The Vampire Diaries s05e13 Episode Script

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Previously on "The Vampire Diaries" You have the ability to keep living inside someone else's body.
Talk to me.
Did it work? Of course it worked.
I'm Katherine Pierce.
I'm Diane Freeman, head of campus security.
Your roommate took her own life.
So tell me.
Now that you've slept with Klaus, how was it? Oh, my God! Katherine Pierce has permanent control of Elena Gilbert's body.
We need to talk.
You are the good, and I need a little good in my life.
I'm sorry, Damon.
We're over.
We've been waiting for you.
Does Elena know that you're here? Elena thinks I'm a monster.
She's right.
Aah! Now that's the Damon Salvatore I remember.
Dear diary, I love my life.
Seriously, becoming Elena Gilbert is the best thing that has ever happened to me.
I finally have everything I ever wanted.
I'm young, healthy, gorgeous.
Everyone loves me, but best of all, I'm a vampire again, so rest in peace, Elena.
Thanks for giving me your perfect life, and now that I've corrected the single worst decision you ever made falling in love with Damon Salvatore I'm gonna win back the one thing I've always wanted.
So we all agree? No more moping about life's little failures and no more dabbling in the dark arts of boyfriends past.
This is a fresh start.
Couldn't agree more.
I happen to love fresh starts.
Um, I haven't been moping or dabbling.
No one likes a bragger, Bonnie.
Do you mind if I share? Great.
Appreciate it.
Today is the dawning of a new era.
This is stage one in our metamorphosis into the land of the brave, the free, and the single.
Bonnie's not single.
Bonnie's best friends are single, which makes her single adjacent.
So she can be our wingwoman.
"Whitmore's annual bitter ball, "a night to celebrate broken hearts, jilted lovers, and bitter singles.
" This is our fresh start? No.
This is our purge, our cleanse.
This is where we rid ourselves from the baggage better known as our tragic and mortifying first semester.
I'll drink to that.
Bonnie! Bonnie, you in? Yeah.
That sounds like fun.
Sorry about the mess.
I had some company, and things got a little out of hand.
You want to tell me what the hell's going on out in the driveway? Ah.
I let Enzo drive last night.
He is a little out of practice.
Almost ended up in the damn foyer.
You mean Aaron.
Well, last night, we hunted him down, and I ripped his throat out.
I just figured it's time to shove the last branch of the Whitmore family tree into the Wood chipper.
So Elena breaks up with you, and your first instinct is to go a killing spree? Could you be any more predictable? It was my idea if it makes you feel any better.
Remember? We met when When you were trying to tear Damon's head off.
I remember.
So, what, you guys are old pals again, murder buddies, is that it? Well, you know how it goes.
I mean, I left him for dead, he tried to kill me, we worked things out.
You spend 5 years with someone in a dungeon, you have a pretty unbreakable bond.
Say, you haven't heard from Dr.
Wes Maxfield by any chance? Bloke's next on the Augustine hit list, and he's a slippery little devil.
Is that the plan? Kill off Augustine and then go back to your sadistic, psychotic old self? I happen to like my old sadistic self, Stefan.
In fact, I miss that guy.
That guy was dumb enough to try and change himself to get a girl.
Get another hobby, brother, because I'm not in the mood to be saved.
What do you say? Shall we get you a new hobby? Golf Scrapbooking? Scrapbooking.
Come on, Damon.
You're better than this.
On the contrary, brother.
I'm better like this.
Hey, Stefan.
Um, it's me.
I was just, uh, wondering I mean, I know things are kind of crazy and you're probably busy, but maybe you might want to come to campus and we can get a drink or, I don't know, talk.
So you're trying to get back with Stefan? I didn't ask you to editorialize.
I asked you if that was something that Elena would say.
Yeah, I guess.
Walk away and forget this conversation.
Are you happy? - Can I leave now? - No.
Stay close.
Matt is my Elena Gilbert cheat sheet.
I didn't go through all the drama of taking over this body so that I could be outed because I didn't know Bonnie's middle name, which is Sheila by the way.
You promised we would spend some time together.
How long do you expect me to sit around the mystic grill like some sad, lonely bar fly? Oh, please.
Don't pretend that baby-sitting Matty blue eyes is some sort of hardship.
I mean, didn't you lure him into your bed in Prague? I didn't lure him, and I wasn't compelling him to forget everything.
He's not a puppet.
I get it.
You like him.
That's adorable.
I'm honing up now.
How are you holding up? What's going on? Who are you? My name is Dr.
Wes Maxfield, and you're Joey, right? I saw your name stitched on your work shirt when I grabbed you.
Apologies, but I never managed to make proper acquaintance of the janitorial staff before the hospital lots its funding.
It's depressing, isn't it? The economy is no friend to medicine.
What do you want from me? I don't have any money.
Ironically, Joey, neither do I.
What did you do to me? Why am I so hungry? Well, in simple terms, I turned you into a vampire.
Now I'm gonna condition you to feed on other vampires instead of humans.
What? You're what? Would you believe that I've already done it once? Now all I have to do is replicate it.
Research is just money and time.
I've got time.
I'll find money.
Perhaps I can help you with that.
Who the hell are you? I'm judging your crappy lab.
Still didn't catch your name.
Sloan, and I'm here to help you, so you can lose the arrogance.
I'm here to offer you new funding for your research.
What do you know about my research? I've been tracking your Augustine experiments for months.
So in return for money and protection, I have some blood I want you to analyze.
Sorry, but I'm done getting into bed with mysterious benefactors, and I don't need your protection.
I beg to differ.
This is Aaron's bag.
Where'd you get this? I hate to be the one to tell you this, but Aaron Whitmore's car was found abandoned in the middle of the road last night.
No one has seen or heard from him.
He's dead, isn't he? My guess is, yes, he's dead, and more to the point, you're next.
So once we've finished off this Augustine mess, what do you say we do a road trip? I was thinking South America, Cape Horn.
Sailed past but never stopped over.
I'm not thinking that far ahead.
Rise and shine, Diane.
How's our favorite head of Whitmore security? Oh, that's ironic, isn't it, you know, since we broke in and kidnapped you from your office.
Let me go, please.
I have two kids.
A mother.
Well, then you can imagine how heartbreaking it would be to learn that your child committed suicide, especially when said child was actually murdered by a vampire, a murder covered up by you.
I didn't do any such thing.
Now, Diane, tell the truth.
Did you cover up a vampire attack on campus by forging a suicide note or two? Yes.
Looks like the vervain is officially out of her system.
Now I want you to tell me exactly where I can find Dr.
Wes Maxfield.
I have no idea.
I haven't heard from him in days.
Well, that's a shame, Diane, because that makes you a dead end.
Well, technically.
Now she's a dead end.
On to the next.
I see Damon's got you on shallow grave duty.
Be a mate.
Grab a shovel.
I'll pass.
Buried enough skeletons out here.
I'm sensing a metaphor.
I think you need to find yourself a new best friend.
Damon's in a bad place right now, and you're not really making things better.
I know you just got out of captivity and you're looking to blow off a boatload of steam, which is fine.
Just Do me a favor.
Leave my brother out of it.
He mentioned you were a bit of a do-gooder.
You know what makes somebody walk a straight line? When they have no choice but to be the balance for somebody who's about to fall off the edge.
Ah, but it's so much more fun when you can just commit to the leap.
You're welcome to join in on the fun.
Looks like you could use it.
Good man.
Why don't you be a mate, huh? Get in that car, start driving, don't look back.
You think that hurts? I'm curious, Stefan.
What do you think you can possibly do to me that hasn't been done a hundred times before? Go on.
Give it your best shot.
What I do to you, Enzo, will be final.
You got it? Be sure I never see you again.
Good! You're back! I need your help.
Diamond or dangler? Since when does Elena Gilbert accessorize? Since she's being conned to go to the bitter ball with her best friend Susie Sunshine.
You're not fooling anyone.
I know that you're faking it.
Faking? I'm what? Please.
It is so obvious.
I appreciate it, I do, but you know I'm on edge because of the whole Tyler-Klaus thing, so you are pretending that breaking up with Damon was no big deal.
Caroline Forbes, how do you always see right through me? Look, Elena.
You don't have to pretend with me, and if you don't want to go tonight, it's all good.
I can be bitter, party of one.
Do you think Stefan would want to come? Hey! I was heh just about to call you.
I need to talk to you, but I didn't want to do it over the phone.
What's wrong? Let's just say it involves Enzo.
Uh Ok.
Then maybe we should meet in person.
Actually, Caroline's dragging me to this Whitmore thing for lonely hearts.
I think you should come.
No, thanks.
I already did the college thing.
Twice actually.
If it's bad, then I'll owe you a fun time.
Who the hell is Enzo? Give me whatever will obliterate the memory of Caroline.
I thought you said you weren't drinking anymore.
I said I wasn't drinking alone today.
She's new.
Whatever you're thinking, unthink it.
That's Katherine's daughter, and the psycho doesn't fall far from the tree.
I can hear you, you know? You locked me in a safe and buried me alive.
I'm sorry, but I was trying to save my mother's life, and I failed, so if you don't mind, I'd like to sit here and grieve in peace.
You want a shot? I want a shot.
- Let's do shots.
- What? Well, you heard her.
She's sorry, her mom's dead.
Let's do shots.
It's your funeral.
My mom was so afraid I'd flunk the eighth grade and embarrass her, she actually wrote an entire english paper for me.
Oh! Oh.
My mother was so desperate for companionship, she compelled an entire town to be her friend.
- Ooh.
- Ha ha ha! Cheers! My mom hooked up with you.
Oh, my God.
Seriously? Afraid so.
Drink, both of you.
Wow! Kind of forgot about that one.
Up top! Whoo-hoo! Whoo! Ahh.
I have to pee.
Hybrids pee? There's got to be a fire hydrant joke in there somewhere.
Pour another round.
Who's Enzo? I don't know.
I've never met him.
But you've heard of him.
He's Damon's buddy from Augustine.
They were cellmates for 5 years.
I think he's free or something.
Thank you.
Forget everything I've said since Tyler left.
So we're going to a dance, but we can't show up together because you can't bring a date? Told you it was weird.
Better idea.
Let's get another hotel room instead.
Caroline would kill me.
Bonnie, we're happy.
Can't we just act like it? You know what? You're right.
I am happy.
It's like driving past a car crash except you want to look away.
What are you doing here? I tutor some kids in calculus.
You know, I like giving back, be a good role model.
Kidding! I'm here to kidnap your boyfriend.
You're not funny.
Let's get out of here.
You're not going anywhere, buddy.
Let go of him.
Or what? You'll glare at me to death? You don't have your little magic wand to back you up anymore, Bon-Bon.
- Hey.
- Ooh! Leave her alone.
I'm here for you, not her, you idiot.
Keep up.
Anyway, I have this hit list, and I can't find my last target, so basically, I need a witch.
Well, you just said it.
I can't do magic anymore, so go away.
Grams ran occult studies.
I'm sure we could throw a rock and hit a witch around here.
So listen.
Take this this is Wes' blood.
My buddy Enzo kept this as a souvenir.
Now this should jump-start a locator spell.
Are you deaf? She is not helping you.
You're not gonna hurt me.
Elena would Elena would what? Hurt me, dump me? Been there, done that, wrote the country song.
Kill you.
She would kill you.
And then me and all her doppelgangers could start a baseball team on the other side.
What have I missed? She denied your request yet? Can we get on to the fun bit? Who the hell are you? The one who gets people to do things they don't want to do.
Stop! Stop! Ok.
I'll help! Dead corsage? Thank you.
Enzo is Damon's Augustine cell mate.
- Hey! You made it.
- I did.
So who thinks up these things? Lonely single people.
Come on.
See? As promised, fun.
You seem good.
I got the same reaction from Caroline like I'm not allowed to smile or something.
Did I say that? No, but I see your look.
Oh, I have a look? Yeah.
That look.
I'm fine.
You don't have to worry about me.
I'm greatly actually.
I'm the only non-bitter person at this bitter ball.
Elena, listen.
I need to talk to you about something.
Damon he got himself into some bad stuff.
Well, it's what Damon does.
If he gets the tiniest bit hurt, he lashes out.
He doesn't think, he doesn't try.
He just acts, and for the longest time, I tried to fix him.
I'd try to change him, but I think he ended up changing me, and I'm not sure that I like the person that I've become.
I mean, do you? Do I what? Do you like who I am, or do you miss who I was? Elena, I let's change the subject.
What did you want to tell me? What did Enzo and Damon do now? You know what? Could we talk about it later? Is that ok? It's fine by me.
- Hey! - Hey.
Do you mind if I borrow her for a minute? She promised that she'd join me at the shredding station.
Yeah, no.
She's all yours.
Thanks! Shredding station? Nadia's not compelling me.
Really? Where the hell's your vervain? Right here.
You see? She swiped it and probably compelled you not to notice.
Why would Nadia be compelling me? I have no idea.
Is there any vervain here? Yeah.
Sheriff Forbes makes me put it in the coffee.
Drink some now.
Did you bring anything to shred? No because I didn't realize people still printed photos.
Do you feel cleansed? Almost.
Tyler drew you a horse? No.
Klaus did.
Wow! Clean sweep.
I am making a decision.
- These relationships are over.
- Over.
I'm not going to change my mind just because I'm feeling bored or nostalgic or lonely.
Are you doing that thing where you're talking about yourself but really you're talking about me? I'm just saying that you've been through a lot lately, and your emotions are all over the place.
So are Stefan's.
I think that making yourself so available could maybe be confusing things.
Do you think that I'm leading him on? No.
I didn't say that.
I just I ugh.
Just forget it.
Just just forget everything I said.
Ugh! Makes me so happy I'm not 19 and stupid.
All right, Bonnie.
Where's your little witch friend? Liv Parker.
She's in one of my classes, and she's not my friend.
I looked her up, found out she works events catering.
This is a total shot in the dark.
Well, I'm feeling lucky.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Come on.
Come be bitter with me.
Oh, no, no, no.
You are the second person that I didn't come here to dance with.
Then what are you not telling Elena? Way to eavesdrop, Caroline.
You came to a dance of your own free will.
Something is up.
Damon fell off the deep end.
Uh, what do you mean exactly by deep end? For starters, he killed Elena's friend Aaron.
He what? Yeah, and I came here to tell her, but we were dancing, and she seemed so happy, and I just couldn't.
You think if you tell her what he did that she'll give up on him forever? Yeah.
I know she will, and I don't think I'll be able to pull Damon back from that.
I mean, I've seen Damon at his worst, Caroline, and I actually think he enjoys the way it makes him feel.
It's like the more pain he can cause, the more reasons there are for people to hate him.
He wants to confirm everyone's lowest expectations of him, and I just honestly don't know how to fight that side of him.
Why all the dramatics, brother? What are you doing here? Bonnie, what's going on? Oh, don't worry.
I'm not her date.
We're not gonna break any bitter ball rules.
How about you just answer the damn question? Well, Bonnie is gonna find me a witch to do a locator spell on the elusive Dr.
Wes Maxfield.
She's gonna find him, I'm gonna kill him.
Bon-Bon, should I tell them? Enzo has Jeremy.
If I don't get a witch to find Wes by midnight, he'll kill him.
Hypothetical question.
If Jeremy Gilbert's life was hanging by a thread, could I credibly just let him die? Because his death would be really convenient for me.
Are you seriously making a pros and cons list? Are there any cons? Because I've only listed pros.
I'm just saying his death would earn me a lot of tenderness and sympathy from Stefan.
If Jeremy is in danger, Elena would do everything in her power to save his life.
You know that.
But Stefan is here.
We were dancing.
It was good, and I think he was even flirting with me, which is very naughty, even for him.
If you don't start acting like you care, they will figure out you're not Elena.
So if I happen to know exactly where he is, I'm supposed to go and put my life in danger to save that little rug rat's life? Do you know where he is? He's at that hideous Whitmore house.
I recognize it from the picture.
Apparently I'm the only one who's been to a Whitmore tea party.
Save him now! Ok.
Fine, but in the meantime, I'm gonna need you to find out from Matt if Caroline has feelings for Stefan because she's really starting to grate.
I need to know what I'm up against.
Who keeps calling you? Does Caroline have feelings for Stefan? Caroline? I have no idea.
Has Elena ever been worried Caroline might steal Stefan away? Have they ever fought about him? Not that I know of.
So you think Elena can win Stefan back? Why are you asking me about Elena? Forget we had this conversation.
So was I right? Ty, you're not gonna believe what I'm about to tell you.
You're not going to tell him anything.
You ok? I just can't lose Jeremy again.
Stefan, please.
Help me save him.
This room's off limits.
Under normal circumstances, I'd probably try to warm up to you, be your friend or something, but I'm kind of under a time crunch, and I need your help.
Am I supposed to know you? We're in sociology together.
I'm Bonnie.
My grams Sheila Bennett used to teach here, occult studies.
Never heard of it or her, so I know you're a witch.
I saw you spin that pen this morning.
I have no idea what you're talking about.
You don't have to be scared.
I used to be one, too.
Try the campus coven club or something.
I really need your help.
Even if I wanted to help, I couldn't.
I don't know what I'm doing.
I'm just some freak, ok? Now leave me alone.
Oh, my God! What the hell are you? You're gonna help my friend.
Do I need to say it slower? Vampires are real.
That makes sense.
Actually, that makes no sense.
Forget about the vampires.
Focus on tapping into your power, listen to the sound of your heart beating, the sound of your lungs filling with air.
How long's this gonna take? For a newbie witch to learn a complicated spell under massive stress? I have no idea.
Bonnie? Repeat after me.
Phesmatos tribum nas ex viras, sequitas sanguinem.
What? Just relax.
Phesmatos tribum Phesmatos tribum Nas ex viras Nas ex viras Sequitas sanguinem.
Sequitas sanguinem.
Now keep your eyes closed and use the blood to find Wes.
I have no idea what he looks like.
You don't have to.
Phesmatos tribum nas ex viras, sequitas sanguinem.
Phesmatos tribum nas ex viras, sequitas sanguinem.
Ohh! That a good sign? I can't do this.
Just concentrate.
Try again.
I can't do this.
Don't you get it? I've done horrible things.
I've set buildings on fire, I've hurt people.
I can't control any of it.
Witchy hotline.
How may I help you? Damon speaking.
What's taking so long? They seem to have lost motivation.
Maybe you can inspire them.
With pleasure.
Let them know Jeremy will be dead very soon.
Thank you.
What are you doing? Damon, call him back right now and you tell him to stop.
Damon, call him back! Just so you know, cooperation's not optional.
Damon tells me your sweetheart hasn't come through on your behalf.
What are you gonna do? I'm sure killing me would really inspire her.
You know, you're right.
She'll think I'm just some cliché murderer.
I really like to make a good impression, you know? You don't have to do this.
You see, that's the thing about threats.
If there's no follow-through, no one takes you seriously.
Sorry to make this about me.
See? Wasn't so bad.
I've done bad things, too, ok? I've broken windows, I've set more fires than I can count.
Is that supposed to make me feel better? I'm saying I learned how to control it.
I can teach you the same thing.
This is Jeremy.
He's cute.
Yeah, he is, and his life is literally in your hands.
But if I go all Carrie and burn the school down, it's on you.
Jeremy! Damn it, Jeremy! Eww! You should have left when I told you to.
Did I give the impression I was taking orders from you? My bad.
Come on! Come on! Wake up, Jeremy.
Thank God.
Unh! Stefan, help me! You missed all the fun.
Spell worked.
Wes is in Richmond.
I'll drive.
Damon Don't bother coming back.
I wasn't planning on it.
Unh! What happened? Where's Nadia? Sorry.
Slight misunderstanding.
She snapped my neck.
What the hell kind of misunderstanding is that? You were right.
She was compelling me but only because she wanted to talk about Katherine and she knew I was pissed at her.
I guess they didn't really settle their mother-daughter issues before she died.
She wanted to talk about Katherine? Yeah, but she knew that you would go after her if you knew she was frying my mind.
I guess she's got that whole stone-cold survival thing going.
Like mother, like daughter.
A little friendly advice.
Stay the hell away from her.
I plan on it.
You call me if she gives you any more hassle.
I took care of it.
If he follows us, I'll kill you both.
I said I took care of it.
Earlier on the phone, you weren't talking to Elena.
You were talking to someone who needed information.
Do yourself a favor and stop asking questions.
Your boyfriend once planted himself inside my brain.
That's how you were planning on saving Katherine.
She didn't die, did she? She jumped inside Elena.
The only thing easier than breaking your neck is taking off your magic life ring.
Do you understand? Yeah.
What are you gonna do with me? I haven't decided yet.
First, we need to get the vervain out of your system, and then, we'll see.
So what do you say? Paper, scissors, stone for who gets to give Dr.
Frankenstein his fatal blow.
He's all yours.
Now don't tell me you're having second thoughts about leaving home.
I was there for Elena.
We're done.
No reason to go back.
What about your brother? You saw his face.
I know that look.
He's done with me, too.
And you are? My backup.
You got to be kidding me.
Unh! What is this? Agh! More witches? Close.
Good luck making new friends, Damon.
Evhas elebuk estupay.
You ok? Oh.
Um, you know, actually, would you mind? I think I still have a splinter in my back.
- Yeah.
There it is.
- Oh! Try not to move.
I think I know what you wanted to tell me tonight, Stefan.
Unh! Got it.
Damon killed Aaron, didn't he? You walked right through the threshold at the Whitmore house.
You couldn't have done that if the owner hadn't been dead.
Aaron was the owner.
I I should have told you.
Why didn't you? I thought that we Maybe I don't deserve anything from you, but I thought we could be honest with each other no matter what.
You want me to be honest? Yes.
All right.
Truth is, ever since the first time I noticed you falling for my brother, I have been waiting for him to screw something up so badly that you hate him, so I've been waiting and watching him do all these horrible things, and then every single time I think that he's gone too far, he's there for you, sometimes in ways better than I ever was.
So the truth is after a while, I just stopped waiting for him to fail because I liked the person that he had become And I don't want to lose that person.
He threatened my brother.
Stefan, I can't go back to that.
I know.
But if you want to save him from himself, then I'll help you but not for myself and not for him.
For you.
What what'd he stick you with? I don't know.
Come here.
I can tell you, if he stuck me with that cannibal vampire poison, we might have a little problem.
What kind of problem? Wes has this sick little scheme to destroy vampires my making them feed on each other.
You hear that? Psst.
Can you get me out of here? I don't want to be here.
I need to get out.
I owe you.
What's happening to you? I'm gonna go ahead and say karma.
Karma's happening to me.
Damon? Damon, stop! Ok.
I can see how this might be a problem.