The Rookie (2018) s01e14 Episode Script

Plain Clothes Day

Previously on "The Rookie" Detectives Wolfe and Vestri, this has the potential of being a very dangerous operation.
Multiple gunmen, officers down.
Vestri? You got the Tap.
You're gonna be one kick-ass detective.
I'm not ready to give up patrol yet.
He swooped in like a bat out of hell and crashed into my car.
- You hit me.
- Whoa, whoa.
Let's just start at the beginning, starting with you.
I had engine trouble.
And if I wasn't such a good pilot, I would've crashed instead of making a controlled emergency landing, so I deserve a little more gratitude than attitude.
Sir, can you step over here, please? - Those look like bullet holes.
- What? No, those are, uh those are bird strikes.
Oh, let me guess the elusive brass-jacketed hollow point? Is that why you had engine trouble, sir? Because someone was shooting at you? Why would anyone do that? Control, 7-Adam-15, check in with OCPD and see if they have a 211 at Orange County Savings and Loan.
7-Adam-15, be advised the bank was robbed an hour ago.
Suspect escaped in a blue helicopter.
- So, hands behind my head, then? - Yep.
Hands behind your head.
100 shifts.
Listen, not a lot of rookies make it to this point in their probationary year.
It's a reason to celebrate.
But not too much.
For your first 100 shifts, your training officers have been there to guide the way.
Not today.
Plain Clothes Day.
That's right, Officer West.
Very good.
I'm sorry, what is Plain Clothes Day? Your T.
s will be out of uniform, riding with you in a strictly observational capacity.
They will not advise, assist, or help you in any way.
Every decision will be yours to make.
Does this mean I finally get to choose where we eat for lunch? Yes, Officer Nolan.
For all intents and purposes, today you are alone.
And that should scare the hell out of you.
This will be a true measure of where you are in the learning process.
And your performance today could have a profound impact on your career path in this department.
So, any questions? Uh, yes, sir.
What happens if we get into real trouble? Deal with it.
And if you can't, your T.
will step in.
But make no mistake If that happens, you will be judged.
That's it.
Good luck out there.
Are you guys as excited about this as I am? We finally get to call the shots.
- I know, right.
- Whoa, slow down.
You two realize that 20% of probationary officers that wash out of the program do it during Plain Clothes Day.
Don't tell us that! - Why would you tell us that? - Motivation.
They grow up so fast, don't they? Please, they're just as green as they were yesterday.
What are you looking at, Boot? I'm not even here.
Let's go get our gear.
My wash out number's three.
What about you? Same.
I bet Tim's is up in double digits by now.
Damn straight.
I've had 11 rookies bounced from the program during Plain Clothes Day.
Looking to make it an even dozen today.
Do not listen.
They're just trying to psych us out.
Already making a mistake.
If we're not here, why get two kit bags? We're supposed to have two bags, just in case they have to take action.
First mistake avoided.
So many left to make.
This is going to be a very long day.
I didn't know you were back.
Restricted duty.
I'm on my house mouse, pushing papers, catching calls, you know.
- It's good to see you.
- It's good to be seen.
What are you doing wearing civvies? Mm, Plain Clothes Day.
I remember mine.
I got in a fist fight with a 300-pound woman.
Who won? The orthopedic surgeon who had to fix my shoulder, that's who won.
I heard you put a pin in that detective's exam.
What happened? Realized I still had few things to accomplish as a P3 especially after what happened to you and Vestri.
It was a nice funeral.
Yeah So, uh, how long before you're cleared for regular duty? I'm not rushing it.
No shame in taking a beat when something like that happens.
None at all.
Thank you.
I wouldn't be here without you.
Any time.
What are you doing? Filled out your evaluation.
But we haven't even left yet.
I already know how today's gonna go.
No, you don't.
You're just trying to get in my head.
But it won't work.
Right Thank you.
Don't open it until end of shift.
Whatever you wrote in here, I'm gonna prove you wrong.
I knew you'd say that.
It's in there.
Is it true Plain Clothes Day determines the track of our career? Oh.
That's right.
I get it.
You're not here.
It's not that I'm worried or anything.
Just I don't want to be stuck with some lame assignment like front desk.
Oh, you think front desk would be a perfect fit for me, don't you? Lots of people to talk to about their problems.
No, thank you.
I did not join the force to be a receptionist.
Matter of fact, I've spent the last few months figuring out exactly where I want to be assigned robbery-homicide.
Ambitious, I know.
Making detective in five years that's unheard of and I'd be 50, so that just means I'm gonna have to buck the odds.
Pedal to the metal.
And when I do it you're gonna eat your words.
Come on We're the last ones out.
I needed reading materials.
You should know, I've been waiting for this day my entire life.
Wow, that's sad.
Did you know that my dad had an epic Plain Clothes Day? - I don't care.
- Made four felony arrests, wrote seven traffic violations, and talked a woman off a ledge.
So you see, I can't just So you're gonna break your father's records like you broke his Academy records because you have daddy issues, and the cat's in the cradle, and all that crap.
I don't have daddy issues.
Oh, this can't be happening.
Oh, come on, come on.
First time you've let me drive.
- I'm not here, Boot.
- Right.
Of course.
Why would a guy from the power company need a video camera? That sick bastard.
He's filming her.
LAPD, stop! Hands behind your back.
I didn't do anything! Yeah, well, your camera says otherwise.
Do you even work at the power company? - Lawyer.
- Yeah, you're gonna need one.
7-Adam-19, show us one in custody, 3rd and Arden.
Did you include this arrest in your evaluation, Officer Bradford? Watch your head.
Get in.
7-Adam-15, RP heard sounds of an assault at 7944 Serrano Avenue.
Control, show me Code 6.
Stop, please.
Start me up another unit 944 Serrano.
I'll pay you back! Think you're gonna rip off my stash, and I'm just gonna take an IOU?! Hey! Police! Let him go! Aah! Aah! All right, watch him.
Facedown! Drop the pipe! Hands behind your back.
Control, show me with two in custody.
Where did he go? - Who? - My second suspect.
Oh, him? Well, he ran off.
Well, hobbled, really.
I told you to watch him.
I'm not here to watch suspects, Officer Nolan just you.
- So you let him get away? - Of course not.
I would never leave a suspect unattended, allowing ample time for his escape.
But you did.
I can't believe you did this just to have a teachable moment.
That's right, Officer Nolan.
Keep blaming me for your lack of situational awareness.
- I had to go after him.
- Yes, but not before you secured your first suspect to something immobile.
Instead of dreaming about becoming detective, how about you try and just get through today? Yes, ma'am.
Damn it, this guy could be anywhere.
Relax, from the crunch your suspect's knee made when you whacked him, I doubt he got very f - Uh-oh.
- Ah.
Looks like you cracked the case, Detective.
Just got off the phone with dispatch.
My suspect, Todd Collins, is on parole for a 261.
He's a tier 3 sex offender and a 290 violent-habitual.
That's a pretty good arrest, huh? Okay.
Uh, let's see, I've got my victim's statement, seized my suspect's phone, canvassed for witnesses Ch-ch ch-ch ch-ch ch-ch.
Yep, we're good to go.
What? Didn't say anything.
But you're giving me the look.
- What look? - That look.
Am I missing something? Wait, don't answer that.
- Wasn't going to.
- Good.
Because I made a solid pinch here.
All right.
Let's go.
This is ridiculous.
Two hours to change a dead battery.
I could've been on my second arrest by now.
Look on the bright side I bet your dad doesn't hold the record for longest automotive delay.
- Okay, West, good to go.
- Oh, finally.
Back in business.
Lopez, I need your Boot for a work detail.
- Sure thing.
- What? No.
Sir, it's it's my Plain Clothes Day.
Oh, I didn't know.
In that case, I need you for a work detail.
Evidence from a homicide.
Catalog every single piece.
- Got it? - Yes, sir.
You got to get me out of this, please.
No, I don't.
The job's the job.
Nothing in the rules says you have to spend Plain Clothes Day out on patrol.
You think I'd look cute in this? I bet you're wondering what I am doing.
You're running all the plates in the lot, hoping to find one registered to a felon with a warrant.
Am I detecting a tone? No tone.
- What's wrong with running plates? - Nothing.
It's one way to do the job make it all about you, beef up your felony arrests.
Okay, definitely detecting a tone.
No, not at all.
I'm not even here.
If there's a call from dispatch, I'll take it.
But all's quiet on the western front, so why not see if there's a felon I can get off the streets.
That's self-initiated policing.
And it's pretty effective.
Or you could patrol your beat, engage the community, which deters crime from happening in the first place.
That's proactive policing.
Less felony arrests on your score card - but far more effective.
- Well, it's a good thing I'm making the decisions today.
I just got a hit on that red Expedition.
Control, 7-Adam-15, send backup for an ATL on a Marcus Quincannon, felony arrest for arms trafficking.
Copy that.
I know everything you're gonna do, Boot.
Just like I knew you wouldn't process all your suspect's property.
What are you talking about? I took everything Todd Collins had wallet, camera, phone, keys.
So tell me, how did Peeping Todd get to where you arrested him? He drove.
Like I said, I have his car keys.
But not his car.
Most child sex offenders have a network with other offenders.
They share videos of their sick desires, which leads to other victims.
Other suspects.
Where do you think they keep this cornucopia of evidence? - In their cars - That's right.
in case parole officers search their houses.
His car is a treasure trove of evidence.
Other crimes, more victims, DNA evidence we may never have obtained otherwise.
And you just left it in the street.
W Um He was fiddling with his phone the entire time he was running.
"Cops got me.
Get my van.
" You recall seeing a van, Boot? There was that blue van.
That work van.
It was right there! Control, we need a reverse directory on a vehicle registered to Todd Collins.
7-Adam-19, subject owns a blue '98 Econoline E-350 van with California plates, Six-Paul-Charlie-Ida-zero-niner-three.
It shows the vehicle was impounded from your location an hour ago.
What? You had the van impounded? Once it was clear you overlooked that detail.
But then why did we race over here? So you could discover your own mistake.
That's what today's all about, Boot.
W A-And it's just a bonus that you get to humiliate me? Don't blame me for the fact that you let yourself get rattled by one dubious look.
You make it out here and find yourself riding solo, these streets will test you in ways you didn't think possible.
The only way to survive is to control your environment at all times.
You're pretty talkative for a silent observer.
All right, boys, listen up.
The felon we are after is one Marcus Quincannon.
Intel has led me to believe he's currently in room 104.
Here, I've drawn a detailed layout of the motel room.
As you can see, there are Four walls and a toilet.
Like every other motel room in the world.
We really gotta take orders from your Boot? He's in charge today, Smitty.
Trust me.
I've got this all worked out.
I'm going in first.
Janssen, you're gonna be covering C-side containment.
Smitty, you'll be breaching.
I'll come in straight.
I want you to come swing around the open side.
If I call "Trailer, trailer", you come from C-side to A-side and trail in behind us.
Textbook dynamic entry.
- Okay, let's do it.
- All right.
I'm green, and go.
Smitty? Yeah.
Green and go.
LAPD, open up.
Go away! Breach, breach.
- Show me your hands! - Oh, my God! What are you doing?! - Bathroom clear.
- Room clear.
Where's Marcus Quincannon? Who? The owner of the red Expedition outside.
The motel manager said it belonged to the person in this room.
I bought it from some guy on Craigslist like three days ago.
I was just filling out the DMV change of title.
She's telling the truth, Officer Nolan.
Your gun-runner was never even here.
Uh Uh, ma'am, I'm terribly sorry.
Obviously, there's been a mistake.
Do you know how long it took me to get Liza down? You woke her up.
You can put her back to bed.
Hello? LAPD.
Anyone home? Hey, girl.
It's okay.
Not exactly what I meant by control your environment.
That dog barks all the time.
Ma'am, do you know if the dog's owner is home? - Mm-hmm.
- Shut up! Shut up, Missy! Hey, whoa.
There's no need for that.
Honey, she's my dog.
I can treat her however the hell I want.
Sir, we've received a complaint about your dog.
And I wonder who made it! Emma, you called the damn cops?! Your dog's a menace.
It's just bark, bark, bark all day long.
It's a dog.
It's kind of their thing.
Uh, ma'am, just step aside.
I'll handle this.
Sir, you need to try to keep your dog from barking.
No problem.
I'm good at making bitches shut their mouths.
Have a nice day, sir.
Shut the hell up.
Hey, stop kicking dirt at the dog, or else.
Whoa, whoa, whoa or else what? If I have to come back here, or even get a whiff that you're abusing this animal, I will make you my personal project.
Do you understand? I'd say I controlled that environment.
This is a complete waste of time.
It's part of the job, Boot.
I did not become a police officer to do clerical work.
Yeah, well, if you don't, then whoever murdered Richard Ochoa might get off on a technicality at trial.
Yeah, I get all of that, but I should be out on the street.
We only have one Plain Clothes Day.
The only thing certain about this job is that it's unpredictable.
You're not helping.
Hi, Officer? Hi.
Do you have a moment? A quick one, yes.
- What is it? - Uh, so, this might be a silly question, but I was wondering How hard is it for, um, someone to track your credit card purchases? You mean like identity theft? No, not not like that.
Like a-a regular person but for a card that's in another name.
Like d-do the charges post immediately or Tell you what, on the bottom of that card is the non-emergency number for the Mid-Wilshire Police Station.
You give them a call.
They'll have time to answer all your questions.
- Who should I ask for? - Ah front desk, which is where I'm gonna wind up if I don't get moving.
You have a nice day.
So, good news, I taught the mother a swaddling method.
Baby Liza is sleeping soundly.
I'm glad something positive came out of your time here.
Well, hang on.
I wouldn't call what happened here today a total failure.
You told us we can't predict outcome, only do our best to control it.
I developed a strong, credible lead, and I commanded a flawless dynamic entry.
Where you terrorized a mother and a newborn child.
Now, if she was terrorized, would she have given me the address in Simi Valley where she purchased the car? Simi Valley PD is sending a unit to arrest our gun-runner.
They told me they'd give me a call as soon as he's in custody.
Lunch? Sir.
Dispatch says you wanted to see us.
Yeah, shut the door.
You know, I remember my Plain Clothes Day.
It was a long time ago, but I remember it.
Desperate to make an impression.
My T.
watching me like a hawk.
But the pressure got to me, and I made all kinds of mistakes stupid ones, too.
And completely out of character.
Which is why, Officer Chen, I sympathize with your situation.
Sir? We got a rude conduct complaint against you from, um a Rodney Acker.
He said you verbally threatened him to get his dog in line, or else.
Any way to cool this guy off, sir? I tried, but he's pretty dug in.
He wants to make it formal, so Internal Affairs has been notified.
Captain Anderson is in meetings all day, but she wants to talk to you at the end of shift.
Uh sir, what kind of disciplinary action am I looking at? Don't get ahead of yourself.
She should know.
Threatening a civilian is a serious offense for any officer, but to do it as a probationary employee? Even a minor infraction can have a serious impact.
How serious? Worst case scenario, you'll be my 12th rookie to wash out on Plain Clothes Day.
Obviously they're not gonna kick you out of the program over this.
I don't know.
I mean, you should have seen Sergeant Grey's face.
It was utter disappointment.
He gives me that look every day, and I'm still here.
If Chen threatened the guy, why didn't you step in and sort it out? It's Plain Clothes Day.
That'd be cheating.
You know I'm a man of principles.
Yeah, but they could terminate her.
Come on, I'm not gonna let that happen.
Thought you were a man of principles? And contradictions.
You think he's back too soon? No such thing as too soon.
Tim, drop the macho act.
The guy lost his partner in the line.
Some cops never recover from that.
I'll be back.
- Is this seat taken? - Hey.
Sit down.
How's Plain Clothes Day going? So far so good.
- How are you doing? - So far so good.
- You're not buying that.
- Nope.
We're trained to be vigilant, you know? Cop eyes always scanning for trouble.
But we never saw it coming.
One second we're riding the elevator, the next we're shot to hell.
There's nothing you could've done differently.
We should grab a drink sometime.
Are you asking me out on a date? No.
No! Ah, that's not what I meant.
I would never date you.
I mean, I would date you - Hmm.
- but - you know what I mean.
- Right.
Uh, so I'm gonna get back to work.
Sure, uh, thanks for checking on me.
All right, enough of this pity party.
This morning was a disaster, which means the rest of this day can only get better.
- Did I just jinx us? - Little bit, yes.
Listen, Lucy, a cop as good as you, they're not gonna let you go down over this.
You know what really pisses me off? It's not that I might lose my job.
It's that dog.
She's just stuck with that monster.
I know.
Anyway see you.
Detective Wolfe.
Nice to see you back.
Yeah, yeah, thanks.
You're Talia's Boot, right? Yeah.
How's your Plain Clothes Day going? I won one, and I lost one.
How'd you like to win another one? You know what, losing half the day presents an interesting challenge.
- I'm not following.
- What if I can match my father's record in half the time? Come on, Lopez, let's roll.
You did not just say that.
You two on the Richard Ochoa murder? No, he just cataloged some evidence.
Well, the widow of the victim is at the front desk, and she wants to talk to someone.
- Ask Wolfe.
- I can't find him.
But I found you.
So take care of it, all right? Oh, my gosh.
You're moving with purpose.
I got a hot lead.
Let me guess, a methadone clinic to look for drug addicts.
A little hotter than that.
This is a warrant for a 211 suspect.
How'd you get this? Detective Wolfe gave it to me.
Detectives hip pocket these type of warrants.
They don't give them away.
He said he had to make amends.
What did he do? 7-Adam-15, suspicious circumstance at Pico Arms Motel.
Pico Arms, that's your favorite motel.
Control, is there a room number on that? 103.
The mother and baby were in 104.
7-Adam-15, are you accepting the call? We've got a felony warrant to serve.
We take that over this, right? Your call.
I'm not here.
Control, show me attached to the Pico Arms Motel.
Copy that.
Ochoa? I'm sorry, but the detective covering your husband's case isn't available.
I can have him call you.
Can't you help me? With what, ma'am? I'm forgetting him.
Ma'am? My husband, Richard, he was murdered in our bedroom by home invaders.
I was out of town.
The detectives came and took everything his Bible, jewelry, clothes.
They left me nothing.
That's procedure, ma'am.
Everything inside of the room is evidence.
It's not just evidence.
They're memories.
And that's all I have left of him now.
I beg of you.
Give them back to me.
I'm I'm sorry, Mrs.
Your husband's property must be held until after the trial.
There's nothing I can do.
- That was awful.
- Yeah.
Making a few arrests ought to cheer you up, right? Let's go.
Is there a problem, Boot? I'm making the decisions today.
So what do you have in mind? When housekeeping came to service the room, they found this.
Control, notify the sergeant and Missing Persons on a possible 207.
Copy that.
Why are you calling in Sergeant Grey? I met that woman.
She's the one who asked me for help.
She was asking about tracking creditcards or something.
I'm not sure.
It was a very quick conversation.
The victim's name is Lynn McDaniels.
She lives in Van Nuys with her husband, Chris a trucker with a serious history of domestic violence.
There's a BOLO out for him now.
Detectives are reaching out to friends and family.
You should probably get back on the street.
Sergeant, if it's all the same, - I'd like to stay attached to this.
- I know.
But standing here, crossing fingers, helps no one.
When I hear something, you'll hear something.
This man filed a complaint against me.
- We shouldn't be back here.
- You're right.
You shouldn't be here.
I'm fine.
Aren't I supposed to be making all the decisions today? You are.
And right now, you decided to let me save your job.
Sir, it means a lot that you care about my future as an officer, but this is Relax, Boot.
I simply believe that if you're gonna get fired, it'll be because of me, not some asshat's rude conduct complaint.
Stay here.
What do you want? Here's the thing, Mr.
Officer Chen got a little overzealous.
You call it overzealous, I call it a threat under the color of authority.
We'll see what a jury decides.
Hey, look, you're upset.
That's understandable.
So, perhaps we can work this out.
Go on, keep talking.
Look, if there's anything I can do for you, anything you might need a police officer's assistance with, - you just let me - Hello? Watch commander, please.
Why are you calling my boss? Because I'm gonna make a harassment complaint against you, too, pal.
Have a good night, sir.
I will.
You, I'm not so sure! - How'd it go? - Drive.
Uh, hold on.
Is that blood? Could be blood.
Could be something else.
But it could be blood.
Which gives me PC.
I can search that garage.
Look, if you're wrong, he'll claim you're retaliating against him.
You'll definitely be fired, and he'll just add another zero to his settlement check with the city.
Smart move here is to walk away.
So what's it gonna be, Boot? It's your call.
Missy, what's going on in there? No, don't open that! It was an accident.
She She got in my face.
She just wouldn't shut up! You're under arrest.
Hey! Get on the ground.
Get on the ground! All right.
Hands behind your back.
You're under arrest.
Shut up, Missy! That's a good dog.
7-Adam-15, possible GPS hit on motel suspect's cellphone.
Alley, adjacent to 7419 Hayworth Avenue.
Control, show me Code 6.
Okay, I know you're not here, and I'm supposed to wait for backup.
Screw that.
Let's go.
You like that?! Shut up! Chris please, don't Police! Drop it! You good? Please.
Stay back! Don't do that again.
7-Adam-15, shots fired.
Requesting backup.
Code 3.
Lynn, you're gonna be okay.
No, she's not.
Just wait outside.
Me and the missus got some things to sort out.
Then I'll turn myself in.
We wait, he kills her.
If we expose ourselves, he'll shoot us.
Can you drive a rig? That's a bad idea.
Then I'm going now.
He shoots me, you shoot him.
Channel nine.
Please Hey, Chris, how about we talk? You and me.
What's there to talk about? You letting your wife go.
In position.
Standing by.
She promised forever, then left.
Chris, I know how you feel, man.
I was married, too 20 years.
One day I come home, there's a note on the table, tells me it's over.
It hurts.
Don't patronize me.
You don't know me.
What she's done to me.
You've never been in my shoes.
You're right.
- Start the countdown.
- Three You're right, I haven't been in your shoes, Chris.
My marriage ended because we drifted apart.
- two - Your marriage failed because - you're a low-life domestic abuser.
- one.
Get off of me! Oh, God I thought this was it.
I thought he was finally gonna kill me.
It's okay.
You're safe now.
- Come on.
I got you.
I got you.
- Okay.
Control, one in custody.
Send an R/A unit.
Show us Code 4.
Thanks for coming back in.
While cataloging your husband's effects, I, uh, discovered one item not in the actual crime scene.
It was in the hallway, so you can have it back.
What is it? Unfortunately, it's just a broken watch.
It's not broken.
Just cheap.
See? When we got married, we were broke.
I scraped together a few dollars and bought Richard this for our first anniversary.
He wore it every day.
Later, in better times, I bought new watches, expensive watches, but no he only wore this.
Officer, thank you for getting it back to me.
Shift's over, Boot.
No arrests.
Not even a parking ticket.
What's your daddy gonna think? Honestly, I don't care.
Oh, really? Yeah.
Today was a good day.
End of shift, Boot.
Don't you want to open your evaluation? Why? Captain is probably gonna fire me, so what does it even matter now? Just do it.
"Officer Chen second-guessed every decision she made.
" The whole point of me doing this was to get under your skin.
Clearly you did, sir.
Yeah, until the end.
Because when it really counted, you didn't hesitate.
You put it all on the line, and you made the right call.
Which really pisses me off because now I got to rewrite the damn thing.
Tim, what's gonna happen to me? Officer Chen, step inside.
You told Mr.
Acker, and I quote, "I will make you my personal project.
" Nice.
Kind of retro.
Very 1990s Rampart scandal.
- I'm sorry, ma'am.
- In today's LAPD especially in my house we don't threaten people.
- Not even the murderers.
- Yes, ma'am.
Those words do not reflect the officer I am or the one I wish to be.
You may go.
Ma'am? So, I'm still in the program? Internal Affairs reached out.
They wanted my take on this complaint.
I'll recommend that they close it out based on the circumstances.
- Thank you, ma'am - Don't.
Because if you ever let this job down again, I will not hesitate to put you on a career path far away from the LAPD.
Do you understand? Dismissed.
Officer Bradford! Your turn.
Yeah, three more, thank you.
Can I get two drafts, Mickey? You got it, Talia.
- Thanks.
- Hey.
- Hell of a day.
- Yes.
And I really should've stopped and talked to that woman instead of brushing her off with a business card.
I-I was just so focused on being seen as a man of action rather than some cop halfway out to pasture.
- You want my advice? - Please.
Stop trying to be like the other rookies, 'cause you're not.
Jackson is 20 years from having his first colonoscopy, and Lucy has never even owned a pet, let alone raised a kid.
You're a grown man, fully formed.
So stop treating it like it's a liability and treat it like what it is a strength.
Sure, you can be annoying, and you talk way too damn much.
But you also listen.
To people's troubles, to their complaints, and that type of empathy can't be taught.
Only earned.
So if you really want to make detective, the only way to do it is to be you.
So, what you're saying is, I've got a shot at being detective.
Good night, Officer Nolan.
Good night, Officer Bishop.
Order's up.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I messed up at lunch.
- Sure did.
- Yeah.
You were just being kind, and I hit on you, and I apologize.
It's just you were there when Vestri died.
The guy had three bullets in him, and all he cared about was helping you drag my ass to cover.
And I'll never know if the stress of him doing that is what pushed that bullet the last quarter-inch into his heart.
He did that because you were in trouble, and he was your partner.
And it's only natural for you to need to connect with someone who shared a tragedy like that.
So you forgive me? I mean, I don't blame you for being attracted to me.
So it's like that? If you ever need to talk, I'm here.
No strings attached.
- Look at you - Order's up.
saving my ass one more time.
What can I say? I'm a giver.
Sucks you didn't get a crack at your father's record.
Well, it doesn't matter.
Yeah, breaking records and making the most arrests not why I became a cop.
You? Me? I'm in it for the wool pants.
Now it is time for our "to me" toast.
To me, no longer being crushed by my father's shadow.
To me, not having to apply to be a mall cop in the morning.
To me Honestly, guys, I got nothing.
Unlike you, I had a perfect day.
All right, now, if you'll excuse me, I got something I gotta do.
Before I leave, Officer Bradford, I just wanted to give you this.
It's my evaluation of you.
That's not how it works, Boot.
Yeah, well, if you don't want to read it, don't.
You gonna open it? Hey, uh, get your stuff together.
We got to go.
- We got to go.
Let's go, let's go.
- What? Come on.
What is it? Their bar tab.
That little