Jinxed (2013) Movie Script

- My name is Meg Murphy.
#This is my street.
And this is my house.
That's me.
Okay, not the best first impression.
Let's skip ahead.
#Much better.
So as I was saying,
i'm Meg Murphy,
And today begins what I know
Will be the
greatest summer ever.
#Being me can be exhausting.
My life is a little...
But it's not just me.
#My whole family is different.
Hi, Mom.
- Good morning.
- Morning, trouble.
Morning, Dad.
- Good morning, beautiful.
No, not you, harold.
#Yes, you do have beautiful eyes.
- We may look normal,
But we're not like other families exactly.
- So how did you sleep?
- Great.
I was only woken up once
when a bat flew into my room
And got stuck in my pillowcase.
- Oh, that's good.
That's so much better than the
angry badgers from last week.
- Yeah.
- Well, it looks
like somebody's summer
Is getting off to a good start.
I know you don't like bacon.
#There's cereal up there.
- Easy enough.
Just go get that cereal up there
on the shelf, right?
Just use the ladder
Or a stool.
- And the second one...
Nobody move.
- Hi, baby.
Yeah, give Mommy the orange.
#Give Mommy the orange, baby.
Give Mommy the orange.
#Okay, give it to Mommy.
That's a good girl.
#Give Mommy the orange...
- Oh-Ho-Ho!
- Oh!
- Ooh!
Oh, not the bacon.
- Okay, troops,
time to evacuate.
- Charlie, time to go.
- Be right there, Dad!
- Whoo-Hoo!
- Oh, I know. It's such a bummer.
- Oh, that was so awesome.
#I got it on video.
- Walk briskly to the exit,
- Okay, kids, grab
your emergency suitcases.
- Okay, boys and girls,
time to go.
- Now I know.
- Out the door, charlie.
- Move, move, move.
- Let's go! Let's go!
- It's a good thing we have
insurance on speed dial, huh?
- Yeah.
Come on, charlie.
- Let me get my camera.
- Whoa, whoa, wait, wait.
Charlie, i'll get it.
#It still works.
- Not again.
- I wish I were normal.
#I wish I could tell you that our house falling down
Was a once-In-A-Lifetime thing.
#But this was the fourth time it had happened...
This year.
#The local hotels have all politely told us
We're never, ever allowed back.
So this time we're staying with
our grandpa in harvest hills.
- Oh!
Honey. Oh.
- Okay.
- Yeah, i'm stuck.
#No, it's even worse.
- Okay, stop, just...
- Yeah, okay, go ahead.
- Let me. - Yeah, just...
Okay, got it?
#That's the sweet spot...
- here's the deal:
My family is jinxed.
a witch put a magical curse
On my great great grandfather
tommy Murphy,
And now every Murphy since then
Has been stuck with bad luck.
This isn't just any bad luck.
I mean, reputation-Tanking,
life-Frazzling bad luck.
#We call it Murphy's law.
If anything can go wrong,
It will.
But we figured out how
to deal with it.
#When you're a Murphy,
You have to see things
a little bit differently
Than everyone else.
- What?
- What?
- Mom and Dad taught us being
a Murphy makes us special,
But that's a little harder
to believe
Now that i'm in high school.
As you can imagine,
Being a walking disaster
does not equal popularity.
People tend to run away
from me,
Hurricane Meg.
You might think i'm exaggerating
the whole curse,
That i'm just accident-Prone.
#The curse is real.
It's magic,
And it's out to get me.
I want to do something important
with my life,
Like become a famous scientist
And discover
the cure for pimples.
But it turns out
science is no match
For an evil spell.
I guess I should settle for just
trying not to kill anybody.
- Next up,
Meg Murphy.
- I've tried to be normal,
But I don't even need
to finish this sentence
Because i'm sure
you've already figured out
How that worked out for me.
- Oh!
- But in the whole history
of Murphys,
No one's figured out how
to break the curse.
#Whenever I ask my parents about it,
They change the subject.
- Hi.
Sorry about this.
Let me grab it.
#My house is... Hold on a sec.
- Come on!
- Ha-Ha! Oh, this is awkward.
Go ahead.
#Go ahead. I'll go.
- If this curse had
a magical cause,
It must have a magical solution.
I've got to find it this summer
So I can leave all this baggage behind me
And start high school,
Home sweet home
for the time being.
#This'll be fun, right, gang?
Hanging with grandpa.
- Oh, I totally forgot
about the second floor balcony.
It's perfect
for a skating trick.
#Oh, I can fly up the ramp to the railing,
And then I could jump
to the roof
And then skate the roof ridge,
And then ollie back
to the windowsill
And grind it,
And then fall from my board
And crash onto the side of the house.
Oh, Dad, you
could totally film it.
#It would be epic.
- That's my annoying
little brother, charlie.
You might recognize him
as internet sensation
Skater fail boy.
He's famous for his videos of
him doing crazy skating tricks.
And failing.
#It's, like, his thing.
- Yeah!
- Uh-Uh-Uh-Uh!
Just stay epic down here
on the ground, buddy.
- The Murphy's have a strict
policy against heights.
I mean, even people
who aren't cursed
Get hurt falling from high places.
Charlie's the only one
who ignores the family motto.
All: climb over three feet,
you're dead meat.
- Um...
#what's that?
- Yeah, why does the front door
look like it's about to fart.
- Grandpa has had the curse a lot longer than any of us,
And has found interesting ways
to deal with it.
- Hi, Dad.
- Oh, hi.
- Hey, grandpa.
A giant bubble, huh?
#That's new.
- Yeah, great find, right?
#I never go outside without it now.
#It's a flock of migrating geese.
- Majestic creatures.
Oh, i'm so happy
you're all here.
I can't believe how much
you've grown.
Now, kids, you remember
where your rooms are, right?
- Wow. I love what you've done with the place, Dad.
All the memories and...
#No, don't even think about it.
- Be careful.
#I haven't had time to baby-Proof the house yet.
See, all this
is just Murphy-Proofed.
- Since my baby sister georgia
can't walk yet,
The curse doesn't affect her
too much for now.
But it sure does make
Mom's life harder.
- My little georgia want some peaches?
Here it comes.
#So that's a no on the peaches.
- Oh, uh, this...
#was dropped off for you earlier, son.
Test case number 456
for Murphy's machinations.
- Murphy's machinations
is my Dad's company.
It's hard to keep a job when
you're cursed by Murphy's law.
- Thanks.
Have a good day.
Whoa! Whoa!
- But Dad found a way
to turn the curse
Into a business opportunity.
He tests out new products
for defects.
This glue is guaranteed
to create a lifetime hold.
Not much of a guarantee
if you ask me.
If there's a flaw, i'll find it
And help you fix it.
If something can go wrong,
it will
With mark Murphy.
- We're still rolling.
- Wow.
Looks expensive.
#Can't wait to break it.
They call it
the insta cookie 3000.
It's made
by matayama industries.
#If I could figure out what could go wrong
With this by monday,
They said I could test all their products,
Which could mean big time...
For the whole family.
- Wait. What's this mean?
- Money.
- Oh.
Hey, Dad,
can I have some of this?
- Ah, the Murphy wall of fame,
This one's Daddy.
Okay, I know it's not
your best scenario
For your summer.
- Best?
#Try even worse than my worst nightmare.
- Okay.
#Well, I know it's not home,
But harvest hills
is a nice little town.
I think you could have
a lot of fun here.
#Oh, oh, look.
A science camp for teenagers
At the university.
You just fill out
the application.
- Seriously, Mom?
Do you know what would happen
If a Murphy was let loose in a science lab?
I'm sorry!
#I didn't think you could actually release the kraken.
- What?
#We're cursed.
It could happen.
- Meg, everyone has problems.
It is not just us, okay?
#How you handle it is what matters.
- You know the best way
to handle our problems?
#Get rid of the curse.
- Okay, sweetie.
#Could you just let it go, maybe,
And enjoy your vacation?
- But there's got to be a way.
I mean, I can't go through
three more years of high school
As hurricane Meg.
You know what?
I know.
#I know what will make you feel better.
#Yes, I am paying you off to be a happy daughter.
Seriously, you should just go
and buy yourself
A whole new summer wardrobe.
You deserve it.
- My suitcase got left behind?
- Yeah.
- ? it's a cruel ?
#? cruel summer
d leaving me here
on my own d
d it's a cruel d
? cruel summer
d now you're gone d
d you're not the only one d
d it's a cruel d
? the city is crowded
? my friends are away
d and i'm on my own d
- Oh.
- Oh.
- Ivy murray,
Aka the meanest girl
in the history of mean girls,
Aka the bane of my existence,
Oh, no.
- What are you doing here?
- Well, my grandpa lives here,
- Here? In harvest hills?
But this is my town.
#I come here every summer,
And you're not invited.
- Trust me. I am just as unhappy about this as you are.
- My summer's ruined.
#My life is ruined.
Give me that.
This town is supposed
to be a hurricane Meg-Free zone.
- Of all the towns we could
have come to this summer,
It had to be here?
Harvest hills is horrible.
#This is going to be the worst summer ever.
- Hold on.
#I found these monkey socks first.
And finders keepers.
#These must be yours.
- Yeah.
- I would definitely rock those socks, though.
- Thanks.
#I'm embarrassed.
- Well, hi, embarrassed.
I'm brett.
- It's Meg, actually.
- Well, nice to meet you, Meg.
#Are you from harvest hills?
I haven't seen you before.
- No, i'm just here visiting my bees.
I mean, my grandpa.
#Well, not visiting.
I guess i'm kind of living here
this summer.
#My house, it, uh,
Kind of fell down.
#So many bees.
- Well, welcome.
#You're actually just in time for the harvest festival.
- I can see.
- There's tons of fun stuff to do.
It lasts all week.
#And every year they pick one person
To lower the flag
at the closing ceremony.
#Guess who they picked this year.
- Who?
#I have no idea.
#Is it you?
- Yes.
#Took you long enough.
I'll have you know
it's a very big honor.
#Get to shake hands with the mayor.
Get a really snazzy t-Shirt.
- You know, we can never have too many t-Shirts.
- Smooth, Meg.
- Well, anyway, um, you should come.
There's gonna be a picnic
and a fair.
And a dance.
#You've got to come to the dance.
- I do?
- Sure. It's a town tradition.
You don't want to hurt
the town's feelings, do you?
- I guess not.
- Um...
#let me help you with the rest of these.
- Thanks.
#Omg, he doesn't know i'm hurricane Meg.
Mom was right.
#Harvest hills is awesome.
This is gonna be
the best summer ever.
#If only this bee would leave me alone.
- Ow!
- Oh, I am so sorry. I really didn't mean to.
- Wow. You got a strong
right hook there, Meg.
- Oh, my god. - Oh!
- I'm so sorry.
#No, no, it was an accident.
Here you go.
It was very nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
- It's okay. Don't worry about it.
- Okay, curse, this means war.
- Butt balloon activate!
- Sorry, grandpa.
Cool invention.
- Oh, it's handy for napping anywhere.
- This stupid curse
is ruining my life.
I mean, look at the things
this family has gone through.
"Hiccupping man causes
circus stampede."
Okay, "man throws coin in fountain,
Floods town."
- That was a lot of water.
- "Local youth
invents homework."
The Murphys invented homework? Really?
- It's been 100 years.
#Why has no one ever tried to break it?
- Oh, we've tried.
- Dad.
- Oh.
- What? Grandpa, is there
a way to break the curse?
- There are certain things
a Murphy must never do...
#Needlepoint, whale watching.
But messing with the curse
is at the top of the list.
- So you admit you've tried it.
#What do you do?
Do you got to a fortune-Teller
Or do a seance or find a spell in a book?
- Ha! There's a book.
- Enough, Meg.
We've told you before
that the curse can't be broken.
So don't make yourself miserable
by trying.
- Okay, so I guess I should just
stay miserable not trying.
- That is not what I meant.
- Trust us, Meg.
There are fates worse
than Murphy's law.
- She's getting too curious.
#She doesn't know the chaos that she can cause.
- She won't find the diary, son.
- But if she did...
- Won't.
- I'm just saying... - Shush.
- I'm playing devil's...
- Nope.
- Every time i... - No.
- I looked everywhere
for this... This book,
But things are easily hidden
In grandpa's big old house.
And I probably should have
remembered Murphy rule 51.
Never use matches.
Grandpa was right.
#I didn't find the diary.
The diary found me.
- Hey, hey to all my fans.
#I just made a new invention
That's gonna make my videos
even more awesome than before.
The dizzy cam.
World, you are so not ready
for this.
- Dude, this is gonna be so rad.
- Dude, I know, right?
- Let's go. - All right.
- Go, go, go!
- You got this!
- Charlie's never landed a trick
Thanks to Murphy's curse.
#But he doesn't care.
He doesn't even try
to be a good skater.
His fans just want
to see a cyclone on wheels.
- Yeah!
- Whoa!
#Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Whoa.
- June 22, 1914.
- Hi, honey.
#I'm gonna run to the store
Because georgia has graduated
To the industrial strength diapers.
So, uh, I could drop you off
in town.
#You could go do things.
Kids your age,
They have places they like to go, hang out, right?
You could get down.
- No, thanks, Mom.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- "Tonight is the harvest dance,
And i, tommy Murphy..."
- Am the luckiest man around.
A man once said to me,
"Tommy Murphy, you're
the luckiest guy around."
And you know what?
Today I feel like I am.
#And tonight I bet i'm gonna end up
With the prettiest girl
in town.
- Hi, tommy.
- No, not violet.
#Caitlin o'leary.
Now, some townsfolk think
she's a witch,
But I think that's just silly.
Everyone knows there's
no such thing as magic.
Although she's certainly
put a spell on me.
- Will you dance with me,
- I don't know.
#I'm not a very good dancer.
But i'll tell you what.
I will let
my lucky coin decide.
Heads, yes.
- Tommy.
- Mm, mm...
No, it's...
It's not what it looks like.
#Caitlin, wait!
Caitlin, stop!
- Caitlin!
Caitlin, come on.
Come back to the dance.
- I never want to talk
to you again, tommy Murphy.
- Violet means nothing to me.
#So you're wearing grandma's underwear.
I don't care.
- You still want to dance with me?
I'll flip you for it.
#Heads, the answer is yes.
I curse you and every other
no-Good Murphy forever.
- What's a stupid coin
know anyway?
Caitlin, wait!
- Unbelievable.
#We've suffered generations
Because people
saw her underwear?
"I don't want to complain,
- Ever since that day,
Things haven't been going
so well for me here
In harvest hills.
A man came up to me today,
and he said,
"Tommy Murphy, you are
the unluckiest guy around."
And he was right.
Things that were easy for me
Weren't easy anymore.
I tried to find caitlin.
#I wanted to talk to her.
- You may kiss the bride.
- But I was too late.
- Congratulations.
But I wasn't giving up.
#I was gonna find a way to break the curse.
- Very interesting.
- Even if it killed me.
- Ah!
#Which, the way things were going,
It might.
- I finally found the answer.
#Yes, this is it!
"All I have to do to lift
the curse is..."
You stupid curse.
#You hit me two seconds too late.
I already know everything
about how to stop you.
Caitlin o'leary,
your reign of terror
Has gone on long enough.
- Off to an excellent start.
- There you are.
- Hello, sweetheart.
#How are you?
#Good talk.
- Every step I take
gets me closer
To my goal of being normal,
Of being just like
everyone else,
Of not being hurricane Meg.
I'm gonna find that coin and...
What now?
- Meg. Oh, Meg.
I've been all over town
looking for you.
- What for?
- Can't it just be
because I love my sister?
#All right, I need 50 bucks.
Meg, wait.
#There's a skating competition this summer,
And i'm gonna rock it,
build up my fan base.
#Get cur-A-Zy.
Only I can't afford
the entrance fee.
- Okay, then why don't you ask Mom and Dad?
- They said I had
to pay for it myself.
- Okay, then why are you asking me?
- Because I consider you
a patron of the arts.
- Come on, Meg.
#Help me give the people what they want.
Loan me the money?
- No.
But you can earn it
Helping me break the Murphy curse.
- Whoa!
#Wait, wait, wait.
- Oh, my gosh.
#Ivy, i'm so sorry. Are you okay?
It was...
#an accident.
- You being born
was an accident.
- If it makes you feel any better,
That was a pretty sweet wipeout.
- Who is this person speaking to me?
- My brother.
- There are more of you?
#Let's go.
- Jeez, what's her problem?
- So much for making friends
in harvest hills.
- Sorry, Meg.
Okay, so let me get
this straight.
#You want to break the curse,
But you were warned not to,
Which makes me want to help,
But how do I get my money?
- "If the curse
you want lifted,
"Find the object that was flipp-Ed.
"Give it to the next o'leary,
But be sure they take it cheery."
- Yeah, I don't get it.
- It's the key to breaking the curse.
Great great grandpa tommy
was cursed with a magic coin.
#That's what was flipped.
If we give it back
to someone who's related
To that witch woman caitlin o'leary
Before the end
of the harvest dance,
We can end the curse forever.
We just have to find that coin.
- But, Meg, how are we supposed
To find some coin
from 100 years ago?
#It's not like he put an ad in the paper
Saying where he spent it.
- Actually,
He kind of did.
- "Man throws coin in fountain,
Floods town"?
- Tommy threw the coin in the fountain
To try and wish the curse away.
#It didn't work,
And the coin caused a crack
in the fountain
That flooded downtown.
Typical Murphy.
- So where's this fountain?
Hey, Meg.
#I found it. There it is.
I solved the mystery.
- Go.
- Which one is it?
- It's a 100-Year-Old coin.
I'm sure it's got to stand out.
- Hey, Meg!
- Brett. - Quarters, pennies...
- um, sorry.
- Whoa!
What the?
- Hey.
- It's my favorite boxer.
How does my nose look?
Is it crooked?
- Your nose is perfect.
I mean,
Perfectly straight.
I'm sorry.
#After what I did,
I thought you'd want
to stay away from me.
#I'm a mess.
- Are you kidding?
#Of course not.
You seem like
a really cool mess.
#Harvest hills can be a pretty boring place.
But I feel like hanging out
with you,
I wouldn't be bored at all.
Bleeding and terrified, maybe,
But not boring.
#Hey, come on!
I could use some help here.
#There's a lot of coins,
And I only have two hands!
- Is that kid trying to take
money out of the fountain?
- Probably just
some crazy person.
You were saying something
about hanging out with me?
- As long as you promise
to warn me
If you're gonna punch me again.
- I can't make any promises.
#These babies have a mind of their own.
So I see your reading up
on the town history.
- Oh, this.
Yeah, um,
Just a big fan of history.
- Oh, me too.
#Yeah, I actually used to volunteer
At the town's
historical society.
#They have a whole display
On the fountain flood
that destroyed harvest hills.
- And the stupid little coin
that started it.
- Wow.
You really do know the history.
- It's kind of crazy
how a small thing like that
Could cause such a mess.
They have the actual coin
on display there.
- They do?
I mean, oh.
#That's cool.
#i was wondering...
- whoa, whoa, whoa!
If maybe you would, um...
- oh, my gosh.
#Is he going to ask me out?
No, don't be ridiculous, Meg.
Why would...
- Do you want to go to the
harvest festival dance with me?
- Sure.
Why not?
- Awesome.
- Anyway, um...
#i should go.
And I will see you later.
- All right. Bye.
- All right.
While you were playing
in the water,
I just solved the mystery of the coin.
We just have to figure out
how to get it.
[Heavy mechanized breathing]
- Okay, let's spread out.
#Hi, baby.
Hi, georgie.
#It's peaches.
- Excuse me, everyone.
#I have an announcement to make.
I have a date
to the harvest dance.
- Yeah, Meg!
- Hey.
#I have a surprise for you. Close your eyes.
#It's for the dance.
- It's fireproof,
stain proof, wrinkle proof,
And short enough
you won't trip on it.
- I love it.
Thank you so much.
Let's see.
Oh, honey.
You know, the harvest dance
Is where your father took me on our first date.
It was the most romantic night
of my whole life.
Even after
your father got sprayed
By not one, but two different skunks.
- I'm so happy.
- Yeah.
#Mm, you see? It's like I always told you.
The curse doesn't matter
As long as you have the right attitude, right?
- Wrong.
#I was happy because i was a day away
From breaking the curse.
- Hmm.
- Well, I think we can agree,
It's time for this a-Cha-Ching-Cha-Ching.
- And what does that mean?
- Money?
I mean, you got to pay up.
#I helped you look for the coin.
- Yeah, right.
#You don't get paid until we break the curse.
And we still don't have the coin
Or know who caitlin's descendants are.
You have earned zero dollars.
- Aw, jeez.
You know, you're going
through a lot of trouble
Just for some boy.
- I'm not doing this
for some boy.
#I'm doing this for us, for our family,
So our lives can finally
be normal.
- Meg...
i don't know if I want
my life to be normal.
- What are you talking about?
- It's just,
What about my skating?
If we break the curse, then...
#i won't be a master of destruction anymore.
Don't worry, buddy.
#Even without the curse,
You're probably still
a terrible skater.
- Thanks, Meg.
- The dance is tomorrow,
So we're breaking into that historical building tonight.
And we need to get a coin
And find out who's related to caitlin o'leary.
- All right.
#Heist time!
- Shh.
#Heist time.
- What?
#It's the only black clothes i own.
- Okay, but why bring the wand?
All of harvest hills'
historical treasure
Is guarded by impenetrable security,
But I have a plan.
#We'll get in from above
Through the skylight.
#You will repel to the roof,
Then through the skylight
with glass cutters.
I'll create a distraction here
to mask the noise.
Here's where it gets
a little tricky.
#You've seen spiderman, right?
Take these suction cups and...
- hey, sweet.
It's unlocked.
- Can do it that way.
Come on.
- Don't make any sound,
And don't touch anything.
- Like there's anything
in here i'd want to touch.
Hey, check it out.
#She's picking my nose.
- Stop messing around.
I have no idea
what you're saying.
- I'm gonna go look over there.
- Fine. You go look
for the coin.
#I'm gonna try and find the town records.
- Uh!
Meg, I got it.
I found the coin.
- Nice.
- Aw, yeah.
#I saw the target, and I acquired it.
I slipped in and out
of the shadows silent
And undetected.
#I'm pretty much a ninja.
- Shh.
- Hmm.
Man, that was so close.
- Okay.
I figured it out.
If caitlin o'leary had a baby,
And that baby had a baby,
And on and on
for five generations,
Then this book shows everyone
who's related to them.
It goes all the way down
to present day.
#So according to this,
The most recent descendent
of caitlin o'leary
And the person we have
to give the coin to is...
- Well, who is it?
- Ivy.
#I should have guessed.
The girl who dubbed me
hurricane Meg
Is the descendent of the woman
Who caused the hurricane
in the first place.
- Target acquired.
- I'm gonna get into position.
d All the lights,
turn them off d
d it's too loud in here to talk d
d I don't understand
a word you're saying d
d i'm trying to sleep,
but instead d
d karaoke on the bed d
- As I watched ivy,
i couldn't help thinking,
What if this curse somehow sensed
I was about to break it?
#It would do anything it could to stop me.
I would have to be more careful
than ever
If I wanted
to survive long enough to...
- Hey, Meg.
Hey, Meg, does this thing work?
- Stop interrupting my inner monologue.
Yes, it works, charlie.
#You don't have to scream.
Where are you?
- Tonight my name is nighthawk,
And i'm up in the lights.
#I'm a go.
- I'm not calling you
- Please? Please, please, please?
- Oh, my god, okay, fine.
- What's fine?
- Uh, you.
#You're looking...
- Ha, shut up.
#I mean, wow. I should shut up.
I mean, hi.
- Uh, hi to you too.
#You look really pretty tonight.
Do you want
to go get some punch?
- No, me and punch are a bad idea,
With the spilling and whatnot.
- Get your raffle tickets.
What about you, young lady?
- Oh, no, thank you.
- You could win
an all-Expense-Paid trip
To the grand canyon.
- Trust me.
I won't win.
#Not in 100 years. 0% chance.
- Here you go.
- What's the name for the ticket?
- Meg Murphy.
So I present to you as a
"thank you" for being my date
A 0% chance
of winning a vacation.
Or maybe tonight
your luck will change.
- Thank you. And I hope so.
- Oh, and it's also
your lucky day
Because you get to embarrass
yourself on the dance floor
With me right now.
But I have to warn you.
#I got moves.
It's the lawnmower.
#What? It's the running man.
I'm a sprinkler.
- Stop, stop, I can't take it.
You're too good.
Shall we?
- Yes.
- Remember the mission.
#Target's in the refreshment area.
- I mean, no.
#I mean, i have to go get something.
I'll be right back.
- Okay.
- Nighthawk, cover me.
I'm going in.
- Hey, Meg, I was thinking
about the rhyme of the curse.
You know, "give it
to the next o'leary,
Make sure they take it cheery."
You know, I was thinking
you could tell her a joke,
Like, "knock-Knock."
"Who's there?"
"Give me the coin."
"Give me the coin who?"
And then give her the coin.
- Yeah, no.
I think i'll just wing it.
Meg Murphy!
- I am so sorry.
- This night was supposed
to be special.
#You will never stop tormenting me.
- Tormenting you?
#You're mean to me for fun.
- Are you insane?
#You're the mean one, Meg Murphy.
You've been ruining my life
every single day
For the past eight years!
My last name is murray.
#Murray, Murphy...
It's alphabetical.
Every year, every class,
I have been one seat over from you.
Everything that happened to you
Happened to me.
#You've made every day of my life
A living nightmare.
And the saddest part
Is that you've always been so full of yourself
And your whole,
"i'm cursed, so pity me" saga,
That you've never even noticed
anyone around you.
- Could what she
was saying be true?
#Do I just ignore the people around me?
- Are you even listening to me?
- Hey, ivy, cut it out!
You're the one feeling sorry
for yourself.
- What?
- Yeah, you've been moping
around this town all summer.
- It's not Meg's fault
she's a little accident-Prone.
- Accident-Prone my foot.
She's cursed.
- Oh, come on.
- It's true.
#I am cursed.
All the bad stuff
that happens to me,
it's never gonna go away, so...
#that's that.
- Come on, who cares what
my cousin thinks?
#I like you.
Come on.
- Seriously?
- Wait. You and ivy
are related?
- That's what cousins means.
- So caitlin o'leary was...
- my great great grandmother?
Kind of weird that you know
that, by the way.
- Hey, Meg, that means
you can still break the curse.
You just have to give brett
the coin.
- This is it, guys.
End of the dance.
#So let's finish up the evening
With the traditional
harvest hills square dance.
- May i?
- Oh, just give him the coin. It's the last dance.
- Okay.
- Come on, let's dance.
- Uh-Oh.
Big problem.
- I'm nighthawk.
All: whoo!
- I need to talk
to you in private.
- What is it?
- Uh...
- Excuse me?
- Coming through.
- Knock-Knock.
- Who's there?
- Give me that coin.
- Give me that coin who?
- Thank you.
- Okay.
#Well, thanks.
I'll keep it as a memento.
- What a fantastic last dance,
ladies and gentlemen.
#Thank you.
- Nighthawk here.
#Did you break the curse?
- Was it broken?
#I didn't know. How could I tell?
- And now what you've all
been waiting for.
I'd like to congratulate
the lucky winner
Of our raffle,
Meg Murphy!
- Meg.
#Meg, you won.
- No, I never win anything.
- Meg Murphy, please come up
here and claim your prize.
- I won. - You won.
- I won.
- I told you.
#Ms. 0% chance.
- Hey, kid if you play
your cards right,
Maybe your girlfriend here
Will bring you on her vacation.
- Yeah.
Maybe my girlfriend will.
- Girlfriend?
The curse is broken.
#My life is finally gonna be normal.
I can do anything I want.
#I even, amazingly, unbelievably,
Stupendously have a boyfriend.
Life is perfect.
- "By harvest night
complete this verse,
And the o'learys
will receive the curse"?
What is this?
d It's a brand-New day d
d and everything is okay d
d I don't have the curse d
d something that rhymes
with curse d
All right,
this isn't a musical,
And I can't sing, but the point is,
I'm curse-Free.
Look out, world.
#There's so much I can do now.
No more hurricane Meg.
- Okay, mr. Cookie,
Give me your worst.
What the heck?
Both: something's wrong.
- The insta cookie's
working perfectly.
- I fed the baby,
and look at me.
#I'm clean.
- If I didn't know any better,
- oh, no.
Oh, she couldn't.
- No.
She wouldn't.
- No.
- I have some amazing news,
- Meg, did you break the curse?
- Yes!
- Why is no one jumping up
and down?
- Meg, honey, what were you thinking?
- I was thinking i'd get rid
of that horrible curse
That's been in our family.
You know,
the one that makes us trip,
Throws tree branches at us,
And makes houses fall down
and stuff.
#Aren't you happy?
- Honey, um,
who did you give the coin to?
- Brett, and it ended the curse.
- No, Meg.
#You didn't end the curse.
You transferred it
to... To brett and his family.
- And now he's doomed.
It all makes sense now.
- What are you talking about?
- It's the last verse
of the rhyme
From tommy's diary.
"By harvest night,
complete this verse..."
All: "and the o'learys
shall receive the curse."
- This line has been
temporarily disconnected.
- Never a good sign.
This has to be some sort
of horrible mistake.
#Seriously, brett was fine.
I think.
#I mean, I could never...
I would never transfer
the curse to him.
#I was just trying to get rid of it.
Hey, is there any way I can
transfer the curse back to us?
- I'm afraid not.
The curse can only be broken
during the harvest dance.
- I don't believe this.
I'm gonna kill my boyfriend
Before I get my first kiss.
- I got this, honey.
- Uh, yeah, i'll go.
- I was hoping you
were gonna say that.
- Now that i'm normal,
i'm supposed to be happy.
But instead i'm more miserable
than ever.
- Honey, i... I don't know
why you thought
You needed to be normal
to be happy in the first place.
- Because how can anyone be
happy when they're jinxed?
- You know,
i wasn't born a Murphy.
For 20 years, I lived
a perfectly normal life.
And I will tell you a secret.
Since I married your father
and I took this curse on,
I have never been happier.
Oh, sweetie.
#I told you before, this curse does not determine
Whether or not your life
is good or bad or happy
Or lonely.
You do.
- But it's too late.
I've already given
the curse to brett.
It's over.
- No, it's not over.
- What?
- I took a second look at the diary.
The curse must be broken
by the end of the festival,
Not the dance.
The festival...
Back then,
The dance was the very last event.
- But it isn't anymore.
#The festival doesn't end until the closing ceremonies.
- So that means I can still take
the curse back from brett.
- Yeah.
- I'm going to his house.
- Quick, you only have an hour.
- Run!
Okay, we've got
an hour without the curse.
I haven't used a curling iron
since I became a Murphy.
- One hour with no curse.
- Dad...
Is it cool if I use this
To chop down one of your trees?
- Sure, son.
- Hoo-Hoo-Hoo-Hoo!
No curse!
- I can run!
Without tripping or...
Or hitting tree branches.
So this
is what normal feels like.
#No worries, no fear of everyday things
Like waking up in the morning
with a bat in your hair
Or... Or walking or...
#If I take the curse back,
Good-Bye running,
Good-Bye science camp, good-Bye normal.
Taking the curse back
means giving up everything
I've been hoping for.
- You.
- What are you doing here?
- Not that it's any
of your business,
But my house fell down today.
Then I come
to my cousin's house,
And there's an angry monkey
tearing the place apart.
#Now you show up,
And this is officially
the worst day ever.
- I know.
And i'm sorry,
but I need to find brett.
- He's at the closing ceremony.
Now bye!
- Ivy, here's the thing.
There's a chance that I maybe
might have possibly,
Accidentally cursed you
and your entire family.
- You think?
- Right, sorry.
#But I need your help to...
how did you get all that gum
in your hair?
- The angry monkey.
I don't want to talk about it.
- Right.
I have to find brett
to take the curse back
Before the festival ends,
Or you and your family
will be stuck with it.
#We need to go.
Ivy didn't want to go at first,
Even though after one day with the curse,
She lost her house,
she has gum in her hair,
And her cousin's house is a wreck.
It was the thought
of being alone with the monkey
That convinced her to help.
- Next contestant
in the harvest hills skate jam,
Charlie Murphy.
- Yo, I bet he breaks
every bone in his body.
#How awesome is this gonna be?
- Hey, skater fail boy.
#How do you plan out those gnarly crunches?
- Eh, it's a gift.
#I don't even have to try.
- Charlie.
#What's the matter?
- I'm not cursed,
so i'm not gonna fail,
And then everyone's gonna hate me.
They're not gonna hate you.
#Just do your best.
- Dad, i'm skater fail boy.
- No.
You're charlie Murphy.
#And cursed or not,
You can do anything.
#If you try.
- Thanks, Dad.
- Go get 'em, son.
- Whoa!
I did it.
- Whoo-Hoo!
Way to go, charlie!
- Yeah, I did it!
- Whoo!
#That's my son.
- Yeah, I did it!
#I did it!
Yeah, I did it!
- Where is this kid?
- Whoa!
- I'm sorry i'm late, sir.
#It's been kind of a crazy day.
I had to outrun
a bitey raccoon.
#But I think I lost him.
- Um, okay.
#Let's all give a big hand to brett taylor
For being chosen as this year's
closing ceremony ambassador.
Thanks to his tireless community
service for our great town.
Now, once he climbs up there
and lowers the festival flag,
Another festival of fun
will officially end.
#Okay, son.
Climb that tower.
- Wait.
I need a break.
- Ivy.
- Are you okay?
This whole time I thought
you were doing
These awful things to me on purpose.
I thought you were out
to get me.
You weren't, were you?
I've been unfair to you.
#You really were cursed.
- It's okay.
I should have been nicer
as well.
#I mean, I never really realized
How much my hurricane can get
other people caught in it.
If it makes you feel any better,
I've fallen in enough mud puddles
To know it does wonders
for your skin.
- Now, come on.
#Let's go find brett.
- Really?
- I don't see him.
- There he is!
- All right, go get him, Meg.
All: climb over three feet,
you're dead meat.
- Listen to us, dummy!
- Meg?
Do you want me
to climb up there instead?
- No, just stay right there
And don't look up until I take
the curse back from brett,
Or a meteor might fall
from the sky
Or something if you do.
#Not this time, ladder.
Not this time.
#I won't let my fear of...
- Are you gonna go already?
- Right.
- This was it.
My last chance to back out
and have my life be normal.
But then I realized something.
I don't want to be normal.
#I want to be me, hurricane Meg, a Murphy.
And cursed or not,
If I can climb a ladder,
I can do anything.
Don't lower the flag!
- Meg?
- You're the first good thing
i've seen all day.
#It's been kind of crazy.
- I know,
and it's all my fault.
#I gave you a curse.
- What?
- You see, my family was cursed with bad luck by a witch,
And then I sort of gave it
to you.
#I'm sorry.
- What... So this happens
to you every day?
- On a good day, yeah.
That coin I gave you last night,
do you still have it?
- Uh, yeah, I kept it,
I thought for good luck.
- Great.
I can take the curse back.
#All you have to do is give it to me.
- No.
- No?
What do you mean, no?
- Well, I don't want you to suffer from bad luck either.
- No, no, no,
it's not like that.
#I don't mind the curse.
I mean, not anymore.
#I haven't really minded it since I met you, actually.
You make things...
#well, you make them okay.
Better than okay...
#And we all have stuff to deal with.
It's all about how
you approach it.
Give me the coin.
- Give her the coin, idiot!
- Okay.
- Whoa.
- Ah!
Help me.
Please grab my hand.
Grab my hand.
#Please pull me up.
- No problem.
- Now that everything
was back to normal,
Dad discovered the cookies
from insta cookie
Turned your teeth blue.
- Holy smurf,
my teeth are blue.
I got you, insta cookie.
#We're gonna be rich.
- So he turned his report in
after all.
#To celebrate, we decided to take the trip
That I won at the raffle.
#The Murphys, the grand canyon?
What could go wrong there?
Charlie's big win
at the skating competition
Made him realize he doesn't need
the curse to be awesome.
Best of all,
I realized that my Mom was right.
It didn't matter
if I was cursed.
#I could be anything I wanted.
That's right.
#I went to science camp.
I will now add
hydrogen chloride.
- No, no! No, no, no, wait!
That's not hydrogen...
- Then I realized my bad luck
Could sometimes do good things.
#You're welcome, bald people everywhere,
And I found out
my great great grandpa
Learned the same thing.
- If i'd never had the curse,
Then i'd never have been at the hospital,
And i'd never have met my edna.
#She makes me happier than anything.
And I don't need
this coin anymore.
'Cause i'm the luckiest guy
in town.
- Meg, time to go!
- Grandpa.
- Oh, hi, honey.
- I'd give you a hug, but...
- oh, I know.
It's like hugging
a pregnant orange.
#I still got some kinks to work out.
- And I know you will.
#Even though this isn't the summer that I imagined,
In some ways it was better.
- Bye. - Bye.
Don't get me wrong.
#I'm happy we're leaving harvest hills
To go to the grand canyon,
But i'm going to miss my new best friend.
- Meg.
- You heard me right.
#I have a best friend.
She truly gets me,
Curse and all.
What are you guys doing here?
- We had to come and say good-Bye
And remind you about rule 34.
#Careful on road trips.
- And you be careful
of angry monkeys.
#I'll see you in school.
- Yeah.
- Hey. - Hey.
- Standing right here.
See you when you get back,
#Call me when you get there, all right?
- Okay.
#See you guys later.
You know, I think we all feel
like we're cursed at times.
- What?
- Move over, little brother.
The question is,
Are you gonna let it define who you are?
- Hey, Dad, we're going
to the grand canyon, right?
- Yep.
- But isn't
Murphy rule number 82
To stay away from canyons?
- I think it's time
we bent the rules just a little.
Both: uh-Oh.
- Uh-Oh.
- Whoo!
d the reason why d