Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising (2013) Movie Script

[dramatic theme playing]
Prime, what we have
here is an experimental
all-terrain expeditionary
fighting vehicle,
designed by the finest engineers
in our M.A.S.K. division.
Thank you, Agent Fowler.
This will most certainly do.
[dramatic theme playing]
[main theme playing]
[dramatic theme playing]
Return trajectory fluctuations
have been stabilized.
Ultra Magnus, we are
ready to receive you.
We didn't find much else in
the rubble of the former base.
You call this...
"not much else?"
You could've caused serious damage.
To me!
What in the Sam hill?
Fowler [muffled]: A little help here?
What were you thinking, soldier?
I was thinking Bulk
would catch that lob.
Allow me to make myself clear.
As Optimus Prime's
I have no intention of
tolerating Wrecker behavior.
Some things never change.
Need I remind you that it
was Optimus Prime himself
who assigned me to command
your Wreckers back on Cybertron
and get you loose cannons under control?
An effective combat unit
begins with discipline.
If you won't accept that,
feel free to choose the
path of least resistance...
As you did before.
If my ship weren't a twisted wreck
at present, I'd do that... sir.
So, any word from Optimus?
He's investigating recent Decepticon
activity, hopefully an Energon mine.
[wind howling]
[dramatic theme playing]
[dramatic theme playing]
How rad would it be if you
all had jetpacks like Optimus?
Quite rad, Miko.
But the Forge has been depleted
of its power to do that.
Now it's only good
for pounding out dings.
[engine revving]
[tires squealing]
Aw, what gave me away?
Come on, "robots in disguise," right?
- Where have you been, soldier?
- Scanning new war paint.
Thought it'd be proactive
to follow Optimus' lead...
and Bumblebee's.
Now you can look your best
while stacking those empty cubes.
Yes, sir.
[softly]: I was nearly a Prime,
but somehow I'm still a rookie.
What was that about a "Prime?"
Uh... no, time.
Time to stop acting like a rookie.
Smokescreen was the
only one who went back.
If it weren't for him,
Optimus might not be with us today.
Arcee, we were under
the strictest of orders.
The three of you had your
human partners to protect.
But we are fortunate that Smokescreen
is inexperienced enough not
to have followed protocol.
[dramatic theme playing]
There. I can see it.
Optimus Prime: Abandon the excavation.
[engine revving]
[ action theme playing]
[insecticon squealing]
[insecticon squealing]
Ratchet: Optimus, did you find Energon?
But I did uncover this.
It cannot be.
Be what?
The ancient remains...
of a Predacon.
Though it remains
unclear why such a skull
would be found on your planet,
its presence reveals all
too much about the Predacon
which Megatron recently
sent in pursuit of us.
You mean that dragon bot we put on ice?
Except that Predacons have
been extinct since, well...
Since before most life
began on Cybertron.
- They're like Earth's dinosaurs.
- Which means, for you guys,
running into one would be
like us meeting a T-Rex.
- So then what were dinobots?
- Totally different.
With Megatron's seeming new interest
in the excavation of prehistoric
skeletons and a certain scientist
back among the Decepticon ranks...
It would stand to reason
that Shockwave cloned the
beast from one such find.
And now Megatron's
looking to clone another.
What makes you think buckethead
would stop at just one?
We could have beast wars on our hands.
And if Shockwave only
requires a single strand of CNA
from which to clone a beast...
He already possesses what he
needs to engender this one.
Autobots, we must become Beast Hunters.
One thing still doesn't follow.
Predacons went extinct on Cybertron.
So what would their bones be doing here?
Starscream: On Earth?
I mean, isn't it just
a little preposterous?
They are not the remains
of Predacons, Starscream.
But, rather, the remains of
Predacon clones. For you see...
Our recent Autobot hunter
wasn't the first bestial super-soldier
Shockwave ever attempted to breed
from prehistoric matter.
During the war for Cybertron,
I sanctioned the
dispatch of a small army
of these preda-clones to
Earth to unleash the beasts
on unwitting Autobot
forces stationed here.
Once they accomplished their mission,
the surviving Predacons held sentinel
on this very world for ages to come,
guarding the Energon reserves
they had managed to secure
while awaiting my arrival.
Of course, our reunion
here was much delayed,
and it would seem we lost the beasts
to the ravages of time.
But not their endo-matter,
from which I am logically
able to extract their very CNA.
Pff. Another scavenger hunt?
How logical would it really be
to locate all the dusty
remains of your former pets?
You are not suggesting that
I would send my creations
to a distant planet without first
having them... micro-chipped?
Well... well, I was.
But, seriously, you did?
Ratchet: ...from our historical texts.
But those are metal
versions of creatures
from our Greek mythology
and medieval literature.
Not dinosaurs.
It would stand to
reason that Predacons did
indeed walk upon this
Earth in ancient times,
as they seem to have been the basis
for much of humankind's folklore.
Illustrating once again that the pasts
of Earth and Cybertron
are inextricably linked.
[dramatic theme playing]
- Synthetic Energon?
- Indeed.
I am concerned that without access
to any Energon reserves
since our base was destroyed,
Our ability to deal with impending
crises will be severely hampered.
- A wise decision, old friend.
- Just, please...
manage your expectations.
I am working with even
more rudimentary hardware
- than before.
- Fowler: Prime!
Satellite surveillance has picked
up two signs of Decepticon activity:
one near an oil field
outside of El Paso,
the other near the
Hebrides bluffs in Scotland.
So don't Forget to pack your kilts.
We must divide our resources.
Ultra Magnus, lead the
Wreckers to the bluffs.
Yes, Optimus.
What's a kilt?
Agent Fowler can, at times, be oblique.
I find it best to
simply nod and mobilize.
Bulkhead, Wheeljack, let's roll.
Optimus, I know there are many
emotions tied to the Forge.
This is no time to stand on ceremony.
I would be honored to put
this to some practical use.
[dramatic theme playing]
I will search this quadrant.
[dramatic theme playing]
Hey 'Bee, have you ever thought
you might wanna be a Prime?
Not now. Someday.
Yeah, you and me both.
But I've seen you in action,
Optimus knows you can
scrap with the best of 'em.
Why won't he just promote
you from scout already?
Your choice?
Hmm. So, why wait?
Guess it would be more meaningful
to graduate back home on Cybertron.
You're one patient guy.
I should take a cue.
[engine revving]
[suspenseful theme playing]
[weapons powering up]
[intense action theme playing]
[action theme continues]
Like I said, you got
nice chops for a scout.
[footsteps approach]
[dramatic theme swelling]
How epic was that?
[dramatic theme playing]
And that's why he's a Prime!
[dramatic theme playing]
[dramatic theme playing]
[dramatic theme swelling]
We have all that we need.
"A single strand of CNA..."
I understand that you engaged
Optimus Prime in the field.
Only in order to secure
the specimen, lord Megatron.
I believed that you had perished
once, my most prized engineer,
and I highly doubt that project
Predacon can be completed without you.
I shall leave the fetching
of bones to Starscream,
and confine myself to my laboratory
in order to accelerate results.
for I am rather impatient
to witness my army of beasts
trample humankind underfoot.