The Rookie (2018) s01e18 Episode Script


1 Everything was actually going fine until we hit the nuns.
- You assaulted a nun? - No, no.
The suspect I was chasing made a beeline for a group of nuns.
A gathering is it a flock of nuns? I know it's not a murder of nuns.
- Ow! - Sorry.
Tell me the truth.
Do I look like a porcupine? You don't not look like a porcupine.
Officer Nolan, focus.
We split up.
I came back with a suspect, and you came back with a new hairdo and empty cuffs.
As I was saying ow the nuns slowed me down, allowing the suspect to get away, jumping over a fence.
How many times have I told you not to hop a fence without knowing what's on the other side? - Enough that I shouldn't have done it? - Mm-hmm.
But he was getting away, so I just I just I went over.
And landed headfirst on a cactus.
No, no.
First, I had to get away from the dog.
The cactus was over the second fence.
This is really the lowest point in my rookie experience, isn't it? - [KNOCK ON DOOR] - Hey.
I'm looking for Officer John Nolan? That's me.
You've been served.
What? Whoa, oh, oh, oh-oh, oh, oh, oh, oh No.
I'd say this is the lowest point.
- [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS] - I'm gonna win for you like I know you want me to do Hey.
Heard you're officially a cop now.
Got hit with your first lawsuit.
Oh, it's ridiculous.
This guy says I dislocated his shoulder pushing past him in a pursuit.
I-I don't think I even touched him.
And now he wants fifty thousand to settle.
Don't take it personally.
Being sued's part of the job.
It's why we're required to have liability insurance.
Union assign a lawyer yet? Yeah.
Some guy named Simon Parks.
You're lucky.
Guy's a legend.
Saved my ass a couple times.
He's a cranky old S.
, but he gets the job done.
You've got nothing to worry about.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] - What's going on? - IA arrested Jenkins.
The Robbery Homicide detective? Yeah.
Why? SGT.
GREY: All right.
Grab a seat.
[SIGHS] See, look, it's never a good day when one of your own gets arrested.
I'm sure you have questions.
Commander West from IA is here to answer.
- Commander? - Thank you, Sergeant.
After an extensive investigation, we found clear evidence that, ten years ago, Detective Jenkins lied on the witness stand.
Because of his lies, an innocent woman was convicted of murder in the first.
She's been in jail this whole time? Yes.
Samantha Bennett.
She was released two days ago.
In addition to charging Jenkins with perjury, we've placed him on the Brady List.
Uh, what is the Brady List? Uh, it's a record of law enforcement officers who've withheld exculpatory evidence It's a list of dirty cops.
WEST: IA has reviewed all of Jenkins' past convictions.
Of them, three others were deemed suspect enough to warrant the release of those felons.
But you're not sure those three are innocent.
No, but their convictions were overturned.
When this gets out, every lawyer in town is gonna want to get a Jenkins conviction overturned.
That's tomorrow's problem.
Today, protocol dictates that we make voluntary contact with these released felons.
So, Lopez and West, you will talk to Samantha Bennett.
Bradford, Chen, you got Max Kegel, who was doing 25 to life for drug trafficking.
And, Bishop and Nolan, take Terry Wright, who was in for armed robbery and attempted murder.
If you observe anything actionable, send it up to Major Crimes.
And what if we don't see anything actionable? Leave it alone.
Observe, report.
That's it.
All right.
Be safe out there.
My lawyer's here.
You're lucky to be getting Simon Parks.
He's been doing this for 40 years.
Can't beat that kind of experience.
- Officer Nolan? - Yes? I thought we should meet before this afternoon's arbitration.
Go over the game plan, answer any questions you might have.
Uh, who are you? Y-Your lawyer.
Simon Parks Junior.
Oh, I-I thought You thought I was my father.
[CHUCKLES] Believe me, I know I have some big shoes to fill, but I'm excited to get started on my first case with you.
The oldest Boot paired with the youngest lawyer.
Sounds like a match made in heaven.
Right? Now, as far as your role in today's mediation goes, less is more.
They will try to get under your skin, so let me do the talking.
And 2:00 is 2:00, so don't be late.
- Right.
- Um, let me know if you have any questions, okay? Did he say "first case"? Mm-hmm.
[CHUCKLES] So, you and your mother finally make up, and now you're giving me the cold shoulder? No.
I, um things have just been really crazy.
Oh, too crazy to respond to texts? Return phone calls? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
I've just been focused on the job and the exam.
What I know is that you're not ready to have a man-to-man about what's going on with you, but I expect you to be by end of day.
So come find me when you're ready.
[BUZZER, DOOR OPENS] What was that about? Nothing.
Hey, um, do you remember, uh, that felon Oscar from the prison bus crash? Stole a car, tried to run us over? That Oscar? Yeah.
Um, when I was booking him, he told me some stories about my dad.
What kind of stories? That he was my dad's CI back in the day.
Said that my dad used to give him intel in exchange for turning a blind eye.
Lots of cops do that.
Yeah, he also said that my dad planted a gun on him.
Got him sent away for life.
Let me guess.
Oscar insisted he was innocent.
He said he was guilty, but no one could prove it.
- So my dad crossed the line.
- I don't believe it.
Your dad is the straightest arrow I've ever met besides you.
I understand.
Thank you.
Well, the union says I can't switch lawyers.
They said, and I quote, "You get what you get," which is exactly what I said to my son when he wouldn't eat his peas.
He's a lawyer, Officer Nolan, not a fish.
You can't just throw him back because you think he's too small.
Thought I might be seeing police at some point.
Oh, we're just checking in on you after your unexpected recent release.
What, five years into a 20-year sentence for attempted murder and armed robbery? It's a miracle.
The man upstairs looking out for me.
- Huh.
- Mind telling us what you've been doing since you got back into town? Of course.
Moved back in with my old lady here, been eating way too much fast food.
Soon as I get the old van up and running, I'm gonna start looking for work.
You look familiar.
Are you Don't I know you from somewhere? With your rap sheet, I'm sure we've crossed paths.
I used to run with this kid named Dylan.
I think you know him.
Doesn't ring a bell.
You must have me mixed up with somebody else.
Do yourself a favor, Mr.
You've been given a rare second chance.
Take advantage of it.
Stay out of trouble.
Yes, ma'am.
So what do you think? That he's gonna be trouble.
LUCY: - Why all the extra shifts? Why not? I've got hours to fill when I'm not studying.
Yeah, but don't you need time off to recharge? What do you do to unwind? Work out.
And don't tell me, "If it has 'work'" in the title, it can't be relaxing.
" It's true.
You need a hobby, something you do for fun.
No, I don't.
Kegel, I hear you've had a bit of bad luck since you got out of prison.
Tell me about it.
Eight years of prison food without as much as the runs, and one bad bowl of clams lands me in the hospital.
Kegel, I'm sure that your recent release has brought up some strong emotions.
Only good ones.
Hell, I thought I'd never get to consummate this marriage.
[CHUCKLES] Alicia and I were, uh, pen pals.
She wrote to me in prison for a year before we got hitched.
I've always wondered about women marrying guys in prison.
- What's the appeal? - Oh, well, I read about his case, and I saw his photo, and I just fell in love.
Now that I'm out, I plan on keeping my nose clean and my wife between the sheets.
- Oh.
[CHUCKLES] - [CHUCKLES] Officers, uh, may I speak with you, please? TIM: Sure thing.
Kegel's test results, and, unfortunately, it's not food poisoning.
- What is it? - Poison poisoning.
Hydramethylnon, to be specific.
It's a chemical used in roach traps.
Kegel, can you come out here, please? No.
What's going on? Who made the clams? My honey bunny.
Why? 'Cause they were poisoned.
Guess your wife wasn't psyched you came home.
What? Is that true? You were never supposed to get out of jail.
That was the whole allure.
Besides, it got my mother off my back about me being single.
And then you came home, and you were all clammy and handsy, and I just snapped.
Ma'am, I'm gonna need you to stand up.
Turn around.
Hands behind your back.
[VEHICLE DOORS CLOSE] Samantha Bennett really took it in the teeth.
Ten years for a crime she didn't commit.
Barely a traffic ticket before she went inside.
And her file says she has a kid.
Child was only a year old when her mom went to prison.
There's no way she comes out the same person.
Prison hardens you.
- Where the hell are they?! - Somebody help! - Where's my family? - Don't hurt me.
- Where are they? - Drop the bat! No.
It's not fair! Arrest her.
She's crazy! Look, Samantha, please.
Put down the bat.
This isn't gonna help you.
Is that what you want? You want to help me? Like you helped me the ten years in jail? Like you helped to convince my husband that I was a murderer? You know what it feels like to have the person that you love turn against you, believe you're capable of the worst thing imaginable? Ten years, he never once brought my baby to visit me, said she was better off without me.
I know you're upset.
I can only imagine what you've been through.
But this man doesn't know where your family is.
- Do you? - Of course not! They moved out years ago.
I just I just want to see my baby.
I didn't know where else to go.
Samantha, you need to put the bat down.
[BREATHES HEAVILY, SIGHS] [BAT CLATTERS] Please don't send me back there.
Please don't send me back there.
- Look, I'm sorry.
- Please.
First arbitration.
You nervous? A little bit.
What are you gonna do? Be a cop.
Um can I ask you something? Okay.
- Who's Dylan? - What? The guy that Terry thought you both knew.
I got a vibe that you weren't being completely straight with him.
You got the vibe? What kind of vibe are you getting right now? That I've overstepped.
I don't know any Dylan.
End of story.
Good talk.
[ENGINE STARTS] Turn to Okay.
[VOICE BREAKING] I'm never gonna find them.
Look, I'm I'm sure someone knows where they are.
She probably hates me anyway.
- Your daughter? - [SIGHS] I missed her whole life.
The best I can hope is that Tom told her I was dead.
Otherwise, I'm just mom the murderer.
Yeah, but you're innocent, okay? And that will be all over the news now that Jenkins was arrested.
So is the fact that I'm back in jail.
- [DOOR OPENS] - No, Tom is right.
She's better off without me.
I'm no good to anybody now.
Don't say that.
[POLICE RADIO CHATTER] This isn't right.
No, but our hands are tied.
We have to be able to do something to help her.
This isn't just about her, is it? - Yeah.
- [BUZZER, DOOR OPENS] All right, and maybe my dad, too.
A dirty cop ruined her life.
Look, let me think on Samantha, see if I can figure something out.
But you need to get your head straight about your dad.
Either go talk to him or let it go.
What you can't do is let the doubt eat away at you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How's it going with Jenkins? Usual song and dance.
He's crying conspiracy, coercion, trying to muddy the waters.
I've been meaning to ask you, how's my boy doing? Well, you know.
Standing tall some days, falling on his face others, like all rookies before him.
- [CHUCKLES] - Like us back in the day.
Yeah, but he's been acting a little strange the last few weeks.
Something I should know? You'd have to ask him.
Tell me about his T.
- Officer Lopez? - Yeah.
- She's a good cop.
- On paper, sure, but I'm asking about her instincts, her leadership skills, her ability to teach my son things he can't learn from his rook book.
Percy, I'm not quite sure how to reply to that.
See, this is specifically why I asked you to assign Officer Bradford to my son, not Lopez.
He's a known entity, a cop's cop.
With her, I'm wondering, does she truly have what Jackson needs? Are you asking as head of Internal Affairs or a nervous father overstepping his bounds? Listen.
I know you outrank me, but I'm gonna tell you exactly what I said when Jackson was assigned here no special favors.
Wa Wade.
I'm not asking for special favors That includes keeping tabs on him.
Is that understood, Commander? It is, Sergeant.
Excuse me.
I was just about to call you.
Let me guess.
You can't make dinner? Sorry.
One of my clients was put away by that Brady Cop Jenkins.
I've got to go back through the case, see if anything shakes loose.
Today must be like Christmas morning for defense attorneys.
Yeah, except instead of presents, we have boxes of discovery to open.
- Um - Oh.
- Listen.
- Yeah.
- I, uh I have to go see - Mm-hmm? a client on Saturday, but I'll be back Sunday.
I'm on duty Sunday.
Well, uh, nice to see you.
- How are you doing? - Mm.
Good? Yep.
[SIGHS] So, I heard you tried to get me replaced.
Yes, I did.
But you said this was your very first case.
You have to understand that would make me a little nervous.
They handed you a gun on your first day, didn't they? Yes.
And that made me a little nervous, too.
Look, I grew up in a courtroom.
I learned every trick my dad knows.
Passed the Bar first time out with a near-perfect score.
So trust me when I say, I got this.
I need you focused on you, staying calm, attentive, quiet.
- Can you do that? - Absolutely.
- Great.
- Yeah.
But just so you know, I got a couple of years of Pre-Law under my belt.
I've gone to small claims court a number of times to get paid for jobs, so if you need anything I appreciate that, but lawyering is my job.
Oh, absolutely.
100 percent.
But I've got your back if you need it.
- I won't.
- Right.
- But if you do - I won't.
[DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] You're late.
Apologies, Your Honor.
My fault.
I was on patrol.
And I was getting my prostate squared away.
Still got here on time.
Yes, sir.
Sorry again.
Really? A neck brace? This happened a month ago.
Officer Nolan, please don't interact with the plaintiff.
It's called emotional whiplash.
[INHALES SHARPLY] My doctor says it's from having to relive the incident over and over again the past few days.
That's not a real thing.
We need to get a medical expert in here to swear under oath What did I say about letting me do my job? Hey, counsel can we get this circus started? Yes, sir.
Simon Parks for the defendant.
Jephson Green for the plaintiff, Your Honor.
It seems you did a little reckless running on the job, Officer Nolan.
Your Honor, I was in pursuit of a wanted felon Did that sound like a question? You think this is gonna be easy, don't ya? Just waltz in here, charm the pants off of me with your uniform and your dimples.
- No, sir.
- I have the power to give this man your pension.
SIMON: Uh, Your Honor, if I may, we have Officer Nolan's body cam footage, if you'll allow us to play it.
- Sure.
Sounds fun.
- Great.
NOLAN: There.
Can we just say case closed? Seriously Should we switch seats? - Do you want to do my job? - Would you let me handle this, please? All right.
This is the fourth time that Mr.
Lynch has brought suit against a police officer.
Prior history, Your Honor, is just that history.
It has no bearing on the fact that Officer Nolan assaulted my client, causing him lasting physical injury.
And only Your Honor has the power to make this right.
Well said.
Dylan, wait.
We need to talk.
Oh, do we, now? After all these years, that's how you want to play this.
Please? [EXHALES SHARPLY, SNIFFS] Look, one of your former running buddies just got out of Folsom.
Terry Wright.
Have you heard from him? [SCOFFS] Seriously, Talia? You came all the way down here to ask me about some guy from the neighborhood I knew 15 years ago.
Cut the crap.
You and Terry got a lot tighter after I left.
You think I didn't know that? Oh, I see.
So you too good to stay in touch, but you can keep tabs on me, stay all up in my business.
I am trying to look out for you.
You're suspected of pulling at least five jobs with Terry.
You're lucky you only got caught once.
You got a lot of nerve calling me "lucky.
" Hey, I never asked to be taken to another family.
Yeah, but you sure as hell couldn't wait to get up out of there.
And can you blame me? That home was a nightmare.
I would've taken you with me if I could have.
Yeah, well, it's cool.
Yeah, I took care of myself.
Got clean, got straight.
Been working a warehouse job for about a year now.
So I got no need for you, and I ain't got no need for Terry.
I got to go to work.
Dylan, I I ju I I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I haven't been around.
I had to step away when I joined the police.
Yeah, you were embarrassed.
I get it.
No! Because a family connection to a criminal would have kept me off the force.
And if they find out now that I lied and I left you off of my personal history, I could lose my job.
Well, no worries.
I don't know you anyway.
[GATE RATTLES] Your Honor, I'd like to submit some crucial evidence we've recently received.
Another video of the assault.
Your Honor, any evidence should have been provided during discovery.
Whoa! Things just got real.
This video just came to my attention, and after viewing it, you'll understand why we've upped our financial demand to $50,000.
You can go ahead and up it to $100 million.
I don't care.
I'm not paying it because I didn't do anything wrong.
No, no.
Of course you didn't.
No cop ever does anything wrong.
Will the plaintiff please refrain from addressing my client directly? Enough.
I love a dramatic turn.
Let's watch.
Now, this is all about perspective, and from this perspective, you can clearly see Officer Nolan knock my client to the ground.
It's uh, clearly from this angle, it looks egregious, but Egregious? I'd say it looks like you deserve a flag for roughing the pedestrian.
Your Honor, can we take a brief recess? Make it quick.
This is crazy.
I didn't do anything wrong.
It doesn't matter.
We've got an unpredictable judge, and that video just made our case more difficult, so I really need you to sit back and let me do my job.
- Got it? - Got it.
Come on.
[BUZZER] Go ahead.
Have a seat on the bench.
Don't I get a lawyer? Did you want a lawyer? Yeah.
But you took all my money.
Yeah, it was stolen money.
You know, it doesn't matter, because your lawyer would be pro bono.
[BUZZER, DOOR OPENS] I've got just the guy for you.
- Mr.
- It's just "Camel.
" You know, like Beyoncé or Post Malone.
All right.
Let's start somewhere simple.
Why is there marker on your face? So Petey wouldn't know it was me.
That's Peter DiAmato, the cashier at the convenience store you robbed.
Robbery? Wait a minute.
My client was wielding a squirt gun hardly qualifies as a "threat of force.
" It looked real.
It It had Hawaiian Punch in it, which he drank repeatedly during the alleged incident.
And the theft of $20 from the register? Petey owed me that money.
Sounds like a harmless prank, misunderstanding between friends.
- Prank, huh? - Well, comedy is subjective.
Who keeps rubbing my foot? All right.
Say I let him walk.
What do I get? I've got 15 minutes.
Don't worry.
I'm good under pressure.
Oh, good.
[CHUCKLES] Bishop? Why are you digging into known associates of Terry Wright? When we stopped by for the field interview, I got a strong sense that he's up to something.
See, look.
This station's under a microscope.
The last thing I need is one of my officers getting slapped with a harassment complaint.
If you have something real, great.
Send it to Metro.
Otherwise, get back on the street.
Yes, sir.
DISPATCH: 7-Adam-15, assault in progress.
Rustic Ranch Paintball.
[PAINTBALL GUNS FIRING] Hey, Officer, over here.
Over here.
He's totally lost his mind.
- Who? - Jimmy.
He lives for paintball, but he takes it way too seriously.
Carl snuck up behind him and scored, and then Jimmy freaked out and started attacking Okay.
Slow down.
Who's Jimmy? Who's Carl? That's Carl.
Um did you call an ambulance? We called them, they're on the way.
Keep pressure on it.
Whatever you do, don't pull it out.
Where's this other guy, Jimmy? Well, he's out there playing somewhere.
- How can we ID him? - Uh, he's about 6' tall, he's got a camo jacket, and a skeleton face guard.
All right.
You stay here and wait for the ambulance.
It's scary what happens when a man focuses on one thing only.
It's a cautionary tale, really.
Shut it, Boot.
All the new video does is show us why magic tricks work.
The magician doesn't really saw the woman in half, and Officer Nolan didn't really knock Mr.
Lynch to the ground.
So the only reasonable outcome here is to dismiss this case with prejudice, citing Salsbury, Ritter, and Bennett v.
Long Beach.
Well put, young man.
[STAMMERS] This This isn't right.
My pain is real.
Time after time, police have gotten away with their crimes against me.
My dog was run over in a high-speed chase, and my door was kicked in by cops serving a warrant on the wrong address.
And not one officer has had the decency to just say, "I'm sorry.
" Is this why you're suing me? Because no one's ever apologized to you? - Officer Nolan - Let me be the first.
- I'm sorry that you got hurt.
- Off [SIGHS] Well, Your Honor, in light of the defendant's - admission of guilt - What? the plaintiff ups our financial demand to $100,000.
- Wait.
- Your Honor, we need a 15-minute recess.
Yeah, you do.
Man, this would be a whole lot easier if everyone wasn't wearing camo.
This job isn't about easy, Boot.
Have you ever done this? Played paintball? - [PAINTBALL GUNS FIRING] - No.
It's amateur hour.
I'd straight up murder these guys.
- Okay.
- MAN: That's him, that's him! Exhibit A.
She thinks approaching from the rear gives her a tactical advantage.
But in reality, had she taken the superior position of the high ground to the north - [PAINTBALL GUNS FIRING] - Oh! that wouldn't have happened.
- Oh.
- [SIGHS] But we know Jimmy's not your average player.
This game is his life.
So where would he go? Hmm.
Somewhere with a protected view of the course? Huh.
High ground.
[PAINTBALL GUN FIRES] LAPD! Anyone else fires, they're going to jail.
- Okay.
- Guys, guns down.
Guy in the skeleton mask? Behind you! Jimmy! [GRUNTS] [KNOCK ON DOOR] - Commander.
- [SIGHS] About before.
I was out of line.
It's hard having a cop for a son, especially when you know what this job can do to him.
All good.
Water under the bridge.
- Good.
- [CHUCKLES] Have a good day.
Something else? You didn't hear this from me, okay? Make sure they can bounce a quarter off your bunk.
- You hear me? - What do you mean by that? Detective Jenkins, this Brady List business it isn't going away anytime soon.
The police commission is stepping in.
We're talking review boards and independent audits.
It could get ugly, Wade, so double-check your officers.
Leave nothing to chance.
Make sure nothing can blow back on you.
Thanks for the heads-up.
[BIRDS CHIRPING] Come on, Dylan.
Prove me wrong.
[CELLPHONE RINGS] - You done? - No.
Just wanted to let you know there's no rush getting back here.
Thanks for the update.
- What are you up to? - Getting my nails done.
- That's a joke, right? - Look, did you actually want something or you just called to say hi? I think I'm gonna lose.
It doesn't mean you did anything wrong.
Nolan, I got to go.
- What's going on? You okay? - Everything's fine.
Good luck with your arbitration.
[ENGINE STARTS] PERCY: These two stay.
This one goes.
JACKSON: You, uh, got a minute? Sure.
You ready to tell me what's going on? [SIGHS] Come on.
You can talk to me.
Lopez and I, um we arrested a man named Oscar Hutchinson.
He told me stories about you and him.
And, um And what? He said you were dirty.
And you believe the word of a convicted felon, a murderer, over your own father? No.
I, um I just I-I pulled the file.
You did what? Boy, have you lost your damn mind?! I'm not a boy.
I'm a police officer Well, not for long, if you don't get your head straight.
Remember, you're not just accusing your father here, you're accusing a superior.
Yes, sir.
Oscar Hutchinson is a habitual liar with a history of substance abuse, not to mention a personal grudge against me.
You think there's a court in this country that would find his testimony credible? Look, I don't give a damn if it would stand up in court.
I want to know if it's true.
Of course not! And today of all days, you throw this in my face?! Get out of my sight.
I need a premise history on 11215 South 73rd Street.
Stand by.
Lots of 11-3 at that address.
I'm getting a hazard code, as well.
7-Adam-15, show me on a felony ped stop in the alley beside the South 73rd address.
I think they're about to rob a stash house.
[GUNS COCKING] Two at gunpoint.
Send backup.
Police! Drop the weapons! Three steps forward.
On your knees.
I told you not to run with this fool.
I knew you looked familiar.
Talia Bishop, the prodigal sister.
And you led her right here.
Thought I taught you better.
You should have taken that second chance, Terry.
Now you're going back to prison.
I don't think so.
[GUN COCKS] Holster your weapon.
Take off the belt.
Get it from her.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] You shouldn't have followed me here.
I should have just let you rob a stash house and get killed? [SIGHS] [SIREN WAILING IN DISTANCE] Yo.
What do you want to do with her? She probably already called for backup.
We better rob this place fast.
Stick her in the van.
Make sure she's secure.
Let's go.
Dylan, you don't have to do this.
Don't do this.
Don't do this.
Hold on.
[ENGINE STARTS] [GROANS] He needs to go to a hospital.
Yeah, that's not happening.
[GROANS] Yeah, I'm I'm hit pretty bad, man.
He could bleed out.
If you care about him, take him to the hospital.
You can just dump him out.
We're not going to any damn hospital.
Shut the hell up.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] However I rule, it's clear to me that Officer Nolan has a lot to learn about the job of policing.
[CELLPHONE RINGS] I have to take this.
- Like hell you do.
You - [CELLPHONE BEEPS] - Yes, sir? - Bishop's missing.
She called for backup.
When units arrived, they found her car outside a stash house, bodies inside.
- Officer, hang up that phone! - Have you heard from her? - No.
- Get back here.
Yes, sir.
On my way.
Officer Nolan, we're not done here.
I am.
Do whatever you need to do.
Make it $1,000, $100,000, $100 million.
I don't care.
My T.
's in trouble.
Dylan, grab that sweatshirt.
[GRUNTING] Tie it around your arm above the wound.
You got to stop the bleeding.
[GROANS] - What's the plan? - TERRY: I'm working on it.
Man, Maurice is dead.
We're riding around this van with a kidnapped cop.
What kind of plan fixes this? One that includes killing me.
Shut up! He's not gonna hurt you.
Where do you think we're driving to? Quiet place where he can execute a cop.
Isn't that right, Terry?! We're not killing her.
Just relax, Dylan.
I know what to do.
Everything's gonna be fine.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] [ENGINE STOPS] Uncuff her from the van.
[GRUNTING, BREATHING HEAVILY] [GRUNTS] [SIGHS] Look, whatever happens next, Dylan, I am sorry.
Even though I couldn't keep you in my life, I still kept my eye on you.
I saw you turn your life around.
I know I let you down.
But this this is this isn't you.
You are so much better than this thug.
Don't listen to her.
Who taught you how to be a man, how to hustle, how to survive on these streets? I'm the closest thing to family you've ever had.
She doesn't deserve tears.
Turn around.
You shouldn't have to see this.
Come on.
Let's Let's just leave her.
Let's just get the hell out of here.
We can't do that.
Just turn around.
[VOICE BREAKING] Dylan, I love you.
I'm sorry! Get on your knees.
Man, I'm not getting on my knees.
You gonna shoot me, you gonna look me in my face when you do it.
[GUNSHOT] [BODY THUDS] [GASPS] Dylan, Dylan, look at me.
It's okay.
Come uncuff me.
Come on.
Uncuff me.
[BREATHING HEAVILY] What did I do? You saved me.
[SNIFFLES] [BREATHING HEAVILY] [HANDCUFFS RATTLE] What are you doing? I'm sorry, but I gotta take you in.
I just saved your life.
Save mine.
That's what I'm trying to do! Look, I'll go to Mexico.
I'll be gone by the morning.
I swear, you'll never hear from me again! You know I can't.
I can I can keep your secret.
Yeah, w-with Terry dead, no one else knows.
- It's perfect - That doesn't matter anymore.
I'm in Baldwin Hills oil field.
I have one in custody, one deceased.
Please send additional units, an RA, and a supervisor.
I've been looking for you.
- You okay? - I yeah.
Why didn't you tell me you were into something? I would have been there for you.
You had your own life to deal with.
Yeah, well, I hate to break it to you, but you're a pretty big part of that these days.
[SCOFFS] Lucky you.
I am lucky.
Look, I don't know what's going on with you, and I don't know who this Dylan guy you arrested is.
All I know is there's got to be a reason you're playing it close to the vest.
And I respect that.
But take it from a guy who bottled things up for too many years.
It helps to talk about it.
You're right.
I do need to talk.
[SIGHS] But not to you.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Come in.
Sir, I have something to tell you.
What is it? Dylan Scott is my brother.
Come again? We spent a year together in the same foster home, a year that felt like a lifetime.
I wouldn't have made it one day without him.
Where are you going with this? I left him off of my P.
when I applied to the academy because of his criminal record.
I pretended like he didn't exist, and that was a mistake.
It doesn't matter we only spent a year together.
He's family.
[SIGHS] If this was any other day, I might have the energy to chew you out or figure out how to help.
But today today, my hands are tied.
So I have to file a memorandum with the Chief, informing him that one of my best officers perjured herself on an official document, likely torpedoing her career.
You're dismissed.
We need to talk.
I'm off-duty, Commander.
Maybe another time.
Jackson, please.
So I've been doing a lot of apologizing today.
I'm not used to that.
I'm not really good at it either.
Was that your way of saying sorry? [SIGHS] No, no.
This is.
I'm sorry.
Why? You swore that you weren't dirty.
And I wasn't.
Look, you have to understand, when I was coming up in the force, it was a different time.
Two weeks to match fingerprints, if you were lucky.
And forget about DNA evidence.
We cut corners sometimes because we had to.
My whole life, you drilled me to follow every single rule to the letter.
And now it's, "Oh, yeah", we cut corners 'cause we had to.
" Who the hell do you think you are? Your father.
Not the one that I thought you were.
Look, I don't know what Oscar told you or what you think I might have done, but I swear to you, I wasn't dirty.
I knew plenty who were, but that wasn't me.
I never falsified evidence.
Never took money.
Never flaked a guy to make a collar.
You have to believe me.
No, Dad.
I don't.
Jackson, please.
All I ever wanted was for you to be better than I was.
[SIGHS] Hey.
Are you okay? Not really.
I'm sorry, but maybe this will cheer you up.
Come on.
I spoke to the building super about Samantha, told him everything she'd gone through.
So he agreed to withdraw his complaint.
- She's free to go.
- That's great.
There's more.
Bennett? Can we get a minute? - Yeah.
- Thanks.
I found your husband.
I explained to him what happened, that you were innocent.
It was a lot to process.
Before you get your hopes up, he doesn't want you to know where he or your daughter are just yet.
But I gave him this number, and I think he'll call once he wraps his head around the truth.
Thank you.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
But I put them in the shadows at last - Oh, I've looked up and down - So - What did they end up at? - and crossed the sea - $100,000? - Nope.
Back down to $50,000? No.
The judge tossed it.
What? How?! Oh, when you ran out of there, only concerned with your T.
's safety, I was able to use it as an example of your selfless dedication to the job.
The judge was impressed.
[LAUGHING] Wow! Nicely done.
Hey, thanks.
I told you I know what I'm doing.
Yeah, you did.
And I, for one, should know better, than to judge someone on their age or their experience.
So I'm sorry.
And thank you very much.
searching Hey, you know this lawsuit wasn't really about you, right? It was about the uniform.
Get used to it.
Hey, I'm a lawyer.
Everybody hates us, right? [LAUGHS] No.
Ah, ah, ah You ready, Boot? Remember.
No mercy.
Got it.
You're having fun, aren't you? - No.
- [CHUCKLES] On me.
Go! I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready now I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready now - Incoming! - [PAINTBALL GUNS FIRING]