The Dragon Prince (2018) s02e08 Episode Script

The Book of Destiny

[croaks] [panting] [Callum] Previously on The Dragon Prince I'm right here.
What are you doing? Your kind of magic.
[chanting] [roaring] [yelling] [exclaims] [groans] I I can't move, Claudia.
I can't move! Who who are you? Ah How long I have waited to hear the sound of another voice.
How may I serve you? [theme music playing] [roaring] [Rayla] Come on.
We've gotta keep moving.
We're so close to the border.
We could be in Xadia in just a few hours.
I know we're close, Rayla, but Callum's not doing well.
That's his own fault for messing with dark magic.
Yes, you're right.
We must move onward.
I'm okay.
I just need to rest my eyes while we walk.
- I don't feel anything.
- Can you feel it when I do this? No, what are you doing? - I'm pinching you, Soren.
- Well, that's just rude.
Hold on.
I'll have you back on your feet in no time.
And the last step has just a tad of grasshopper goop.
Oh, do we really have to [gagging] [chanting] Well, that was super pretty, but I still can't move.
You can't? But that should have Hold on.
I must have something.
Ugh, that's all I have for healing.
Well, don't just stand there! Help me get him back to town.
We need to find a doctor.
[Callum] I'm so uncomfortable.
[Rayla] Uncomfortable with your choice to use dark magic, perhaps? [Ezran] Rayla! Is that any better? So uncomfortable.
[voice echoing] I'm so uncomfortable! [gasps] Something's down there.
No! We've searched everywhere.
Lord Viren is nowhere to be found.
Keep looking.
And when you do find him, be ready for anything.
Do not underestimate him.
- Who are you? - My name would mean nothing to you.
[sighs] Where are you? I don't know.
- Don't lie to me.
- I'm not lying.
I never lie.
[sighs] I found this mirror in the lair of the Dragon King.
This mirror meant something to him.
You meant something to him.
Tell me what you need, and I will help you.
I need your name.
Who are you? Who who are you? - He's delirious.
- [Ezran] It's getting worse.
[stones clinking] Who's there? Show yourself, or I'll greet you with my pointy friends.
[gasps] I'm not here to fight.
My name is Corvus.
Your Aunt Amaya sent me.
I am here to serve the king.
King Ezran.
Well? How long will it take for him to get better? He's not going to get better.
- What? - He won't die.
He's lucky to have survived a direct attack from a dragon.
But he's never going to walk again.
I haven't told him yet.
I'll tell him.
He should hear it from me.
But I'm not the king.
I'm just a prince.
My dad is Wait.
That's not what you're saying.
He isn't - No! No, no, no! - Ezran, it's going to be okay.
You knew? I'm an idiot! I should have figured it out.
When we met you, you had two of those assassiny ribbony things, but one of them came off that night.
That's right.
That must have been when he fell.
- "Fell"? - Yes.
"Fell"? He didn't fall, Rayla.
He didn't trip and land on the ground.
He got killed! [gasps] Callum does he know yet? He knows.
I'm going for a walk.
I can't let you go alone.
If I am the king, then you have to let me go.
You're not my king.
But you are my friend, and I'm coming with you.
[sighs] Rayla, please.
Just let me go be alone.
- [Bait groans] - [Zym yips] [whimpers] Let's see here.
Aaravos Aaravos "Aaravos"! There! What? What's going on here? "Aaravos.
" [exclaims] What's happening? Shh! You're in a library.
- Yes, I'm quite aware I'm in a - [woman] Shh! Callum, don't be frightened.
I'm not, I'm just [both]confused.
Of course you are.
You tried dark magic for the first time.
No one expects that to be easy.
But that's the thing.
It was easy.
Too easy.
Even though I know it's wrong.
- But is it really so wrong? - Yes.
- Is it, though? - Yes.
- Is it? - Yes! [voice echoing] Callum, look at me.
You're looking at yourself.
- You need to accept your destiny.
- I can't do that.
You're a human.
You weren't born with an Arcanum to do primal magic, but you were born to do magic.
The kind of magic humans can do.
You can have unlimited power.
And you can choose what to do with that power! You can make a real difference in the world.
All you need to do now is accept it.
Your destiny is already written.
[sighs] [sighs] Hey, Sor-Sor.
All the people in town are talking about you.
About how you faced the dragon and saved the town.
Everyone's calling you a hero.
Saved them from a problem I caused, maybe.
Is that what heroes do? So I I talked to the doctor.
And I guess they did some tests - I already know.
- What? I can't move.
I can't walk.
And it's not going to get better.
[children laughing] You know what? It's for the best.
I'm glad I can't move.
What are you talking about? Soren, why would you say that? Before we left, Dad gave me a secret mission.
He did? I was confused, and I didn't want to do it, but I do want Dad to love me and be proud of me.
He is proud of you, no matter what.
Dad is so smart, so I figured there must be a good reason.
Soren, what did Dad ask you to do? Kill the princes.
Kill them? [scoffs] No.
No, that can't be right.
You must have misunderstood.
Now I can't do anything terrible, because now I can't do anything.
Accept your destiny.
[Harrow] Callum.
You are free.
You are free from both the past and the future.
Nothing is written in stone.
Fate is a lie.
You are free! Look inside yourself, Callum.
This is your destiny.
You can't deny it.
No! I get to choose who I want to be.
Your destiny is already written! No! Destiny is a book you write yourself! [exhales heavily] That was horrifying.
It's your dream, kid.
The king is missing.
He's not missing.
He just went for a walk.
And he hasn't returned, and we don't know where he is.
- Right.
- That is the definition of missing! Yeah.
Yeah, you're right.
He's missing.
You shouldn't have let him go.
We need to find him.
Aren't you a tracker? Isn't this your whole job? Yes.
I shall bring the king back safely.
You have my word.
- Ooh, I have his word.
- [Bait grunts] It's okay, Clauds.
I'm relieved, actually.
I'm I'm free to do what I want, with no expectations from Dad or or anyone.
So, what are you gonna do with this newfound freedom? I've been thinking about that for the last ten minutes, and I've decided I'm going to reinvent myself.
I'm gonna be a poet, Claudia! [laughs] You're not joking? I'm going to be a poet, and people will come hear my poems.
They'll come visit me, and we'll drink some kind of soothing tea.
And then and then, I'll say my latest poems to them.
[sighs] Soren, are you sure? I already have my first poem.
It's a haiku.
Just, uh, tell me when you're ready.
[sighs] Um okay.
[inhales deeply] Dragon smash boy.
Say the good words now.
They light the hearts of other people.
Do you like it? I'm inspiring, right? No, Soren, no.
That was a terrible poem.
And it it's not even a haiku! Oh I can't leave you like this.
There has to be something.
[objects shattering] You need to calm down.
No, I don't.
You need to calm up! You need to help him! This is a hospital.
Miss, we're going to have to assist you out of here.
He can't be like this.
He can't even count syllables! [grunting] [yelps] [wind rushing] Ahoy, Callum! I hear ye be needing a boat.
Am I be needing a boat? You am! For yer voyage! Into yer own heart and mind.
Let's hope the weather be nice there.
[screaming] [laughing maniacally] - Hoist the mainsail! - What? I don't know how to hoist any sails.
It's yer journey.
You be the sail, and I'll hoist ye! - Find the wind, boy! Be like a wing! - [screaming] [Villads laughing] [Berto squawks] I have questions.
You're making this easy for me, young King! Oh, no.
This can't be happening.
What's going on? Every time I found a mention of you in an ancient scroll or tome, the entire passage disappeared as soon as I looked! [sighs] What game are you playing? [sighs] Ugh! [sighs] Why should I trust you? You shouldn't yet.
[gulps] [clears throat] What's wrong? What happened? Did you lose his trail? No.
It's worse than that.
What do you mean? King Ezran's trail ends very clearly, very badly.
His footprints are replaced by banther tracks.
- The king's been eaten by a banther! - [gasps] [laughs] Great job.
You've lost the King of Katolis.
This isn't funny.
Why are you laughing? [sighs] Your king happens to be a very special boy.
He can talk to animals.
So if there are banther tracks, it means Ezran caught a ride on the banther, not in the banther.
[laughing] Okay, Claudia, calm down.
Everything's going to be okay.
Just say your calming mantra.
[sighs] There is no synonym for cinnamon.
There is no synonym for cinnamon.
There is no synonym for cinnamon.
There is no synonym for cinnamon.
There is no [gasps] [creature growling] [snarling] - Ezran? - Hi, Claudia.
[Callum groaning] [exclaims] [panting] You messed with something you shouldn't have messed with, - and now you're paying the price.
- Help! Help.
[Rayla] You'll get through this.
[groans] You big dumb human.
Your conscience is a messy place, boyo! [Berto cawing] [laughs] Villads out! [Berto] I'm huge! [gasping] [gasps] - [panting] - Callum? Are you okay? - [gasping] - Callum! [Rayla] Callum!