The Last Kingdom (2015) s04e10 Episode Script

Series 4, Episode 10

I am Uhtred, son of Uhtred.
Eardwulf has led the Danes to the greatest prize.
After Tettenhall, Edward believes the Danes no longer hold a threat.
He's taken his army to Aegelesburg, leaving Winchester undefended.
But Sigtryggr sees the truth of his dark heart.
So, let this man's fate serve as a warning.
Haesten has entrapped me and I have lost those under my protection, even my daughter Stiorra.
And now the king's sons are held captive.
Don't let them kill us! Both my heirs! In Edward's absence, the Danes strengthen their grasp on Winchester.
Lady Aelswith! Raise the Fyrd! Raise the Mercian Guard! The king is rash in his determination to retake the town and will not listen to reason.
Do not do this! - Attack! - No! Destiny is all! - Has he gone mad? - Leave him.
He will not listen.
- You must tell him he is being foolish.
- I have tried.
He is not himself.
Be kind, Uhtred.
He is at heart a boy who is suffering.
Do you intend to set a fire? Yes.
We encircle them and draw them out.
Lord King, you should not do this.
It is decided.
The town walls cannot be breached another way.
Our attempts to attack have been futile.
The Danes show no sign of surrender.
Perhaps this will force their hand.
The fire will catch and the town will be destroyed.
Lord King, the heart of Wessex will be burnt to ashes.
And so the heathen burns in hell.
It is a risk I am resolved to.
What are my choices, Uhtred? Surrender? Live in history as the King who lost his lands? Thirty days we have tried and failed.
I I do this and in time Winchester will rise again, stronger for her suffering.
We should try again to speak with Sigtryggr.
This silence may be a sign he looks for another way.
They do not want to speak.
We send men.
They send arrows.
We have asked them to leave and now our patience wears thin! Yes and they will also be tired of this and may be willing to negotiate.
We are past negotiation.
We win or they do! - Our families are prisoners - Aldhelm, what news? Lady Aethelflaed sent me here to tell of a great victory.
She has taken Eoferwic and the Danes there have submitted to her rule.
She now travels south with her army.
Let her not be shamed by weakness in her brother.
Let her return to the land of her birth and find it cleansed of the Danes.
Tell them it is decided.
If they do not surrender, Winchester will burn! formation! Halt! King Edward sends you this message of intent! Leave the town, or on his command, these flames will I knew what he was going to say.
They're getting desperate.
"755, Cynewulf and the West Saxons deprived Sigebert of his kingdom, because of his unlawful deeds.
Cynewulf often fought great battles in Wealas.
" Please, this is so dull.
I want to pull out my own eyes.
Spoken like a true heathen.
Shall we play another game? What was the tally again? I am not keeping count.
Come, read.
I'm too hungry to read.
- Is this the last of the bread? - I am not keeping count of that either.
Do you still have the grain? I'm taking the girl.
We need to kill a hostage.
- And she will get their attention.
- They threaten to use fire.
And in response, we show no mercy.
Then not her.
She is worthless.
Not to the Dane-Slayer.
Sigtryggr, I need Uhtred to come out and fight.
This will force his hand.
Is this true? Will your father attack us? If he does, he'll destroy you.
Do not succumb to anger, Brida.
Haesten, tell the men to get clay and water.
Dampen the roofs.
Protect the walls from fire.
Then I will select a hostage and we will see what they do.
Hm? Hurry up, men! Make haste! Take it.
There is some water in a flask here.
But what are you doing? Don't worry.
I will look after you.
- Where is the water? - You finished it.
We must pray they offer more.
- I am - Please do not say it again.
We know you are hungry.
She is not accustomed to discomfort.
Discomfort! This is nothing compared to what we endured in the marshland.
Just be grateful there are no flies.
I am grateful there is no screaming.
I fear that is because everyone is dead.
We are being kept alive, so they can make a show of our deaths.
Then if they try to take me, I shall throw myself upon their knives.
I can show you a way with a piece of cloth.
I have learned things in my life, which you do not know.
There is a plant that flowers in the courtyard.
The purple blooms, when dissolved in water, are tasteless and effective especially in children.
Why would such a plant grow in the courtyard? It was planted there, should this situation ever arise.
Give me the King's heir.
Come here, boy.
No! That child is the King's first born.
He does not care for my son.
Take him.
He will assume you are lying and take Aelfweard anyway.
Are you lying? I do not know.
Which of these two children is more precious to his heart? I'm the elder brother.
I should be chosen.
I will take them both.
Do not give the signal.
You must see how this plan unleashes pointless slaughter.
Each hour we wait is an insult to my father! - Then think of the captives.
- They are lost to us! They were lost from the moment the Danes arrived in Wessex.
Do you not see it? This is my punishment.
I abandoned the children of Mercia and this is God's vengeance for that mistake.
God would not do that, Lord.
We do not have to burn Winchester! I swear to you I will find another way.
And you always keep to your word, Uhtred.
I will get in, find this Sigtryggr and How? We built those walls never to be breached.
So far, they've been more steadfast than any of us.
Father! Uhtred? - What are you doing here? - Where is she? Where is Stiorra? She is within, but we have a plan to save her.
King Edward of Wessex! Make ready King Edward of Wessex! I have shown myself.
Do the same.
Approach the gate and meet me face to face! I will not take orders from a Dane.
Let us talk, eye to eye! This is a game and I will not play.
Tell him to surrender, or I will give the signal to burn them all.
Bring the boys.
Lord King! Lower your weapons! Come! Talk to us at the gate! Come now! Your sons want to see their father! Lord, do not approach the gate.
Give me my children, or I will find yours and take their eyes.
I have no children.
Nor a wife.
This is why I'm stronger than you.
Give me my children! I command it.
I will give you one of your sons if you retreat.
And you may choose which.
Someone speak.
What do I do? Request the aetheling.
If I choose one child, what happens to the other ? It is a hard decision, yes.
But I think it is part of a longer strategy to see if you will negotiate.
I I have looked that man in the eye and he is not one to give ground.
What do you think? That if we show weakness now he will make a show of cruelty.
I think say nothing.
Can we pay him? He doesn't want silver.
If he did, he would have taken it He wants to destroy us and destroy our spirit.
I cannot do this.
I can I can I cannot I cannot.
I cannot do this.
What would you do? Much the same as him.
Be broken by it.
Any man would.
It is unnatural to have to choose between your children.
I would want you to pick Stiorra.
I could defend myself if it happened to us.
It will not happen to us.
And it will not happen to the King.
Are you going to do something foolish? Are you going stop me? Then you should be pragmatic and choose the son whose legitimacy is not in question.
I cannot.
I cannot be the man to condemn one son over the other.
There must be something else he wants.
He wants me dead.
This much I know from Haesten.
He would not trade you for my sons.
You You are not that valuable to me, Uhtred.
But I do have a value to the Danes.
To kill the man they call the Dane-Slayer would bring great reputation.
He might want that.
And Brida will want revenge for her enslavement in Wealas.
Let me offer myself.
It is worth trying.
Then Wessex would once again be in your debt.
And should you not return, I will ensure they speak of your honor through the ages.
Uhtred will not be forgotten.
This is a brave plan.
Which plan is that? He doesn't have a plan.
This is what he looks like when he's making it up.
You cannot hope to take them on single-handed? What do you think he's doing, then? I presume you're trying to get us some time.
If you can delay the Danes until Lady Aethelflaed arrives, she will persuade Edward to endure a longer siege.
You know that we can take back the town when they're depleted.
- That is not my plan, Aldhelm.
- Ha! Told you.
Why else would you make such a dangerous offer? Because I believe I can end this.
Sigtryggr! Show yourself! But I killed him What? We We have tried to kill him.
And yet here he is returned from the dead, like their nailed god.
And not for the first time, I hear.
I have learned a lot about him from his daughter.
We will not retreat, Sigtryggr! Instead, we make you this offer.
Send out both the children and I will walk into Winchester alone.
And why would I exchange gold for silver? Because you will have the Saxons' greatest warrior! And because you know that, in time, I would kill you as I have killed your friends and your brothers.
Is he lying? No.
What his daughter said is true.
We cannot conquer this place while he lives.
Edward can make other heirs.
He cannot make another Uhtred.
Then perhaps we should tear him to pieces.
Make the exchange.
How long do we give him? As long as he needs.
We'll know when the time comes.
Your king could not choose between his sons.
And so Guards, bring in the prisoner! He has given us his greatest warrior in their place! Bring him to me.
I did not know about the child.
Neither did Cnut.
All will be avenged when you suffer as I have suffered.
Tie him to the crucifix in the marketplace! Let him die like the Christian he tries to be! - In time, Brida.
- Huh? - Take him to the hall.
- What? Sigtryggr Sigtryggr! We agreed.
I swear that you shall have him when I am finished with him.
On my honor.
His sword.
Return the captives to the chapel and feed them.
I need them alive for now.
Do you like this? Then I need your help.
I don't want his sword! I want him! - You'll have your revenge, Brida.
- Sigtryggr! Hm.
What does this mean? Why this sudden kindness? Sigtryggr toys with us.
Whether it means a reprieve, I do not know.
Well, the children are safe.
That is enough for now.
Let us break bread and be thankful.
Drink enough water, then give me back the jug.
After that point, do not drink anymore.
Why? If the King cannot choose between his sons, it may be that we need to ensure Aethelstan does not have a powerful friend.
You are fast.
I think you are not trying.
Why would I not try? When you are the killer of so many of my kin? That is a question only you can answer.
Perhaps your reputation is exaggerated.
I've been reading his chronicle.
You are not in it.
Alfred did not want it known how much he owed to a heathen.
If you are not of their God, then why do you choose them? - They are my people.
- And they accept you as such? Many heathens live here in peace.
It is only the Kings who cannot find accord.
Your daughter, she said the same.
Where is she? She is here.
She's been well-treated.
Hm, I see the Dane in her.
She has not been dishonored, I swear to that.
No, your daughter is a very intelligent young woman which she apparently gets from her mother.
We've talked a great deal.
She has told me much about you how you fought for peace in Mercia how you gave up the woman you loved.
But my favorite tale was how you lost your home at Bebbanburg.
Why is that of interest? Because I too have lost a home.
And, so, I wonder if that puts us on common ground.
Do you wish to strike a bargain? Is that why you have not killed me? Why not approach the King? Because the King is not a decisive man and men like that, they cannot negotiate.
You, on the other hand, you offered your lover to preserve a kingdom.
So, I presume you can make difficult choices.
Hm? - But I have nothing to give.
- But you have influence with those who do.
And they follow you.
What is it you want? Peace.
Or peace and land.
And you try to find peace by starting a war? Where is the battle? Where is the war? I guessed you wanted to negotiate.
The king would not believe it.
Who told you that I would be willing to strike a bargain? Oh, you did when you chose to enter the town.
The offer had been made.
All we have to do is get Edward to agree to a meeting and argue the terms.
Haesten! Are you spying on them? I spy on everyone.
What is he doing with him? I fear to tell you.
Haesten, what's happening in there? You should know Sigtryggr seeks a truce.
That is a good thing, Brida.
It means more land, more silver.
It means betrayal.
You are foolish.
This could soon be over.
Liars and cowards all of you! Go in the north.
You need good weather to go through there.
Why don't you go up to Eoferwic? Well, I don't think this is going to work.
Do not lose faith.
He will have survived.
No, I'm begging, Lord King, just give him more time.
Do not attack whilst he is within.
Please, Lord.
- This does not mean the end.
- My Lord.
Lord King, we have followed Uhtred for years.
He's never failed! He never failed because good men followed him.
But even he could not take on an army alone.
It was unwise.
It is painful to speak it, but your Lord has lost a battle he could never win.
There is no hope for him.
Lord King! Our scouts send good news! The Lady of Mercia has come.
She brings an army! The King is trying to be bold, but his decisions are rash.
I'm certain that with more time, the siege can be ended without slaughter.
Edward, I have heard the boys have been freed.
One mercy has been shown, yes.
I hear Danes have submitted in the north.
And what has been done once can be done twice.
If you have your sons, you have everything you need for Alfred's line to thrive.
Walls can be rebuilt, palaces, even tombs.
Edward, you are Wessex.
Whatever you decide, Mercia will support you.
He cannot lose Winchester.
It would rip out our father's heart.
We should not put it above the lives of innocents.
- No, Aethelflaed is right.
- How many people are within? Many.
And there are those, of course, inside of royal blood, my wife, our mother.
Mother would not want you to capitulate.
She is by father's side and will be reconciled to dying.
Then we shall proceed, but not as they expect.
They have made provisions against fire, so, let us use smoke to conceal an attack.
If God and the winds are in our favor, it will choke those guarding the gates - and allow us to breach the walls.
- But if the wind turns, then we ourselves are smothered.
Lady, I beg you.
- Give Lord Uhtred more time.
- Lord Uhtred is already dead.
Dead or alive, it does not matter.
We cannot hand Winchester over to the Danes for the life of one man.
Set the hay sacks close to the gates.
Add shit and lime, so they may choke on the stench.
We force men from the ramparts and into the streets, breach the gates and slaughter them! Here.
Are you leaving? Yes.
They are at the gates and I do not want to be here for the fight.
- And you are coming with me.
- No.
No, no, I cannot.
They will be slaughtered! Come with me.
Many women have grown to appreciate my charms, given a year or so.
Get back! Down there.
- Will we get out? - Yes! Save yourself from what will follow.
- No! - You will not survive the fight! We have no time for this! Stay and you die! My place is with the captives! Ah, die, then, ungrateful bitch! Edward has attacked us.
Come with me.
You betray me, all will suffer.
Quickly! Get back! One formation! Pull back! Protect your men! Keep tight! Let me speak with him.
Let me speak with the King.
Go with this man.
If he kills Danes, kill him.
Stand down your men! Edward, stand down! Stand down! Edward! Edward! Edward! Lord, you must trust me! I spoke to him.
Edward, stop this fight! - It's too late! - Trust me! Sigtryggr is willing to negotiate! Why would I lie to you? I have spoken to him.
He will stand down! Winchester is going to burn! Sigtryggr! Stand down your men! Order the shield wall! Do it now! Did you get what you came for? Sigtryggr! Stand down your men! You can get what you came for! Shield wall! Shield wall! Shield wall! Get back! Hold the line! Back! Dear God! Stay back! Please.
Stay back.
Finan! She's all right.
Come on.
Move! - Get back! Get back! - Move! - Hold the line! Hold the lines! - You heard him! Sigtryggr, you wish to talk with us? There will be no negotiation until we see the captives.
Uhtred tells me you have gone north.
I want Eoferwic and the lands that surround it.
- No, we have just recaptured Eoferwic.
- Which is why I want it.
For decades, we have fought to push Danes from there.
To give it to you would set us back a generation.
Then I will keep Winchester.
We can offer you East Anglia.
It is bigger and has access to your homeland from the sea.
I want Eoferwic.
I cannot agree.
It is unclear what your choices are.
- Perhaps we should consider it.
- He would be on my border! Edward, do not let him divide us.
I will leave you to trade between yourselves.
I'll find my daughter.
Did you think I would forget you? Stop this! It is over.
It is never over.
Brida! I spared your life! You destroyed my life! You know nothing of how I suffered! I will not kill you, nor Cnut's child.
He is not Cnut's.
He is mine alone! And he will be loyal to me, as no man ever has! I will breed in him a hatred of all Saxons.
Then you condemn your child to a bloody death and that will undo you! Fight on and they will kill you! If not the Saxon kings, then Sigtryggr himself.
But I am not afraid of that.
I have not lost faith in what comes after.
Do it! Do it! Kill me.
If you do not, I will become stronger.
Blood has been shed.
More will flow.
I will take revenge on all of those who have betrayed me and I will not rest until they suffer at my hand.
Do it! Or I will be your undoing.
Just leave.
Have your child.
Leave while you can.
I never know where she is.
Careful, Osferth! Have you struck a bargain? He He will take Eoferwic and agree never to enter Wessex, Mercia or East Anglia.
So, you hold three of the four Kingdoms.
That is no humiliation.
Sigtryggr would like to take one of the captives.
Your daughter.
Which you have refused.
Because you know what it is to have your child used in a bargain! Stiorra is not a child.
She is a young woman.
So, we did not refuse.
I thought I'd lost you.
I'll miss you.
Why? When I leave.
I have said no.
But I'm I'm willing to go.
With Sigtryggr? - But I want you with me in Coccham.
- There's nothing for me in Coccham.
It's the chance for us to be one family.
It's not what either of us wants.
You'd like it to be true, but it's not.
Your men are your family.
I want my children with me.
Maybe in Bebbanburg.
Maybe then, but you're not destined to be the Lord of Coccham any more than I'm meant to live a small life there.
We're wanderers, Father.
We follow where the gods lead us and the gods are sending me to Daneland.
Let me go for the sake of all Saxons.
- I have sacrificed enough for them.
- Well, I have sacrificed nothing.
Please! I want to live amongst my mother's people, to find the part of myself that died when she was taken from me.
Besides Sigtryggr is gentle.
He's a man of honor! You are mine to take care of.
For too long, you've had nothing from me.
I've had everything from you.
Your blood is within me and it's made me a restless spirit.
Please give me this chance to live as you do, to follow a path without having certainty of where it's going to end.
Let me go.
How did you like your first battle? I swear it will be my last.
From now on, I will be staying in the tent.
You showed the spirit of a true warrior.
Perhaps my family honor is restored.
If only those who cared for me were still here to see it.
It is over.
Mother! Mother! Mother! My mother is taken ill.
I fear the Danes have claimed another life.
She's strong.
My mother cannot care for him.
How could I? Please, Uhtred.
I know you will not swear to me, but this child deserves more than a monastery.
He is a brave and a goodhearted boy, but he will need guidance.
Protect him and take him to safety.
One aetheling is enough for Winchester.
Bring him within the palace, it would create a strife to rival that of Aethelwold.
That is politics.
What would you have me do with him? Teach him how to be a warrior and all you know of the Danes.
Teach him of Northumbria.
You have just sworn you will not fight for Northumbria.
There are ways to take lands without fighting for them.
Sigtryggr has shown us this.
Northumbria is the last kingdom.
Without it under one King and under Christ, there will be no England.
It is hard for a father to see his daughter go.
But you were right, Father.
Sigtryggr is different.
Perhaps I was not so foolish.
Or someone was guiding you.
The gods like to see me fight.
It is sport to them.
I will return to my church, Father.
I curse myself for my headstrong children.
What can I say? My blood is the blood of a stubborn bastard.
So, in the reign of King Edward, peace broke out between Saxon and Dane.
And though it was not for the first time, there was a sense the truce would last.
But at what cost? Ambition stalks the Saxon palaces.
In time, the King must choose his heir and the bonds of blood may be tested.
Brothers may be torn apart but a throne cannot stay empty.
I now stand alone with nothing but my sword.
I failed in securing my birthright.
I have given up the woman I love.
My family are dispersed perhaps never to be reunited scattered far across the Saxon kingdoms.
As a new feud is born, revenge is certain to grow stronger.
I have sworn to protect a bastard child whose path, I fear, is entwined with that of this great land.
And though I have refused the service of Saxon Kings, it may only be a matter of time before fate draws me back into their plans.
Destiny is all!
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