Chennai Express (2013) Movie Script

I'm Rahul.
I'm forty.
Normally by this age,most people experience something big in life.
I also experienced something big.
I mean, really big.
And that changed my life completely.
Actually lets start from the begining
Since childhood i
used to live with my parents
and grand parents.
when l reached to 8 years,
my parents died.
my grand parents grew me up.
when l was a child,
so obviously l was cute.
people used to say while
pulling my cheeks so so sweeettt
and that sweetness was the
business of my grandpa..
y.y sweets merchant.
there were more branches
in mumbai than greenry..
and my grandpa always poked his
nose in my love life.
Sometime l'll get his call,
or sometimes he appears like a toad.
i never got the chance for romance.
So the marriage is
totally out of question
see how sachin is playing.
i believe that my grandpa was
die hard fan of sachin.
but he himseld didn't apply the
die word in his life..
time just passed but he didn't pass..
all my relatives got settled abroad.
and then year 2013..
my grandpa's 100th happy birthday
whole relatives got together again
and my life's 2 tragedies too came
My two friends...
Bobby and saleem...
And you both...
mind your business there..
what's this new mess of you both?
not both of you..
but us..
its grandpa's birthday ,
but we brought the gift for you.
aren't these girls hot?
with them in goa..
what kinda friends are you man..
and that too one week.
how come my grandpa will
allow me for one week.
he's idiot..
you're too
come here..
you just come with me.
yes ?
did you bring the gift for me?
vimal and reno sister..
didn't open others gifts yet.
those are of others.
not owns..
i'm gonna be 100,
will talk of 100%
they want me because,
they are relatives
you want me so this is the relation.
i'm thinking about you what'll
happen to you when i leave
no grandpa.
see i'm just talking to you about leaving.
now what's my age so..
why should we talk about
what's going to happen after 25 laters..
show me.
hit it outside the boundry
its rahul's idea,
why we dont open one franchise in goa.
we've seen an amazing plot there.
should we go for final inspection of the plot there
with rahul?
hit the ball outside the boundry sachin
sachin on 99..
what grandma...
why're you reacting so much for a century
he'll get another soon
Grandpa and Sachin
both out on 99..
was a strange feeling..
but l read something.
that, every human's death
is decided before he is born.
l thought, what has to happen,
have happened..
so how'll it affect
after all, grandpa was alive till
twitter from the era of all india radio.
gone after living a huge number of age.
i just decided
grandma , l want to do something else in life.
want to do which my heart says.
i can't handle this Y.Y sweets merchant.
l've some dreams of mine.
l've just forward than my age.
but now want to see the world and learn.
i want to live my life by my way.
you've become property owner
along with owner of your wish
you can live your life as you want.
who's stopping you?
and look but you've to do something for me.
yes tell me.
its the last wish of your grandpa.
that after his death
that his body's half ashes should be
immersed in ganga..
and other half in rameshwaram..
l'll immerse it in ganga with ajju.
but other part of ashes..
you've to go to rameshwaram
yes you only
that was the last wish of your grandpa.
you've to fullfill it.
this rameshwaram is on the end of india.
give me that.
Goa's water reaches to rameshwaram.
means rahul..
if you immerse the ashes in goa
so they'll reach to rameshwaram
by floating.
both are far away.
goa is here,
rameshwaram is here.
goa is on.
are you coming to goa?
offcourse coming.
but for cheating grandma,
we've to start the journey by train.
grandma is coming to send me of.
so in next two hours,
i'll buy any south india train's ticket
i'll board on it.
but will get off in between
on kalyaan station
you wait for me there.
and from there,
we'll go by road.
Chennai Express?
as far i know.
Chennai Express dont go to rameshwaram.
you couldn't understand.
i told you that l want to spend
as much as possible time with grandpa.
so l'm taking long route not wrong route.
And l'll get off in chennai...
and will take grandpa's ashes by road.
do you know..
why l'm going to ganga with grandpa's ashes.
because l dont believe anyone here.
but l believe you enirely
that you'll immerse the ashes
in rameshwaram with faith
i didn't feel good while lying to grandma.
but l just lied now.
where're you rahul?
we've reached to kalyan.
l've just got on board saying
bye to grandma.
where've you been..
hey im here now.
waiting is always good.
now we'll enjoy now.
grandpa's ashes
i've done it before..
actually i...
l've to go.
what meenamma what are you thinking are you planing on escaping from us
what you are doing is so wrong,are you teaching us what is right and wrong
what are you quarelling over here
people miss their train.
l just missed my platform because of you.
that's my seat..
my seatum..
where're you rahul?
i'm inside the train.
i couldn't get the chance to get off?
so we should do as..
will meet at karjar station.
and listen
dont worry about me.
i've got good company
is sitting next to me.
what a hair.
what a eyes.
what a lips.
are you counting us her body parts.
isnt she wearing her sandle.
she dont know hindi.
she's staring at me.
maybe showing her love with eyes
just check it out ..
isn't she blind .?
maybe she'll be blind in my
love in a while.
listen up now.
we'll meet at kajar station
till then l'll be just hitting on her.
maybe l'll get her with me
l came to know my beloved to see you
love is crazy my beloved.
now from here ...
Who said to you.?
l dont know hindi..
to the people you gave the hand..
are kidnapping me with them..
we're in a big problem
now who's gonna help us?
they shouldnt get doubt so you..
talk with me in song rythem
please forgive me..
if l did a mistake.
i didn't knew you know hindi.
now as per will you say..
l'll do as same.
if i did mistake so..
l'll pay the panelty
dont worry..
l'm here.
meenama u sing
so Go on go on..
to toilet.
so go to toilet..
dont know why're you sending
me to toilet.
what do you want to do
just tell me?
l'll make a call by phone..
l'll inform my friends..
toilet , toilet..
go, go , toilet..
you must not have heared the name.
can l make a call by it?
what meenama you think you can call and we wont come to know about it ah
what the heck?
That was my phone,
my friends are waiting for me.
how come l can contact them?
that was my phone?
meenama what is he telling that phone belong to him
Blah Blah...
what he's mumbling?
he's saying, lf he'd know that's your
phone then he'd thrown you along.
is that your father's kingdom?
are you scaring me?
threating me?
its enough.
You've made me furious that
today l...
should sit now.
lf l sat.
dont consider that l can't stand up
if l stand so ...
i can't sit back
And l forgive you for mobile.
i can buy the entire phone company
i've lots of money
you poors.
show me your ticket.
if you dont have ticket,
so it won't go on.
you've to pay the fine.
i've my ticket.
this is called ticket.
you've to pay the fine if
you have no ticket
from where did you get on?
just listen to me T.C...
dont take easy to those thugs.
Something is very very fishy
These four have
long weapons.
They're kidnapping the girl
for very far.
get up
lets go.
now you're screwed..
now play ping pong in jail.
now you act like king kong..
why dont you answer me
now you're under my protection
now T.C is with us.
now See how i will whistle.
its enough.
you made me so furious that so now l...
should sit now.
whatever happened with T.c
you're the witness...
solo witness
therefore you're coming with us
to our village
the hearts feeling immersed in ashes.
had came to immerse the ashes in goa.
but T.C got sunk
My friends were trying to call me
because my worth 35000 rupee cell phone.
was laid on any track
ive to lay down for a while pls sleep madam
big brother see when next station ll come, im hungry
what's going on?
i dont understand anything.
you're scolding your kidnappers,
and they're listening to you quietly
l'll solve all your confusion.
ln that Kamban Area,
my dad has alot of respect.
These four of them are listening
to me because..
listening to me because..
they're thugs of my father.
my father sent them to bring
me back to village..
means your father is the God father of south
and he wants me to get married.
therefore l eloped from home.
i couldn't understand.
Thangabally is the son of my
father's friend.
lf l got married, the the village of
my father's friend will be of my father.
therefore my father is forcing me
to get me married
do you understand now?
the father is yours.
thugs are yours.
wedding is yours.
and fault is mine.
problem is yours, kidnapping
is yours, and..
and village is yours.
and neck is mine.
whatever is yours is mine.
people levitates the kite in sky
your thugs levitates the T.C in sky
l was just heading to goa happily
but not..
When My eyes opened in morning,
eyes kept open
want to eat it.
what he said?
he said.
did you heared the chickens
cock a doodle doo?
Those cops instead of helping me..
the appa's area is started
since here.
from here,
the cops gets the appa's help
nobody can harm the four of them here.
means, anything can be happen
with me from here
l can die here.
what yes..
should not tell the dying person
the he's dying.
atleast just say for my satisfaction
that l'm gonna live alive.
you can be saved.
now my ashes are ready with
my grandpa's ashes.
dont know why l gave my hand to you
hand to me?
i was just running away
saving my life.
if l'd knew that your brothers
are thugs.
then l'd not give them hand
but kick.
by the way you're the
the root of all trouble.
since you've come in my life,
my life sucks.
same here.
why you've come to me?
you've come on my side.
leave the talk about side,
lets come to the point.
is there any escaping way
for both of us.
there is..
tell me.
but you've to do whatever l'll say
as now lts always mine going on
tell me what to do.
infront of my father,
when l see toward you..
you just wave your head.
what to shake?
what skull?
okay...shaking head.
i'll shake it.
will eat the dosa idli
and shake the head
what're you doing?
why did he pull the chain
its our village so
we pull the chain
from where we stand up,
the station starts from there.
lets go
who's he?
Mina was convincing appa emotionally
appa was listening to mina shockingly
and l...
l'm unable to understand
anything like you people.
after seeing this kinda reaction
one thing was clear.
after a while, my head won't shake,
but will get cutted.
what your father is saying about my mother?
he's asking that ,
do you know tamil language.
i thought l'm gonna go
on four arms.
but your father's men
raised me on their shoulders
what did you say to them?
i just lied thrice.
Hey, miss subtitle just tell me what you said?
l lied first that we love each other.
Second time i lied that we
want to get married
therefore you said yes.
yes l shaked the head,
that axe..
so they'll agreed to it?
the plan worked when l lied
third time..
that you're living in north side
sine your child hood.
therefore you dont know tamil
appa seems my story is very geniune.
therefore he's taking us to village
for deciding our future.
not decided the future but
taking to ruining my future.
four people were running
after you..
now entire the village will
run after you
i just created this drama
so i can get some time
we'll go away tonight
when we get the chance.
l'm experienced in eloping..
to see the small family of mina..
i got reminded of china's population
mina started to recite the
chennai express's story
as much the story got progressed.
everybody were impressed by me
but l was depressed.
there was stress in mind.
because on the address l had come
the environment was dangerous.
everybody was involved in my serving.
but this treatment is also for
the victim
many times l said to bobby,
take the fancy number.
to the person's number l was
trying to contact.
those all were vanished from
my brains pane.
mobile's this technology gets
us connect with our mom and sis..
but this technology screwed us too
when mobile's wern't there..
l would remember all numbers.
Now i've mobile,
so i dont remember any number.
what's the plan to escaping?
dont ignore me..
this drama is enough
what're you mumbling in tamil,
talk in hindi.
in one day..
you're talking proper tamil
i'm not that kinda boy
Mina l gotta get outta here,
do something.
So you're the guy Rahul
so how did you recognize me?
its the cops job
to recognize the corpse.
to corpse?
but l....
if you aren't so will be.
i'm incharge in this area.
you're so daring person
love with mina lochni
and knowing after that its mess
with tangabally..
not at all
they're in big misnoma.
actually they're trying to frame me.
you're going to be frame
on that wall
and your photo will have garland.
you should think about it
before loving.
what he's saying
tangabally is asking about you
what father is saying?
father is saying that you're the guy
that mina eloped with.
now what?
father said that mina's first like
is tangaballay
but he's constrained because mina's
first like is you
now what?
father is saying that we'll settle it peacefully
what that tall one is saying?
he's saying that....
that matter is not about right or wrong.
the matter is of his prestige.
if the matter is of his prestige.
so why he's coming to molest me
listen to him just..
we're just talking.
what was he mumbling?
dont scare speak up
he challanged you
your fight is tonight with him
whoever will win will get mina
you accepted the challenge.
l can't understand tamil,
just was shaking head.
why you didn't tell me
what he said
will see.
who's more strong.
i'm not strong.
l know its a small problem
is that a small problem..
the fight is fixed tonight
and your father wants to know
who's more strong between us.
if i lost my mind...
so what you gonna do?
so l'll commit the suicide.
l'll eat the poison ,and choke
my neck...
and will die beneath the chennai express
l'm making the plan for escaping
till tonight
you stay normal..
putting the time bomb in a man
and saying be normal
you must have heared the name
so many peoples...
its the preparation of fight.
so how can we escape from these people.
my escape plan is ready
you stay normal when you go out
i'm normal
l'll sign you in a while.
then we'll run away
till then you dont mess up anything
is that a name?
i was out for vacation
you screwed me up
Now l won't shake the head.
hey pot king..
what are you staring at?
was out for enjoying..
because of your ashes,
l'm gonna become ashes.
instead of rameshwaram...
programe of immersing your ashes
in the goa..
so you changed my programe.
hold it.
you're sacring me
you're showing the gun to me?
now l'll show you something.
did you see that
can you do that?
because your MRF tyres are between
you fatto..
you're threating me.
you do it.
can you do it?
so that..
you hanged black cloth on hanger.
are you gonna fight with me?
okay fight with me..
but before that.
show me doing this.
what happened to you?
get up
get in concious
dont fall
tomorrow morning get the
first train and go away
and dont tell anyone that
l helped you
or the entire village will
cut me in pieces.
have you gone mad?
why're you going to srilanka
for getting diesel
we're smuggling the diesel to srilanka.
everything is legal for stomach
if the srilankan police nabbed you,
then there jail.
if indian marine police nabbed you,
then here jail
if nobody nabbed,
then all is well
you arrest them all.
i'm seeing the first smugler
who's very happy with his own arrest.
i'm not smuggler,
i'm not with them
so show me your passport.
why sir?
for verfying.
but l ain't with them
l'm speaking hindi
we can speak it too
he's our man
and you're my woman
its saying...
if you add G ln any word.
so prestige will be increased.
however, My grandpa is writting my destiny
and there on other side,
mina's destiny, mina's father.
they decided to marry mina with tangabally
in which, there wasn't happiness
of mina nor her wish
who knew it.
where india ends.
there mina and my chapter
will start.
what're you examining so scared?
is that yours?
it must be contain RDX.
no it was..
l mean...
it contain my grandpa.
my grandpa's ashes.
now i'll show you now.
i'm saying to you since so long
that l'm not smuggler
l was just out from mumbai
to immerse my grandpa's ashes.
i told the police truely
my past history
my travel geography
after hearing all this..
the senior office just said.
so kumban people knows you
hey brother.
your people are going to drop me in mumbai
you leaved me there..
l went to srilanka in the
mess of some smuggler.
you're swear of singham
leave me please.
i know him...
he's ours.
i'm going to leave you here.
you can't leave me alone here.
l'll cut you.
nobody come forward.
whoever will come forward.
So l'll cut myself.
okay cut yourself.
l'll cut mina.
i'll cut her...
dont come closer
please open the door
lets go
get out..
you escaped leaving me alone
then when you were in problem,
so you used me to escape
and you're saying get off the car
i won't get out..
its my father's car.
if you won't get off..
so l'll leave you there.
then you'll become mrs from miss.
before that you'll become
late rahul from rahul
lets go
what happened?
the car broke down?
not at all..
who said?
so this smoke?
the car is smoking ciggrette
do you know why l've come out?
i think that we'll wait for
tangabally here..
when he'll come here...
so we'll play together.
can't you see.
your father's car is worst
than your hindi
you made this worst.
dont call it car..
its the insult of cars.
this car saved our life.
take this.
your father's favourite car
the problem is not your father's
problem is yours.
wherever you go.
you go with the packge of trouble.
you're black cat.
worse than a black cat.
if you crossed the black cat's way,
the black cat will die.
so why you've come with me?
why am l with you?
why're you with me?
please get rid of me.
all right.
but you catched the wrong
way while driving.
there's only one way left
for going back
have to cross the comban
dont scare me saying that.
if you won't be with me..
so l can manage it.
there's no such word in my dictionary
oh really..
from where did you buy this rubbish dictionary
i thought that l won't be able
to meet mina..
but something else was written in destiny
i want to find the road.
why're you doing this?
your and mine problem is same.
in this age..
stop ...stop
i want lift
have you come from mumbai?
how do you know about me so much?
the entire south knows about you
an white boy eloped with the daughter
of dugeshwar in car.
now you're in car..
you'll be in news paper tomorrow.
you dont know...the villagers
are after you with weapons
once you're nabbed.
they will seprate your head
from your torso and put in headline
is that a kingdom of them
the girl you've made run away
its the kingdom of his father here.
listening this...
i was freezed
i was seeing the way ahead,
but there was no way
except one.
you've come to me wandering around
you've come to know how
its feeling living alone.
see your face.
it seems that you're in fever.
lets go now..
dont scared.
lets go together.
you've catched the wrong way again
here is safe alley,,
there's thangabally
i'll save you
lets go
a wedding function is going on
we can stay here if we try
till father and thangabally's
tension will reduce.
so what're you doing here miss subtitle.
go and talk.
so much style..
you go and talk
i can talk..
so you speak marathi? can speak tamil,
can't i speak marathi
now go and talk in tamil
it was clear to see the scence of there.
there's not only some thing fishy
the burned is person so cautious
about applying burnol
but this time l didn't yes to her talk
but when the villagers looked at
me second time on mina's saying
so l....
now what?
you know...
they should make a film on me.
busted while laughing...
because when people lifts
me while laughing.
i get busted.
and you..
what have you lied this time?
i said we got married and eloped.
do you have the copy rights
of eloping
what did you say then?
i lied secondly that..
you're so good person that
you'll never leave me
now you say no in no.
will match?
that you won't leave me
then l said...that you're tired
from the journey
that you got fainted.
then you shaked your skull
so l'm getting this special treatment
i told them the reason of eloping..
that my father...
has problem with our status.
i'm very rich
and you're a sweetner.
who told you that l'm sweetner
are you a sweets merchant?
whats there for laughing in it
the sweets merchant is better
than your don
shut up
means my third lie was right.
you're laughing on me here,
and your father made me a joke
its a strange combo of you both
i'm thinking that how
your mother is bearing you
did she laughs too?
my moms no more
i didn't know.
i know how it feels to be without mother.
your parents
got died in a car accident.
i was 8
actually l didn't miss my parents.
because grand parents
took their place.
specially grandpa
always were happy in my happiness
he can't spend time without me.
rahul this...Rahul that..
spending 50 years
without parents..
yes mina
its hard..
do l look 50 years old to you?
you aren't
are you more than it?
are you going to sleep on the floor.
that's not for me..
its for you
if l sleep with you in bed,
so can't you control?
i've a problem
that's it...
that you can't control....
stop rubbish
i sleep on the bed..
i'm your husband.
sleep if you want..
dont tell me later what will happen
its not my guarantee
what will happen in night.
Rahul, Just consider that
today you're gonna get molested
because your wife can't control
save me.
mina became witch
i told you not to sleep
next to me.
if l see the dream..
i used to kick
am l scooter of your father
that you're kicking me.
you aint' the daughter of don,
but donkey
you're witch
are you going to jogging wearing that dress?
husband carrys the wife
while climbing the temple's steps
its their belief that it will make
strong the spouse bound
are you strong?
what's the need to be strong to see
the tradition?
not to see...
have to do.
we're spouse for them
is that a forcing or what?
do you want to live here or not?
so you'll carry me..
will you not let me fell
maybe you're forgetting..
we'll reach there after climbing
the heaven's stop will be
on 100 steps
where's the power of common man?
i know you'll fell me in 50.
what is he telling
he's saying to you've proved
that you'll take care of me forever
its their believe whoever complete
this the god will keep them together
without vermillion this tradition
will not consider complete
you should tell me earlier..
means its all goes wasted
i'm paining in my body
lets go..
we've to get down 300 stairs
what happening?
i'm packing
do you want to stay here
its enough
lets go from here.
or they will make us do the
strange traditions
get ready
if we both run away then what
will they think about us.
that we run away
its about the heart of villagers
if they'll come to know that we're
fake spouse,will they help others?
isn't that, you dont want to
go from here.
because l'm seeing..
since you're in my wife's role
you're feeling good.
look, the vermillion l applied
in your forehead..
dont take it seriously
you can only think like that..
did you ever think about
the villagers feelings.
leave the village,
did you think about your grandma's emotions.
you told me that your grand parents
took the place of your parents.
and what you did with his ashes.
i changed it..
do you know why?
because l have no feelings.
l'm bad...acutally l'm worst person
you're only a good person and
those villagers
and no bad person should live
among the good persons.
keep it to you..
you're good..he's good.
you live together.
i'm not gonna live in this village.
forgive me.
fury is on one side.
leaving mina alone like this
not feeling good
its enough
you got your item...
from the heart..
saying it.
do whatever you want
to do with your item
do whatever you want to do with her
you're coward.
you're selfish..
you're leaving me alone..
try to understand.
its enough..
can't understand this woman.
no one can understand woman
lets go
take this ticket for mumbai
and you?
l'm going to rameshwaram
for immersing the ashes
As much l'am mean human..
but l'm human
you said one thing wrong
i'm coming with you
to rameshwaram
are you gone mad?
its wrong.
i'm doing right..
you've got chance to escape
i could have escaped when you
were drunk in the village.
i didn't escape that time,
so why will i now.
i'm coming with you
try to understand.
i've taken the decision,
let me complete it.
you may be in danger there.
if he comes there
i'll save you from thangbally
therefore l'm coming with you
we can complete the trend of ashes.
we've to stay in any lodge.
we're after this world.
our life is not less than marathon
we're running for achieving anything
one day after leaving everything.
like l'll leave you tomorrow.
all your trouble will be over
by the way..
where will you go?
my childhood friend is over there
i was thinking..
are you safe there?
your father's man.
you come with me to mumbai..
i've my house and grandma.
you can live there.
what you want to do further,
you can decide for yourself.
can begin new life
if appa's people will come there so?
its not kumban village,
its our mumbai
if appa will ask that
what am i doing in your house then?
what will you answer him
you and Me..
puna is better for me
by the way l troubled you alot.
where we've come..
we've come on right place.
will kill
without thinking..
i've took this decision
after thinking alot.
cast away from here..
till when you will?
till when will we run away
dont you've any life of yours.
are you thinking that why l myself
came here again?
today me and your father
dont need the translation
because i'll talk from my heart.
and you've to listen from there.
the most important man of kumban village
am l mad
or l'm drunk again
i've just come to know that..
why're you doing this with mina.
dont you love your daughter?
father gives the hand in wedding.
and you gave the head..
for sacrifice.
is there such father?
l'm sweet merchant.
but will talk bitter.
you can be the god father of this village
but can't be the father of your daughter.
full marks for your power.
but you're zero in one subject..
your daughter's emotions
and wish
mina type of girl are not allowed
to celebrate independence day
and you people too
if you can't understand the emotions
of your daughters.
hit me.
i'm not fighting because l'm in passion
what did you tell me
now l'll fight..
with you
will fight with your every man.
will fight with everyone
foresake of mina.
my body is so big..
buy your courage is more big than it.
you're like me
real man
mina is yours.
he's saying to you've proved
that you'll take care of me forever
its their believe whoever complete
this the god will keep them together
do you love me so much?
so you should get me away
from rameshwaram,
why you took the risk to come here.
now whatever l'll ask you..
will you shake your head?
as much i love you..
do you love me that much?
will you marry me?
will you kick me thinking me as
your father's scooter?
its saying, there's 1635 languages
in india..
now i came to know
the main language is..
l'm giving the credit to make the hero
of kumban to my grandpa.
he gave me wakeup call when....
l was immersing his ashes..
an wrong train showed me right place.
and today this rahul will
say to mina