Fifty Shades Darker (2017) Movie Script

There you go.
Piece of shit.
Mariana Steel?
Thank you.
Good luck in your new job
Good morning, Mr. Heim.
No, please, just Jack.
Are you green or black?
I'm pretty sure I should
look for you, but thank you.
This is incredible.
It's all corals and turtles and drinks.
You should be here.
Because you are not here?
Tell my brother's asshole
to give you the day off.
Goodbye, Mariana
Do you need me?
No, I can wait.
- It's okay.
- You look good. Are you going out?
A friend of mine has an inauguration
of a photography exhibition today, so
Can i go
How did the manuscripts go?
Very well, actually.
This, Voice Fox, could
not stop reading it.
It is so sharp and relevant.
I think you really have something.
- Do you believe it?
- Yes.
- I'll check it out,
- It's okay.
- Have fun tonight, Mariana.
- Thank you.
Thank you for today.
Goodbye, Emma,
Thank you.
My God.
Jesus Christ.
You arrived
There are too many faces of mine here.
If I told you I would
have been too shy.
But you
You are the best I have.
Do you like them?
They are very large.
You're kidding
Well, someone likes them.
They want the 6.
- The 6?
- I invite you to dinner today, okay?
I'll be right back.
Good photos.
It was you, right?
Did you just buy all this?
You can not blame me.
Why are you here?
For you.
Can we talk in private?
Look, I'm not very
good at repentance.
I never wanted to try it again.
- Cristian, not a good idea.
- Let's just talk.
Is it okay? Let's just talk, please.
Dinner with me.
Okay, I'll have dinner with you
Because I'm hungry, but we'll
just talk and that's it.
Do you want more time?
Only one steak and potatoes. That is all.
Actually, I want a salad.
And two glasses of wine.
We only serve it at the bar, sir.
- A bottle then.
- Yes sir.
Thank you.
Then, let's talk.
I want you back.
I would like to negotiate the terms.
But I do not see how.
You said it yourself, that's how you are.
What happened last time
will not happen again.
How can you say that?
I know I asked you to show me
how far it could go, but
You enjoyed the pain you caused.
That continues in you.
I am working on that.
Working on what?
I can not do this if
you do not talk to me.
What do you want to know?
I do it.
My biological mother died
when I was 4 years old.
I was addicted to crack.
That fills some spaces.
Why did not you tell me that?
I did it but at that
moment you were asleep.
It's okay.
The key to communication is
that both parties are aware.
I'm really sorry about your mother.
It is in the past.
Now, I brought you here to negotiate.
Are you open to new terms?
No rules, no punishment.
No rules, no punishment and no secrets.
I can do that.
It would be a...
How do you call it?
A vanilla relationship?
Do you say we will only do
what you are comfortable with?
Do you need all these things?
I need you more.
A gift.
This clicks. I like it.
I'll call you tomorrow.
It's okay. Goodnight.
Dream with me
Maybe. Thanks for this night.
See you, honey.
I have heard many things about you.
Beware, Liz. This can read.
Hello, Jack.
What are you doing here?
We are in trouble?
Not at all, I'm just here
to give you encouragement.
Really? Well, I think a round of
drinks at Lauries would come in handy.
Sorry. Meetings. I would not go.
Who is Laurie?
It is a bar on the other street.
Very calm.
You should come.
Absolutely. After work.
Lria but I have plans tonight.
Then let your plan come with us.
Will be fast.
Hello. Yes.
Have fun.
Sorry, have we met before?
It's okay.
I am nobody.
Hey, Lauries is here.
Come on, I invite.
Very well, here we go.
Thank you.
Where are the others?
Who knows? It's early.
Your comments about the
book were interesting.
I do not usually like
political intrigues.
That's great.
- Hello, - Hello.
Cristian, this is Jack Heim.
I am her boyfriend.
I am your boss.
What do you want to drink, Chris?
Thanks, Jack. Another time.
Thank you.
At another time.
I can not believe you talked to her like this.
He wants what is mine.
Yours? You're presumptuous.
It is my boss, Cristian,
You have to calm down.
Calm down is not my strong point.
I know something that can help.
You know, I do not usually do this,
When was the last time
you went shopping?
The weekend.
What did you buy?
A company.
Your new favorite flavor.
Do you need help with that?
I have it.
It's okay.
I know what you're doing.
What? I try cooking.
Just ask.
I think we should go slowly.
It's okay.
- It's okay.
- It's okay.
Tell me about SAP. How are you?
It's okay.
Jack seems genuinely
interested in my opinion.
- How is morality.
- Moral?
You say as if we were sitting in a circle
to sing the company
song in the mornings?
I just want to lead
people who are happy.
- My God.
- What?
Are you going to buy SAP?
No, you can not do that, it's my job.
You can not start
interfering with my career.
That's not why.
I have wanted to expand
to the publishers,
They fit.
But you would be my boss.
Technically it would be the
head of the head of your boss,
And I will be sleeping
with the boss of my boss?
- Well right now you're arguing with him
- Yes, because he's being an idiot.
Loud, really? Ldiota.
You know that's out of bounds.
I will need a map.
I thought you wanted to go slow.
What do you want Marianastasia?
To communicate you have to talk to me.
I love you.
I have lots of clothes.
Kiss me.
What do you want Marianastasia?
I want everything from you.
Why did you wait so long?
For sex.
Read Auten and Bronte.
And nobody got there.
I guess I was waiting for
something exceptional.
Then I met you.
Very well Miss Austen.
What do you think of this?
I was being romantic and you
distract me with your bizarre sex.
Bizarre sex? I do not know what that
is, but I like the way it sounds.
You were so gentle that I
did not want to wake you.
Not much for breakfast.
Thank you.
Take the check you gave me
when I asked for my car.
- Keep it.
- Leave it to me? It's $ 25,000.
Come here for 16 minutes and keep it.
Andrea, good morning.
You can, please transfer $ 24000
to Marianastasia Steel account.
- No.
- Okay, thank you.
Why do you have the details
of my bank account?
- How can you have breakfast here? "Christian, how do you know that?"
Thank you.
You have to be faster, Gray.
My parents are hosting a
charity ball tonight.
You probably have to appear.
Why do not you come with me?
You probably have to appear.
Why do not you come with me?
I've never been to a dance.
I do not have a dress for that. Besides
what am I going to do with my hair?
I own a show. Do not worry about
the dress, I'll take care of that.
What happens?
There was a girl standing outside and
I was out of my office yesterday.
I knew my name and I had a benda
on the wrist, it was very strange.
We must go.
Hi, how are you? I brought my girlfriend...
Is that Mrs. Robinson?
Your name is Elena...
I do not care his name, why
did you bring me here?
Why did you bring me to meet the
woman who seduced and abused you?
Our relationship ended years
ago, we are just friends.
- And business partners.
- Business partners? Are you kidding?
Are your subs come here?
- Oh, my God, what for? By your approval?
- No.
- What is this?
- It is not like this.
That girl this morning was
one of them, is not it?
Let's discuss this in my house,
someone will fix your hair...
Christian, I do not care about my hair.
Explain what is happening.
I'll explain when we get there.
Come on.
- Or you walk or I will charge you
- You would not.
Okay, I'll walk.
Your name is Lena Willians, it was
my sub one time, about 2 years ago,
What happened to him?
I wanted more and I did not, so I finished.
She left, married and recently her
husband died in a car accident.
He had a nervous attack.
What do you want now?
When we were in Georgia together, I
came in here and tried to cut their
her dolls in front
of my housekeeper.
Oh, my God.
They took her to the hospital but by
the time I got here she was gone.
My people trying to find her.
Your people?
How did you find me?
Do you have one on me?
Let me see it.
The subject works half a day
at a Clayton hardware store.
You know? They did not sign up when I went to the bathroom.
You should probably
get your money back.
I have not asked for any
other reports from you.
Good. Christ
I did not know what this was going to
become, I did not know you were different.
Different? Really?
That's why you took me to Mrs.
Where do you take all your women?
Why am I so different?
- It was wrong, I admit it.
- Everything is wrong. All this.
You put money in my account that I do not
want, You bought the company in which I work.
This is not a Christian
relationship, it is possession.
I am trying to understand you.
I want to get close to you.
But it is very difficult if you
keep doing these rare things.
And it is very difficult if you do not let me touch you.
Come to my room.
Sex will not fix this
now, are you crazy?
Mariana, please.
You wanted a map.
Start here.
That's the limit.
I can live with that.
Then I'm all yours.
Mr. Gray, your date is here.
Okay, send it to Mariana's room.
- It is here.
- Who is here?
Wao, I think it should go like this,
you're going to be beautiful.
Chao, beautiful.
- Would you stay there looking arrogant?
- Yes, I think that will.
I was thinking that it would be much
more stimulating if you used these.
How am I supposed to use them?
Well, we have to clean them first.
Okay, open your mouth.
Now bend over.
No, you're not going to put that in my ass.
Let's see how you're doing.
How do you feel?
but well.
- What do they do?
- You will discover it.
Put on the silver dress, it
will look good with these.
Two more are for your ears.
- Did I mention that it was a masked ball?
- No.
Do your bodyguards
have to use them too?
It's for safety, you will
not even notice they are.
Come on.
- Everyone is watching us.
- Not us, you.
- Christian, I'm so glad you came.
- Mother.
- Mother Forever so formal. Marianastasia.
- Hello.
Is not it beautiful? They are so
mysterious. And also very annoying.
You look spectacular.
Thank you, you too, that
dress is so beautiful.
I am so glad that you came back with
Christian, I was lost without you.
- Do you give me back my date, please?
- No more missing
- My God, your dress should be illegal.
- Mia.
- You changed your hair.
- Yes, a new image, do you like it?
- Well, it is very bold.
- How do you stand it?
Did you know that he was even worse as a teenager,
he was expelled from 4 different schools.
For fighting, yes, it was
totally out of control.
= - Mia, enough -
I'll be right back.
Mariana, you will sit here next to Carrick.
As you know, the proceeds raised
tonight will go to a charity that
Grace and I founded many years ago.
Helping together, assisting children whose
Parents are addicted to drugs.
Are you okay?
And to now I leave with our master
of ceremonies Mr. Newman Paul.
Are you hungry?
I know what those silver balls do.
$ 15000 at one, at two, sold
The next, ladies and gentlemen, is a
week of vacations in a luxury Villa
in Aspen, Colorado, donated by Mr.
Christian Gray.
- The auction begins with $ 10,000.
- $ 10,000.
- $ 10000, thanks lady. "I did not know you had a place in Aspen."
I have many places.
- $ 1 7000.
- $ 1 7000, thank you, sir. $ 18000?
- $ 18000, thanks. $ 19000?
- $ 19,000.
- $ 19000, thank you, sir. We are talking
about one of the best places to ski.
$ 24000.
$ 24000 Did you hear that?
- It was yours.
- At least go to someone who needs it.
I do not know if I fall at
your feet or spank you?
I think I want the second option.
Sold to the young lady.
Come on.
- Do you want this?
- I want it.
That's it.
- If it's too much, just tell me to stop, okay?
- Yes.
- Is this your room?
- A long time ago.
Who is this?
Is it your mother?
You can say you do not want to talk about it. "Yes... I do not want to talk about it."
Come on, they'll notice we're not.
I just need a moment.
I'll see you down.
- It's okay.
- What?
- Nothing.
Christian has a date,
I'm impressed.
Excuse me?
Elena. I wanted to meet you.
- I can not say the same, sorry. "Hey, I'm not the enemy."
I know what you did to Christian.
The only thing I did was to
guide him to his true self.
Without me I would be in jail, or dead.
He would tell you the same thing.
Do you think you're the first
woman who wants to save him?
He needs submission into his
life, not just in his room.
No, it is changing. He does not want that anymore.
But it is what you need. And you do not look
like the kind of woman who wants to be tied up.
If you really want to make him
happy, if you want to be happy.
You will let it go.
There is no way that someone like
you could understand what we have.
I've been there. Nothing lasts, nothing.
Whatever happens between me and
Christian, it's not your damn business.
So get away from it a fucking time.
- Hear where did you get into?
- Not now.
What did Elena tell you?
Nothing I did not know.
- You can take me to my house.
- Stay with me tonight.
Wake up, we're home.
Stay here.
What happened? That's my car,
what happened to my car?
- Taylor, can you cover me?
- Yes sir, right away.
Where are we going? Christian.
Do you think it was Lena? Do you really
think I would do something like that?
I do not see why we can not go back to
your apartment, it's like a fortress.
- There is no way I have entered.
- I had no way to enter the garage either.
I will not risk it.
- Will the night pass?
- Yes.
The crew will watch.
If something happens to you because of me...
Nothing will happen to me.
Can I take that away?
- Do not leave the lines.
- It's okay.
Are they burns?
Who did this to you?
Come on, we're done.
How hard it is for you,
open with me and...
talk to me about these things.
So you try everything,
that means you love me.
Yes, I love you.
So here is where you learned
your skills with knots.
Good morning.
- Did you sleep well?
- Yes.
This boat is very beautiful.
- It belongs to my company.
- Did you build it?
I had a little help. Her name is Grace.
Like your mom?
- Why does it surprise you?
- You're always so cold around you.
I owe my life to Dolores. I was saved
when my biological mother died.
- Remember your biological mother?
- I try to avoid it.
- What happened to him?
- Overdose.
They found their body 3 days later.
- Where were you?
- With her.
My God.
They took me to the hospital.
Grace was there.
Thanks for telling me.
Look at that house, it's beautiful.
The views must be incredible,
I wonder who will live there.
The widow of a sailor.
He lost his husband years ago.
He stops at the window every night,
waiting for him to come back.
- Did you just make that up?
- Yes.
- I want you to take the helm.
- I.
Yes, you. Come on.
- Do not let go. No.
- I'm right here.
- It's okay.
- It's okay.
Oh my God, my God, I am doing it.
I am the captain.
- Hello Jack.
- Hello.
Are personal calls, in
your spare time, okay?
- Yes.
- Did you get my message?
They called you this morning.
A meeting at 9AM.
- Shit.
- I'm going to move it.
Did you book our
rooms in New York?
- Excuse me?
- The book fair is Friday.
Yes, I know, book
your room, of course.
And yours, I suspect
I'll need an assistant.
I did not know that, I'm sorry.
Do not apologize, just
get yourself a room.
Unless you want to stay with your
boyfriend, it's not like you need the job.
- I will solve it.
- Is it Jack, how was the weekend?
Do not tell me...
This weekend I'm going to New York.
Are you bored?
It's for work, I need to do this.
- The answer is no.
- I was not asking permission.
- We will discuss this...
- Oh, my God. "I'm sorry Miss Steel, did I scare you?"
- No, no, you were very... silent.
- I am Mrs. Johnson, the housekeeper.
- Allow me?
- Insurance.
I am Mariana, but you already know, because
you should have seen me last week.
Mr. Gary is in the
studio, making a call.
I'll be in the kitchen if I need anything.
Do you see something that you like?
The door was unlocked.
I will have to talk to Mrs. Johnson.
Do you enter often?
To... shake the dust?
These are for the pesones.
Come here, give me your hand.
It is even more intense if you remove them.
What is this?
- Okay, enough demonstration.
- What is this?
- Nothing to worry about.
- I kind of like it.
The last time we did this, you saw
another side of me, and you left.
The last time was different.
Okay, but not here.
- Mrs. Johnson.
- Oh my goodness.
- You are mine.
- I'm yours.
- Ready?
- Yes.
You know we have to
talk about New York.
What do we have to talk about?
That you have forgotten does not
mean that we will not speak.
If you want to go to New York, we can go,
let me take you, I have a place there.
Of course, if these are not
holidays, it is a working trip
with my boss, whom I want to impress.
You knew it had 3 attendees, all in 18
months and resigned without warning.
- You do not think I can handle it.
- Is not that.
That's what it looks like.
Mariana, I know you can
deal with anything... and
If you really want to go, I can not
stop you. But I would like to take you.
- It's okay.
- It's okay?
Yes, of course I'd rather
meet New York with you.
Well, I hate fighting.
That was not a fight. It was a
conversation, when someone speaks,
- the other listens and they come to
an agreement, - this is how it works.
Is it crazy, is not it?
- Adios Mariana.
- Bye.
- I'm with Taylor outside.
- I'll be there in 2 minutes.
Are you leaving?
In fact, I was about to
talk to you about New York.
Is there a problem?
I am very grateful for the opportunity Jack
but I have made plans that I can not change.
But I will not leave my phone, so if
you need anything, it is available.
Mariana, take a seat.
I really regret it.
Mariana I think you have
enormous potential.
But I do not want to waste my time with
someone who does not take this job seriously.
I do... this is the
work of my dreams.
And is not New York and that
Expo part of your dream?
It is, it is. But it was just a
misunderstanding. It will not happen again.
Because there are a lot of qualified
people who would kill for this job.
- Look, I'm a pretty good teacher.
- Sure you are.
I'm not seeing the
initiative on your part.
I do more than you ask and...
I'm talking about going further.
Unless you want me to compete with
Christian Gray, for your attention.
I apologize if Christian was not very
polite to you the other night, that's what?
Your boyfriend has a reputation
for being a bit rude,
Is that what you like?
If you have a problem with my
work we can see it with Richard.
Why are you so serious?
What do you think I'm going
to do, force you to fuck me?
I just think...
that if you want to get up for fucking someone,
you should do it with someone well connected,
- not just rich, right?
- No.
Not what?
This is a serious question, do you
want to stay and be taken seriously?
I would like to leave, Jack, please.
I can make you pray like no one else has.
Neither he nor anyone else.
Jack, Hyde, jack.,. I try to touch myself...
- I'm going to kill him. "No, please stay, do not leave me."
- I left it lying on the floor,
- Okay, let's go home.
Then your pass has been canceled.
All right. No, thanks Richard, good night.
They already took care of him. He has been fired.
How, I thought the
deal was not over.
It is not. But I know the CEO.
I told him what happened. You
will not have to see it again.
Will I have a job, now that he is not?
- It does not matter if you do not have it...
- Christian, I love to work.
You can not keep me
locked in your Penthause.
What if I give you a key?
I mean... and if you had a key, and
you bring some of your things, all...
And you fall asleep, you know... not in your house.
Are you asking me to move with you?
- Are you sure?
- Yes.
I want you here all the time.
As soon as possible.
What happened to learning
to walk before running?
Well, is that one of the many things
we can talk about at breakfast?
- Can I think?
- Insurance
- Liz, hello. "Mariana, you heard, Jack resigned last night.
It was a bit rushed, we have a lot
of work now, so we are screwed.
They do not need me, then.
We are trying to find
someone temporarily,
- .., can you go to the meeting by Jack?
- The publishers meeting?
You know the job that Jack did.
Good, but...
You're right, it's too much.
No, I can do it.
Okay, I can do it.
Okay, call me when you're done.
We should print few titles,
stay with the known authors.
Concentrate on the audience we have.
- Or expand it.
- Sorry?
So Mariana, who do you
think we should publish?
New voices, besides
the known authors.
For example, Fox got
80000 tickets last week.
Online tickets are not automatically
converted into print sales.
But they could be. Its
audience is 18 to 24 years,
that is exactly the readers
that we must pursue.
I can teach them, I think it's worth it.
Maybe we should take a look.
Good idea.
- Mariana, a moment.
- I'm very sorry, I missed the mark.
Do not feel it, it makes a lot of sense.
- What will you do now that Jack Hyde left?
- Liz mentioned that they are looking for something...
Well, why do not you take
on Jack, temporarily.
Well, great.
- For the new AP fiction publisher,
- Temporary editor.
They know how good you are.
- Christian, did you have something to do with this? "No, it was just you."
- Do not you believe me?
- I do not believe in myself.
I asked you a question last night.
- About living with you?
I think probably... I should bring
some things from my apartment.
- We can fix it.
- All right.
Now maybe we can move
this celebration home.
The account, please.
Take off your panties, now.
- Right here?
- Here. Now.
Do you like that?
Do not jump,
And .. Jeremy has to
sign those documents.
I've been asking
Jack to do that.
Yes, but Jack is a bit vague.
- Did not you know that?
- Yes. I think he calls it tempered.
- Thanks Hannah - Yes.
Ye, it's great that you're doing this, but
- Very weird I know, I know.
I'm just saying .. do you expect
me to call you Miss Steel?
I hope you call me Mariana.
And I do not expect you to prepare me
coffee, unless you do it for yourself.
And... the rest only ..
We will see by the way. All right?
Miss Steele.
Mariana ..
- Take it, I'm just going to take some things inside.
I leave right away. - Then I'll go with you.
No, it's fine. It will only be a second.
I will be right back.