Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 (2011) Movie Script

Ladies and gentlemen,
we are here today to celebrate the union
of two very special individuals.
Two souls that shall become one
and shine only more brightly together.
- I can't believe this day is here.
- Won't you please join me
in bringing together in marriage
a much beloved couple...
Chloe and Papi.
- Oh, Papi.
- Ay, Chihuahua.
Oh, I'm just so happy for them.
Me, too.
Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.
You may all be seated.
Chloe and Papi,
do you take each other to love and honor
in good times and bad,
in wet nose and dry nose,
as long as you both shall live?
- I do.
- I do.
I now pronounce you husband and wife.
You may lick the bride.
A toast to the newlyweds.
They're perfect together,
like Romeo and Juliet.
- Or Dolce & Gabbana.
- Or me and this cake.
Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.
Hey, guys. How you doing?
Oh. Thank you so much.
Aunt Viv, you outdid yourself.
This is the most spectacular wedding
I've ever been to.
Rachel, isn't it
just perfection?
Sam, I love the
bougainvillea arches.
And the rosebush topiaries,
they're flawless.
You are a landscaping genius.
Thanks, Viv. You know, I really wanted
to do something special
for your Chloe and my Papi
on their big day.
- Only the best for my little girl.
- Oh, cheers.
Besides, I wanna spoil her rotten before
I have to leave her for so long.
I can't believe you and Rachel
are gonna be spending
six months in the rainforest.
I mean, that's pretty intense.
Are you kidding?
We are gonna have so much fun.
We're gonna be looking for
rare plants that could cure diseases.
And you know I love an adventure.
Well, I promise to take good care
of the dogs while you guys are away.
Thank you.
Speaking of which,
today is about Chloe and Papi.
So, come on. It's time to celebrate.
Let's dance!
Let's dance.
Oh, there goes my diet.
I love this song.
I never thought my dog
would get married before me.
Well, maybe it'll be me and you walking
down that aisle one day.
I'd like that very much, Rachel.
Some day.
- Some day?
- Some day.
I call this move the Chihuahua Waltz.
You are so light on your paws,
mi corazon.
You're not so bad yourself, my love.
Tonight my heart is bursting.
I am the happiest dog alive!
And I'm the luckiest girl ever.
- Oh, look!
- What is it?
A shooting star!
Quick, make a wish.
What more could I ask for, mi corazon?
What do you wish for?
- Well, what about a family?
- Family?
Ay, Chihuahua.
Ay, yi, yi, yi, yi!
Watch and see how it's done, everyone.
I'm next, I'm next!
- Me, me, me, me, me!
- Do it! Do it!
Look out below! Yeah!
Whoa! Whoa, whoa! Hoo-hoo!
- Oh, no. What are you kids doing?
- Look out, Lala. Here I come!
Don't you dare, Papi, Jr.
- Gee... I must've slipped.
- Oh! You kids are a mess.
I told you I wanted you clean
for the dog park.
I don't know where your father is,
but when he hears about this,
- he is gonna be so mad.
- lncoming!
Let me show you how the big dogs do it!
Whoo, hoo-hoo!
Oh, my love. I didn't see you there.
Come on in. It's really fun.
Oh! Look at me. I'm covered in mud.
Don't you usually pay for a mud mask?
This one's free!
You kids
get right into the bath.
- But Mom, do we have to?
- I don't wanna take a bath.
Bath now. Or no bacon-wrapped
filet mignon for dessert.
- OK.
- OK.
Papi, why do I always
have to be the bad guy?
Because you're so good at it?
I had a litter of five puppies, not six.
You need to start being their father,
not their playmate.
I better go get washed up.
lf I didn't know any better,
I would think I was in the doghouse.
All right, everyone.
Who's up for the dog park?
- We are!
- Hey, Sam.
We're all waiting on you.
Let's go, fool!
Come on, puppies!
Rosa, Lala,
Pep, Ali, you're
all as beautiful as your mother.
- Thanks, Daddy.
- Where's Papi, Jr.?
- Papi, Jr.?
- I'm not coming out.
- Come on, buddy. Let's see your outfit.
- This is so embarrassing.
I'm sure you look great. Let's see.
I look ridiculous.
Ay! You're right.
You do look ridiculous.
No son of mine
is gonna wear clothes like that.
Oh, Papi.
But he looks so handsome.
- There. It's dead now. Let's go.
- Thanks, Dad.
Come on, puppies.
Off to the dog park.
Yay! We're here!
Here we are. You guys
are gonna love this place.
But be on your best behavior.
That's right.
This place is very exclusive.
Your bone, sir.
Ah, a vintage '03.
A most excellent year.
Ready to launch.
- And... paw!
Fetch, boy. Fetch.
Bow wow. Bow wow.
So I said, ''Honey, I only chase
imported cars.'' Zing!
Lunch is served.
- Hi, everyone!
- Chloe!
You have to join us.
This sushi is faboo!
Looks delish!
Not as delish as that
retriever over there. Growl.
Where're the kids? I thought
you brought the little ones.
- Oh, Papi's watching them.
- But who's watching Papi?
Go, Dad!
OK, kids. Today we practice
the time-honored tradition of digging.
It is a skill that every dog must know.
We dig in order to stay grounded.
I love dirt!
OK. Ready? Left, right.
Left, right. Left, right.
- Left, right. Left, right.
- Look at me! This is fun.
- Left, right.
- I'm pretty good.
I love digging!
Dig, my puppies.
Dig with passion. Dig with love.
Dig as if you were burying your
favorite bone.
- Ahh!
Oh, you idiots. You got me dirty!
- Sorry.
- I'm sorry.
Pardon me, senorita. My kids got a
little carried away with their digging.
- And who said you could speak to me?
- Uh-oh. It's her again.
I'll be right back.
Well, you look like a stray.
How did you even get in here?
- Papi, what's going on?
As if there weren't
enough of you peasants.
Oh, enough with that fake accent.
Everyone knows you're from the Valley.
Your little fluff balls
ruined my perm.
lf there's a problem here, you say it
to me, but leave my kids out of it.
Easy, mama bear.
She's just all mad 'cause
she looks like a big, angry Q-tip.
- Oh!
- No, no, no, no, no!
Shoo! Shoo! Shoo, shoo!
Leave my dog alone.
Excuse me, I think we all
just got off on the wrong paw.
- Whoa. Is there a problem here?
You know, this park is
for Beverly Hills residents only.
Don't you have dog parks
where you live?
- Hey, we have a right to be here.
- Really?
Well then keep your little animals
away from Mademoiselle
Marie Appoline Bouvier.
She is a prizewinning show dog.
Aren't you, baby?
And a three-time champion
of the Beverly Hills Dog Show.
She can't handle stress.
Then how does she handle you?
Ha-ha! Somebody get some ice
for that burn. Whoop!
Come, Appoline. We're done here.
Hey, Mademoiselle, don't look now,
but somebody shaved your heinie!
- Oh!
Oh, Papi, you're terrible.
Well, my little bandidos,
you've had a very full day.
Can't we stay up ten more minutes, Papa?
- Please?
- Tell us a story!
- Come on.
- OK. Settle down now.
I promised your mother
I would put you to bed.
She is the love of my life, and I would
do anything to make her happy.
- Gross. No more love talk.
- Your mother is everything to me.
I remember the first time
we rubbed noses.
- Eww! Yuck.
- Eww. Grody.
Dad, who wants to hear about love?
What? Love is the most important
thing in the world.
Let me tell you a story
about your great ancestors.
Now listen to this.
Long ago in ancient times...
...inside the huge temples
there were hidden tunnels
built just for Chihuahuas
to carry messages for their humans.
The Chihuahuas
were trusted to carry
the most precious secrets
to their kingdoms.
Sometimes, they were messages of love.
The Chihuahuas faced great danger
to deliver these messages
and did so proudly.
They knew true love is worth any risk.
Now, my little Chihuahua Warriors,
love fearlessly, and help others
share their hearts as well.
- Good night.
- Good night, Daddy.
- Good night, Daddy.
- Good night, Dad.
Good night, Papa.
Mi amor, you can soak
as long as you want.
The children are asleep, like angels.
Oh. That sounds wonderful.
Oh, yes. Just go ahead and relax
all night. Papi has done the deed.
You want me to look
at them sleeping, don't you?
Yes. Very much.
Oh! What is going on in here?
We're digging tunnels to carry
our messages of love.
- Yep. We sure are.
- It's so romantic.
- Yeah!
- Yeah!
I wonder where the kids could get
an idea like that, Papi?
- I have no idea. Right, kids?
- Look at me!
We got them from your story, silly.
- Yeah. Dad told us all about it.
- Thanks, rats. I mean ''kids.''
Papi, I sent you up here to put them
to bed, not to rile them up.
But I didn't wanna ruin their fun.
Besides, they're just puppies.
They don't know any better.
So, it's up to us to teach them.
You can't be afraid to discipline them.
Afraid? I'm not afraid.
I just don't like that part.
OK, I want everyone in bed
this minute.
- OK.
- OK.
I'm digging fast. Try and beat me.
Don't make me put you back
in that sailor outfit, Papi, Jr.
Oh, look at the time. Good night.
Come on.
Everyone off to bed. Let's go.
- Sorry, Mama.
- Sorry, Mama.
Sorry, Mama.
This dad business is harder
than I thought.
I shoulda read the manual.
What is...
Hey, I...
OK, OK. I'm up.
- I'm up.
I know you guys are excited about
meeting my side of the family today,
but at least let me get dressed first.
So, what do you guys think of
where your dad and I grew up?
- Ah. So many great memories.
- Oh, Papi. It's so colorful.
- Wow, Dad.
- This is so cool.
Oh, look, kids. Over there.
That's Dad's first fire hydrant.
Ooh! I got a bone hidden right there.
Hey, Junior!
What's going on? It's Papi!
lce cream!
Can we get some ice cream, Dad?
- Yeah, ice cream!
- Now, kids...
All in good time, kids.
First, you must meet my family.
- Hey, guys. We're here.
- Wow. Home sweet home.
Come on, kids! Vamanos!
- Yay! We're here!
- Hey, Ma!
- Ha-ha! Papi's home.
- Hey, Dad!
Come meet your grandpuppies!
- Hey.
Here you guys go.
- Hey.
Pedro! Come here, boy!
Come, come, come!
Meet your nieces and nephew, eh?
- Hi, there.
- Hello.
- Hi, there.
It's a Chupacabra!
- He's gonna eat us!
- Help us!
- Run for your lives!
- It's Dogzilla!
- Run!
- Help!
- Bro, you gotta work on that smile.
- That was a smile?
Chloe, kids, I'd like you to meet,
mi hermano, Pedro.
- Give me some paw.
- Up high.
- Hi, everyone.
- Hmm?
Oh, Pedro. It's so good
to finally meet you.
Chloe, you are even lovelier
than I imagined.
I'm sorry I was not here to greet you.
I saw a butterfly in the yard
whose wing was caught
in a blade of grass,
and I had to blow on it to set it free.
How can you and Dad be brothers?
You don't look anything alike.
They're not real brothers, silly.
They grew up on the streets together.
That doesn't make our brotherhood
any less real, kids.
Family is about who you love,
not just who you're born to.
Well said, mi hermano.
- Dad, what are these?
What are all these bills?
We should tell him, Fernando.
Tell me what?
You kids go in the backyard and play.
It's time for the adults to talk.
- Do we have to?
- Now. Off you go.
- Oh, man.
- No fair.
what's the big secret, anyway?
Why don't the adults go outside?
- Not us.
- Wait for me!
I haven't been able
to make the mortgage payments, mijo.
I mean, an eviction letter?
Dad, why didn't you tell me?
I thought I could catch up
with the payments.
The man came from the bank.
- What are they saying, Papi, Jr.?
I can't see. Wait. I got an idea.
What about all the money
from the landscaping jobs?
Ever since I threw my back out,
I haven't been able to work.
We've lost a lot of jobs
with the company down to just you, hijo.
There's gotta be somebody we can
ask to borrow the money from.
Hold still!
Pee-yew! Your paws smell.
Can you hurry, Papi, Jr.?
I have to tinkle.
- Don't even think about it, Ali.
- Guys, shh. I'm trying to listen.
- What about Viv?
- No.
No, no, no, no, no.
We will not burden anyone
with our problems.
This is a family affair.
I can't hold you guys much longer.
Oh, no!
- We're going down!
What did you find out, Papi, Jr.?
Not much. But, I did find out
where Pedro likes to poop.
The Cortezes have always pulled
themselves up.
- What if we can't?
- We will lose the house.
Well, your mother and I will have
to go live with my sister and her family
- in Arizona.
- It's so far.
I'll never see you guys.
And they live in that tiny little
apartment. I mean, what about Pedro?
Oh, my heart is breaking.
It's only until
we can save some money.
We'll go to the bank first thing
in the morning. It's gonna be OK.
- Good.
- They can't lose this place.
This was my first home.
Before this house,
we were on the streets.
Find anything in there, Papi?
Just this stylish hat.
Hey, Pedro, I'm hungry.
- Hey, you mutts, get out of here!
- It's him again! Run!
Life on the streets was no picnic.
But then one day, all that changed...
...when Sam and his parents adopted us.
Suddenly, we had a family.
Papi, I know how much
this home means to you.
- To all of us.
- They gave us a home.
Now we gotta do everything we can
to help them keep it.
Oh, yes, Cortez.
Gentlemen, I'd really like
to help you out, but my hands are tied.
You're just too far behind
on your payments.
- What are we gonna do? I don't...
Try begging, Sam.
It works when I want your burrito.
Didn't realize
you brought your dog.
Fun. I'm really more of
a cat person myself.
Huh? Hmm?
- Little Prince Albert.
- Oh, now I know what's wrong with you.
lsn't he a cutie?
Look, sir, this is our home.
Our life is there.
- Our memories.
- Our squeaky toys.
Well, memories don't pay the bills.
Now, you've received your final notice
and once that happens the bank can only
give you till the end of the month.
Now, that's... for you, let's see,
that means you have three weeks
to come up with..., $40,000.
Now, if you don't get us the money
by then, the house is ours.
Do you accept Mexican Express?
There's no way we can come up
with all that money in three weeks.
Look, gentlemen, I am really sorry
I couldn't help you out.
You know what? Please, take one of these
free pens for your troubles, huh?
Here you go.
Oop! Not that one. They have to qualify
you for a loan for that.
Just one each.
Just one. Fine. OK.
A pen. They take your house
and they give you a pen.
OK, mis ninos, everyone to bed.
Are you scared about
losing this house, Daddy?
Well, yes. I am.
But, you're not supposed to get scared.
- Yeah. You're the dad.
- Right. Well...
- Oh! You know who was always brave?
- Chihuahua Warriors!
Yes! Now let me tell you a
story that will make you feel better.
Long ago, tribes would
all work together as one family
and the young would be nurtured
and cared for by the entire tribe.
But the whole village
would be watched over
by the brave and mighty Chihuahua...
...which is lucky, because on this day
a vicious snake
was looking for an easy victim.
And the mighty Chihuahua
swung into action,
grabbing the snake with its jaws
and wrestling it to the ground.
And even the mightiest
human warriors
were impressed with
this brave little dog.
He was the hero to the whole village,
but most of all,
he was a hero to his own family.
- Wow!
- Wow. I'm afraid of snakes.
- Me, too.
- Not the Chihuahua Warriors.
They weren't afraid of anything.
Right, Dad?
Of course they were afraid.
Everyone has fears.
The difference is, a Chihuahua Warrior
has the courage to face their fears.
- Even of snakes?
- Yes. Even of snakes.
Buenas noches, my brave little
Chihuahua Warriors! Sweet dreams.
- Good night, Daddy.
- Good night, Dad.
Hey! You guys see that? That
vine looks like a snake.
That's a branch, silly.
No, look! It's a ferocious beast.
- Yeah, let's get it.
- Yeah.
So? Are they asleep this time?
Go ahead, check. I assure you,
they are peacefully asleep.
On second thought, I'll be right back!
Get it, Papi, Jr.!
- Get over here now, you evil beast.
- Get the snake!
I got you right where I want you.
- Yeah! You can do it!
- Kids! Kids!
You need to tone it down
before your mom...
Oh, let me guess,
you told them another story.
Papi, Jr. is a brave
Chihuahua Warrior. See?
What on earth are you doing?
- Whoa!
- Get down from there!
- No!
Oh, I've never been so happy
to see someone in my whole life!
Hello, princesa. I believe
this little one belongs to you.
Thank goodness you were here.
I'm forever in your debt, Delgado.
Papi, Jr., you go back to bed this
instant and never do that again.
I was just trying to be a brave
Chihuahua Warrior,
- like in Dad's stories.
Well, I guess he didn't read
the fine print where I said,
- ''Don't try this at home.''
- Thanks, Delgado.
- And nice catch.
- What's going on out here?
- Sam?
- Delgado?
- Papi, I see you still have your human.
- I don't believe it.
- Don't get all mushy on me now.
How did you get here
all the way from Mexico?
I better call your partner, Detective
Ramirez, and find out what's up.
- Delgado, how did you find us?
- The scent.
Chloe's the only dog I know
who wears Chanel No. 5.
Pedro, this is the amigo
I told you about,
the one that kept mi corazon
safe when she was lost in Mexico.
It's a true honor to meet you.
Maybe don't flash that grill, bro.
What are you doing
in Los Angeles, Delgado?
I'm here on assignment. Police business.
I know. It's a jewel heist, isn't it?
Or counterfeiters.
Or kidnappers...
I can see you
haven't changed a bit, kid.
I bet you're tracking
a cat burglar, right?
I can't tell you,
but I can use your help.
Will you come with me
on a special assignment tomorrow?
Delgado, I would do anything for you.
All right, Detective Ramirez, will do.
So you met this dog in Mexico, and now
he found you here in Los Angeles?
I don't know why he came here.
But Detective Ramirez said that
they're wrapping up a big case
down there and that, they won't be able
to pick him up for a few weeks.
I said we'd look after him
until they come.
- Come on, guys. Let's get back to bed.
- We're so glad you're here, my friend.
Glad to be here, amigo.
Come on, Delgado.
I'll show you where you can stay.
You OK, bro?
No, I think I messed up tonight, Pedro.
Papi, Jr. could have gotten very hurt.
I just hope I can be the father that
Chloe wants me to be.
Any mutt can have puppies,
but it takes a real dog to be a father.
Just follow your heart.
My heart is what keeps
getting me in trouble.
What are we doing
at the police station?
What's so secret?
Am I some sort of lookout?
- No. No.
- Do we need disguises?
- Are we here to meet our contacts?
- No!
Maybe we should have code names.
Mine's gonna be ''White Fox.'' Yeah!
And yours should be... Ohh, I know,
No. Chloe, I just need you
to be here, OK? Because...
This is a bad idea.
Maybe we should go.
Look. Those two dogs
are coming this way.
- What are you doing here?
- We're here on the big case with you.
Delgado, I mean,
- ''Jellybean'' and I are old partners.
- Chloe!
I came all the way from Mexico.
I have something to tell you.
- It's important.
- Look, we're kind of busy right now.
- We're working on a bank robbery case.
- Bank robbery!
You can totally count on White Fox
and Jellybean to have your back.
Not if one of them happens to be your
father. He's never had our back.
Let's go.
- We have to go now.
- Bye.
- ''Father''? Is that a code word?
- No. Those are my sons.
''Sons''? I had no idea you had sons.
I thought with you by my side, I'd have
the strength to tell them the truth.
Forget it. I can't change the past now.
I'm sorry I dragged you
into this, Chloe.
Oh, Sam, there must be something
we can do. I'm gonna ask Aunt Viv.
No, no, no.
My father's very proud.
Borrowing money is something
he just can't do.
- I'm gonna come home.
- No, it's OK.
I think I found it. I think this is it!
Rachel, you and Aunt Viv are doing
important research down there.
We'll figure something out.
I love you, Sam.
I'm here for you if you need me.
You know, I should go.
I'm not making very good company
right now. So... talk to you soon.
OK. Bye.
Was that Rachel on the phone?
- Hmm?
- Yep.
So, when am I gonna
start planning the wedding?
I've already picked out my dress.
Ma, come on.
I love Rachel.
You know, I think she's great.
- So?
- I'm just... I'm you know, I'm worried.
What are you worried about?
I'm worried I won't be able
to give her the life she deserves.
You just don't get it, do you?
You both love each other,
and that's what's important.
The rest will work itself out.
Man, Papi.
What am I gonna do?
I'm scared I won't be...
- ...won't be enough.
- Won't be enough.
I feel you, man. I feel you.
- Were you expecting anyone?
- No.
- Oh! I hope it's pizza.
- For breakfast?
- What? Any time is pizza time!
Hello? Hello?
Good morning. Oh, I'm sorry.
Did we wake you up?
You know what? Good for you.
To be in this much debt and still
be able to sleep like a baby?
That's a gift. I'm Mr. Kroop.
We met the other day at the bank.
How could I forget? You gave me a pen.
Yes, I did. And now,
I'm giving you a notice.
I'm here to inspect the house
since the bank will be...
...selling it once you're out.
Let's move, people. Could we get
some coffee? That'd be great.
More dogs.
Lovely. Morning!
- Samuel, what's going on?
- They can't just come in like this.
There's nothing we can do.
They have the right.
Come on, everyone. They're not
taking this house so easily.
- Yeah!
- Let's go.
Hi, there! Can we all just get along?
Ooh. Good thing that table
was there to break his fall.
Oh, no, no, no, no.
Come on. That's not yours.
Give it to me. Put it down.
Come on.
- Let go.
- You let go.
Bad lady. Very bad lady!
- Give it to me!
- Be careful what you wish for.
Good one.
OK. Now, I need you
to sign some documents.
I need you to sign here, here and...
I probably wouldn't use...
These almost never work.
So why don't we use mine.
I'm not really a dog person.
I just...
I... Could you just...
Could you just step off the papers?
They're kind of important.
Put the pen down.
- You wouldn't dare.
- Just try me, cat man.
- Ohh...
- I feel better now.
- When you gotta go, you gotta go.
- I'll take that. Thank you.
- Hey!
Bad dog! Bad dog!
Come back here!
Where you going? Drop it! Leave it!
Bad dog!
Looking for this?
This is a madhouse!
I am officially evicting you
from this property.
- What? We have three weeks!
- You can't do this to us.
Yes, I can.
Your dogs have ruined this house,
and this house is about
to belong to the bank.
You know I could have the sheriff here?
Hmm? Would you like that?
I want you out of here by tonight,
before your little rats
can do any more damage.
I'll take this back.
Thank you very much.
What do we do now? Sleep in the streets?
Don't worry. You guys
are gonna be comfortable here.
- How many people live here?
- One.
Must be a giant.
Aunt Viv said you could stay
as long as you need.
Oh. I'm too depressed to eat.
This is some place, huh, Ma?
Even the doghouse
is bigger than our place.
Excuse me.
I'm just trying to cheer her up.
I know.
I'll go talk to her.
''Beverly Hills Dog Show''?
$50,000 prize? That's it!
We should enter the dog show.
- Papi, look!
- My love, you're a genius.
lf we win,
the money would save the house.
You think you could win the dog show?
lmpossible. It is always moi.
Do not make me laugh. Chihuahua?
More like ''chi-ha-ha.''
Oh, ho, ho.
That's it. You're going down, Frenchy!
We're gonna do this. Let's tell Sam.
What's gotten into you two?
Hello! I wanna do the dog show.
Look at you posing.
Dog show.
Wait a second. Oh, my gosh.
You guys could be in the dog show.
That $50,000 prize could save the house.
- Good idea, Chloe.
- Finally. Guys are so slow.
Is he nervous
about the dog show?
No, it's not that.
Looks like he could use a friend.
- You OK, amigo?
- Yeah. Sure.
I know you're worried about your sons.
Please tell us what happened, Delgado.
We're your friends. You can trust us.
About three years ago,
when I was on the force in Mexico,
we apprehended some really bad guys.
We also got their dogs.
Those dogs said they'd get their
revenge by hurting my pups.
So I took my boys out of the country
and brought 'em to Los Angeles.
Thought they'd be safer away from me.
It was the hardest thing I've ever done.
Don't turn around. Don't turn around.
I went into hiding
and I lost contact with my sons.
And as time went by,
I knew I had to find them again.
But now they think
I abandoned them for no reason.
But if you tell them what happened,
they'll understand.
My sons won't listen to me. After
the dog show, I'm going back to Mexico.
Poor Delgado.
We gotta do something to help him.
- Dad?
- Oh, sorry to wake you, son.
- Go back to sleep.
- We can't sleep.
Yeah. We're too worried
about our family splitting up.
- I know, ninos.
- Tell us another story, Daddy.
Yeah. Another one
about the Chihuahua Warriors.
No, I really shouldn't.
Remember what happened last time?
- Oh, Daddy.
- Come on, Daddy.
- Yeah, Dad. Please?
- OK. All right.
You see, the Chihuahua Warriors,
they were not just brave
and passionate.
They were also fiercely loyal to their
fellow Chihuahuas and to their humans.
- They were?
- Oh, yes. ln ancient times,
they used to follow
their humans into battle.
Fighting for their kingdom
was often very fierce.
But they knew that
even in times of great danger,
they must stand by their friends and
warn them of their attacking enemies.
Even at the risk of their own lives.
That Chihuahua saved the king's life?
Yes. Stick by your loved ones,
even in hard times.
We are stronger together
than we are alone.
From now on, we'll be the most
loyal Chihuahuas ever,
and we'll never let our family split up.
I know you won't.
Sleep tight.
Good night, Dad.
- Good night, Daddy.
- Good night, Papa.
...was the best in breed.
Think like a winner, be a winner!
Think like a winner, be a winner!
- Top of the morning to you.
- Likewise.
- Yes, thank you.
- Oh, yes. Sure. Very nice.
That is one big check. Sam,
you're gonna need a bigger wallet.
Pretty. Yes, you are. Yes, you are.
How ya doing, buddy?
Is it me, or is it hard to tell
the dogs from their owners?
Hey, man, don't flatter yourself.
May I help you?
I hope so.
We're here to enter the dog show.
- Buenos dias.
- With these dogs?
This is a very prestigious dog show.
Dogs train for years to be prepared.
I am not sure you or
your dogs have what it takes.
Well, I think we
just might surprise you.
I doubt it.
But in the meantime,
you could fill out these forms.
- Oh, hello!
- Hi.
Good to see you.
- Let me get your paperwork.
- Yes, thank you.
Beautiful, darling, beautiful.
Look this way.
Little higher. There you go.
Thank you. Appoline, right here.
Do I smell garbage?
Oh, oh, no.
It is just the peasant dogs.
Oh, we're the ones that smell, huh?
Well, there's a reason ''poodle''
starts with the word ''poo''!
Good one.
And now, live from
Beverly Hills, California...
Yay! It's starting!
Oh! They just have to win!
I've got all my paws crossed.
This is more nerve racking
than a trip to the vet!
Oh, will you Chatty Cathys shush!
And the 25th Annual Beverly Hills
Dog Show is now underway.
And, Polly, we have got dogs
from all over the world
competing in three different categories:
Beauty, style, talent.
Gonna see who the top dog is,
winning that $50,000 grand prize.
- I got goose bumps.
- Oh, look!
Here comes our panel of judges,
led by the esteemed Judge McKible.
All right, people,
two minutes to show time.
- You guys ready to do this?
- I'm in.
And we are off with the first round:
Yeah, let's see those Beverly Hills dogs
strut their stuff, huh? Yowza.
- Now that's cute.
- Yeah, look at that.
I wouldn't put money on that one.
- Oh, my.
- Oh, no!
Delgado's been eliminated.
Uncle Delgado looks so sad.
And he's gonna lose his sons, too.
It is time for the second round: Style.
And only ten contestants
remain in the competition.
I'm gonna get stung.
I'm just so happy to be here.
I just can't help but...
Wait! Don't do a Pedro! Don't...
Look at that.
Yikes! Looks like a cupcake exploded.
There's my ride.
Ay, Chihuahua!
Now, I like this one.
This one I really do like.
- It's like a little angel. Right?
- Yes, exactly.
- Whoa!
Chihuahua Aztec Warrior!
- There's Dad! There's Dad!
- Oh, he's bursting with pizzazz!
- Go, Dad!
- He really is a Chihuahua Warrior!
- Whoo-hoo!
Well, we are on to Round Three: Talent!
And with only five dogs left, this
competition is really heating up! Yowza!
Oh! Faboo!
- Oh!
- Ooh! That one was faboo, too.
- Faboo. I'm gonna start saying that.
- Oh.
No, no.
Snooty. Snooty puss. Got a snooty puss.
- Wow. She's good.
- That is amazing.
And voila!
Look at that. Oh, marvelous.
- Clever! Clever!
- My gosh. That's so impressive.
- That's clever.
- It's an homage. It is an homage!
Wow. That Appoline
is a regular Pet-casso.
- You get that?
- I got it.
- Yes, yes. Very clever.
- Pet-casso.
- Oh. Mmm.
- Hmm. Ahh.
- Oops!
No! No, no, no! Dismissed!
What? Oh, you have gotta be kidding!
- Not fair.
- It's a dog! Playing a piano.
lf you can't play it right,
you shouldn't play it at all.
Playing the piano with paws.
Not even fingers.
- Boo! Not faboo.
- Sorry.
What is going on?
How dare you!
My Chloe is the most beautiful,
the most stylish and the most
talented dog in the entire world!
She has a coat
like the whitest of snow,
and eyes that sparkle like diamonds,
and a heart as big as...
Well, as big as...
Why don't I just show you?
Papi, what are you doing?
She has a heart as big as this one.
My Chloe will live in my heart forever.
Now that's talent.
- Humph!
Papi! Papi! Papi!
Papi! Papi! Papi!
Papi! Papi! Papi!
I'll tell you, Appoline has
some serious competition this year,
- and his name is Papi!
- Papi. I love you, Papi!
Oh, Papi, te adoro.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I have chosen this year's finalists,
and they are... Papi Cortez...
- ...and Appoline Bouvier.
- Yes!
Judge McKible.
What's this?
I don't know, but Judge McKible
looks very concerned.
Mr. Cortez, you do realize
the Beverly Hills Dog Show
is for purebreds only.
Do you have Papi's birth papers
showing his pedigree?
No, we rescued him from the street.
He was a stray.
I knew it.
He might not have
breeding papers or a pedigree,
but you'll never meet a dog that shows
more pure Chihuahua heart...
...than Papi.
Fight the tears. I'm not gonna cry.
I'm not gonna do it. Not gonna cry.
- Bravo.
- So important.
Hear, hear.
- Well said.
- I'm sorry, rules are rules.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Papi Cortez has been disqualified
for lack of breeding papers.
- I'm so upset.
- Oh, no.
The winner of the 25th annual
Beverly Hills Dog Show
- for the fourth year in a row is...
- Mademoiselle Marie Appoline Bouvier!
These dogs aren't the only thing fixed
about this competition.
We won!
Thank you.
We won.
Au revoir.
Let's go, guys.
That's it for
the Beverly Hills Dog Show.
This is loco. I can't even watch.
- Oh, no.
- It's not fair.
I know something we can do.
- Hello?
- Rach?
Sam, how'd it go?
- Not so good.
- Oh, no.
Yeah, now we have two days
to pack up the house and move on.
- Oh, Sam.
- I'm going to Arizona
for a little while to get them set up.
I already contacted Viv's housekeeper
about watching the dogs.
- I can come too, if you want.
- Nah, that's OK.
- This is a family thing.
- I... thought we were family.
You know, that we would get married
and have kids someday.
Rach, I can't take care
of you and a family
when I can hardly take care
of the one I already have.
Oh, I see.
I should go, they need me here.
- Goodbye, Sam.
- Bye, Rach.
Oh, Sam, love is like
chasing your tail,
spinning and spinning...
And trust me,
it hurts when you catch it.
Papi, come quick! The puppies are gone!
I can't find them anywhere!
- What? Gone?
- Oh, no.
- What are you talking about?
- Maybe they're hiding somewhere.
- Ninos! Hey, this isn't funny.
- Kids! Where are you?
The scent's old.
They're not in the house.
lf anything happens to them,
I don't know what I'll do.
Don't worry, mi amor,
I will not let that happen.
Oh! Where could they be?
This is scary. We've never been
out by ourselves before.
Don't you want to be
real Chihuahua Warriors,
- like the ones in Dad's stories?
- Yeah.
Then we have to help Uncle Delgado.
'Cause families stick together
and Delgado is family.
Now, this is where Delgado
said his sons work.
We'll just tell them the truth
and they'll forgive him.
Attention, all units.
Attention all units.
We have a robbery in progress
at Southcoast Bank. All units respond.
We got a situation, everybody.
Round up the dogs and move out!
- Quick time, double time, let's go!
- Come on.
Hey, those dogs look
just like Uncle Delgado.
That must be them. Let's go!
Let's get 'em in.
Close 'er up!
Go! Go! Go!
K-9 unit,
what's your status?
Yes, this is the K-9 unit,
is mobile and on the move.
Hey, what are you doing in here?
This is police property.
We're friends with your dad, and we've
got something to tell you.
Move it, move it! Move, move, move!
- Copy that. Go, go!
- Keep going!
- Second unit, in. Go!
- Come on. Go, go, go! Go, go, go!
Let's go. Right there!
Come on, boys!
Come on, boys! Catch the scent!
We'll talk more about this after.
Stay here,
we don't want you getting hurt.
Come on, boys. Let's go.
Oh, no. We didn't tell them Uncle
Delgado's leaving LA soon. Come on!
Uh-huh. Yes, five puppies. Yeah.
Well, if you see them,
please give us a call.
- Any news?
- I feel terrible.
I put those stories in their heads.
When will I ever learn?
where a bank robbery
is in progress.
Hey, isn't that our bank?
- Turn it up.
- It is our bank.
Police have informed us that
the robbers are still inside.
At this time, there are no hostages.
- Did I just see what I think I saw?
- Yes! It's them!
We will keep you updated on this
breaking story as events unfold.
- Guacamole's going on here?
- I'm going to the bank.
Mom, Dad, you guys stay here in case
anyone calls and gets them first.
- Of course.
- Please hurry, Sam.
- They're my puppies. I'm going too.
- Not without me.
Delgado, Pedro, let's roll.
I don't see Delgado's sons.
Where'd they go?
I bet they went that way.
Follow me.
Oh, no. What if we never find them?
Oh, I mean, of course we'll find them.
We're Warriors.
Antonio! Alberto! Where are you?
- This is scary.
- Whoa!
- Whoa!
Oh, presents! Oh, boy, is it Christmas?
Hey, look. This is what everyone's been
saying we need.
We can save the house with this.
Everyone, get as much of it as you can.
Yeah! Come on, guys.
- I'm next. I'm next. Me me, me.
- Wow. Look at all this.
Come on, the coast is clear.
Come on, come on. Come on.
Hey, what's going on here?
- Who turned out the lights?
- Hurry up.
- What's going on?
- Get us out of here.
- What's the big idea?
- What's happening?
- It's dark in here.
- Go!
Gone? Are you sure?
Please, stand back here.
I'm sorry, folks. You're just gonna
have to stay back.
- You guys, wait here.
- No way,
those are my kids you're talking about.
Come on, let's go.
Yeah, I can't say
anything right now, ma'am.
- Sorry about that, but I can't.
- What exactly happened?
There were at least 1 5 or 20 of them.
They were ninja fast,
and they all were very, very large,
but I fought four
or five of them off myself.
Whoa, whoa, whoa. This is a crime scene,
sir. I need you to step back.
Right, sorry. Did you happen to see five
Chihuahua puppies around here?
I got their scent. Come on.
They were just here.
Search for clues.
Hey. Look at this.
Look what I found.
Great, a clue!
A ski mask? You think it has
something to do with the kids?
- Yeah?
- I know who can help us. Come on.
You can do this, Delgado. Go talk
to them. I'll be right behind you.
Dad? What are you doing here?
Look, I know you don't
want to see me right now,
but I got some missing puppies.
And I think this may be a clue
as to where they went. Any ideas?
Smells like flour. Eggs. Butter.
- Bread. It's bread.
- Any bakeries around here?
Oh, of course. The Hoffman
Bread factory! It's right near here.
Good job, kid. Let's go get your pups.
We'll grab the humans
and meet you there.
Thanks, boys.
Come on, everyone. Vamonos.
Oh, no.
Oh, where are they going?
Where are they going?
- Whoa!
Police business, look out!
Coming through.
Watch out, dog crossing!
Hey, better hurry up
before the foreman shows up.
Yeah, like he'd ever notice.
How many of these jobs we pulled off
in the last few months?
Yeah, we just hit the on button
and the machines do all the work.
It's a perfect cover.
This smells like the place.
- Ooh!
- Pumpernickel.
- Let's go.
Those guys in there can be real meanies.
You got some kind of a plan?
Don't I always, hermano?
- Help!
- Somebody help us!
- Let us out!
- Let's see how much we got.
- Whoa.
- Who brought the dog?
- I didn't bring the dog.
Back off, mister. You can't kidnap us
and get away with it.
- Sounds like a rubber duck.
- That guy is tough.
- Bring it on, ese.
- I'm a Chihuahua Warrior.
- What are you gonna do, bite my toe?
Wow, look how tough he thinks he is.
Wow. I'm really good.
- Nice doggy.
- Back away from the puppies!
And in case you're wondering,
this isn't a smile.
Easy. Nice doggy.
- Who you callin' ''nice''?
- I'm outta here.
Let's go! Let's go! Come on!
Split up! Split up!
Uncle Pedro. You found us!
I mean, not that I needed your help
or anything. But they're getting away!
Don't worry. They won't get far.
- There's the signal.
- Ready?
Help! I wanna go home!
- Gee, that was kinda fun.
- Oh, whoa.
Oh! Thank goodness you're OK.
- Mom?
- Delgado!
Looks like we still make
a pretty good team, Jellybean.
- I mean, Delgado.
- Yeah, we still got it, kid.
But let's not make a habit
of this rescuing thing.
We lost 'em.
Left, right. Left, right. Left, right.
No one messes with my kids.
Left, right. Left, right.
Left, right. Left, right.
Left, right. Left, right.
Left, right.
- What's going on?
- Left, right. Left, right. Left, right!
You think that's gonna stop us?
No, but this will.
Now you guys are really
rollin' in the dough.
- Daddy, that was awesome!
- Wow, Dad, that was amazing!
- That was awesome.
- We showed them, huh?
Your mother and I were worried sick.
What you kids did, leavin' home
without tellin' us, was off-leash.
Way off-leash!
- Sorry, Dad.
- We're sorry, Dad.
- Sorry, Dad.
- Sorry isn't good enough.
You kids are grounded for the...
- of your lives!
- What?
- No way!
Papi, their intentions were in the
right place and, if it wasn't for them,
- the bank robbers would've gotten away.
- True.
So, what, two weeks?
Don't you think they've shown
that they are good Chihuahua Warriors?
OK, you're grounded for one week.
And no bacon-wrapped filet mignon.
- No.
- Come on, Dad.
OK, OK, you can have 'em.
But act like you don't like 'em.
- OK, Dad.
- Promise.
Papi, I'm so proud of you.
You're really becoming the father
I always knew you could be.
Thank you, mi corazon.
- OK, our bus is ready.
- You got the wrong guy.
- Yeah, yeah. We're bread makers.
- Yeah, yeah, I'm sure.
- I hope you got a good lawyer.
- I hate dogs.
Don't turn around. Don't turn around.
Come on, Delgado. Turn around.
Dad, wait.
I think we owe you an apology.
Chloe and the puppies
told us why you left.
We didn't know that you did it
to protect us. Thank you, Dad.
I'm just glad I got a chance to see you
boys again. Make things right.
Come on, guys.
Quite the police dog, fella.
Let's see who you belong to.
''Mexican Police Force'', huh?
I wonder if they'd let us
borrow you for a little while.
We sure could use your nose on a couple
of cases. What do you boys think?
OK, OK. Let me give 'em a call.
You want me to stay?
Yeah, I think we have
a lot of catching up to do.
- Come on, guys.
- It's great to have you back, Dad.
It looks like you're gonna be
a Beverly Hills dog, Delgado.
Thanks for everything, princesa.
You have a beautiful family.
And thanks to them,
I have my family back, too.
I'm sure I'll see you around.
And I can't wait for next year's
dog show. What do you say, Delgado?
In your dreams, kid. Adios.
Load up.
And you, too.
There you guys are.
I know. I missed you, too.
Don't worry, we're leaving.
You didn't have to bring the police.
We're not going
to cause you guys any trouble.
Can you give us one second
of your time, please?
Hey! You know, your dogs
are pretty special.
They solved the case
that stumped an entire task force.
We been trackin' these criminals
for three months.
They got over 1 5 million dollars
from banks in the area.
And there is a $250,000 reward
for their capture.
Which is yours. It'll probably pay off
the loan on your house and then some.
- Hey, guys! Come quick! Check this out.
- What's going on?
Is this a joke?
'Cause I'm not laughing.
I can assure you, Mr. Cortez,
this is not a joke.
ln fact, you can come down to the bank
this week and sign the papers.
And... here's your pen back.
Sorry about that.
You know what, those never work.
Take this one. OK.
Holy guacamole! We did it!
We saved the house!
Gracias. Oh, my goodness.
No, I'm fine. Really, that's...
You don't really have...
OK, we're hugging it out.
I'm having a hard time breathing.
That's great. Please let go.
- Yes.
- What are we waiting for? Let's unpack.
- Unpack.
- I'm gonna stay out here.
Come on, guys!
Let's show him some love!
- Oh, no-no-no. No, no, no.
No-no-no. Good dogs!
- Good dogs...
- Dogpile!
Bad dogs. Bad dogs.
I'm really not a dog person.
My kitty's going to be very jealous.
- Come in, Rachel.
- Hi.
I called her. A mother
wants to see her son happy.
- I'm so sorry, Rachel.
- No, I'm sorry.
I hated the way we left things.
I wanna be with you,
whether we're married or not.
And I want to be with you... forever.
I wanna have a family with you.
I wanna depend on each other
for the rest of our lives.
Go for it, Sam.
Rachel, will you marry me?
Yes. Yes, of course!
And I'm throwing the wedding!
Oh, congratulations.
Let's celebrate!
OK, kids, ready to play?
- Marco!
- Polo!
- Marco!
- Polo!
You can't catch me.
Come on, let's join in the fun.
Mi corazon, be careful, the mud.
Wait here.
Oh, Papi, you're so romantic.
But of course.
After all, I am a Chihuahua.
Don't I know it.
Papi likes.
Every pet deserves a loving
and permanent home.
So if you're adopting a pet,
please be sure you are ready
for a lifetime commitment,
and please adopt responsibly.
Gracias and thank you.