Yellowstone (2018) s02e03 Episode Script

The Reek of Desperation

1 Previously on Yellowstone Morning, Dan.
Impressed you're eating solid foods so soon.
Last meal before you hit the road? Why would I leave? I want to watch you dragged from your front porch.
Rainwater and Jenkins are working together.
They're building a casino right up against your fence.
We need to find a candidate to support.
I found one.
Former rodeo queen.
Jamie's gonna hate her.
This needs to happen.
The sooner you push it to a head, the sooner it's behind you.
[GRUNTING] I need you two to get along.
He's my son.
Jamie's your son, too, sir.
What did you see in him? So, you're the big man now, huh? Sure was easy for you to walk away from a life that you worked so hard to build.
Well, she doesn't want that life anymore.
You two were married in ceremony.
No matter what you do in this life, you two are stuck together.
["HERE AND GONE" BY MISSISSIPPI TWILIGHT PLAYS] In the middle of the streets of Eden The four winds blow Been livin' underneath the shadow Of father's soul Oooh Here we go [WHISTLING] Hey, hey! Whoa, whoa! Ain't it funny how that wolf that made you You can't unrun Ain't it funny how the place that saves you Will learn you all Ooh Here we go You want 'em in pasture 12? Well, that's what I was thinking.
What do you want? Well, there's no hot wire around that river.
We could leave them there a month or so, but then they might cross.
And God knows where they'll go.
In pasture nine, there's a creek and a fence all the way around it.
We could leave 'em there until November.
Well, nine it is.
You never wanted 'em in 12, did you? Well, all the world's a test, son.
Don't ever let it trick you into thinking different.
Why don't you meet me at the Livestock Association office once you get 'em moving? I was gonna help them push 'em out.
Oh, I'm sure.
You're about to learn how little cowboys and ranchers actually get to do.
It's the wranglers that have all the fun.
Taking cows up to pasture nine.
Go through the east canyon and up the fire road.
- Any questions? - There's no gate along the fire road.
We'd have to cut the fence.
Yeah, exactly.
Then we'll fix it.
We push 'em across the river and we could follow the creek Then we'd have to swim 100 cattle across the river.
Cows can swim.
Hey, I can't.
I don't know how to swim yet.
Do you know how to shut the fuck up? He didn't ask you your opinion.
He asked if there was any questions, and they're ain't! Now get your asses out in that field.
And start moving them cows up the canyon like he told you.
Go on.
You ask them questions, Kayce, questions will never stop.
You tell me what you need and I'll take care of it, but don't question me.
Well, you said they need to respect me.
You let me handle the wranglers and you'll have both.
That's my job.
All right, well, when we get up to pasture nine, you choose the way.
I don't choose the way.
Make sure no one questions yours.
You're a hand long enough, you know who to talk to.
Just trying to do it different.
Different never works.
[THEME MUSIC] Dan, I was beginning to believe this day may never happen.
Montana's got under my skin.
Check? Big check.
It's a big day for both of us.
Let's bring them in, Mo.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] The old ways of gambling with our future are over.
Working together with new partnerships marks a new era for our nation and for all of Montana.
Right over here, quick question Jamie, sorry to keep you waiting.
- Will you pull that up, please? - Yes, ma'am.
Need to show you something.
You're no longer running unopposed.
No matter how hard you work, I'll work harder.
This campaign is just the beginning.
That's my announcement speech.
Your father's smart, I'll say that.
You're getting the crash course in politics today.
Always remember this, Jamie.
Running for office and holding the office are two very different things.
Holding the office requires honor, integrity, tempering every act with wisdom.
Running for office requires none of those things.
It's a zero sum game and winning is the only thing that matters.
Come here.
Hello, Attorney General Dutton.
You gotta be kidding me.
Welcome to really running for office.
Walk out that door and you lose, most certainly.
Stay and you win, convincedly.
As an Independent, you have no party to fund your campaign.
Cassidy Reed is a good choice.
She just stole your platform.
With this, you get funding and a new platform, one she can't steal.
I am sitting, not agreeing.
There's no secret agenda, Jamie.
I want tribal issues to get the attention they deserve from your office.
I want the same of her.
That's not deceptive, Jamie.
That's being a good politician.
Isn't that what you want to be? Um I'm gonna need some time to think.
Give me the day? Excuse me.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] - I need a fingerprint scan? - I got it.
Place your fingers flat on that device.
Let's see your driver's license, please.
To be an agent, you gotta go to the police academy first.
We can drag that out for a bit.
But you can't hold my office without the badge.
I don't want your office.
You can't have it for about 15 years.
And it'll take you that long to earn everyone's trust.
Understand, Kayce, this office is how you protect the ranch and every ranch like it.
- Put him on speaker.
- Sure.
We're about to find out how big a role you play in this family, son.
Yeah, this is agent Handon, Montana Livestock Association.
Authorization number? Mike, Tango, Lima, Alpha, 139259.
Name? Dutton, Kayce John, date of birth 4/24/90, driver's license number MT 83745820382.
Dutton, Kayce John, no priors, no outstanding.
Thank you.
Miracles never cease.
Well, he's clear for a ride-along, sir.
Let's get him started next week.
Can I talk to you alone for a second? Give us a minute.
I don't know about this, Dad.
There's just so many things that can go wrong.
Kayce, whoa, whoa.
You just let me you just let me worry about that.
I can't pass a polygraph test.
Well, you won't have to.
Well, what about a psych eval? Well, you won't have to take one of those either.
Gotta go.
Kayce? What makes you think you wouldn't pass a psyche evaluation? My whole life.
How you doing? You know.
You wanna come in? Yeah, sure.
You recovered? Getting there.
It looks like a home in here.
Yeah, I try.
Seems kind of permanent.
It's an apartment, Kayce, it's a place to You want any water or anything? Uh, yeah, sure.
Heard you are working for your father now, huh? - Yeah, I just - Daddy! Hey.
Wanna see my new room? - Yeah, sure, buddy.
- It's over here.
- Brand new bunkbeds.
- All right.
Oh, yeah, and that's a football I earned from school.
- Cool.
- And you can stay the night because I don't use this top bunk and you can sit there.
And there's a park down the street - that we can play at.
- Awesome.
I'll have to ask your mom about some of that.
- Be right back, buddy.
- Okay.
How you affording all this? Uh, university gives us a spending allowance.
I just spent it on all this instead of moving.
All our furniture was old and someone else's.
I know it's not much, but - We're fine.
- Please.
I don't know how to do this, Monica.
I don't know how to not be with you or not talk to you.
You're my wife.
You're my best friend.
You're my only friend.
You're mine too, Kayce, but something had to change.
And instead of changing, you're just you're working for your father.
Well, you told me to leave! Yeah, everyone keeps telling you to leave and you keep doing it.
What you're supposed to do is fight for the life that you want! That's not what you asked me to do! Stop it! You asked me to leave, Monica.
You wanted something different, you should have asked for something different.
- Hi.
I remember when this place was a granary.
So do I.
I remember when you were a rodeo queen.
Leading the parade on horseback right past this place.
Yeah, well, a long time ago.
Yeah, a long time ago.
Now we plug our cars in to charge while we come in to drink, at least at least you do.
What do we got here? Goose Goddamn it.
Goose whatever hell this is.
Gewürztraminer, a variety originating in Tramin, a German-speaking village in northern Italy.
My father fought those bastards.
Now we're drinking their wine.
Your wine flight.
I think these are for you.
I'm gonna need all of them? Probably.
Well-played, John.
Oh, we've just started playing.
I told you to find another Attorney General.
Now I found one for you.
You put me in a position where now I have no choice but to fight you.
The Attorney General's supposed to do my bidding, John, not yours.
Jamie was he was just such a convenient way to serve both our needs.
Anyone blows him by now.
The only thing that matters to him is approval.
Once he's elected, we can't give him that anymore.
Popularity controls him, and then you know the consequences of that.
I'm gonna get him to step down.
And how are you gonna do that? How I do it is not important.
What matters is you don't fight me on this.
But your opponent, I choose next.
And so the pack turns on itself.
Guess that was inevitable.
You got in the middle of family.
Don't you dare wave that flag at me.
We don't have families.
We have employees we're related to.
Can you name the last time that you had a conversation with one of your children about how their day went or how they feel or what they dream of? Yeah.
I can't either.
You're supposed to sip it, John.
Not drinking it for the taste.
Their mother died in front of them, Lynelle.
That's how every day goes for 'em.
Don't have to ask my kids how it went.
You don't have to ask yours either do you? No.
Well, this isn't the way I thought life was gonna turn out.
I gotta tell you, John.
Well, it's worked out pretty much how I figured it would, except for the losing her part.
Never saw that coming.
Would you like another flight? Fuck it.
- You didn't hear that.
- No, ma'am.
Take your hat off.
John John? You know what? I'm sorry.
I just Do you think you'll ever fall in love again? No.
Me neither.
And that's supposed to be the only thing you live for.
Then you have children and the living for yourself part's all over.
We're not screwing, are we? [CHUCKLES] No.
You all right with that? I'm 63 years old, Lynelle.
Takes everything a while to wake up and a while to go away.
Just need to know the direction.
Too old for surprises, sweetheart.
Don't sell yourself short.
I just miss him.
You'd think that, after 10 years, that would fade.
Well, I guess that's how you know it was true love, honey.
What are you doing? Feeding the horses.
Yeah, I know what you're doing.
Why are you doing it? It's my job.
I wish you hadn't let Kayce win.
Who says I did? What would I have won, Beth? I wish you'd beaten his ass so bad that he left and never come back.
It would have been the best thing for him, and you.
Do you think this bothers me? It's the highlight of my day.
Glad to have this chore back.
This is exactly what you were doing the first time I saw you, right here too.
Well, the more things change.
If Kayce's in charge, things are only gonna get worse.
There are other ranches, Rip.
Not for me, there ain't.
Look what loyalty's given you, huh? Yeah.
It's awful, ain't it? [CHATTER] The issue is Chevron already secured the land.
Well, have they broken ground yet, Mark? My understanding is there's an agreement to terms.
Do they hold the deed? Ah, it's unclear.
Well, these are things you need to know before you call, Mark.
I can't stop them without information and, so far, you aren't giving me any.
We'll have to call you back, Mark.
- No worries.
- [LINE CLICKS] What? A casino! A 400-room hotel 30 minutes from the National Park.
Who the fuck is Dan Jenkins? There's a cop walkin' in.
Fuck! Leave it.
Just leave it.
[GRUNTS] I'll grab these.
You run inside and get the fence clips.
You just tell me what to do, Gomer? Well, I just They're heavy.
You don't have gloves.
This is the job.
I do the job.
You get the clips, and some jeans that fit.
You look like Eminem at a hayride.
I'm just trying to be nice.
Excuse me.
Sir, would you mind helping me? - Fuck you, old man.
- Asshole.
Look at this.
Look at this! Jimmy! Hey, Ray.
Hey, Blake.
Where the fuck you been? Just working.
Working? Yeah, I work at the Yellowstone.
Oh, the Yellowstone.
Can't ride no fuckin' horse.
- Can now.
- Good.
You can pay me the money you owe me, motherfucker.
Better yet, you can go on a little shopping spree for me.
That's right.
You don't need a list.
You know exactly what to get.
Nice hat.
[ATMOSPHERIC MUSIC] Go back inside! Fuck you.
Jimmy? Go back inside! Fucker.
Fuck you! - What happened to you? - We gotta go! Drive, drive! Fuck! Come on, motherfucker! Get out here, you! - Oh, fuck! - Bitch, come here! - Jimmy, close your eyes! - Get out here.
- Ahhh! My eyes! - What the fuck! You're welcome! Go, go, go, go, go! Fuck! Why did you do that? Are you crazy? [GROANS] Oh, fuck.
- He's fuckin' dead! - Yeah.
Push up.
Push on my hand.
Good, good.
Oh, that is exhausting.
Drop your leg down.
Wait'll we start swimming laps.
When we start swimming laps, I think I'm healed.
Go ahead and lift it up again.
You grew up by Broken Rock? What about you? Crow res.
You get out there much? I don't get anywhere much.
Now go ahead and drop your leg again.
Ever been to an Indian relay race? When I was young.
That's my passion.
Sounds like a good way to need physical therapy.
Ha! Yeah, only if you fall off.
- Uh, time's up.
- Right.
- Oh, I can do it.
- Okay.
I'm married, just so you know.
Saw the ring.
Not that I, just, um I'm married.
Got it.
3 p.
tomorrow? Yeah.
What the Jumping Jesus, what the hell? There was these, uh A can of bear spray went off by accident.
Jimmy, you ain't got sense enough to pour warm piss out of your boot.
Like I know that's an insult.
I just don't understand how.
Don't stop scrubbing until the smell's gone.
Like I'm aware of the insult.
I just why is there piss in my boot? You're so dumb, it's almost attractive.
Wait, really? Understood attractive though, didn't you? Men I swear I could jack one off at a funeral.
That is impressive! You're making quite the splash in Montana, aren't you? Now that's smart, making the casino separate from the hotel, right? And what are these? - Are these houses? - Yeah.
A planned second home community with it's own hotel and casino.
Now that is smart.
Utterly classless.
But smart.
You must be the guy.
What guy would that be? The guy that fucked with John Dutton.
I understand learning not to do that was a painful lesson.
So you're friends with John Dutton, huh? We know of him.
Oh, we've never met him.
You see, thriving in Montana is all about staying in your lane.
We don't go in his and he's never been in ours, but you have.
Now how did I do that? Partnering with an Indian tribe opening an off-reservation casino.
Oh, but it won't be off-reservation for long.
Because annexing this land into the res is the first thing that he's going to do.
I assume he purchased the land instead of leasing.
And I assume he's paying you the profits? Oh, well Any money you've received was an advance on construction, which he will want back as soon as he nullifies your agreement.
Just a guess, but That's what we'd do.
If we were trying to steal from you.
Rocky Mountain Gas and Casino.
That's owned by the Beck Brothers.
I'm assuming that that's you.
I'm just guessing that you don't like competition.
Well, let me tell you something, you red-necked fucks! I'm so tired of you bullies with your bolo ties and Lucchese boots.
If you got a problem, file.
Take me to court.
I'll take the Pepsi challenge with your backwoods lawyer any day of the fuckin' week.
You know, in addition to running Rocky Mountain, my brother's also the head of the Montana Liquor Board.
Now do you recall applying for your liquor license through us, right? I will be revoking that tomorrow.
And, of course, I will never issue one for this new venture.
And that is just the beginning of how we're gonna fuck with you.
I suggest you find a way to extricate yourself from this deal.
And make a new deal with us.
Hell, we'd love to build a casino here.
Well, you got lots to think about.
Think fast.
This town, fuckin' place.
You wanna play dirty, let's play fucking dirty! I don't understand the dilemma.
My campaign cannot be funded by my father's enemies.
That is the dilemma.
Thomas Rainwater is a good man.
Nevertheless, he's an enemy.
You should really analyze that.
Okay, so we form a political action committee.
No one knows where the money's coming from.
- Everyone knows.
- What? Defying my father to run is one thing.
Running against him, financed by a man who has attacked our family, that's something else entirely.
So what are you saying? I don't think I can do it.
Hey, you need funding or you will lose.
I'm not seeing a lot of donors running to our campaign office with donations.
I think this is too much.
You know what you need to do? You need to find your compass.
Because if where your campaign gets its funding has you all twisted in knots, just wait until you're in office.
You don't know the meaning of compromise.
I need to go for a walk.
Hello? Hel For someone with no spine, you sure got a lot of balls.
I need you to forget about how we feel about each other and remember one thing.
We're family.
I love how people think that word entitles them to absolution from the people whose lives they ruin.
We owe you nothing.
Goddamn it! I'm at Can you please attempt to resemble something human, listen to me, and give me some fucking guidance here? How'd you fuck him this time? I didn't fuck anything.
I ran for the office he told me to run for.
And you chose someone to run against me.
Chose well, didn't I? Maybe when she's in office, she'll ask you to clerk.
No one researches like you, Jamie.
I have a donor willing to fund my campaign.
Let me guess.
This Russian wants you to do a Facebook blast.
Hey, this is my life, Beth.
I'm asking for you to Here.
This is my donor.
Jamie, you're not a politician, okay? Politicians believe that they can manage peoples' lives better than they can.
The best politicians are narcissists.
The very best should probably be committed.
You aren't that.
Let's be honest, you don't know who the fuck you are.
And you're looking for the world to tell you.
You reek of desperation and they can smell it.
They will pull you, they will twist you.
And they will tear you into tiny pieces.
And our father with you.
So what do I do? You think about everyone else in your life, but you.
And you do what's best for them.
I can't do it.
I won't do it.
We'll try and find the money from somewhere else.
I don't know where.
It's not just about the money.
I don't want to play this dirty.
Jamie, you've been playing this dirty your entire career.
No, no.
I have reacted to the situations before me.
I didn't initiate them and I certainly didn't do any of it for me.
To beat her, I have to attack him because there is nothing about her to attack.
I won't do that.
I've made up my mind.
So first hint of opposition, and you just quit? Your sister was right.
What a chicken heart! I need you to leave.
[SIGHS] The ultimatum never ends.
So if I quit, I don't get you.
If you quit, what do I get? What are you going to do, Jamie? Are you gonna open up a little law firm in town and drum up DUI cases? No.
You're going to go home and work side by side with your suicide-waiting-to-happen sister and your monster father.
So go.
Tuck tail, Jamie.
Get the fuck out of my apartment.
- What the ? - Gator? Yep.
What the fuck is that? Grilled octopus.
Mediterranean diet, Daddy.
If I have to eat another steak, they'll have to do my next colonic with a fuckin' fire hose.
It's good.
Try it.
Pass me the potatoes.
- How was your day? - It was good.
Acquisitions are going fine.
I have to walk you through the profit structure, but That's not what I meant.
I meant how was it? Sobriety is bliss.
What can I tell you? How about you? I don't want to talk about it.
That's what you always say.
Well, when I have a day worth talking about, I'll shout it from the damn rooftop.
That any good? I don't care what I eat.
I withdrew from the race.
You hungry? I'll make you a plate.
Where you been? [GIGGLES] [LAUGHS LOUDLY] I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
[SNIFFLES] There's a bottle On the dresser by your ring And it's empty And now I don't feel a thing I'll be hurtin' And I wake up on the floor I'll be over it by noon Goddamn you for leaving me.
That's the difference between whiskey and you Oh, that's the difference between whiskey and you