John Wick: Chapter 2 (2017) Movie Script

All were transported?
I dont mean to be rude,
sure, it's the best option?
Why do not we just solve the problem?
Since my niece...
Killed the dog.
He stoled a car.
Which is now in our hands.
So, we gave up for a car?
This is no ordinary car.
Its John Wick car.
I see.
Sir, why do not we return it?
He killed my nephew.
My brother.
A dozen of my men.
Just because a car.
And a dog.
And you think he will stop now? hmmm ..
Sir, this is just one person.
Why dont we finish him?
John Wick.
Its a man with focus...
And will!
He killed three men in a bar...
with a pencil.
I know. I've heard.
Who could do such a thing?
Just so you know...
All the stories you
hear about the guy...
They do not correspond to
reality, which is much stronger.
You have my car.
Greeting of peace.
Can a guy like you know peace?
Why not?
Greeting of peace.
Enjoy your retirement...
Mr. Wick.
Smart dog.
What are you doing, John?
Look at you.
- What are you doing?
- Im waiting for you.
Come here.
Hey, man.
Nice house.
- Hello, Aurelio.
- Hello.
John, what the hell? I
thought you love this car.
What do you think?
The motor is about to fall out...
Chassis bent...
And destroyed the wheel axles.
And whether you realize it or not,
there is a crack in the windshield.
I mean, what do I think?
I can fix it.
Thank you for finding it.
Not a problem, man.
I just made a few calls.
Not a big deal.
Let me know when its fixed.
This car will be ready by Christmas...
Hello, John.
Can I come in?
I'm glad to see you.
I'm so sorry about your wife, John.
And this dog got a name?
Listen, John...
I do not want to be here.
Please no.
Im asking you not to do this
I'm sorry.
No one...
Goes out and comes back...
without repercutions.
I was forced to do it, John.
But remember,
If it were not for what we did...
or deny, of your impossible task...
You would not be here right now.
This is all because of me.
This in part is mine.
Take it.
Take it?
- Sure.
A marker is not a trivial thing, John.
For a man to put a mark on the other...
It's a form of bond from to the soul.
Find someone else.
What is it?
Do you remember?
It is in the blood.
You came to me.
I helped you.
And if you dont do this,
You know the consequences.
I'm not that guy anymore.
You're always that guy, John.
I can not help you.
Im sorry.
Yes. It is true.
You can not.
Like he could not.
See you later, John.
You have a beautiful home, John.
I want to see the manager.
Glad to see you again, Mr. Wick.
Can I announce you?
Yes please.
Mr. Wick to see you, sir.
It's perfect.
Put this in circulation.
Where is he?
Thanks my friend.
Nice work. Excellent.
What are you doing, Jonathan?
He destroyed my house.
You broke the agreement.
You're lucky he stop there.
What the hell were you thinking,
with a man as Santino D'Antonio?
He was the only way I can get out.
You call this out?
What did you think will happen?
And what did you expect?
Did you really think
this day was never going to come?
What did he want from you?
I did not ask.
I just said no.
Two rules should not be
broken, Jonathan.
There should be no bloodshed
in Continental grounds,
and all agreements must be honored.
Even if I wanted a for of excounicado...
the high table...
demanded stricter punishment
if they broke with tradition.
I had no choice?
To break a contract, you die.
You kill, you die.
You run, you die.
You have accepted it, Jonathan.
Obey his orders.
Be free
Then, if you want to kill him...
Or destroy his home...
Please. But util then
Exactly. rules.
Without them, we would live like animals.
You have the animal care center?
Excuse me, sir,
but here we dont
I however wlling to accept
the responsability...
If you are willing.
This dog has a name, sir?
Smart dog.
This was a collection of my father.
Of course, I see more than paint of course.
But I find myself here
Please sit down.
I didnt want to do this, John.
If you had retired
I woulded respected it.
Look at yourself.
You are thinking about it?
You counting exits
Could you get to me in time?
How would you do it, I wonder
That woman purse?
Maybe her glasses?
My hands
how exiting.
But you could not do that, right?
I told you that I need...
The man who you are looking now.
I needed a Ghost.
I needed John Wick.
Tell me what you want...
I want you to kill my sister.
There are 12 seats at the high table.
Camorra, the Mafia and drangheta.
China, Russia.
When my father died...
He passed on a chair with my sister.
Now is the Camorra.
And I wonder...
how can I achieve this position.
You want me to kill...
Gianna D'Antonio?
I could never did.
Its my blood.
I still love her.
It is impossible.
She is in Rome for her coronation
- You will pass through the catacombs...
- It does not matter where she is.
That's the reason why...
I need a Ghost, John Wick.
That's why I need you.
Do this for me...
And you will be free.
What say you?
Never want to waste words
Happy hunting, Mr. Wick.
Welcome to the Continental Rome.
How can I help you?
I want a room.
- Hello.
- Good to see you.
I fail to remember the last
time you were in Rome.
And I heard...
You're retired.
So I...
One question.
Are you here to kill the Pope?
One of our best rooms.
Mn. Wick.
Sommelier there?
Good afternoon, Mr. Wick.
Long time no see you.
I want to taste.
I have something to show you.
First of all...
Good morning, Mr. Wick.
Hi, Angela.
Welcome back to Rome.
You need a new suit?
- Sure.
- I know...
That you love Made in Germany...
But let me introduce the
latest products Austria.
Glock 34 mm and 26 mm.
This is the original map
residences D'Antonio.
You will find many ancient ruins.
Tell me, Mr. Wick's
official event or social?
- Social.
- Day or night?
I need one for daytime
and one for night.
The handle is adjustable,
for easy charging.
And I know that you love the flexibility.
What's next?
I need something robust presice.
- Robust.
- Presice.
This is the map of the temple and
catacombs beneath.
- What style?
- Italian.
- How many buttons?
- Two.
- Form pants?
- Cone.
How the lines?
Semi-automatic machine gun 11.5 inches.
Reinforced ionic bonds.
With 1-6 magnification.
And that's the new plan.
There are one, two, three gates.
Disks of silicon carbide.
Made of ceramic.
In the coating.
The most advanced bulletproof vests.
We sew the fabrics and all.
Anti anything.
I feel pretty painful.
Do you have any suggestions
to shake the night?
Something large and destructive?
I recommend...
Benelli M4.
Special artificial butts
and hand controllers.
Textured grip.
Suppose you have wet hands.
Classic work of Italians.
Dagger best.
The newly sharpened.
- Can you do a rush order?
- Of course.
- You want this sent to where?
- Hotel.
Can I send everything to your room?
- Yes. Thank you-perfect.
Mr. Wick?
Do enjoy your party
Good evening.
Those enjoying the party?
Excuse me, miss.
Mr. Akon waits.
Wait a minute.
Mr. Akon.
Are you enjoying the party?
Thank you for willing to meet me.
Please sit down.
Miss D'Antonio...
- You cant just take what is...
- Nothing was taken.
Your men came to this territories
They are threatened.
The threat was actually
intended for their children.
They were only ment to see.
What is yours is now ours...
Mr Akon.
Now go.
Enjoy the party.
Have some fun.
Please entertain our guests...
Although I fix makeup.
Okay, Signora.
What could I do without you, Cassian?
There was a time not long ago
we considered ourselves...
As a friend.
We're still friends.
I still do.
Angel of Death...
What brought you back, John?
A marker.
Your Brother.
Tell me, John...
Whether this marker...
It's your way out?
A what was her name...
this woman for Which for
me to lose my life?
This Helen...
did she worth the price
that now you sit away?
let me Explain what happens when I die.
Santino occupy the position.
He will rule New York.
And you...
Will be the one who gave it to him.
What would you Helen think about that john?
What would you Helen think about you?
Because I live my live in my way.
And so is my way.
Are you afraid of hell, John?
You know...
I always thought I
could escape it.
That it can be predicted.
That I would see you.
Do you work here?
Good night?
I'm sorry to hear that.
Get him!
There is unfinished?
Only one.
Come on.
This night is not
good foe you, do not you John?
Do I need to remind you...
No job can be done
in the continental?
No senor.
No sir
Now may I suggest to visit the bar.
So you can relax.
Gin, wasnt it?
It's not?
I have a marker.
With whom?
Her brother...
I understand.
You had no choice.
He wants to sit in her table.
He Will now.
So you're free.
Am I?
Absolutely no.
You killed my foster child.
Someone I was close to.
Eye for an eye, John.
You know the rules.
It is true.
I'll do it quickly.
I promise.
I appreciate it.
I will try to do the same thing ..
This is on me.
Consider it a professional courtesy
Hello, John.
I can understand if you're angry.
And I know that may feel a personal thing.
But what kind of man would I be
if I not avenge the death of my sister
Please tell management I
leave tomorrow morning.
What can I do for you?
- Accounts Operator
- Please wait.
Accounts, may I help you?
- I want to open an account.
- Name for the account?
John Wick
- State of coontract?
- Open.
$ 7,000,000.
Processing, please wait.
- Thank you for your attention.
- With pleasure.
You will find a safe passage below
Transportation is waiting for you
Have a save journey, Mr. Wick.
Order confirmed.
What is this?
He completed the task.
The marker its over.
If Mr. Wick is not dead yet
Soon he will.
You mark it, sir.
You have no idea
whats comming to you
I have everyone in New York looking for him
I doubt
We never see him again.
You stabbed the devil in the back.
And force him back into the
live that he had just live.
You've burned the temple.
To the ground
Now he is free of the marker,
what do you think he will do?
He saw the other side and he embraced it
But you're Mr. Antonio...
But you're Mr. Antonio D...
took it away fro him
he was already back.
True, but for love, not for you.
He owes me.
I have a right.
And now
he is comming again
I did tell you not to do this
He did not warn you?
Bye, Antonio.
Please let MTA personnel in the
event of suspicious activity.
Canal Street.
You're on the train C Broad Street.
Next stop, Rector Street.
This knife is in your aortic artery
If you pull it out, you will bleed and die.
Consider this a professional courtesy
If you see anything suspicious...
What you see is the nightmare man.
Take me to him.
Tell him it's John Wick.
Did you know that the mix of everything.
As I live and breathing!
John Wick.
The man.
The mith the legend.
Not good enough for retirement.
I'm working on it
Mr. Wick do not remember
but we met many years ago.
Before my aseption?
When I was just a pawn in the game.
We met and you gave me a gift.
A gift that would make me a king.
You do not remember, but there
I was standing in an island
I did not even hear you coming.
You gave me this
a gift from the boogeyman
perfect for every ocation.
But you also gave me a choice.
Take my gun, shot you
from behind and die...
or keep pressing on my neck,
and live.
And as you see, I survived.
No one chat
thanks to you.
I all see
and know everything.
Then you know why I came here.
Santino D'Antonio, okay.
Your contract is gone, John.
This is bad for your health.
What is the number now, Earl?
Seven million dollars!
Christmas arrived.
We can go to Applebee
after this.
I need your help.
You have eyes
in every corner of the city.
I think you could find Santino.
I need you to move me
Take me to him.
It is awesome!
The Ghost begging me for help.
Of course, John.
Whatever you want, John.
Do you want a massage, too, John?
You're going to help.
Why should I do it?
Because I'm the only
person who can help you.
You will help me.
You are very good, Mr. Wick.
Your words sounded so positive.
But look around.
How much help does it look like I need?
I think the right question, Mr. Wick...
Is there anyone who can
help you in this cruel world.
There is a storm comming.
Not just for me.
But for all of us.
All who are not members of the inspector.
It is true that killing one officer...
Certainly cause problems.
But that's your problem, dear.
Moreover, none of my
men were involved...
Murder Gianna D'Antonio.
That been said,
Santino has it now.
And he wanted to rule the city.
After mastering the center, do you think
that he would stop on the street 14?
We can take care of ourselves.
For how long?
How much blood?
When you kill Santino,
Camorra family and officials
will be after you.
When I killed Santino,
They will be after me.
He offered seven million
dollars for your life
Seven million dollars.
Its a lot of money, Mr. Wick.
So I guess you have a choice.
You want a war?
Or you can give me a gun?
Anyone! Please give this man a gun.
Kimber 1911 .45 ACP.
Capacity seven shots.
Seven bullets?
Seven million dollars
gets you seven bullets.
One million dollars per bullet, baby.
Lets go.
The road to hell starts here, Mr.
He was in a museum.
Be careful on the road.
And remember...
You owe me.
You dont want that
Welcome, everyone.
Let's toast the
future of the table and my sister...
Nice to meet you.
Mr. Akon, how are you?
Wick is here!
You and you come with me.
You go.
Welcome reflections of the soul
of the new modern New York.
In this performance, the play of light
and the nature of self-image...
Unite provide an experience
that highlights...
The fragility of our perception
of space and our place in it.
We hope that this show can
provide new insights...
For your understanding of
the world, and maybe...
Will lead to a deeper reflection
on the nature of sound.
Really, John.
Oh my God.
You do not understand.
The mark is completed john
You had escaped.
You know what the Camorra
families will do to you.
You think you're the Old Testament?
No, John.
Killing me will not stop the contract.
Killing me only aggravate the situation.
You know what I think?
I think you're addicted.
To revenge.
Welcome reflections of the soul
of the new modern New York.
No wife...
no Life...
A home.
That's all you have.
You wanted me back.
I'm back.
If you let the reflections of the soul...
Go. I will finish this.
New modern NYC.
We hope that during
my trip show...
May be one of reflective
Who gave ideas and
new understanding.
If you let the reflections of the soul...
Be seeing you.
Good evening.
Is the Manager in?
He is always available.
Mr. D'Antonio?
Lively night, I think.
Looking for shelter?
I asked her membership suspended.
According to the institution, Mr.Weck
He has not break any rules
Then you know that I have
the right to demand...
No! You are not entitled to
demand anything, Tn. D'Antonio.
This kingdom is mine and mine alone.
Then enjoy your kingdom,
Winston, while you can.
And you, your privileges, sir.
I am here to see Santino D'Antonio.
He is waiting for you in a restaurant, Sir.
Duck fat.
This makes all the difference.
Jonathan, have you seen at the menu here?
So many possibilities.
Jonathan, listen to me....
Guests can stay here
for a long time...
And not eat the same menu twice.
Jonathan just walk away.
Yea, Jonathan. walk..
What have you done?
Finish it.
How was he?
He was a good dog.
I have enjoyed his company
Lets go home.
Mr. Wick?
Follow me please.
Come on, boy.
I has been a pleasure Mr.Wick.
What am I looking at?
Camorra family doubles the value of the
contract is open Santino. Internationally.
High table?
And the Continental?
You've killed people in
the company, Jonathan.
You leave me no choice
but to take you excomunicado.
Any form of services or communication...
of The Continental now are closed for you.
I'm so sorry.
Your life is now worthless.
Then why am I not dead?
Since I forgive you.
You have one hour.
I could not hold back any longer.
Maybe you need this.
Down the road.
Tell them.
Tell them All.
I kill em all.
I will kill them all.
Accounts payrole.
in 1 hour.
John Wick.
Orders 11111 received.
donations, donate and get a surprise