The Dead Files (2011) s09e03 Episode Script


AMY: There's a lot of death.
The ground is just saturated with it.
The previous owner, he committed suicide.
Ow! There's a lot of physical trauma going on.
- You think he was killed? - Yeah.
Somebody keeps talking about murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, murder.
There's something.
There's something here.
It's trying to push me away with a force.
It very much hates someone in this house.
I just hear death.
My name is Amy Allan.
Ah, God.
It's like, "I'm going to get you.
" I see dead people.
Her face was all demonic.
I speak to dead people.
He's like, "You think you can stop me? Because you can't.
" And they speak to me.
- What is he trying to do? - Kill them.
But there's only one way to know if my findings are real.
Something happened.
Bam, bam, bam! I rely on my partner.
I'm Steve Di Schiavi.
I'm a retired New York City homicide detective.
Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing? And I know every person, every house has secrets.
They're everywhere.
It's my job to reveal them.
This guy's got the markings of a serial killer.
But Steve and I never speak We never communicate during an investigation.
until the very end Is this dead guy doing that to her? when we uncover if it's safe for you to stay That's it.
or time to get out.
Somebody's gonna die over there soon, yeah.
I'm in the small town of Estill Springs, Tennessee.
It's about 85 miles southeast of Nashville.
I got a call from a young mother named Emily.
She says whatever's in the house hates kids and was going after her 3-year old son.
She was hysterical on the phone, and I'm really hoping we can help her out.
MATT: Before Amy arrives, I sweep the house from top to bottom, looking for any leading information.
Photographs, family heirlooms, even a baby's crib can influence her findings.
So it's important that I cover or remove them all.
When I'm done, the location will be ready for tonight's walk.
There's some nutty woman running towards me screaming.
She's got issues.
She is very physical.
She, like, can touch people.
Like, she's got her arm on me now.
Ow! Okay.
What happened? She was doing creepy stuff that actually kind of made me scared.
She made it like death.
STEVE: When we spoke on the phone, you sounded pretty upset.
Most of it was because of your son, Eli.
We got him about a year ago.
He was in an orphanage from China.
He's waking up screaming in the night.
I go in there, he is trembling.
It's heartbreaking.
He's obviously terrified.
When you did adopt him, did they give you any indication that he was having any issues like you're talking about? He slept awesome.
He slept all night.
He took a 2-hour nap during the day.
He had no issues.
It's hard because we brought him into this.
Let me get some basic stuff from you.
How long are you guys here? - We've been here about 4 years.
- Who's living in the house? Um, it is me, my husband, Christopher, and my son, Eli.
And recently, my youngest sister, Abby, and her 4 year-old son have moved in.
If you can, just give me an abbreviated version of what you guys are going through here.
Well, we've heard voices, a feeling of being watched.
We've seen shadow people.
And me and my husband both have pretty extreme mood swings.
And when you say the mood swings, what are we talking about? He's very irritable.
He seems anxious and nervous about things all the time.
I mean, that can't be good for the marriage? It's really hard.
I should be happy to be in this home with him, with our new baby.
So if we can't fix the problem with the paranormal here, what do you think would happen? Worse things would happen to Eli.
I fear that it will get to the point where he gets hurt.
I feel like it targets children.
So this lady, she's talking about kids, little children.
She doesn't want me to go in this house.
She very much hates someone in this house.
It feels like a male.
Okay, so I got punched in the stomach.
Do you know what by? Her.
Oh, [bleep].
Oh, that hurt like a [bleep].
This room's pretty bad for me.
I wake up seeing shadow people standing by my bed.
I mean, I wake Christopher up, and he keeps a baseball bat by the bed because I've said, "There's someone in the room.
There's someone here.
" What are we talking about as far as how often you see this? Once a week, once a month.
It's easily a couple times a week, if not more.
All right.
So a couple times a week, that's scary.
Yeah, it's a lot.
And since we've gotten Eli, it seems to be that he's seeing it now, and that's what's waking him up.
All right.
So has anything else happened? Yes, I feel someone sitting on this bed.
How often is this happening? At least once a week.
Do you think it's trying to get into bed with you? I think it's sitting there and wants to watch me.
How the hell are you sleeping? I don't sleep very well.
I mean, I'm 32 years old.
I'm sleeping with three night-lights.
Well, listen, you're going through hell here.
What she's doing, I know, is not good.
Yeah, she is [bleep] physical.
She can move things.
She can touch people.
I think that she's very capable of, like, uh, making noise? She can do a lot of crazy stuff.
What's going on in here? I saw a shadow figure, and it was at this end of his bed.
And it was, like, peeking over like this.
Describe what it looked like.
It was tall, dark.
I could see the head and the shoulders.
You couldn't see through it.
It was solid.
I thought someone was in his room, but I was frozen.
It was horrible.
I was terrified.
I was terrified for him.
It scares me right now to talk about it, to be honest.
Yeah, I can see that.
It just was the worst experience I have ever had in this house.
He was in an orphanage with no family.
To think that it's worse here with a mom and dad that love him That's upsetting.
Don't feel guilty, though.
Is there anything else? My niece told me that she saw a monster, and it had a cape and red eyes.
No arms, no legs.
And she said she could see the body, like, moving up and down.
I guess, like it was breathing? So is it possible he's seeing that? I mean, he's waking up screaming.
He's pointed over there, said, "Scare me, scare me.
" I feel like they want that they want him.
I definitely feel like they're after him.
What I'm hearing is weird noises, but then it's, like, almost, like, inhuman? Like growling? But it's, like, coming from, like, everywhere.
Trying to push me away, uh, with a force.
And it doesn't sound human.
MATT: You seeing it? I'm seeing a version of it.
Can you describe it? It's, like, got long legs and arms, but it crawls on all four.
It's got a weird body.
And then, like, a weird human-shaped face.
It's like screaming and [bleep].
It is a force.
It's a legitimate force.
This sucker is really evil.
So, Abby, I understand that you recently moved down here.
Yep, about 3 to 4 months ago.
And you moved down here with your son.
- Yes.
- And how old is he? - He's 4.
- Okay.
So, Abby, Emily told me that her and her husband's relationship has kind of gone downhill since moving here.
Um, have you noticed that? - Yeah.
- You have.
They're not happy with each other right now.
I noticed he snaps really quick, and he's said to me, "I feel really irritated, and I don't know why.
" You've been here a few months.
I know your sister's been having a lot of activity since she moved in here.
What about yourself? Right.
Well, I've had, uh, just an overall feeling of being watched.
You feel like you're being watched right now? Yeah.
Like, I don't Like there's someone else in the corner.
Anything else? My son has been having nightmares.
He's never had nightmares like he's had since we moved down here.
He's described to me a bunch of vampires wearing capes - Okay.
- With sharp teeth and red eyes.
So what your son described in a dream to you is something that Emily's niece said she saw.
I want to feel like I made the right choice and didn't bring him into somewhere that's not safe.
'Cause I'm I moved down here to make a better life for him and I.
Anything else going on? Um, I get panic attacks.
And then, like, I can't breathe.
Like I feel like I have to take a deep breath.
And then my heart will just feel like it's going really fast, beating out of my chest almost.
You have any other physical problems? Every once in a while, I get a feeling of nauseousness, like, really sick to my stomach.
But when I'm outside, I fell better.
There's something There's something here.
AMY: I can't tell what this strange-looking creature is, possibly a demon.
If anybody has any, uh, predispositions to, say, being depressed or anxious or angry, it'll amplify that tenfold.
Also, if they have any, uh, existing illnesses, uh, it'll go in there and attack that and make it 10 times worse.
It can make someone very ill, whether mentally or physically.
Somebody's sleepwalking, this man.
I think he's being influenced by this thing.
And then someone just yelled, "Murder!" Somebody keeps talking about murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, murder, murder.
So, Chris, I was talking to Emily.
She was talking about the stuff that's going on in the house.
Um, she said your personality has changed since the activity picked up.
I mean, do you agree with that? Yeah, she says I'm a little bit more edgy now.
You know, I I can feel I get angry faster.
- Are you concerned about it? - Yeah.
I mean, I I want to go back to the way we used to be.
So do you believe Emily when she tells you about all the experiences she's having? - I believe her.
- Okay.
I wish I could see something just at least once, just so I can know what her and Eli are going through.
You've had no experiences? There's a few things, but I'm not sure if they're paranormal not Okay, so let's go through 'em.
I I hear the floor creaking.
It sounds like somebody walking.
Could it be somebody walking? Nah, if I'm home alone, I'll still hear it.
All right, so how do youla that? I don't know.
I think it might be the cat.
Cat? What's the cat weigh? Six pounds? I mean Maybe.
I don't really know what it is.
All right.
Is there anything else that's going on with you? Uh, yeah.
Sometimes, you know, if I'm out in the garage working, I just kind of get this weird feeling somebody's staring at you.
And how do you explain that one? I was told that the previous owner, he committed suicide.
Okay, do you know how? I was told he shut the garage doors and, uh, ran his lawnmower.
That's something I'll definitely look into.
Anything else? Uh, I'm tired a lot.
Is it while you're home or while you're at work? Usually when I'm home.
Actually, when I leave, and I go to work, I feel I feel pretty good.
Mold or anything like that in the house when you had it inspected? No.
Well, it doesn't sound like you're much of a skeptic.
I love my family.
I'm gonna do whatever I can to keep 'em safe.
- Okay.
- That's why you're here.
Got it.
Okay, I think I know what's going on.
Wow, this one was hard to figure out.
- So what do think's happening? - I'm pretty damn sure.
There are Native Americans here who are not mentally sound.
And I think, if a person, a living person, is in this area, they can form an attachment.
Have they made this attachment? Yes.
To a living male here.
And I think these Native Americans, that they're acting like a demon and that they're influencing a living male here to potentially, uh, kill his whole family.
Why do they want to do that? They're just crazy.
Look, I always ask homeowners for leads on history.
Half the time, they're useless.
But in this case, turns out the owner did die in the garage.
I'm heading over to meet with his sons, who say they don't believe his death was accidental.
I know it's a touchy subject.
Your dad passed away right here in this garage.
Before we get to that, what kind of a man was your father? He worked two jobs.
Mom stayed home with us.
This is a picture of mom and dad, taken in '92.
I know this is all very hard to talk about, but I got a weird question to ask both of you guys.
Um, did mom and/or dad ever talk about anything strange going on in the house that they couldn't explain? Dad said one time that he thought the house was haunted.
I know your dad died in 2011.
Is that right? Okay, is your mom still around? - She's passed away.
- When did she die? It's 2002.
She had a stage 4 brain tumor, and she just got tired of fighting it.
And she passed away in the master bedroom.
- How old was she at the time? - 76, wasn't it? 76, okay.
How'd your father take that? I don't think he was that upset at all.
- That's a little strange.
- Yeah.
Sounds like you and your father didn't get along.
No, not at all.
I tried for 20 years in the military to feel like he felt I was worthy of something.
And it never happened.
All right.
So what happened after your mom passed? Within a week or so after Mom died, he had a couple girls living here.
Wait a minute.
How old was your father again at this time? About 82.
And how old were the two women that moved in here.
In their 30s.
They was taking his money.
He'd gone through at least $100,000.
He pawned everything he had.
Now, I know your dad died right here in the garage.
What was the official cause of death? Carbon monoxide toxicity.
Here's a copy of the autopsy report.
Where'd they say that was coming from? There was a lawnmower sitting right here that was running.
How old was your father at the time? - 86.
- Was he in bad health? - No.
- He could outdo me, no problem.
What do you think happened? I think he was killed in there and brought out here.
- You think he was killed? - Yeah.
Do you agree with that, Kim? Yeah, I don't believe he committed suicide.
What happens to these two girls that are living in the house? Were they ever questioned? No.
Don't like it in here.
I feel like death.
There's a lot of death.
Ugh, like the ground is just [bleep] Saturated with it.
Feels very deep here.
I feel a male.
And I feel death and darkness.
I feel, like, a loss of control.
And I feel something around my neck.
Ugh, I feel like I'm being strangled.
So far, I know of two deaths on my client's property one in the master bedroom, the other in the garage.
But I want to see if there's anything more that could help my case.
Searching through old records, I find the Martin family.
Turns out, they lost four of their seven children while living on Emily and Chris' land.
So I asked the local genealogist to look into these deaths for me.
I'm meeting her at a small cemetery right near Emily and Chris' property, where she says she's got something to show me that might help my case.
So Kathryn, I appreciate you helping me out with the case.
But why'd you want to meet here? Well, this is where a lot of the Martin family is buried.
- Right here? - Yes, sir.
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
Before we get to the deaths of these kids, um, what do we know about the family? John Graves Martin owned this land from 1875 to 1927.
Do you know how much property they had here? Yeah, at its peak, the Martins had 560 acres.
So we know from the census he lost four kids.
- Yes.
- All right.
So what were you able to find out? Well, unfortunately, not much.
During this time period, Tennessee didn't require death certificates.
- Okay.
- So what we do know is, by 1900, he'd lost two of the children.
And by 1910, he lost the other two.
Okay, do we know what they died from, how old, their names, stuff like that? We only know the name of one of their daughters, named Era.
And she passed away before 1910.
So now there's three kids left.
What happened with them? Well, all of them grew up to have families and lived here in Tennessee.
AMY: The violent woman who attacked me is following me wherever I go.
She may hate that I'm here, but I'm not leaving until I find out who she was in life.
MATT: Can you describe what she looks like? Seeing her young, she looks like she could be from anytime from 1870 to, like, 1920.
But when she shows herself as an old lady, she's looking real recent.
She's talking about something about her father, 'cause she's talking about how her father was a good man.
You know, I think her whole family got [bleep].
Something Something bad.
Some kind of vendetta.
She is fixated on on children.
She's trying to protect the living children from the male the living male in the house, because she, I believe, understands that there's an attachment that's influencing him to potentially harm the children.
This is really close to my client's property.
Indeed, this was part of the original Martin farm.
- Who owns it now? - John Graves Martin sold this cemetery to the city of Estill Springs in 1900 for $30, but there was a stipulation in the deed.
He wrote in there that it was for whites and no other.
- Now, did that change? - It did.
Now it's a city cemetery, so anyone can be buried here.
There's more than 860 burials here.
People are still being buried here today.
There's a lot of dead around, restless souls.
MATT: How many? Thirty to 40, maybe, people? And this is all different [bleep] time periods.
This is very, um, weird.
Like, some are old, you know, like, way old.
Some of them, they're like recent and that they could do real harm.
Something's not right here.
Something's not right.
If you need us to investigate unexplained activity in your home, go to the Dead Files page at travelchannel.
Click on "Help me, Dead Files!" to submit your story.
And we'll help if we can.
You know, something else caught my attention in research.
A brutal case where a mob tortured and killed a black man right near Emily and Chris' house.
I'm heading over to meet with a local professor who said it was one of the most heinous crimes in the state's history.
Doing my research, I came across this lynching that took place, looks like, right by my client's property.
- Mm-hmm.
- What do you know about it? This happens February 8th, 1918.
Jim Mcllherron was an African-American male walking down Main Street.
And he's confronted by three white men.
They start throwing rocks at him and throwing racial epithets at him.
- What happens next? - They pick on the wrong guy.
Mcllherron is an expert marksman.
He's armed.
He pulls out his gun.
He shoots six shots.
When the dust clears, two of the men are dead and one is, uh, badly injured.
I have a copy of the two death certificates of the men who died.
Oh, so he kills two out of the three guys.
Yes, sir.
It's in broad daylight.
He knows he has to get out of town immediately.
He goes about 40 miles, uh, to a place called McMinnville, a small town.
And when word of this shooting happens, several hundred men start to create a mob to follow him.
They collect dogs.
They find him in a barn.
Uh, they surround him.
A shootout ensues.
Hundreds of shots are fired.
Mcllherron is shot in the eye, in the arm, and in the leg.
AMY: Something bad happened.
This was a long time ago, during the day.
Something bad happened.
And it And that set the stage for all the [bleep] up [bleep] That has happened since and is happening now.
Oh, [bleep] no.
Hell no! What? Somebody Okay, there's a lot of physical trauma going on here.
People being shot or stabbed here.
So does Mcllherron die from the gunshot wounds? Nope.
They put him back on a train and take him back to Estill Springs.
When the train arrives, about 1,500 people are there.
They take him about a half a mile out.
They make two fires.
They tie him to a tree and begin to torture him.
What kind of torture we talking about? They poked him with red-hot irons and shoved it into his into his stomach.
Took it out, burned either side of his neck.
Uh, they castrated him before they burned him.
Uh, this is not the same lynching, but this is the kind of gruesome spectacle that we're talking about.
I've seen a lot of really bad things in my time on the police department.
And I got to tell ya, this is It It's pretty messed up.
Knowing the maps at the time, this looks like this might have happened either on or near my client's property.
Does that sound right to you? Absolutely.
Either right next to it, or on the property itself.
And I know the Martin family owned it at the time.
Would they have at least been there, or been involved in this lynching? Absolutely.
If they weren't a part of it, I'm sure they knew about it.
More than likely, just about everybody in Estill Springs was a part of this.
Was anybody ever convicted for this lynching? No.
In fact, the members of the mob took souvenirs of his body.
They took his ears, they took a finger.
- For what? - They displayed him in the local store.
That's pretty sick.
My, uh, Achilles, uh, got chopped.
Um, something happened back here, like I got cut.
So I'm gonna say there was, like, an attack or some something like this.
See, and more I go back, the more pain I'm feeling.
Oh, my head hurts.
Head hurts.
I saw a lot of disturbing activity on my walk.
But the dead woman attacking a living man had me the most concerned.
She had really long hair.
And she was wearing a dress.
She can punch people.
And I'd like to show, like, a living man.
And have her, like, punch him in the stomach.
Is this what you saw? Yes.
STEVE: Now that Amy and I have completed our investigations, we're ready to reveal our findings to each other and our clients for the first time.
Amy, I'd like you to meet Emily, her husband, Chris.
And this her sister, Abby, who recently moved into their home with her 4-year-old son.
The main reason we were called in is for this beautiful, young boy here.
This is Eli.
This is their son that they adopted from China last year.
They wanted to give him a better life.
But the activity's so bad in the house that Emily actually told me he'd probably be better off back at that orphanage.
It broke my heart when she said that to me.
I'm really hoping that you can give us some answers and, uh, help them out.
This was one of the worst investigations I've ever done.
And that's why we're here in this barn tonight because there was no way in hell I was going back to your property.
The first place that I got pulled to was to the backyard.
I walked over to the detached garage.
And I had this overwhelming feeling of death and darkness in there.
And it seemed like the ground was just kind of saturated with it.
And I almost felt like I was gonna vomit.
There was some male.
And I felt, like, a loss of control.
And then I also felt like something was around my neck.
And I was being strangled.
When I'm in the garage, you get this feeling that somebody is kind of watching you.
Now Chris is a skeptic.
And he always tries to figure out that it's not paranormal.
I'm a see-it-to-believe-it person.
Now, before Chris and Emily owned the house, it was owned by Robert Dawson and his wife, Barbara.
Um, I got a photo of that couple.
Now, Barbara passed away from cancer in the master bedroom in 2007.
Uh, she had been sick for a while.
What was kind of funny is Robert, according to his two sons, who I interviewed, uh, didn't seem too broken up about it.
Now, the guy was 82 at the time.
And a week after his wife died, he had two women in their 30s move in with him.
Now, they took advantage of him, they took all his money.
Now, 2011, he was found dead in that garage, according to the autopsy protocol that I got right here.
Official cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning.
That makes sense to me, that feeling of, like, darkness and despair and negativity.
All that you feel in that garage that affects someone's personality? I think that a person would feel weighted down, an agitation, tired, drained.
I feel a lot of that, just not necessarily just the garage, but just being in on the property, I guess you could say.
When I leave, I actually kind of feel better.
STEVE: What else did you see? One of the more powerful dead people on your property is the dead woman who I met outside.
And she was just screaming and freaking out, charging me like a maniac.
I think the living would possibly hear her when she's flipping out and also see her as a shadow.
The other thing I was getting a lot with her and about her is her fixation on children.
And she also made it very clear that she does not like living adults.
The biggest concern with her is that she can be very violent, and unfortunately, physical.
I found that out because when I was getting ready to go into the house, she freaking jumped me and punched me square in the stomach.
Um, you're hitting on a lot of the things these guys are experiencing.
First off, um, you say she's fixated on kids? - Yeah.
- Emily, do me a favor and tell Amy what you see over Eli's crib.
EMILY: I saw a shadow person, really tall.
And it was just standing by his bed looking down at him.
He wakes up at night screaming and crying, saying, "Scare me.
Scare me.
" Tell Amy about the other shadow figures you see, as well.
I see 'em around my bed all the time.
Couple times a week, I wake up in the night seeing stuff.
Do you ever hear any sounds or anything while it's going on? A lot of the times, I'll be home alone, sitting there watching TV.
And, you know, I'll hear stuff throughout the house.
And I just think it's the dog or a cat or - Mm-hmm - Something.
Now, is that this woman doing all this? It could be her.
I mean, she's got issues.
The person that she said she really dislikes the most, as far as living people in the house, is the male in the house.
And she really has it out for him.
And I had a sketch done of what she would like to do to him.
This is what this person wants to do to you, apparently.
So she just wants to take me out? Yeah.
Can she? Yes.
Chris, did you think tonight you'd be a target when we sat down? I didn't think I really had much to do with it at all, to be honest with you.
I'm here to help her.
I'm here to support her.
Looks like you may need the support.
Kind of looking that way.
You have any idea who this crazy, old bat is? The few things that I was able to extract from her were she can look a couple of different ways.
When she showed herself as being younger, it looked like she could be from, like, 1870 to 1920.
But then, when she showed me herself older, it seemed extremely current.
She was obsessed with her father.
And she kept saying that her father was a good man and her whole family had gotten screwed.
The other thing that I got was the connection with children, and that kids were extremely important to her when she was alive.
And they're still important to her in death.
Even though she may be scaring children, she's actually trying to protect them.
So I'm just going off the dates you gave me.
There are a couple of women who lived on the property that might fit the bill.
Now, back in the late 1800s, this house sat in the middle of a 560-acre farm.
The guy who owned it was named John Graves Martin.
Well, he had seven children.
Out of the seven, four died at a very young age.
Three of his kids survived, and two of them were daughters.
The one that makes the most sense, based on what you told me, is Edna Martin.
Now, she was born in 1895, grew up on the land.
And she died in 1986.
The other thing is you mentioned her being protective of the father.
John Graves Martin built a cemetery right on the property.
But when he sold it to the city, he said it had to be for whites only.
To me, it feels like Edna.
Like, looking back at this whole thing, I almost feel like the punch in the stomach was was a second warning.
Warning for what? To [bleep] leave.
When I walked through the door, I'm hearing this, like, growling.
And it just sounded like what you would imagine, like, a demon voice to sound like.
The other thing was how it was projecting itself.
And what it looked like was, like, it had these long arms.
And then it had, like, this human, deformed head.
My sister's daughter, she woke up to a black, hooded figure with red eyes.
Abby's son had a dream just like that.
ABBY: He said that there was a bunch of vampire-type people standing in a group with capes.
And they kept just staring at him.
And he woke up.
So is this something that Chris' niece might have seen? Yes.
It took me a while to figure out, but then it finally hit me.
This thing is not a demon.
It's dead Native Americans who are mentally ill.
And they are projecting themselves as a demon to scare you.
They can focus in on people's weaknesses very quickly and easily.
And so someone has a predisposition to being depressed, anxious, angry, they will draw that out and amplify it tenfold.
I woke up in the middle of the night, just that bad, heavy chest feeling.
Can't breathe.
And I constantly It seems to be actually getting worse over the past couple of weeks.
Yeah, like, I can't even get out of bed some days.
We aggravate each other, and it's nonstop.
What What the hell do they want? You know, they definitely keyed in on, you know, the male of the house.
I saw this thing form attachments to this male.
And they've already attached themselves to you.
Slight things could be headaches, sleeplessness.
Uh, there might be some sleepwalking incidents.
I'm a sleepwalker.
Other people might see the behaviors more than the individual who's being directly affected.
And things that they would notice might be abnormal aggressive behavior that doesn't make sense for that individual.
I mean, he's a different person.
- The snapping, real - Yeah.
You know, just snaps real quick.
He never used to do that, ever.
The problem is is that this attachment obviously can be extremely dangerous.
And the thing that I did get, um, was that their ultimate goal would be for this individual to harm and/or kill the entire family.
STEVE: All right.
So let me get this straight.
You're saying that whatever's there is trying to influence him to kill his family? Absolutely.
I'm extremely frightened for you and your family.
STEVE: So, Chris, I got to be honest.
You had so few experiences and seemed like such a skeptic, I almost thought about leaving you out of the review.
But now we have to figure out how to save not only you, but your beautiful family.
Uh, for that answer, I'm gonna turn it over to Amy.
So there's a deceased female at the location who might be Edna, who is unstable.
And she's coming after you because she's afraid you're going to hurt the kids.
And then you have the unstable Native Americans who are targeting your family to, essentially, be exterminated.
Here are the things that can be done.
The first thing is the garage needs to be cleansed.
That should remove all of that residual negative darkness that, unfortunately, is surrounding the male's demise there.
After that, I want her gone.
So what I would like to see with her would be a male medium brought in who has a very authoritative kind of presence.
And that individual should come and move her on.
This might take a couple of visits just because she is wicked.
Now, with the Native Americans, a team of people need to come in.
You need a Cherokee Native American medicine person or shaman who needs to perform a clearing and removal ritual.
At the same time, a religious person, such as a priest, needs to be brought in who performs an exorcism of the land the house, and of you.
Once all of this has been done, you will know within the week if it has been successful or not.
If we do all this stuff, and it doesn't work You just get the [bleep] in your car, and you leave.
I don't want to go home.
I'm just really nervous, anxious, worried.
I'm scared.
I mean, I knew it was bad.
I just didn't think it was to that extreme.
So what would happen if we didn't do any of that stuff you said? We just You would end up killing your family.
You gonna do this exorcism thing? Or you gonna say BS on it? I'm willing to try.
Well, no, no.
It's not "willing to try.
" You're either gonna do it, or you're not.
There's no in between here.
I mean, if it'll make me feel better.
It's not a matter of feeling better.
She's telling you, "If you don't get this done, you're gonna do harm to your own family.
" So, Chris, you gonna have this exorcism done? - Yeah.
- Okay.
Well, do I have to even ask you if you're gonna do this stuff? I'm definitely doing it.
I'll do whatever it takes.
It's crazy to me to think that this is happening to me.
It's just hard to say, "No," when everything you said is so right.
AMY: The only way Chris can save himself and his family is to bring in a priest to perform an exorcism.
If that works, a medium and a team of shaman can clear out the rest of the dead, and his family will finally be able to live a peaceful life.