The Level (2016) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

I've got trouble.
It's bad, Nancy.
(GUNSHOTS) NEWMAN: Frank Le Saux's on the National Crime Division's radar for cocaine trafficking.
(GUNSHOT) (GASPING) Met his wife Cherie while she was still a dancer.
There's one daughter - Hayley.
There's also a son - Tate.
This is DS Nancy Devlin, on loan to us from the NCD.
Don't start things you don't know how to finish.
Your father still lives in Brighton, doesn't he? Don't you dare! Try it.
A fifth bullet has been found and the blood on it is not Le Saux's.
There was someone with him.
(TEXT MESSAGE CHIMES) PERVAIZ: I found the footage, but I've already given it to the courier.
I think someone on the team is helping the killer.
HAYLEY: Theo Kettler, my dad's moneyman, froze the accounts.
What would the police say if I told them what you told me? The less anyone knows about your father's business the better.
HAYLEY: Nancy, you're scaring me now.
Look at me.
Nancy! Nancy, talk to me.
Nancy! Nance? Nancy! OK.
OK, I've got you.
(GROANS) I've got you, I've got you.
(COUGHS) Are you OK? I'm OK.
There was There was this thing in London.
I messed up.
If anyone finds out, I'll lose my job.
What thing? An incident.
I should have been wearing a stab vest.
I I can't go to hospital, Hayley.
Knife wounds are notifiable, they get reported.
You can't go back to work in this state.
No, I have to go.
I don't trust them, Hayley.
Please help me.
SHAY: I'm not a user any more .
butI am still an addict .
so I'm careful.
I don't gamble.
I don't drink.
I don't work out.
What about wanking, then? (LAUGHTER) Nah, I'm fine with sex.
It's just the fag after I can't risk.
The thing about recovery .
it's not about strength .
it's about acknowledging weakness.
I'm weak .
but you know what? Here I am.
Right, let me see.
I got some stuff online, but I think it's made things worse.
No wonder you've been throwing up.
My friend in Spain bought some Prozac online and she ended up on a respirator in A&E.
Yeah, well, these are antibiotics, I thought I'd got the right (SCREAMS) All right, all right.
It's just the peroxide.
Oh! All right.
Just breathe.
(GROANS) There we go.
Emil grew up playing football on asphalt, he swears by this stuff.
It hurts, though.
(EXHALES) Nance? Is there something you're not telling me? I told you, I did a stupid thing, that's all.
But seriously, these? Bad idea.
(DOOR CLOSES) Who is it? Gunner.
(KNOCKING) Yeah, I'm coming.
You weren't answering your phone.
Oh, yeah, sorry, bad night.
ErmI think I ate something.
The boss is pulling forward the media appeal, see if we can jog someone's memory, wants to flush out this missing witness.
Hope you're not camera-shy.
What? Why? She's putting Cherie in the hot seat to see what comes out under pressure, she wants you on the platform, too.
Why me? Reckons your history with the family will play well with the widow (SIGHS) .
and the cameras.
Look, if you're feeling ill, we can stop at a chemist.
She's not asking for volunteers.
Ma'am? Ma'am, ma'am.
I know you've got me pegged for this but I'm not sure I'm the best choice.
Cherie was never that keen on me when I was friendly with Hayley.
Good, I don't want her feeling at home.
Mrs Le Saux, I think you know DS Devlin.
It's been a while.
I'm really sorry about Frank.
I think they're ready for us.
Going live in three, two So I'm appealing to anyone who has any information about the murder of Frank Le Saux to contact us in confidence.
If you're worried about coming forward, we can discuss your fears before you tell us what you know.
Mrs Le Saux? "I am here with the police today.
" "I'm here with" (SOBS) (CLEARS THROAT) "I am here with the police today .
to add my voice to theirs in asking for your help.
" "Frank was a loving husband, a proud father .
and a very, very proud grandfather.
" "He was our rock and our shelter from the storm.
" "I wish we could bring him back .
even for a second so that he could see how much he is missed.
" "But then again .
it would break his heart to know he had left us and that we are alone.
" You looked good, Devlin.
Approachable, trustworthy.
So, media appeal.
What have we flushed out? The initial report from the psychologist's on your desk.
They reckon the widow's under emotional strain.
Grief, guilt, maybe both.
So let's keep the pressure up, see what happens next, watch where she goes, who she sees.
If we're lucky, she might show out.
What about callers, our missing witness? Come on, Julie, buck up! Appraisal season, personal development targets.
There's been a significant increase in calls to the hotline, but no-one yet that sounds like they could be our missing witness.
So, we're still looking at Cherie Le Saux and we're still looking for the truck that hit Delia Bradley.
She's still in a coma.
We need to talk to her as soon as she wakes up.
I think Theo Kettler might be worth a look.
The business manager? Why? He still hasn't got back to us about the trucks.
I think he's stalling and I'd like to know why.
Good call.
See what you can find.
Oh, Nancy, this arrived for you in the internal mail.
Strawberries and cream.
Thought I'd kill two birds with one stone.
(LAUGHS) You after me? Now you've got my attention.
Oh, it's probably nothing, boss.
It's just ermyesterday, I went to collect something from one of the pharmacies we checked.
They said it had been picked up, but I've been through everything and it hasn't turned up.
I wanted permission to check the duty logs Have you asked your colleagues about it? I was worried that might be misinterpreted .
you know, as a lack of trust, or Whereas going through the log to find out where they all were Maybe the National Crime Division has a different way of doing things.
Here, we like to be open, talk to each other.
Trust your colleagues, ask them.
GUNNER: Ma'am? You could start with DS Martin.
O'DOWD: Theo Kettler.
DS Devlin's hunch about him paid off.
We checked the phone records.
13 calls between him and Cherie Le Saux over 2 days, yesterday and the day before.
Usually her calling him, but get this, yesterday she rang at midnight, and again at 2am.
NAYAR: Lovers? Even if it was an affair, they'd be more likely to play it cool right now.
I'm with Nancy.
Calls like this, those hours, I don't see passion, I see anxiety.
What if Cherie wanted to take out her husband and his lover, and Kettler acted as go-between, brokered the hit, found the money? The calls suggest she's panicking.
Should we talk to her? No, let's see what Kettler has to say.
HAYLEY: Mum, was Dad involved in anything else apart from the haulage? I don't know what you mean, love.
Like any other kind of business? I never really asked.
Why not? Why didn't you ask, Mum? Because in a marriage, you have choices, what you ask and what you don't.
If you'd chosen differently, those kids would be in their own home now.
I know you don't want to hear that.
Don't say it then.
Emil was a good father, a good provider.
Anything else, all the other stuff it's not important.
Faithful? That's just about your pride.
It wasn't him, Mum.
What? The one playing around.
It wasn't Emil.
It was me.
Maybe sometimes you should ask.
DEVLIN: No sign of Theo Kettler, he's not in his office.
Work say Kettler's gone home, but we've already talked to the neighbours, they say he left earlier.
OK, we'll put out a trace, get his car flagged.
When you get back, you can start on friends and family.
Did the boss say anything had come in on the missing witness? No.
(PHONE RINGS) Hello? SHAY: Nancy.
Shay Nash here.
I ermsaw you on TV.
You haven't changed a bit.
Now, I thought we could meet.
I'm busy.
I could come and meet you at work.
I'd love to see where you work.
Where are you? JB's.
All right.
Do you mind dropping me off in town? I won't be far behind.
Where to? Hotel or house? What? I thought your dad lived down here? How did you know that? Gil Devlin.
He was still around when I joined CID.
I mean, I didn't really know him but you heard the name.
Socop, huh? Bet the job suits you, don't it? Nailing the bad guys.
(LAUGHS) You really haven't changed, have you? How's Hayley? I don't know, we're not close any more.
But you're working on her father's case, so you must at least have seen her.
She's lost her dad, she's in the middle of a divorce, so I imagine things have been better.
And now she's at home, is she planning to stay? I don't know her plans.
Like I said, we're not close any more.
What happened? She get sick of you, did she? Traipsing round after her, counting her drinks and vetting her boyfriends.
If you wanna know about Hayley, ask her yourself .
or are you scared you only had a chance when she was 17 and off her face? Are you this pissy on the job? I bet you are.
I bet you make enemies.
I bet there is a whole world of people out there just dying to take you down.
How are you? Did you see who hit you? ErmDelia, were you working for Frank? Is that what you were coming to tell me? No.
I was coming to ask you if you were.
You got here quick.
I started because I didn't know how much time we'd have.
She's really weak.
Not all there.
She didn't see who attacked her.
Delia? I'm DCI Newman, Michelle.
The last time I saw you, you had a tube down your throat.
I bet it hurts to talk now.
DS Devlin said you didn't see who shunted you off the cliff.
Do you know of anyone who might wanna hurt you? Was Cherie Le Saux aware that you had a child with her husband? I don't know.
Your son's 11.
Were you and Frank involved all that time? (SOBS) So, love then? We've got officers outside your room 24/7, you're safe.
But you might be safer if we knew who'd killed Frank.
Mightn't you? So is there anything you can tell us? There was something.
A deal.
Frank called it his "gold mine".
What sort of deal? I don't know.
There was a meeting .
threethree or four weeks ago.
Frank, Theo Kettler.
Do you know who they were seeing? Do you know where? The doctor tells me you're going in for surgery.
I wanna be able to leave you in peace while you recover.
Where was this meeting? The Eagle.
On the docks.
We're gonna have to talk again.
You know that, don't you, love? When you're better.
I'll get it.
It's a different world .
now that he's gone.
There's no protection.
Do not let your boss come after me.
Eagle Repairs.
Dockside HGV garage with a service contract for Le Saux Haulage.
It's run by Duncan Elliot and we know him from the funeral.
I want eyes on Eagle, surveillance in shifts.
Bloody organised crime, we're gonna be at this for months.
Baby's due in three weeks.
What are we looking for? I don't know yet.
But if I was gonna start running cocaine on HGVs, Eagle's would be the set-up I'd ask for.
So this is a falling out between coke traffickers? I think we need to know more about what goes on at Eagle.
Gunner, Nancy, you're on surveillance together at Eagle.
How are you doing? All right.
Really? Cos ever since I got here, you've looked like something is seriously wrong.
Which is fine with me, obviously, cos something wrong is the only time you wanna sleep with me.
But it's not fine, because, well, you know, I want you to be OK and you're not.
Are you? I think there's a leak in the team.
More than a leak.
There was potential evidence, CCTV, it's disappeared.
(SIGHS) Who? I've got nothing solid.
But you think someone smells wrong? OK, there's something I need to tell you.
When Delia Bradley's statement came in, I ran the name Eagle Repairs through the NCD system.
One incident of attempted arson ten years ago.
It was the name of the junior officer on the case that caught my eye - DC Sean Line.
Why do they call him that anyway? I don't know.
I thought you might have a thing going on.
With Gunner? No! He doesn't even like me.
Well, he watches you.
Wanna swap surveillance partners so I can get a look at him? You get six hours in a car with Sharad, I promise you, the world'll never look the same again.
Newman won't buy it.
Well, I'll talk to her.
She likes me.
You could learn a lot from her.
You have to stop doing that.
Yeah, soon.
Nancy, look, er there's something else.
The arson case, the supervising officer .
it was your dad.
Mum! You've already given them ice-creams today.
Oh, just this once.
QUINN: Mrs Le Saux.
Ryedean called.
They've been trying to reach you.
They've got a bit of a situation with Tate.
I can't Not without your dad.
It's OK.
Ermyou stay with them and I'll go, yeah? He er He seemed to be managing your father's death so well.
(TATE YELLING) Tate? What? Tate, open up.
It's me.
Hayley's here.
Tate, I'm here.
Just leave me alone! Is he even safe in there? When do you break the door down? That That's a big step.
We favour engaging, talking first.
Well, it's not bloody working, is it? Have you got a ladder? Erm Oh, for fuck's sake.
Tate! (KNOCKING) Tate, it's me.
Oh, God, Tate.
It's all right, look at me.
It's all right, I've stopped now.
It's over.
He heard a rumour .
that he's getting chucked out for not paying the fees.
Erhow do you know Tate? I used to visit with your dad .
and go myself sometimes, you know, when he couldn't make it.
I didn't wanna stop just because What did you do for my dad? Too many points on his licence.
He used to get me to drive him.
So, yeah.
Driver? My dad must have really trusted you, letting you be with Tate.
I'd like to think so.
Darryl, was there anyone that he didn't trust? Someone close, I mean.
They wouldn't have lasted long.
I mean, your dad didn't suffer fools.
Mrs Svrcek? Will you come for a drink sometime? Yeah.
O'DOWD: Audi A3 Cabriolet, starting at £39,495.
Someone's doing well for themselves.
So, why do they call you Gunner? What, is it a football thing? Don't tell me, you've got the names of the "Invincibles" tattooed on your arse.
Gunner's my middle name.
My grandad was Swedish.
What's it mean? It's just a name.
Here we go.
"Gunner - bold warrior".
(LAUGHS) I'll have to tell Nancy, she'll be well-impressed.
Any joy with that stuff from the pharmacy? Oh, yeah, sorry, it had just got snarled in the system.
And? Nothing.
Tampax and Calpol.
(LAUGHS) Anyone you recognise? No.
You? Not my manor, mate.
QUINN: Why did you change your mind about coming out? I mean, when I asked, you said "sometime", but you meant "no".
I don't know.
We could have another drink .
or .
we could go to mine.
(CHUCKLES) I'm not sure that's a very good idea.
How do you know till you try? I bought new sheets.
(SCOFFS) I mean, in case.
I mean, I could have just washed them, but I looked at them and I thought, "Well, they're not very nice.
" (LAUGHS) Not as nice as you.
What's the thread count? ErI don't know what that means.
Can't light a fag.
Can't wipe my own arse.
There's a car coming in half an hour to take me to temporary residential care.
I reckon I can finish the packet before then.
How's my daughter doing? She's doing all right.
She's smart.
Yeah, well.
Smart isn't always enoughis it? What? Nice sheets.
(SCOFFS) Maybe next time we should try and make it as far as the bed.
Does that mean there's gonna be a next time? Hm, I'll think about it.
(EXHALES) Ma'am? So, some dickhead from the hospital has just given information about Delia Bradley to a caller who claimed they were a family member.
What kind of information? No bullet wound.
If the caller was our killer, they now know they've got the wrong person.
(DOOR SLAMS) (TEXT MESSAGE CHIMES) Kevin O'Dowd's been asking for financial checks on Kettler.
They've just come through.
He's got accounts hidden inside each other like Russian dolls, but last week, one of them received a transfer of 50,000.
From where? Cherie Le Saux's credit card.
More than enough for a hit-man.
Are we going for the widow? But I want her off-balance first.
There's been a development we think you should be aware of.
A fifth bullet was retrieved from the crime scene.
There was someone with your husband when he was shot.
Now, we know they were injured, but so far, we've been unable to trace them.
We wondered if you might be able to help.
Will you excuse me? Mrs Svrcek? It's a shock, I know.
Would you like me to get you anything? No, thank you.
I just I just need some air.
She'll be all right.
Mrs Le Saux, have you ever met a woman called Delia Bradley? She was at my husband's funeral.
And were you aware that she had a son by your husband? If I wasn't, that would have been a brutal way to find out.
She had neurosurgery yesterday .
and she hasn't responded as well as they'd hoped.
Even if she survives, things are never gonna be the same for her or her kids.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Can you explain why 50,000 went from your credit card into one of Theo Kettler's personal accounts last week? You see, what I'm wondering is, how it must feel for you to have a son who needs so much in the way of support so little life opportunity while Frank's son by Delia Get out.
Get her out of my house.
If you'd rather do this down at the station? You wanna know what that money was for? It was to show that sad, silly bitch that whatever arrangements Frank made about the boy, they would still be honoured.
Because that's Frank's son .
and Frank would never, ever You ask Theo Kettler what the money was for.
You ask my solicitor what I'd instructed her to do about child support.
Don't ever, ever speak about my son in those terms again.
(KNOCKING) HAYLEY: Nancy, I know you're there.
I went to your hotel and they said you'd checked out.
Nancy! What's wrong? You were there, weren't you? You were there.
The night he was shot, you were there.
Why? I swear to God, if you don't tell me, I'm going straight to your boss.
I was there because he called me, OK? Why would he? I don't understand.
Your housewhen we were kids, that's where I learned what fathers are supposed to be.
Your dad used to drop me back here, and sometimes there'd be shouting inside and he'd drive me round and round so I didn't have to go back in.
So I'd be safe.
And what I wanted, what I really wanted was never, ever to have to get out of that car.
Cos when I was with him, I knew nothing could hurt me, not my dad, not my mum being ill, nothing.
And I did not forget that .
what it was like to feel safe.
So when his name came up in an investigation, I made sure it went away .
and that's how it was from then on.
What did he do? Drugs.
Did he pay you? No, he didn't fucking pay me.
I didn't care who he was, I didn't care what he did, I just wanted him to be safe and he's not! A bit of blow and some pills and I get packed off to boot camp.
You gotta admit, there's a funny side somewhere in there.
Life wasn't always this tough, was it? Hm? Not a single nice thing has happened since I've been back .
except for one, and I'm not sure he's a very good idea.
I'm sorry about your marriage.
Emil caught me cheating.
Bloody app tracked the location of my phone.
(SIGHS) Did you wanna get caught? No.
Nance, the man that shot Dad Mm.
he wants to kill you, too, doesn't he? What are you gonna do? Find him before he finds me.
GUNNER: It's Kettler.
O'DOWD: How long's he been in there? O'DOWD:: Boss, we found Kettler, he's just left Eagle in a taxi.
Do you want us to pull him over? No, just keep eyes on him.
I wanna know where he's going.
Boss, erit looks like he's going into the haulage yard.
Want us to pick him up? Let's see what he comes out with.
Hungry? AUTOMATED VOICE: Locating phone.
Device is moving and at 400m.
Locating phone.
Proceed straight ahead for 100m.
Device is moving.
Locating phone.
Device has stopped.
Cannot locate at this time.
Please check the co-ordinates.
OK, they didn't have the chilli burger, so I got you Locating phone.
Device has stopped.
Cannot locate at this time.
Please check the co-ordinates.
(GROANS) (GURGLING) (GROANING) OK, all right, all right.
OK, it's all right, it's all right.
Look at me.
It's Kettler.
I've got him, I've got him.
Call an ambulance.
Listen to me, Theo, OK? I'm DS O'Dowd, OK? Listen to me, listen.
We've got an ambulance coming as soon as we can, allright? OPERATOR: Emergency.
Which service do you require? OK, mate? Ambulance and back up.
We've got one male casualty, gunshot wound to the throat.
Arterial bleeding.
Stay with us, Theo.
Stay with us, mate.
You're doing really well.
Theo, look at me.
Look at me.
That's it, buddy, stay with me.
Stay with me.
The ambulance is on its way, all right? OPERATOR: Which service do you require?