gerald -He's been delayed.
He's bound to turn up and he'll want to know your unauthorized equipment orders.
I admit I have taken a few shortcuts but for a very good reason.
What? I'll ask Dr.
Can I help you? I hope so.
-It is Dr.
Chivers, isn't it? -That's right.
-Have we met? -At a distance.
You were chasing butterflies at the time.
Treasury? Susan is Professor Rushton.
This is Mr.
My daughter Susan.
Steed is from the Treasury.
A dull job compared to yours, I'm afraid.
No, just routine.
We test the endurance of metals.
Corrode them, bombard them and even reduce them.
To their basic elements.
Once a weapon leaves we guarantee its survival on the battlefield.
Tomorrow's demonstration, the Saracen FV603.
-I'd like to go over the details -Don't mind me.
Perhaps, Miss Rushton would show me around.
I'd be happy to.
If you'll excuse us.
This way, please.
We were expecting Sir Gerald Bancroft to arrive.
So were we.
He vanished between the perimeter and the main gate.
Vanished? But I thought When did this happen? A few hours back.
He was on his way to audit accounts.
Do look around.
There's the laboratory.
Do you assist your father? Not directly.
I work in administration.
Could you supply me with an inventory? Of the division's equipment.
That covers a wide field.
How many military trucks do you have? -Which specification? -MT4s.
There's one allocated to the stores.
-It's parked out front, I believe.
-I've seen it.
Any others? I can check.
Why do you ask? I'm looking for one with a worn front tire.
We found tracks where Sir Gerald disappeared.
I'm afraid the vehicle inventory doesn't seem to be here.
Get me John Steed.
Administration somewhere.
I'll wait.
Hurry, will you? Professor Rushton's office.
Who's that? It's for you.
Captain Gifford.
Where are you? You there? Where are you? are you all right? Help! Turn it off! I can't breathe! I'm slipping! I can't hold on! It's utterly incredible! Two men and a Rolls vanish into thin air.
I presume the area was thoroughly searched? Inch by inch with the finest of toothcombs.
It was ringed with a live wire the guards were armed to the teeth.
Nobody could penetrate.
What did you find out about Rushton? Considered quite brilliant in his day, if a trifle eccentric.
But with age creeping on he was put out to grass at the Fatigue Division.
He stepped on a few political toes.
Both may be disgruntled.
But it still doesn't account for the disappearances.
Or their rising expenditure.
We'll find out about that in Rushton's desk.
His daughter's got it under lock and key.
That should prove no problem.
There's a demonstration today.
Of the Saracen FV603.
The new alloy? Extremely new.
I gather we're to attend.
I shall.
You'll be engaged elsewhere.
I'd better get into my rifling-Rushton's-desk kit.
No sneaky moves! There.
Happier now? This is the truck.
There's something odd going on here.
I shouldn't worry.
Sir Gerald's bound to turn up.
When he does, you'll be in serious trouble.
I don't think so.
You've spent thousands over the allocation.
-It hasn't been wasted, I promise.
-Where's the money gone? When Mr.
Steed was here, I lied for you.
I covered up for you.
I think you owe me an explanation.
Very well.
It all started by accident.
I was testing an alloy, bombarding it with electrons.
The machine went wrong so I had to improvise.
You know the routine.
We take measurements before and after.
There's usually shrinkage but this time it was more than five per cent.
The rays from the improvised machine had reduced its size! So I built a more powerful version.
It's here.
That's it.
Where the money went.
This machine can actually reduce matter and restore it to normal! I know it sounds fantastic but take radio aeroplanes, television.
Didn't that seem inconceivable -a hundred years ago? -It really works? You don't believe me, do you? Look, I'll show you.
What shall we use? Yes, this crate! Here we go.
It was money well spent.
Don't you agree? I'm not sure.
Who'll be at the demonstration? The usual top brass plus a few observers from the other side.
Isn't that dangerous? -They won't walk off with an armoured car.
-Someone walked off with a Rolls.
If there is a connection, it'll be interesting.
Comrade Shaffer? -What's this? -Your jacket.
Fool! This is an army demonstration.
Today I'm a general, not an admiral! I'm sorry, Generalsir.
As a representative of our great country, am I to appear half naked? Another medal, you fool! For bravery! Conspicuous bravery! Good morning, darling.
Or is it good evening? I thought you were a civilian.
Who's that? How did she get here? You brought her here last night.
What lovely medals.
Is this one for endurance? -Get rid of her.
-But, darling! -Out! -You haven't shown me your icons! This way, please.
-What are you doing here? -I want to talk to you.
Get out of here! I will not have you bursting in here.
Bursting my head.
-I've been trying to see you for weeks.
-Not today.
I feel so fragile.
I can help you! Listen to me, will you? I'll listen.
But, please! A little lower with the voice.
All right.
My name's Chivers.
Matthew Andrew Chivers, Doctor.
You work at the Fatigue Division of the testing area to which I've been invited today.
You're totally corruptible.
I make it my business to find this out.
We can talk business.
What possible use are you to me? The security of the area is beyond reproach.
You would never be able to bring anything out! You don't think so? What did you have in mind? If this Saracen FV603 is as good as I hear I'll take that! It's yours.
You'll have it after today.
That's impossible! No.
Mission highly improbable, I grant you not impossible.
I observe a most infamous observer.
-The general? -Last time I met him, he was an admiral.
His name's Shaffer.
-He's versatile.
-He's head of intelligence.
My dear fellow.
What an unexpected pleasure! It's certainly unexpected.
You look as if you're entitled to a pension.
Crimean War? You're very well-preserved.
How very kind of you to say.
Here she comes! Gun crew, stand by.
That's your Saracen.
Looks conventional.
Conventional vehicle.
Made of unconventional metal.
What do you British say? "The proof of the pudding"? Stand by for a taste.
Hang on, Sergeant! Number 1 gun.
Fire 2.
Fire 3.
Fire 4 and 5.
Fire 6.
Cease fire.
Some pudding? Yes, indeed.
Sorry we can't part with the recipe.
Come have a drink.
There was a problem of reoccurring stress, but we're using a new additive.
Really? I must say, it's a very fine machine.
Drinks are being served.
I'll be along soon.
Wonderful vehicle.
How are you going to remove it? In your raincoat pocket? Be honest! You've got nothing to match the Saracen FV603! One could hardly judge from such a brief inspection.
Come along.
You're welcome to another look.
That would be very kind.
No, please, Professor.
More guardsmen over here! Get to the perimeter! -What's happened? -I don't know.
What are you doing here? Give me security.
Check all perimeter points! Give me an immediate check.
-All fences are intact.
They can't have got far.
What is happening? The Saracen.
Someone has stolen it.
What? All visitors? Everyone's accounted for.
Except John Steed.
What about her? -Any news of the Saracen? -Not a thing.
You're welcome to search me, if you like.
That's in order.
She's been through all your papers.
She has no right, has she? According to the pass, she has every right.
Peel is working for the Treasury.
And what has happened to Steed? I don't know.
And frankly, at this moment he's not my first concern.
The Saracen, that's the important thing.
If that has fallen into enemy hands It appears I underestimated you.
How did you do it? -Where is it? -I brought it with me.
You what? Where? Here.
What a perfect replica.
But what did you do with the real one? This is the real one.
This is the one you saw being demonstrated.
I took your advice.
I brought it out in my raincoat pocket.
In your raincoat pocket.
Now the truth, the real truth.
Rushton's produced a machine.
It reduces things.
It sounds unbelievable.
It did to me, at first.
How else do you think I got that out? Take a look at it.
Take a really close look.
Believe me, this is the real thing.
-lf you're lying to me -lf you think that.
I'll find another buyer.
That's mud.
And grass! Miniature grass.
No panic.
Mustn't panic.
I have to inform my department.
I'm sending the Saracen FV603 to you in a cardboard box! No panic.
I can deal with this in a cool, calm, collected ordered, intelligent manner.
I'd better radio for instructions.
Come with me! You're sure no one knows of Rushton's work? Positive.
Not even his daughter.
It's clear he hasn't realised its military significance.
With such a machine we could shrink opposing armies to the size of ants! Ants! and then If we reduce a rocket to the size of a toy, How far would it travel? The possibilities are gigantic! In a very small way.
-The machine's in the truck? -It's allocated to Rushton.
Can't get it without his pass.
Then we must persuade him to deliver it personally.
His daughter.
He values her more than the machine.
I suppose so.
I'll have her picked up.
Are you there? What's happened to you? You wouldn't believe it.
I can hardly hear you.
I'm not surprised! I haven't got time to explain.
Get over to Rushton's daughter and stay with her! Why? Because she's in danger.
Rushton's invented some kind of Who is that? -Who's speaking? -Hello, who's that? What do you want? Don't joke with me, please.
They're here! They've got the girl! -Speaking.
Who's that? -That is of little concern at the moment.
What should concern you is that we have your daughter.
My daughter? We will return her when you deliver your machine to us.
Don't you see? They've kidnapped Mrs.
Peel and they think it's me.
You know you're a fool.
All right.
Leave this to me.
I'm surrounded by fools! So sorry you've been troubled.
A case of mistaken identity.
It happens.
-No hard feelings? -None.
You're very kind.
Consider yourself my guest.
I can promise you a most diverting evening.
Can't wait.
Yes, it's me.
It can't be.
It's a dream.
If you insist.
You're real enough buthow? Rushton built some infernal machine.
Chivers used it on the tank.
And you just happened to be inside.
How did you guess? Tell me is everything to scale? If you can get into a position where I can reach you.
On the corner! Will you move it further onto the desk? Any assistance in keeping it taut would be appreciated! -What're you doing? -Destroying my notes.
Then I'll destroy the machine.
I saw myself as a benefactor, but I've created a terrible weapon.
-And Mrs.
Peel? -I'll notify the authorities.
It's clear that Chivers is behind it all.
Correction! Chivers is behind you.
-How are we doing? -Another tug should do it! Can't let this through without a pass.
-As a matter of fact -It's all right.
Carry on.
How are we doing? Almost there.
Under you go.
The pen! I must say, the pen is mightier than the sword! Well, between us we've written them off.
I hate to tell you.
Shaffer's got the machine.
Well done! -That's your little brainchild? -Where's Mrs.
Peel? You said You'll be joining her later.
It's time for a practical demonstration.
Careful! Sorry.
Where are we going? I'm trying to get you king-sized again.
That summer house will do.
You'll reduce it and bring it back to size again.
My pleasure.
Hold on.
Here's your chance.
Amazing! Quite amazing! I congratulate you.
Take them into the house.
I'm not sure I shouldn't keep you like this.
After all, it's one way to bag a man.
What happens now? Stay and await developments.
Big developments.
Today, a summer house.
Tomorrow, the world! Let's see your machine bring it back to size.
Leave this to me.
-I presume you want her alive.
-Of course.
You'd better put the machine in the house.
Come with me.
You're going to need a magnifying glass to find her.
But you are right.
She's around here somewhere.
Don't you worry.
I'll gather her up in my little net.
Take him back to the house.
An astonishing achievement! Which I'm sure our scientists can duplicate.
It will guarantee us world domination! But I cannot risk your being found here.
If you'll excuse me.
I must arrange for your disposal elsewhere.
My pleasure.
-By disposal, I suppose he means -He does.
-Oh, dear.
-I'd love to help but my hands are tied.
If you'll return the favour.
If you don't mind.
Now, hold very still.
There you are.
-Well? -Back to normal.
Everything? I can't find her! Forget it! We can spray the whole grounds later.
I can tell you one thing.
We are going to be big men! Have you got them? Yes! I think we've cut them down to size.
You English.
Mini cars.
And miniskirts.
You never know when to stop! How's that? Straighten her up a bit.
Pity Rushton destroyed the machine.
Could use it.
Beam it and you could move everything about like in a doll's house.
Certain things I'd love to see reduced.
That monstrous apartment block, for a start.
Government offices.
-Bank overdrafts.
Bermuda shorts.
Wishful thinking, I'm afraid.
The notes are destroyed.
He won't build another.
Never mind, we'll console ourselves with a gigantic feast! There's a storm brewing.
I'd better get my coat.
No need to worry.
Take my brolly.
Please, don't bother.
I'll be all right.