The LEGO Batman Movie (2017) Movie Script

And logo .. Logo long and dramatic.
Warner Bros., Warner Wonder brothers, I know.
The place where the house was built Batman.
Yes, where Superman was born.
And also Kryptonite.
As did Ratpac. The logo was very macho.
Prepare yourself, for .. Some of the texts.
If you want to make the world a better place.
Look at yourself and make a change, Uhhh!
[MICHAEL JACKSON, BATMAN] No, I'm saying it.
Batman is very wise.
I also have 8 pack abs are great.
Yes I have extra abdominal muscles.
Now, let's start the movie.
[Airspace of Gotham, 10:25]
We're sending 11 million sticks of dynamite, and 17 thousand pounds of C4.
About 150 plastic explosive that is funny. And two companions.
And asked permission to fly in the most populous city in the world. [AIRPORT GOTHAM]
- Replace. - I want to see all the faces in this control center.
- I have no problem. - Yes I had no issues.
And yes, I suppose you could continue.
Masters, destroyed in the shield, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
- What is that? - One of us have to check.
- Okay. - Rock Paper Scissors.
- Scissors. - Paper.
Why would I pull out the paper, I always lose at home and now I lose time to work.
Captain Dale what everything is okay?
I'm afraid, Captain Dale must go.
I'll be the assistant pilot. I always come to work.
With a smile.
- You should be scared. - Why?
Because I will destroy the city.
- What? - Batman will stop.
- He always stop you. - Not true.
- What was the second time the boat? - This is better than 2 boats.
Well, tonight, will be different, this is the plan terhebatku night.
Trust me. Batman would never have expected it. [Center Gotham city electricity]
- As the parade of music is it? - Shut up!
- Hi Steve. - Be careful of Jeff.
I particularly liked the man. I hope nothing bad happens to him.
~ Nothing bad will happen to me.
What's that?
Your city is being attacked by the greatest criminals of Gotham.
Si Riddler.
- Scarecrow. - Shipments Pizza.
- Bane.
- Halo.
- Two Face. - The door must be open affection.
- Catwoman. - Yes. Yes you can enter. [SECURITY ACCESS, PASSWORD ENTER]
Not to escape.
And do not forget Clay Face.
Shoot, shoot, shoot!
- Poison Ivy. - Shoot, shoot, shoot.
- Do not move. - No, you're frozen.
And Rays.
Crazy 12, Eraser.
Polkadot Man. Mime. Tarantula.
King Khan, Orca, Killer Moth, Rabbit, zodiac
Master, Gentleman Ghost, Lock, Calender Man.
Kite Man, Cat Man, zebra
Man, and si Thunder McNeil.
- Okay, what do you fabricate some of them? - No, they are all real.
Maybe it will be successful.
- Hey careful. - Commissioner Gordon.
- What about Sarah? - We have a state of emergency.
All criminals attacked a class C power station.
- What are we gonna do, sir? - What we always do.
Turn on the lights bat signal.
- Turn on. - Commissioners are you there?
Signal bat covered in eggs.
I know it sir, I recognized his crime operations.
My God .. You break a bat signal, you've thought of everything.
- Yes. I know, and when I got to the city of Gotham .. - Open the door of the reactor.
Batman will be attacked by his worst enemy.
I. The Joker.
- When are you ready? - 10 levels again mate.
- We're ready for you. - Then let's get started.
I always wanted to do this.
- What happened? What he picked up the phone? - No lifting.
I love it.
- I want a sniper getting in the building. - OK.
- Help prepare water and air. - Yes, Sir.
- I want a SWAT team here now. - There's a phone pack.
Hello who is this?
Hi Jimmy's Joke.
No one calls you that.
- No, everybody called me that. Okay listen. - Come on, come on!
Now, the bomb was not important complex was installed ..
Into the central core of energy, if the mayor is not here in five minutes, and to abandon their city.
I will destroy Gotham city.
- I did something. - The doctor sounded surprised.
- And really complicated. - Explain to us.
Well .. I do not want to scare young children who might be listening.
But the fact is, when Gotham City was built on a fragile layer.
Really there is nothing below us. Unless there is no vacancy at the end like dirty underwear.
If the bomb explodes Joker, this place will be destroyed. Make all citizens of Gotham,
- Falling into eternal emptiness forever. - You do not want that do you?
Now bring the car, Joker away.
Do ma'am, I can not ask you to do this.
- Jim what do you find Batman? - No ma'am,
So we had no choice, Joker has the advantage.
We must leave the city of Gotham.
- Oh no. - Forgive me.
I never sekesal this. SWAT team prepare your weapons.
- Yes, sir! - Yes!
Lowering the mayor through the hole.
- Mrs. Mayor, thanks for dropping by. - I've only got one thing to say to you.
- Well you'd better quickly. - Do you like to gamble?
- Oh, I love that. - Did you ever play roulette?
- Let me make a suggestion. - I'm listening.
- When playing roulette. - Yes?
Always bet on black.
Batman? What are you doing? You're surrounded here, are you crazy?
You want to be mad? Come on, let's be crazy.
Because I was just thinking about how much blood.
Stop him before he started singing.
I will defeat you.
I'm on my way, sir.
Take this.
I'll beat you!
Come on, fella, you Make me look bad in front of Batman.
- Putter where the bomb? - The bomb is in its core energy.
What's that?
Bruce Wayne!
Kiss me Batman.
Not Batman.
How can they beat you again?
Because .. I was Batman.
- To the top! - I was Batman.
I'm Batman!
Hi Batman, it's odd that we continue to meet.
- Looks like your plan failed. - Just a matter of time until I mastered the city of Gotham.
When was the Joker takes over Gotham City?
Calculate. Will never. [TRACK JOKER]
You know why? Since I was always one step ahead of you.
And I always run away.
Not this time.
Because this time.
- I got you. - Oh, yes?
Well there's only one problem.
Who will defuse the bomb it?
Must be one of the other Batman save the city or catch the greatest enemies
- You can not do both. - Wait what did you say?
- You can not do both. - No, I mean the others.
Save the city or catch the greatest enemies?
- You think you're my worst enemy? - Yes, you're obsessed with me.
- No. No. - Yes. Yes!
- Who else has made you in trouble like me? - Bane.
- Not true. - Then Superman.
- But he's not a criminal. - Then I can say I did not have the biggest enemy.
I'm against several different people.
- What? - I like to play games.
Okay I do not see a problem you fight with another man if you want to do.
But I'm going to be special.
So when people ask who your worst enemy, you said ..
- Superman. - Did you really say nothing special about our relationship?
Let me tell you something my friend.
Batman does not do things like that.
- What? - As in the relationship.
There is no us.
Batman and the Joker is not something, I do not need you, I do not need anyone.
You do not mean anything to me.
There is nothing like it.
- Ya -! Hore!
Let us cheer!
- Batman! - Batman!
thanks. I really worked hard this time.
Thanks Batman.
- Grego - You're the best Batman.
- Thank you. - Thanks Batman.
- Very heavy but thanks. - Batman you're the greatest!
Thank you, thank you.
- Thank you to save this city. - Thank you again.
Batman please photos for my son!
See you guys.
I love my life.
- Computer. - Turn right.
- What are we going to go to an orphanage? - Yes.
Good, let's go there.
Sounded like the Bat Mobile.
Hey orphans look who's here?
- Batman! - Hey children.
Who wants this?
- Good, take this. - I like this.
Oh this is wonderful.
You will be arrested if you do the crime.
Remember, son, if you want to be like Batman, form your stomach muscles.
- Batman go. - Batman! Batman!
Thanks Batman, you're my hero.
- What's the password? - Iron Man earned.
Would have been great became Batman.
I can only imagine he's home now, to celebrate.
Surrounded by many beautiful women.
Hei Computer.
I'm home.
Welcome back, sir.
Perform the operating system Bat Cave.
Hello Putter.
What is it Batman?
- Put the bomb at the museum. - Certainly sir.
- Thank you. - No problem.
There is something interesting when I go?
- You have 41 messages. - Good, what I've got?
You've got savings cents this week, two letters and a group of fans of Batman.
It will expire in 2 weeks.
But I think the message has expired.
- OK. - And also Alfred is on the 17th floor.
Is arranging of the second master room.
What do you want me to tell Alfred that you're home?
No need Computer. Thank you about the latest report.
- I'm probably going to have dinner. - Alfred leaves lobster in the fridge.
Oh it's my favorite.
I can not wait.
Damn ..
beat me.
You owe me hello.
Oh that's funny.
Hei bu.
Hey dad.
I uh ..
I saved the city again today.
I hope you can see me.
I thought you would have been very proud.
Here you are.
Alfred Oh, I'm sorry. Outside biasaku reflexes.
Not my fault. I should not secretly be behind.
You should know, when I was there, I was deep inside.
Why do you look at old photos family again?
Which one? Family photos ... Oh yes I see what you mean.
See, the old gang.
Yes, no I'm not viewing it.
I understand.
Pak .. If you do not mind, I'm a bit worried.
I saw you through the same phase when in 2016 and 2012 and 2008 and in 2005 and 1997.
1995, 1992, 1989, and odd in 1966.
Akua not talking about feelings Alfred.
I do not have a feeling, never seen it.
I was the hero of the evening defenders of truth.
And the sex machine heavyweight.
I do not feel anything emotionally except anger.
24 hours a day, 365 days a year in 1 million percent.
And if you think there is something else behind it, then you're crazy.
- Good night, Alfred. - Pak is already morning.
- The sun! - Of course you're staying on the island.
Yes. I like it.
You can not live through the day to wear black and listen to music anger.
Yes, I can, because I'm Batman.
But do not you think it's time to finally face your greatest fear?
- Snakes? - Not.
- Clown? - Not.
- Clown snake? - Bruce Wayne.
Your biggest fear is ..
Being part of a family again.
- Mr .. - Time to push up. 1 .. 2 ..
- I will make up to a thousand. - I'm afraid it's impossible sir.
It allowed. I've been to 20.
Your schedule to go to a retirement party.
- What? I do not want to do that. - Have a nice day.
- No, no, no. - You'll love meeting new people.
- No, no, no. - Even making new friends.
No, no, no ...
- No! - And before you go, we can do things your favorites.
Tuxedo feast.
- Sir, do not you forgetting something? - No.
- Mask. - What?
Face masks.
- Happy now? - Certain.
Nice. Everyone should be happy.
Tonight in Metropolis Focus, we have our favorite star.
- Superman.
- Halo Gotham.
Superman, tell me how you feel about your victory on zod into the dark zone.
Yeah, see, this is complicated.
zod and I have a tremendous fight, you understand?
I do not believe that we can be safe without a fight zod.
See? Understand Superman, Batman why can not we?
Look at this whole thing, I made a CD rack.
How can I make Batman respects me when I work with people these fools?
Oh dear, look at me.
You're too good for Batman, he needs to open his eyes,
And see what it's like, when you're not there, okay?
Yes, I .. I can not put zod in ordinary jails, come on him zod.
No, he had to go to a place where he could not commit a crime again.
zone of darkness.
Ah yes, the prison's greatest villain of all time.
They withstand the strongest villain like that, and like this.
- I'll catch you. - And nobody seems.
- We got it all! - And this guy.
- Destroy! - I seem to have an idea.
- Bruce Wayne! - The event is very festive, you can take some pictures of poses, are you ready?
Kissy face.
And look at this.
And boy what would you do? I will go from here.
- Look here! - Bye.
~ I looked at the people in the mirror.
- Do you have a suggestion for a new commissioner? - As long as he knows how to push the button the bat signal.
- Everything will be alright. - Bruce! I do not know how you do.
- If you can not prove it, you did not. - Mr. Wayne pleased to meet you. Join us.
Mr. prime minister. Happy ...
~ Dan kita bersama, na, na, na.
Bruce Wayne.
She was an orphan of the greatest of all time.
~ Come on ... - Nice to meet you sir ambassador.
- Mr. Wayne. - You want a photo?
- That is good. - All right, funny face.
- Boom, save. - Thank you sir Wayne.
- Call me Bruce, Jim. - I'm so glad to meet you sir.
- I'm sorry, what did you tell the Jazz? - Yes.
My name is Richard Greyson, but everyone in the orphanage called Dick.
- Well children can sometimes be cruel. - Good to see Bruce.
- Nice to meet you sir. - I've got a question for you sir.
- Okay said. - Do you have any suggestions for how they could be adopted?
- Oh, yes. - Oh you got?
- Mr. Wayne can I get a signature? - Certain.
- For example .. Whitening teeth is a good idea. - Yes, it is, pal.
- Thank you. - Very?
- Oh, yes. Thank you very much. - Oh, look good, Bruce.
- What about the eyeliner or four languages? - Three times.
- Why not. - It's a new commissioner.
- Where? - It's a new commander.
- There he is, everyone. - Oh my God.
~ Tonight, I just died in the arms tonight
- Mr. Bruce. I understand. Operations research .. ~ There must be something ..
To make my eyes bigger and extraordinary?
Ah, do it.
Okay, Mr. Wayne.
Do you plan to adopt a child?
- Yes. Yes. - Really?
Wow. Are you looking for a basic model or a feature updates over.
- Yep. Yep. Yep. - Cooking or do, gym, flexibility?
- Concert of street magic like David Black? - Oh, sounds good.
Really? Because all sound like me.
Mr. Wayne. What do you think are interested in adopting me for your future reference?
- Yes, maybe. - Oh, it's great.
Because I want to be adopted. So I can finally stop being ..
We are gathered here this evening, to celebrate his retirement, Jim Gordon.
- Goodbye. - And we wish him well.
- In the southern African safari trip her. - Thank you.
Now, introduce you to substitute a delight.
Everyone meet new commissioner-mu.
~ I'm invincible ... - Barbara Gordon
All the new commissioner of Gotham City. Wow.
He is the best in its class. Harvard to police.
He cleans the streets of the nearby town of Gotham, Bludhaven.
Using Batman and spirit.
And now he brings new ideas and a shot gun to the city of Gotham.
- Congratulations, dear. - Thanks, Dad.
This is it, everyone. thanks. thanks.
- Hooray. - Miss, here. Here.
- Miss. - Thank you.
To lock enormously from Arksylum.
And what's this? Thanks for the bat signal button.
Dad, you always do a great job protecting the city of Gotham.
- Yep. That is me. - Thank you.
- Along with Batman, of course. - Let's cry for Batman.
Which I hope he is here now.
Oh, I'm sure he was listening.
I want to ask you a question.
Did you make up with crime?
- All sick. - Yes, we are sick of it.
Great. Let's talk about the original development would end sirklus crime.
I have four core program that I want to share with you.
I want to hear all four core.
- It's called .. - I'm ready ..
- It took a villain .. - That the title of the opening ...
Not Batman.
- Waitress. Okay. thanks. - Sir. Of course. I pleased.
Thank you very much.
- What? - See..
Batman has been in the job for a very, very, very, very, very, very, very,
- Very long at all. - He did a good job at all.
However, in addition to all the great work of Batman done to us.
Gotham City is still the most cities have the highest crime rates in the world.
- He has a true core. - All he talked about was accurate.
- He has not caught Riddle. - Yes, it is true.
He has not caught Bane. Catwoman, or the front two.
- Or other Gotham criminals. - He's not great at his job.
- Includes Joker. - He makes perfect sense.
Excuse me, I'm so sorry, excuse me. Um-um.
- Yes. - I, Bruce Wayne.
Billionaire, the forefront of men's magazine Playboy.
Gotham's most wanted bachelors like 19 years in a row.
- I know who you are, Mr. Wayne. - I'm sure you know.
Quick question, what do you think with Batman?
- And also, what the fuck, man? - I'm glad you asked, Mr. Wayne.
I'm not a hater Batman. But we do not need a grown man not known ..
Beatings karate unfortunate people in Halloween costumes.
We will take what is good from Batman.
And now to the actual laws.
And the actual conduct. And accountability.
I hate everything you've just talked about.
Because my dream is for the police force to cooperate with Batman.
- Server. - Is not it better.
And I know together .. best protector and the best Gotham Gotham ...
Could clean the streets of crime.
- Everybody down! - Everybody down!
- In this direction, I think. - The entrance is nice.
Everyone, go to exit immediately.
Picman, key way out.
Go there!
Picman, roads, bring me a new commissioner Gordon.
- Come on. - And Harley.
You know what to do.
I certainly know. It's time to take care of the laundry operation.
- Alpha 1. This is the second Batman, acceptable? - Please Batman.
- I need all the help now. - You have to say the magic word.
- Now. You're fired. - Not. Not.
- We've been over this. - Target locked.
In the bat cave.
- Computer. - Yes.
- In this fight, the music builders. - Acknowledged.
All damage taken into account suggest Scuttler, sir.
Good plan.
And the mayor remained close to me. Leads to the southern exit.
Now, now.
- Come on, come on, come on. - Honey, let Batman take care of it.
No, I take care of it.
Now, fast.
Scuttler connected.
- Go now, we are soon to come. - I'm almost there.
Keep the mayor stay safe!
Computer. Put the Joker in pemandanganku.
Tim, I saw the Joker in sight.
- Joker! Ah, excuse me? - Joker!
- I'm going to .. - Hitting the bat signal.
Nice call! I like instincts.
I have a surprise for you. And this will frighten you.
Oh oh. This is the best. Everybody down!
- I .. - Joker, no!
- Give up! - What?
- Uh, what did you just say? - I told you, I gave up.
- Hold. - What do you hear?
I'm sorry, my bat ears definitely will not work because it says ..
- I give up. - Okay, you know what? Stop it.
- You're a criminal. You .. - Ah, pap-pap-pap.
Not again, Batman. You are right. There is no us. So there's no point in my trying ..
Against you. For so. I will surrender myself into willful,
the new commissioner. Blink, blink, blink. Blinking.
- It's really suspicious. - Yes, of course.
What are you planning, Joker?
I just want to be in Arksylum for all my crimes.
Blink-blink! Blink-blink!
- Did you really say blink? - No. Blink-blink!
- Joker. That's enough. - Okay, well. I take care of this.
Not so fast, Batman. You can not fight me again.
- I'm out of the market. - What are you talking about?
I'm outside the menu. You do not have to fight this anymore.
Friend, sorry I asked. Furthermore. Relax in prison ..
- Batman, what are you doing? - Punching Bane.
- That's not necessary. - You can not fight the Bane.
- Really? - Yes. Or red robes.
Catwoman. Kondo McKane.
- Why not? - Because .. We all gave up.
- Right, guys? - We all?
- What is this? - What just happened?
It's the end of the crime.
It was extraordinary.
- You made it. - Yes, of course I did.
- I .. - Sorry, not you.
We talked to the commissioner Gordon.
- Well, it was the team .. - I take care of this, man.
- Commissioner. How do you feel? - Extraordinary.
This is a great first day.
- Okay. Please. - Questions for Batman.
What are you going to do with the rest of your life?
- Yes. - What do you mean?
- The rest of my life? - We do not need a crime fighter.
- Now there is no longer a crime. - I think you have it.
You can spend a good time with your family.
Okay, Batman, we'll take care of it from here.
All right, listen. You all have the right to remain silent.
- Let's go! - Come on, now!
- Goodbye, Batman. - We love you.
Goodbye, Batman.
~ This is a fairly quiet night, and now what to do?
Today is a victory for all citizens of Gotham City!
There is no longer a crime! There is no longer a crime!
There is no longer a crime! There is no longer a crime!
There is no longer a crime! There is no longer a crime!
Hours without crime
Are you okay, sir?
You've hardly touched lobstermu.
I do not have time to eat Popstruben now.
~ Sad experience that you never know
~ Love you want, because one became the most lonely night
~ What you never know
- Hey, Batman. What are you doing? - Barbara. There is no.
- I have a wonderful life. - No, I mean what are you doing here?
- Uh, an oversight on the Joker. - Batman, we both know ..
Joker planning something.
So we can not let him roam free in prison.
- He does not come off. - He had to go somewhere outside of the walls!
- Outside the walls? - Yes!
Somewhere like ..
Hi, there, I'm from Phantom Own Laundry. Will take your hand bag.
- Wait, that's it. Phanton Own. - Phantom Own?
It is impossible, it is highly illegal. And beyond juridistik.
So, why do not you and I work together? In the law?
To think about what he planned.
Batman works alone. That's my motto. Copyright by Batman.
Batman, no more criminals are allowed in the city of Gotham.
Okay, fully understand. I had to do a double secret.
To prove its own legal mode.
You say it out loud.
And he told me to say aloud maybe I do not.
He does not know what's going on in the mind of super-ku.
- Mind super? - Ah, get away!
Computer, how do I put the Joker in phantom zone?
The fastest path. Do not be a highway.
Computer, do you hear me?
- Halo, tuan Bruce.
- Alfred.
There is something wrong with the computer bats. Watch this.
Computers, no. Computer. You see, no.
Nothing wrong with that, sir. I just picked up an expert computer privileges.
LOCKING PAREN Locking parents? You can not do that.
Oh, I can. I could read the set limits on a child beyond control.
You know what? Does not matter, because I got double secret password.
That opens the parental lock.
You mean Alfred waitress with two D?
Pak, about time you stop this unhealthy behavior.
- No, it's not. - You need to take responsibility ..
- To life. - Not now, I'm not.
And starts with raising your son.
I'm sorry, I basically do not know what you're talking about.
The young orphan who you were adopted at the gala. Remember?
Wow. Stairs.
- He's been living here for a week. - Hello, desk.
And I must say, I am bound with this young man.
Hello, secret cameras.
- You should get to know him. - 3, 4, 5 ..
You and he have a lot in common.
Hello, family photos.
He lost his parents when still young.
I always wanted one of these.
Does not he deserve a chance someone brought him in the shade?
As I take you to mine.
Alfred, you're too much time and too much to drink Sharnate.
- It is Peniagrasia. - Whatever it is.
Look, you do not have a family. You serve me satisfied.
So what do you know have foster children?
Now, I'll go fight crime.
While you're putting the child to the next jet to place orphaned.
As you like, sir.
Oh, my God.
- Yey. - Wait. What are you doing?
- Dusty. - You can not allow him to get into the bat cave.
I do not. I let him into your hand.
Inside the bat cave.
This is a bat cave.
Oh my God. Oh my God. My Lord, my Lord. My Lord.
Oh my God. Oh my God.
- Batman, whoa! - You're absolutely right, wow!
Wait, what Batman lived in the basement of Bruce Wayne?
No, Bruce Wayne Batman lived in the roof space.
- Yes, overnight. - No, you can not.
- Wow. See. Batsub. - Wait, do not touch it.
- And there, Batspace travel. - Please keep your hands,
- It is Batzepplin. - Do not touch that, too.
- Battrain. This Bat-kayak. - No. No.
It is Batdumddy. This Bat .. extinguisher?
Ah, you can not touch it. It is not useful.
Wow. Thank you, Batman.
Please, stand there. And do not touch, see or approaching any ..
For the rest of the time you have in my presence.
- Okay. - The computer.
- Please. - How do I put the Joker in phantom zone?
Joker can only be placed in the phantom zone using zone Projector Ghost.
And the location is in the castle hideout Superman.
In the atomic crater.
However, only a very short presence of someone who could enter the crater.
- I'm too big. - You also have a beautiful home, sir.
It is the cross that bear.
And additional, once inside the crater.
Kryptonian advanced security systems. Including acid mode.
Bringing in a pond. And fangs of death.
Chance of failure of the entire mission is 1100/0.
It was not a good calculation.
- Wait a while. Hey, kid. - Yes, sir.
- You're very small, right? - Of course I am.
- And small. And quiet. - Very. I really want to.
- And 1100/0 can be developed. - I do not know what that means, but okay.
Terrific, follow me. We're going to steal the projector phantom zone of Superman.
- Steal? - Yes. We must be right and wrong.
Sometimes, in order wrong, you have to do is wrong, right?
- Gandhi said that. - Are you sure Gandhi said that?
- I repeat the phrase. - Cool.
Preparing to fortress hideaway. And fixtures.
Wow. Look at all this. Did I get a costume for his mission, too?
I have a feeling you will look like a small child in a Halloween costume, right?
Do not touch it!
- Nomaraci -? Aku suka satu itu.
- One was for culture. - Supplies evening.
- Or that one. - Impossible.
- The version of this war? - No.
I am fine. This one.
- Igniter fire! - No!
- Clawring. - No!
- Excalibur! - No!
- Quiet and off. - How about this?
- No. - Batwiscome.
- What do you think of this one? - Clothes for a party for adults only.
Wait, what's that one over there?
Oh, it's a task called Jamaica guards, local people called me Reggae Man.
I like it. As included in this.
My problem the only thing is, these pants a little too tight.
And I can not give you a kick or jump. I have an idea.
Torn. This is better. Now I'm free. Now I'm moving.
Come on, Batman, let's move it!
I can only look at you in the eyes now.
Uh, sir. What are you doing?
What do you mean?
Why are you dressed like that, Dick?
How dare you tell me how to teach my son who just met?
- All cars bat. - Immediately!
You've reached the gate. Achieving the movement now.
Atomic batteries provide power. Preparing speed.
Hey, kid. Let's go.
- Ah, shit. - What?
I should not leave until given approval by Bruce Wayne.
Ah, yes. This is her thing.
Bruce and I decided to share custody over you.
So I have to say ..
- And your mission is approved. - Impossible. What is really happening?
From without fathers. And I had one father. And now I have two fathers.
- And one of them is Batman. - Yes.
- And a great father. - Sure.
Are you ready to follow Batman and learned a few lessons on the trip?
I want too. But first. Where seatbelts?
The first lesson is, life does not give you a seatbelt. Let's go.
Yes, faster!
- Already! Already! - Whoo! Ya, ya, ya!
Oh, gee, I'm sorry. Back to chair it, this is it.
Hey, I immediately returned to the bat cave. I made sure the seat belt Alfred cook there.
Okay, but for now this. I will put my hand here.
And we will very slowly away from here. This is it.
Okay, super heroes Lego.
Superman has 0 friends.
And he spent most of the time asking in splendid isolation.
Here, in his own palace. So, I keep him busy, when you sneak ..
To vent it and take the projector. Understand?
- Acknowledged. Oh. He's here. I know. - Do not finish that sentence.
In this matter, it is a good idea that Batman had.
And nobody had a good idea. So do not even try.
Your super strength, is a remarkable listener and perform my idea.
- Let's try it. - Cool.
Lying on the floor, doing back flips, front flips, round three times,
Merengangkan. Ballet, So, ballerinas and things.
- A2 + 2 + 2 - Exam physics.
A2 + A3 = C2.
- How am I doing, Dad? Yes. - Medium. Do not call me dad.
- Now, start the mission. - Yes, papa.
Papa falls within the category father.
- What's up Sup? - Uh, wow. This Batman.
Here, in my house. Now. What are you doing here?
Do not worry about it, mate. Not here to do anything.
Oh, no, I will destroy you.
Okay, sure, sure, sure. Hey, listen. Bring me later. But just being around.
And I think you could possibly ..
Wait a minute, did you have a party to celebrate the fifth annual Champions of justice?
Without me?
- No! - No! Not!
No, there must be an error of an electronic message. That's crazy, man.
Fully. That happens all the time.
Sometimes I can not be Superman email messages over the years ..
Inti good, mate. Good core. All right, well, my friend. That's everything, right?
Enjoy the party, Bro. Turn on, DJ.
- Hey, Batman, want help fast. - Certain. What do you want?
Right there, perfect. Use the camera.
Okay, people partying, together.
- Now, all the people say. - Super!
Let me see. Classic. We get everybody.
- Yes, everyone. Yes, no problem. - Thank you, Batman.
- Let exploded. - This party is great.
Look at me, like the dance of Mars. Directly.
Computers, calling the boy.
- Batman. I can see the target. - Is everything great here?
There is a kind of laser energy things that I could not pass.
I see if I can turn it off.
But I made an excuse to go out of the party without being conscious.
- Children, tell if it was dead. Now? - No.
- Now? Now? Now? - No. No. No. No.
My son, what in Facebookmu containing all knowledge.
- No, no, no! - Which is now..
Damn, this was definitely one of, if this only.
- Oh, you made it. It was dead. - Okay.
Now you have to go into the crater of atomic and download the ghost zone projector.
- Do it right I said. Okay. - Acknowledged.
Make a back somersault.
- What? - Run! Run! Run!
It was nice hearing. To the left. Directly to the right. Jump straight.
Hey, I'm talking. If I become a super hero.
I'm on a mission like this super hero, can call my name?
- I could be Robin. Robin! - I'm sorry, say again.
- Like a little bird middle east? - Yes. And I have his word phrases.
- Twik-twik streets. - I'm through.
- And the song. Driving at night. - Skip right. Now, left.
Okay, kid. There will be leading to the path. Inside it.
- Yey! - Pegang ke 6.
- Pull movement. And disconnect. - This?
Wow, can not be trusted to obey. Now, please drive it.
- Lead to the nose. - Fuck!
Now you empty.
Now, be creative. Throw. That's good. Nak.
It was like looking in a mirror bats.
Okay. Fly.
- I get a projector, father. - Oh, yes. Now,
do that we just did. On the contrary.
- This is it, dad. We did it. - Yes. Mission accomplished.
That is fun.
You're fine Batman, you look from the opposite of happy.
Yes, I'm fine, I'm just watching you, out there ..
That was, it was like the world is not completely dark again.
For a moment I swear .. I feel something.
The feeling is pride, sir.
You are right. I'm very proud.
Over me. To be a good teacher, clearly.
- Yes, you are a great teacher. - Me?
Yes, I would just like you when I grow up, padre.
Wait, what did you call me?
I, I call padre.
That .. That means a super dad. Sorry.
Well, it's not a bad call for the Spanish, man.
Yes, it is possible to say that.
They will not mengijikannya.
- It was great, stray. - What are you doing?
Trying to give you a little hug.
I think you're going to attack me.
Hey, you ready to do a secret mission to cripple the Joker?
Oh, I'm so ready for it.
I do not want to make more of my father angry Bruce Wayne.
- According to you it's time for me to sleep? - Sleeping time? That's rule number 2 Batman.
Always protect, there is no time to sleep.
Yes! So .. What policies to eat cake?
(Asylum Arkham) Okay, son. We have to go with a sneak.
So let's talk about rule number three.
When sneaking, you must hide any part of your self.
Physically, and movement.
- You understand? - Yes.
I think you understand.
What should be done is to use the dark areas of this neighborhood.
- Can you see me? - Yes.
- How about now? - Yes.
- How about now? - Yes.
- Now? - Yes. You look clear, kid.
- Batman .. - yikes ..
- Batman? Batman? - Hey .. look at yourself.
- Who is he? - Hi, police woman.
- Is that your son? - Yes, true.
It would be odd.
It would have been strange if he had been impressed not your son.
Correct. I'm not going through a relationship or something.
I may not have children.
My intention, if I met the right woman.
And .. if you were in front of me ..
and we looked at each other, I felt, hey, let's do this.
Let us together.
- Batman .. - Yes?
I hope you come back because you have decided to work together.
- Did you kidding? - Eh ..
- Yes. So true. - Good.
Arkham psychiatric hospital.
So before we ask the Joker, I want you to put all your weapons.
My intent, I do not know if I have a gun.
- Oh, sorry. Yes. - Only that?
- Oh of course. - How about any weapon sticking your body?
Whatever it is.
Oh, it was very uncomfortable.
Sorry, I had to let go of my trousers.
- Ups .. - Batman ..
- Yes? - Why are you trying to bring adoptive son projector Arkham?
What? Hey, kid .. what is this?
- Batman .. Give me the projector. - No.
- Batman, give me the projector. - No.
No, no, no .. Whoa, nice.
- I'll say this only for police purposes. - Oh yes?
I think you need a little puff of smoke.
- Time to Batman in action. - Guards, seize them.
- Stop, Batman. - Hey, kid. This is an exercise.
They are my friends.
Discipline them as training. Fast.
- Robin in action. - Good.
I'm very happy to do this.
Danger sign. I want to lock the whole place. Right now!
What's up, Joker?
- What's up, Batman. - Greetings.
- Disgusting. - Oh, brave man. I also.
- Stop. Son, please take care of the door. - Okay. Feel it, man.
Looks like you're facing a lot of problems just because of me.
I definitely your best is the enemy this time.
Is this not true, Batman?
- This is what will you do .. - What would you do?
You're trapping me in a relationship of friendship.
- Is it true? - Yes. And it will not work
Oh, it was successful. Because I was your right hand.
- You're crazy. - You're crazy.
I knew you'd say that.
- I did not say that. - I did not say that.
And I knew you would say that.
You see? We are not different between you and me.
- Because you and I .. - Because you and I ..
Batman .. I was your greatest enemy.
You're not my greatest enemy, the Joker.
Okay, then send me to the Phantom Zone.
Okay, okay.
And prove that I am your greatest enemy.
Batman .. Do not do this.
As long as you are in the Phantom Zone, I will be able to maintain the security of the city of Gotham.
And that's what counts for me.
- Goodbye, Joker. - Oh, Batman .. Thanks.
Yes! I save the city again.
Batman, what are you doing?
I'm Batman.
~ I was Batman. I'm exceptional.
~ I really liked - Stop.
Batman, I can not believe you're doing this.
I believe, madam.
And of course you had this child be your colleague in custody.
- Sorry, kid. - No problem, ma'am.
As long as I was next to my parents, everything will be fine.
- Officer, take this projector into the room. - Okay.
Give him his pants.
I do not need them.
Why are you doing this?
Do you know..
When first I was a kid, I really wanted to be like you, Batman.
I want to be as strong and as fast and as smart as Batman.
But you're not what I expected.
Maksud mu?
You can not be a hero.
Just think of your self.
Barbara .. I ..
I thought you wanted me to put the Joker in the Phantom Zone.
Indeed, it is a good idea .. Hey, where are you going?
I put the Joker in one place where he could not hurt anyone.
What if you had given what is desired by the Joker?
Whoa .. Look at this place, if I say too loud?
- Oh .. - Oh God ..
Why are you a long time, I was very lonely during this time.
Welcome to the Phantom Zone, a bad person.
- Yes, bad people. - Name by Philips.
- Oh, that's the name of my grandmother. - Now, keep your place ..
As I scan you. Scanning is done.
Figuring out how evil yourself.
Uh, you describe the whole idea you were a bad person.
Oh yes .. I'm really a bad person.
Let's see what your ability.
I? Oh, wait .. where all the bad guys in this place?
Munculah, friends.
Hi, friends .. Nice to meet you all.
By the way, I'm the Joker.
- Take a look at this new person. - We do not let a new guy here.
Oh, no, no .. I'm also very nasty. Did you see the video of my crime?
- Boring. - What?
- You're boring. - You look delicious.
- Hah? - Arrest this man.
Oh, wait .. wait .. Stop this violence.
What if I told you I would get you out of here?
- I'm sorry, were you saying? - It is true.
I'm so evil and so are placed in this place.
- I also like that. - So am I.
Listen, all who are here know how it feels to be hurt by the hero, right?
- We all feel it all, does not it? - Yes.
I'm listening to you.
Therefore I came here.
- To recruit all those nasty sealam universe .. - Let's do it.
What say you?
You're going to say something about recruiting criminals to conquer a super hero.
- Am I right? - Uh .. Yeah.
- Well, we agree. - Yes.
Is it true? Because I brought pendataannya.
- Boring. - Yeah, take it all.
- Do not you want to take us all? - Of course I want to.
You want her to crawl apply to you?
I really wanted to see it. Correct.
- Do you want to be the greatest. - Yes.
Do you want to see the blood flowing before you?
- Oh, it .. - Oh, no .. not the blood, what if lava?
- Yeah, lava. - Agreed.
- I could not wait to get out of here. - Excuse me, hello .. over here.
I also want to help, but how do we get out of this place?
Oh, I'll be taking care of it.
He did not want to bother us, but I'm happy to bring this projector and locked.
- You'll go upstairs, ma'am? - No..
It is you who will go down.
I guess you're right. I will go to the top.
This time. (Release of prisoners)
- It's dangerous. - Hello Gotham city.
Time to crime in power.
You've got to see this.
- What is that? - A monkey and dog friends.
- No, that's it. - I'm going to lord over this town.
And for that, I will introduce to you a very great evil giant.
- Hey, he meant us - Yes.
I am not talking about, losers, amateur, small criminals ..
- Miaw. - I'm talking about my new colleagues.
Which is almost the same as me.
Criminals who you have not seen.
- You want to meet them? - No.
Too bad.
It's time for you to meet with the criminals who was superb.
I am ready.
You can not run away from me. No one can run away from me.
I introduce this wild creature that would be a real nightmare for you all.
Good afternoon, residents of Gotham.
He is a ruthless climber buildings, this is it King Kong.
Come on all of you.
Report, the state of the city all became very unmanageable.
Can you see into the city center?
This is not possible, the police forces are not able to prevent them.
Sergeant Jackson, stop playing around.
And this is a cruel witch.
Feel this. And my new weapon.
You can not run from it.
Hello? The criminals ..
Ha ha ..
Really a situation that I really wanted. Destroy all the buildings in this city.
Still not you.
I think the situation is getting out of control.
Nice work, guys.
Good, man.
Now the only remaining Batman to its knees in front of me.
Hey, listen .. Are you able to triangulate a place for me?
- Yes. - Well, I have to find Batman.
Where he is?
Give me a moment. Perform scanning.
Itu berada di Menara Wines.
Whoa, whoa .. wait a minute.
Are you telling me that Whyne Bruce is Batman?
Uh .. Yeah.
Let us get there.
Hey, Batman. Joker is back.
I really like your stuff.
I hope you're not angry when I destroy it.
Friends, I would like Batman brought here.
Now go away. Right now.
- Uh .. Patray .. - Yes?
Are you ever afraid?
Yeah, that's what I think.
Because you are Batman.
Hey, kid ..
You know who's scared?
Bruce Wayne.
- Is it true? - Yes.
Bruno once said to me,
Sometimes the only way to get out of trouble,
is starting to boxing.
With boxing he could punches.
No, no, no ..
Feel it.
The strength of this microphone.
[Imitating the sound MUSIC]
- Gosh, it makes me feel better - Okay, it's time Batman.
[Imitating the sound MUSIC]
Facsimile Batman.
Cities need me .. Bang, bang, bang.
Excuse me. Can you bring the commissioner here and show him this.
- Batman. - Can you stop doing that.
I who sent it.
I hate to say this, but ..
You are right. Cities need you.
Yes. Let me out.
I'm just going to release you on one condition.
- Say it. - You can not do it alone.
Okay. You want me with who? Team 6, team 5, the team of suicide?
- I am. - Oh, I also want to help.
And I would also join.
- Alfred ready to serve you. - Alfred quickly get me out of here.
Sir, it was very ferocious wild creatures as we've ever seen before.
No problem. you do not know anything I've ever seen, I have told you everything
And you will never be able to beat them all alone.
It would be nice if we all do it.
Disadvantages of what will happen, what are you afraid of?
thing I fear?
I have to be honest with you, it Mcklaus.
Yes, true.
Well, I'm not afraid of anything.
- Prove it. - Oh of course.
- Good. - You know all the greatness of Batman.
- Not really. - Teamwork.
Teamwork it is my full name.
Yeah, we'll do a family trip.
- This is not a family trip. - I also want my costume.
Well, lucky us there is a costume for you.
Oh, it was perfect.
Alfred, what are you doing?
- I'm undercover. - Let's do this.
Hey, let us also.
What is up with her?
Working closely with criminals is a really stupid idea.
Okay, friends .. we plan to do.
- Joker projectors have it .. - We'll get it back.
Correct. Thank you, Batman.
- We need .. - Projectors it.
- We must send .. - They're back
- Back to .. - Phantom Zone. Yes.
- Batman, I do not need you finish .. - my sentence.
- Not. - We're working together.
- No. - Okay. So what?
- Oh, everything .. - Batman .. Finally you emerge as well.
Hey, everybody hold on by.
We must take cover.
- Joker has a vision of our existence. - Where?
No, I mean he literally has a giant eye watching us.
I think it could see every movement of ours.
We must destroy it or we will never be able to beat them.
Oh, I think you should see this.
This building will collapse.
I held you.
It was a real lava.
I am 100 percent sure it was lava.
- It's time for action. - Good, Sir.
Yes. We did it.
- Batman .. - Yes?
Why do you assemble it for only one seat?
Because I only have one buttock.
- What is it .. (Vila tower Wayne)
What did you do in my place?
(Vila tower Joker) Hey, Batman .. Guess what?
I know your secret.
- Uh-oh. - What we have here, Batman.
It seems only a historical film.
- There should be a comedy. - What is that?
- Movies love story. - Film sad story.
- Marlyn and me. - I love that movie.
Oh.. ''Sereniphy''
You have a movie '' Sereniphy ''? I love that movie.
For Batman is always lonely. You gotta love a movie about friendship.
Oh, look what I found.
Oh, it's really awesome.
I will not allow you to enter.
They are holding.
Be prepared, muster all attacks.
On the count of three.
- Stray .. - Not now, son.
It's time to show my abilities.
Remove all missile.
- Batman .. - What's up, man?
- Are we on a mission right now? - Why?
I think rule number two had to go back to number one.
I've told you before to go back to prison.
- I do not like being there. - Then?
I guess now I can only hide in the bathroom.
I'll beat them all.
Can you control it like in the game?
One engine dead.
I think we are still okay.
- Machinery two dead. - That sometimes happens.
We lost three machines.
Oh, it's better without it.
Four engine ...
That's what should I fix.
The good news, bathroom problem we have been resolved.
I will repair the engine.
Do not worry, Batman. You fix the engine, I'll drive.
I will use an automatic pilot system. Done.
- The automatic pilot? That's just a rope. - Right, okay, friends ..
Until I get back, mine was responsible.
- Stop it. - Come on, we have to help him.
- Okay, grandpa. Do not disturb him. - Quickly get them out of here.
What are you guys doing, I had told you to stay inside.
You underestimate me. Your time is up.
- Batman, your time is running out. - What?
We recommend that you remove the bond now.
Not until you are aware of your mistakes.
Friends .. we all ran out of time.
- We've got an enemy. - Oh, look out ..
Okay, everybody ran out of time.
- I think she needs you. - Batman, I can help you.
No, still keep mine.
- Mine's fine. - Save Robin.
I'm okay, do not mind me.
Hold on ..
I've been holding you.
Hold on, Alfred. I'm almost there.
Move aside, mine.
Hold on ..
I've been holding you.
We managed to save Alfred.
Excellent movement, quarry. I was really counting on you, man.
Actually, Miss Gordon had saved him.
Mine, you have lied to me.
Wait .. that means without you, Alfred will ..
Batman .. trust us.
We can do this.
Yes. I know Jim Carter.
What's that?
Athletes gymnastics and martial arts.
I could beat all the monsters were on board.
Oh.. Okay.
Attacks from all directions.
I'll take care of it. I've got the tools for it.
The bullet is loaded, sir.
Nice. I like it. I have an idea.
Fly to get there. I want you to fly directly towards it.
- What? - Barbara .. Believe me.
Okay. Let's do this.
Be prepared.
- You have to distract him. - Okay.
Got you now.
Feel this.
Perform full speed maneuvers.
Okay, get ready and wait for the cue from me.
Can it succeed?
- I mean if on cue it does not happen .. - We're almost there.
Almost there!
- Shoot. - Almost there!
They're getting closer to us.
It is time.
My eyes!
(No signal) Sauron!
I'll hide.
Whooa .. We did it.
Come on, let's celebrate. That was incredible.
- That is cool. - That's cool.
I must admit that, Batman. That was awesome.
- No, you're also outstanding. - I love compliments.
You guys are amazing, I'm not going to praise myself.
But I just want to make sure that everyone is safe.
- It feels good. - That was fun.
You're great, you're great, you're great. I'm great. I just ..
I think collectively, I'll add one.
- Yeah, it feels good. - That's teamwork.
Let's take a picture. Okay, it all came together.
- Wait a minute. - Closer.
- It was worthwhile. - Okay, everybody ready?
- I do not see it. - They say Batman Family.
Family Batman ..
- Look at that. - Extraordinary.
Waw, you see my face flushed?
Hey, friends .. It was my first family photo.
Hey, dad.
- What are you doing? - I tried to menyemangatimu.
Okay, anyway ..
Batman, are you okay?
No, yes, I'm fine.
We have a group of people who do a remarkable job together.
I can not say anything other than that.
- Cool. - So, my friends, listen ..
took the projector from the Joker will be the most dangerous missions.
- The mission of the family battle. - Could you get
vitamin water or something like that in Puter.
- Okay. - Anything for you, Father.
- I want to make something. - Can you put it, but can you ..
- Father? - Batman?
- Son? - What are you doing?
Batman, please, wait.
- Yes sir. - Go to the coordinates now.
Bring them to the border city of Gotham and Blood Heaven.
- No! - And give Chagas and jarritos to them.
- Nak. - And keep them away from the boom city of Gotham.
- Father, please. Do not do this. - Batman you need us.
How many times should I tell?
Batman was like to be alone.
No, we have to stick together.
Go, go Scarecrow!
- Go! Go away from here. - Batman.
- Father, please. - Go on.
- Just go. - Batman, no, wait!
- Scarecrow move. - Wait, you're wrong!
Listen to me, Batman!
Intruder alert! Intruder alert!
- Hi, Bat. - What are you doing at the home of Bruce Wayne?
Should she not a vengeful person and do crazy things.
- What happened to a friend of your friend? - I do not need friends.
I do not need anyone to stop you.
Are you sure about that? Check the mirror Batman.
When I saw you work with friends, family
Are you feeling grew stronger, right? But not.
You do not need a friend?
You're running out of everyone of your life, but it's just me you always pursue.
- This is the problem that hostility? - No, not about that.
- How should? - You tell him the Joker.
- It's time for the hope before death. - This is the time.
I think after 78 years, I deserve to be respected.
That's right, respect.
Do you realize that you've never once said, '' I hate you, Joker ''
Not once.
Well, I started to get annoyed with you now. Certainly.
I know he would say the same thing.
Listen, Batman. I hate you.
It is beautiful.
And what is your reply?
I also.
You have not changed. Will never change.
What do you mean? You would not say that sort of thing.
Batman would never say that.
You know, dear? Kill him.
- The Lunatik is true. - Yes, we are right.
- I'm not going to be part of a one-sided relationship again. - Yes.
- What are you talking about? - You and I are finished.
- What is wrong with you? - Okay, let's do it.
- That's ridiculous. - And I'll soon blow up Gotham city.
- No, you're not serious. - Anteoculatia Aparecium.
You know Batman, for once you're right, I'm not the greatest enemies.
- Your biggest enemy is yourself. Goodbye, Batman. - No wait.
- We did it! - Yes!
- Everything let's go, let's go blow up the city. - Yes!
Prepare Gotham city.
- Hey, buddy! - Oh, I'm sorry.
It's my fault, I keep doing it. Welcome to the Phantom Zone evil people.
What? What do you mean? I'm not a bad person.
But, you wear black clothes, robes and masks.
- Well, I'm not a bad person. - And you're kicking my face.
- Look, I'm Batman. - Uh, you do not even sound like the bad guy.
- I swear, I'm a good person. - Okay, sir Batman,
do not move when I look at you.
Investigate crime.
- Yes sir? Of course. - You're superhuman, right?
- And 1100/0 disposable. - I did not know he meant it, but okay.
- How was I, father? Yes. - You made it. And do not call me dad.
Alfred, the child put on the next flight to an orphanage.
But what he does not deserve another chance?
As I teach first.
Look, you do not have any family, so what do you know about having a child substitute?
Batman, we must stick together.
Joker, you do not mean anything to me.
No one means.
You're not a bad person, but you're not a good person.
- Father .. - You're not even throw a friend a friend.
What? Go, Scarecrow, go!
- No. - Do not do this.
But, I'm trying to protect them.
By throwing them away?
Well, yes.
What they would not be protected by you?
You know Batman is in danger, we have to go back.
- What do you want people who have created you die? - Batman Program must obey him,
but he never said to not save him.
What are they doing?
Come on, comrades quickly, the city is not going to explode themselves.
Nah, halo.
Puter, go into attack mode.
- Hold on. - No!
Friends, it is my last three opponents in addition to Batman.
Run! Come on, this way.
- Wait, where Dick? - That boy? He's over there.
- What is he doing? - Had to save my family.
Just think, what to do Batman.
- What? - I know,
be mean to other people, destroy my property, low noise,
and go it alone.
Son, do not do it.
- Battery atom reaches full strength. - Do not do what I would do.
I will never let you drive.
Wait a minute, lady, sorry, I have to go down there and stop this.
I can not let you go, my boss will be furious.
Yes, but I'm sure your boss will be happy if you could restore all the bad guys are in here.
- He's right. - Let me try, let me go down and help them.
But you've never tried it before?
This way Alfred.
You're doing the same thing continuously.
What will change?
I know what I should do.
Give 24 hours and I'll be back.
Once I got down there and rescue them.
You can do whatever you want.
- Please. Please. - Destruction.
- Okay, but I want all the bad guys in jail in here. - I promise.
And I mean all of them.
Where is the button to save my friend?
In the activation of self-destruction.
- Hey, Dick. - No!
Look who's back?
Everything is alright? Dick, Alfred, Barbara?
- What are you guys .. - We're okay, Batman.
Look, I just want to say ..
That I really
ask ..
- I am sorry?. - Yes.
I do.
I do not know why you bother coming back?
At that time, I'm afraid.
The reason I got back together with the reason I left you.
At that time, I'm afraid.
Feel the pain ..
feel lost
someone means to you.
Gotham needs us.
So I went back to do this.
- What is it, I'm not .. - You had to look back.
I call it the Bat Signal and I flicked the switch for you.
Because saved the city is too difficult for one person.
Flick, flick.
So what do you think, lady?
Will you work with me?
I need your help.
I thought you'd never ask.
I'm so proud of you, son.
But still we only Air-4 against a force of it.
That's why I call in reinforcements.
Flick, flick ..
- Wow .. - We see sinyalmu and we came.
Joker may have finished with us, but we have not finished with him.
- We're going to beat the Joker. - Joker does not mean anything to us.
You're right, Barbara, in need of the village is not a Batman.
Okay, everybody listen up.
These monsters trying to destroy Gotham City.
It's true that we need an appropriate vehicle
and cutting-edge weaponry.
Costume appropriate to the individual, our personality.
And nicknames to talk walkie talkie us.
- Namamu.. Lady Bat.
- Lady Bat?
- Bat Lady. Barbarina. Soccermom Bat?
- Tidak. Tidak. Apa?
How about a cool costume? Nice.
- That it is called, Batgirl. - If you call me Batgirl, I can call you batboy?
And lastly coordinate strategy and implement it.
- We're a bunch of superheroes. - Oh, yes. Turn on the music.
Skip it.
This music makes me angry kid.
Come on, use it.
Okay, team, I want to know your special powers.
- I can freeze. - I can shoot the ball the ball.
- Good, Orca. - I'm wild.
Oh, we will succeed.
Let's go!
Oh, ya!
Who set that funky music?
Evil forces take them away!
Tim Family Gotham, at activation.
Batman, you disable the bombs Joker, I'll take the projector.
- Freeze, Clayface. Get rid of this guy. - Excuse me!
Okay, Alfred, give her pain.
Am giving it, kid, for the sake of the country!
You just deal with Britain.
Robin, get ready, I will teach things that do father and son.
- First of all, driving. Try to pass them. - Okay.
Now fly. Turn left.
A hit of this skull. A hit them all.
- Navigation nice. - Thank you, Father.
Okay, Robin, together we will beat them all out.
Spontaneous words will appear above in the air.
Stop moving!
Good, team, let's disable him.
- Wanda. - It's here, honey.
You want to see a magic trick? I will make you disappear.
- Wingardium Leviosa. - Tidak.
Wingardium Levio diam.
- Welcome to the Phantom Zone, a bad person. - Not anymore.
Here it is, the team Bat. Batman retreated.
- Welcome to the Phantom Zone, a bad person. - Robin, catch, shoot them.
Oh my God, yes!
Catch these grandparents.
It's Batman!
Get away from my father.
It is useful too apparently. End is Batgirl.
Goodbye, Shark.
Okay, we're in danger, I will turn it ..
It's the end of Gotham city!
Residents of this town apocalypse!
Gotham, hang on.
- Everything hold on to me. - Okay.
Come on, comrades we must defend this city.
- Bat rope, do not! - They run!
No, we have to stick together, right, Batman?
- We have to make something. Yes. - We have to make something together.
- Stay together .. - Make something ..
I can. Bats You're right, we should stay together.
- Literally. Robin quickly lift me. - Good, Father.
We will unite and use our hands the most powerful weapon ever
get ready, let's do this.
- This is it. - You can do this, Alfred?
- Yes, Sir. Of course. - Ready?
Now bend over, reach the edge of the door.
- Joker, please help us. - No, I'm not going to help,
at least when the city is destroyed, I will die knowing my worst enemy.
I will not die. I know it.
Silent, Joker, when Gotham no then I would never fight with you again.
You are the reason I keep fighting and mengancurkan crime from developing.
You are the reason I hate maniac and imitators.
If it were not for you I would never touch with these people.
For you ..
So if you helped save Gotham ..
you are to help save us.
You just said, '' we ''?
Yes, Batman and the Joker.
What do you think?
I will help you.
- Quick, you announce. - We're understaffed. Why?
Because I want you to announce to them.
Gotham citizens we need you all to join us
and helped this city in the united back.
I would say ..
I hate you, Joker.
- I hate you, too. - I'd hate you.
- I hate you. - I hate you forever.
We survived!
Do you want to go?
I have an appointment.
I had to go back to the Phantom Zone.
- Sorry, kid. - Father, please.
- Do not call me, Father. - Okay.
Call me ..
Both my father was the same father.
But, they both will go.
It is going to be fine, kid.
Sometimes losing is the art of living.
But that does not mean you stop thinking about them.
People who are very wise to tell me that.
Substitute father,
my partner who was like a sister.
Who is a woman, but just friends.
And you..
should heal up in Spain, my son.
This is my family but this family, too.
You take the knife?
- Why? - Someone must decide tension between us ..
it should be in ..
- Okay, I deserve it. - Hi.
Wait a minute, what happened?
I go back, as I said at the time.
You know, sir Batman.
When you're talking about the Phantom Zone.
We see a lot of crazy things.
But in the end, I see someone who will make the world a better place.
See themselves, and then changed.
- Superman. - Dad?
I am kidding. You're the man.
Well, I guess I'll see you on the streets again, Batman.
- I think so, see you later, Joker. - Let's go, friend of a friend.
We will not allow these criminals to go away, right?
Ah, come on, let's face it, they are not equivalent to our Air four.
We will catch them in 30 minutes, after all, you can not fight crime with an empty stomach.
- Hey, Puter. - Posing ..
- What's the password? - Ironman, suck.
Hey, family photos, I like it.
Why are all important movie ends with a white screen?
And ending with ..
- We will come to you in Gotham City. - As this snake ..
- Demon snake? - Do you think they are not real?
- What did you dream about snakes? - Dear..
- That's strange. - We can play music to our credit?
- That's our past. No. - Come on. Let the kid
- Play the music they want. - No, no.
- Please, Father. - No .. no.
- All right, Turn. - Yes sir.
A Robin now plays music, makes studio executives happy.
Hey, Robin is at 7:30.
Let's all.
- Come on, Batman! - No!
I always smile.
We always bet on black. It's a fact, let Robin watched part behind.
I do so.
Robin gave the microphone, follow the rhythm ..