Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016) s08e02 Episode Script


Commander Mar, the emperor has been taken.
The Voltron Paladins have betrayed him.
- Track him down and return him to me.
- Vrepit Sa.
- Have you any word from Commander Mar? - Nothing, High Priestess.
Communication with Commander Mar has been lost.
- What of Emperor Lotor's whereabouts? - Still unknown.
I don't see anything.
Can it be true? - I am to be a father? - Yes.
And you, my queen will be the mother to the heir of the Galra throne.
There is much to do.
First, we must continue to harvest the Quintessence.
It will be needed for your son's empire.
He will be the best of both our people.
I will find you, my son.
High Priestess, I am sorry to disturb you.
Have you located Emperor Lotor? We still have not been able to ascertain any information regarding Emperor Lotor, Commander Mar, or Voltron.
It has been phoebs since Emperor Lotor disappeared.
The empire is in a state of chaos.
The Blade of Marmora still challenges.
We need a strong leader.
The Druids look to you, High Priestess.
Tell them to look elsewhere.
The Druids are but ash in the winds of infinity.
Let them be led by someone of equal esteem.
- Priestess - Depart my presence.
What shall we name the boy? I was thinking a name that has deep Altean history.
Lotarious? He was one of the ancient Alteans believed to have established much of the foundation of the engineering that built our world.
I was considering a name from mythology.
But he did not build the worlds, he conquered them.
Perhaps we can honor both traditions.
High Priestess, apologies.
I was ordered to notify you when Commander Mar returned.
What happened to him? I found him like this, near death.
- What does he know? - His vitals are weak.
He has yet to regain consciousness.
We may never find out what he knows.
There may be a way.
Do you have news of the emperor? Yes.
- I located Lotor's generals.
- Where are they? They they attacked me and took over my ship, leaving me stranded.
And what of the emperor? And what of the emperor? The generals said Emperor Lotor accessed the Quintessence Field.
- He pierced the veil.
- But then Voltron attacked.
The fight ended.
There was an explosion.
Lotor and Voltron perished.
I must find him.
Call forth the Kral Zera.
Who who are you? You do not recognize your emperor? Who am I? - Where am I? - Aboard your ship, sir.
Take us home.
I can't, sir.
Daibazaal has been destroyed.
Get a doctor to this room immediately.
Excuse me, my empress.
I just need to What are you doing? I need you to let go of me.
Please! Let go! Haggar! Haggar, can you hear me? Haggar, answer me! Oh, no.
Help! Send help now! Haggar.
Sire, the birth was difficult but successful.
Your son is healthy and in good shape, though we seem to be getting some strange readings coming from him directly.
Similar to those that, well Similar to those of the empress and yourself.
Your son, sire.
Take him away.
- But - I said take him away! And what of her? I'm sorry, sire.
We have her under constant watch, but she remains in this state.
She only seems to become aware when we administer her Quintessence.
I'm hopeful her condition will improve with time, but Sire, we're gonna have to face the fact that our Quintessence supplies are finite.
The empire cannot continue to run on what we have.
And you and the Empress without it, you'll Give me the room.
Do you know who I am? You are emperor.
And you? Ha Haggar? Do you know of Quintessence? Quintessence.
Can you find me Quintessence? Yes, my emperor.
I am lighting the flame.
Bow now, and your allegiance will be remembered.
My fleet would crush yours in an instant, raining fire and death upon you and your clansmen.
What makes you think I would ever bow to you? Because I have the witch's favor.
It matters not.
Power rules absolute.
I invite you to challenge me once the ceremony has begun.
A display of the witch's magic will bolster my claim as nothing else could.
The Archivist! And your witch is nowhere to be found.
This flame represents Lotor, son of Zarkon, prince turned emperor, emperor that pierced the veil.
And my Altean blood coursed through his veins.
But the Galra Empire failed him.
It was the Galra blood, deeply boiled in traditions of evil, that tainted him.
Your ways weakened a god.
That treacherous witch! The empire is weak.
And now, I will end it.
What's this? Dayak, update me on the prince's progress.
Yes, sire.
Prince Lotor completed the Agotian Trials as you requested.
He was successful, even though they were advanced for his age.
What else? His physical stature is below expectation for the blood lineage of the Galra royalty, but his tactical scores are the highest we've ever measured.
All I do, I do in the name of Galra.
Father, there's a question I've been wanting to ask you.
Greatest apologies, sire.
This one should not be speaking out of place.
I would like to know about my mother.
Please, Father, what happened to her? I will tell you this and no more.
She was my only weakness.
But now she is gone.
- What was her name? What was she like? - Enough.
Please, Father, I must know who I come from.
I said enough! If you do not remove his impurities, then I will find a Dayak that can.
He will be punished accordingly.
We will sear him down to his inner fire so that he may burn the universe.
Vrepit Sa! My son.
Sire, your audience is requested in the Kandar Wing.
Father, may I accompany you? You will stay here.
But I want to join you.
- I have learned much of our - You are an insolent boy.
You may be the prince, but I am your emperor.
Do not touch him.
He will hurt you.
What is his name? He has no name.
Then I shall name it.
Your name will be It is only Kova.
His name is Kova.
This creature pleases me.
It will be mine.
My lord You may be the high priestess, but I am your prince, and you will do as I say.
Isn't that right, Kova? Yes, my lord.
What are you doing here? Answer me! I am Honerva of the planet Altea.
That is impossible.
Altea was destroyed over 10,000 years ago.
A powerful portent that is shared with the birth of my son Lotor.
Lotor's mother? Lotor is gone.
How did he die? Voltron.
To all of you who believed in my son so justly, your faith will be rewarded.
I have come here today to continue my son's mission.
And for that, I need you all.
We are your humble servants, as will be the members of our sister colony once we inform them of the news.
Do you know of their whereabouts? Unfortunately, they have also fallen to the evils of Voltron.
Voltron and the Galra will pay for what they have done.
With your help, I will resurrect my son's dream.
We pledge our allegiance to you, Honerva, mother of Lotor.
This ancient land was created through powerful magic.
Alteans would travel here to learn the secrets of our race.
We have a long and difficult road ahead of us, but our path is true.
We will do anything to bring Lotor back.
I know.
The acolytes have worked tirelessly.
- The prototype is ready.
- Excellent work.
Find me the most faithful amongst us.
Yes, my queen.
- Are you nervous? - No, Ven'tar.
This is my chance to finally make a difference, to show my father what we are capable of.
Update me on your progress.
Our Quintessence yields are some of the highest in the empire, and we've been more efficient than any other.
By working alongside the denizens of this planet, like Ven'tar here, we've outsourced You dare work with this pitiful race as if they are your equals? It is working.
We have outpaced even the most generous projections.
The heir to the Galra throne should not sully our honor by working with his subjects! It is the way my mother's people would have done things.
You thought I couldn't find out about my own mother? About her people? You thought you destroyed every remnant of Altea, but you cannot unless you destroy your own son as well! Enough! You are to crush this planet beneath your heel! Never! Then I will! You wouldn't.
You can't! Father, wait! No, please do not do this, Father.
Do not make these people suffer for my actions.
It is already done.
I will do as you ask.
The people will serve the Galra.
No! You are hereby banished from the empire.
Forced to live out the remainder of your days remembering your failure here.
Have you nothing to say, witch? Surely even you can see the folly of your master's actions.
Commander Sendak.
The Lions of Voltron have arrived as you suspected.
Shall I capture them for you, High Priestess? No.
Destroy them.
Vrepit Sa.
Voltron has been found.
It is time to test our first Altean acolyte.
Today, the light of the universe shines inside our most brave.
The dream of life is realized through her actions.
For Luca, the first acolyte, we shine in Lotor's bright luminescence! Voltron will pay for what they have done.
May the light guide you.
Rise and avenge my son.