The Rookie (2018) s01e20 Episode Script

Free Fall

You left your foster brother, a known felon, off your PHQ.
I have a lot to be sorry for.
And I am.
I need someone here to be my eyes and ears.
You want me to be a rat for Internal Affairs? - Who the hell do you think you are? - Your father.
Not the one that I thought you were.
- We can cut him off in the plaza.
- Wait! Brake! When I pushed to be something I'm not, I almost got someone killed.
The least impressive thing about you is you're dating a 45-year-old rookie.
What's wrong with that? Until I administer the oral exam, get the hell out of my office.
- What's a 314? - Uh, indecent exposure.
A 273g? Being intoxicated in the presence of a child.
Well done.
Reminds me of a funny story.
- Mm, mm-hmm, uh-huh.
- Which is for later.
- How about a 237? - False imprisonment.
Nicely done, and a personal favorite of mine a 597h.
Unlawfully attaching a propeller to an animal so that dogs may chase it.
Well done.
That's 500 penal codes down, 1,000 to go.
- Curly fries? - Yes.
211, armed robbery.
488, petty theft.
- You a cop? - Yes, I am.
And so are they.
Hands in the air.
Drop your guns.
- Turn around.
- Turn around.
You guys, this looks to me like a criminal conspiracy.
You mean a 182.
Also a 12-0-20.
Oh, illegal possession of a firearm.
Actually, it's a 417.
The guns are fake.
Ha! He's right! Yep, but this knife's real, and that's a violation of Turn around.
You are trouble.
Why is that? 'Cause I'm supposed to be focused on this test, and all I can think about oh, my God is you.
And now you're gonna be moving here full time.
Yeah, well, that job at Homeland Security was too good to pass up.
Plus, decent benefits.
- Oh.
- Oh.
Come house hunting with me this weekend.
Yeah, sounds fun.
I'd love to.
Oh, uh, Henry's flying in.
You two can finally meet.
Is that too soon? I'm sorry.
I have no idea the single dad rules yet.
No, no.
It's It's fine.
Um I'd I'd I'd like to meet him.
- Great.
- Yeah, good.
I gotta go.
You are gonna do great on your test.
- Thank you.
- Okay? Officer Bishop.
Glad you called.
I was worried you were ignoring me.
No, ma'am.
I was just weighing my options.
And? You promise I'll be cleared by the Chief if I spy on my fellow officers? Don't look at it as spying.
You're helping me monitor cops who cross the line.
Like the line you're crossing with me.
Violating the Peace Officers Bill of Rights.
What are you doing? I thought hard about your offer, but I decided to go a different way.
By calling your boss.
- Sir, I can explain.
- You can try.
But I recommend you do it after consulting your union lawyer.
I've spoken to the Chief.
Your case has been closed, Officer Bishop.
A formal letter of reprimand will be placed in your file.
My apologies for Officer Ruiz's rogue actions.
Let's go.
Letter of reprimand fair resolution.
Should be grateful.
I am.
80 might be the passing grade, Boot, but if you don't get at least a 90, you should turn in your badge on general principle.
Officer Chen, I will take it as a personal insult if you get anything less than a 93.
Yes, sir.
Have you figured out what you're gonna do with all your new free time? Might I suggest a book club? What are you talking about? You know, after I pass, there won't be any more daily evaluations to write.
Whether I evaluate you daily or weekly, I will continue to judge you every minute.
- Understood? - Yes, sir.
So, all right.
Big day ahead.
Rookies will work the first six hours of their shift on patrol, then come back to take the written test.
Hey, try not to tire them out this morning.
Just take the easy calls, okay? I don't do easy.
But you do follow direct orders, am I right, Officer Bradford? - Yes, sir.
- Good.
Easy, then.
Following the written exam, you three will report to the Chief's office, where he will personally administer the oral exam.
Remember, he can fail you for a dozen different reasons, so Remind me, Officer Nolan, how the Chief feels about you.
Oh, big fan, sir.
All right, see you three back here in six hours.
All right, that's it.
You're driving today, Officer West.
I am? Why? 'Cause we both know you're gonna pass the exam.
I mean, I feel pretty good, but The rules and regulations of the LAPD are part of your DNA.
You're right.
Test's in the bag.
Which means I have today to decide whether to request you be assigned to a new training officer.
What? Why? Because I feel like I failed you.
You were a mess right out of the gate.
And I thought I got you past it.
But then you lost it again last week.
So either you're falling down or I am.
What happened last week was my fault.
I let my family drama get in the way, and - it won't happen again.
- It's not good enough.
You shouldn't still be struggling with the most basic question "Why am I here?" Why do you want to be a cop, Officer West? Because I've always wanted to be one.
Being groomed for this isn't the same as choosing it.
You gotta want this job for the right reason.
For you, not your father.
So, why did you choose it? I have four older brothers.
Guess it gave me a pathological need to stand up for the little guy.
Which is why I was also willing to dig deep with you, but Maybe I've given you too much leash.
Maybe you need a different instructor to get your head on straight.
I don't want a different instructor.
Look, just tell me what I have to do.
You never got a real Plain Clothes Day.
So this morning you're gonna run things.
Then we'll see what happens.
7-Adam-19, silent hold-up alarm activated at Madame Megan's Psychic Shop.
2417 Vine.
Code 3.
Tell me! Tell me right now! How the hell did you know?! Answer me! Police.
Drop the snow globe.
That's a $900 crystal ball.
Can he just put it down instead? You heard her.
Up against the wall.
Turn around.
Ma'am, you okay? Yeah.
I was just giving that psycho a reading, and he hulked out.
Don't say another word.
We've got psychic-client confidentiality.
That's not a thing, asshat.
So, what exactly were you telling him - when he attacked you? - We were talking about his love life.
I said I saw an image of him and a beautiful woman surrounded by trees, and then he freaked out.
Why is that, sir? Strike a little close to home? Have you been in the woods with a woman recently? No, it was just a misunderstanding.
Control, run a name for me.
Last name Fischer, first name Randy L.
Suspected on a domestic.
7-Adam-19,? be advised suspect's wife was reported missing six weeks ago.
- Hands behind your back.
- Holy crap.
- I was just making that up.
- You were? You think if I were really psychic that I'd be working out of a moldy storefront in Hollywood? Although, I can totally see us destroying my bedroom later.
Um 7-Adam-15, report of a dead body, Seventh Street bus terminal.
- At least it's behind you.
- Behind me? Please, that letter of reprimand is a permanent red flag.
It'll affect every promotion I go in for.
You say tomato.
Uh, you reported finding a dead body? Yeah, he's in the men's room.
Must've come in on the late bus from Phoenix after the cleaning crew went through.
All right.
We'll take it from here.
Thank you.
Definitely a homicide.
Glove up.
Find an I.
Don't touch anything else.
Control, run a party.
Last of Valance, first of Corey.
4/14/97, and notify a supervisor and homicide unit.
Copy that.
At least we know what we're doing until the test.
Sit on the bench.
I thought I told you to take it easy.
We did.
Officer West spotted these two trying to steal an ATM from the Save Mart on Cahuenga.
Writing it up as a 211? No, sir.
Technically, it's considered a bank burglary, not a robbery.
Very good.
Sir, can I ask you something? Okay.
Why'd you become a cop? I gave him a little homework.
Easy day and all.
I liked the teamwork.
I missed it after the Army.
I need those files right now.
Excuse me.
How's it going? Better now.
So, listen, I can probably duck out of here early Jackson's got an exam this afternoon.
Any way you can clear your schedule for some us time? Actually, I think I can.
- Really? - Yeah.
Call me when you're off.
You ever dated a guy with a kid? Relax.
This is about Jessica.
I think I freaked her out today suggesting she meet Henry.
I doubt it.
My guess is nothing freaks that woman out.
What the hell? Hey, you stepped in a bit of a wasp nest.
Did either of you touch the body? He did.
With gloves on to get the wallet.
Is that all that you touched? Yes.
Why? You're freaking me out.
That is an active crime scene.
Well, that's secondary right now.
I'm Dr.
Morgan from the CDC.
Are you sure you didn't come into contact with the victim's mouth, saliva, or any bodily fluids? Yeah, I'm sure.
- No sign of infection.
- Infection? Your murder victim is part of a homegrown terror cell that the DHS has been tracking, and we believe that they're planning a deadly biological attack on the City of Los Angeles.
Okay, so here is what we know.
At 10:00 last night, this man Corey Valance boarded a bus from Phoenix to L.
He had a partner with him.
We have no identification on that man, but we do know that they're part of a fringe nationalist group which believes that Los Angeles stands for everything that is wrong in America.
The two men arrived here at 5:00 this morning.
We believe Corey's partner strangled him in the bus station bathroom right after.
You thinking Corey got cold feet? It seems likely, yes, especially since they came here with this deadly virus.
Well, that explains the Silkwood shower we just took.
That was purely a precaution.
There is no evidence that the biological agent they were transporting has been released.
But we do have every reason to believe that there is an attack planned in the near future.
What type of virus are we talking about? A weaponized strain of hemorrhagic fever basically causes you to start bleeding and never stop.
And that's how the virus spreads, through contact with bodily fluids.
It has an extremely short incubation period and a gruesome pathology.
If not treated quickly, it has a 90% fatality rate.
And if it's treated quickly? We believe that drops down to around 60%.
But the bad news is - That's not the bad news? - No.
The bad news is, there's only an experimental vaccine.
We're flying it here from Atlanta.
But there's only a few hundred doses.
Nowhere near enough to combat an outbreak.
So, obviously, the rookie exam will be postponed.
The Feds are asking us to be their boots on the ground while they set up a command center here.
First order of business to I.
Corey's partner/killer.
So you'll conduct field interviews with the other passengers on the bus.
Do we think Corey's killer is operating alone now? No.
We think there's one more a local who picked him up at the bus station.
So, okay, this is extremely sensitive.
We can't risk the news getting out and causing a panic.
That being said, you can warn your immediate families to stay away from populated areas, but no details.
Understood? All right.
Let's go get these guys.
Mom, it's only for you and Dad, okay? You can't tell anybody else.
No, I re I really can't say anything else.
- Now, the majority of - You knew.
Can you give us a minute, please? - Yeah.
- Yeah, thank you.
That's why you hesitated when I talked about Henry visiting.
You knew L.
wasn't safe.
I was briefed about a possible threat last week.
And you didn't warn me.
You'd just have Henry show up for the apocalypse.
No, no.
I-I didn't know that this was real.
The DHS and the FBI hear dozens of potential terror threats every month.
And most of them are just talk or we can shut them down.
That's not the same as knowing it's safe.
This is my son we're talking about.
Even if there was the slightest chance there was danger, you should've said something.
- You ready? - Yeah.
Honey, you should go to your parents'.
Look, you know I can't tell you what's going on.
But it's bad.
You gonna call Wesley? I want to.
But I don't know if I can trust him to keep it quiet.
- Really? - Yeah, this is the kind of civil liberties issue he gets on his soapbox about.
Yeah, but how would you feel if something happens and you didn't warn him? Hey, it's me.
I'm afraid I can't get together this afternoon.
Something came up.
Yeah, I'm disappointed, too.
Uh, I'll call you later.
I couldn't risk it.
That's lunch.
Everyone back in 30 minutes, please.
It's not right.
Keeping everyone in the dark.
We're supposed to be protecting them.
- That's what we're trying to do.
- Yeah, but But nothing, Officer Nolan.
This is where the job's hardest.
If we alert the public, we alert the men we're hunting.
Odds are, they'll panic and set it all off.
And then we'll cause exactly what we're trying to prevent.
And what if they set it off anyway before we catch them? Then it'll haunt us.
All right, what's this guy's name? Really? Um, Brad Dallas? Oh, hey.
That's me.
Can we have a word with you over here? Uh, sure.
Uh, be right back.
Were you on the bus last night coming from Phoenix? - Uh, yeah.
- I was visiting my mom.
Why? Did you see this man on the bus? Oh, that's cool.
Is that a yes? Uh, yeah, he looks familiar.
He was traveling with someone.
You happen to remember him? No, I wasn't paying attention.
I was taking a bunch of selfies.
You know, for the 'gram? But I couldn't post them, though, - 'cause my pores were huge.
- Can we see them, please? - The pictures, not your pores.
- Oh.
Yep, that's our dead guy.
Yeah, which means the man next to him's our target, but he's too dark to see.
You know who's really good at Photoshop? - The FBI.
- That's right.
We're gonna take your phone, but we'll get it back to you just as soon as we can.
W Uh Um Stay dry.
And here I thought that test was gonna be the most stressful thing about my day.
Best case scenario, it's tomorrow's problem.
And worst case? Never mind don't answer that.
Took you long enough.
Bag's in here.
Sir, we're here about the bus you took from Phoenix.
No kidding.
I called you about the bag.
And what bag is that? I thought it was mine on the bus.
I picked it up by accident.
Noticed as soon as I got home.
Called right away.
Still took you guys like six hours to get here.
Uh, sir, we're not here about a bag.
So you don't have mine? No.
Damn it.
My computer's in there.
I went through this one looking for an address and all I found was some weird science equipment.
Control, this is 7-Adam-19.
Patch me into task force, please.
Sir, did you touch anything in there? Yeah, I cut my finger going through it looking for an address.
Some kind of broken vial.
Won't stop bleeding.
Everything okay in there? Yeah.
Just stay out there.
No! What's happening? It's okay.
There's a bad case of the flu going around.
We were warned about it this morning at roll call.
Nothing to panic about.
Then why'd you lock the door? Standard protocol.
Look, was there anyone else in the house with you earlier today? No.
My kid's with my ex.
You got any cold medicine? I think so.
- Go take it.
- I'm coughing up blood.
I'm just telling you how they advised us to treat this if we came across it.
Right now, my partner is radioing for an ambulance.
Gonna be here any minute.
Everything all right out there, Chen? Uh, yeah.
The CDC's on their way.
Hey, you need to come out of there.
That's not gonna happen.
Got to keep this contained.
- Tim - It's gonna be all right, Boot.
You keep your head in the game, okay? Everything's gonna be fine.
Where are those pictures? Okay, FBI table.
John, uh, wait.
I'm sorry.
I would have never let you bring your son into a dangerous situation.
I promise.
'Cause I really didn't like being mad at you.
I didn't really like you being mad at me, either.
Our terrorist is Jimmy Roskin, 31 years old.
Arrested eight months ago on a hate crime charge that didn't stick.
Okay, run his photo against all the traffic and security cameras around the bus station.
And check for known associates.
Looks like we have our first infection.
Who? One of the bus passengers.
Luckily, he's contained.
But Tim might be infected, too.
Come on.
Let's move it on out.
Officer Chen, you want to tell me what happened? Yeah, uh, the bus passenger mistakenly grabbed the wrong bag, and the virus must have been in it because he coughed up blood on Tim.
What Whoa.
What are they doing? We need to get them out of there.
We will.
But first we have to establish a proper quarantine.
Did any blood get on you? Uh, no.
I was out here.
Tim immediately closed the door.
Smart man.
Officer Bradford, this is Dr.
Morgan from the CDC.
- Hey, Doc.
- How you doing? Fine.
But Mr.
Langston's struggling a little.
Can you describe his condition? Yeah.
He, uh, started coughing blood about 20 minutes ago.
Now he's got a pretty wicked nosebleed.
Why aren't they coming in? Where's my ambulance? It'll be here any minute.
Just stay put.
Save your energy.
Uh, where's the vaccine? Still in the air.
Should land in the next hour or so.
You can't make Tim wait in there.
- He might not be infected.
- Sorry.
Quarantine rules exist for a reason.
Officer Bradford, do you mind if I put you to work while you wait? You want to know what's in the bag? Yes, I do.
Copy that.
Uh, Chen, I'm gonna turn on my body cam.
You can monitor it from out there.
Please be careful.
All right.
Here we go.
Wait, wait.
What is that bottle? Looks like the delivery device.
- It's a misting fan.
- I think you're right.
Looks like there's a growth medium inside the bottle.
Add the virus to it, then spray it in a crowd.
Droplets land on people's faces, infect them through their mouth and nose.
It's as low tech as you can get.
It's Dr.
I know how they're planning to disperse the virus.
Okay, keep keep me posted.
How's Tim? - It's too soon to tell.
- Got something! Photo of our guy matched back to a gas station where the bus depot is.
We got a picture of the car that picked him up but not the driver.
I ran the plate, but it came back stolen.
Okay, cut to the good news.
I followed it through traffic cameras all the way to Highland Park.
But I lost it when it got off the freeway.
That area's mostly residential, except for the police museum but I doubt that's where they were headed.
More than likely, that's where home base is.
Or they went local to avoid highway cams.
Either way, it's the only lead we got.
Get out there.
I'm sending all available units to canvass with you.
Yes, sir.
No sign of any I.
or target information.
Tim! Tim, look out! Tim.
Tim! I gotta get outta here.
Gotta get outta here here.
Gotta get outta here.
Tim! Tim, are you okay? Hey, answer me.
It's okay! I'm okay! Well, that was fun.
Are you sure you're okay? Kind of depends on your definition of the word.
You need to get that vaccine here right now.
All units, be advised we have a positive I.
on the terror suspect vehicle.
We're looking for a light blue 2013 four-door Ion with a scratch the driver's side door.
Be advised, suspects are armed extremely dangerous, and pose an imminent danger to the public if they escape.
Well, if you do see him, or the car, please call 911.
Nobody knows each other in this neighborhood.
Back in Pennsylvania, I knew all my neighbors.
Names, families, even helped deliver a few kids.
I'm sorry, what? Robertson twins, winter storm of 2014.
Hospital roads were all blocked, so I had to become a temporary midwife.
Good thing I brought my toolbox, too, 'cause - Forget I asked.
- Right.
Let's go talk to some real locals.
Well, that was a bust.
Yeah, most people are at work.
What's going on? Awful lot of cops around.
I'm not really at liberty to say.
Seriously? This is my neighborhood.
If something's going on, I deserve to know.
But you have to keep it quiet.
You can't tell anyone else.
We're trying to stop a terror attack.
We believe one of the terrorists lives around here.
So you should evacuate maybe even get out of the city.
- Okay? - No, not okay.
So far from okay.
Why haven't you issued a warning or an evacuation? - People have the right to know.
- We can't, okay? 'Cause it would cause a panic and alert the terrorists - that we're on to them.
- That's not your call to make.
This is why I didn't tell you in the first place.
Because I knew you were gonna get on your high horse High horse? This is about basic civil liberties, guys.
Give me your phone.
What? I'm placing you under arrest.
What for? Violation of public order.
Come on.
This isn't gonna hold up in court.
Doesn't have to.
But you're incommunicado until this is resolved.
Come on.
You sure about this? No.
Do you recognize this man? Or this car? Yeah, the car, yeah.
I see it almost every morning on Fig.
That's where I panhandle.
The, uh, driver is a real piece of crap.
Cursed me out, saying I ruined his country.
Like I wasn't born at Cedars-Sinai, you know? Officer Bishop.
Thank you.
This gentleman has seen the car.
I don't suppose you know where the guy lives? Over off Wayland.
Yeah, I, uh, keyed his car once while I was out collecting cans on trash day.
It's a yellow apartment building.
Can't miss it.
You sure we shouldn't wait for a Hazmat team? There's no time.
They might already be on the way to their target.
Clear! Our unknown terrorist is Brendan Mitchell.
Control, alert task force.
We have a positive I.
on our second suspect.
Help! Help! Bishop? We know where they're headed.
Feds are pulling resources from all over the Southland.
All major roads heading to LAX are being monitored.
So while the airport is shut down, we'll provide support at assigned checkpoints on Century and Sepulveda Boulevards.
7-Adam-07, copy.
En route to Sepulveda checkpoint.
You're seriously gonna keep me in this car all night? You're the one that wanted to spend more quality time together.
Sir, this operation's moving at a million miles an hour.
And these checkpoints were determined by someone who has definitely not tried to make a last-minute flight at LAX.
We're not running point on this.
We all have orders to follow.
Including me.
Yes, sir.
But there is a hole in the perimeter that only an L.
native or a rookie patrol officer who's painstakingly studied every street in this city would know.
He's right.
There are back roads off La Cienega.
Our guy would know that.
Sir, even with the airport shut down, there'll be thousands of people waiting there.
If these two guys get through All right, let's do it.
Control, this is 7-L-20.
Show us diverting to La Cienega, and reroute an airship over there.
Eyes out for our blue sedan.
Hey, I, uh I just checked with Dr.
The vaccine's minutes away.
You know, you're good at a lot of things lying isn't one of them.
You think I'm good at things? Can I get that in writing? How are you doing? Are there any symptoms yet? I'm sweating like a pig.
But it's probably because it's 100 degrees in this room.
It's gonna be okay.
I really believe that.
I'm sure you do.
But if it isn't Don't think like that.
It's If it isn't I'm not going out the way my man Pete here just did.
What are you saying? When the time comes I'm going out on my own terms.
Be advised.
Suspect vehicle spotted on Centinela, heading south onto La Cienega.
California license Victor, 5, Bravo, Uniform, 9, Foxtrot, 7.
Up ahead.
Blue sedan.
That's him.
Control, 7-Adam-15 we are in pursuit of suspect.
7-Adam-07 joining pursuit.
7-L-20 on your 6:00.
Hang on.
- You all right? - Mm-hmm.
- Stay on him.
- Trying.
All units, be advised, Airship One disengaging from pursuit.
Suspect vehicle has entered a no-fly zone.
Go get him.
Shots fired.
La Cienega and Hill.
Jimmy! Jimmy! Jimmy, run! Run! They're running! - Ready? - Yeah, let's go.
Control, 7-L-20.
Suspects are on foot heading east.
We need a five-block perimeter set up.
And send Hazmat units to lock down this area for containment.
This way! - Nobody move! - Hey, hey, hey! Everybody down! Get down! He's on the bus with the virus! Angela, it's too dangerous.
We have to.
Ready? Everybody down! All I need is a shot.
I'll get you that.
Down! Nobody move.
Get outta here.
Go, go.
Dude, let's talk about this.
Hey! Hey! Don't do that.
You don't need to do that.
Let me go, or I'm gonna infect everybody on this bus! If I let you go, you'll infect a hell of a lot more people.
None of them are gonna be you! Damn.
That's some straight shooting right there.
Appealing to my sense of self-preservation.
But here's the thing I made my peace with dying when I got on this bus.
So I'm coming over there and I'm arresting you.
Aah! - Clear! Go, go! - Off now! Off the bus! Go, go, go, go! Did you shoot me? Just a little.
I guess you're screwed.
Rules clearly say that if you shoot your rookie, then you can't hand him off to another T.
7-Adam-07, show Code 4 at our location suspect down.
Heading east on Crescent in search of armed terror suspect.
Ma'am, get back inside.
7-Adam-15, crossing Wilton on Higsby.
No sign of suspect.
Control, possible contact, 5824 Elgin.
We're gonna check the backyard.
Yeah, this is Jessica Russo.
Call the FAA and tell them that we're gonna fly some choppers into LAX airspace and then have them reroute an airship to our location ASAP.
Think we got him? Assume we didn't.
Hey, there.
You hear those sirens? That's just about a couple hundred of my closest friends coming to back me up.
But you're all alone.
Your turn.
Hey, Jimmy! We got your buddy in custody.
It's over.
I know you're hurt.
But you're still alive.
And I'm offering a way for you to stay alive.
Think of all the publicity you'll get.
You'll be the face of your cause.
So much better than being a martyr in a cold box underground.
But, Jimmy, you got to decide right now.
When S.
gets here, they're just gonna light you up.
I-I-I'm coming out.
Don't shoot.
Show me those hands.
What the hell? He was reaching.
I didn't see that.
Stay back.
He might still be alive.
He might be infected.
So we don't go anywhere near him.
Suspect is down.
I repeat, suspect is down.
Yeah, area's quarantined until CDC clears it.
Please tell me that's the vaccine.
It is.
Stand back.
You're not wearing protective gear.
Officer Bradford, it's time to let me in.
- Hey.
- Hey, Doc.
We got it.
How are you feeling? Not bad all things considered.
You're right at the edge of what we think is the incubation window.
So the fact that you're not showing any symptoms doesn't suck.
But we're gonna give you this vaccine just to make sure.
It's experimental, right? That's correct.
So we're just gonna have to wait and see what happens.
Maybe nothing.
Maybe you grow horns.
But for now, I'd say you might've dodged a bullet.
Any chance we can kiss and make up? Or can I expect a lawsuit? Oh, up until about 20 minutes ago, I was drafting it in my head.
But then you risked everything, got on that bus, and saved those people.
You got a little turned on.
Okay, yeah, maybe a little.
It made me realize that I was a little shortsighted earlier.
Maybe I didn't actually know best what should happen in that situation.
So, we're good again? Again.
Does it seem like we fight a lot? Definitely.
But I think it's our thing, you know? Like some couples swing dance or go to Disneyland.
And I didn't want to ri Jackson! Dad.
Heard what you did.
What can I say? I'm my father's son.
- Good job.
- What? Oh, um, thank you.
It was all Jessica.
Don't sell yourself short.
You sure you're okay? No.
I don't think he was reaching for a weapon.
What are you saying? I'm saying she lied to me.
The guy had a biological weapon.
- He was giving up.
- Maybe he was.
Or maybe that's what he wanted you to think.
Either way, his very existence made him a clear and present danger.
She's got 20 years on the job, dealing with a whole different level of bad guy And I don't know anything because I'm a rookie? Look, I'm no Boy Scout, all right? If six months on this job has taught me anything, it's that there is evil in this world.
But in that moment, she chose to lie to me.
Just like she lied to me about Henry.
So either she doesn't trust me.
Or she's a liar.
Or she was doing you a favor.
Giving you deniability if the shooting ever became a thing.
So you're saying I should just let it go? I'm saying it's been a crazy day.
And you don't know whether you're coming or going.
So before you risk your relationship and possibly your career by blindly charging forward, maybe you should sleep on it.
I heard you guys saved the day.
It was a group effort.
- Glad you're okay.
- Me too.
I-I mean that you're okay, too.
How's Tim? I think he's gonna be all right.
- That's good news.
- What now? 24-hour observation at the CDC.
I'll bet my pension he just told doctors Tim Bradford does not ride in a wheelchair.
Only way I'm leavin' out of here is on my own two feet.
Don't you guys have paperwork to finish? He's back.
- Yeah, he is.
- So stubborn.
Officer Bradford! - Tim! - Officer Bradford! - We need an ambulance! - Tim, what happened in the perimeter? - What's wrong? - Everyone, stay back.
- Tim! - Somebody call help.